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If You're Having Dreams About Nukes, I Want To Know About It!

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posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 11:13 PM
Greetings, fellow ATSers.

A week ago we were having dinner at a local pizza place with some neighbors of ours, and they told us they went to a Christian retreat that had a survivalist theme. One of the neighbors said that, oddly enough, no less than three people, including herself, had dreams in the past few months that a nuclear bomb had destroyed Abilene, Texas.

I remember thinking to myself, what's so special about Abilene, isn't it just truck stops, cowboys and tumbleweeds? I made it a point when I got home to look up Abilene and see if there would be a reason to get hit with a nuke. Apparently, there is. Abilene is home to Dyess Air Force Base, where the B1-B long range bombers are based, so it would make a very good target if they wanted to take out a good chunk of our bomber fleet.

Then I shared my odd little dream that I had about ten years ago. In this dream, I'm living on some flat, dry, brown prairie, and I'm driving in a white truck returning from some place in the west and going east. Suddenly there are flashes of light, and my truck stops dead, so I pull it over and look behind back towards the west, and I see 5 large missiles shooting up into the sky, then curving and going east over my head.

It is then that I realize that they are nuclear missiles and the S has officially hit the F. My truck refuses to start so I grab my purse and I run like my backside is on fire trying to make it home.

It was such a vivid dream that I never forgot it, and when we were looking for houses to buy last year and I saw this place, it was the exact place that was in my dream. The landscape was the same, the road is the same, and we are only a mile from the New Mexico border, so if the dream was prophetic, those nukes came out of New Mexico. Because I had never been out here before until we were brought here by the real estate agent, I was pretty freaked out, but took it as a sign that we need to be here.

I do believe that there is a collective consciousness in the dream world, and many of us are picking up on this nuclear aspect. That is not the only nuke dream I've had, but it illustrates best why it freaks me out, and why I've bought things like Potassium iodide pills and a reprint of an old book, "How To Survive A Nuclear Disaster".

My question to you posters out there is, how many of you have had nuclear dreams, and what exactly happened in the dream. Also feel free to share any other dreams that you deem pertinent to the discussion.

Thanks, I hope to hear from you, because I don't want to be the only looney who has these crazy, scary dreams!
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posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 11:43 PM
I went years without remembering dreams up until a few months ago. My dreams of late also feel more real for some reason. I have even had trouble distinguishing dream from reality a little bit. I did have a dream the other day where everything around looked like the movie, Book of Eli. I remember standing in my houe which was in tatters and looking down at my starving dogs. Most of my dreams have been about normal mundane stuff but something is different.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by usmc0311

Yes, something is definitely "in the air". I can only hope that it is a mass hallucination and not a mass awakening to our dreadful fate! Thanks for sharing.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 11:59 PM
I posted my dream a few weeks back so I will not bore ppl with it again but I would like to bring up your description of the land . You said brown prarie and I described the situation as a field after it had been plowed. I was stopped at a light a few days after I posted and noticed a patch of land alongside the road and it looked just like that but in the dream I do not remember being cold .

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by Elisha03011972

I'll have to look up your dream because I must have missed it when it posted. I am very interested in this, mostly from a psychological perspective, but also the metaphysical perspective of prophetic dreaming on a large scale.

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by FissionSurplus

In answer to your question, the dream started (always the exact same one) about five years ago and finally with the help of a 1/2 of Valium before bed (Valium stops nightmares) the dreams have ceased.

Mayhem, I see a mushroom cloud, hear a thundering roar that blows out and hurts my already &rappy ears, feel the hot blast of wind and a pressure all around me then everthing turns white. I hear one voice, it is the voice of everyone in unison and woke up, shaking and barely able to breathe.

My doctor says I analyze stuff too much. To stop watching the news and to "meditate" and drink a cup of chamomile tea with my 1/2 a Valium pill before bed.

As stated before the dreams have stopped now since the time I started taking Valium.

Not proud I'm on a drug but the nightmares were so bad, I am thankful.

The nightmare was the kind were all your senses kick in.

I hear a lot of people dream in black and white?????

I've always dreamed in color.

Don't want to go back and revisit that dream not so close to bed time.

I sincerely hope nobody else has a nightmare as vivid as the one I had. Got to the point where I was afraid to go to sleep and when I would wake, couldn't go back to sleep.

Now my dreams are much more pleasant.

It was either late autumn or early winter, no snow on the ground but the trees were already bare and the ground was cold, I had went outside and was standing in my front yard. The air smelled like autumn.

The sound was very loud, scary - a boom that makes you want to wet your pants (sorry but it was that scary).

I don't know if my dream (always the same one) was prophetic but hopefully we can change timelines, we can change our future and our destiny is not our fate.

Just took my 1/2 Valium pill and have my chamomile tea so I'm going to listen to some soothing music and read something light now..............don't want to revisit this dream ever again - I felt totally helpless. It was early morning, not quite dawn.

One final thing I forgot, I looked it up in my dream journal, the boom was not a sharp quick boom, it was a boom that continued on for a few minutes.........can't describe the sound, almost like a roaring boom but it continued not a quick boom, like Niagara Falls sounds. The sound was the scariest part.

Okay that's it now.....................good night and sweet dreams, going to play a couple games of solitaire now.
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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Oh man, your nightmare was a doozy! I appreciate you revisiting it for me, even though it's close to bedtime. And the fact that it recurs is extra-scary. I would need more than half a valium if I had those dreams.

I didn't initially take into account the severity of the emotional reaction of what some people's dreams might be, so thanks for telling me about it and the effect it had on you. My dream scared me, because in the dream I was in an absolute panic, but there was no blast, only missiles. It made enough of an effect on me that there hasn't been a day in the past year where I didn't think of it at least once.
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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by FissionSurplus

I've had a few Nuclear Dreams over the years...

Locations were always varied and nonspecific - yet the series of events remains the same throughout all of the dreams:

I see a blinding flash of light, see the cloud forming on the horizon, mentally prepare myself for what is coming next, feel the shock wave, then the heat wave.....and a moment of brief discomfort before finding my consciousness suspended in a dark space wondering what's going to happen next.

I usually can't remember beyond that point.

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 01:22 AM

18-11-2011 @ 09:48 AM

the only nuke dream I can recall. it was a nice dream up until what should be an unimaginable blast.
but nope, we can imagine it all right, or dreams are something waaay more.

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by FissionSurplus

My son (10y/o) had one about a month ago. He was in San Antonio visiting the Alamo with my brother and his recently deceased Grandpa. I just thought it was one of those saying goodbye to a love one dreams, but maybe there was more to it. He says he was looking out from the front of the Alamo and there were little mushroom clouds everywhere. Strange.
Peace and Love

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 01:31 AM
I've posted this before, so I wont go into great detail, but in my dream I was standing outside St. Marys church in Mossbay, I heard a noise above me and I seen something streak across the sky.

Next thing I knew I was standing on the Slag bank overlooking the Solway Firth. In between Scotland and the Isle of man, there was a brilliant flash followed by a fireball, my skin started burning, then it was black (as in my vision, like maybe I had died), and a really strange feeling, almost like "butterflies" in my stomach, but all over.

The weird part of the dream was the feeling of my skin burning, it felt real, and although brief, extremely painful and unpleasant.

Now I am not sure if it was a nuke, a meteor, or what, but my tale seems relevant to your thread.
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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 01:40 AM
I had dreams about a massive nuclear war over 20 years ago. In one dream that I felt sick to my stomach, I witnessed millions or billions of people die across the planet. It was like I was watching from space and it made me feel sick and slightly crazy for remembering it. That was when I was dreaming about the past and future in different time periods. I'm wondering if I altered anything from what I remembered in that dream. I like to think I can alter the future if I have bad dreams about something happening. I believe that was before I started having completely lucid dreams but I don't clearly recall anymore.

I did read a story someone posted online back several years ago about some kind of out of body experience where they traveled to a place where people's souls go when they die. The author stated that people showed up in the clothes they died in. Then there were hints that the draft age would be raised up because he spotted someone he knew but he looked much older like late 30's or early 40's. Then he hinted that he saw signs people were dying in a war in the middle east just based on the clothes people were wearing as they showed up.

This may not be relevant but I even had one dream where I did go a bit crazy. I should have died in one nuclear explosion that went off where I was at but instead I somehow went back in time instead of getting incinerated. I didn't shave and grew a big dark beard. I joined up with a pirate crew at sea. I was crazy. I should have already been dead and didn't care anymore. People feared me but I kind of enjoyed it. I knew things that none of them did.
I really hope this dream doesn't happen but how many people dream about some crazy story like this?
I believe I was in NC when I got nuked in that dream. That was before my dreams easily got lucid.

The dream with lots of people dying I vaguely thought large parts of the US got hit. Being able to visualize millions of lives and people suddenly dying can make anyone crazy. I had a few dreams where the Earth was a vast nuclear cold wasteland. I didn't stay there long.

Just my two cents. I don't know if anything is relevant.

In college I checked out many library books involving nuclear war. I read a bunch of old ones about duck and cover, more likely all the extra comments someone wrote in the book. It was amusing. Then the libary suddenly got a number of new books. I was surprised but checked out some of those as well. That's when I decided our government was expecting most people to die here in the US in the event of a nuclear war because our nation is not spending massive amounts of money for fall out shelters for the public like they do in some other countries.

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 02:02 AM
Wow, that sounds pretty realistic, and prophetic. Have you posted this before on other forums? I ask because I've heard something a lot like this before. Anyway, just wanted to share a book with you that some might find interesting. It is old, from during the Cold War era, and it's about survivors trying to get by in a Florida town after major nuke strikes between us and Russia have left a lot of destruction across the US, especially around all major cities. It's quite interesting to read in the story about how they made it and all the challenges they faced, etc. The title is Alas, Babylon. We got it from the library, but Amazon should have copies, also.

Another thing I was going to share on the "dream" topic, although not so related to yours (sorry), is one I had last night. It was odd to me as I remembered it so clearly and the topic and the subject matter really don't relate to my life in any way I could think of. Was not sure if it was something real that is in my dream that is being shared with me, or just a product of the imagination. Or, just other things in the subconscious processing out in this form, such as my issues lately with locks being broken and keys getting lost, which does cause me stress in some ways.

I don't usually go on and bore people en-masse with my dreams, but here it is: I was in my downstairs apartment during daylight hours, and I heard my lock turning/unlocking on the front door. I went to the door and opened it to see two guys dressed in black, looked a bit like SWAT, but more military, standing a few feet from my door, crouching down and intent on what they were doing with what they held in their hands. I was sort of just part of the scenery to them. They had some type of black gun mechanism that they were going around pointing at people's front door locks and trying different settings on their devices to get the locks to turn open. I guess it worked on mine. I asked them about what they were doing and mentioned how interesting it was and how surprised I was at the technology. They shared that they were having some success, but they needed to keep giong and focus, as if I was sort of being a bother. I stood there for a couple minutes (they were trying to open the door in the next apartment now) and asked them what this was about. They said it was a training exercise. Then, as they went to move on, I was surprised when they said I may get charged with something and I asked for what and they said "interfering" with official business, or whatever. They were really cold in the way they said it so nonchalantly, and I protested and hoped they were just saying it to "keep me in line".

Later, I thought about how such a device might be an advantageous way to enter a home without having to get too near the door - in case someone has a weapon or other defenses ready. It would also allow them to get in quietly, such as at night. The same device they use might also have the ability to incapacitate any hostiles behind the door. Or, it might just all be a figment of my inventive imagination.

Hmmmm, I should sell this idea to someone writing a futuristic or spy movie or something. I'm sure the next James Bond movie could use some fresh gadgets.
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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 03:13 AM
There is one particular nuclear dream that I have had multiple times. Now I am a tidge bit psychic also. Anyways, I went to another psychic to see what they had to say. When I brought it up, he turned off the tape recorder and set it aside. It appears there is much chatter in the psychic circle of my city. We are all having the same exact nuke dream. I find this alarming since I have had perfect hits in the past.

I have also seen some sort of strange bomb that set tons of places on fire. And I have also seen a missle that was a dud.
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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 09:37 AM
I used to have the most vivid dreams of running through desolate places,

bombed out cities, scorched country-side, etc.

Always hiding and avoiding -something-

IDK, this also comes to mind..sorry

Bible 1

Bible 2

Whatever is coming, it won't be pretty. star and flag OP

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by rbnhd76
I used to have the most vivid dreams of running through desolate places,

bombed out cities, scorched country-side, etc.

Always hiding and avoiding -something-

IDK, this also comes to mind..sorry

Bible 1

Bible 2

Whatever is coming, it won't be pretty. star and flag OP

OMG same here! A couple times around 12 years ago.

I also had a dream that was very vivid (it happened before the above dreams) ... I was in a house and there was the largest trumpet sound filling up the sky and I looked outside and the sky was all a glow. There was a voice that was louder than the trumpets that said "Get the map" and I remember in the dream I asked myself (not out loud) What map? The voice said you have it, you've always had it, get it and meet me there.

April 30, 2009 I heard that same voice (or I believe it was) and he said "Your Mom is dying, do not take it personal"
I was asleep but this voice woke me up and I looked around because it scared me to no end. It was like it was in the room. My husband was in another room and I asked him if he had said something. Nothing. So I told him what I had just heard. Eventually I called my parents and my Dad told me they were out on the porch drinking their morning coffee. Fast forward to May 8th 2009 I get a call from the ER. My Mom is sick to her stomach and to the point of passing out. They run tests and I get in the shower to clean up and head that way (85 miles north of me). By the time I got out and dried my hair I spoke to my Dad by phone. He put my Mom on the phone. She informed me that she had Stage 4 Lung Cancer and they gave her 6-8 months to live. The tumor was huge! It all came as a huge shock ... to everyone.
I stayed 5 out of every 7 days with them helping out for the duration of her life. Come July they put her on really high powered meds and she would say things that she would have never said to me. The Hospice nurses pulled me aside one day (because it would upset me and I would cry) and said "Don't take it personal" I was floored. Here were these same words that had been spoken to me back in April. Maybe this was what it was all about. Mom and I were super close and maybe who ever this higher being was wanted to forewarn me but I let my emotions take over and maybe (just maybe) this voice had to send in back-up and give me a kick in the rear and put things back in perspective.

I will never forget that for the rest of my life. There have been some other things too but I won't go into them here.

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 10:46 AM
Wow! Many of us are picking up on this nuclear vibe. At the time I dreamed my dream, approximately 10 years ago, I was under the impression that the cold war was officially over and there was no need to fear nuclear annihilation, because we all understood how foolish and pointless it was.

Then I started dreaming of this issue again about 3 years ago, only in these dreams, I travel to southern California where my mother lives. I feel the need to get her into a fallout shelter. For those old enough to remember, back in the day, public buildings that were large and concrete, such as city halls and school buildings, would have the yellow and blue fallout shelter designation signs:

Anyway, I find her and keep trying to get her to go down into these cavernous shelters, dusty areas now used for storage, but I keep losing her because in the dream she is senile and refuses to be kept underground. I finally have to give up on her and save myself.

The old city hall we have in our little town (built in the late 30s) has a faded fallout shelter sign on it. I wonder how many people in town even remember what that is.

Somebody on here yesterday posted about remote viewers seeing a meteor hitting the ocean by 2013 and causing worldwide disaster. They used this link:

Here is the author's reasoning about why the viewers are correct:

ccording to the Farsight Institute, there are certain events that have happened around the world that imply knowledge of this, or some other similar catastrophe in our immediate future.
1. The U.S. Space Shuttle launched its last mission in mid-2011. At that time, NASA entirely abanded its government-funded manned spaceflight program. Given the investment that the U.S. has made in launching humans into space since the 1960s, this is odd, especially since private efforts to launch humans into space are years away, and currently unproven. It is as if the government does not anticipate being able to launch humans into space in the near future for reasons not currently stated.
2. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was sealed in 2011. This seed bank will allow the world to restart agriculture given a global catastrophe. The United Nations formally inspected the facility, which might seem odd for a Norwegian project. The timing of this project seems like a strange coincidence.
3. U.S. and global debt. It is as if various governments are not expecting to have to pay back their debts, perhaps anticipating a global economic reset due to reasons not currently stated.
4. The devaluing of the U.S. dollar seems to be a trend that will stay. Moody, Standard and Poor, and Fitch have announced that they may be devaluing the rating of U.S. Treasury bonds (see NY Times article, 15 March 2010, as well as the editorial on 20 March 2010), and there have been discussions within the United Nations of the International Monetary Fund phasing out its dependency on the U.S. dollar. The governments seem to be acting as if the U.S. dollar will be replaced as the global currency.
5. Digging, digging is everywhere. The U.S. has no nuclear enemies, yet it is digging huge underground facilities in inhospitable regions difficult for the masses to reach. Why? On the other hand, the Chinese tend to think collectively, and China is digging extraordinary subway complexes under most of its major cities in a crash program that seems odd in terms of timing and scope. See, for example, the NY Times article by Keith Bradsher, 27 March 2009. Subways are, of course, conveniently located underground tunnels, and such tunnels could house millions of people in an emergency. Russia announced in 2011 that it is adding 5,000 new nuclear bomb shelters in Moscow, enabling it to protect all of Moscow's residents. The program is to be rushed so that it is finished in 2012. Why? Russia has no nuclear enemies. Russia's new subway systems have also been place deeper than needed so that they can be used as deep emergency shelters. Again, why? Why all these preparations, and why the rush?
6. NASA is now predicting that the Sun may generate unprecedented solar storms for a lengthy period in 2012-13. We cannot accurately predict Earth's normal weather a week in advance, and it is by no means clear how NASA can do this with respect unprecedented weather on the Sun years in advance. They are saying that we are more dependent on vulnerable computer technology now. But we had similar dependencies in 2001 and 1990 when previous 11-year solar cycles hit. What is different about the current cycle? Some might suggest that NASA is acting as if it has some extra information that is not currently stated.

  • I find #5 particularly interesting. All these could just as well be anticipating a nuclear event, don't you think..?

    posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 11:37 AM
    Weird you made this thread op. About 6 months ago I awoke from a strange dream and can only recall certain events from it, although very clearly and vividly. The parts I can remember was in my dream I was sleeping and awoke to find a strange woman in my house trying to steal my wallet off of the stand in my front room. When confronted she ran out of the house. I then proceeded to my living room still a little foggy headed from waking up to that. In my living room I have a huge sliding glass door facing my backyard (east). It was early morning the sun not yet risen above the horizon but the glow from dawn visible. Then all of a sudden I see this huge mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion from that same horizon (east). I then panic and try to run upstairs to get to my kids who were still sleeping, which I never made it in time and woke up. The only thing in the distance I could think of in that direction other than farm land and rural is about 60 miles away along the lake Ontario shore is a nuclear power plant. This is the only dream I can ever recall with an explosion in it or end of the world kinda stuff and have not had a repeat of it since. But I did have a moment a few weeks ago that made me pause and have a dejavu about my wallet location and waking up in the middle of the night to realize someone left the front door unlocked. And yes I stood in front of that sliding door for sometime waiting before I could get myself to go back to bed. This was one of those too real and scary dreams that haunts you for some time after, and I still think about it and recall it vividly to this day.

    posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 11:44 AM
    Sorry I don't have any dreams about nukes to tell you about, but if you like I can tell you about a couple I've had recently about the woman who lives just down the road from me.

    posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 11:54 AM
    I had a series of strange dreams and downloads about six years ago. In one of them I saw a friend of mine who lives in New York. In a flash his face melted off. A nuclear event was the first thing that came to my mind.

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