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The Realistic Survival Game: Scenario 1: Economic Collapse.

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 01:58 PM
Off Topic - But just a direction check

So is this imagination gone wild on the event to go in any direction or just a humble economic meltdown.

We have Zombie action on the west coast it seems.

Just asking

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by oldshooter1979

ATSResponder NYVT Camp to ATS Kentucky Over...

Just checking in...

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 02:54 PM

Originally posted by mantarey
reply to post by oldshooter1979

ATSResponder NYVT Camp to ATS Kentucky Over...

Just checking in...

ATS Responder: " We hear you NYVT, hope all is well. We have started spring planting. With the rains, it has slowed us down a little. Plans for summer is to link up with ATS WV. then maybe a track up north. Keep in touch. ATS KY standing by" over

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by oldshooter1979

ATS NYVT to ATS Kentucky over...

Glad to hear all is well. We have about 45 days until snow starts, afraid it will be a hard winter. No planting and until things settle in the Northeast we are holding off any active cultivation to avoid discovery. We are stocked pretty well. Weekend should prove interesting. Things are getting quiet. Maybe too quiet. Will stay in touch as best we can. Have you heard anymore from west coast on the Zombie situation or is that off radar now? Over

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 06:20 PM
Off topic: Druid mentioned Zombie in a post so i just went with it. It can be kept to the western areas if you like, I spun it more as a major Rabies outbreak. Hope it doesn't mess up anyone else's storylines. For me it just follows what the goverment might try if mass riots were about to start. Get the people sick, this way they could be the heroes once again. It backfired and spread to fast for them to contain. Maybe they caught it fast enough in the east or saw how badly it went in the west and decided rioters were easier to fight then to try the same thing. This is left of course to your guys discretion. I can say Druid first mention Zombies while crossing the KY VT border..Oh and Druid said it was April.. so summer should be coming...
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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 06:41 PM
Coming out of the near empty Gunnison, Near empty because he had heard gunfire in the distance. Though tempted to go see if he could help he decided it was best left alone. Luck had been on his side so far and he wasn't about to push it further. His group now consisted of The Phaungs, a Brother ( Tim ) and Sister ( Rose ) Combo from Selina, Utah. Though they were he was 21 and she was 19. They had been riding together til well maybe 30 minutes ago when he managed to slip a Uhall truck out of Gunnison. It was Empty now but he could plan for a bigger raid in the next town. Still limited on weaponry He and Tim would see about looting a bigger store later today. Probably in Alamosa. Couldn't very well get into there new found friends camp poor and hungry. Still the gunshots bothered him. It could be a local group fighting othergroup or some poor old farmer defending his place. Was hard to tell and harder to drive away without knowing for sure. Still he couldn't risk his group with so many unknowns. With a small sigh he drove off vowing to return one day. So Far as he seen the zombies which seemed abundant in California had been mostly unseen throughout Utah and Colorado. A couple here and there never of any quantity. Perhaps things weren't as bad as he had thought. Or maybe California was still full of potential hot lunchs that they hadn't started this way yet..Which begged to question. Where had all the people gone..
ATS Transponder. Colorado, If your Listening We are just passed Gunnison and should be into Alamosa within the next 8 hours. Prolly coming into your camp early dawn, We will be making a loading trip in Alamosa for long term supplies. Figured we would hit a clinic and maybe a Home Base or whatever a building outlet is called out here. Shovels, Axes, Hammers, And Nails. Just Basic building supplies if we can manage it. Uhm if you have any requests I will be listening throughout the drive.. Over

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by Therian

Off Topic - ok got it, no we can totally roll with it, just trying to see what the direction is so i can figure how crazy to let the brain drift, zombies, rabies, capt. trips all good, didn't pick up time frame on this, hunting season in reality right now so my head is kind of fixed there lol.

Ok back the scenario. Thanks

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by Thestargateisreal

In NC,,, but want to head to WV,, where my family lived for the past 300 years,,, Home! ,,, sounds great to me,,,
I have similar skills, also work with animals,, so good there,, herbalist type,,, grow my own medicinal herbs,, know many wild ones,,, will bring a bike,,,, and will post my own supplies later,,, just had to say West Virginia Yeah!

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 08:44 PM
ATS Transponder: SE ROCKIES checking in. Had some troubles. Lost several in our group. Going to take a head count and calm everyone down. Back to give details soon. To our friends in the west: I think we have restored our safety. We are still expecting you. Over.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by Therian

We could tie the stories together. It was Rabies that cause the people to become zombies..

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:25 PM

Originally posted by mantarey
reply to post by oldshooter1979

ATS NYVT to ATS Kentucky over...

Glad to hear all is well. We have about 45 days until snow starts, afraid it will be a hard winter. No planting and until things settle in the Northeast we are holding off any active cultivation to avoid discovery. We are stocked pretty well. Weekend should prove interesting. Things are getting quiet. Maybe too quiet. Will stay in touch as best we can. Have you heard anymore from west coast on the Zombie situation or is that off radar now? Over

ATS Transponder: " Not much from the west coast. One small group heading north along the coast, and another going west towards the Rockies. We had a group left going to the main camp in West Virgina. Taking the southeast route, this would lead them into pike county, this is hatfield and mccoy feud country, so I hope they find a safe path. Kentucky site standing by" over

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 10:23 PM
Off-topic: This is Scenario 1, When TSHTF after an economic collapse. How you would re-act, what you would do. As everyone tells their story, we see how we'd all inter-relate.

A zombie is a person who has lost everything during the collapse, has no survival skills, and is surviving on a day to day basis with no hope for the future. They are mindless and lost, their appearance is ragged, and they have lost most of the vestiges of humanity. They will attack you for food or water, near the fringes of sanity, and will not reason rationally. I mentioned them earlier, but didn't expound on the idea, and I like how the western outbreak of zombies due to rabies played in. It could be that a zombie ate a raw dead raccoon, which was infected with rabies, and the disease, left untreated due to the lack of functioning hospitals and society in shambles, has spread in a geographical location.

That said, I'm gonna do a re-cap on all the survivors, locations, and what their situations are. I'd like to see how many camps we get set-up.

I also like the twist of government conveys. How will that figure in?

Be back soon.....

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:20 AM
After Entering Alamosa the estimated 4 hours of works turned into 5. Yet they ran into no trouble along the way nor in the town. Despite his good intentions the first few stores he checked on were already looted of the most needful of items. While at Home Depot he had managed to load plywood and 2x4s aplenty. The hand tools as well ( shovels, axes, hammers and handsaws. He did manage to find 3 Husky Gas powered Generators and 2 Phono Solar 1800 Generator fully loaded with the panels and needed accessories. 7 Dewalt combo kits as well some hand pumps and garden hoses for wells if and when needed. And finally some copper tubing, Though he couldn't find any Propane torches. He hoped with the soldering iron he could get by.
Next he went to at least 4 sporting good shops and picked up a few larger tents some Stansport preparedness kits. and some crank powered flashlights.. The Pharmacies he could find utilizing the telephone book were all either cleared out or so badly disorganized that he couldn't tell one pill type from another. Though he did find several bottles of nightquill which he took anyways.
5 Hours later and he had still failed to find any food. Filling up all their vehicles and the 13 gas cans they did have they took off towards Eliza's Camp. Where despite the odds he hoped to start a new life. Still Unsure of who he would be in this new world. He figured he would just throw his hands in where ever he could and hope when he became an old man He might be remembered fondly. Or at least not fed to the dogs..

ATS Transponder: Eliza.. If I have gauged this correctly we are heading your way now. We should be nearing you in about an hour. We will pull over just before the Fork in the road and await any additional information. Until then. We managed to pick up a few things that might be useful, No food, medicine, or weapons other then what will carry us 7 for about a week. Hopefully some construction material and a small surprise will make your friends happy... Over

(( I am guessing that South Fork is about where you are at. If your further along fine if closer hopefully someone will catch us driving by and stop us..By the fact the Goverment has already shown their little heads I am assuming you want to move further into the range( Hence the building supplies and the generators) Solar power might not be very practical but it can help us at least in the begining, Though prolly useless winter months cus of snow..We will see...))

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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 07:00 AM
reply to post by oldshooter1979

Got it - let's go with that, like the movie Quarantine. New rabies strain engineered by our friends at plum island.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 07:10 AM
reply to post by Live2Love

ATS Reponder NYVT Base Camp to L2L Over...

Update last night got tense from scout reports many military convoys now moving with the white vans. CDC activated in the NE section. Keep your eyes open on the road.

We had a brief incursion in our area last night. Thank the great spirit for the scouts. Camp was already on lock down for the night. We caught a group of five in a cross fire, they seemed crazed and would not respond to challenges, just kept screaming at the scouts. Report was that group rushed them, scouts headed back to camp to avoid conflict with them on hot tail that they could shake. Within 100 yards of camp wall scouts broke and flanked while wall guards took the attention.

Night vision not good for details but they seemed really off. Camp safety was first. Forgive us our sins, we had little choice. Will recon once the sun is up. for now no injuries reported, we got lucky, hopefully gunfire went unnoticed. Will report findings later.

L2L be very careful on journey up.

Other camps good luck this weekend. Weather is off up here but still no planting as this zone is crawling with refugees and military. We are hunkered down and quiet. Camp inventory continues.

NYVT Border Out...

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:14 PM
ATS Transponder: SE ROCKIES here. Our group is quite shaken up. We've now seen what we are possibly in for. Late two nights ago we heard a lot of noise coming in from the highway to the east. I sent out two sets of eyes to see what was going on. There were about 20 youngish guys coming towards town- fast. They had guns that they were just firing into the air. Clearly not worried about saving ammunition.

Immediately I hide the children and elderly and grab several of our most able-bodied and go for weapons.

One of the scouts come back saying they broke all the windows to the general/grocery store, but didn't take anything. They were just going crazy and breaking things, not looting.

About a block from the hotel we were already stationed outside and ready for them. I yelled (hoping a female voice would be more accepted) "We are friendly! Are you looking for a place to stay?"

They all stopped walking and started firing aimlessly, then running towards us. It was complete mayhem.

Three of us were shot right off (I, barely being missed). These were instantly fatal.

A few of the children came running out the back door of the hotel into the mess. Only two were hit :-( But they didn't make it.

I screamed for reinforcement and more came running with guns. After what seemed like forever, the shooting ceased.

In the dark, I walked around and checked for survivors. We had a handful of people with cuts and bruises, one bullet grazed arm and a bullet in a calf. Luckily there's a doctor here and he was able to remove the bullet and properly dress the wound.

It seemed none of the group that had come from the east had lived the battle. Deciding to wait until morning, I gathered everyone and told them to try and sleep.

In the morning, the bodies were just bodies still. We didn't know if the group ( of 16 teenage/early twenty year olds) was infected with what we've heard from the west or if they were just looting.

We made a shallow graveyard and put all of them in it.

We lost 12. 2 were children, the remaining 10 were 7 men and 3 women.

We've had funerals for the deceased and everything is quiet here again.

TO THERIAN: We are near South Fork. I've sent out scouts to pull you our way. Don't worry- I sent ones with friendly faces :-) We are planning to move on account of the trucks a few days ago. Still haven't seen more nor did they come back this way. We'd like to get down in the La Veta Pass area, as several of us here agree that would be a safe-haven for a new beginning. We all decided to wait for more people to show up before heading that way, but want to get there well before the snow takes over. We are also getting things gathered so we can transport goods easier. Although once we get there it's a two-day walk into the Valley, up and over the Spanish Peaks- so we'll have some initial work cut out for us. Glad you didn't run into any trouble in Alamosa, we still hadn't sent anyone that way.

Building supplies will be great- at least we have an endless supply of wood. :-)


posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:37 PM
ATS Responder NYVT Border Camp...over

During the day we went out to check the aftermath of last night's incursion...NOT GOOD! we took out 5 people. They were all heavily armed and looked like citydiots from the worst parts of NYC. Looks of gang banger. Upon search we found drugs, cash and weapons. Not enough ammo. The did not look well, this was before they opened fire on us last night. Looks like this is the start of the northward wave. Not sure why they would head this way especially knowing winter would kill them. Yes we have a few months but it has been a cold snap early.

Convoy traffic continues. Same trucks though, we are collecting truck numbers to verify. Media blackouts are starting. What is reported is pure bull. They are calling for everyone to return home and stay put, or report to a shelter.

Economic collapse continues to spill into government.

NYVT to Texas over... have heard reports of US-Mexico border skirmish can you confirm. God help us if the Canadians head south.

Will continue to update good luck to all...

NYVT Border out

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by mantarey

ATS Transponder: SE TX here. Those coming from the west have not contacted us again. Hope they are well and waiting to get closer. San Antonio will be a problem to get through if they can't find a way around.

Border skirmishes are confirmed. We've added a few family members of original camp planners and they've brought news in. The Rio Grande area is very bad. The "rabies" issue is horrible. Most animals in the border slums were not immunized for regular rabies so they have been hit hard. The shanties are being prowled by rabid dogs and rabid people. We are several hours from there so hopefully there won't be many making it this far. There haven't been reports of the "rabies" virus in this area as of yet. Skirmishes have been with the victims of the virus and those trying to flee who are not yet infected.

Does anyone have any information on what areas the virus was sprayed? It seems to be in isolated areas and not nation wide.

We had a scare last night too. Thankfully no actual engagement. We have scouts out along several miles in all directions and the military is also moving here. I believe they are running their operations from Ellington Field. We were afraid they were going to enter our little "village" area (About 50 houses). They actually turned in but must have decided there wouldn't be much here. All of our houses are quite a ways in except for one or two and most would think the road is a dead end if they hadn't been here before. Little do they know that it would have been a dead end for them had they decided to go ahead and enter (only a couple of vehicles). Hopefully they will pass the word that this area is no problem. Then all we have to worry about are the "townies" that might wander in. We also have the "gang banger" element and will have to watch for them. Most of our scouts are ex military so they have the skills to give us plenty of warning.

With the drought planting is not really an option for us right now although we do have the ground space for crops when the weather cooperates. Not sure how many will remember them but we have a "middle buster" that we can use to plant small areas without the worry of noise.

If you come here, seeds and water will be most appreciated. We have a long growing season once we get past about mid March. We can grow as late as October/November. Water is needed due to the drought even though we have a well. It is deep but we don't know how low the level has gotten.

SE TX out

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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 08:29 PM
ATS Transponder: We just had something happen tonite that reminded me a very important item needed for survival here. We went outside at dusk. BRING MOSQUITO REPELLANT. Yes everything is bigger in TX.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 05:19 AM
Looking for the scout that he had hoped waited for them In South Forks he watched Rose quietly. Thea was now driving the Ranger truck with Seray and the children in the van. Rose with me in the U haul was still in shock. We had successfully looted several places and had almost made it out of Alamosa when the ambush was sprung. We were seperated almost instantly. They let me In U haul and Seray in the Van pass by when they dropped the telephone pole in front of Tim and Rose in the Ranger truck.
Time seemed to slow to a crawl as I pulled the Uhaul to the side of the road. Quickly signalling to Seray to keep going, I pulled out my rifle and climbed to the top of the U Haul. Centering The Truck in my sights I gave my scope a quick adjustment then started to circle the truck in wider and wider paths looking for any movement. To late I realized as I heard Thea's paniced calls over the Walkie talkie. Shifting and turning near 180 degrees took only moments but the Van was no where in sight.
It was no real mystery which way it had traveled as the only way through was towards the right. Sorting through it in his head he quickly grabbed his bow and waited for Tim to quickly maneuver the truck around the pole. Handing him the Rifle he grabbed his bow from the back of the truck, strapped on his quiver, then gave directions. Tim and Rose was to stay put with Jericho, He would take Deeks and run ahead and find out what had happened to Seray and family. They were to give me 30 minutes then to take off in just the Ranger truck if I hadn't made it back yet.
It took me about 2 hours on foot to track down the Van. This was more though luck then skill, After the first hour of moving between buildings and thru alley ways I had all but given up. Then I saw it. Thinking by Now Tim and Rose was safe in South Fork, with dawn rising I headed Onward following the only logical path. Which led me straight to a Motel. It was surrounded on three sides by fencing and the front was a rough shamble of vehicles and wood. My best bet would have been to wait til night time unfortunetly considering the Van had not been looted. Waiting til nightfall probably wouldn't be so good for the Phaungs.
He wasn't an army ranger nor a marine. He had learned a few things in his 30 something years but nothing that would amount To a stealth Ninja warrior. Nor was he rambo. He was however full of salt and vinegar, And when someone he cared for was in danger he never quit them. So he did the only thing he could, Full day light and very Light in weaponry. He turned around and backtracked a few blocks.
He wasn't sure was was going through their heads when they saw him madly driving the plow truck through the front of their defences. Nor did he care much as he heard them yelling, As the truck finally came to a stop. He climbed out quickly and instantly slipped on what he could only assume was the insides of one of those that lived here. His Luck he found seconds later had kept him safe once more, The shotgun blast had barely missed him. He had little time to wonder at this guys reflex's, His own were working overtime. Turning fast and grabbing one of the dozen throwing knives he kept on his person, He threw it hard and fast. With little time to congratulate himself he finished his turn. Dashing towards the back of the truck he heard no further shots.
Puzzled for only a moment he saw why, When he had rammed the gates he had also taken out part of the second floor supports. They must have dropped fast as one person was pinned under the collapsed second floor walkway and another was dead by the look of his neck from the fall. Hoping the Phaungs were no where near the fallen debris, He started searching room by room. In one room he found two dead by shotgun and silently applauded Seray. Seray and family were fine it seemed though Seray had been brutalized. One of his eyes was swollen shut and his lip was busted.
Untying them and receiving thankful hugs, The group quickly gathered their things and headed towards the Abandoned Van. When they finally made it to the U Haul near Noon they were in for a greater shock. Rose was sitting in the road cradling Tims pale body. Jericho was a few feet away equally dead, And as Thea rushed to comfort Rose. I followed Jericho's blood trail. I found the man in the alley where Jericho must have found him. Jericho must have bit him in the leg, and punctured his Femoral Artery. The man then had stabbed Jericho and bled to death where he sat trying to tie his leg off.
He wasn't much for words given to the dead. But He and Seray dug the Grave for Tim on a hillside near South Fork. He did offer a few words though they seemed hollow to his own ears. It did seem to give Rose some Comfort. ... To be continued...

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