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The Realistic Survival Game: Scenario 1: Economic Collapse.

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by Therian

ATS Responder: " We have setup the layover camp site next to the lake. It has enough camp sites to more than handle the traffic coming in. Not many are coming anyway. Penty of water, some food, but running low on fuel. Checking abandoned houses for left behind gas cans, lawn mowers, whatever we can fine to keep the lines moving east. standing by" over..

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by oldshooter1979

ATS Responder: EH.. uhm only one lake near my location and didn't see any type of camp setup. Anyone that was here is long gone or long dead. You are aware I am in California correct.. Headin up towards Lodgepole in the Sequoias.. Over..

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 03:59 PM

Originally posted by Therian
reply to post by oldshooter1979

ATS Responder: EH.. uhm only one lake near my location and didn't see any type of camp setup. Anyone that was here is long gone or long dead. You are aware I am in California correct.. Headin up towards Lodgepole in the Sequoias.. Over..

ATS Responder: " The lake camp site here is in Kentucky. A layover for those heading to Bug in site West Virginia. We are awaiting a party from Ohio. Should be here with in the hour. Sorry for any miscommunication.
Kentucky standing by" over

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by oldshooter1979

ATS Transponder: AH my Mistake well good to hear from yah regardless.. Any major troubles on your end, Over..

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by Therian

ATS Transponder: " We where close to walmart when it all went to hell. We grabbed what we could, using up what can not be stored. Plenty stored and started planting for summer. What we short on is fuel. People, not from this part of the country, have left. Not knowing survival skills or just trying to get to family. Good luck on your track north. Lived in your state for about four years. Does have some wonderful sites." over..

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 10:56 PM
ATS Transponder: SE Rockies coming in. Strange things tonight. In light of news of others... and zombies... I decided to gather everyone left for a town meeting. There are 72 of us left. ( 100 was an over estimate '
' . ) 12 are children (under 15) and 9 are very elderly, leaving a good chunk of capable able-bodied humans.

During the meeting we started to take log of our supplies, but were interrupted. A caravan of what could only be government vehicles sped through town. They were large all-black trucks, going well over the speed limit with no apparent intentions of slowing down for anyone.

Everyone left in town was in the Masonic Lodge (I know, of all places!) about a block off the highway. Myself and my husband ran out to get a closer look. The rest of the town does look completely abandoned (but it did on most days before this happened'
') and being evening with no street lights... it's pretty dark. We hid behind a bush near the Federal bank building and counted more than 20 trucks. Man! They were bookin' it!

The trucks were headed west/north deeper into the mountains. My best guess is that they are headed towards Creede. Months ago there were many hugely large 'tubes' being escorted via state patrol that direction.

Glad none of them stopped to stir anything up here. '

In light of this, we've decided to let everyone go home for the night and gather provisions. We will be staying a couple of large buildings, closer together.

Will spend tonight and tomorrow counting supplies.

Also on the agenda: organize the townspeople into... well, a functioning safe-haven for our 'new beginning'.'

Several members that chose to stay know of caves and other safe places deeper in the National Forrest where they have said they have things stored. No numbers on those yet.

To THERIAN: Your small group is welcome here. Depending on your food supply you may want to head this way. As of now, we are doing well on this. And the largest city we are near is Colorado Springs ( I think). We are about 3 1/2 hours SE. Or Taos, NM, 2 1/2 hours NW (much more north than west). Those are the biggest cities. Hope that helps.

To DRUID42: As far as I know, I'm the only ATS member here, the rest are all civilians. There are LOTS of others that bugged out early though. I can only assume they are somewhere close, in a cave, probably with some fabulous generator hooked up powering their ingeniously hidden 5th-wheel. '
' No telling when/if those will come down to say hello.

Must be off. Wanna get to sleep. The days are ruled by the sun and as the harshness of winter approaches we have less and need more. Over.

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 11:48 PM
Shakes his head slightly as he pulls off the road about 30 minutes above Another small town. This one called Independence. Upon getting near the previous safe zone only to be shot at several times by some group or another that had already made it their outpost. He had driven wildly through their blockade and kept on driving. Luckily no one in his company had gotten hurt. If the dang roads hadn't been so small and steep he would have turned around and ran. As it was they were safe now even if the van had a few more bullet holes in it.He quickly scanned his wet wipe map and plotted a safe route towards Colorado. Taking the back roads wouldn't get them fast but it was last chancy and certainly would keep them away from big cities..
ATS Transponder: That sounds great Colorado, We are on our way. Got hit when we got close to Lodgepole. Someone decided they didn't need any visitors. We are currently outside Independence, California. Another small town I will resupply and gain my little group an extra vehicle. I can't chance them getting hurt so I will have to do this throughout our route. So it may take use two or three days to make it a town near you. I actually got two on my big map. I will grab a state map of Colorado when we get to Mich,Colorado. So We are heading towards Alamosa, Colorado. That is the nearest I can figure you are at. By then Though I should have a better ideal. Uhm quick thing though With the extra mouths to feed I will have to take a few more chances when looting in towns, I will be leaving the main of my equipment with the Phuangs, that way they can find you if I don't make it..Just uhm Make sure they are taken care of.
To Everyone else out there heading up to the mountains be wary around the Lodgepole Area. It is held by a heavily Armed group and they don't want to talk.. Over

He shook his head gently and put the van in gear. He would cruise in closer with the engine off. No Noise until they absolutely needed it. After they passed through town he would get out and head back in with his dogs. Quickly loot what he could and grab up a new vehicle. One where he could scout ahead of the others to for warn them of any troubles coming. No plan was perfect and he was ready to improvise. That seemed to be a stronger suit That and his luck. He knew one day his Luck would run out, Just hoped it would stay with him til he could manage things without it..Thinking about a nice fat Cat as they cruised through the seemily abandoned town. He smiled to himself, The family had already eaten through his can foods not that he had allot. Deeks and Jericho got his share of the food of course. Couldn't have his early warning system getting tired on him. He would grab a few bags of dog food tonight of course. It was such a shame he had to leave his supplies back in that first town. After they passed through town he left his Rifle with the Phaung's and took only his bow. Quiet was always best even if no one was there to hear him...He also Left his radio, The little boy could talk if he didn't make it back and the Phaungs could see the route he had traced out on the Map.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by TXTriker

Over the ATS transponder:" Checking in from West Texas, the area has become chaotic after water treatment facilities have shut down. City government has commandeered all private wells, including mine, due to water shortage. Bugging out to SE Texas camp. In possession of medical supplies, a 400 watt solar powered geni freeze dried goods, tactical gear including 4 pairs of infrared NVGs, sound suppresors and potent firepower. Looking to go zombie hunting. Out"
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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by oldshooter1979

I flashed my headlights several times at the guards blocking the road, started my 4x4, and slowly rolled foward. Talk about tense. The guards kept their guns trained on me, and I was leary of them opening fire from the jitters. When I was within shouting range, I rolled down my window and hollared, "Where there is beer, there is hope."

That elicited smiles and they lowered their guns. Whew.

It turns out they were expecting us, and we got an escort into camp.

I turned over a rough inventory list I had been working on, all they supplies I had looted. I had also commandeered a 23 foot box trailer, and by now it was nearly full. I let the guys go through it, and they helped organize the bags of grain and other stuff I'd collected. 20 cases of Budweiser got the volunteers to team together and that evening, though warm, the beer went down easy, and friendships waxed together.

The five drums of gas I'd siphoned back at the border from the tanker truck were a godsend, and the contents of three were quickly transferred to smaller containers. That left me 2 full drums for my journey ahead. I explained that there was a nearly full tanker ten miles back, gave it's location, and the guys set off on 4wheelers towing trailers to capture more of what is now seeming to be a precious a commodity as water.

In the morning, I'm headed further south.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 11:34 AM
ATS Transponder: THERIAN we are about 40 miles west of Alamosa (wasn't sure if that city counted as big) right in a fork of the rockies. Be careful if your route will be bringing you near/ past Lake City as that was the direction the unmarked vehicles were headed last night. Also be aware of the large houses and cabins in that area owned by gun-happy Texans. If they made it here before the SHTF you can bet they are protecting their stuff. Also, we have lots of dog food (cause of the grocery store) so don't carry more than you have to.

Early this morning a family (husband, wife and child) walked into town. They came from the Valley in the east. They said everything is bad that way too.People are looting and shooting anything that moves. They ran out of gas but have lots of supplies in their car several miles back. Going to send someone that way on a four-wheeler to grab the items.

To those in search for help/shelter: We've moved everyone into the newly-remodeled hotel on the main road. It's out in the open, but there are enough beds for everyone, a wood-burning stove downstairs and a kitchen large enough to feed everyone in.

It seems our plan maybe to head east to La Veta Pass and then down into that protected valley. Only a handful of locals live there and probably have no idea things are crazy outside their valley. From where we are it would be at least a 4-5 day walk. We plan to wait a couple of weeks, hoping for more survivors and try to get enough vehicles and gas to transport goods.

This morning we sent out two people on horse back to check neighboring towns and houses. Hoping for survivors, supplies, anything usable.

Currently we have 6 horses and 13 Llamas (there was a llama farm down the road) and lots of dogs and cats
. If need be, we can pack up the Llamas when we move.

Still working on a goods list. There's so much, but I know it won't last forever.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 11:34 AM
Double post

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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 12:15 PM
Driving just ahead of the Phaungs in a Nice forest service truck. He smiled lightly enjoying to day. Last night had went better then he had expected. He had not only got the truck but a small traveling trailer. This would make the nights go by safer, Well he would feel safer knowing the Phaungs were safe. He had managed to grab enough food for the dogs as well. That would save him from starving, He had found some food for the Phaungs and himself as well but they wouldn't last long. Well if stretched they could make it to Utah without needing more. They would however stop. Gas was at the right price, Free. And on the back roads he was able to take the time to plug the travel trailers Generator up and get the pumps to work. A bag of chip here maybe some soda pop here. He knew its would be ever harder to gain supplies so he took all of what he could find at these small rest stops and gas stations.

They had ran into little trouble coming off the cold mountains. As expected as soon as he cleared the frost they had ran into a few Zombies. Strays mainly stuck out at small stations. They were usually singles twice now even though they hadn't needed to stop, he still went in a cleared the station. The small ones were the worse to put down, But he knew in the end it was for the best. He still didn't understand how Rabies had become airborne. But these Zombie were nothing like from the movies. Viscious certainly but not slow nor were they hard to put down. Well head shots were still the best. You might stick one in the leg but they barely even acknowledge the wound. But they would eventually bleed out.The spray the CDC sprayed must have killed the airborne ailments but he had seen two people turned by a bite. Luckily the zombie didn't have any other worldly sences and they as well had to sleep. Granted they didn't act like they slept they seemed to always be out and about looking for food or at least to destroy. He figured they would eventually die off unless something changed. They were still human, just mad humans with an appetite for other humans.
Glancing towards his sleeping dogs he shook his head a little. They weren't scared of anything and were all but useless in a fight with zombies. They could bite of course. But they would catch the disease as well. They listened to commands well enough. They would warn him if any were near, Something in the sweat gave off a smell that the dogs could smell from a football field away. This doesn't mean the zombies could always be avoided. Figure if any survivors were coming out of the west like me a safe pass would be nice. I went out of my way to put a few down. Usually could save bullets as well, Just treated it like it was a barfight. Accept it was life and death. Oh most important they always tried to bite you. He was happy he was good enough with his blades to manage a couple alone. He hadn't tried to fight three at once. He actually hadn't tried two at once, He got caught by the second while he was trying to find the weakness of the first. Only thing he learned that fight was that they don't kick or stomp at you. So far as he had seen they always tried to grab and bite first. If that didn't work they would try to flail at you. Trying to knock you down so they could grab you.

Seeing the next station in the distance, he slowed down and checked with the Phaungs over the Walkie talkie he added to his gear.. They pulled over while he drove in closer when he got within around 400 feet of the place he pulled over as well and opened his door letting the dogs get a whiff. Somedays the wind was blowing the wrong way, But today they both started growling instantly. Grimacing slightly he got out of his truck which he would leave idling. Too many might drive him back to his truck and he didn't want to fumble with wires trying to escape.. The dogs knowing better then to bite would still snap at the Zombie and help divert it's attention.. pulling his two Short blades ( full tang double edged only about 2 foot blade ) He carefully walked in a circular pattern watching which way the dogs were steering their noses..

Explanation: Like the movie 28 days later these are fast moving mean zombies( humans) So Far I haven't witnessed them spewing blood and their blood doesn't seem contagiuos At least not in the open air. Their bites will infect another as well any animals who bite them will get infected.This can be a progressive disease as in this can be just the first step in their zombieness. So far I haven't noticed any mutations but who knows what the CDC had in their spray. The reason the Army failed to stop the menace was because of the line of comunications were lost. By the time the contingents were in place and Martial Law was declared, The sickness was already spiralling out of control. When the spray seemed to work they relaxed their gaurd and was overcome by wave after wave coming out of the inner cities. So far as I have seen these zombies use no weapons nor do they have the mental capacity to drive. All of this of course is standard to change, Who knows what the goverment is up to..

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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 01:13 PM
ATS Transponder: Eh gotcha 40 miles west. Just clearing the stations and rest stops along the way. We are doing pretty good Just got some additional food and a few extra gas cans filled. Hardest thing to find so far is weapons though I did find some shells for Seray's Shotgun. Thanks for the warning by the way, Last thing I want is to kill any Nonzombies. Such a shame we can't all work together to move forward. Seems most folks want to shoot first ask questions later... Well Thea is fixing food so I best go eat.. She Gives me the evil eye if I don't eat her food. Be well and keep holding on. Won't be to much longer Should be in Utah by tonight..Over

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 01:33 PM
ATS Responder: NY/VT Border camp... over

Been an interesting 24 hours. Scouts reporting heavy traffic on all major roads within 20 miles of camp. Mostly military convoys. Chickens with heads cut off is best description, but serious convoys with serious escorts. Over flight traffic heavy. Compound pretty well concealed from air observation. No smores on a campfire for a while.

Media is reporting riots but that they are controlled. FEMA and Military controlled camps are starting to be set up as well as food rationing depots. Good luck with that. Camp spirits are high. over

Any ATS in NE online or responding to crisis? Over

NY/VT border out.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by Druid42

ATS Transponder: " The gas was a god send! We left right away to the tanker truck ten miles west of the camp.
The camp site is on the east side of a 8270 acre reservior. So far, zombies can't swim! Only way in from the west would be across two bridges, both guarded. north and south are covered, east is our only weak spot. We have pulled our defences west because we do not have the man power to hold a large area. We are trying to patrol about five sq. miles in the lightly forested valley, we may have to pull in two about three. We need to hold on to the bottom land if we have any hope of a crop before winter. We keep waiting for news from the military, We know Fort Knox is about 300 miles southwest, but nothing.
Most of our patrols are on foot and bike, saving gas for farming. We are also using some horses and mules, but going back to that way of life has not been easy! we await more travelers, but it doesn't look like anymore are coming. Ky on the line" over

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by Giovannetti44

ATS Transponder: We are west of Houston. Not sure what route you are taking but when you get close to Sealy,Tx you will be close to us. I do not want to give coordinates yet. Not sure the situation in Houston and that's too many people in case some of the transponders have gotten into the wrong hands. I know there were ATSers in Houston but have not heard from any of them. Also as an FYI, feel free to bring your animals. Dogs can be added to the redneck house alarm. Some may be good hunters. We have a lot of deer, dove and hogs in this area.

Glad to hear there are more survivors in Texas. Be careful around SAT. Out.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 07:52 PM
ATS Transponder: Any interested in coming to the SE TX camp. When you are close contact us via transponder. We will have a riddle that only an ATSer will be able to answer to verify your identity. Out.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:27 AM
ATS Responder: NY/VT Base Camp...over

Morning update, all has been quiet overnight. Have not heard from any other ATSers. Seems we are all alone.
Scout report due later today as they trek back in from overnights. Have maintained radio silence except for brief checks.

So far the reports are the dead have remained dead. Economic crisis continues to melt down. Circa 1930's wall street crash madness escalting in major NE metros. Reports of military action against civilians are escalting. Food sources to open public are evaporating quickly and what is left is under military control not civil authority.

Reports of National Guard and local police clashing with military. Interesting that some reports that US Army soldiers aren't speaking english?! Perhaps they have called in the University of America "special riot squads".

Mass media appears to be breaking and not reporting per script.

Updates later NYVT out.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Me, Manteray and a few others knew this day was coming. We talked and thankfully strategized about this day sometimes ad nauseum. Fortunately, we stocked our camp before-hand before with all the essentials that would last us a long while. These one big problem though. Our camp is on the NY/VT border and I'm in the North East Bronx trying to make my way there. I knew this was a big risk going into it, namely, being so far away from our emcampment when SHTF but I couldn't just leave my family without first checking to see who survived. I've done that now and the news isn't good. Moms and my sisters are gone. They got caught up in the melee in the city when this all went down and didn't make it through. Nephew 9 years old (God bless this kid) did all the things that I've been telling him the past couple of years and somehow against the odds made it back home and waited and waited and waited. The most happiest reunion of my life. Not sure what happened to my brother and his family. Nephew and I may swing by their place in Westchester as we venture to our encampment. Pray they survived and are okay. If so, we'll bring them along if they want to go. They were unprepared to do so, so I'm not holding out much hope.

Me: 48 yo. Limited real world survival skills. Most of what I know I've read. Haven't had to put to practical use. Guess now's the time to do so. Travelling with 9 year old nephew. We have all the essesntials in our bugout bags to make it to Manteray et al. With me I have my warhammer, recurve bow and 25 arrows, assorted knives, machetes and my trusty axe, food, survival gear but no firearms.

ATS Transponder: Manteray this is L2L. I've been delayed but we knew this would happened. We talked about this. Had to check on the family. They're gone! Good news is that Nephew was waiting for me! We are on the road now headed your way. The city is a sh*t show. We made it out of the Bronx okay but lost the motorcycle in the process. No worries it was extremely low on gas anyway. We travel by on mountain bikes we found by night (thank God for the night-vision goggles) and sleep during the day. Closing in on Westchester and my bro's place. Hope they are okay. We may have company coming with us if they are and are up for the travel.

Don't know how long will take us to reach the compound but know that we are coming. Keep a light on for us brother (not really but you know what I mean). Will touch base with you every two days without fail. If you don't hear from me or Nephew within a weeks time know that we went out fighting for our lives. Man you'd be so proud of Nephew. He's so different now.

We are coming brother!!! Will be in a better position to approximate time on my next transmission. L2L - OUT

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by Live2Love

ATS Responder Mantarey to L2L...Over

Glad to here you and little buddy are ok, condolences on family. Keep low and stick to drills. Which plan routes are you going for A,B,C,D, or E. What is backup route? Will try to have scout teams head down on intercept...Over

Remember circle backs we discuss do not bring a tail up unless you intercept and vette them, but I caution avoid contacts. Will do my best to get you a ghost. NYVT Base out

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