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The Realistic Survival Game: Scenario 1: Economic Collapse.

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by Druid42

Looks down at the talk box now firmly attached to his shoulder bag. The Event had seemed like a life time ago, For a minute he was unsure what ATS and the Mail had anything to don with it. He remembered when his sister had finally got sick and the CDC truck pulling up. He had heard rumor that they took whole families so he was across the tracks in his Pickup truck when he called them for his sister. Camping out at various tributaries and canals for the last week when he had heard the first explosions. Riots had finally come to his peaceful community. Days of gunshots and more explosions before He finally chanced sneaking into the city. That was when he met the first of the zombies. Completely unprepared he worked his way deeper into the city. It wasn't til way to late that he realized he was pigeon holing himself. One blind Alley led to another and before he knew it the only way out led him further away from his truck and much of his supplies. Out the other side and with fear his constant companion he just kept going.
It was actually Amusing preEvent he had fancied himself prepared for everything. One small miscalculation then many others after left him short supplied and without any means of communications. After collecting his thoughts and looting a small farm he was once again on the list of survivors. Just allot less prideful and egotistical.
He wondered for a minute is he should relay his story to the Anonymous voice on the other end of the Radio. Deciding he would wait considering all the misfortune that had befallen Mankind this voice one the radio didn't need a half starved half nutty Man crying to him about his problems. With that thought in his head he chucked the last of the Cat meat he had to his pups. It had been a good night For the once domesticated cats had made for a fast and easy food supply. And he had found a small Hand gun. The owner had left three shots in the clip after he had ended his own life it seemed. A Ruger P9 only three 9mm bullets wouldn't be very useful. But Maybe it could be used as a last resort gun. Either way it was more then he had yesterday night. If he could make it to his Stash up at the Lake And if the goverment hadn't searched all the houseboats. He might be back in the game.
Looking at the radio he smiled a bit..Nodded at his dogs and started the short trek towards the lake. If all went well he would be there by night fall..

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 12:30 PM
here, you might need these!

(Dungeons and Dragons dice for role playing)

Great idea OP! Would love to play but just can't take the time.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by Jepic

Sorry mate, started rambling and went off on a tangent there.

Back on topic now, I think Scotland woud be a brilliant place to lie low with plenty of valleys and hills that would make it near impossible for others to track you down if it came to that. There is plenty of large game animals and allot of potential plants for foraging, Scotland also has many high altitude habitable places in the event of Extreme Natural Catastrophe i.e. flooding and tidal waves, no volcanoes to be seen etc. (day after tomorrow
) and most importantly it has a very low population when compared with its size.

What are your reasons for going to Scotland, other than getting to Canada? Where would you go in Scotland?

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by Therian

Off topic: Excellent theme, that is where this is going. It's a personal collaboration of different themes.

On topic: ATS transponder: "West contact, repeat West contact, do you read? We are trying to raise com with you. Please respond. Over"

I got sidetracked crossing the Ohio border into Kentucky. The zombies were all around, and I had to shift into low gear, 4wd, and simply just keep plowing over bodies at 25 mph. They clung to the outside of my truck, people begging for food, for water, otherwise normal people who had lost EVERYTHING in the collapse. I bit my lip in frustration, but I knew I couldn't stop. I plowed on and over, bodies crushing under the weight of my four by four, screams prevailing over anything else, a tribute to my resignation. I moved forward, grinding bodies, until the screams lessened and the path ahead cleared. I continued RT. 71 South.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 08:49 PM
ATS transponder:
Sorry just gutted your scout and took his transponder, ramen noodles, condoms and comic books..... this is a stick up... send out all your twinkies, dr pepper, and one large pack of batteries for my tic tac toe game or I unleash my pet zombies. Over.

( just joking, carry on... )

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Looking down at the destroyed boating community he was well aware of how futile a search would be. But if he could procure a small paddle boat or even a half arsed raft he could save a day of walking. Looking through his broken binoculars he didn't detect any movements along the path he would need to traverse. Startled by the voice he jumped a bit and then quickly looked at his dogs to make sure they hadn't reconized his fear.

Ats Tranponder: Uh hey.. good thing the lake is below me, I think I will need a bathe after that one. You scared the bejesus out of me.. He chuckled a little as he spoke. My stash is either currently underwater or was taken. When they closed down the lake I was hoping they wouldn't be so extreme about it. Had a Change of plans. May be a little more chancy but. If you are going to be sending people my way. About 5 mile north of Lodgepole is a small town called Waksuhi or some such thing. They won't find it on traditional maps but once they reach Lodge pole they can use the park maps to locate it.. There is an old hotel there that can be used for a better begining.. Glad to hear from you again by the way. Last voice I heard was of the dying... over..

He nodded towards his dogs as he started down the steep incline, He could have used the road way but didn't feel it needful for anyone around to monitor his progress. Though his paranoia was slightly curbed at hearing The mans voice on the other end of the line.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by Druid42

ATS Transponder: No word from anywhere west of us. Not even anything from West Texas. A reminder to anyone laying over here. Bring camping gear for sleeping. Can only put so many inside structures but have plenty of ground space. Bring whatever food you can. Out.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 09:20 PM
ATS Transponder: Hello? Hello? Coming in from the SE Rockies in southern Colorado. Everything's a little nuts in my small town. All communications have been cut for days. Just thought (for whatever reason) to check my PO BOX and found this. Hello? Hello? There are several survivors here. Hello? Anyone out there? ummm... Over.

Holds transponder hoping for... for anything.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 09:25 PM
ATS transponder: "Hey, West coast, Therian, good to see you alive and kicking. I am SE bound on the East coast, but it's good to hear from you."

I have had my own troubles. Power is not working in several towns I've gone thru, so gas is becoming a concern. I hit a Walgreens and CVS earlier, stocking up on pharmaceuticals. I grabbed cases of stock, all kinds of pills, from the -onols, to the -aprils, to the -dones. I have a laptop with the .pdf in it, and I have a 500 watt inverter in my four by four, enough to power my laptop, and pull up the PDR for identification. Anti-biotics and BP meds will be vital short term. I loaded the rest of my 4x4 with supplies.

Out of curiousity, I try to pull up the interwebs, but a no-go. No network connection found. The internet is down in my location.

I have my daughter with me, she is 15 this year, and a good shot with the .22 and scope. She takes out threats as we travel south, but many times we have come close to being overrun. I tell her to make her shots count, and as soon as we find a Wal-mart, we are going to take the risk and chance for ammo. We are down below the safe level for rounds, and this next stop is imperative. We are low on both ammo and gasoline, so we need to make this next hit count. Hopefully we roll in later at night, when the zombies are in bed, at least, that's my plan.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 09:34 PM

Originally posted by ElizaAshdene
ATS Transponder: Hello? Hello? Coming in from the SE Rockies in southern Colorado. Everything's a little nuts in my small town. All communications have been cut for days. Just thought (for whatever reason) to check my PO BOX and found this. Hello? Hello? There are several survivors here. Hello? Anyone out there? ummm... Over.

Holds transponder hoping for... for anything.

ATS transponder: "Hey, Southeast Rockies, we got you loud and clear. Please update us on your condition. We are waiting for late responders to coordinate layovers. Good to hear others are out there! Get the message out that we are trying to build a network of ATS survivors. That will help in finding safe layovers and camps. Over."

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Listens to the three seperate voices and his emotions stream a bit down his face.. He figured there would be survivors and despite covering only about 60 miles in the last three days he was suprised he hadn't found anyone..
AST Transponder..: Uhm Hey hello Texas was it.. Good to hear you still ticking. and Colorado Wow this is just great was getting a bit down.. Glad to hear your daughter is up and about East coast..All i have are my two dogs to talk with now adays.. They are great at warning me when its time to keep moving..I used a sewer tunnel back a few days ago. The Zombie lumber toward you and will drop right in.. Just got to watch it and make sure you got room to run. Managed to salvage a bit of my gear some can foods still good, My hunting rifle is soaked but bullets look good going to camp out on the lake tonight. Maybe catch some fish while I watch the back of my eyelids.. Seems like forever since I have slept.. Over

Knowing he can salvage a few more things he works in the dark quickly and quietly loading up pontoon boat.. The shell had been burnt off but she still floated. In this case as long as it didn't rain he would be fine..Things were starting to look up finally despite the whole fall of mankind..

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 10:04 PM
reply to post by Therian

ATS transponder: "Yeah, guys, it's pretty grim. We have a contact in OH, WV, KY, CO, two in TX, one in WA, one in NV, and a few I haven't pinpointed yet. Things are really falling apart. I expected more members to use their transponders. Perhaps the zombies got them. I didn't want to think like that.

We have to face facts. Maybe most of the ATS members didn't survive. Maybe they are bugging out. I hope they are safe, but I must face facts sooner or later. This transmission goes out to all the others out there, hopefully you can hear this. I'll repeat this message in 10 minutes. We are looking for survivors. Over."

We'll be rolling up on our first layover in a matter of minutes. I tap the brake, slowing, thinking about the "others" all alone with their dogs. I look over to my Husky, and glance at his son, the GSD/Husky mix, and they both nod.

The road ahead is blocked off, and guarded, and as I roll up, they all draw on me. From a hundred yards out, I stop, and look. A stand-still.


My daughter adds another 10 shells to her semi .22. She looks at me fearfully, while loading, and jacks a round without removing her gaze.

"What now, Dad?"

"I dunno. We wait. This is supposed to be a layover spot."

ATS transponder: "KY layover, do you read? Come in please."

I looked at my young daughter, nodded at her, put the truck into first, and cut the engine. It may be a long wait.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:28 AM
Waking up to his Dogs barking he nearly rolls off the burnt out House boat. His first reaction is of course to grab his familiar hunting rifle. This of course costs him valuable seconds as he looks towards another boat nearing his.. Wait no he doesn't hear motors running. His half conscious mind can't quite figure out what has happened and the voice he hears yelling at him seems blurred and unintelligible. Whats seems like years pass as he looks up at the Small man with what looks like a shotgun. Setting his own unloaded and still nondry gun down he raises his hands and hopes this is not the end of him.
A Slight relief washes over him as he notices a small girl staring at him from behind some curtains. Surely this man wouldn't kill him with his child watching. Its a very small hope one that slowly starts fading as he realizes if it was his daughter and a strange man showed up he wouldn't question events he would just fire.
Why hadn't this fool of man fired at him yet did he want his child hurt. The fog lifting from his head a slight bit realized the man was yelling in chinese or hmong. That was it he remembered the Lao refugees from back in 86. The government had given them minivans. The man and family must be of Hmong or Laos decent. Understanding this of course didn't help him one bit of course. Its amazing what runs through your head when your about to die. Would they eat his dogs he wondered as he waited for the blast to come. The damn rope must have gave way and he had floated towards the Damn he realized. Looking towards the front cleat or where it used to be he understood what had went wrong. The burnt hull was so badly damaged that the cleat finally just gave out and broke off leaving him to drift.
He wondered if he could get to his Knife fast enough.Something kept trying to force itself to the top of his head but these idiotic thoughts kept forcing them away. They probly wouldn't eat Deeks he was an older dog, to tough to eat. Poor Jericho would surely be their next dinner. Damn dogs should have woke him earlier anyways.I wonder if they will eat me, If they do I hope they choke on it. Well maybe not the little girl this isn't her fault. Maybe not any of them, Poor man is just trying to keep his family alive.
The man had stopped yelling at him and was talking to someone inside their boat. Why wasn't he shooting, Then it hit him, No shells? Another slim hope but Who knows Maybe just Maybe his luck hadn't ran out yet...

edit on 12-10-2011 by Therian because: Reason why rifle was useless ( just recently fished out of the lake)

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 03:06 AM
Continued from the Last Post...

Taking a chance he Nudged/kicked his small supply bag over, Hoping the Man would see the Oranges spill out. Keeping his hands in sight at all times he reached down slowly and stretched his hands towards the Man. The Oranges he had picked yesterday after Leaving Woodlake, They tasted fine of course and these last three were going to be his lunch. The situation of course had changed. When the Man still hadn't shot him he knew what the problem was. Still he wouldn't give the man any cause to prove him wrong. Tossing the Orange over towards the mans feet he watched it roll a little ways over the rolling deck before the young girl rushed out of her spot and grabbed for it. Startled cries came from inside and despite having the chance to reach the ruger I had recently aquired I simply smiled softly at the Man. My own daughter had not been strong enough to overcome the sickness. At least that is what her mother had called to tell me before she to passed.
Funny how these things come full circle. The man was a bit more calm now but hadn't fully lowered the double barrel shotgun. Deeks The resident Labrador had layed back down on the raft no longer concerned over my untimely demise. Jericho hadn't quite followed suit and was still growling slightly.. The burnt out hull of my boat softly started to grind against the Mans boat.
An Uneasy truce seemed to occur, Unspoken of course as our Languages were different.. The Man seemed to smile slightly as his daughter handed him a slim slice of the Orange. Nodding down at the other two oranges a waited for the mans permission.. With what seemed to be a slight sigh the man nodded at me and I tossed my remaining oranges over. I had seen his wife when she had chased after the mans daughter, And was surprised when a small boy came out to fetch the other two oranges.
It took me a near 30 minute talking through the children to the man, Explaining what had happened to my boat and how I wasn't looking for trouble. I explained where I was going and why to them. After this it didn't take long for them to ask to join me. The man was having trouble feeding his family and though he wouldn't say it we both knew his gun was out of shells. Slowly we transfered my supplies to his boat, It wasn't much of course so it took very little time. It actually took longer to make old Deeks to get off his arse and get on the other boat. Jericho though wary of the man fell in love with the two children. We shoved the wreck of what used to be a houseboat away from the mans. Still unspoken of course but with quiet understanding both he and I would be staring out the back of his boat the rest of the night. Hoping the dawn would truly bring a new day and a new trust in humanity.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 01:14 PM
ATS Transponder: Greetings! Glad to finally get an idea of what's going on. Looks like we haven't had any zombies yet (Thank goodness). We are pretty remote as it is. Several in the town have bugged out (days ago). There's around 100 or more staying put. We have access to the local grocery store, but without power, things are dieing. We have made several 'in the ground' coolers and are storing all the meat and perishables we can. There's plenty of running water coming off streams out of the mountains, and most everyone around here has access to a well. We only have a small supply of iodine tablets left. We are about 45 minute (drive) from a larger city where we may be able to get more provisions. No one has ventured that way yet. Hoping to hear more before we send someone into the great unknown.

Let anyone know- as of now, we have space. Bring what you can, but if all you have is yourself, that's good too. Going back up to Lookout Mountain so I can get a headstart on the zombies if they make it this way. Over.

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by Druid42

ATS transponder: "This is KY on the line, you are covered. The guards have been paid off. At this time a half case of Bud goes far. pass phrase " Where there is beer, there is hope" Come on in" Ky out..

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:11 PM
This is NY/VT border camp responding...over

We have established primary uplinks and have opened camp. Location is still being held quiet due to outflows from NYC, Boston, and CT metros. Base group of 20 all have arrived... Over

Each goup came with essentials at hand in vehicles before roads closed... Over

ATS in NE... camp is open

(at work so no photos handy

reply to post by Druid42

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:22 PM
ATS Responder: Each crew carred en route

5 days MREs w/ Water Packs
1 Bow w/ Quiver of 24 Arrows with Broad heads
1 Baretta Storm PX4 9mm (12 clips loaded)
1 Baretta Storm CX4 9mm
5 Boxes of 9mm
25 gallons of fuel on top of vehicle tanks
250 Rope
250 ft para cord
1st Aid kits
CB Radio
Cell phone (while they worked)

Sound in the wire... over report back shortly (aka boss is coming)

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by Advantage

ATS transponder: Calling Advantage, come in. Would you like to be my partner in crime?

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 03:05 PM
Listening to the various reports over the radio he restrained from sending out glad tidings. These new people with him barely spoke any English and after last nights chance meeting we were all still a little on the edge. On the bright side we had made it to the other side of the lake via paddle and limited motor use. Seray was the fathers name, and the little girls name was Caia. The mother was named Thea and the boy was Noi or Noa as I started calling him. They named themselves Phaung first but I will assume that is there last Name. Several vehicles presented themselves to us. And old cargo van seemed to be our best bet. I had been watching the beach with my binoculars while Thea seemed intent on rubbing down my Rifle with oil. I had thought I would have to wait but the Phaung's seemed well able to clean my weapon. And Despite my misgivings about handing over my rifle, I knew it wouldn't promote much trust if I kept it by my side.
The Van of course wouldn't start without keys,luckily I was able to hot wire it. Thank goodness for a misspent youth. After starting it and listening for a few minute he shut it off and helped the Phaung family load their gear. They were suprisinly well stocked though short on food and shells. It only took us an additional hour of puncturing gas tanks and looting to come up with a few spare blankets and 4 extra gallons of gas. I also took the time to collect a few Batteries from the assorted and abandoned Vehicles.With the kids strapped in and Thea quietly chatting with them Seray took shotgun position as I shifted the Van into Gear. With only a small yelp from Jericho as a small box toppled onto his tail We were on our way to a better tomorrow.
At the the rate we going and with no road blockage we would make Lodgepole within another 2 hours via vehicle. Then Wuksachi about 10 minute later, All of this was dependent of course if we could make it through Three Rivers without incident. Normally I would loot my way through small towns, Didn't feel right this time with the family with me. But I would return later just to make sure we had the supplies we would need. With summer just around the corner we would have allot of work to get done before winter hit.

ATS Transponder: Everythings Looking up on the West Coast. Found some survivors and a Van we are about 3 hours away from What will be our new home. Hope everyone Has been as Lucky as me or at least ten times more prepared. Colorado Been looking at my maps and if within the next few weeks we get no signs from anyone else on the West Coast we will be heading your way..5 people and 2 dogs doesn't exactly inspire a new beginning. Will know for sure in a few more weeks and about then need better directions. My map isn't topographical so major cities near you will give me a better ideal of what our journey might entail.. Over.

He smiles towards Seray and hands his Ruger to him. Driving and shooting prolly wouldn't turn out well and he trusted his new found family. Well at least enough to know they wouldn't kill me while he was driving up the steep roadways

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