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The Realistic Survival Game: Scenario 1: Economic Collapse.

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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 05:38 AM
reply to post by Therian

Continued from last post...

Jericho was a young dog and despite what food his corpse might Offer I couldn't bring myself to clean him. I laid him to rest near Tim and placed wild flowers the two children picked for them on their graves..To many deaths this day by far, Any death was to many. The children were already grown up it seemed 5 year old Caia and 7 year old Noi. Both knew death the greatest failure of mankind he thought when children had to grow up before their time.
As he sat there contemplating what to say to Rose, He noticed the scout Eliza had sent for them..Stepping out of the U haul he introduced himself and the others. The scout led us most promptly to the encampment. How long it took he wasn't sure, He knew however this would be the first time in over 2 weeks he would lay his head down and sleep without fear...

ATS Transponder. Therian Here. Uhm we had some casualties but we finally made it to Colorado.. Will contact you all later. Going in to go meet Eliza now..Over

As the Scout quietly knocked at the door, He hoped he would measure up. He stood 5'10'' and weighed 135 only having lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. His auburn hair flowed to just past his shoulders and onto his leather jacket. Far from a body builder his stature and being average looking he would blend into most crowds and be forgotten easily. This of course worked well for him in a previous life.
When the door opened he offered a lopsided Grin.." Well Boss we made it."

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 05:44 AM
reply to post by EarthCitizen23

ATS NYVT Base to EarthCitizen (EC) -

Good to hear you are ok. Be careful on the road. Suggest direct contact wit WV camp. Also group heading out of Kentucky there but they are ahead of you. How far on the road are you? Over...

Be careful EC and post what you see... Over

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 05:52 AM
ATS NYVT Camp to L2L...over

Another big night at camp...We had to implement all quiet protocol last night. Sever major hordes in the area. Everything from biker gangs to hapless zombies, the non-infected kind, you know... the lemmings that thought we were crazy or at least overly paranoid, (chuckles). Any way stay off main roads and go to terrain maps. You will have to orient your way from Westchester. Hope you found your brother ok.

We disposed of the bodies from the night before by burial. We have increased security and pulled in scouts for now. We need all bodies in camp. Extra watches and extra sleep.

News on the convoys - they have slowed. "FEMA Camps" have been established. Level of collapse hysteria is subsiding for now. All media broadcasts seem to be the same, full government press. Same Message - return home or report to camps, government has everything under control. UN emergency sessions to discuss crisis. Emergency powers act, blah blah blah.

We are digging in perimeters at camp. Be careful on the road L2L... Base ... out

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 06:02 AM
ATS NYVT Camp to all camps...over

General NE Sector update...

Government convoy traffic has slowed...
NE Media coverage has gon full government control with "We are the government and we are here to help" BS...
We are seeing major horde flows bikers to Non-infected (NI) Zombies and lemmings. It will be hell when these types of groups start crossing.
We have pulled in all scouts for now for man power.
We are digging in and strengthening fortifications.

We are have a camp meeting to discuss supplies and opening camp to select small parties and what to do with those we refuse entry to.

After inventory we have about 15,000 rounds of various useful calibers, about 500 gallons of fuel, and supplies to maintain the camp for 2 years at current consumption rates and population. This will be the big point in opening camp. We have room in core compound to expand to about 200 souls. We are also working on camp laws for the interim on the assumption that total collapse hasn't fully happened.

WV Camp... we have heard scattered HAM radio traffic that there are riots in DC, do you have ground intel there?
NYC has been placed under heavy martial law and has been sealed. Not sure on Boston or other major cities in NE, things have gotten really quiet.

More updates coming later today...had night watch and going to catch some Z's.

NYVT Camp out.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 10:58 AM
ATS Transponder: SE ROCKIES here. Hearing news from other parts of this mess is helpful. Looks like we are far enough out that no one really cares about us. We've now been without electricity (media, news anything) for over a week. I suppose it's good that some are able to stay in their houses. Probably no FEMA camps to be set up out here, but that's for the best, I think.

Welcoming THERIAN and companions to our camp. Glad to get you guys a good night's sleep ( in a hotel bed even) and something warm to eat. Sorry for the losses, hopefully we can keep that count down. Our camp is just above 50 now.

Good to hear from afar that this may not be the end of it all. With that news we decided to stay for at least two weeks before making a move to the Spanish Peaks. Here we have shelter and all supplies.

After a rough count, we have enough food items and potable water to maintain our camp for at least 2 years. We are still combining gas for fuel and a couple of guys are down at the gas station trying to figure out how to get the gas out of the ground without electricity.

To THERIAN: Also thinking about sending a few up towards Lake City to try and see if they can locate those black trucks from a few days back. We can send 5 or 6 with horses or in a vehicle. On horseback the journey would be a few days, but we'd be using a precious commodity with a vehicle.

The camp has been breaking down into departments and people are stepping up and taking responsibility. We have childcare, cooks, scouts, hunters, loggers, one doctor, etc.

Still hoping and welcoming more.

To all ATSers out there: Keep the updates coming! Remember, we don't have electricity out here- so no news.

Gonna head out. Taking a group out into the forest to identify edible and medicinal plants. At least I chose to learn a few useful things before this all went down. Over.

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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 01:16 PM
Well rested he ate a home cooked meal, not that Thea couldn't cook well but Hmong combination meals missing vital ingredients didn't sit really well in his stomach. He had tried to settle Rose in with a few of the younger females, hoping their similarities would breed Not only familiarity but comfort. This only lasted a few minutes before she found her way back to the Phaungs and I. I now knew a few words in the Phaungs Language, Of course the words I was using for food and break etc could have been meant any thing similar. I was pretty sure I was saying Orange every time it was any sort of food. Which seemed to make the children giggle. Rose had really applied herself and was learning much faster. As for their previous vocations I wasn't completely sure. Seray seemed very good at weaving and making nets. While Thea cooked and kept their house in order. The children spoke both Hmong and English which was very helpful as long as I stayed away from big words..And Rose well before Tim died she had spoken saying she was signed up for Nursing school the coming fall.
Meeting up with Eliza again later that day, He opened up the U Haul to help get a few things moving along. The Gas station problem could easily be managed. Backing the traveling trailer next to the Gas station.With about 5 gallons of gas he could get the pumps running for near on 8 hours.. If this is only going to be for two weeks There is little point to me setting up the solar panels. I could however get power to 3 additional places which I assume would be a local restaraunt so the cooks could have an easier time of it. The other 2 Will be left to your discretion. I can stay in camp doing odd jobs, I can go hunting or I can Go to lakeside. Not much of a babysitter, and not much people like my food other then Deeks and me.
So Let me get the guys started at the Gas station, I am sure a little gas from the pump will go along way. After if you have a horse trailer, We can connect it to the Service truck here and load the horses. About a mile til Lakeside we can pull off road and ride horses in. If we find some good stuff half can ride the horses home the other can use the horse trailer and load it down with supplies. Just a suggestion of course.
You said you had a Doctor, Maybe he can think of other places to find medicines. I figured a dentists office, If nothing else we could get novicaine. And maybe a vets office Not sure if they would have much for humans but I am sure something will cross over. In both we should be able to find gauze and other medical supplies.
Pulling out one of the Stansport Preparedness bags he opens it up.. There's wind up radios, wind up flashlights and some med kits in each one. Well I'm going to go get the pumps back on over at the gas station. When you need me I will either be their or with my new family.
He quickly explains this to Noi who then tells the rest Of the Phaungs whats going on. and he heads up towards the Gas station..

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 02:22 PM
ATS Transponder: SE TX checking in. Things is are tilting badly in this area. The local prison system has been converted to FEMA camps. The military and police are patrolling heavily. The great hordes have finally begun leaving Houston. Most are trying to leave via the main highways and the military and police are picking them up and taking them to camps. Nights are bad. The convoys roll through the area with loud speakers screaming that they are here to help. "Come out and we will take you to safety."

We've modified the entrance to the area so that it does not look like a road into a subdivision. Took down the one street sign and neighborhood sign. Ran a makeshift fence across the road so we just look like part of a big ranch. There is a big ranch house up front and small house that looks like a ranch hands house. They are both empty. Don't know when they left or where they went. Maybe they weren't able to get back when it all happened. Both houses have been checked by authorities and they seem satisified that there are no others inside. We dropped trees over the road so that it looked like they had been there for some time. That discouraged them from trying to go further.

We haven't been out to gather supplies yet. There is just too much activity day and night. We will have to risk it soon. The closest town is very small so there probably won't be much left. The next closest town is about 20 miles away. We need a lot less activity to chance going that far.

Have not received any more communications from those coming this way. Hope they are well and just laying low.

We have not taken in new people so not much news from here. We believe the border skirmishes are continuing and moving north but await verification. There are still members of our original planning group that have not made it yet. We can only hope they are working this way slowly via back roads and that they will bring news.

We will update on as regular a basis as possible. SETX out.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by Giovannetti44

ATS Transponder: SETX to West TX. Please advise status. Have you run into difficulties? Have not heard from you since 10-12. Please advise. SETX out.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 05:22 PM
I have been planning to move to Base Camp in WV, but I fear they have been overrun. Haven't heard back from them. I am thinking about going OTR to another camp. Things are looking grim all over. It's a long detour, but I think I can catch 80 W, unless someone can advise a safer route.

ATS transponder: "Glad to see these things are still working. We have been able to stay in contact. Thanks for updates in all sectors. I'm trying to decide a southern move to TX, or a western trek to NV. I'm gonna have to make a decision soon, if I don't hear back from Stargate in WV. I must assume a BC overrun. Can't go there now. WV, please respond. You are my next 20. Over."

"Gassed up and ready to roll from the KY layover. We traded supplies, and I've got cargo to share. Waiting for a new destination. If the BC in WV got hit, I am headed south or west. I'll wait a bit before moving out, Druid out."

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by Druid42

ATS Transponder: SETX here. Not sure but I think we would be closer than NV and plenty of back roads from there to here without too much detour. We can always use additional manpower.

If you decide then you can go on to NV after a good rest and re-supply.

Let me know and I will see if I can get you a decent route that will be somewhat safe. If you decide on this way I will have the same riddle for you when you get close so that we can confirm your identity before we reveal our exact location.

SETX out.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 10:12 PM
ATS transponder: "Come in SETX. Have not heard back from the WVBC, in all probability they have been overrun. Am thinking a run from KYBC to your location will be prudent. I have plenty of fuel. I don't really want to travel back north, as those guys in NYVT have their hands full. As far as I can see, NEUS and WCUS are zombie filled. It may be a few weeks for the zombies to die off. Sad. *pause* Over."

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 11:00 AM
ATS Transponder: SE ROCKIES coming in. Last day and 1/2 have been pleasantly quiet. Excited to welcome Therian and his new family. Our camp is looking more and more like a community.

The children are kept busy with folk that have a skill to share, i.e. plant identification, first aid, hunting, fishing, building. It's like a big summer camp to them (aside from the horribleness they have seen up to now).

At last nights meeting we decided to send scouts towards Creede/Lake City and another group towards Del Norte, where the rural hospital is.

We are sending 5 to Creede. THERIAN's idea was the best: We found a horse trailer, taking that and a large truck. Two horses, just in case. Two (or more) can ride back that way if they find goods along the way. The locals have been talking and say that there should be a somewhat 'secret' underground entrance between Creede and Lake City. It can't be too far off the main road as the large trucks would have to navigate. There are old mines all over the place up there. May be able to get into one that leads to a main entrance.

Hoping that THERIAN could lead this expedition.... He's already successfully made it over the mountains and seems as prepared as anyone. You can stock up on guns/ammo, in fact, I would prefer it.

The journey could take 1 day to 3 or more. I'm having the cooks pack enough food for 5 day rations, just in case.

**(There's a girl here, Sara, in college (was) studying Asian languages. She's not really 'fluent' in anything, but understands what she hears, more or less and know lots of words in different languages. The eclectic learner, I guess. In any case, I've introduced her to your new family, Therian. They seem to be getting along very well. I wouldn't worry about them- they are fitting in here perfectly.'

Also, sending one car with 3 to the hospital in Del Norte. Hoping to collect as much as we can fit in the vehicle. Sending the doctor so he can be sure we get the most important items. This is hopefully only a day trip. The hospital is about 10 miles away- and not close to much.

The magic that THERIAN put on the gas station was amazing. We drove most cars we could to the station and filled the tanks. We also filled all the gas cans we could locate before we lost power again. We marked the cars with spray paint so we could identify which ones were full quickly.

THERIAN: Could you hook up a single solar panel that we could try and pull a little electricity from? Maybe we can get some kind of news that everyone else is getting. If this would be too time consuming, you can do it when you return from Creede. Also still searching for a Ham radio. You would have thought SOMEONE would have had one out here.

Currently the plan is still to stay put for a couple of weeks and decide if we need a more safe area. If it proves true, we are headed to the Spanish Peaks. In the next few days we may send a scout or two and see if they can get close to the area via car.

As of right now, we are secluded, although in a town, and most of us feel pretty safe being close to things we are familiar with.

Hope all is quiet for everyone today.

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posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 11:43 AM
Off Topic - Time

Is this day by day or time lapsing 3 or 4 days at a lapse to allow to interesting developments - just trying to stay in sync

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by Druid42

ATS Transponder: SETX here. Sorry for the delay. We slipped out for a while last night to try and find out what's going on and see if we could find supplies. Had to get a little sleep.

Patrols still staying on main roads. They are definitely making quota there.

You are most welcome to come here. None of the virus zombies but still a few gangbanger zombies. This is sad but funny. When they get caught by the scouts and try to run with pants hanging down it is quite a show.

We do our best to catch and detour all before they find the camp. As I said before scouts are out several miles in each direction. We've not been discovered yet even though we had a couple of close calls.

I would think your best bet would be to drop this way on a diagonal route towards the Texas coast. When you are close - say near the Texarkana area let us know. Texarkana is about 7 hours from us in normal times. We will then give you info to a meeting place and we will guide you in through the national forest near Huntsville. That will be a safer route than main roads to our area.

If you need general directions along the way just let us know and we'll help out as much as we can.
Good luck and "we'll leave the light on for ya".

SETX out.

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by mantarey

I think we are all just going by when we have time to get online.

Depending on that we fill in the time gap.

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 11:57 AM

Mantarey's Personal Journal

Day 15 -
Lights are out in the world. No more news all media has gone dark. Emergency broadcast is running spotty but it is only a recorded message at this point, Stay home or go to camps blah blah blah. So much for the government help. I assume what is left of our glorious leadership is all secure in a bunker right now. We haven't seen any more helos or even jets in the last 4 days. I assume they are conserving fuel.

Camp morale is pretty good even after our little fire fight with some gang-banger zombies. We have start working on low visibility fortifications and extending camp perimeter. Camp is looking to vote on how many and who we allow in. We will need to expand and take folks in. Most of us reached out to extended friends and passed on code words and directions to those that hadn't gotten out yet. Hopefully some of those will make it.

It is sad this has happened. I was hoping that I was wrong and paranoid. I am glad I was though. We got a good start here. Supplies are good, strong defensive positions, and plenty of ammo to hold off a small army. I am keeping certain munitions quiet to the rest of the camp for now. I will also recommend we start planning scavenging operations. With the way things are going the next 60 days will get very scary and the die off will be in full swing.

Note to self - you have to get some small gardens going some how and soon, also hunting efforts will need to get some smoke houses up soon. Also need to show a couple of the core team the caves where the backup supplies are outside of the main supplies. We also need to find a real doctor as Nurse Betty is only part way there before we have any real issues.

God I am tired thank you Great Spirit for the timing and being here at the camp when it all cut loose. Keep the rest of our tribe safe on their journeys in.

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 12:04 PM
NYVT Camp to ATS Camps...over

Checking in. We are good here, we have seen major hordes and have stayed hidden - mostly hysteria driven packs at the moment. We have lost all mass media and have heard only spotty EBS recorded messages. We will be holding camp meetings soon to formalize governing protocols for camp until... and this is a big IF... normal society returns. We will most likely go to tribe structure for now with a council of chiefs. War, Peace, and Medicine for now.

Have not heard from WV camp. Texas has confirmed border skirmished with Mexico. We wish them luck!

We are looking to send recon parties out and make contact selectively with skills we will need for the long haul. Need a camp Doctor bad, we have a nurse and a dentist so at least that is something. Weather is holding off so we will try to get some small truck crops in. Also going to start scavenge operations with recon ops. This will be slow due to limited resources.

All is well here... NYVT out.

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 12:04 PM
Off Topic: I was just going by real time. Speaking of... is there a consensus on what month we are in. Keep seeing a few different things. Once again, to keep it real, I was going off of real time. So in my scenarios, it's October and winters acomin'. Is it supposed to be summer? Let me know... before the snow comes

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 12:51 PM
Asking a few of the men from the Gas station work to give him a hand, They quickly unloaded one of the Phono Solar 1800 Solar generators out of the U Haul. Setting up some ropes, a pully, and with the assistance of a horse and tact system they quickly got it to the top of ( Restaurant Name). As they started two stayed up top to unload the majority of the pieces and the last starts by locating and then splicing a new wire into the Main box. And he goes to see Eliza.

ELIZA : If your not to busy.. I can get it done in bout half a day then be ready to leave out by say 2 pm. that should put us in/near Creede by night fall. I will show one of the men how to monitor it and calibrate it after I leave. If You could draft a list of supplies I would be happy to see what we can find out there. It would probably be best if we didn't go looking for trouble. If we see sign of the Black trucks you saw We will of course skulk about and learn what we can. But maybe our main concern should be supplies. Either way I am up to the task, As far as weapons go. Maybe some 9mm for my Ruger other then that I will stick with my Blades, Bow, and Luck. They have served me well and anything more would just complicate the decisions. To many forks in the road can leave one to sitting in the middle trying to distinguish which may be best.
I am not really a leader of men, I don't mind watching out for them. But not very big on commanding people, Did that in the Navy and it started feeling good. Figure its like killing as soon as you start liking it, Its best to stop doing it. I don't mind giving them suggestions but I don't want them to start disliking the stranger in town.Never been much good at explaining things, but I think you get it. Anyways if you could get the guys together, I will meet them near the Gas station round 2 pm.

Heading back he gets back up on the roof and nods to the men and starts handing out components. Showing each where things need to go. They were quick and eager students, Though Dwight was a bit slow on the uptake. Maybe not slow but to much of a thinker. He seemed to need to know why things went where they went. So I gave him the manual and started piecing the components together in there assigned order. Dwight quick assimilated the Manual and watched closely asking the same questions he would have expected from an apprentice electrician. Nothing wrong with it he supposed, so as he was working he kept a level voice and explained what he was doing and why. The Manual tell you to assemble certain things in certain orders. You could do it that way or you could do it my way which allowed for faster testing particular units. The faster you catch a problem the faster you could fix it. Didn't make sense to put it all together and then take it apart again looking for the screwed up line. When by going my route you could test the components as you went along.

All and all it was a productive day, After running electric coords up I went ahead and powered up a Husky and fed the Phono some juice before plugging up the panels when it whirled into action I knew it would work. Unplugging the husky and plugging the Panels were simple enough. I showed Dwight How to Start it up and shut it down how to verify the sun tracking system and other general maintenance then left him in charge of it. Went to see the Phaungs who seemed to be fitting in well plus we had decided to share a residence and I needed to grab my Ruger. Thea had polished the little gun up for me, She did some of the oddest things in her spare time it seemed. The kids were out so I left a note that would explain to the Phaungs where I was going. Rose must have been out with the kids as I knocked on her door to check on her but she didn't respond.

Meeting the group of guys at the gas station he nodded a greeting and introduced himself. One gave him a small list from Eliza as well as an extra clip for his Ruger and a box of 9mm. Checking the fit he smiled, Eliza must have noticed his gun when they first met. He quickly went over a few things with the guys, Basic warnings for things they might not have seen yet. He also listened patiently as they shared similar warning about other things. Never wrestle a grizzly and no kissing the badgers smiling he crossed those two things off his list of things he wanted to do in his life. After they were well aquainted they loaded into the crew cab truck and Terry a younger man who knew the route best shifted the truck into gear and they headed out.

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posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by ElizaAshdene

Off topic: Uhm I am going by the April time frame Druid started. So summer is on the way and crop season should be starting, Though here in California we start planting in May I am not sure about Colorado..

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