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The Realistic Survival Game: Scenario 1: Economic Collapse.

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posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by Druid42

ATS Transponder: Druid, water is good but all supplies really are needed especially skills. You are welcome in any case.

SETX out.

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 01:40 PM
They had meandered down the road without much of a problem. Within a mile of Creed they pulled off the road. Terry found a surprise when they started unloading the horses. One that I forced into the truck and made wait til Terry and I called in. Terry and I would head into town via horse back and call the truck forward at certain times when we knew it was safe. Spending most of the night doing this Our stowaway complained about boredom more then once. But I personally preferred boring.. Boring usually meant no one was shooting at me or trying to bite me. When we managed to grab up most of the supplies on the list we decided to see if we could find extra gear. Terry said there was a Red Cross in the Area so we went ahead and grabbed what food stock we could there.

After about four hours of working we all sat down to eat. I shared with Our Guest since she was my responsibility, Rose who should have stayed at their new home with the Phaungs. Since I couldn't send her home I figured I best teach her. All that was left to do was gather what more can foods and battle water we could. Maybe some more weapons as well. So leaving the truck defended by two of the guy Terry and another would start combing nearby house while I took Rose and the horses to check out a nearby Army surplus store.

It took a little longer as I was constantly explaining to Rose what to and what not to do. When we got to the store we were not surprised to find it locked up tighter then Fort Knox. Tethering the horses however I showed Rose a better way then shooting locks and breaking windows. Most older store had flat roofs, this one didn't but it still had air conditioning. With a little work the two managed to unscrew and then tip it on its side. It wasn't Ninja quiet as the Unit was a bit heavy. But nothing anyone would here within a block of them. Removing the unit was the key now that had a 15 foot drop to inside the store. Reaching down he loosened two screw, These held the vent in place. Well the screw here and two soft screw at the bottom those were usually more to keep the grate on then hold up the vent. With a shove of the foot the vent fell inside the store. Now they used the Rafters to safely enter the store. ( Don't try this at home, I know it works Because I was a Roofer and have dealt with plenty of Air conditioners and Vent systems. Business owners are wise to the tactic and set up motion detectors in the attic or crawlspace.))

He and Rose quickly went through the store searching for viable equipment. Seeing the jackpot he smiled at her..Then quickly called over the walkie to the other four. They could park out back he would get the door open for them.. Going to the back door it was a simple thing of pounding the metal rod on the hinges out. Three times and with minimal noise. When the guys were in place he shoved the door outward at the hinges. It took two or three tries but they were able to pull the door to the side without much trouble. ( Some of you may wonder why I didn't just unlock it or take off the door knob from the inside. Chains on the outside is my only reason plus its always nice to learn something New)

They quickly started loading the Ammo boxes and guns into the trailer, Extra sleeping bags and case after case of mre's were tossed in the back of the truck. Most would go nuts and grab up spray and pray shooters. I liked rifles but understood the need for something more conventional. Though I couldn't decide which of the two I liked best so I took both the (KEL-TEC KSG 12 GA, 18" BARREL SHOTGUN) and the ( CZ 750 SNIPER CAL. 308 WIN ). I could be such a boy some times. I also replenished my stock of Arrows and Arrow heads. Most of the rest of the guns we packed tightly between the Horse hauler and the Truck. Terry and I would ride back home while the rest would head back in the truck. After loading the horses with our food and personal equipment we were ready to head out. They had seen no sight or sound of others and with such a haul they weren't about to press their luck.
Maybe their next trip could be one with less people and more time to scout, Before they left they propped the door back onto the store then moved a trash can to the side of it to hide the break in. There were still supplies to be had but no room left to take them. AT pace the truck should be back in maincamp the same day while He and Terry might be another day or so...

ATS Transponder:Eliza: Thanks for the walkies, Got a load of weapons on the way along with food and your list. Well what we could find of it. Terry and I will be riding back. The others should be back by night fall. Rose was with us with out permission but don't be to hard on her, I think she is just more comfortable around me. Kinda Like She was with her brother. Maybe you can find a guy around her age to hang out with as punishment. Hopefully that will get her thought off of her brother.. Anyways we are taking an old trail will talk to you later.

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 01:43 PM
NE Sector EBS

This is an announcement on the emergency broadcast system. Please stand by for a message from the President of the United States... repeat...

This is an announcement on the emergency broadcast system. Please stand by for a message from the President of the United States... (silence)

My fellow Americans...

In the last few weeks, our nation has been once again had its fortitude tested. Due to unquestionable financial market failures, from many many areas, the United States as well as all major global economies have failed. Emergency sessions of the UN, G8 and the UN Security Council have been in meetings this entire time in order to address the situation. As of now we have not come to a decision on a long term course of action.

In the meantime in order to maintain civil order and protect the interests of the United States and its citizens I have enacted the following executive orders...

1. All monetary assets of all US citizens and of all Financial institutions operating in the United States will have all assets frozen and rest to the levels as noted in records 1 day before the economic crash.

2. All transactions of a financial nature from the day of the economic collapse and until this issue is resolved are hearby renedered null and void.

3. Martial law will coninue in a joint effort between military, federal, states and local municipalities.

4. The constitution and the bill of rights will be upheld by all.

5. FEMA camps will continue to operate for citizens that have been displaced due to urban violence and panic.

6. People who have stayed in their homes, or have gone to various other locations are urged to stay in place, supplies will be issued as needed for everyday living.

7. Repairs to the common infrastructure sucha s water and electricity will be restored as fast as possible.

8. Everyone is urged to reach out to civil authorities and disclose locations and identities so that proper actions can be taken.

9. Civil disobediance and criminal acts will not be tolerated by authorities and these authorities have been given authority to respond to such threats with appropriate and measured response.

10. Any form of price gouging or any other unethical behavior will be dealt with in the harshest manner possible.

My fellow citizens, we are in dark days and many more are ahead. Reports of disease outbreaks are unfounded and are only part of the mass hysteria that has stricken us all. For your safety and the safety of your loved ones please stay where you are, please be safe, please be kind to your fellow American.

Your government is here to help and is working with other world leaders to fix this current situation. We believe we will all come to a mutually beneficial answer in the next few days. Please be vigilent for now is when we need your strength.

I hope you will all join me in 5 minutes of silence to exercise your freedom of faith and call upon those forces greater than ourselves in this time of need...(silence - 5 minutes)

I will address you all again in the next few days with an update on our progress... God Bless America... Good night.

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 01:47 PM
NYVT Camp to all ATS Camps...

Hello guys, so we just heard an announcement from our "President" on the situation...
Have you guys gotten any EBS announcements...
Need to verify...

From the sounds of it, looks like the UN has gotten envolved and the collapse is global. The bulk was stay put, trust your government, we are here to help, blah blah blah...

This announcement really has me on edge, something is right...

Camps please respond with your thoughts or what your EBS may have broadcasted...

NYVT Camp...standing by...over...

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by mantarey

ATS Transponder: SETX here. We heard the message. Most of us are skeptical. Some are almost believing. Be very careful with your people. It would be very bad if some wanted to leave and reported where the camp is. We have enough supplies that we don't "everyday living items". I don't think most people could hold out to questioning about where they've been. I would hate to think we would have to stop some from leaving but we can't have the camp exposed.

Stay alert. I think they are trying to pull some back who aren't wholly committed.

SETX out.

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by TXTriker

NYVT Camp to SETX Camp - thanks will do.

Was really quiet last night, got some good sleep. No on to daily duty roster and getting the camp in gear.

NYVT Out..

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 04:08 PM
ATS Transponder: SE ROCKIES here. Just myself, and 3 others heard the transmission ( that I know of). I'm going to share the information with everyone at tonight's meeting and get a general response. I'm assuming most are ok with the current situation, as we are pretty well-organized. I'm not sure what the message means for us, as we are clearly far enough away from the majority of the population that (so far) we seemed to have been over-looked. On a positive note: we were able to collect tons of supplies from the nearby abandoned hospital. The scouts sent also packed up and readied more supplies for a later trip. More after the meeting. Over.

As I continued to help Joel, Sam and Dr. Rob (his preferred nickname) unload the medical booty, I couldn't help but think about what will happen if everything goes back. If suddenly everything were to go back to normal. What then?

I guess nothing will be 'normal' again from now on. At best, we'd have a lot of cleaning up to do.

"Eliza. Eliza."

"What? I'm sorry." I'm brought back to reality by Dr. Rob.

"You look like you got a lot of something on your mind."

"Ya, you could say that," I smile. "Now, what's on the menu for dinner tonight?"

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 04:20 PM
zzzt*crackle*zzzt...things made in China, or what?

Ahoy! Good to know there are others out there still.
At this point, the consensus here is to stay at sea once we put out. General locations of camps are being noted for future reference, if necessary.

Things are generally stable here, at least as stable as can be expected. Supplementing food stores with fishing. Shrimp were running this week. Tasty.

When we put out, I think we're heading towards the Keys first. I know a fella down there who could help supply additional "hardware" for the boats. If we can locate him, we should be able to fend off most threats.

I caught a re-broadcast of the official proclamation. "Here to help". Yeah, right. Some of us wanted to set sail as soon as we heard that one.

Be careful. Will stay in touch as possible.


posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 05:07 PM
ATS Transponder: Base Camp KY " Listened to the message, but we had our own problems at the time. The zombies moving into the town found nothing left. Most are heading back east, or going North. The next large city west is about 60 miles. They seem not wanting to head west, maybe they too have heard about the fighting going on. News about heavy weapons fighting somewhere near the capital. We are not going to send scouts that far to found out. What zombies left in town are, we think, too weak to track back east or follow north. Should we help them, I don't know. We think the main groups for now will not return. They have the arms, but not the food and water. Some want to follow and strip the dead and dying, this could make them aware of our presence. So just setting tight for now" KY BC over

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by oldshooter1979

ATS Transponder: SETX to KYBC. I would not strip the dead and dying. While we believe it requires a bite to transfer the zombie virus, no one really knows for sure. Virus left in sliva or blood may still transfer. Might be worth the risk for weapons and ammo but not for anything else.

SETX out.
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posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 07:31 AM
reply to post by subject x

NYVT Camp to ATS Floatilla...

Ahoy mate! Good to here we have freinds at sea. Save some shrimp for us! Will be a long time before we see thoase again I am afraid. All still quiet in the NE. Looks like the lemmings are taking the governments advice. God bless them! We are sitting tight, holding it all close.

Hope to hear your progress...

NYVT out.

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 09:11 AM
zzzt*crackle*zzzt...and make that line fast!

Well, we're officially at sea now. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't the mob who caused it.

Just after sun-up, a fleet of 20+ trucks pulled up. They were labled with all kinds of agencies, FBI, FEMA, ATF, you name it, they were there. The government was "here to help", and they were all heavily armed to make sure their help was accepted.

We had previously loaded the boats, so we just fired them up and got the hell out of there. There were a couple police boats there to try and blockade us, but we just didn't stop. They popped a few shots at us, until our two 50-footers plowed right through them, at which point they were to busy swimming.

Our tanks were topped off, and we're carrying as much spare fuel as we can. We ended up taking 12 boats, some being towed, some vastly under-manned. If we encounter a storm, or something worse, we'll have trouble, but the skies are clear at this point.

If anyone wants to join with us, we could use the extra manpower, and I'll trust ATSers before some random person we come upon. We're heading south towards the Keys right now. At that point, we'll decide whether to head back up the coast, or into the Gulf. We can make any necessary stops to make pick-ups, so if you want to come along, and can make it to the East or Gulf Coast, send word. Arrangements will be made.

Good luck, stay safe. Be wary of government intervention. It doesn't look to be benficial.

I said make that line fa....zzzt*crackle*zzzt...

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 02:37 PM
Terry and him got back at Noon. Not much to say about their trip back was slow and boring. Though he had learned some game trails for later. They left the horses at the Stable and went to eat. The other stuff had already arrived two days back. So their job was already done as far as unloading went. Having a quick lunch they went their went their own ways. Stopping off at his or the Phaungs house depending on who you asked he checked in with the Them. The kids were just being kids once more which was nice to see. He unloaded his surplus gear In His bedroom closet. He didn't need to carry the sniper rifle on him half the day. The shotgun was small and weighed very little strapped to his back. The Ruger and his blades, Well though he felt safe enough to leave them behind. He felt naked without them on his person. Especially after over a month with them strapped on.. He did however leave most of his Carried bags and extra clothes. After showing Seray a quick break down on the gun E.I. Loading unloading safety and scope adjustment. Which went surprisingly well guys it seemed didn't need to speak the same language most the time they could grunt and gesture a little to get the points across. He started crisscrossing The small encampment ( Town ) til he ran into Eliza.

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 04:08 PM
ATS TRANSPONDER: SE Rockies here. Glad to report that all of our scouts returned home safely and with much booty. Also alerted everyone to the POTUS message. It seems to the consensus here is to stay put and keep as low a profile as possible. If need be, we can start heading east to the Spanish Peaks or a bit west for a more temporary spot. The level of 'comfort' in the message brings more worry. Over.

"Therian, hey!" I yell.

"Eliza!" He heads my direction.

"Hey, I know you just got back, but I was wondering if I could send you out again? I understand if you want to hang around camp a few days, spend time with the Phaungs. It's just, you've already gained a lot of trust from our little village. And the Phaungs speak very highly of you (at least what we understand
). "

"Ok, so here's the thing. A lot of people are missing family members that should/could be in the area still. There are even some that don't come into town much and are off the grid, making us a bit more worried about them. Don't really want any of them heading to the Wal-Mart in 'Mosa without knowing what they're going in to. So we put together a couple of teams to go check on people/supplies. You have been requested to go with one of the teams. I explained to them that you weren't much of a leader. They said they just liked having you around. "

"I don't know what voodoo you put on the fellas but, it worked.

"If you choose to go they are heading out immediately. Peoples houses have been marked on maps. Initially we will send you on horseback to survey the area. If you find something, mark it and we'll go back with vehicles. You'll be packed food for 3 days, but returning every evening may be better. Especially if you find people. The current mapped area only extends about 7 miles at this point. We will expand one it's been covered."

"What say you, Therian?"

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 08:34 PM
ATS Transponder: SETX here. It seems to be much too quiet since the President's announcement. There have been no more patrols in our area. I worry that they may be trying to lure people out by not patrolling. We are on high alert. We haven't been able to get any news lately. The rest of our initial gorup have never made it to camp. I hope they are all OK and still very carefully working this way.

Good to here the Rockies are functioning so well. You have a really good group there. Did you find out anything about the black vehicles?

We have met with our neighbors that were here when it all went down. Most were at work and those have not made it back. We are working to have a full neighborhood plan so that we are all working together to protect and support each other.

Druid, have you left KY yet?

Everything is so quiet. It makes me very nervous.

SETX out
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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by subject x

ATS Transponder: You mentioned that police boats were there to intercept. Do you think someone passed on info or would it be normal for the police to assume that boats were getting ready to leave.

Has the government gotten hold of one of the transponders?

Scary thought, that.

SETX out.

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 11:11 AM
ATS transponder: "Howdy folks, I had to lay low for a few days, many 'copter overflights, and I didn't want to be caught on the open road. I also think since the EBS announcement (Heard it too), that they have been laying down EMF jammers at certain locations to prevent organization of groups. I went through several spots of completely dead radio traffic, and I've been mapping locations of the "dead zones" on my way south.

It's good to hear that we have an ATS flotilla active, I wish you guys TBOL. I'll be keeping a low radio profile until I'm sure I'm not being tracked. Doing a lot of switch backs. Current location is south of KYBC, on a southerly heading. All I want to air right now. Being paranoid, but safe. Out."

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 01:39 PM
He had listened to Eliza's request and had spent the last few days assisting with the closer people. Being a little selfish he did indeed want to stay around the Phaungs a little. He did however make several trips within a few hours of the encampment throughout the last three days.. Indeed he was on a longer one now after Settling into a habit. The first few he helped find family members had teamed up with him for these smaller expeditions. In the whole of three days several families had been reunited leading to further clues of other people. Unfortunately some were already lost to them, He felt guilty in most cases where they were to late. And giving the remains to family members was the worse.

The Doc could tell by most wounds about how and when they had passed. So far most happened before Therian had even arrived. With each he found live or dead it increased his urgency to find the next. Two of the men had no family left so he added them on as his core Group of Hunters. The further they went out the more dangerous it was becoming. Rose even though she had been told still would follow him out of town. He finally got tired of Babysitting her." You will carry your own weight or you will die" He had told her that and she just smiled with an evil like grin. The 5th of the small group was an estranged Older lady whose family had denounced her after She had survived and the grandchildren did not. Life was like that he figured, She had been forced to watch her grandchildren killed. The attackers left her tied to a tree, We had found her on the first day weak and thirsty. Then when we got back to town her son in law had banned her from his house.

He didn't have to spend much time training them accept for Rose who eagerly learned everything he would show them. Aikido was now a daily ritual for the group and several other towns folk who would come by to learn. At first he had planned on teaching Rose just for his own sake When the others joined in he found himself correcting this ones grabbing or repositioning this ones foot. After only three days it became his natural response. They would stretch out then he would pair them off. Adjusting things as was needful. They weren't fighting masters but each brought plenty to the table. The two men knew the land well and were great at scouting ahead. The older lady who still hadn't spoken to me would stay behind unless a fight started then she would jump in screeching and clawing. Not sure who got scared more us or them when she started rushing in. Rose had my sniper rifle, She too would stay back if she could get a clean shot she would take it. Despite teaching her the basics and practicing he shooting using my old hunting rifle. Most of us was happy we hadn't had a need to test her Skill yet.. And I well I would go into each fight hopeful, Often where hope and luck weren't enough the salt and vinegar running through me was.

This latest run would take them about 7 hours out of main camp. It was the farthest so far they had gone. Without any real family worried about them back in the encampment. They didn't have to tell anyone when and where they were going. They had collected all the information on several potential people who needed finding. Depending on the situation, the wind, or maybe even a feeling the group would simply head out. The Phaungs as well fell into the routine. Each morning sandwiches were setting on the table and ready. Usually so was one of his guns or some of his blades as well. He wasn't sure how Thea kept sneaking into his room taking one or more of his weapons and leaving all without waking him. But it kept him very humble. Though he could have trapped his door he didn't want anyone to get hurt.

After they were out of the encampment he would usually call Eliza on the ATS transponder telling her which farm or cave we were checking today..

ATS Transponder: Eliza Group is heading over towards the Sharptons Farm.. Bout hour past it supposed to be some Old mine. Though this isn't where The Old Lady was found this is close to the way Her attackers has went. The so you know its only the five of us this time we should be back round midnight. If we not back by noon tomorrow Don't send a calvary, None of us plan on being captured alive.. Out

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 02:42 PM
ATS Transponder: SETX here. Druid, take care and keep safe. To all others, keep your ears alert. If "someone" unintended has access to one or more transponders we could have the camps breached. We must be very careful about info we give out about general locations.

We have developed a riddle that only an ATSer would know the answer to so any others will not be given detailed information.

We have to consider this possibility. The transponders were MAILED to us. If someone was on a list and being watched, the package could have been interecepted. Considering how few members have reported in not many are being used. Where are the rest of the transponders? If people left before they were received, they've been setting in mailboxes. Anyone could have picked them up.

Be careful all. SETX out.

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 06:05 PM
NTVT Camp...

All has been quiet, been out on hunting party for some fresh meat (really was hunting this weekend
no luck though. More tomorrow.

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