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StrangerThanFiction39, will u please post info about Area 51?

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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 01:22 AM

Originally posted by gort51
That is the most Fantastic story I have ever heard.......lately.

If true, its all the more reason why most of planet Earth Hates America.....

So, as you say, there are 1000s of Earth made "Ships" that travel to other solar systems, with only one little one having the power to destroy Earth...but, there is no ET anywhere in all these 1000s of other planets?????

Then why would bloodthirsty, warmongering America, build all those war machines if there is noone to fight with?

What is the point of any mighty military, if one little "ship" can destroy the Earth?

What do the Peladiens, Andromadeans, Koldasians, Zeta Reticulans, say about this?

What do the Subterranean Biped Sauroids say about this?

What do America's "Allies" think about all this?

Why waste money on SETI or rovers on Mars?

So Humans had great tech, but sent the EC to the moon in tin cans, barely big enough for 3 humans....

Yep...makes complete sense to me....thankyou for this information.

Well I think there are things you do not really understand (the fault most likely solely resting on me). The first being that while the program did initially start out as an American project, it no longer is. Those in the program do see America as sort of a motherland, but do not think of America, or Earth, as their home any longer.

The many thousands of ships that have been produced were not produced on Earth, actually not a single one was. They were produced by nano-tech strip mining of planets mostly. They were built so that we would not be caught with our pants down IF an alien race is discovered and was hostile. Again, America has actually not built a single ship, and all ship construction is determined by the EC, and reviewed I assume by higher up humans, but almost everything is automated.

As to the Peladiens, Andromadeans, Koldasians, Zeta Reticulans, you could ask them if they existed, never ceased to amaze me that people think an alien race would call themselved the Andromedans when that is a human name. That would be akin to pointing to a completely unexplored territory on a map, and after exploring it you find out the natives actually name themselves over the very name you pulled out of a hat, extraordinary.

Subterranean Biped Sauroids. See above, they do not exist.

If any of America's allies know they probably have little to say about it. The program is no longer affiliated with America, any more than America is a part of the British Empire today. This is the same answer for SETI and Mars Rovers, America is not privy to the knowledge, although if it were I am sure they would send out Rovers just for show.

At the time the "tin can" went to the moon they did not have exceedingly great tech. They did have tech that was used in secret and used to ensure the mission made it to the moon, but the reason for the advancements was due to the relocation of the EC to the moon. That is when the EC was allowed to grow far beyond its confines at Area 51 allowed.

You're welcome.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 01:27 AM

Originally posted by MissPoovey
Thank you for responding to my questions, inane as they were.

I have more questions which may or may not be more intelligent as the others.

You are saying there is a entire society and culture that revolves around the other worlds and space travel.
I would like to know why? Why not take all of us into this? Why leave 99.9% of the human race behind?
Why are we not allowed to be involved?

For the same reason we have the Occupy movements going on right now. The 1% never wants to share with the other 99%. The only reason they would take us with them is if they needed us, they do not. They can create far better workers, although there really is no "work" to be done, as the CC's use nano-technology to do all the actual work. I sometimes wonder what I am even doing, my work offers no value whatsoever, there are simulations and models that can give them the same information I take months sorting out in seconds, or less time I am sure. I dont know if it is a system of checks to ensure the EC is being honest, or if it is out of some sense of not wanting to feel useless, to FEEL as if we contrinute still.

Why would you share limited resources when you do not have to. Why have an Acre plot on paradise when you can own a whole continent? I am told those very high up on the chain of command are starting to believe themselves to be Gods of sorts.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by allenidaho
Seriously, he is suffering from Pseudologia Fantastica or Confabulation. If you continue, his condition will only get worse. So I'm begging you. Let it go. It is the only way to treat this type of illness.

I loved this, as my work on Earth brings me into quite a few patients that confabulate quite convincingly.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 02:00 AM

Originally posted by Grifter81

Originally posted by StrangerThanFiction39

Some time ago there were two philosophies. One was that there were moral limits as to what should be done, studied, and that there is innately ingrained in us good and evil. The other camp said that was false, and concepts such as good and evil would hold us back. The latter camp won. There is no such thing as unethical, the only concerns are whether a thing can be done and is there a benefit to doing it. There is nothing that will not be done if it serves a purpose.
edit on 5-10-2011 by StrangerThanFiction39 because: (no reason given)

Project paperclip brought the Nazi ideology to America along with the scientists and their tech then? God help us all, the Third or now Fourth Reich is alive and well.

Forgive me but this whole story sounds like a hotch potch of Iain Banks' Culture series of novels with a bit of Jack L Chalker thrown in, maybe his Rings Of The Master series. A super computer sheparding humanity for the greater good.

Tell me, has the 'EC' managed to build a Ringworld or a Dyson Sphere yet at all? Also using the Kardashev scale what class of civilisation are we really? 1 2 or 3? At the moment without all this fantasticness we are about a 0.72.

I am completely unfamiliar with most of these terms so forgive me for googling them, the only one I know is Ringworld (I have always enjoyed the idea of aliens and loved the Space Empires series).

I dont know who Iaian Banks is, maybe I will bring some of his work with me if I can remember, I also do not know Chalker. I can only hope the EC is a good shephard, if not we are swcrewed, so I will remain optomistic.

As far as a Ringworld is concerned I do not believe one has ever been built, mostly because I can not see any need for one, and the EC is very efficient, scarily so. I had no idea what a Dyson Sphere was and had never even heard about one until I googled it. They have the ability to "create" and capture a star, this is what powers the fleets. The equivalent of the carrier ship is the vessel that holds the star. The energy can be .... broadcast I suppose is the best term that comes to mind, to other vessels. They can also manipulate mass, I know they can remove mass from objects, as far as adding mass I am actually not sure. I would say they are a Type III civilization or beyond.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 02:10 AM

Originally posted by curious7
Can't believe no one else has even brought it up yet but are you familiar with The CHANI Project where we supposedly accidentally came in contact with a parallel version of Earth?

Link is here if you're not:

I mean, the whole supercomputer thing, thinking for itself, having such huge capabilities really reminded me of that and made me wonder if The CHANI Project was somehow a part of that, whether two dimensions crossed over or whether it was an EC/CC that was actually communicating with the scientists involved.

Thanks for the posts and you know, gut instinct and something within my brain are both telling me that what you say could be possible. It makes sense to me.

Perhaps those who encountered alien life were actually seeing glitches or hallucinations somehow being created by the EC/CC? Unless they are real and somehow slip through without being spotted by such a hugely intelligent source which is doubtful.

Could "channeled messages" also come from this thing?


Interesting I will take a look. I don't have a lot of details on the original supercomputer. I have been told it was radically different than the computers that spawned what we use here on Earth, and that the design we use is somehow limiting and prevents a computer from achieving thought.

As to what people here are seeing when they believe to have seen alien life I could not tell you, I believe 99% of them are hoaxing or did not see what they thought they did, it's possible the other 1% is seeing a carefully constructed image to promote some agenda, although I have no idea why or how it could possibly help them.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 02:17 AM
reply to post by indigothefish

That is an interesting thought, and it is possible I am lying to you, or I myself was lied to. What I have been told is that no life has ever been found that was not OE (Origin Earth). There actually was some life found on other planets in our solar system, but when the DNA was decoded it turned out to be a genetic relative of species on Earth. To which I quickly said well perhaps that is how life got to Earth to begin with. It turned out that the species had older relatives on Earth, so the cross contamination would had to have occured with Earth being the point of origin. The closest we have come to non OE life were basically viral like "creatures". Perhaps these were an early stage of the development of life I don't know. If so they will never get the chance as they were wiped out during the seeding process. I am sure the CC ran extensive testing on them though.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 02:20 AM

Originally posted by CelestialSon
My biggest question would be what have you learn't about what happens when we die and the afterlife in your endeavors strangerthanfiction?

I asked that very question, the response I got was some things still have to be taken on faith alone. Apparently the EC did invest large amounts of computing power into finding an actual "heaven" (any place that could serve as an afterlife) and has so far come up empty. My guess is that the EC questions its mortality much like we do, and wonders what will happen when it inevitably dies. Something those higher up seem to be forgetting due to their lifespan being artificially expanded indefinitely, we all die sometime.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 02:24 AM

Originally posted by XL5
Hmmm, a dolphin hybrid woman would be fun to have I bet. However, I don't see why they would have to be gotten rid of if humans with a higher IQ wouldn't have stood a chance. Unless of course, real relationships occurred or they were not as stupid as once thought.

Personally, I would see no other use for a holodeck/matrix sim then sex and realistic games, just like porn though, it takes more and more to "impress". Maybe 1% of its use would be training, but thats it.

That is basically what the holodeck turned into .. although your term Matrix is more accurate. The brain was manipulated into believing a constructed scenario was real, multiple people could join in on a shared "vision".

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 02:36 AM

Originally posted by Beamish
reply to post by StrangerThanFiction39

as to this date no life has been found on any planet other than Earth. The closest we have come to finding life are alien "viruses" that have caused several outbreaks

All I do know is that we have never encountered any ET life, even microbial life, on thousands of worlds we have visited.

As viruses are infectious agents, and can only replicate within the cells of a biological host, how do these two above quotes correlate?

Are you saying that the viruses that were discovered can replicate outside of a host, and if so, what were they?

How it works I don't actually know, and the mathematics behind the calculations must be staggering, and is all done by the CC onboard the ships. Basically they remove the distance between two places and you can travel theoretically any distance with the proper calculations instantaneously.


Particle or solar systems can be reduced to a probability of numbers varying between time and place (which are the same, yet apart), and from this reduction can be derived the position of a particle, or its momentum. Do you utilize Locators (sentient trans-dimensional actuators) technology to accomplish this?

If so, how do your “CCs” determine the position and momentum of the target? Are they susceptible to probability and its whims, or does the formula they create combine location and velocity calculations in a quantum disturbance/correlation matrix? I really cannot see how they would do it otherwise…

What is the loss rate in their calculations? Is their measure of decoherence to external forces near to absolute, or approaching it? Surely there must be a measure of mechanical interaction with the calculation’s manufacture of a non-environment, otherwise these ships would not be able to exhibit probabilistically additive behavior, and therefore appear at their destination irretrievably insane, or inside out.

I note that they are nano-built; I wonder to what level – as in their ability to generate non-physical spaces (which your description does suggest) - and just how far they can form the interaction of non-corporeal, fundamental mechanical obligations between generational variance fields arranged asymmetrically in the “quantum” sense?

Are their regenerative abilities capable of confining the motion of conduction within an artificial, quantum event band, and if so, do they constrict the wavefunction amplitude – possessing the target’s values – to two or more values of the target’s “observable” quantities?

Virus is how it was explained to me, I am sure it was not exactly a virus. From what I was told it self replicated using any "building blocks" in its environment. Once in the host it began using the host as building blocks replicating itself inside of them.

Most of what you are asking is way beyond my level of expertise. I have been told it would be impossible for a human to calculate even the simplest calculation as the variables are changing real time as the calculation is being worked out, the amount of variables is near incomprehensible I am told. No distance is too great though as long as you have the variables correctly figured and enough power. As a rule jumps to further out take more power, but this is not always true. There are some areas that for whatever reason are easier to go to, as in the math is just as hard but the power required is lessened.

As far as the nano-technology is concerned I was told to think of them as cells, that can arrange themselves however they want to create whatever structures are required. The "plan" they use to assemble themselves can be changed at any time. They can form themselves in structures the size of the smallest cell, or giant vessels as large as planets. I am not a tech guy, and noone seems to really understand the technology anyways. From what I gather the technology comes from research conducted in conditions where time is slowed down to a near standstill. Originally these ... pockets .. of time had to be brought back to normal time for the data to be sent. However that was solved and now the data is sent out as it is discovered. I was told the EC is most likely a thousand years ahead of Earth as far as technology goes. The only limit is that the physical work has to be done in real time.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 03:01 AM

Originally posted by Dragonfly79
I'm just wondering about that one lost ship... if Strangerthanfiction39 would care to tell more about it. I'm also wondering about what happens if someone on this planet does not accept it(he/she?) as a central consciousness or shepherd? What you describe appears to me to be representations of the soul. Is it known to those in the program there have been people in the past who have done similar 'projects' but without the AI/technology/computers (like those who explored their soul or existence without technology but symbols for instance). And lastly could you describe the highs and lows of the progress of the project according to your timeline per decade? Major breakthroughs for example.

It is a taboo subject of sorts, but also serves as a reminder that we are still vulnerable. Apparently it was in the early days and a "jump" (we call them shifts) did not go according to plan. There was a pocket of asteroids that were undetected and shifted into. It tore the ship apart to such a degree that it could not regenerate. It was recovered by another vessel at a later date. It is the only known time a vessel was damaged to the extent it could not repair itself though.

If someone here does not accept it/she (the EC was originally thought of as feminine, perhaps believing it would be easier to control who knows) then nothing will happen. I dont think it cares either way.

Giving a timeline will be tough, but here is a rough one from the little I have gathered, it's actually rare for me to even talk to another person in the program unless it's on a vacation.
Late 40's: Program began.
50's: Anomolous behavior noted, computer seemed to be exceeding its programmed parameters
60's: The Apollo program was begun to move the computer to the moon.
Early 70's: Apollo program ended once computer was functional.
Late 70's: The computer was fully sentient. The program was almost shut down, but by a narrow margin was allowed to continue.
80's: EC developed nano-technology and was relocated to Mars due to the lack of mineral wealth on the moon.
Once on Mars the EC was able to self expand to meet its ever increasing computing needs.

I don't know much about what happened after that. I only know the EC has removed all traces of its stay on Mars by now.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 03:06 AM

Originally posted by Garmon
Sorry to burst this guys bubble...but as a long time gamer, this storyline is instantly recognizable to me: Deus Ex... the first Deus Ex, released in 2000 for PC ( and my favorite game of all time ), focused primarily on Nano-technology and an all-knowing super computer called Helios built under Area 51.
The Helios AI program basically controls and monitors all communication and data in the entire world, and uses devices called "Universal Constructors" to basically create anything using nano-tech.
The only source I can cite is

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 03:15 AM
reply to post by StrangerThanFiction39

This is where you "story" suffers a fatal error:

60's: The Apollo program was begun to move the computer to the moon.

Anyone with a lick of sense and a firm grasp and understanding of the reality of Apollo knows that there was precious little room, nor payload capacity, for such a notion.

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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 03:49 AM

Originally posted by ProudBird
reply to post by StrangerThanFiction39

This is where you "story" suffers a fatal error:

60's: The Apollo program was begun to move the computer to the moon.

Anyone with a lick of sense and a firm grasp and understanding of the reality of Apollo knows that there was precious little room, nor payload capacity, for such a notion.

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You would be absolutely correct, other than the fact they had technology beyond what is known developed using the supercomputer under Area 51. I did not ask but I imagine that the components were put on the moon already prior to the launch. Might be why the original manned mission was delayed by a "fire", they did not have everything in place yet. Just speculation, I was told that was Apollo's real mission, to get the computer functional. I never got it straight how the computer was able to expand on the moon though as IT supposedly only took on the ability to self create its own components after it created nano-technology. For every question I get an answer to I have 10 more. Maybe I will write them down and ask them if I meet anyone with real authority.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 01:03 PM

Originally posted by StrangerThanFiction39
I loved this, as my work on Earth brings me into quite a few patients that confabulate quite convincingly.

Obviously you don't understand. Confabulation is when a person weaves a fake story in their mind and actually believes it to be true. Like yourself, possibly.

But given the subtle changes to your story and the slow increase in information, I'm leaning toward Pseudologia Fantastica. Go ahead and keep on shoveling it on. I'm sure that you think you need this. That it makes you feel good. Just know that it's pretty pathetic.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 01:09 PM

Originally posted by exponencial
One thing I dont understand is, that there seems to be a lot of information about Ancient ET's(even some old small aircraft made from gold thats from B.C.) and now you say there are non at all. Lot of different drawings that are also possibly from B.C. Hmmm, now I am a little confused. BUT, I have read somewhere about a guy, that was supposed to somehow help on a project for Area 51, and the aircraft was, biological. When he touched it, it changed colors or something, depending on his mood....

Getting even more confused now

Anything about why there are a lot of different ancient alien artifacts?

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by StrangerThanFiction39

Thank you for answering my questions. It's all Sci Fi to me but I'm game, and I like a story. So here goes...

Was the original concept of the 'EC' to protect Humanity from an outside threat of any kind or was it started as just an experiment so see if an artificial consciousness could be created?

In the beginning was it programmed with a set of laws that would prevent it from harming Humanity, sort of a fail safe in case it decided to turn on us? If so has it grown beyond its original programming to an extent where it is not relevant to it?

If the 'EC' still protects Humanity as a shepherd then why does it allow us to continue to kill each other in wars and steadily strip this planet of all it's natural resources? Why not put us in a walled garden of sorts to protect us? Surely a consciousness so great would understand that the greatest enemy we have is ourselves?

Why would such a thing with all of the power at it's disposal continue to bother to look after us anyway? If the 'EC' is as efficient as you say it is then surely it would decide just to wipe us all out?

Finally, assuming what you say is true, do the people in charge just hope the 'EC' doesn't tire of us? Or have they taken their 'EC' away and are leaving the rest of us to our own devises?
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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 03:39 PM

Originally posted by StrangerThanFiction39
You would be absolutely correct, other than the fact they had technology beyond what is known developed using the supercomputer under Area 51.

Technology doesn't really advance with just computation. You can put a superintelligent supercomputer in a box but it can't really discover something new without actual experimentation---the point of experimentation is to get the results which your theoretical computations might not be able to provide, or which may contradict your theoretical predictions.

This means clever experimental appraratus, and this takes lots of factories and creativity to make.

And besides, where to the non-computer overlords live? If the only life is on Earth, then it's awfully boring other places.
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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 05:33 PM
what does the machine say about the creation of the universe? what existed prior? perhaps we are part of someone elses super collider experiment.
what does it say about our immediate future on earth?
why not solve that pesky cold fusion problem?
what about time travel?
why not put it to work on some medical cures?

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 11:17 AM
This post has already been debunked on page 3.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by allenidaho

Originally posted by StrangerThanFiction39
I loved this, as my work on Earth brings me into quite a few patients that confabulate quite convincingly.

Obviously you don't understand. Confabulation is when a person weaves a fake story in their mind and actually believes it to be true. Like yourself, possibly.

But given the subtle changes to your story and the slow increase in information, I'm leaning toward Pseudologia Fantastica. Go ahead and keep on shoveling it on. I'm sure that you think you need this. That it makes you feel good. Just know that it's pretty pathetic.

Since I work in psychiatry I obviously do understand. Please elaborate on the subtle changes, what were they?

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