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A Message Too "The One"!!

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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by smallpeeps

Well yes I have the benefeit of sitting in my home, typing on my laptop, not even having a job, and by some weird act of chance I have been pulled in to this world of the occult if you wish to give it structure and call it that.

ive dreamed of owls since I was 10ish, and what I think to be making a merkabah for myself when I was 17, knowing it only by the term of spinning triangles, and then being waken by well "them" (structure again) when I was 23, which is in my more or less lost thread named "I got a Story" here on ats, along with numerous posts and reposts forming my whole story, or MY reality...but keeping it short..

The true "evil doers" are actualy the bottom of the "chain" to give it structure again, but as all is and it is God, structure is ultimate beauty and structure I find to be future.. the socalled Merkabah

Often you will find that the mass "psychos" often have "voices" or "images" popping in there heads, you and everyone else have probably in your life had thoughts and images of such horrors in your head, which are so far from your true nature, that it dosent really have sense that there there..

It looks as if something dosent want to get there hands dirty, knowing which you would call "law of one"
Strangling somone would be strangling youreself..

See it like "armor" lets say, "I was around when Jesus Christ had his moment of DOUBT and pain"
You see the energy you emit can be utilised to make the most beautyful structure in the world is squandered on such nonsense..

We are indeed a part of a bigger picture, this thought can be utilized in the most beautyful way.

Love and Light

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 10:19 PM

Originally posted by kera1337
reply to post by gaurdian2012

you need to see that EVERYTHING IS YOU, YOU ARE GOD, GOD IS YOU,
, you need too know You are God

I still dont get your point. I get that I am god but so what? what can I possibly due with that knowledge recreate the world in my Image......................................remember we only co-create there is another who sets the rules our prison gaurd of the will or soul

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 12:40 AM
I do agree with your premise that to understand god is to understand life. The complexity contained is intense with many different relationships, dependencies and interactions on many different levels throughout time and space. By limiting your awareness you limit your comprehension and capability to respond in a meaningful and realistic way.

Some problems and issues are not easy to come to terms with. Establishing distance can help to allow for time to heal some painful and complex concepts and build a better understanding of reality. You are right in that to deny the existence of what is, is to deny ourselves.

One the topic of roles, we are all children and parent, killers and healers, creators and destroyers of life. We all have the role to shape life how we see fit and this is where the separation from the the one to the many forms. Overall I do see a trend towards improvement, but in exploring all the options and possibilities this does manifest in many different ways.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 01:04 AM
Okay, you know what? Y'all need to watch more nature shows/documentaries. Nature is a brutal life and death situation. That is the REALITY of this hellish planet. Resign your fate to this lovely creation. I won't.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 05:17 AM
reply to post by kera1337

These so called elitists are not embracing reality, they are creating it. Why does a being need reassurance to love itself? and if you don't love it, you get punished. This being you speak of sounds egocentric and that's what these so called illuminati are all about. They want you to worship them. There's nothing enlightened about these people, they are simply egocentric and they are driven by their egos.

When a Buddhist says, "Love your enemy", it doesn''t mean embrace your reality. It means treat others the way you want to be treated yourself, show every being love and compassion. The whole point is to extinguish pain & suffering, fear & evil, not embrace it. Embracing something means your'e creating it and the last thing a true Buddhist would do is deliberately bring about pain and suffering.

You have to laugh at these Illuminati spin doctors.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by kera1337

LIES LIES LIES! We are not all one and what you all do is beyond evil and cruel. They are trying to bury and hide the truth of what they do in this land by trapping and keeping people the western world to hide what they've done, what they've stolen to create this all one bs reality and now use what they've taen to manipulate and ruin others. It started for me 2 years when it was as if reality changed and I got floored with information about reality and that something else had gotten control of reality. I don't care what you want to see as the truth and what is happening in this reality etc. I know what I can prove and no one listens. This canadian land is beyong corrupt and evil. Messing with my bank account, the phone lines, the airlines, etc. There were over 4500 dollars in deposits to my account last month yet I get about 300 per month from wcb disability and some help from family when I ran off to mexico twice to investigate what would happen if anything. Now I'm surrounded by people claiming they've done the same things etc. You people are playing mental torment to ruin another being and that's the only thing that matters. You put a hope and dream infront of someone then played 2 years of taunting to keep the person scrambling and chasing that desire for companionship.

You can all pretend I'm an 0 a 1 an A,B,C,D, or whatevr all you want. You are somehow listening to my thoughts and keep toying with me to anger me and keep me frustrated and depressed. You ruin my desire to exist over and over again and I know many of you already know who I am and what I'm talking about. You have taken something and been manipulating reality more and more each day to screw me over and toy with me. Right down to suggestion that i had been beaten by the vagina/women with the me kong thing after hitting my shoulder with a moth/ra as was joked in the past about the appearance of the female parts when speaking with someone. Making me side step at he right time to step into that hole just big enough for my foot and bring me to my knees. It was quite comical I confess but something has gotten control of this reality that is no good or decent and reality has changed. Something bad has happened and I know you're keeping me here to keep mefrom telling others or just to keep sapping the life out of me while you march your mimics around to make me the homeless bum nobody you have already done.

As as pecies you are undeserving of existence for what you've done to me. You know it and I know it. The only way anything would tell another to embrace the good the bad etc is if it's evil and wants to keep sending good people to bad fates while the superficial harlot types thrive. The types that would never get anywhere decent and good being the way they are. I mean really.. Who would want to be with the types of people that the majority of north americans are Whore by the time their out of school and then demand a piece of dirt on their fingers while they show off their affection to one another while the on looked recall memories of how they had their way with the them in the past... These lands are beyond scummy and the vast majority of this planet would never get anywhere good unless they went out of their way to change up reailty and put filth like themselves incontrol of things which it appears has begun to happen.

I will never forget what you peopel have done and what i watched happen to this nightmare reality and what's been done to me since birth. You judged me since before I was even born and then sit there with this blantantly corrupt country helping the likes of my scummy family while beating me down over and over trapping me here with whatever you did to take control of me. You only seek to cripple those who AREN"T WHORES like yourselves and most likely FORCE them into such roles because as a species you're power hungry filth. I wish now i had just moved out and left 2 years ago when this began instead of trying to see the truth and just how badly you had all worked together to destroy me since before I was born. You turned a happy playful child into hate and misery to perpetuate your slimey lies and swap up game or whatever it is. You people don't deserve this planet let alone any time of control of this reality. I'd take non existence over being near any of you after what you've done. This planet and all on it should be friggin destroyed. You are the biggest farce of planet to ever exist. You seel these stupid lies of love and caring for life while MURDERING another and trying to pass it off as lies. I'de love nothign more than to leave this country and educate as many as possible as to the game youve' mapped out over the world. Right down to all these actors or whatever that keep coming around like some kind of bizarro people. you peopel are messed up and whoever your 1 or 0 or whatever is you peopel are just messed up.

And I really liked the part about being stalked by a demon that wanted to raped my rear end and all the clouds that showed my sons face torn in half and horned beings. That was really funny...
The only balance you want is to give yourselves the ability to bring about control and manipulating others. You people don't deserve such abilities nad this planet reality or whatever you want it needs to be stopped and destroyed if this is how you treat others that for the most part have stayed tucked away most their life in a corner.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by kindred

Do yuou know where in canada a person driven to almost nothing and homeless now could go to get help off this land to somewhere good and peacefull? I can't be here anymore. I've mutilated no purpose for a friggin language game and some orion stuff. The time thing that was slowly approaching an interesting time 2 years ago seems to be being taken awya from me and more and more people let on they know what is happening and yet do nothing to help a person that just wants to leave because of the intentional hacking up done in the past. There is no good here that i see. So many know but no one does anything but add more and more confusion to keep me spinning around while they call me names like a..hole, traitor, fa..ot.. etc. I'm sure there's good out there but these people are screwing with reality somehow and it's getting worse for me. The hole in my foot with the so called river of judgement pouring out of it is not good and I know like my twisted brother laughed about years ago that one day I'd have a peg leg. Like Winnipeg or Win a peg... etc. THey've tkaen pictures of me mocking me my entire life and that of my son. Posing in certain position then surrounding me with them in the end when it was time to show me that they've know about me since before i was born and everything around here is about watching me scarmble around in pain with this burning foot until I feel nothing but hate again for this species and reality. It's friggin horrible. Like I'm on a tv show or somethign and people tormenting for their amusement. Like charles in the past who would say things and laugh like. "you only know english so you're screwed" Then game the part where I thought PED was a ref to pedophile and something trying to tell me I was god and didn't know it and that by having a child with someone I had become a pedophile but that in english it's foot and apparently the game is a foot.... Like my kindergarden teacher Mrs Foot..

This place is so friggin messed up. I tried not to laugh at it all but much was very amusing until I reality wait a second.. They've know about this since before me and prepared to do this to me to keep making a fool of me. Everything down to putting images and perhaps false memories in my mind of being retraiined at some point with the eagle emblems and people in masks and visors doing something to my right eye.

I will enver forget this and to do this to another is beyond INSANE! The worst is the dangling the carrot of a partner and place to end my misery and watch me scramble to try and figure it out and understand if the numbers and birthdates were just a lie or if there was really was more than 1 person of people. I could go on for hours but I doubt this account would last long... Something has been manipulating me a long time and now it's like it's got mega control of me instead of just bumping from one miserable situation after another.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 05:22 PM
In response to the OP, I believe that I am understanding your idea of "The Law of One". I want to share with you some of my own ideas regarding The Law of One and add to the discussion. The Law of One basically states that we are all One, we are all a part of the Creator, we are all sons of God/Creator, God loves us all.

I believe that The Law of One is the most fundamental law of the universe. Let me elaborate a little more. The root of all evil lies in the breaking of this one law. You see, all conflicts, wars etc. are started when one individual goes against the other, the Us versus Them mentality. We must live together as One. We must recognize that everyone shares God's consciousness and that any harm done to another is a harm done to God. Evil is created when a person doesn't give a f*** about others around him. Humanity must evolve and embrace The Law of One in order to live in peace and create an utopian society.

People, it's time to wake up, this is the truth and I believe that I've found it.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by kera1337
Well iff your here, and you are willing, too see what i am presenting too you, you just might get it..
Well, iff you are well informed, and have been bashing your head about what is what, you just might get too the conclusion that there is somthing "else" out there...

You will find threads about "aliens", "demons", "gods", humans, sheep, energy, love etc...
But what doo thay all mean? Have you been wondering endlessly???

Well iff you have heard about the "masons" or the "illuminati" you might have heard about energy, about math, balance, and equations, but what does it all mean?

You see.. since you were a little child, you have been given structure, was it good or bad, yes or no, dosent matter, it was structure, and it is that structure that has disconnected you from creation, or the creator...

You have probably heard a Buddhist say "love your enemy", but that is just a stepping stone for what it really means, thay dont mean Love you enemy, thay mean EMBRACE YOUR REALITY, take it all, the good, bad, and ugly, because it is all just me, I am all..
Love my other creations, for thay are all me, and I am all of them, LOVE my work, and you will find this in movies, music etc etc.. like the fifth element, what is there too live for "love" and WHAM blue light..

but that is just beside the point.. Life is, and will allways bee what YOU make of it, sure iff you think you have enemys, then you doo, you just "alienate" people from your love, therefore from your reality... you give them a role..

You see, the Illuminati are balancing the equation, by giving you a role, thay know this, thats why you can see them often call themselves neutral..
Thats just it, no role, no good or bad, thay embrace reality for what it is, the good, the bad, and the lovely its all what it is, it is God, all of it..

Thay make you think thay are BAD so you think well if thay are bad i must bee GOOD, and you alienate yourselves from creation, which is ALL..


edit on 16.03.2011 by kera1337 because: ONE

Excellent post, OP. Please don't pay attention to the spelling police here. They are simply falling into the fallacy of writing off the content of your message due to simple syntax errors. It's easier for the savages to criticize your spelling than it is to criticize your obviously valid message.

Tell me, forum, was this message so hard to understand that it was above you? This is the same forum, by the way, that deciphers codes and crop circles. Please.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by kwakakev

Im sorry a trend to emproovement?? Sometimes I get the feeling of same, when i see a nice thread here on ats, and when I hear an enlightened speak, it fills me with joy, this is "our" nature.

When I was a child there was war in my country, and I was soo willing and able to go kill, I was dieing for it, I wanted to go kill, I wanted weapons I wanted to be cool.

Children really DO think like this in this world, TV does this to them im just lucky enough to see threw it, but many many arent, what does TV teach?
Cool, or the ultimate cool is beating up three people, and throwing a smartarse remark afterward..

But yes, we all radiate, and by which we form are reality, but it looks lika a loosing battle..
Does anyone know how Haiti looks like theese days, im sorry im just.. well sad....

Love and well Light

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by kera1337

Im sorry a trend to emproovement?

The way I see it, the universe does not know where it is going but is looking for something with the few basic laws that define its operation. When looking at how DNA merges, adapts and grows in its environment it works like a search algorithm in which competition is an important part. This has taken us from single cells floating around the sea into larger multicellular organisms with a greater awareness of the environment and increased ability to interact with it.

The trend to improve is a very slow one over the long term. To achieve this many different things are tried, with the stupidity of man just one example as sometimes it actually finds something better. The discovery of antibiotics is just one of many examples. Competition is also important as it provides motivation and proves what is strong from what is weak when looking for the next stage of evolution. Unfortunately man has taken this too far with the conflicts it promotes as the law has broken down in its ability to distinguish between competition and conflict.

As meat eaters, killing is very much an important part of life and does not get the respect it deserves in the media. The glorification of war helps those involved in selling it to justify their actions while the realities of slaughterhouses and war is kept out of the media. It is a sad, crazy situation and thankfully the internet is helping to promote reality for those willing to look for it.

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