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Sleep Paralysis has anyone had it?

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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:37 AM
yea, I've had it.
I'm actually a bit of a 'sufferer' of sleep paralysis.
It's not all the time but it's quite common for me.
It happens to me whenever I 'realise' that I'm in dream and try to wake up. I notice I'm dreaming whenever something dream-typical is happening, like running really slowly and difficultly, swimmin/flying, appearing naked in public etc. Then i think to myself 'I'm dreaming' and my mind naturally just tries to wake up. That's when it happens.
The body is paralysed during sleep (to stop you from 'acting-out your dreams), and this paralysis slowly wears off as you go through the stages of awakening.
Now, when I wake up so suddenly, mid-dream, I'm still half-asleep and totally paralysed. Try to scream, can't make a sound, try to move, can't even flinch. It doesn't last long but because i'm still half asleep and confused it's quite frightening actually.
My doctor says a reason for the fear is because the chemical cocktailthat the body releases, to cause paralysis, has adrenalin in it. And as in the 'fright or flight' reaction, the body is frozen in 'fright' mode to stop us from 'acting-out' and our brain is going through the same feelings as we feel when we're frightened.
Pretty much everyone, when woken suddenly from a dream, will awaken in fright because of this.
Although it's kinda cool after the fact, it's pretty scary at the time it's happening.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

Strangely enough your thread has more responses than my own thread about this happening to me got.... what does this mean? I don't know but here is the link:

And here is a bit about what i wrote in it:

Since 2000 i have had experiences with the "Paranormal" shall we say.... and i'll start by telling you about the first one which occured in an apartment i used to live in not far from here... first of all it started with the banging of the bedroom door as if while asleep something had been in the room but as i woke up it left the room at that precise moment and shut the door and then over the course of a couple of years this thing would attack me in my sleep by sitting on me, holding my arms so i couldn't move but also hit me in my abdomen area, i also couldn't shout out as there was some strange force stopping me from doing so.... now i know people will say that this is "sleep paralysis" and i have read about it but i honestly believe it was something else... either a demon, a ghost or Succubus (which i've read about too). I no longer have this thing after me whatever it was which i'm glad about as it was some pretty scary stuff!

BTW That freeze frame photo on the video in OP is pretty scary looking sh it.... i won't be viewing the video or ooking at that freeze frame!!!

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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:20 AM

Originally posted by turk182
It's demons. Plain and simple. There have been different names for this all throughout history, from all different civilizations, but the experience is always been described the same. for hundreds of years.
They are demons and the only way to free yourself is to call out the name of Jesus Christ.
Trust me. I have years of experience with this going back to my childhood in Salem,Massachusetts in, what I thought was a haunted house. God Bless.

I have never read such utter superstitious rubbish in my entire life .
Sleep paralysis is not caused by a mythical being , even though the factual causes are unknown .

I can't believe in this day and age that people still blame natural phenomina on supernatural mumbo jumbo.


posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:29 AM

Originally posted by RevelationGeneration
Has anyone on ATS actually experienced the phenomenon known as "Sleep Paralysis" ?

The reason i ask it here is because its usually accompanied by some sort of alien encounter...

I'm doing research into this and i would like to know what you experienced.

Please no fake reports, you will only discredit/damage the UFO community further.

If you have ever had a real case of sleep paralysis please post the following:

1. How old was you when it first happened / which area was you located?
2. How long has it been going on/does it still happen?
3. What you saw (if anything).
4. What happened?
5. How long did it last?
6. Were you able to do anything to stop it?
7. Are you a religious person? (elaborate)
8. Were you contacted by something, if so what did it/they say?
9. Did the experience feel positive / negative.
10. Were you left with any after effects? (Feeling sick or different in yourself)

I think those are enough questions, so to summarize this thread is dedicated to ATS members who have had Sleep Paralysis / possible contact. I hope this topic is not trolled and only serious accounts are given, you can also post if you know anyone who has sleep paralysis as well.


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Yeah. I've had it although not recently.

I was in my mid to late 20s the first time that i can recall it.

I was located in Brisbane Australia.

It went on for a fair while at the time when it was happening, but i haven't had it again since and i'm now in my early thirties. I had multiple episodes of it when it was happening.

I didn't really 'see' anything, i just experienced very lucid /vivid dreams at around this time which felt like they were really happening. The dreams were very strange and yes, to do with aliens and ufos. I have never had these kind of 'dreams' before it or since.

What happened, was i would be lying in bed going to sleep sometimes this happened multiple nights in a row; then my body would become paralysed and i couldn't move. I would think oh f... not again. I really hated it but i couldn't stop it from happening. I don't know what happened after i was paralysed, i guess i passed out or went to sleep or something. But the paralysis actually happened before i fell asleep, i.e. i was still awake when it started usually i think.

The paralysis would have lasted a couple of minutes i guess... It's hard remembering back now as its been a while.

Oh, something attacked me once, and put its teeth on my neck. I managed to move my hand to grab its teeth and it sort of stopped. There was never anything visible. I was paralysed but i managed to move my hand a bit somehow.

No generally i couldn't do much to stop it. Once i tried praying to Jesus even though i'm not religious cuz i read on a ufo forum from someone who said this had worked for them. I can't recall if it worked or not for me now. But i remember once there was a person there, not visible, but there must have been telepathic communication. They thought it was really funny that i was trying to stop it that way I seem to recall.

Actually, now that i recall, sometimes i think i was able to 'break the hold'. I used to fight it all the time. Sometimes i felt like they were trying to take me somewhere - up and away. I would fight it the whole way; and yes, sometimes it did stop and they let me go.

Not at all a religious person. I believe all religions were created to worship aliens that have colonised our planet years ago. The 'gods' (and demons and angels probably) were aliens in other words and either we started worshipping them and/or they encouraged this. If Jesus does exist i would suppose him to be the son of an important alien and a mortal woman based on the story i guess. I'm spiritual though - if i had a religion the closed thing to it would be like the jedi on star wars - belief in a force, which is good, and which governs the universe i guess.

Yes. I've been contacted. I've had telepathic communication with someone.

In my 'dreams' which were more real than dreams, i have also had conversations, and i feel i'm being contacted still from time to time.

They said - well there were various 'dreams'.

Once i was in a (yes it's a cliche i know) white room - well room full of white light, yes, lying on a bench of some sort. There were glass doors above me on the roof and there was a lot of light coming in. I felt the doors above me were sliding. I have no other details of the room. I remember seeing a ufo out through the glass and i said to myself - it's a beamship, so that's what they look like. I remember thinking it was pretty cool. I saw a ship that became buglike and came towards me and i was scared. That's where it stopped.

Another time i was on a table with instruments and things - like a doctor's room - another cliche. I fought them this time. There must have been very little gravity cuz i somehow got free and started kicking their instruments over - i was doing taekwondo kicks because i know taekwondo and it was really easy to do them, almost floating. Can't remember any further than that.

Another time i was on a low trolley being pushed by a being. It seemed kind? although i'm not sure. It did have reptile like fingers is all i remember.

Another time i was being carried down a hall - think it may have been the hall of our house - by a spindly grey creature. I guess by a 'grey'. I didn't like the feel of its hands on me but i couldn't do anything.

Another time was strange. I was in a ship of some sort - i imagine it was a ufo for some reason. I was wrapped up in something that looked like alfoil and blankets. Someone said they had to 'check with controls'. I felt like people were worried - maybe about me? - someone maybe was crying somewhere. I had trouble 'coming back' from that one. And when i 'woke up' i felt like the place that i had been in was more real than this reality for some reason.

Once i was telepathically told that they (don't know who exactly) were 'disppointed with me'.

Another time i got in trouble for sewing clothes because 'we didn't send you hear to make clothes!'.

People say, i know, that they feel like they're hear on some sort of mission.

I feel that too. Not sure when the feeling started. They've said other stuff to me too from time to time.

The paralysis part was negative. I used to try to ask if they would skip that bit and let me walk abroad if they wanted to take me somewhere. I hated that. I don't like feeling disempowered or helpless.
On the whole it was a disturbing experience although maybe good things have come of it perhaps.

After effects? Well around this time i sort of had a 'brain explosion' you could say. I started reading massive numbers of books and trawling the internet - looking for something (and lots of things) - which i may have found in the end. I discovered that the human race has been lied to about its history, ancient and modern; about medicine, health and food/diet; about those who run the planet etc. This is ats you get the idea. It started with megalithic architecture and ended up at aliens and cryptozoology.

Once i had an episode of missing time for nearly a whole day. the after effects of that were bad - disorientation, feeling fragile and sick and emotionally unstable/upset. I have no desire to know what happened, i guess i don't recall it for a reason.

Yes i feel different in myself in recent years. I can't believe how little i didn't know about the world and everything before this. I wouldn't go back to how i was before.

FYI: my grandfather had supposed 'schizophrenia'. He would 'hear voices'. I guess like i have done. I attribute it to telepathic communication from real beings however. Funnily enough once after hospital and electro shock therapy he made a clay candle holder. The shape of it is just like a ufo - right down to the lights around the side. I only realised what it was recently.

In short i don't believe he had schizophrenia (whatever that is). I think he was contacted by ETs and they spoke to him - and maybe messed with him for whatever reason.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:31 AM
holy F...!

I only just now saw the video on your original post.


Think that's pretty much what tried to bite me. It had fangs.

Believe me or don't, i really don't care.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:50 AM
And FYI: i have also had a cool ufo sighting which no one believes but whatever.

I saw two MASSIVE ufos parked in a field in Coolum, Queensland (Australia). They were to the side of a road/freeway but largely hidden by trees and it was dusk. They had blue lights inside them. They weren't your standard saucer shape but different.

The sighting started when i was looking at two moving stars.

My father was driving the car down a road we'd been down many times and we knew where we were. The next second we were on a different road going the wrong direction and we had to do a u-turn and go back the other way. My father was disoriented and freaked out totally. He can't deal at all with what happened so he's accepted my explanation that i made up for him to calm him down, that we just 'got lost'.

It was after our car was moved by something, that i saw the ufos in the field beside the road. Saw them through the trees. My father didn't look and i didn't tell him cuz he was freaked enough already.

It was so strange. No missing time that time.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:50 AM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

I did. As matter of fact, I just experienced it last week.

1) When it first happened i was 12 years old in Cairo, Egypt.

2) It's been going on ever since. Just had an episode last week.

3) The first time i had it, i felt this strong sense of fear followed by footsteps. I closed my eyes and didn't open them until it was over. But through out the years, i saw a lot of things...A Shadowy figure, a dead girl and a very old woman. But most of the time, i just shut my eyes.

4) Well, at first, a few moments after i've begun to sleep, i hear a sound similar to a strong wind. After that, I get Overwhelmed by a very strong sense of fear...Complete terror. In case if i opened my eyes, Before this figure enters the room, The whole room seems different. And if the TV is on, it turns into static with a low sharp noise (different than the usual static).
At first, what ever thing in the room didn't touch me. But later on in my life when i was around 16 or 17, It has begun to physically interact with me.
More than once i felt someone sat on my stomach and kept ripping my heart out. It was painful and i didn't even dare to open my eyes. And i couldn't even scream or even make a sound.
Other times it grabs my leg and try to pull from the bed. I couldn't resist because my whole body is paralyzed.
One time i opened my eyes and i found myself in my grandma's house.

5) It depends, at first it lasted longer like for maybe 5 mins or more...but now, it usually last around 20 seconds because when it starts to happen, i know it's happening. So i do my best to wake up. It took me a long time to do that but now i usually wake up within seconds when starts happening.

6) As i said, the only way to stop it is to wake up right after it begins..other wise, your whole body is paralyzed and you can't do anything to stop it. When starts happening, It's like you're being sedated. Even though you're already asleep, You wake up right away when it starts happening. And then you get sucked in a half awaken state.

7) To an extent. I do believe in demons and possession. When i fail to resist that sedative feeling, i say my prayers and it usually goes away in a matter of seconds. I'm also open to the idea of Aliens. So it could be Demons or Aliens.

8) No, i haven't been in contact with these things. Nor did i ever hear them talk.

9) Extremely Negative, But sometimes you can turn into a positive experience by lucid dreaming ( it worked with me twice only)

10) No, only fear that's it.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:58 AM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

Yes, I have experienced this several times during my lifetime. It is terrifying for me. Afterwards, I remain frightened for some time, and I have also experienced a headache. Almost in every episode, something evil is chasing me somewhere, it is a dark shadowy figure.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:00 AM
I have narcolepsy and get sleep paralysis every night, often more then once.

It sucks

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:03 AM
forgot to mention that when i was a child a presence used to come into my room regularly.

That was pretty terrifying.

As a child i think i thought it was a vampire.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:03 AM
Behavioral neuroscience will answer your questions to this topic.

Some causes that bring on sp might include, exhaustion, stress, guilt, borderline schizophrenia.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:12 AM
I used to have sleep paralysis in my late teens/early would usually last about 20-60 seconds. I would then regain control from my head down to my feet over the course of 3-5 seconds.

Two interesting things I noticed:

1 - It only would happen when I was laying on my back.

2 - I actually had a paranormal experience one time. I woke paralyzed to an intense feeling of dread, and saw what I could only describe as an "evil entity" at the base of my bed on the right corner. It looked like a black mini-tornado with little strobe lights within it. When I was able to sit up and yell "Get out of here!" it spun into the corner of my bedroom and then "melted" into the floor crack seconds later, like out of the movie "Ghost" . It scared the living $h!% out of me, lol

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:16 AM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

1. How old was (were) you when it first happened / which area were you located?
24? somewhere around there when it first happened. I was sleeping on my couch in my downstairs living room. It was early afternoon. I was taking a nap. (I was pregnant.

2. How long has it been going on/does it still happen?
I can't say "going on" because in my whole life, its only happened 2 times., it has not happened since.

3. What you saw (if anything).
Nothing, the first time. I simply woke up and could not move. It was odd because I had just got done reading a Feehan novel, which had vampires in it, and in the book, the girl the vampire fell in love with had trouble coming out of sleep when she woke up the first time as a vampire. LOL. But, I did not "see" anything, I just could not move and was disoriented. The second time, I was in bed, it was about 2-3am. I woke up and had this feeling that something was on top of me, in my mind I saw black...just this black shadow that seemed to be completely on top of me and I could not move, nor talk. I began praying in my mind over and over and over. All of a sudden it was like this, pop? is all I can say, or explain, like a whoosh noise and then I woke up the rest of the way and could move.

4. What happened?
Um..only just basically what I stated up above.

5. How long did it last?
Not long at all. The first time it was mere seconds. The second time, it felt longer, but still under 2 minutes, probably not even that long.

6. Were you able to do anything to stop it?
The first time, I simply just laid still and allowed my brain to catch up to the fact that I was now awake. The second time as I said, it scared me, because of the feeling that something was there, so I prayed. This seemed to jive my brain enough to wake me up fully.

7. Are you a religious person? (elaborate)
I am a religious person. I believe in Jesus Christ. I did not always do so, and I did not come to believe him simply because my life was down in the dumps and all I could do was pray for his forgiveness. I came to believe in him because I was truly not sure if there even was God. I found myself talking out loud while doing laundry and that night I had a dream (sounds crazy I'm sure) about certain parts of the bible I had not even read, so had no way of knowing about the names or places that showed up in my dream (these were parts that are not famously known, but lesser known parts) and those particular pieces pointed me in the correct direction I was looking for. There is no way it was my sub conscience, it would not have been possible, the only possibility is that "something" heard me, and knew where I needed to look. My dream was not obscured nor clouded in mystery, and it was not something that faded upon waking up like most dreams do. I had faces, names, place names and numbers. All completely remembered, so vividly that 10 years later, I still remember exactly what they were.

8. Were you contacted by something, if so what did it/they say?

9. Did the experience feel positive / negative.
First time, neither, I just knew I wasn't fully awake yet. Second time? Negative.

10. Were you left with any after effects? (Feeling sick or different in yourself)

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:20 AM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

1. How old was you when it first happened / which area was you located?
2. How long has it been going on/does it still happen?
3. What you saw (if anything).
4. What happened?
5. How long did it last?
6. Were you able to do anything to stop it?
7. Are you a religious person? (elaborate)
8. Were you contacted by something, if so what did it/they say?
9. Did the experience feel positive / negative.
10. Were you left with any after effects? (Feeling sick or different in yourself)

1: 17 or 18 cant really recall !
2: havent had sleep paralysis in ages actually , I think ive only had it twice in my life
3: didnt see anything just felt helpless being paralysed , felt really confused as to why I couldnt move when I was clearly awake looking at my room
4:I woke up and coluldnt feel my legs or my arms and I was just stuck in the plank position facing my bedroom wall in my bed.
5: It last for maybe 10 minutes at which point I was mentally enraged at why I couldnt move my body , I was feeling very frustrated despite great effort to move it just didnt happen.
6: I kept trying to move my body and by trying I mean willing my body with every ounce of my soul !
I was screaming at myself "cmon just #in move " Then suddenly my muscles kicked in with such force I ended up headbutting the wall and it was that strong I put a dent in the plaster ( dry wall)
7: Im not religious , but Id like to think that there is a spiritual side to humans
8: didnt have contact of any kind
9: felt negative because I was completely angry and upset with my body
10: just felt dizzy from the head banging !

I will add that my fiance' regularly suffers from sleep paralysis if she has been to sleep then woke up again and then went back to sleep , or if she goes to sleep during the day then cant get back to sleep at night.
Whilst I dont have any fear of it happening , she is terrified of it and hates it so much as she mentions creatures or people or beings of such being in the room along side her or at the end of her bed.
I often wake up if she is screaming or crying , but not loud its actually quite quiet and she is asleep when I wake up I can hear her , she claims she is shouting at the top of her voice but its actually barely audbile.
She has a great fear of this , and believes there are entities which are visiting us when she has sleep paralysis.

I can get her to come on here and describe them to you, she had it just the other week there and said it was a female sitting on the end of our bed.

very strange indeed

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:23 AM
reply to post by deanx


I think the TV turning into static when this happened to you just proves it.

I would suggest you follow the steps in the video.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by rapunzel222

I believe you and i'm very sorry your grandfather had to go through electro shock therapy. My grandfather also was put through that as he has bi-polar and imo its nothing short of torture. I think you could also be under spiritual attack.
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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by Nkinga

Sounds like the holy spirit gave you a revelation... keep praying my brother.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:31 AM
Is your consciousness waking before your body does, nothing to fear.

If you work at it, you can practice OOB, and if you get good enough eventually Astral Projection and travelling to different dimensions. It takes discipline, and work, but it's doable for anyone.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:32 AM
ok....the time that stcks out the most for me. I was maybe 25 and was lying in bed with my then girlfriend of roughly 5 years. We were in a house we had recently moved into. I was extremely relaxed. We had the window open it was springtime, and the sound of the vehicles driving down the road and the slight breeze coming in the window must of hypnotized me. Now this is where it gets freakin cool. She said" im goin to the bathroom".
I watched her get out of bed in the dim light coming through the window. just as she exited the room i started to hear a strange frequency, wavelength sound. It started higher pitch and got lower in pitch. It was ALL i could hear. as it got lower it got louder and very close. Now i am frightened and paralyzed. I feel something standing next to me but cant turn my head to see. I am lying on my back. Then i feel a touch in the very center of my forehead. It is a penetrating hot/cold touch, very hard to explain, radiating touch. Then a voice spoke to my mind and it said "dont worry, its just _____." and i cant remember the last word.
By now im still staring at the bedroom door my girlfriend had exited and am freakin terrified. I see her coming back into the room and try to scream and finally i sit straight up and scream(at the top of my lungs)"Nichole!".
Needless to say i scared the crap out of her. I was hysterically crying as i told her what happened. She confirmed she HAD told me she was going to the bathroom and was only gone 3 or 4 minutes.
So in conclusion I must have been awake to observe her, yet asleep to have been touched. It was unnerving and sticks with me to this day over a decade later!

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by TruthxIsxInxThexMist

Don't be scared of the video, you are under spiritual attack and need to know how to identify the enemy so you can do something about stopping this. When you put on the amour of God these things cannot hurt you and if you call on Jesus he will protect you from evil. I suggest watching it and doing what it says, get a bible and pray. These paranormal occurrences are nothing short of being fallen angels playing trickery on you, i know this may be hard to accept but you can do something about it with the lords help.
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