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Sleep Paralysis has anyone had it?

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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 05:21 PM
Hi all

Ive re established my log in details just to reply to this post.

I have sufferd from sleep paralysis disorder since i can remember and im now 30 yrs old so a long time hahaha.

I was recommended to a small university programe by a doctor that i was seeing on a non regular basis.

This was Manchester university with partners and elements (i belive), from Edinburgh uni and maybe another but i cant remember (i was only 10yrs old).

This has been happning like i said since i can remember, sometimes i can have an event every night for a week or non for a week theres no order to them, they seem to be linked to stress or maybe any stimulants (when i broke my leg in the Army i was given a painkiller called Tramadol which was very powerful and that seemed to set them off) if you are relaxed that seems to open the door for them.

Before i go any further i have NOT seen a gray alien or any other colours of aliens, nor have men in black visited me after an "attack" as i call them.

I do have an open mind or i wouldnt be on this site lets be honest, the only thing i cant explain is the shadow people they are there everytime i open my eyes and my body is dead in the water hahaha.

They just seem to be in the background and they seem to be watching for something that never happens, they never approch or come near but some people seem to think they are spirits, dimentional beings etc etc but if you listen to the doctors they are just my brain playing tricks.

Im sure they will be there tonight ive woke up with scratches and bumps, but dosnt mean its "them" nor do i think it is maybe the answer sits inbetween the two sides who knows and they will be there to end of my days and to be honest think id kinda miss em if they stopped lol.

if anyone has any quetions i can help you with , like trick to wake your body up if you have the bad feeling let me know, theres loads more but dont want to be taking up the entire comments box hahaha


Ste :@

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 05:22 PM

Originally posted by Gorman91

3. What you saw (if anything).

Juicy question.

Well how can I put this brief?

Lives that were not mine, wars that were not mine, worlds that were not mine.

A military leader, not human, not humanoid. Some sort of thing with mandibular and limbs, similar to the original war of the worlds aliens. He fought a great war on a "stargate" as large as a moon of some kind. Millions of ships, lightyears-long streaks of rubble and war zones. Against 2 foes. One more advanced than the other. Almost as if the less advanced one tried to contact the more advanced one, but in doing so the more advanced one just killed everything. He lost the war against the more advanced one, ultimately being forced to burn the skies of hundreds of worlds and literally do a scorched Earth policy.

A couple of flashes of Romans and battles

A future where America wasn't the leader of the world any more, but subject to a "World Union" But this World Union cracked in half and there was a great civil war across the globe. I saw a battle in New York, and the "graviton bombing" of Moscow.

Further into this future, when one side won the war. America was on the winning side. Possibly allied to a new Chinese nation, one free and open. Space colonization, etc etc.

A future, far far far into the future, but linked to the above one. Apparently the alien leader's enemy returned or his people gained their technology. Not sure, but that commander was an ally of Earth, but it all ended in tears. Complete annihilation. Scorched Earth policy in the Solar System. What was left of humanity were bio-engineered humans that could live on a half-terraformed Mars. They were released from stasis millions of years later, when the worlds rebuild themselves ecologically. This future, on Mars, showed humanity rebuilding. And wars between a Communist theocracy, and a Confederacy-republic. These humans, too, destroy themselves. Eventually these humans recover the knowledge of the past, and make contact with the more advanced enemy from long ago. Apparently at some point in time something destroyed this more advanced...thing, possibly how the aliens before got the technology. The human survivors and this thing make a deal. Plug it back in to its technology, and it will use its time traveling ability to go back in time and fix the Old ear... us, now. Change the timeline and fix the future.

Recently I've also had dreams of the pre-flood world. The aliens way back when may have been Nephilim. Not sure yet. Probably not.

I've drawn some of these things I've seen. PM me and I'll send them your way. Always love interpretation.

10. Were you left with any after effects? (Feeling sick or different in yourself)

I think, because I cannot quite remember, that since then I can sorta feel something. There's this sort of wave I can feel going through my body that I can mentally "grab", and make myself feel more awake, ignore pain, think more clearly, ignore others, etc etc. Some tell me it's Chi, some tell me some sort of Hindu thing. I don't know. I know it's useful for late nights at work and school. That's about it. I meditate too. When I started, these dreams came. When I stopped, they mostly went away.

My two cents for ya.

I'm not sure if your account is directly pertinent to the topic of "sleep paralysis", but an interesting post.

I see some possible connection with your comment about "chi" as that might be that energy surge that some experience during that process of sleep paralysis. I'm not sure if this is a similar experience, but I know someone who had something similar while pretty much fully wake.

I'm very interested by your imagery of events from the future/past far out in space and time. I often get lucid dreams where I am with humans on different planets possessing very advanced technologies. I often get the feeling like I am in the military in these dreams. Its like the feeling of a parallel world or parallel time. Plus I also often have dreams where I am in my city but it is like I am 50 to 100 years in the future.

I have had some feeling like I am picking up some "feed" from the future or distant planets (but of course, this COULD just be the product of normal dreaming as well). I have to say that these dreams are very, very vivid.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

ok so this happened to me when i was a little kid some but i dont remember it well at all. i only remember it happening to me as a child because when it happened to me as an adult it felt so familiar and i was absolutely certain it had happened before but not in a long time. the memories had just faded i guess. as an adult it has happened three times. this happened about 5 years ago when i was 20ish or so. it happened on a thursday every time for 3 consecutive weeks. i would wake up and not be able to move, speak, breath. the only thing i could do was open my eyes and mouth. it is a very scary thing if you arent used to it.

the first time it happened i woke up lying on my back in my bed which was just a mattress on the floor and i looked up and 3 figures were standing above me. i couldnt make out any detail, it was really dark in my room in the middle of the night. it just looked like 3 people standing above me. as i slowly gained control after a minute my vision began to adjust and at the same time the figures disappeared and it was over. i went back to sleep.

the second thursday i was taking a nap in my living room in the evening and i awoke to the paralysis to be aware of something behind me. somehow i could sense that whatever it was it was examining/observing me or something. its hard to put into words this is just the feeling i got at the time. i got the feeling that they were smelling me as weird as that sounds and also lightly touching the top of my head. i could hear it close to me doing whatever it was doing. it seemed sort of like a dog was there sniffing the top of my head.

the third time i was in my room sleeping and i woke up in the middle of the night scared stiff again. this time i could hear something in my apartment. it sounded like a really big bug buzzing and clicking and vibrating around my place. really weird. i slowly regained control and the sound faded away. i went back to sleep.

so thats my sleep paralysis story. take it or leave it. im not sure what it all means. maybe it was just my dreams mixing with reality. although im of the belief that dreams often are reality weather we realize it or not. the strangest part to me is that it was on the same day for three weeks and then just stopped happening.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by bluestreak53

Yea. I mean, as time goes on it gets difficult to differentiate between what may be something supernatural and just normal dream. I simply forget if the experience was dream or hyper-real lucid dream. I try to document it these days.

If you want me to talk more about the stuff I saw go ahead and PM me. Would love to hear your own stuff. I had so much fun with it I just let it cook in my mind and now I'm starting to compile together a story. I don't know, maybe I'll animate it or write it down one day. I wanted to, but real life got in the way. Ironic lol. Still, imagery is always fun.

The one image that's been burned into my mind from all the dreams was New York City burning with bombers overhead. It was a strange dream because at first I was not in control, just observing. But then it's like I possessed a soldier or something and became him. But I had no idea what was happening. Suddenly people were shooting at me, so I shot back. I switched between being able to control the body and not a few times. At one time, I can't remember if it was me controlling it or observing it, but I looked and saw an orange sky and didn't know why. So I turned and saw Manhattan ablaze, and suddenly this huge bomber came over me heading straight for the city. Started bombing it. Freedom tower was there, sort of finished, not sure. But everything was glowing orange because it was such a huge fire that it was just glowing for miles. From where I was I guess it was Brooklyn. Strange thing happened to me about 2 years ago where I was on a train I'd never been on before, looked out at the scene after getting off at a station, and saw what looked really similar to the scene of the dream. Kind of got a chill from that.

There was also this sort of few second one around the same time where I was eating lunch like one of those old 20's construction worker photos. I was on a wall, and behind me was this huge tower with plants inside. It's like it was cleaning the air, and the sky looked filthy as hell. Bellow me was a dried up river with tank carcasses everywhere. Sort of a Post-war view.
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 06:28 PM
Well, everyone has sleep paralysis, every single night. Part of the whole sleep cycle.

I think you mean when have we become conscious while our body was still in sleep paralysis?

Do you also want to know if we had lucid dreams with the sleep paralysis?

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

I've always had and still have these very often. However I doubt it has anything to do with alien abduction. The most recent one was a couple weeks ago. My pregnant lady was laying next to me awake. Mentally I was awake, But I couldnt move or verbally talked, I swore I was screaming but when I came to she heard or felt me do nothing.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 06:50 PM
wow i honestly thought i was alone that i suffered from some wierd reoccuring sleep abnormality where ive woken up late at night or very early in the morning finding it hard to breathe and literally physically unable to move let alone lift my self up from my bed i do recall a few occasions where its felt like someone was there i have suffered panic attacks not many only a few and i always put it down to that or the fact ive forgotten to breathe as thats how it feels when i wake up, and the way ive always tried to overcome it is i counted to 3 in my head and litterally with every muscle in my body launched myself upright and ive always taken a massive breath as ive sat up. just for the record i dont believe in ghost demons or anything paranormal i believe it thats just for the weak minded your mind see's and makes you belive alot of things if its suseptable enough, so in my opinion it has nothing to do with the paranormal and i dont proclaim to know why it happens it just does and i live with it

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 07:38 PM
If you have ever had a real case of sleep paralysis please post the following:

1. How old was you when it first happened / which area was you located? Happened two months ago, I'm 21, and I was home.
2. How long has it been going on/does it still happen? Only happened once.
3. What you saw (if anything). I saw my room, after my dream stopped.
4. What happened? I heard a super loud buzzing, and couldn't move.
5. How long did it last? About 30 seconds, but honestly time felt really slow.
6. Were you able to do anything to stop it? Nope, I was just along for the ride.
7. Are you a religious person? (elaborate) I am a Christian.
8. Were you contacted by something, if so what did it/they say? I wasn't contacted, but heard the voice of someone talking from the dream previously.
9. Did the experience feel positive / negative. It was terrifying at first, I realized what it was, then felt pretty excited.
10. Were you left with any after effects? (Feeling sick or different in yourself) No changes afterwards.

It was pretty straight forward, you can read a post about it that I wrote here:

I hope that was helpful.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 07:56 PM
So it was night time around like 2:30am in the morning. I had a difficult time sleeping. I kept moving around trying to get a comfortable position. Then I started to feel sleepy, closed my eyes slowly then I zoned out…Couldn’t move at all, couldn’t blink at all, couldn’t even think. My eye’s were half open as If I was squinting. I could only see a TINY bitt of what’s going on in front of my bed. Then all of a sudden while my eyes were half open, it seemed like the room started to get brighter and brighter. After a few seconds, I could move and blink my eyes. It was morning…I was likeee what in the hell. For me, it felt like it went night to morning in just 3 seconds.

This is isn't my first time. I've had 5/6 sleep paralysis's when I was 15/16. Most of them were seeing a shadowy figure and one time, it tried to whisper something to my left ear. I could hear its breath blow against my ear drums, but I couldn't understand what it was saying.

1. In my bedroom.
2. Still happens
3. Shadowy figure. Bright light.
4. See above.
5. a few seconds
6. Nope
7. Religious? No. Athiest? No.
8. Couldn't understand what it was saying.
9. Neutral. I didn't feel scared or anything.
10. Not that I know of.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 08:34 PM
My first bought of sleep paralysis happened when I was 19. I was praying regarding my upcoming baptism and must have fallen asleep. I recall asking God to give me a sign and the next thing I know an all pervasive fear seeped into my room via the window at the back of my bed head. I could not turn my head, and felt as if my body had frozen stiff. I could only roll my eyes in the direction of the thing that seemed to silently smash its way through my window. It was huge... with just its head and chest/front half of the body it filled up nearly a third of the room. I thought it would break the roof. I tried to breath and felt smothered, like there was no air. The thing in my room was putrid, looked like a cross between a deformed dragon and rotting horse head and stank so much I wanted to gag but simply could not move. I tried to cry out and felt an unseen pressure binding my mouth shut and that is when I really fought it. I wanted to scream "In the name of Jesus" at the top of my lungs but what I managed to eek out was ju....jes uhs in a tiny whisper. Then it was like a huge invisible hand from across the room picked up the massive, stinking thing and flung it out the window like it was a rag doll.
The glass in the window flew back up into place; each piece reassembling itself like someone hit the rewind button on the vcr. Yes, it was vcr back then and only just! This I would estimate happened within 2-3 minutes? I know this post is long and rather descriptive but I believe it was the first demon I ever encountered/saw. I have seen nothing like it since and doubt my imagination could come up with something like it on my own. I remember siting bolt up in bed, and running into my sisters bedroom crying. I asked if I could sleep with her and stayed with her all night. I was badly shaken.
I have experienced the sleep paralysis since and even the shaking afterwards but nothing like that encounter. I also once saw what appeared to be a Grey alien at my back door, when I got up one night about 7 months ago to let the dog out so she could do her business. I left the door open while I went to the bathroom so she could come back in when she was ready. When I came out of the bathroom the grey thing was standing at the door (not inside the door) and was blocking the dog entry. She was extremely disturbed and scared and I suddenly got very angry as I felt the grey thing was taking pleasure and amusement from scaring the dog. It seemed somewhat surprised as I came out of the bathroom into the hall and saw it. The feeling emanating from it was fear. It stank or reeked of fear or provoked that sort of emotion as a natural reaction to it. It was as putrid and abhorrent as that thing when i was 19. The feeling was the same although I believe this time I was perhaps lucid dreaming and the fear was very soon over taken by anger. The grey pointed a torch thing at me that shot out a blue electricity and I held up my hand which seemed to just absorb it. I recall some sort of virtual simulation that I looked at and laughed because it was an obvious diversion. I continued to walk toward it and the door. It back away very quickly, the dog came bolting in, I shut the door, locked it and went back to bed.This took maybe 2 minutes at the most.
Am now 40 but was 39 for that encounter. The dog by the way, will now no longer go out at night unless someone is outside with her. Since that particular encounter I have a very low immunity and seem to come down with colds/flue at the drop of a hat. I also have a strange blister on my hand that i held up to stop the blue light that does not get better or go away. Apart from that, what I gather from these experiences is that while they certainly seem real, they are also highly suggestive and if you are aware of the nature of the experience, it is possible to take control back by not giving in to fear and finding your strength wherever that may lie.
I am a reasonable and logical thinking person. I understand that these sorts of experiences tend to happen within the mind of the person. I also happened to believe that while we are physical we are also spiritual in nature and there will always be things that happen to us individually and collectively that seemingly defies logic and reason but may be just a lesson to teach us that there is more than just what we know.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:19 PM
really intersting

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:20 PM
here you go dude

1. age

17 - coventry, england.
18-25 highlands, scotland

How long has it been going on for?.
2. hasnt happedned for a long time, but other things have.

What you saw (if anything).
3. only once have i seen 3 bright dots, like leds

4. What happened?

17 - first time, i was screaming at myself to move, then i fell back to sleep, woke up ran downstairs from my bedroom to living room, my mum came to see if i was ok, told her i wasnt going back to my room.

18-24 its mixed up, ive had it a few times, one time at a friends and there was bright lights and fear, but ever since then its been a mix of " its just sleep paralasis, go back to sleep" or " RUN! SCREAM!"

5. How long did it last?
felt like hours, probably only a few seconds.

6. Were you able to do anything to stop it?

only think, i couldnt move or talk, but it felt like i was talking.. always felt like i was screaming but my gf has never woke up from it, but once she said i woke her up because my body was shaking

7. Are you a religious person? (elaborate)
i am in a way, im christian but i also have my own beliefs that have come to me from meditation..

(i know it sounds weird but ive wrote them all down, and shown my friends and family, they think it sounds good).

8. Were you contacted by something, if so what did it/they say?
nothing that i remember

9. Did the experience feel positive / negative.

10. Were you left with any after effects? (Feeling sick or different in yourself)

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:04 PM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

1. How old was you when it first happened / which area was you located? -- It started happening in my early teens. Or, rather, if it occurred before that I don't remember.

2. How long has it been going on/does it still happen? -- It continued until I was 25 years old, when I had a tubal ligation. It hasn't happened since, and I'm now 56 years old.

3. What you saw (if anything). --I would see entities. In the beginning, I didn't connect it to ETs, but I told my mother that they looked "like Spiderman", so they basically had the facial shape of a grey alien.

4. What happened?--Fell asleep, while in REM stage saw entities, heard voices although I couldn't tell what they said, sometimes heard what I identified as laughter, although it was unusual laughter. Couldn't move, or could only move very slowly. Knew I was sleeping, but couldn't wake up.

5. How long did it last?--Varying lengths of time.

6. Were you able to do anything to stop it?-- See above.

7. Are you a religious person? (elaborate) --Not religious at all; somewhat spiritual, not an atheist.

8. Were you contacted by something, if so what did it/they say?--See above.

9. Did the experience feel positive / negative.--Very, very negative. Terror-inducing.

10. Were you left with any after effects? (Feeling sick or different in yourself) --Relief that it was over.

Hope this helps.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:23 PM
yes I have many of times! one time sleep paralysis was accompanied by a ufo in my room and an alien hand reaching towards my face,I was not that afraid because similiar things happened to me a lot prior to that and I did a lot of research. Hypnagogia explains it all if you research it.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

1. I don't know how old I was when this started, I am in rural Michigan
2. It's been going on for as long as I can remember and still happening
3. I have never seen anything in particular, mostly occurs while being awoken during a dream -> hence I see things from the dream.
4. Usually I am still in the dream, but awaken subconsciously and cannot move.
5. It seem like minutes, but I am quite sure it is seconds.
6. Yes, I can stop it once it starts - but cannot prevent it.
7. Not particularly religious.
8. No contact.
9. It really depends on the dream & how I stop it - will explain below.
10. Yes - exhausted.

I have been experiencing this for as long as I can remember. I didn't know what it was for the longest time nor did I think much of it. I always explained it as the 'Twilight Zone' - the time between sleep and awake. In fact I always figured everyone must be experiencing this and it was normal. The only time I ever realized that it was called Sleep Paralysis was when a girlfriend of mine would notice that I would quit breathing in my sleep, and if I was woken by being startled I was very violent (would wake up swinging). She told me that these were signs of SP. I have never looked into it so I don't even know if these are signs of it, I was just going on what she told me.
The one thing that I did know is that sometimes I would subconsciously wake up and not be able to move, yet it was as if I was dreaming. Over time I figured out some ways to end this quite effectively, and each way depended on the way the SP was occurring. Please note that in all the scenarios I could not move when I would awaken.

1. I would awake during a good dream. I will relax and focus on the dream and try to get back to the point in the dream I was at before I woke. In this scenario I can influence the dream a little to any direction that I would like by imagining a scenario as I fall back to sleep. At this point I will fall back asleep, but can have multiple occurrences during the same night, each time being able to influence the dream. Please note that after the first awakening, this is a light sleep.

2. I would awake during a bad dream/nightmare. I will immediately focus on one part of my body and force my self to move that appendage. Whether it is my hand, leg or foot, I focus on this body part and force myself to move it. This will completely awaken me and the bad dream will soon pass from memory. Once it passes, I will usually fall back to sleep with no more occurrences.

3. I awaken and can remember no dream. At this point I can either relax and fall back into a deep sleep, or can awaken myself completely by moving a appendage.

In each of these scenarios I state that I will "awake", but this is not a full awake. I do not know how to describe the feeling. It is as if my mind is awake and my body is still sleeping. In all of the scenarios, I am always exhausted once I fully wake.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:32 PM
1. 13, staying at a friends house.
2. I'm 25 now, and it hasn't happened in 2 years since around my 23rd birthday.. happened multiple times in that year.
3. An awful scary loud noise in my ears, like a loud crackle.
4. Could never move, except for one part of my body, always tried to kick myself out of it.
5. Minutes
6. Constantly try and "kick" my way out of it.
7. Not at all.
8. Never
9. Indifferent.
10. None.

I worked out how to make this happen pretty much whenever I wanted, through having a stressful day at work then messing around with my sleeping pattern. I would start work at 5:30am, come home at lunch time.. have 2 hours sleep then go back to sleep at 9:30pm at night and within minutes would bring it on.

One of these times, I had what would seem like an out of body experience and I kept continuously floating around my body very fast. I would feel nauseous while this was happening. Only ever experienced that once.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:40 PM
I've had it on 2 occasions and it was very mild. Both times I woke up laying on my side facing the wall, close enough that it was all that was within my field of view. I was certainly mentally aware, but I couldn't move. I just had to lay there facing the wall. I wasn't frightened, possibly because I was reading or had recently read a few books on Astral Projection, so my first instinct was to try and project from that state of mental awareness combined with physical paralysis. I tried a couple of the techniques I read about to no avail. Never did succeed at it. Eventually you just fall back asleep. I've never had a night terror though, which sounds pretty horrible from what I've read.
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by tpg65

Ok my thoughts on what happened to me and my wife, not sure if it was different times or the same night, since I did not tell her until almost a year later, so it was kind of hard to pin down a date. Both of us had almost the exact same experience, got I get goosebumps when i start to really think about this, except I dont thin she heard any sounds like I did. I think thats what woke me up was the heavy breathing, no, almost like growling, that I heard while I was awake and paralyzed. I could not for the life of me open my eyes or even move a single muscle. I could not make a sound and here is where mine/ours may be different than others - I did not get up or awaken completely at that time, i fell back asleep or was put back to sleep and woke up a couple hours later. When i got up, i had a feeling I was being watched, or that something was around or there that should not be or was not before? Hard to explain this feeling. But the biggest scare was when I told my wife and she said it had happened to her too, and she told me a story almost identical to mine, identical, except for she did not remember hearing the growling or hard breathing that I did. Now granted, my wife snores, a little, and i do not, mostly, i mean I think most people do at some point or another in their lives, but I know what I heard was nothing like her snoring, nothing! So it could not have been me hearing her, but her NOT hearing me snore.
I honestly do not know what it was or who or what did it either, but one thing is for sure, I do know it happened and that something was there and I did not like it at all. I dont know if it happened to me previously, I dont think so, but possibly. My opinion is this. It was one of 2 possible things. 1 - aliens, probing us or using our sex oorgans to harvest what they needed or something 2- A spirit or demon that was holding us hostage, maybe trying to exchange souls or suck life from us, dont know why the spirit or alien did this to us, but I know it was one of the 2 of them dammit!!
This happened to me about 2 years ago, i am wife is 34. not sure when it happened to her exactly, but it was within the same timeframe as me.Sorry i could not be more help.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:55 PM
I have suffered from sleep paralysis (yes - suffered) since I was a teenager. I usually dont talk about this - because it sounds crazy. My sleep paralysis is always associated with out of body experiences - not hags or aliens.

As a teenager I would have sleep paralysis and wake up and be unable to move. I had the distinct feeling that I was floating above my body. I would try to open my eyes to see if I was floating just below my ceiling, but I could never open my eyes. (and I was always a little scared to know)

As an adult, this would happen on a night when I was really tired, but couldnt fall into a deep sleep. I always feel as though Im in a hypnotic state, I guess you could say, but anyway I wake up and can't move. I always know its gonna happen because I will have a grinding noise in my ears and feel like I have electricity coursing through my body...then I will "shoot" out of my body, up through the roof and "fly" over the streets and houses, I can see rooftops and the tops of trees. I have no control when this happens - it just happens to me. Then finally I flost back down to my body and Im back in bed.

I know it sounds crazy.....I wont go into the last time it happened, but I had a frightening experience where I felt something holding me down in my bed....I was afraid to go to sleep for three days after that.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:09 PM
1. I've been experiencing this off and on since I was around 10 yrs old. The first time is the only one that really stands out to me because I felt like a rolling pin was going through my entire body from head to toe and I thought I heard my parents talking with my aunt in the other room. When I was able to get up I asked my parents if my aunt had just left and they said she hadn't even been here, I was pretty confused. I live in mid-west America.
2. I think the last time it happened was about a year ago.
3. Except for the first time I never saw anything...I just woke up unable to do anything but breath and hear(usually just a fan blowing on me while I sleep).
4. I'm always terrified because I can't move or open my eyes, like I'll be stuck like this.
5. I'm guessing around a minute on average.
6. What I've done to end it ever since I can remember is hold my breath to force myself to wake up.
7. Well...I was baptised around 10-12 I think, I would go to church with my aunt around that time. Since then I've always been interested in religion but wouldn't consider myself religious.
8. Other than the first time its always pretty much nothing but growing terror as reality sets in. That first time though, I could visualize my aunt standing inside the door(of another room) talking with my parents and I was thinking about this awesome transformers pen she gave me(LOL) and hoping I would get something.
9. For the most part all my experiences have been negative and full of terror, lately I've been reading about lucid dreaming and would like to try to keep myself calm and see if anything happens, but idk if I can get past the shock in the half asleep state of mind I'd be in.
10. I usually have some anxiety immediatly upon waking up but nothing that lasts very long.

As I pointed out the first experience was entirely different from all the ones that followed (and I've had alot). Other times I can remember as a youngster would be waking up and trying to move my arm so much but it seemed like my hardest efforts would only get it about an inch off the bed or coming to and still not being able to open my eyes because there is so much junk in my eyelashes that they're fused shut LOL.

More recent times have me waking up right after I go to sleep like this and having it happen 2-3 times in a row trying to go to sleep. I would really like to experience this in a calm manner but havn't had it happen since I've resolved to try it out.
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