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Those We Call Cavemen Were All That Remained Of Humanity After The Last Time We Destroyed Ourselves

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:01 AM
At first the ancient alien idea seemed ridiculous but then as I looked into it more and more it appeared more realistic. Including how the end of days ideas were integrated into mainstream religion calling for 'final battles' between good and evil in which good wins and it leads to 1,000 years or whatever of spiritual salvation. And how the sumerian tablets mention EA the creator of people who fought for spiritual enlightenment for his creation and was made into the serpent that tempted Adam and Eve to bite the apple of Truth and knowledge. Jehovah's witness mentions EA in a negative light Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Satan was originally a perfect angel who developed feelings of self-importance and craved worship. Satan caused Adam and Eve to disobey God, and humanity subsequently became participants in a challenge involving the competing claims of Jehovah and Satan to universal sovereignty. it is also worth saying Jehovah wasn't the nicest of gods, he told the hebrews to embark on a genocide campaign killing people in towns that were wicked in which they killed everyone even children and animals.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:09 AM

Originally posted by miniatus
.. I think the reliance on "digital" and "electronic" will ultimately be more of a problem than a benefit..

I told him - imagine that tomorrow a large magnetic storm hits the planet and wipes out our electric grid, destroys the satellites in orbit and blanks the digital media on the planet? .

History is already being erased and it does not take a magnetic storm to do it. Many times I have quoted from material only to go back, sometimes just a few hours later and the page is gone. It's like invisible elves are "sweeping" the internet.

Julian Assange has some astute observations concerning what is taking place. This small quote does not do justice to the brilliance he displays in this interview. Reading this interview in it's entirety is time well spent.

JA: Yes, many. I’ll tell you about one, which is interesting. Orwell’s dictum, “He who controls the present controls the past, and he who controls the past controls the future,” was never truer than it is now. With digital archives, with these digital repositories of our intellectual record, control over the present allows one to perform an absolutely untraceable removal of the past. More than ever before, the past can be made to completely, utterly, and irrevocably disappear in an undetectable way


HUO: So they were literally erased from the digital archive.

JA: Yes. The Guardian pulled three of the stories. The Telegraph pulled one. And there are a number of others. If you go to the former URLs of those stories you get a “page not found.” It does not say that it was removed as the result of a legal threat. As far as we can tell, the story not only ceased to exist, but ceased to have ever have existed. Parts of our intellectual record are disappearing in such a way that we cannot even tell that they have ever existed.


Once our history becomes digitalized, it can be changed and/or erased.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:10 AM
Sorry, I keep expanding on my thought, though...

Originally posted by SquirrelNutz
To add on to...

Originally posted by SquirrelNutz
reply to post by blocula

Omg, you put it perfectly in one sentence, what I've been yammering at my girlfriend for weeks!!!

And, the various Indian tribes were likely what was left of major metropolis' like Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, etc, and they (clan) likely just assumed the name of the cities whence they came.

And, the 'conquerers' - always decendents, in some form or fashion of the elites that survived the last cataclysm - Ancient Sumeria, anyone? A civ that comes out of nowhere with phenomenal advances in agriculture, mathematics, law, etc...

Makes just a little too much sense.
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Take it a step further, and you have real evidence for the need for other conspiracies, as they relate to 1) the procurement of money/resources, so that 2) preparations can be made and 3) the masses can be controlled and dealt with as the time nears, so as not to thwart the survival attempts of the 'extremely fortunate.'

And, the only evidence of our past civilizations - if you've ever watched "Life After People" you know that even the most robust of human inventions - like a steel I-beam - would be gone after a mere couple thousand of years. That's why our ancestors left behind clues/monuments in stone that they knew would stand the test of time... hence the importance of... masonry (but I'm just spitballing, here)


It would not take very long for our civilization to de-volve, under the right circumstances - think about it.

I'll give you a (very real, somewhat imminent) scenario: Nuclear pollution - either, by detonation due to war, terrorism, or due to power grid going down (power plant meltdowns) - take your pick here, it's all bad (and, all possible). We're talking annihilation, and isolation. On a large scale. For a very long time - think what it means to live without electricity for a moment (assuming, you've survived the nuclear poisoning) - forget about the Internet, and air conditioning, for a moment, I mean... REALLY... think of a life without electricity... and a broken infrastructure... and, a 'mad max' mentality of tribal survival....

Now, we've got all these people who collectively have knowledge of awesome things like television, and automobiles, and refrigerators, and... Things that fly in the sky(!)... but so what - with everything in shambles, and no way to manufacture replacements... Eventually, knowledge is lost. And, until knowledge can be 1) re-invented (or, 'discovered'), and 2) disseminated amongst the masses, the awesome and daunting task of becoming a civilization must begin, yet again...


ALL it takes... is for the power to go out for a few days. Long enough for people to realize that it ain't gonna be coming back on, anytime soon.

When you have NO Electricity, EVERYthing comes to a grinding halt.

Food (preservation, delivery, harvesting, etc)
Plumbing (water AND waste)
[would this list ever end? Seriously, THE most important discovery, Ever!]

Think about it: The lights are never going to come back on - your previous life is not going to be restored!

Now, deal with that despair on top of everything you just lost, and the survival mode you have to be able to kick into.

This thought is inconceivable to most, and the fact is, there are already people living like this on our planet, today - I guess they know how to deal with it better than us spoiled industrialized nations - they will probably survive. I guess that's where the whole 'blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth' comes from, no? ha ha

[And this could all happen if the little ol' light bulb 93 million miles away decides to "burp", someday(!)]


[insert any 1 of a zillion clips out there of Michio Kaku and a ton of others talking about the upcoming CME]

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:15 AM
reply to post by Kharron

Well, um. Because people move and cultures change. Rome's "timeline", if you want to call it that, began around 500 BC. There's a small but growing belief that they originated from moving Dacians or Germans from Northern Europe. They settled in Rome, and came under foreign rule. They rebelled and chose the teachings of Zeno for their government. As for Greece, their timeline begins around the time Minoa fell. This is a time of much chaos. The Mycenaeans, the Dorians. And a whole dark age. After which came classical Greek.

5000 years ago both regions were hardly anything but a few tribes and cults. This is actually a common event. The locals living there for thousands of years, but getting either eradicated or moved by people who built the famous civilizations we know of today.
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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:24 AM
Baghdad Battery anyone?

How bout the Antikythera Mechanism?

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by Hawking

Both weren't that advanced. Though do suggest time travel if anything.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by blocula

Were living on the edge of abysses always only just a couple of moments and natural events away from either extinction or going back to square one. Oh yes this society and humanity is not the first or the last. Definitely not the alpha or omega. More like the beta.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try and try, again.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:37 AM
reply to post by blocula

Great thread !

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:00 AM
What if an advanced civilization from the past recycled everthing and turned them into single use items that were enviroment friendly, wouldnt take long for a civilization to vanish that way. just a thought

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:20 AM

Originally posted by metaldemon2000
reply to post by LS650

Oh and they have recently discovered a 2.2 million year old skeleton of a homo sapien. Stuff to think about.
We don't even fully understand society 1000 years ago. As history moves forward things that used to be fact become speculation and myth.

I'd like to know more about this homo sapien skeleton

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 02:03 AM
THIS is why i joined ATS!

Nice Thread, this is always an interesting subject to think about.

I believe that this information is the most important thing out there right now. To know our past is to know ourselves.

A lot of people will totally dismiss this as a farce due to their religious upbringing, or their "in the box" thinking. But me, i buy it. Oh yes i do. In fact i'll buy 100 shares! haha ok anyway...

Most of the information i've gathered on the subject has come from Edgar Cayce, David Wilcock (yes i know Wilcock..) and a ton of other videos and blogs. From what i understand there have been 4 era's of human. The latest being US, and the one before being the Atlanteans.

But what interests me more than the actual idea of previous civilizations living on Earth. Is the idea that each time we are almost wiped out we either fall or rise up the spiritual ladder.

The Atlanteans were a race ripe with knowledge. Not the kind of knowledge we have today, but knowledge of sacred geometry, of the power of the mind/soul.

Sooo, some will say PROVE IT! Well look around the world, look at the mysterious megalithic structures such as The Pyramids & the Sphinx. Although scientists say that these were creations of the Egyptians, further testing has shown us that the original stones surrounding the Sphinx could be over 11,000 years old! or Much MUCH older.

The more we learn about sacred geometry, and what really makes us "tick", the more we will see that these ancient civilizations were highly advanced in the subject of the Soul.

I really don't have a lot of sources to present to varify my next statement, but it's just been a feeling i've had.
I believe that secret societies like the Masons, and Illuminati have information about all of this. And that is what they're "protecting". Knowledge is power.

Good day.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by blocula

hi i'm a newbie on here so if i make any mistakes please forgive me,i have read some of these posts regarding previous civilisations.
firstly having read the excellent work of michael cremo in his books forbidden archeology it is obvious that church/state and archeologists have some sort of agreement not to show certain artifacts or evidence that contradicts the biblical timeline.
How is it then that the giants of india,fossilised human and dinosaur footprints under volcanic deposits that are 500 millon years old!! and many other never see the light of day,or the ones that do are deliberately dated wrongly!.(the great pyramid of gisa was dated from pottery shards found near the sphinx??)
also i' believe it was einstein who said "there is more chance of a hurricane going through a scrapyard and leaving behind a fully functioning jumbo jet than there is of human evolution"

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 03:02 AM
I think there's something to this also and wanted to raise a couple of points -

1. Where's the evidence of high technology?
For starters even things a few thousand years old have pretty much vanished w/ the few exceptions being later examples of metal work and monumental stone work. How much stone work does our modern society use which would leave an intact example of high technology if left to ruin?

2. Earth Changes
I believe that part of the issue is a cycle of climate and global / solar system changes we either do not fully understand yet or are kept in the dark about.

Look at the areas of our globe where oil deposits exist, for example. "If" you believe that oil comes from dead bodies and plant life some very drastic changes have taken place on the Earth between when those large masses of life died and now. Our largest deposits are located in the hottest and coldest places on the globe - from Ocean covered ice to sand swept deserts. If the theory of origin is correct than it would seem pretty obvious that these places were very different millions of years ago. A true swap of N and S poles would probably explain that one and re-assort the Oceans and land along with warm climates. (I'm still not convinced about Pangea and the plate shift theories but I'm open to more evidence).

3. Evolution
From what we see in modern labs, life evolves very rapidly to changes.

Why do White people in Africa whose families have been there for hundreds of years remain white? Why do black people who live in cold, northern climates remain black as do their children and grandchildren? I don't think location and evolution have all the answers to this one and think the diversity of life on this planet may have entirely different, much stranger reasons...
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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 03:15 AM

Originally posted by maglyn it is obvious that church/state and archeologists have some sort of agreement not to show certain artifacts or evidence that contradicts the biblical timeline.

First off what about the very many countries in the world that aren't Christian, therefore don't adhere to a 'biblical timeline'?

Secondly what would the authorities have to gain from it? What difference would it make to any of us given that there are more non Christians in the world than Christians?

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by blocula

i would read this if it was laid out in a more readable manner

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 04:13 AM
reply to post by blocula

YES ... the fail safe ... we see it in ourselves , and combined we project it .... like all patterns the beginning and the end are no different !!!

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 05:11 AM
reply to post by SirMike

Then what about the nails being found in coal? The pottery?

There are loads of things...but probably not publicized.....and if they did find something, do you really think that the government would tell everyone?

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 05:15 AM
Time is not a constant. It has not been linear, although we view it that way now, in our simple consciousness. Therefore, we do not know how 'long' mankind has been on earth, it becomes indeterminate. Or if life from other planets has mingled with life on earth at various times. Would humans name their most important gods such as Mars and Venus after tiny specks in the sky? The model of a biplane found in a pyramid is fascinating. Some evidence humans have gone through cycles of advancement and collapse.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 05:21 AM

Originally posted by blocula i believe that human civilizations on earth have risen and fallen over and over again down through the ages. these now forgotten civilizations seem erased because of time,erosion,supression of information by the mainstream and the powers that be, who seek delusional refuge in knowing that their people are led astray from the truth and are trained to think and live half asleep. wandering lost in a fallen world of greed and blind denial of the fact that we've done this all before. we reach a point where we cant handle our own technology anymore and we self destruct. we recreate our own monsters again and again,they rise up and destroy their creators. atlantis is a good example of what i am saying and this self inflicted disaster is about to happen to us again.the twentieth century,a century of supposed progress and technological marvel is actually a century of neverending war,genocide and destruction on a scale far worse than all other periods in history combined. we have refined the demented art of killing off nature and eachother. if just five or ten nuclear power plants were to reach critical mass,break open and release their radioactive contents simultaneously,we would be in a horrible situation.the hellish risks that these things pose far outweigh their benefits and they should have never received the green light at all. we are being driven fast,without brakes,down a one way road of apocalyptic destiny that will result in our destruction once again...

What level of technology was reached? keeping in mind the natural resources we've used to reach our current level of technology were sitting at ground level or just below up to only a few hundred years ago and it had taken millions of years for those resources to get there in the first place.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 05:31 AM
All of this has happened before,
Does it have to happen again?

Lets break the cycle!


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