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Comet ELEnin Decoded - The Awakening, The 3rd Dimension, and Revelations

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 09:50 PM
Okay I have lets say....been on the fence as far as the whole Planet X/Niburu thing goes ever since I first heard of Planet X (the Marshall Mathers video's), but THIS on the other hand is kind of freaking me out some. First off I should add that I am a believer of Synchronicity (along with my wife as between the both of us have been experiencing Synchronicity on a scale that neither one of us have ever even been close to having with anyone else). So I might be a little biased in my interpretation of the explanations provided in the following video's. I mean there comes a time when "Oh man that is all just a mere coincidence" no longer applies, and with the connections that are being made AS WE SPEAK (the first two vids originated in the last 24 hours, and the 3rd vid I am posting is apparently from March 2011).

After seeing what other inquisitive minds are putting together, as well as the freakish weather, solar activity, moon references to super-moon, earthquakes, and radiation now nearly covering the entire planet in multiple "flavors"....when you take a step back on the outside and look in what do you see besides what I have mentioned thus far? I see massive seed banks that have been built, more and more "rumors" of DUMB's or Deep Underground Military Bases and the actual number of how many supposedly exist, a real good lead up to possibly Project Bluebeam being activated, the illuminati along with almost every tactic at their disposal having been applied against humanity for centuries now; mental imprinting, brain washing, mind control, complete rewriting of history of which we are now becoming aware of and how what we were taught was false in many ways, subliminal messaging, dumbing down of humanity, poisoning the world, chemtrails, the list goes on and on.

And now to see these possible connections being made? I mean...either THIS TRULY IS OUR REALITY, or I probably should have kept all of these connections to myself because together I could probably obtain book and movie rights to one of the biggest, well thought out science fiction/global disaster conspiracy story of ALL TIME!!

Please tell I alone in seeing things this way or?

Comet ELEnin Decoded - PART I - The Awakening

***Note: Please read the youtube uploaders comments. He gives many links to sources as well as sharing his own details/perspective on it all.

Comet ELEnin Decoded - PART I I - Stop Thinking 3D

On this above second video the youtube user/uploader comments:

It is almost overwhelming when you put a 3D perspective to all the things occurring in our timeline right now. This video will help ease some of that I hope. We pick up from Part I having decoded the meaning of Comet Elenin and the reactions of the 3D person compared to that of higher vibration.

Please feel free to copy and repost.. all I ask for is a little credit...

Thanks goes to for providing an updated and complete decoding in Part I.

Thanks! 5T4RSCREAM

And with that said, I would like to give thanks to 5T4RSCREAM for not only putting together and sharing with the world what could very well be some very valuable information as well as another large piece of the overall puzzle of what may be the most diabolical conspiracy in the history of mankind (which I believe is an understatement if in fact any of this ends up being true!).

The Black Son and Revelations 12

This 3rd video is from another youtuber by the name of "MrCati" and although the video's themselves are unrelated as far as time they were posted, I felt them to be VERY MUCH related in many ways "A Female Goddess" for other ways.

MrCati comments:

This video continues the JFK Ritual of completion and will cover Comet Elenin, Brown Dwarf Star and recent findings showing Revelations 12 as a SKY-MAP in the stars. Elenin appears to be part of biblical prophesy which we will see when the the pregnant Virgo gives birth to the Dark Son known also as the Red Beast Dragon, Satan.

ELENIN has been decoded showing 9/11 association and clear evidence that ELENIN is part of the ritual design and as such warrants much closer scrutiny than thought before. Recent Russian scientist contend Comet Elenin is under intelligent control. I agree with those findings after review of images captured by Faceintree that were magnified for study.

The following our source links and related reference to the above material in #3:

Second Sun Images by Zoobiedoo55

Faceintree video about Comet Elenin space craft?

Video Link to Russian Press Release regarding Intelligent control.

Comet Elenin or Dwarf Star will appear in Virgo. A must watch video.

Finder of Virgin Birth sky map and Revelations-12 connection.

A biblical study site where Revelations 12 can be read or studied in detail.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 09:58 PM
It feels like organized religions, we are all waiting to see who was right.
The evidence is there that the elite have plan Bs in place, for them.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:16 PM
Thanks for the post. I have been seeing a lot of your work... You couldnt of put this one together better. Its like im speaking the words in your thread. The connection thing you were speaking about you have with your wife i also have that with several people and have been saying the same thing ! Impossible coincidences of mind connections every day every minute. I know how you and people like you feel thats it... There are things happening on this planet that are truly not normal ! And please other ATS'ers give it break ! Please think about the content in this thread.. Wake up !

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:43 PM
I watched the first two videos about comet Elenin, and i have to say - Riveting.

I sense that 5t4rscream is on a hot trail, and think that he is playing an important role towards the awareness of all things regarding "ascension".

I do have to say that I read the book "Beyond the Skull" which was channeled information about the atlantis Mitchell Hedges Skull. It was written sometime about the new millenium and the Atlanteans being channeled said that "We may come in the form of a comet to speed up your awareness process". -just a tidbit.

One word that hit me strongly throughout those videos - NOW - the presence of now + intuition will lead us to the utopia future where all is free!! All aboard!

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:59 PM
“In the hour of our Twilight we will be together soon, if we will be anything at all.”

-Trent Reznor (NIN)

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:06 PM
Thank you very much for posting these videos. They really did put some things in perspective, and even watching Dr. Quantum seduce Mrs. Pacman was surprisingly insightful.

"Love is the key."

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:26 PM
This probably needs a thread of it's own...

Gets REAL at 40 seconds in.

TPTB just introduced Nibiru to the sheeple.

Doom on.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:43 PM

Originally posted by CUin2013?
This probably needs a thread of it's own...

Gets REAL at 40 seconds in.

TPTB just introduced Nibiru to the sheeple.

Doom on.

No they didn't. Some writer just stole the idea from ATS and is now making more money than all of us.

Hollywood is ripping off ATS.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:45 PM
Even worse about that movie. Its like all their movies, coding the matrix, spell casting. They're hoping to draw it in, ie. if it wouldn't come close enough, if they put this in our subconscious, with emotions peaking at the right moments,then its in us, and they hope to bring this into fruition. Of course not without their own plan b, and backup, haarp, earthquake machines, Project Lucifer and Saturn if necessary.
The movie "Knowing" predicts Japan Nuclear Disaster (on top of Gulf Oil Spill)

Deep Impact, Elites Illuminati code words, numerology and Comet Elenin

charts really good with dates for the 9th wave, 7th seal, wich they're going to force if necessary, if the cosmos doesnt aid, as above so below, but in reality it seems to be also a cylce the rogues/renegades bring in, with alot of spellcasting and hijacking of our consciousness.’s-government-threatened-with-more-haarp-attacks-pays-60-trillion-yen< br />

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:59 PM
Whew...we are NOT alone then. Thank you for the contributions/posts made in this thread so far as it has been a very pleasant surprise as I will admit....I was prepared for the onslaught of those ready to pounce at the drop of a hat and be called an idiot, posting an obvious hoax, informed that this all has already clearly been debunked, yada, yada, yada. A pleasant surprise indeed thank you again

With that said I just checked back with 5T4RSCREAM and he posted THIS!!

Comet Elenin Decoded all the way- You're Gonna LOVE this - by GrownUpsThinkUrDumb

Man hot on the trail of something indeed!
Leonardo Devinci and The Mona Lisa playing a part in all of this?!?! Oh how this SMELLS, or better yet REEKS of Illuminati handiwork of a very detailed and diabolical nature doesn't it? Still replaying that last video to see how those connections were made, and also how the Mona Lisa was able to take shape like that!

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 01:26 AM
Okay tossing this fact I am tossing quite a bit around right now, and here is something I just came up with....please just hear this out for a minute:

First question....and I just want to say that my intent here is NOT to fear monger. I felt the need to say that because of the scenario that I just put together in my head and shared with my wife (who is as awakened as I am as we began this journey together), but IT SCARED ME so with that said, I wanted to make clear that is not my intent here but to rather share my thoughts with other like minds to see if it holds any weight here.

Okay FIRST question, or....

1. Why the current global economic situation right now? I mean look around you...the Middle East is burning, the Irovy Coast is in chaos, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, THE UNITED STATES government is only shutting down temporarily RIGHT NOW....but how much longer can this go?!?!

2. How did the world find itself in this economic crisis? Perhaps there having been WAY TOO MUCH free flowing money for over a decade? The populous having been encouraged to spend, spend, spend....consume, consume, consume...for what?!? WHO BENEFITED?!? FOR WHAT REASON?!? They always say follow the money right?

a. We mostly agree that the majority of the brands that we are led to believe we have "choices" in are
owned by the same small group of elites right?

b. We mostly agree that the world and it's currency (thus it's debt) is controlled by a small group of
powerful elite bankers right? (Rothchilds, Rockafellers, J.P Morgan, and in the U.S. it's Berneke
and the Federal Reserve).

c. We mostly have seen that a bloodline exists (Boondock Saint I remember a few months back did a
mega-thread on that very same topic), a bloodline that includes a majority if not ALL of the elites
today that are behind and in front of the scenes making big things happen...a bloodline that goes
back literally centuries and come from a lineage that included Knights Templar and Merovingian
lines that most likely passed down ancient esoteric knowledge.

d. Elites that our very wealthy and very powerful international bankers needing to rake in as much
$$$ as they could, while many are left thinking "They have all the money they could ever want,
it's not about that it's about power, yea that's it". NO THAT WASN'T IT! Elites, Esoteric
knowledge and mysticism, vast amount of wealth/ could be able to build
a lot of Deep Underground Military Bunkers stocked to the gills with food, water, high speed
magnetic monorail between them from coast to coast, a deep underground fortified seed bank
that has like over 450,000 seeds of every vegetable/fruit/pot plants ever known on Earth!!

e. To build all of that, along WITH many of which I have forgot, nor know anything about to mention of
course....but to build all of that AND to be able to be sitting quite well afterwards WOULD TAKE
A LOT OF $$$$ wouldn't you agree?

3. Summarians..and how come I NEVER heard a bleep about them in any of the education I had
received in school/college? Why not? And how is it now that they seem to have the most to offer
in what the world might have REALLY BEEN LIKE and more importantly WILL BE (in their
reference to Niburu/Planet X)?!?

4. Before we hit the first quarter of 2011 how many EXTREME natural disasters have we been pummeled
with around the world so far?!?! The strange and weird weather patterns? I know where I live in the
U.S. Southwest, we hit 90 degrees a few days ago, day after that hit 84, today 76, and tomorrow the
high is supposed to be 56 DEGREES!! WTF?!?!

5. Why was Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged" (which is important to note has been made into a movie
apparently and is being met with quite a bit of controversy around the world/U.S. for the meaning it
conveys...just FYI), but why was that book referred to as the "Elitist/NWO Guidebook/Instruction
Manual by the late great Mr. Bill Cooper?

a. What example could one make between the meaning behind Atlas Shrugged and our current world
elites possessing the ability to either leave off planet, or go deep down into well supplied bunkers in
the event of....gee I dunno maybe a COMET OR EXO-PLANET HITTING THE EARTH?!?! The great
elites that we peon scum of the Earth degenerates should bow before them for what their intelligence,
insight, hard work and determination has blessed us so gracefully with since the dawn of time but
since we didn't....they (the elites) are going to show us!! They will show us by all getting up and
disappearing so that we could revert to cavemen savages which would cause us to beg and plead
for their return to Earth in order to worship them, blah, blah, blah...."Atlas Shrugged" the elites leave
and Atlas Shrugged all of us bottom worthless feeders OFF PLANET EARTH!!

6. The New Age fantasy that UFO's and Aliens are going to come down to "Save us" in the event of an
Extinction Level Event, or have us pathetic human wastes of space right up to the very last minute
looking up to the sky with....hope, while the perpetrators of all of this are safely away either underground or
the secret space program that they have had going for decades.

Do you see where I am going with all of this? Where in the WORLD could TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS of $$$$ been spent on with nothing to show but MORE DEBT and nations literally dying?!?! Why all the years of
brainwashing, distracting us, dividing us, lying to us about everything from our TRUE history to our current
reality that we live in today?!?!

Folks....I am having an EPIPHANY MOMENT HERE!! The FEMA coffins, the current world state, all of the destruction, the sun freaking out, the magnetic poles moving at a more rapid place, the animal deaths around the world, the reason the few elite have completely wrecked the worlds economies and bled the nations dry, the Alien/UFO agenda, the lies, the propaganda, the reason why something such as Bluebeam would be necessary, the list goes on and on.....

In order to facilitate what will be necessary for the coming EXTINCTION LEVEL I dare say....around 2012
I believe EVERYTHING that we see, have seen, playing out can ALL be attributed directly/indirectly to an event such as that. Oh and best believe that whereas the UFO's/Aliens might be misleading (I say misleading in that I do not think that they are to 'save us" when the clock hits 2 minutes to midnight (Iron Maiden rules I know lol) but I DO BELIEVE THEY EXIST in some form or another)....however the Luciferian Doctrine and ritualistic behavior amongst these elites DO EXIST. I believe that just as the poster here embedded that trailer to a new movie called Melancholy where it now shows Niburu and what it does to the is ALL RITUALISTIC and has been the Illuminati Motive Operandi to always SHOW US BEFOREHAND what will transpire...reason being? Because as those times either lead up to possibly happening or moments before happening increases the FEAR level across the spectrum and they feed off of it!

Okay I am tired as heck as I had no intention of posting something so intensive tonight, but like I said...I had a moment of...I don't know clarity? But I feel strongly about all this.....any thoughts please? Thank you

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:52 AM
More hints from TPTB (in this case the VATICAN no less) of what's to come in reference to my "theory" for lack of a better word:

Vatican Sphere

A little more in depth conversations regarding the Vatican Sphere as well as Denver Airport and other related information:

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posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 07:33 AM
I will back you up and say that, I have felt that lately ive been making connection rather faster than normal, in fact...a bit too fast. It's as if something clicks and I put together pieces of jigsaw puzzles. It is amazing, I joined a group in and they share information that helps you unlock these things.

I would like to thank you on this post, the second video was trully freakish but at the same time, it made total sense and made me see things in a different perspective

This kinda makes me wonder, maybe we are feeling the beginning effects of evolution itself, and as time passes, they will evolve.

It is scientifically proven also that our thoughts affects everything around us, I think the ability is granted to those who are awake, because there is a dis balance in this world. Maybe in an attempt to even up the odds, people are granted certain abilities that grow as time progresses. remember people, with great power comes great responsibility. I believe 100% in ascension, I now believe that Jesus did exist, and did ascend in the past.

While I don't really trust the bible, given how it's been used for evil instead of good, Jesus did say, that there will be salvation for those who follow the path, it means some of us are destined to actually ascend with him when the time comes. While the rest will remain in the world.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 10:17 AM
The last time ...

People started saying and believing stupid things about a comet...

This happened!

I guess you believe that your onto the real deal too... just like they did.... right?

C'mon man... wake up! Take a hard look at yourself!


posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 11:18 AM

Originally posted by CUin2013?
This probably needs a thread of it's own...

Gets REAL at 40 seconds in.

TPTB just introduced Nibiru to the sheeple.

Doom on.

Absolutely, this should not be should open a thread...this is an example of preparedness and no one should overlook it's implications.

Will the masses just accept this as another disaster film, or will it open their eyes to the reality of what is to come?

Anyone who reads this should check out the wiki page on this director

He is one of us, whether he realizes it or not.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 12:17 PM
I have some good comments and some not so good comments on the three videos posted. First let me start off with synchronicity. That word means so much to me, as my life has completely revolved around it. I am happy for you and your wife

Okay, I loved the first two videos but the Black Son and Revelations was IMO CRAP. Let me explain why:

First where did he get the image of the comet turning into a square from? REALLY? Come on. Next....His claim is that comet Elenin is near Pluto Eris and Neptune...NO WAY IS THAT POSSIBLE. And I will tell you why. Pluto is currently in Capricorn at 7 degrees. Neptune is currently 0-1 degrees Pisces.....those two planets are no where near each other...Comet Elenin cant be there because it is in the constellation of LEO.......So that part is blown out of the water...I know he is trying to say its a cover for the dwarf star but even still it doesnt match up.

Next I tried and tried but could not figure out how he came up with those numbers...IMO it was all speculation and jumping to conclusions. He used 13+9=22 but used the 7 and 6 above the 13 to make a date of 9-22 WHAT?????? Now I do numerology and he was just not making any sense. I do not see how Revelation 12 has anything to do with it, really it was too much of a stretch for me.......

When looking up a chart for the dates he provides, there is nothing out of the ordinary in planetary alignments either, with the exception of Sun opposition Uranus which happens every year anyway...

Now is there going to be some weird stuff going on in September through November? Yes its possible because of the numerology of it, and the historical significance of it. There will also be lots of rituals going on that time of the year anyway with anyone who is involved with earth based religions..... and you have the whole 11:11 thing going on too......will it be the end of the world?? Probably not........At least I pray NOT!!

Just my two cents


posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by Newbomb Turk

Folks....I am having an EPIPHANY MOMENT HERE!! The FEMA coffins, the current world state, all of the destruction, the sun freaking out, the magnetic poles moving at a more rapid place, the animal deaths around the world, the reason the few elite have completely wrecked the worlds economies and bled the nations dry, the Alien/UFO agenda, the lies, the propaganda, the reason why something such as Bluebeam would be necessary, the list goes on and on.....

First off, its sounds like you are seriously waking up.....just calm down and take some deep breaths in. There is nothing you can do right now about it. Feel it move through your body, up and out the top of your head.

Now, if thoughts are things, you need to stop your fear and negativity. You must begin to think positive. I went through this back in January/February and spent a month in panic and it did nothing except give me migraines and lots of heartburn. I had to gain control of the fear and transform the energy. I now imagine the earth bathed in love and light, I imagine the comet not having any effect on the earth. I see Americans (being that is what I am) as being whole and undivided. Now I am not saying to not prepare for example, supplies food storage what have you. I'm saying to not freak out. Its time to think with positive *intentions*......

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 01:37 PM
I hope this does not throw a wrench in this discussion, but I have been on a search. What is presented here goes along with some very lucid dreams of late and not all were dreams, they were visions. Yup, both my wife and I are having them.

Also I am not one of the number guys, I am more right lobed and visual whom see concepts well before the others can even start to prove them, I am an artist at heart. Somewhat like taking a criminology class which I concluded on paper in the first week and it took a semester to get to where my mind went in the beginning.

I will throw this out and you take it for whatever you desire.

Events of the last two weeks, and there are others, but this was specific. A boat like conveyance, (symbolic of course) came for me but I demanded my wife come along. We then were taken away very fast from a zone of danger. Looking back in the darkness, I witnessed hundreds of explosions lighting up the sky horizon to horizon like perhaps meteorites

Another while awake in bed. My vision blacked out and I was shown some very ancient writings on a clay tablet, more alien to me than real. Then another and another. Finally they flashed several a second and I was able to see clearly all the writings as though time was dilated, there were hundreds.. The writing evolved finally into a form of Roman or such, but letter were lying down and backwards. I don't understand this but got the feeling that much of the truth can be found in these ancient writings. I have a tenancy to disregard much of that. I will be looking up Sumerian tablets to see if that fits.

The last one and again I seemed awake as I monitored it and was urged to remember. I was led into a large open space of blackness and there before me about the size of my hand was this spiral structure based on fractal shapes. It was beautiful and I was told it contained a beautiful world but I could not diminish and enter now. The next morning, I found the exact thing illustrated all by accident and it indicated an evolving singularity of consciousness. An accelerating conclusion.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 01:53 PM

Originally posted by InfaRedMan
The last time ...

People started saying and believing stupid things about a comet...

This happened!

I guess you believe that your onto the real deal too... just like they did.... right?

C'mon man... wake up! Take a hard look at yourself!


Nothing to say on the the research, just throwing in some ridicule.

You've got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Want to debunk the research? well off you run and come back with some manners.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by Newbomb Turk

Dont forget that the Vatican has a big telescope in the SW that they named Lucifer......

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