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Aliens = ETs = EBEs = Pleidians = Reptilians = Annanukis = malicious Jinns = Devils = evil spiritual

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 09:38 AM
In reading this thread, it is very easy to see that TheTruthIsFromGod is recruiting for a cult. His/Her blind refusal to believe anything not in his/her belief system smacks of the cult mentality in more ways that one. Setting one's self up as a Messiah is a certain way to get the very punishment threatened by the so called Messiah!

Know this, TheTruthIsFromGod, many of us are very well read and studied when it comes to organized religion and it's lies and falsehoods. Some of us have even read the Bibles and the Koran, and looked up the root words, and researched the stories from a historical perspective, and some of us have even spoken to the beings who wrote the books, and I can assure you it is not who you might think it is. Religion was created to control and brainwash people, and it is doing a marvellous job of it.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by TheTruthIsFromGod

It is sad to see people blinded by their "truths". In their dogmatism, they close their heart from the rest of the world and refuse to look anywhere that may lead them understand otherwise... And in their blindness they usually condemn those with different ideas.

But it is easy to distinguish between the light and dark - those on the brighter side embraces everything without conflict, those on dark side reject everything and are consumed by their hate.


posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by Fish of the Foreign Lands

Well said.

And not just in that your post could apply to both sides of this “discussion”.

…those on the brighter side embraces everything without conflict, those on dark side reject everything and are consumed by their hate.

Every concept – theological or otherwise – can be embraced for what it is; an idea, a perception of reality, personal or otherwise. The lack of any evidence for that concept negates it being promoted as real; faith is a feeling, a need completed, not a divine revelation.

Conflict only comes when one theory is forcibly rammed down our throats under the pretext that it is the only legitimate model. And when that theory insists that refusal to bend to its dogma means everlasting pain, then civil discussion goes right out of the window.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by Beamish

You're on it.

Fanatic and zealous people are those who have done most harm for mankind; if it would depend on them, none would allowed to like other tastes than those they prefer. They do not realize, that their dogmas restrict the freedom of thought and bound weak minded on chains that suffocate. Even though they say otherwise, they are in fact those who keeps us dragging into the holes of hell, where there is only gnashing of teeth. They are trying to limit the splendour of life and ideas and force them into their service.

I am only speaking metaphorically, but it is generally understood that "hell" as word refers to a place where there is no freedom and only suffering, whereas heaven stand for pure pleasure and freedom. Heaven and hell are only metaphoras and symbols, which are convenient as long as people don't talk about them as they would be physical places.

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:27 AM


Please stick to the topic of the thread which are Aliens, Reptilians, Jinns and Devils and their similarity. Off-Topic posts and posts attacking others will be deleted and points deducted.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 11:30 AM
The Aliens are 100% spiritual entities, they are kind of masters of delusion, they can make you see an alien, an angel, a banana, a pyramid, .... whatever they want

Just remember the movie "inception", the different layers of dream seem as real as the real world, and at the end of the movie, they've even suggested that our terrestrial world is just another dream world, which is totaly true.

The evil ones are inverting the "fiction" (movies) with "reality" (our world) in order to lose the people. The movies have become far more real than what we are told in our news and by our governments.

This terrestrial world is just a test world, it's an illusion, the only truth contained in our terrestrial world is the existence of God, as the unique Master, the Lord of the Worlds (that's one of God's names). Everything is an illusion in this world except God and his guidance, the Koran. Those who pass the test and do no run after this life and obey God's teachings will access the real world with God. The rest will burn in hell forever (with real flames, as high as your earthquakes, REAL FIRE which burns your skin, your eyes,.... the death will come to you from all the sides, and as soon you're almost dead, God will recreate your body... that's not a parable, that's very detailed in the Koran)

The teachings contained in the Koran are all honorable and exemplary (please do not confuse islam and Koran, that's really nothing to do), therefore you have all the valid reasons to obey our Creator.

God details all the tricks of the devils, the only way to detect them is this one:

* if an entity whatever it is ask you to do something which is opposed to the laws of God contained in the Koran, you can be sure and certain that this entity is either lost either a deceiver.... Whatever is the illusion that these devils/aliens will produce on your senses, you'll detect it that way.

Your 5 senses will not permit you to identify the true nature of the Aliens/Reptilians/Devils, you'll identify them by sticking to the rules of God.

My explanation is not an invention, there are plenty of people who are in contact with invisible entities,they call them Aliens, Jinns, Ascended Masters, fallen angels, angels, saints, pleidians, reptilians, space brothers, ....,
they think they have met Mary, Jesus,...., members of their family who are dead, ......, that's impossible, God has given us a clear statement about this: Those who are dead cannot interfere anymore with this terrestrial world and are waiting the Judgement Day in a kind of etherical world. Therefore it's sure and certain that any of these apparition is actually an apparition of one of these entities. These entities are devils/sheytans who try to lose the people.

Our father Adam has been attacked by all the means by Satan. Satan has appeared to him under angelic forms, under any positive aspect, using beautiful speeches.... but at the end Satan (under his angelic appearance) just wanted to make Adam disobey God. We, as son's of Adam are condemned to pass the same test, so don't be surprised by the perversion of the demonic plan of the sheytans/malicious Jinns (the sons of Satan).

The devils have invented a spiral of chaos, they have mixed the truth with their lies, they have invented an infinite number of paths of perdition, only the path of God contained in the Koran is the perfect true one.

The Torah, the Bible and the Koran are truly from our Creator, the 2 first books have been distorted and are anyway out of date, the baton is now on the Koran, it's like a relay race and the team is the team of God.

God has created the heavens and the earth in 6 periods, the 7th period is the Apocalypse (the destruction of the heavens and of the earth). The Koran has been specifically sent down during the 7th century to warn about the 7th period which started exactly at the 7th century and which will end by the total destruction of the Universe.
The 8th period (8 in maths is infinity) is the following period, infinity with God in the heavens and earth, or infinity in hell with the sheytans/Aliens and the unfair people among the humans, those who disoybey God.

Because it's the last revelation until the Judgement Day, the Koran has been totaly protected, in the midst of the chaos created by the devils, the Koran is like a light and a Guidance for those who have been elected by God (because they were fair people). God is the Guide, he makes you believe in his perfect book if he wants to save you, he makes you see it as a forged book if he wants to lose you (because of your own unjustice and sins). I am not insisting on this because I am narrow minded, but just because it's the Truth, it's your only salvation.

The Aliens will soon come, Gog and Magog (kind of orcs) will soon be released (as I've detailed it in my episode 30 and as detailed in the Koran), you'll see if I am saying the Truth or not (maybe it would be too late). I am providing you this message from God to save your souls, it's a mercy from God, I am not running after you, I am not a proselyte, I am not a leader, I have no group, I don't ask for money, I don't ask you to obey me, I am a servant of God who is simply obeying God, I am just recommanding you to take God as your Sole Master and the Koran as your Guidance for YOUR OWN GOOD.

I am aware that the blind people will never accept this message just because God has made them blind because of their unjustice and that's pure justice of God. No one has the ability to make see the blind one except God.

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 11:46 AM

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 11:52 AM

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 12:28 PM
This video contains very recent extracts of "UFOs" apparitions, they don't seem material, they can modify their shapes, it shows that these entities are spiritual entities, REAL illusions, and are not really material devices:

It's very possible that the UFO technology exists, God mentions in the Koran that an army of "devices/spacecrafts" guards the limits of the heavens against the devils, which explain why these devils/Jinns/so called Aliens are appearing under these shapes. The devils have always copied God in order to better deceive us. Satan mixes the reality with illusion (true UFOs and illusion of UFOs).

Satan/Iblis and his army of sheytans have kept the best technology they know for the end times in order to better deceive us. When God has banished Satan, he has not formatted his knowledge, therefore Satan has used this knowledge to push us from the Straight Path: the path of God.

But God has an infinite knowledge and his knowledge exceed far more the UFO technology, the knowledge of God far exceed the limits of our imagination.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 12:32 PM
Aliens are nothing but Jinns/Demons/Evil Spirits......Period 1 :

Aliens are nothing but Jinns/Demons/Evil Spirits......Period 2 :

Aliens are nothing but Jinns/Demons/Evil Spirits......Period 3 :

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by Skyfloating

Please stick to the topic of the thread which are Aliens, Reptilians, Jinns and Devils and their similarity.

And what about the constant reference to the Quran, as a source of proof, for TheTruthIsFromGod’s claims.

Or his insistence that we will all burn in hell if we don’t turn to the Quran?

What has that clause got to do with aliens?

Off-Topic posts and posts attacking others will be deleted and points deducted.

The amount of replies from TheTruthIsFromGod in this thread that include blatant solicitation and name-calling in the name of his home grown belief-system are immense.

Aren’t they tantamount to attacks on other people’s beliefs?

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 04:46 AM
Is this guy still trying to get us to join his cult?

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 05:15 AM
The truth of the matter is, God doesn't exist. I work in a Muslim controlled country. The people here are nice but they are meticulously controlled by their religion. They can't understand why I don't belive in God and continue to challenge me with it. The usual thing they say is that the bible was written by man and the Quran was written by God. So when they tell me the story ' God sent the angel Gabriel down to speak to Mohammed the Prophet and told him of God's teachings. Mohammed the Prophet couldn't read or write so he in turn turned to people that could read and write and they wrote the Quran'

Ehhhhh!! Wrong answer McFly. The Quran was still written by man, not God!! That's that explanation by them up the spout! Another one is 'The Quran is the true story and word of God. The bible is the false word'. Well actually the Quran is based on the bible so in actual fact it is full of the same false stories as the bible. Only some of these stories have been changed. Take for instance the story of David and Goliath. In the bible David is a boy that defeats a giant called Goliath with a slingshot. In the Quran David is a man that defeats a race of Giants from a place called Golia.

Hmm! To be honest I think that people that believe in God and Allah are disillusioned and mind controlled.

Religion is a scam. And in the case of the Jinns? Aliens from other dimensions. When the Quran talks about 7 earths it means 7 dimensions.

Plain and simple.

No GOD, No ALLAH!! Just us and the Aliens!!

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 06:05 AM
These are Gog and Magog:

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by stevcolx

In my vast research on the Holy Grail, I came across a great deal of information that points to the Templars creating Islam as it stands today.
This is not proved by any means, but in my book it is clear that all holy books supposedly written by "God," all were written by men, not God. And simply bunching Aliens, Jinn, Demons, and other beings into one little basket and called them all demons doesn't make sense to me. There is too much evidence to the contrary. I just don't see how anyone could allow religion to rule over their entire lives, and make them do things only a slave maser would make them do, like stoning, burning at the stake, and beheading. My daughter committed fornication! Let's stone her!

thetruthisgod obviously has not done a great deal of research on these subject matters, and is taking his perspective from the Koran alone, much like a fundamental Christian does using only the Bible for proof of anything they might say. The Bible has been pretty much taken apart in the forum, I think some hard study and research on he Koran and Islam is warranted, perhaps we can discover who wrote that, as even the Muslims admit Mohammed was illiterate. We obviously know men wrote it, but which men, and what was their agenda? Any former Muslims in here want to take a shot?

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:38 AM
The coming UFOs Mass landing is all fake, it's an illusion, the goal is to make you believe that the Aliens are truly from outer space, whereas the truth is that they are from earth, they are spiritaul entities also known under the following names:

Aliens, Pleidians, Fallen Angels, ETs, EBEs, Reptilians, Greys, Maitreya/Raj Patel's Space Brothers, UFOs, dead relatives who communicate from the world of the deaths, Jesus-Mary-Saints' appearances......

These entities are just Jinns, shapeshifters, Master of illusions/deception, nothing they show you is real but they -The Jinns- are real, their illusion is real. They are experts in lying, all they want is to lose you.

As God/Allah has perfectly warned us in the Koran, the evil Jinns, ie Satan/Maitreya/Iblis's line of descent, are just here to deceive us. They cannot infringe our freewill, so do not be impressed by them, all they can do is to impress you and to scare you. They are going to make themselves visible soon under the form of extrerrestrials to play us their last deception, do not fall in their trap, it's just an illusion, a dream, whereas what God offers you is all real.

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 12:14 PM
10 (ten) pages....and you have not mentioned one of the Principal Demons of Bible fare,



Belial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dead Sea...|In...|In Satanism|Literary...Belial is one of the four crown princes of Hell and a demon in the Bible, Jewish apocrypha and Christian apocrypha. It is also a term used to characterize or embody immense wickedness...

i further deduce that the future False Prophet, the one that comes from the 'Land'...
is the entity Belial that takes human form just as Jesus did at the Baptism
then tested at the 3 temptations... the Belial character will be the worker of End-Time
miracles that overshadows those of the 2 Witnesses...
As Belial give Life & Speach to the Image of the preceeding First Beast

i find this powerful entities ommission a great disservice...

but you are not alone in this error, the whole Christian community is asleep
concerning Belial


read this Wiki information and it will underscore that Belial is indeed
the eschatological/ End-Times 2nd Beast;

Belial is also mentioned in the Fragments of a Zadokite Work (which is also known as The Damascus Document (CD)), which states that during the eschatological age, "Belial shall be let loose against Israel, as God spoke through Isaiah the prophet."[22] The Fragments also speak of "three nets of Belial" which are said to be fornication, wealth, and pollution of the sanctuary

Read more:
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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by TheTruthIsFromGod

It seems as if aliens are boogeymen

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by TheTruthIsFromGod
These are Gog and Magog:

I agree with you that aliens are Watchers, IE the Fallen Watchers that are evil and the same species that the devil comes from. They are 200 and they created the Nephilm by mating with human woman. Nephlim were Giants because their fathers were very tall reptilian looking gods with two arms and legs and almost unlimited stregth. Once they were born they became soulless monsters. Nephlim are now demons who roam earth, Watchers are another species of divinity and are gods because they were created by the one true GOD like us humans but with advanced powers. Some Watchers are good but if they are here on earth messing in our business then you know they are EVIL.

Just so you don't confuse yourself. Gog-Magog is an alliance of nations who will make war with Israel not some demons.

It was the Watchers and the Nephlim who built the Great Pyramids and all the others like them around the world. They knew God could not destroy them without nuking the earth so God was smart and flooded the whole earth for a time. Pretty smart when you think about it. God sent the Arch Angels to round up Satan and his Watchers and god sent the flood to wipe out the numerous Nephlim who had ruined earth and tormented men. Watchers can and will take on any shape at any time to get their mission accomplished. They and their offspring were the Greek Gods of Mythology. Perfect cover if you think about it.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by NaturalKnowledge
reply to post by TheTruthIsFromGod

It seems as if aliens are boogeymen

The Jinns are real, they are just not material but spiritual entities, therefore, their illusion is real.

We perceive the world through our 5 senses and throught our brain, if they directly act on our brain, they can create any illusions in our head without we're able to discern it from reality.

They cannot infringe our freewill, they can just make us accept what they want throught many tricks and lies.

They are devils/sheytans, God is very accurate about them in the Koran, God says that they are OUR WORST ennemies, and God's words are to be taken VERY seriously.

That's why it's important to obey God and the Koran, otherwise, you're already under thier control without even being aware of it.

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