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Personal Alchemy and The Elixir of Life

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 09:54 PM

OmegaPoint Logotherapy

This 'idea" or conceptualization or methdological epistomology I called OmegaPoint Logotherapy, conveys something vital about our human condition, and our place and purpose in life, as healers in the world and great lovers of people the whole world over, starting from within our own family of origin and circle of loved ones and therefrom eminating outwardly to encompass the whole of humanity and human history and by extension, all creation - this idea is I am convinced by its very nature, transformative, revivifying, and ultimately regenerative of an entirely new domain of liberation, both for us, and for everyone with whom we interact, at all levels. And there are levels to us, as a created being, of which we cannot now even begin to fathom, but which are nevertheless eternally present. It is an awesome symetry the human being let us say, as an expression of a seemingly endless universal drive and impulse to evolution and even self realization and "God conscious" awareness in the fullness of time and history, for the sake of nothing it would appear upon re-cognition, but love and enjoyment in the final analysis, for happiness, and joy, with your joy, my joy and everyone's joy made complete, even in the face of the worst percieved indignities and injustices imaginable. It (OmegaPoint) is a transcendant triumph if you will, a Great Work at once realized in the twinkling of an eye, with a smile wiping away a tear. It is the very thing that we've suffered for perhaps countless generations and the history of time and space to realize and it is in truth, worth any amount of suffering TO realize. And this is it! We all know this, that the time of no-time was coming, we knew we'd find that strange attractor of formative novelty at the end of history and that we'd see the immamence of the eschaton, the kingdom of heaven again spreading out upon the earth, even if only from an initial point of projection (OmegaPoint) no larger than the size of a tiny mustard seed of faith and hope for something better even by an infinite degree.

This human curiosity, this impulse and drive to creative from novelty, in search of happiness and the "fountain of youth", this yearning which compells us to know and to understand (to seek God), this spark of love mixed with reason, logic and meaning which is the light of life, it never died, we did not stop trying, and that my friends is I think humanities one saving grace, and you are its remnant, it's protector, and eventual "projector" because in truth you are more powerful by any possible measure which you yourself could even concieve, by very virtue of the fact that there's infinitely more to you and I than meets the eye, there is not no one at home, let us say..

And who can plumb the depths of the reason and purpose of all creation, and yet, at the same time, knowing that it's there, is still available to us by our reason and logic? - but we cannot SEE it, nor bottle it for inspection by atheists (not to make them "bad"), nevertheless we KNOW it's there, we can feel it, deep within, the child at heart never died (smiles). We may have gotten beat up by life, most of us have, but there is still this place somewhere, a burning heat deep in the chest and in the heart, which I think must be hard wired in to the Akashic Field ie: from within the innermost heart of hearts (maybe there's something special about the small cluster of heart neurons we haven't even come close to understanding as yet..).

Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also.

There is treasure in heaven, but it's we, co-creatively hand in hand with the spirit of life and love who generate it and deposit it there, but God himself who guards it thereafter, even from the projection point of our own hearts and minds. In other words once something is "gotten" it can never be ungotten. This is why I smile now, because at the very deepest level of our beings, we already know just about everything already, if only we could get our stupid heads out of the way and allow the heart to speak and listen to what it's saying.

And so this OmegaPoint Logotherapy then, is a gateway access point which was otherwise inaccessible as knowledge or understanding, even something residing otherwise in the realm of the unknown unknown or what you didn't even know you didn't know and therefore never even considered, before now.

Let's begin.

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 10:15 PM
This idea was something I started developing in the thread

Change your PAST, and you will change your FUTURE!

I would like here first include the OP's post, just to show the context from the findings of modern science.

Originally posted by Gseven

Change your past? Have I COMPLETELY lost my marbles?!? Nope, and hopefully, when I get done explaining, you will have a completely different outlook on the reality around you. Time, as we currently view it is running out....what do we have to lose? Absolutely nothing, but we have absolutely EVERYTHING to gain....if you just consider the possibilities, believe, and give it a go! I am! Who will join me in the most life altering "experiment" ever performed?

While I could sit here and regurgitate the same old "we're all one", "I'm you and you're me", "we attract what we want", "we make our own karma", and all the other eastern inspired philosophies, it does no good if we nod and say "yeah, right on!" and never quite grasp the full reality of those that is based on Quantum Physics. I've been one of those people, and I dare say I know more than my fair share of internet philosophers who would be reluctant to admit they are no better than me. I have always WANTED to grasp what appears to allude me - that deeper understanding that constantly makes me feel like I missed the lunch special because I was at the end of the line - but sadly, nothing I read quite cleared it up for me. Until recently....

I have compiled a series of quotes from various sources, in a attempt to help explain this a lot clearer than I ever could.

How to Change Your Past

We're born, we grow up, we grow old and then we pass on. Life progresses from birth to death always moving forward...

At least that's what we're taught.

Time marches on. Once something happens we can't change it. We can't go back and change our past, so the story goes.

But for decades scientists have known (and Einstein became famous for this) that time is relative, meaning it is not a constant and it is not moving forward independent of you....

[skipped text - please see link for the whole article]

According to Einstein, history unfolding is just an illusion. The past, present and future all exist seamlessly at once!

[skipped text]

David Miller of the Centre for Time at the University of Sydney in Australia says that "If you have this view, the future and the past are not any different, so there's no reason why you can't have causes from the future just as you have causes from the past."

This means that if you had an accident, injury, trauma or challenge and you are still experiencing pain or suffering (and blaming the incident as the cause) all you need to do is send a cause from the future to change that undesirable past!

The weird thing is...

When you do this it actually does change your past, and a new possibility for the future shows up as well!

But how do you send a "cause from the future" into your past to change it?

Here's where it gets cool...

During an "entrainment" session (check out > for more information about Network Spinal Analysis and entrainments) there is a suspension of the posture and physiology associated with your sense of "self".

Since your "self" is essentially just a story formed from selective and imaginative remembering of past events and circumstances, when you suspend the physiological anchors to one "self," another "self" shows up!

Your mindset changes, your emotional state changes, your entire experience of space-time changes. An event that was thought to be the cause of pain can now be remembered in a different way because the "you" doing the remembering has a different sense of space-time reality.

It is hard to really grasp this (because the part of your mind that keeps your sense of "self" intact works really hard to maintain the illusion that there is just one "self"moving through time.)

But the truth is, you actually exist simultaneously at every age you've ever been and ever will be!

(When you add a newer branch of physics theory called "Superstring Theory" into the equation, you find out that you are actually made up of "strings" of vibrating 1-dimensional slices of a 2-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11-dimensional space, and connected to the vibration of everything that ever was and ever will be!)

The more you explore the nature of space-time-reality, the weirder it gets!

So what's the takeaway from all of this? Well, if you had the idea that in order to "heal your past" or create a more compelling future you had to go through a long process of change and an arduous journey to
transform your life...

You can rest assured that there's no need for that!

All you have to do is suspend the sense of "self" that was wounded or blaming, and the alternate version of you that can perceive the gifts and benefits from your "past" can show up.

OK, is it a little hard to wrap your brain around just yet? Let's try a few more "versions" to see if it helps seal the concept a little better....

Change Your Past, Choose Your Future

See, many people think that the past is set in stone. That the past is completely gone and is what it is and can't be changed. Well, this is only partially true, and understanding where it isn't true allows you to use it to your advantage in order to change your present and your future.

The past is set in stone in that the physical actions that happened cannot be changed. However, the quantum effects of the past that have been left inside of your being can be changed, and there for, effect and change your past influences.

The same is true for the future. The future is unknown, but cannot be changed. The future is completely dependent upon the past. Your past influences, conditioning, ideas, thoughts, decisions, and a million other things dictate and decide what your future will be. Your future is set in stone, until you change the stone.

It's simple, effect your past, change your future. They go hand in hand because you cannot change one without effecting the other. Learn to effect each one in and of itself, and you can effect and change the other in order to cause it to serve you.

So what does the present have to do with anything? The present is where we experience the decisions and the residue of the past. It's the only moment we are able to get the rewards, or the punishment for past concepts, perceptions, decisions, and choices we have made.

It's also the only place where the past or the future can be effected. The future is created by the decisions, concepts, ideas, beliefs, and perceptions that we hold in the present moment. The past is changed by the choices and decisions we make in the present moment. The present is the only place we can make changes, make new decisions, take in new ideas, concepts, and beliefs.

The present is the only place and the only time we have. It must be used in order to manifest the future we want, and to change the past we have had in order to manifest that future. Use your present as effectively as possible. Use it to create the life you want to live.

No? Still not quite there? Hang on...

Does The Past Exist Yet?

Is it possible we live and die in a world of illusions? Physics tells us that objects exist in a suspended state until observed, when they collapse in to just one outcome. Paradoxically, whether events happened in the past may not be determined until sometime in your future -- and may even depend on actions that you haven't taken yet.

In 2002, scientists carried out an amazing experiment, which showed that particles of light "photons" knew -- in advance −- what their distant twins would do in the future. They tested the communication between pairs of photons -- whether to be either a wave or a particle. Researchers stretched the distance one of the photons had to take to reach its detector, so that the other photon would hit its own detector first. The photons taking this path already finished their journeys -− they either collapse into a particle or don't before their twin encounters a scrambling device. Somehow, the particles acted on this information before it happened, and across distances instantaneously as if there was no space or time between them. They decided not to become particles before their twin ever encountered the scrambler. It doesn't matter how we set up the experiment. Our mind and its knowledge is the only thing that determines how they behave. Experiments consistently confirm these observer-dependent effects.

More recently (Science 315, 966, 2007), scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus, and showed that what they did could retroactively change something that had already happened. As the photons passed a fork in the apparatus, they had to decide whether to behave like particles or waves when they hit a beam splitter. Later on - well after the photons passed the fork - the experimenter could randomly switch a second beam splitter on and off. It turns out that what the observer decided at that point, determined what the particle actually did at the fork in the past. At that moment, the experimenter chose his history.

Of course, we live in the same world. Particles have a range of possible states, and it's not until observed that they take on properties. So until the present is determined, how can there be a past? According to visionary physicist John Wheeler (who coined the word "black hole"), "The quantum principle shows that there is a sense in which what an observer will do in the future defines what happens in the past." Part of the past is locked in when you observe things and the "probability waves collapse." But there's still uncertainty, for instance, as to what's underneath your feet. If you dig a hole, there's a probability you'll find a boulder. Say you hit a boulder, the glacial movements of the past that account for the rock being in exactly that spot will change as described in the Science experiment.

[text removed]

Bottom line: reality begins and ends with the observer.

[text removed]

...historical events such as who killed JFK, might also depend on events that haven't occurred yet. There's enough uncertainty that it could be one person in one set of circumstances, or another person in another. Although JFK was assassinated, you only possess fragments of information about the event. But as you investigate, you collapse more and more reality. According to biocentrism, space and time are relative to the individual observer - we each carry them around like turtles with shells.

History is a biological phenomenon − it's the logic of what you, the animal observer experiences. You have multiple possible futures, each with a different history like in the Science experiment. Consider the JFK example: say two gunmen shot at JFK, and there was an equal chance one or the other killed him. This would be a situation much like the famous Schrödinger's cat experiment, in which the cat is both alive and dead − both possibilities exist until you open the box and investigate.

"We must re-think all that we have ever learned about the past, human evolution and the nature of reality, if we are ever to find our true place in the cosmos," says Constance Hilliard, a historian of science at UNT. Choices you haven't made yet might determine which of your childhood friends are still alive, or whether your dog got hit by a car yesterday. In fact, you might even collapse realities that determine whether Noah's Ark sank. "The universe," said John Haldane, "is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose."

Is it sinking in yet? I'm looking at more info, so I'm hoping to post more in a bit! Happy changing!


To which I replied

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

OmegaPoint Logotherapy (inception)

What I get from this is the idea that "time" is becoming a tool, a creative tool housed in the imagination, and that's rather unusual, like nothing we've ever been taught to even consider as a possibility. How so? Well, the future is something we can only project into with the imagination. However, we can only get a gateway "clearing" or a reset, by getting to the end of the old program we were running ie: the "story" of the self needs to be unravelled or resolved in terms of it's "meaning" or "significance", which can then be reframed from the perspective of the future self who is able to recieve it and reintegrate it as the gift that it really is, once understood and recognized (re-cognized). I call this process "OmegaPoint Logotherapy", which I am convinced can be formulated into a therapeutic model driven by the Socratic Method of teaching ie: the asking of well crafted questions which will drive a person into a "wedge" of realization, and the end of their life drama, so that a new future can be crafted which is by comparison infinitely more authentic and empowering. The hallmark or the test if you will, will reside in the capacity of a person's ability to extract humor from their "drama" in recognition of the absurd nature of it's continuance from past to future as an inauthentic projection driven by nothing more than a learned reaction/response behavioral pattern or program. It's like a running gag of slapstick humor, provided we can resolve the percieved "injustice" at the heart of the problem, and become present to it's effects on our life to date, and so before the smile and the laughter, there could be tears and that's ok. Point being, all this baggage from the "past" which is really nothing but "story" must be let go to squeeze through the gateway of all possibility that is the realm of domain of the as as yet unborn future we are moving into, and operating from. And so once the person get's the joke on the other side of the indignity of the injustice, and has completed their "facepalm" moment, they are then invited to view it from the perspective of their future self, where any trace of the old program will then be completely dissolved, and the past, forgiven radically and completely where to forgive is to let go, once the learning has occured.

To conduct any such therapy effectively, the therapist will have to reside in the space of no-time, and be prepared to share the full weight of the clients sorrows as neccessary, so that this aspect of their "drama" can be lightened and begin to lost integrity relative to something (the imagined future) which is absolutely perfect, whole and complete.

What does it mean? What does it mean? is the question posed (Logotherapy being the will to meaning) until the client sees clearly that it can mean something totally different from a different perspective, in this case, from a different POV wherefrom all problems have already been resolved, and all lessons learned, which is already available in the eternally present moment containing all timelines! (OmegaPoint)

The therapy is fast too, beginning as it does with the end in mind already, the aim being for the client to get their total clearing as quickly as possible, entering into the ground of ecstatic humor over their own folly and the absurd nature of their own life drama, which almost always originates from a few turning point moments in life, one revolving around their first memory (the eye opener and loss of innocence), the next, during the indignities of puberty or thereabouts and then, when they made their first attempts to embark onto the path of adulthood, and guaranteed every time, the same central theme as far as the meaning of the story, will be repeated, to ultimately form that person's "strong suit" or how they've used the pain to create a shield for themselves, imprisoning them in an inauthentic "programming", which was never real to begin with, just a reaction/reponse, and although an understandable one at that, one that was ineffectual in many ways, given the degree to which it simply served to propogate their fundamental dramatic problem, adding only FURTHER insult to injury (which is where the humor starts to creep in..).

The "space" the therapist is creating with their presence in no-time must of course also be the space of absolute acceptance and unconditional love, and so to become an OmegaPoint Logotherapist any such therapist will have had to have had the experience already, to arrive at no-time ie: OmegaPoint, or they will project some form judgement however slight, which cannot be present or the therapeutic setting for this type of realization would be contaminated by judgement. Therefore any such therapist would also have to have a very strong capacity for a love willing to go to any lengths to bring about healing.

Intriguingly, at a very fundamental level, any and every client "healed" by this therapy, although they might not go through the required training to become a therapist themselves, will therafter carry with them the "OmegaPoint" realization, which they will be encouraged to them carry with them into their own family of origin, fearlessly and with unconditional love, awareness and a sense of mirth and in service to others they encounter, not to change anyone, but so that people when in the presence of such an individual, will be given the courage to become more authentically who THEY really are, so the whole thing then is world changing, moving like a new program of the space of all possibility in unconditional love and mutual acceptance!

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 10:38 PM
So next to lay it all out for your consideration and mutual "grokking" most fully, I would like to simply present the comments I created in that thread here in this post (please don't mod me for this in this thread for this purpose, thanks)

I hope you enjoy this read and find it worthwhile I'm pretty sure you will think it's worth it when you're done and heading out with ever more power, freedom and authentic self expression and life experience. So please trust me and don't just scroll this, k?

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
An added benefit to this, as an "OmegaPoint" therapeutic model, is that it also serves to redeem our anscestors, since these issues largely eminate through our family of origin, which ultimately extends itself to include the whole of humanity and the entire breadth and depth of human history - since we're talking quantum here, it's also like an overarching bridge over time and history, or a type of keystone in a royal arch over or through which humanity itself will one day pass into everlasting freedom from life to life in eternity or in short the "great work of all ages" whereby we become consciously aware and authentic, as the end of "evil" or of a bad program rooted in all manner of bad history and incivility born of nothing but misunderstanding and misinterpretations about our individual and collective past, which again adds more power to the process by many orders of magnitude, perhaps even to an infinite degree, framed only by unconditional love, joy, and laughter.

This is what I would like to make my life's definite purpose or future self - an OmegaPoint Logotherapist, since in the quantum realm, given enough time, anything, anything at all, is possible and eventually, actual.

Go big or go home as they say!

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
There is also accumulating evidence that we possess both a classical brainmind and a quantum brainmind, the latter of which "contains" the choosing self, although the choosing self, the free self, the empowered self (after all what is power if not the power to choose, with awareness?) - is a non-local, holographic phenomenon, and is therefore resident outside of space and time ie: an OmegaPoint. The past as story, is then collapsed in choice (interpretation) from the position of no-time, a realm or domain, of all timelines.

This whole theory holds water. As a newfound therapuetic model as I outlined earlier, it accesses vast amounts of otherwise untapped power and energy, and resources.

And let us not forget either that the "past", once recognized and reinterpreted or fully "grokked" as nothing but a learning experience from the POV of a timeless, spaceless, eternal moment, is "thereafter" no longer the determining factor for the future-past history we are writing or creating from this eternally unfolding present moment, now rich with novelty, and therefore creative energy, joy, excitement and anticipation.

This is our birthright and our heritage and inheritance prepared for us from the time before time, to the time after time.

"I am the first and the last, the alpha and the omega."

Water of life, flow of life in eternity, a tangled hierarchy, from above..

Oh the things now awaiting discovery, like prescious stones unearthed and left laying there right on our front lawn!

What joys and wonders await.. for those with the ears to hear and the eyes to see, and the mind to "grok" most fully of.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by chocise

What we're saying isn't that something that happened didn't happen or that it happened in another way, you're missing the point. What we're saying is that it doesn't exist in it's own right as a "reality", but simply as "story" subject to reinterpretation from an entirely new POV and frame of reference, whereby the only thing that matters as reality, is the future-past history we are creating through the eternally unfolding present moment, thus recreating a new past from an imagined future, where the "meaning" of the story or it's "theme" is the actual stuff of existence, which leads to another quantum idea of a sum over histories.
The point to all this is that the ideas we all have about time and causation are largely founded in a Newtonian, Materialist Monist "billiard ball" world, but that's not the real world, however well it lends itself to common sense. It's been replaced by the quantum reality paradigm, something we are only just beginning to understand and come to grips with, but when we do, and the old world dies away, then wholistically, we're all into a new age, where time itself starts to become nothing more than a creative tool housed in the imagination and nothing more.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Again, you have the wrong impression. This isn't about magical thinking.

Let me put it this way. The 20th century may be considered in many ways "the century of the self" where the exploration and technological advance was all about controlling the outer world to try to satisfy selfish desires based on a materialist monist (matter alone is primary) presupposition.

The 21st century, OTOH, will be "the century of the human being" where our exploration and re-discovery of the self will be something taking place in "inner space" or in the psyche of man, in part to undo all the damage done as a result of self will run riot in a material world.

The self is up for reinterpretation. We do not know who or what we really are, and the new science is helping us to understand our true place in the universe, the implications of which are utterly astonishing and so contrary to "common sense" that we're having a hard time grasping it, and such is the way with all new paradigms, whereby the old one doesn't die away easily.

A shift in human perception, really does bring in a whole new world and a new reality, but "self" as it used to be concieved assumes falsely that this spells death to the self, and to the degree that this "self" is no-thing but an aggregate of past memory and learned reaction/response behavioral patterns, it's right, and so it will resist the new paradigm tooth and nail.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

Originally posted by chocise
ahhhhhhh rrrrrrrright,
sorry m8, dream away, the unequivocal fact remains: the past is unchangeable. Time moves forward, not backwards.

The very idea of an "arrow of time" isn't what we think. The new physics is bringing that into question

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by Greensage

I once knew a guy who had a demon for a dad, and his dad had passed away, but therafter lived in hell as far as my friend was concerned, his dad abused them and their mother severely and was an alchoholic. He even managed to seduce my friend's wife and lure her into adultery, can you imagine? My friend, who was really someone I was trying to help who'd I'd met through AA, he lived a tortured life having a demon dad in hell, and was unable to break free, when what he needed to do, but was unwilling to do, was to forgive his dad in spite of the evils, not even for his dad's sake, but for his own. Had he freed his dad, he could have freed himself, but instead he chose to have a demon dad in hell, and as such, there was always this hand reaching up to pull him down. Hatred and vengeance, even in the face of evil and wickedness, is itself an evil and wicked thing to engage in, and to feed - why not put an end to the whole cycle as a historical dynamic..?

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by Gseven

I think the truth, hidden from us for whatever reason, is that we are freer than we can possibly imagine.

Personally I rather like the idea of the little man getting ahead of the curve regarding issues of authentic empowerment because it changes the whole game, and moves the goalposts so far that the PTB won't even know were to begin once they discover that their power base simply vanished in the twinkling of an eye..

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by Greensage

I haven't seen my friend in a long time, and I wasn't able to help him no matter how hard I tried. He's an alchoholic (very very alchoholic). Let me put it this way, he got a tattoo of the Coor's Light label in full colour inscribed on the calf of his leg, now that's dedicated! Talk about carving out your future in stone.. in this case in flesh.
People are just NUTS when it comes to these issues, and I have to say that I think you're a little crazy too not to forgive your Dad, because if you knew HIS full story and that of his father and father's father's father ad infinitum, you wouldn't believe how absurd this thing is. Perhaps some neanderthal knocked another one over the head over a misunderstanding 10,000,000 years ago, and that dufus was your ancestor...! It's a sickness, these things are, which move down through the family of origin and the sins of the father.
You've done so well but you have yet to close the circle. I think you need to confront him but only AFTER you've ALREADY done the work of forgiveness, however hard that may be, and preferably before he passes away, so that you don't end up with a demon dad in hell. It wasn't ENTIRELY his fault either, he was a sick man, just a sick man, who's lying to himself and who may need your forgiveness, if not in this life then in the next, so why not close the whole circle now?

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
I don't think there is any need to justify the injustice, just simply to forgive anyway in spite of it, and there was one thing I wanted to add or correct in terms of this notion of "closing the circle" in a "confrontation", and that was, to close the circle in a confrontation of forgiveness, absolute, unconditional forgiveness, and a request for forgiveness, against which no defence is possible or required. Then when the full effort is made, and the forgiveness fully extended, then there is closure and peace of mind. We cannot be responsible for how the other person responds of course, only for what's on our side of the street. This act, particularly within the family of origin, unleashes a whole new wave of causation and new possibility, as the end of "evil", and you can almost imagine angels rejoicing in heaven over such a thing, what courage! But there's no need to justify it or to make it make sense in terms of any metaphysical framework ie: the bad is needed for the good to be recognized as good and all such nonsense. An injustice is an injustice and it's entirely within our right to either forgive, or not to forgive, or forgiveness has no meaning, no power to alter the very fabric of our social matrix, or to heal the wounds of time and history. It takes extraordinary courage, such an act of grace which by its very nature is an unmerited gift of incaculable value, for all parties involved. Few have what it takes to cross over and into the domain of love meeting love even in the face of atrocious past acts of violence amid a complete and abject failure of love. And it's harder to do when the person has already passed on, harder to reconcile when you cannot do it in person, or at the very least on the telephone.

It would make for an interesting experiment for someone with any of this kind of past baggage witin the family of origin to make that call, extend the love and the forgiveness and ask for forgiveness in turn (for our own failure in love), and see just what kind of new future realm of possibility that opens up, what kind of clearing it generates, and how it acts as a type of quantum eraser of sorts..

Someone earlier asked how this thing is done, and what is the mechanism, well this is one powerful example of the how, at least in terms of first generating the required clearing in relation to the past, which while it doesn't change what happened, it certainly does irrevocably change how it's recorded, and what future history and future timeline is then created as a new possibility.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by NorEaster

It's my view and understanding that reality is discontinuous, but that the Akashic Field records that which is fruitful, or historically formative, and that indeed radical transformative forgiveness IS possible ie: a clean slate, even at every single moment, and, that our quantum brainmind as a co-creative participant CAN play a role in realizing something the universe is intimately involved with all the time already always through the eternally forgiven moment (in potentia), and THIS is why, we cannot be forgiven unless and until we ourselves also forgive as we are already forgiven. It never pays to hold a grudge in other words, figuratively, literally and quantum "cosmologically". Some among us also need to release from the need to be right, or to make someone else wrong, which is also very much a "strong suit" developed in no small part as a defence mechanism build for absurd reasons that cannot really serve us until they are brought out into the light of awareness, and the blind spot removed. Everything is apparent in the action, and in the heart of a person which cannot be hidden from view.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

Originally posted by Equinox99
reply to post by Gseven

As much as I enjoy philosophy I know you can't change your past and if you can please prove me wrong. You could look at your past as a tool to help you the present as a stepping stone to enter into the future, but you can't change the past.

The past doesn't exist to us because it has come and gone. The past is like a dead person, and a dead person can't be woken up.

There is no past except the story we tell about it, and how it's remembered, from the present moment. It's not "back there" any more, so to speak. Of course since the fully informed akashic field has already "grokked" it in the fullness of time and history (stored up what was and is fruitful ie: learned), even via our own quantum holographic brainmind, nevertheless, in the fullness of time and history and in the domain of the timeless, spaceless, and absolutely free choosing self - looking back if you will from the perspective of absolute perfection and wholeness that is the realm of all possibility ie the unconditioned ground of being (nothingness in everything) we then re-cognize it, and reintegrate it and pick up it as we go along, except the arrow of causation has reversed itself, since the past, as a learned way of being and thinking and acting, no longer need inform the future, the present thereafter being a condition, not of the past, but of the future, or what one might call the holy of holies, since it has absolute perfection, and absolute integrity and wholeness, and which already always remembers what it already knew anyway, thus being able to forget it ie: to forgive.

There's a joke there awaiting us all at the end of time, one capable of saving the world of this I am absolutely 100% convinced, and although it's at our own expense, it is the laughter of liberation, and therefore can never bring with it, the indignity of the unjustice, and so it's prior humor and prior freedom then, in the eternal absolute of the consciousness of consciousness of consciousness ad infinitim.

Opp, I'm starting to have another one of those Terrance McKenna moments..!

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Cont'd (last post of this info movement to finish laying out the concept)

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
acceptance, in the space of freedom, is the highest form of love.

"renounce, and enjoy!" (Gandhi)

Flow of life, water of life, freely available for all who thirst..


yes, there's another access point..! another POV! it's like facing yourself from the future, perfect whole and complete, all information available, nothing left out - acceptance, as the highest form of love. This applies then not only to ourselves, but also to our neighor as self.

We've all been to hard on our selves and on our fellow man, we were idiots - FACEPALM!

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
OmegaPoint Logotherapy

Let's apply it then, within this non-localized, timeless spaceless POV or frame of reference via the present moment recollection and re-cognition of certain past memories of percieved events which were in our experience formative, causative events in our life, and see how this might allow us a new access point mechanism (something which previously unavailable being in the realm of the "unknown unknown") by which to view it and to "grok" it, in a whole new context - thereafter fully recognized also fullly integrated once and FOR ALL TIME (beginning as always of course with the end in mind). I almost sense a smile already coming on here, since we already know all these things anyway, as the always always condition of our natural way of being, of our true and authentic, and completely liberated self, free to choose with awareness, recognizing as always that we are after all only creating an ongoing "story" of life from the eternally unfolding present moment of now - where all timelines intersect.

Of course any such recognition thereafter, and already always now and forever (since the mind once it changes shape can never go back to it's original configuration) may then produce, as a gateway access point, a radical and transformative shift in human perceptual awareness (OmegaPoint ie: ongoing timeless recognition) - in a very very empowering and liberating way, since context and framing is and means everything. This recognition then in effect reverses the arrow of time (and causation?) henceforth inviting and allowing us (with compassion) to no longer live relative to the past we think we are moving out of, but instead, to the very FUTURE we are living INTO as the realm or domain of all possibility (holy of holies) and therefore, from the perspective of that which is always and forever, perfect, whole and complete (our true self).
It's nothing coercise however, but simply an invitation to stand in that space, and from that lofty position, look back on our life, at three formative events now recollections (recorded in the present) in the only REALITY that is EVER available - in and from the present, the fully human person (in this case YOU) now set free (or soon..) to joyfully plow the whole field with creative novelty and therefore, in a happy way, your joy made complete, your sense of humor, restored.

Let's see if this new paradigm can be applied then, even now, in real time..

Would anyone be willing to participate in this? Sure, why not, right?

Ok, then here goes - OmegaPoint Logotherapy
[now in the role as omegapoint logotherapist... clearing throat to ask the first questions of you my beloved client, looking at you with the most unconditionally loving, carefree, happy and non-judgemental demeanor, leaning forward slighly, smiling..

to follow...

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

Originally posted by Screwed
I think I'm going to try something.
I am going to start remembering a past that never happened.

No no, there's no NEED for that, that's absurd, everything's been recorded, the tracks to a revelation and illumination are precisely in our own interpretations ABOUT what happened. It's nothing to be afraid of, "the past", since all that remains is the "spin" we put on it and how it's recollected and how it's remembered and recorded, from the present! There's no need to become neurotic about something so harmless, and when you come to a complete reintegration of it, as is, making available absolute and authentic love, in forgiveness why then you'll be truly you as you really are..

Why imprison yourself in a lie when all you need to is to liberate yourself with the truth itself, which is infinitely more worthwhile, and the very reason and purpose of life! The NEW LIFE then is the one we're creating from the timeless present moment realization (all there is). It's not conditional of the past, but of the future, where the past is nothing but our interpretations about "what happened" but the future we are living into through the present, now that represents the possibility of real life, authentic life, peace, everlasting joy, happiness.

What you're proposing is inauthentic, and therefore not real, and the whole point of this isn't to divorce ourselves from reality, but to find it, to seek and find the truth that sets us free.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
OmegaPoint Logotherapy Cont'd

Even though no one replied or starred I think I'll continue with this anyway, if only because I myself am getting intrigued about it and am wondering what it might look like.. and because I think it's very much relevant to the discussion, as a potential mechanism or "how to" in order to become fully present to this new frame of reference, so as to make of it a functional physchology or philosophy or simply put, useful.

As mentioned, the starting point, in any sort of OmegaPoint type realization of a timeless, spaceless domain of all timelines is to make available and accessible, with time as nothing but creative tool in the imagination (the seed of all being, doing, having, experiencing) - the re-generation or rediscovery of a fully empowered and liberated and wholly authentic (real) future-past-present self ie: new creation (with prior humor and happiness in tact ie: no longer insulted by the indignity of the injustices of life) - will involve by neccessity first becoming present to the degree to which we`ve been inauthentically and continually projecting into the future, nothing but an interpretation of the past as an ongoing life drama or saga, who's root and source as a first cause, we wish to now bring to light, and in so doing, re-discover the logos or the the meaning of our life to date. (please forgive the run on sentence)

In regonizing the meaning and the central theme of the story or history of our life`s journey, we can then consider actually turning the page in our ongoing life story, and setting to work writing the next chapter, based exclusively on that which most inspires us and is in infinitely greater alignment with our true self, now realized in eternity as a new discovery. In short, it represents a whole new beginning, at the end of the false or inauthentic program we`ve been running and propogating from past to future, and trust me on this, if you do the re-examination with an open mind, free from any sort of bias or fear or suspicion, you might just burst out laughing at the utterly absurd nature of just who you`ve previously taken yourself to be, and why you do and keep on doing the things you do for all the wrong reasons ie: inauthentically. This realization, this recognition and new understanding resides already in your blind spot or in the domain of knowledge which was an unknown unknown, or something you didn`t even know you didn`t know and therefore have hitherto been unable to access, as a point of liberation (OmegaPoint). Rest assured however, you can`t not get it in the final analysis.

After all, what we`re actually seeking here is nothing but the chance to be fully real and true to the self, while at the same time, having the good fortune of accessing, whenever we wish (able to freely come and go) a new position and standing in life, making the whole breadth of past history available, as well as, the whole breadth of the future history and future self we can now choose to begin living into in being and becoming. Once the past has been fully `grokked` or reintegrated and recognized, it can therafter be forgotten (having already stored up, whatever treasure as information, in-formation, there is to be had, now forever preserved, as love, and whatever is fruitless, cast away). To forgive is to forget, but only after understanding is realized, the ``theme`` of the story about who we were `grokked`, can it be released and let go, the self then and now and forever already always, set FREE, to embark upon a whole new way of life and self expressed authentic being (true self).

Upon the new path or journey, all resources and points of access, are then now made available, and our newfound awareness, is a light to our path and a lamp unto our feet..

This would be a real marvel, as a therapeutic model, if, beginning with the end in mind it contains already imbedded within itself the final realization, self referencially - and thus, as we begin to enter the timeline of the actual therapy itself, it`s own future present - as the realm of possibility in rediscovery of what we already knew, in potentia (all real education is simply remembrace of something already latent or imbedded in truth and understanding) via a type of backaction in time (Terrance McKenna comes to mind here), is already available!!

In other words, you know where I`m going with this already even now as I type these words on the screen, you can intuit I think the mirth, and the joy and the liberation already present in the very attempt, and the reason for that I think is because all realization is a realization in eternity already always to begin with! So when we get into or up to something novel as truth, it comes at us even faster than we need process the information and at the same time, when it comes to us, if true, which it will be for us, it can never be an imposition on the mind, although we might have to initially stretch ourselves and extend somewhat to grasp it as the invitation it already represents.

Thus the very moment you enter into OmegaPoint Logotherapy with me, it would be entirely ok if, as soon as we sat down together, you and I burst out laughing, having gotten it already, ending the therapy, before it`s even apparently begun!

Thus I don`t even need to ask the first questions!

But I will anyway.

more to follow..

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OmegaPoint Logotherapy Cont`d

The first recollection and the emergence of self conscious awareness in the life of the individual.

Ok for those who will, here`s the first question - After reading this, sit back, close your eyes, relax, and think back to your very earliest memory, the very first, where, in the event or occurance of `what happened` you became AWARE, call it your eye-opener. It`s usually something that might have happened when we were maybe three or four (past life memories excluded for the sake of this process) and when it happened, our childlike thought in reaction may have been along the lines of SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE! or SOMETHING`s WRONG WITH ME! The first memory, which produced in us, our first strong and powerful sense of self awareness.

Go back and find it, and once you`ve found one, see if there`s another, earlier one, the `lights on` moment, when you became wide eyed and suddenly realized that everything wasn`t all softness and light.

Once you`ve found it, go into the remembrance (coming back to the screen as needed), and open it up, with colour, sounds, smells, impressions, the scene, the time, the tone, setting, vibe, as well as the particulars of the actual occurance of the event itself (as you remember it), and then try to get to presence to the whole experience, and now ask yourself - what conclusion did I draw, what did I decide about the world (how the world really works) and my relationship to it, which I then took away from the experience, how did I react and what was the determination I made about how to AVOID such an experience in the future... ie: what part of my `strong suit` or future skill-set might I have thereafter begun to develop in response to it ie: ``I will become so SMART that no one will ever call be stupid again``, that kind of thing...

What we`re looking for here, is the strategy which resulted, the decision we made as a result about `the way things are` at least that which was very powerfully understood by us at the time, in our childlike mind...

What was WRONG, and what did we decide to do, to avoid it, or try to make right, or defend against, relative to that wrong..?

And as a result, what strategy was formed, what part of our strong suit, constructed..?


We then repeat this same process, for two other formative events, the next in

early adolescence

and after that

early adulthood when first embarking out on our own or when trying to make our place in the world as self sufficent or self determined individuals.

For each event, determine what was wrong, or what we made wrong about it, and what we decided about it, and about how to be, relative to it, what coping strategies were developed, how did we deal with it, and what did it MEAN to us, and what precisely did we become determined to DO or to THINK and to BE as a result, either in reaction, as a defence, or in order to make right a wrong.. in search of `justice`.

Finally - compare the three, and look for the central theme and fill out the rest of the ``strong suit`` which was built in response.

Then, we take inventory of our strong suit (all our present gifts and talents), and look at how these three formative events comprise a central theme, then examine that theme and way of being, and of coping, relative to the rest of our past history, to see just what we`ve made ourselves, to be, in reaction and response, as the evolution of the central theme...

Let`s bring that to presence, and then take ourselves back again, through those three formative events, back to the first LIGHTS-ON memory...

This is who you were, and why you were (are?) who you are, everything about you as far as your personality goes, how you relate to your family, to others, your boss, the world around you, to yourself, your hobbies, your passions, your `strong suit` the whole thing - find that central theme.. and recognize it`s first cause, it`s root and source in that first memory...

Does this mean we`ll abandone these strategies? Hardly, since we can no more change ourselves than anyone else and why would we want to? However, what this then makes available, is the possibility of being authentically who we really are, inside the strong suit, or on the other side of it! Thus, we can relax into the energy and resources and the awareness that this makes available, in Omegapoint, and from here on in choose to do what we wish, for all the right reasons, in a way and in a manner, that is wholly authentic and entirely self expressed.

We cannot enter the realm or domain of omegapoint (all timelines) if we're carting around a truck load of absurd baggage and inauthentic programming ie: as self-made robots..

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

Originally posted by fedges
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Very well put this time around and much easier to grasp the concept (for me anyway). Two things I'd like to raise. Firstly, is there not a huge generalisation that one's first thought/recollection will be a negative? Much as I've tried I can't think of anything other than happy, positive occasions - how does that fit into the model? Secondly, you make a very bold statement "..since we can longer change ourselves..." !! I can only fundamentally disagree with this and surely this is what the whole post is about? CHANGING

The purpose of the excercise is self discovery, and to explore the various mechanisms of compensation and of reaction/response which have formed much of our personality or what I'm calling the "strong suit", and there are various points along the way where we decided on a certain style, approach and way of being, thinking and acting, in response and reaction to the percieved occurances of life, not that our own interpretation of the event as our "story" has any correlation with the event itself, which of course is just something that happened...

They need not be formed in reaction to percieved negative events (of course events are just things that happened and may be interpreted in any number of ways..), although I have yet to encounter anyone who does not carry around at least some baggage or pain from the past which operates as a constraint on their freedom and power.

So something happened and then there's what we made it mean for us, and the decision or conclusion we drew from that meaning or interpretation - although what happened is just what happened, and could have had an almost infinite number of causes, with a whole miriad of different interpretations from different perspectives, and an occurance or an event in time, just is, and doesn't have any real intrinsic meaning in its own right, whereby we are the ones who assign those meanings... (starting to get the picture?)

Re: "change". Change is something different from, or better than, what went before, in response to, so as to make something right or good, so I have to disagree that it's not "change" per se that we're wanting to realize, but the transformative realization made available in complete acceptance, making what was inauthentic and robotic, wholly authentic and real, and empowered, or freely chosen, for the right reasons simply because it inspires, not compells for unconcious reasons outside of our awareness. Ie: The more we try to change the more we only stay the same! "That which we resist, persists." (Carl Jung)

And in truth, from the new perspective, POV, or frame of reference - we are already perfect whole and complete. All these things are just interpretations of things we cannot even have entire certainty about, where "what happened" needn't neccessarily mean what we made it to mean... but since all there is is the meaning, as it's recorded in the present, the past then dissolves, in tears and laughter and childlike giggles.. but there's no there there as in a "real past" not any more, that's not the way it really works, as the OP has made very clear.

Thus we begin to stand in the "omegapoint" of no-time, and in turning back and examining our life's "story" we come to realize that it's just a story ABOUT a bunch of things that happened, which of themselves didn't even necessarily mean what we made them to mean or how we interpreted those things.

And so, having recognized all of that, and having fully re-integrated it, with a smile, or some tears, and some laughter at the absurdity of it all - we are then 100% FREE to turn around (reverse the arrow of time) and move forward into the future space of wholeness and perfection based simply on what inspires us, and on what and WHO we choose to be of our own free will with awareness and full self expression, knowing ourselves and accepting ourselves, as we truly are. There is nothing that needs changing don't you see?

Now if that doesn't make you smile, those who do the work and the excercises as described, then I do not know what will..

Best Regards,


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Originally posted by StarLightStarBright2
reply to post by NewAgeMan

I want to be your first patient!!....You should be writing books to!Your blessed at writing and comprehension.

Thank you very much! ("client" not patient though)

And just for the record, the purpose of the excercise I outlined, wasn't or isn't to try to air any "dirty laundry" or to take anyone else's inventory, but simply to help people get present to the presence of the present in eternity, and from that novel and lofty POV, shed light on our blind spot, as we observe, with astonishment and a newfound sense of humor, the past completely dissolve in a radical, transformative love, which is all that's left in the space of nothing that is everything already always now and forever.

If the therapy is a success, it ought to generate a newfound sense of unbridled enthusiasm and inspired action in relation to our family of origin, to heal the wounds that have been festering for countless generations, and there, within the framework of the "relativity of human being" is the OmegaPoint "detonated" if you will..

The point I'm also trying to make with this is that it's perfectly ok to conduct an in-between life review (by the standard of love), in the midst of our present life, and in so doing, re-discover our timeless, spaceless, changless and eternal self - perfect, whole and complete, which in all truth is the gateway of eternal life and freedom, our joy and happiness made complete, and I don't think Jesus cares if we believe in him or not, provided we get to where he was pointing and going, although his prayer was that we might become so one that we would recognize his sent calling by a God who is love itself and the spirit of life, and truth.

"The unexamined life is not worth living."
~ Socrates (he obviously had a sense of humor)

Although I've posted this short video on a number of occassions at different "times" in different places, I think it deserves reposting

And of course our strong suit will remain for this life A strong suit (since we're NOW free to choose who we are and are becoming), and while we can now fully accept every single part of ourselves, reintegrating all of it, making it "functional", at the same time, relative to the unconditioned ground of being that is the timeless domain of all possibility, in many ways we our "self" also can dissolve in eternity, whereby our self expressed authentic person at any given time, isn't who we think we are or were, but simply who we are choosing to be, like a role we're playing to the hilt! However, in this new framework we ought to be able to switch and try on new roles at will depending on the circumstance, while remaining wholly authentic and fully self expressed (know that it's just a role our true self is playing), and also, having access to the full breadth and depth of our personality "storehouse", be in control of our emotional or subtle body, and thus have access to energies and resources we never dreamed we had access to, yet balanced with the ability to say, this is the time for joy, this for sorrow, this even for anger (controlled appropriate anger), this for love, this the time for seriousness, and now, playfullness.

The no-self self isn't nobody and nothing at all, and who we are being at any given moment, provided we do not identify our "self" with that "role" and recognize that it's only a role we're playing, is still who we really are, and if we're having trouble being authentic in any situation, we can immediately get authentic again by being authentic about our own inauthenticity, which people find to be very endearing and charming, even encouraging.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by Gseven

Absolutely absolutely i agree 100%. It's amazing, too good to be true but true, incredible yet scientfically founded, hard to grasp but at the same time comprehensible in some strange way, as if from some sort of supra or ultra-rational POV, yet not new no - timeless, spaceless or placeless, without particulars. A mere shift in our POV and our frame of reference, which makes everything old, new again.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring shall be, to return to the place where we started, and know it for the first time.”
~ T.S. Elliot

I'll have to assume Gseven that your reference to "new age" wasn't a side shot at me, But you're right, this can't be tainted by lumping it into what most people traditionally think of when they hear the term "new age". This is very old science, the very wisdom of the ages, now verified by modern science. It's not new but very very old, and, already always everywhere all the time, now.

It's neither old or new but something BOTH.

"The kingdom of heaven, is like a storekeeper, who brings forth from his storehouse, both something old and something new." (JC)

I share your enthusiasm and passion for this topic. It's quite literally, the greatest thing since sliced bread, even better!



There we go! Hope this was and is helpful to you.

I'm working on a follow up post to all of this, with your assignment or your "mission" if you choose to accept it, as a simple application of this learning.



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If this is the least bit interesting to you, from the top post on this page, please stop here, go back and just take the time to read through the previous two posts, it won't take long and it will be well worth your time in the long run I can assure you. Thank you, for you time, your interest, and consideration, and it at all possible, your active participation, either by posting or just by reading and working with the various tools being presented in this thread.

STOP - Re-read for maximal grokking pleasure.

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This then is the REAL alchemy, which is the transformation of one substance (you) by the catalyst of love.

When we begin to shine the light of consciousness awarenes, or at least of increasing conscious awareness into our own blind spot, then "thine eye is single", that is if we also have a definite purpose in mind, which I would suggest is to laugh and to love, and to suffer with our fellow man, and serve the cause of love in the world, thus being and becoming the light of the world, informed by the light of life. What is informed is then made functional again, useful, and above all, helpful, not only to ourselves, but to all those with whom we interact, beginning from within our own family and family of origin, outwardly, to ultimately encompass the whole of humanity, and the fundamental activities of the "human being" in general, since once something is made accessible as an access point for one person, provided that it's also formative, creative, and active, it immediately extends itself, like a candle in the darkness, and we then by God have found our appropriate position as awareness and happiness itself placed "out on the lampstand" so to speak, freely shining for all in the house, and from one house to another, as the invitation of the ages, so to speak, sent out, called, chosen, or whatever you wish to call the destiny and fated calling of the heart to fullfill its innermost desire. Now THAT my good friends, is getting up to something BIG, but at the same time as Buddha said, it's also an unexcelled enlightenment or "nothing special" ie: nothing particularized in time or place (in time and space) thus actively engaging us, a priori, or already always, in the eternal love of bhakti, or that between the beloved and the beloved other, shared with the world, as Grace. To become a channel of God's grace in the world, is not only the highest honor, but the ONLY practical thing which makes ANY rational sense at all, once we remove everything else that was not reasonable and which stopped up short of the ideal of love and light, for whom there are no half measures [remember what I said earlier in the thread about first measuring the cost of descipleship, since the little cottage will become a great mansion fit for none other than the spirit of the living God to make a place with us]. It's an all-or-nothing propostition, but one which, if you're at all like I am, is the only kind worth making or considering!

"I thine eye be single, then thy whole body will be filled with light!" (JC)

"If nothing is special, then everything is!" (Buddhist saying)

Lord, make me a channel of thy peace,

that where there is hatred, I may bring love;

that where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness;

that where there is discord, I may bring harmony;

that where there is error, I may bring truth;

that where there is doubt, I may bring faith;

that where there is despair, I may bring hope;

that where there are shadows, I may bring light;

that where there is sadness, I may bring joy.

Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted;

to understand, than to be understood;

to love, than to be loved.

For it is by self-forgetting that one finds.

It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.

It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life.

~ Prayer of St. Francis

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"Quantum Psychology" bv Robert Anton Wilson

This is a fun read, and will hopefully boggle your mind sufficiently to allow you to gain a fuller appreciation and realization of the rather ephemeral quality of our own outworn and outmoded, and therefore self-constraining and self-limiting "reality tunnels" that we had constructed in relation to ourselves and to others. The seemingly endless capacity we have for creating unneccessary suffering through misinterpretation and the assigning of strong meaning to past events, and to "what happened" or what we think happened, then comes to light, and we then begin to see in the light of truth, the utter absurdity at the heart of much if not all of the percieved indignities and injustices we've suffered at the hands of parents, siblings, friends and aquaintances. This distinction, between what happened or what we think happened, and what we made it mean within the scope of our emerging reality tunnel (surrounded by blindspots) gives rise to the full recognition of the unneccessary suffering that ensued in its wake. Thereafter (NOW) seen as nothing but the past simply projected into the future according to all this reaction/response programming and all manner of learned behavioral responses to emotional stimuli (none of which by its very nature could ever be entirely real or authentic, by being as it were, repetitive and not novel or creative..), may then (NOW), if we are willing to do the work with willingness, open mindedness and honesty, liberate us, at the end of our self-constrained and self-limiting tunnel (surrounded by blind spots) turning what was otherwise unavailable in the realm or domain of an unknown unknown or what we didn't even know we didn't know and therefore could not possibly even consider as a possibility (blind to the truth) - inside out.

Outside of this conditioned and oftentimes rather narrow and constraining "reality tunnel" is the realm of domain of all possibility and of true self knowledge and understanding, as we step forth into the real reality of the light of life, now, at long last, knowing as we are known, and percieving as we are percieved (to be is to be percieved), liberated, to see our selves and our loved ones "face to face", the veil of illusion and delusion, lifted. Of course there may at first recognition, flow tears of sorrow and even shame, but then there is also a happiness and a joy, and a muor, which wipes away the tears from our eyes, whereby "the more that suffering has carved into our being, the more joy we can contain" (Khalil Gibran).

To follow - the practical application of "OmegaPoint Logotherapy" as a type of emergent butterly effect capable of moving mountains of historical causation creating the liberated space before you, having reversed your own arrow of time to live, set free to live not from the past, but relative to the future realm of possibility and novel creativity you may now being living into, with authenticity. True life, true self-realization, true love, since love is never love unless it is free.

What's the point in all this?

Energy, power and regeneration, at all levels in a formative way, from what is higher extended to the lower through you as an energy pathway and as the "light of the world", to raise what is low or corrupted and corruptible, up, unto increasingly higher heights or forms as a purification and rarifaction of that which was base, to what is golden.

WIth understanding of this process and how to plant the first seeds of transformation into the lives of those you touch, you will become a new creation as your true and authentic self, and you will understand what it means to think of this tiny seed of faith or "powder of projection" as the formative historical causation, of the tree of life itself.

You will be like the man who, when asked to go work the field at first although he may have said, no I won't go, changed his mind and went anyway, for all the right reasons..

Best Regards,


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I realize that's a LOT of information to digest regarding this concept for OmegaPoint Logotherapy, but imho, it's very much well worth any amount of effort, to both create and post the content and for you to consume it (grok it), not only for the liberation and revitalization of the human being that is you, but as an "omegapoint" turning point in your life, making of the expenditure of all your time and energies from here on in, that much more effective, efficient, inspired and therefore energetic, passionate, and revitalized - as a type of arrow of progress on the path of progress to perfection, and in preparation for the formulation of a chief definite aim or your life's new singleness of purpose (may thine eye be single), as your new and inspired "logos" or meaning/purpose. Surely that kind of thing might warrent a few hours of reading and contemplation.. of course it does.

So, getting back on track, I'm setting apart the first practical excercise for your close inspection, review, and practical participation.

Excercise #1

The first recollection and the emergence of self conscious awareness in the life of the individual.

Ok for those who will, here's the first question - After reading this, sit back, close your eyes, relax, and think back to your very earliest memory, the very first, where, in the event or occurance of "what happened" you became AWARE, call it your eye-opener. It's usually something that might have happened when we were maybe three or four (past life memories excluded for the sake of this process) and when it happened, our childlike thought in reaction may have been along the lines of SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE! or SOMETHING's WRONG WITH ME! The first memory, which produced in us, our first strong and powerful sense, of self awareness.

Go back and find it, and once you've found one, see if there's another, earlier one, as the "lights on" moment, when you became wide eyed and suddenly realized that everything wasn`t all "softness and light".

Once you've found it, go into the remembrance (coming back to the screen as needed), and open it up, with colour, sounds, smells, impressions, the scene, the time, the tone, setting, vibe, people involved, as well as the particulars of the actual occurance of the event itself (as you remember it), and then try to get to presence to the whole experience, and now ask yourself - what conclusion did I draw, what did I decide about the world (how the world really works) and my relationship to it, which I then took away from the experience, how did I react and what was the determination I made about how to AVOID such an experience in the future... ie: what part of my "strong suit" or future skill-set might I have thereafter begun to develop in response to it ie: "I will become so SMART that no one will ever call be stupid again", that kind of thing...

What we're looking for here, is the strategy which resulted, the decision we made as a result about "the way things are" at least that which was very powerfully understood by us at the time, in our childlike mind...

What was WRONG, and what did we decide to do, to avoid it, or try to make right, or defend against, relative to that percieved wrong or fear?

And as a result, what strategy was formed, what part of our future "strong suit", constructed..? By strong suit I mean the "successful" coping strategy we developed and the armor we might have built as a result, as an adaptation, for purposes of survival and of protection of our self as an entity or organism.


We then repeat this same process, for two other formative events, the next in

early adolescence

and after that

early adulthood when first embarking out on our own or when trying to make our place in the world as self sufficent or self determined individuals.

For each event, determine what was wrong, or what we made wrong about it or about ourselves, and what we decided about it, about how to be, relative to it, what coping strategies were developed, how did we deal with it, and what did it MEAN to us, and finally, what precisely did we become determined to DO or to THINK and to BE as a result, either in reaction, as a defence, or in order to make right a wrong.. ie: in search of "justice".

Finally - compare the three, and look for the central theme and fill out the picture of the rest of the "strong suit" which was built in response.

Then, we take inventory of our strong suit (all our present gifts and talents, and aversions), and look at how these three formative events comprise a central theme in the evolution of our life's story, and then examine that theme and resulting way of being, and of coping, relative to the rest of our past history, to see just what we`ve made ourselves, to be, in reaction and response, as the evolution of the central theme.. no need to make anything wrong, and as we can see many of these things have indeed served us well and may be considered as gifts, by creating a set of skills through our adaption and response to the "vissisitudes" of our life to date ie: I really DID become a strong alhlete in spite of (because of) being picked last for the soccer team in grade 3! Let us however also examine what we shrunk away from as a possible gift or talent ie: we never drew another picture after mom said in examining our gift, "that doesn't look like a dragon at all!"

Let's bring that to presence, and then take ourselves back again, through those three formative events, back to the first LIGHTS-ON memory...

This then is who you were, and why you were (are?) who you were/are. Everything about you as far as your personality goes, how you relate to your family, to others, your boss, the world around you, to yourself, your hobbies, your passions, this is all a manifestation of your "strong suit" (and fears and aversions) the whole thing. Now - find that central theme.. and recognize it's first cause, it's root and source, in that first memory...

Any humor starting to surface here perhaps..?

Does this mean we'll abandone these strategies? Hardly, since we can no more change ourselves than anyone else and why would we want to? However, what this then makes available, is the possibility of being authentically who we really are, inside the strong suit, or on the other side of it! Thus, we can relax into the energy and resources and the awareness that this makes available, in Omegapoint, and from here on in, choose to do what we wish, for all the RIGHT reasons, in a way and in a manner, that is wholly authentic and entirely self expressed.

We cannot enter the realm or domain of omegapoint (all timelines) if we're carting around a truck load of absurd baggage and inauthentic programming from the past ie: as self-made robots walking blindly along an arrow of time from past to future, it doesn't work that way and cannot.

Let us continue with this excercise then, until we reach the very end of our automatic reaction/response programs, and remember that there is nothing that needs changing here or gotten rid of, to the contrary, our "strong suit" once authenticated, shall be the first thing we'll access in our new quantum toolbox for creating novel forms (new creation) in our own life and in the lives of others, the distinction being that all these tools and resources we can now access and utilize with full conscious awareness, and thus with power and energy, not to defend against anything, but to instead fearlessly create a new future life, a new logos or meaning and purpose which is inpiring to us and engaging ie: FUN!

And maybe we'll even become the budding artist that we once were or might have been, had we not given up on ourselves so easily..

It's not too late people, to be reborn anew, and set to work participating in something creative, novel, fun, and HELPFUL both to ourselves and our fellow man, beginning even from within our own family of origin and from that OmegaPoint re-cognized, moving out from there one person at a time, to transform the world, in whatever way however big or small, fast or slowly - now pointed in the right direction! There's a LOT of energy there, a LOT of resources, which if you haven't experienced yet, you surely will when we come to "The Assignment"..

Stay tuned...

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Back to Alchemy

Prerequisit for participation

Do you have:
• An intention to grow beyond your limitations?
• A willingness to blend and become one with the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself?
• A belief that there is grander wisdom available?
• A desire to "know thyself"?

New Definition of Alchemy

The ability to transform one possibility, into another, by employing as a catalyst, the substance of love.

Alchemy as a Spiritual Process

Steps in Alchemy

Every spiritual system has its steps or phases of development. The Qabalist has his guide in the fruits and the paths of the "Tree of Life." Mahayana Buddhism teaches its adherents the various "bhumis," or "grounds" that has to be passed; other traditions such as Sufism and Yoga similarly have designated the rungs of the spiritual ladder. The 33 degrees of Freemasonry has its prototype in the vetebrae of the human spine. Kundalini is supposed to climb 33 rungs before she is crowned in the sahasrara chakra. The Patriarch Jacob was shown in a vision how to climb that spiritual ladder. In Alchemy, teachings differ as to the number of stages required; some adepts propound 5, 7, 9, 12, or even 14 steps. We choose to deal briefly with the following seven steps:

1) Sanctification

2) Purification

3) Putrefaction

4) Fermentation

5) Combustion

6) Regeneration

7) Atonement


Sanctification is the act of consecration, of rendering holy an object; or in the case of the spiritual path, the act of committing or consecrating one's life to an occult, esoteric purpose and objective. This step is undertaken when one, like Kaspar or Melchior, who saw the Star, and was determined to follow it despite obstacles, obstructions and hindrances. Psychologically, the determination to follow and see a project to its ultimate conclusion can be said to be an expression of sanctification.

Sanctification is an initiation which offers a test of one's sincerity, of being true to one's Self, to one's principles, and to the vows undertaken at the time of sanctification, which may or may not be in the form of a mystical ceremony. Once a person is sanctified, the eyes of the spiritual hierarchy are focused upon him, guiding, guarding, inspiring, and strengthening his newly-born Christ mind, as symbolised by the Nativity. Every step of the Way brightens the aura of the alchemist, expanding his consciousness and mind to greater frontiers, to greater realities; he develops a keener sense of awareness, comprehension, and appreciation of cosmic verities. The alchemist sanctifying his life never cease to disperse from his four lower bodies the heavy particles that bind him down to mortality and limitation; and incorporating within his principles the atoms of an ethereal nature, conducive to his functioning in higher planes of consciousness.


Purification is the result of the diet, the spiritual discipline which the alchemist undertakes. By strict adherence to the laws of a spiritual ethical code, the process of purification goes underway. Purification is processed under three principles:

1) The raising of the vibratory rates of the atomic structures and atoms within the lower components of Man.

2) The dispersion of foul matter and toxins which corrupts the sheaths.

3) The prevention of the accretion of heavy atoms which densifies the sheaths and entombs the soul.

In esoteric Christianity, purification is represented by the Baptism. The soul being washed in the fluids of the Cosmic Sea, gradually changes its garments into Christ substance, and emerges into a new world of Light. The first Adam donned clothes of skin, the last Adam dons the apparel of the spiritual body. Purification is an on-going process. It never ceases as evolution never halts to the point of non-progression.

Impurity in Man results in a negative attitude and behaviour-pattern, a "tamasic" expression that makes a man sluggish in his ways. Records of karmic sins lodge in the heart seed atom and in the four lower principles. To the clairvoyant eye, these are seen as blackish-grayish clouds resembling the pollution emanating from an industrial center. The alchemist purifies and purges these astral, physical, and mental toxins from his system by living in harmony with the Tao, and by undertaking spiritual exercises designed to cleanse his being. It is the dark substances that prevents man's union with God, and with the freedom to function in higher planes of consciousness. Love, Life, and Light are detergents that washes and baptizes the soul in the River Jordon. Such divine qualities should be allowed to unfold within one's nature.


All things go through the change called "death," which is really a transformation into a new state of expression.Only forms change. The energy ensouling the form, or which gave form its expression can never be destroyed or annihilated. Molecules may break from its mass, atoms may disunite from one another and explode into a shower of electrons, but with all of this apparent destruction of identity, a law so profound operates which gives birth to a new being arising from the ashes of the old.

Putrefaction is an intensification of the process already commenced in the previous steps. Astral and mental toxins are dispersed from the spiritual structure of Man by the cleansing force, the Holy Fire, and disintegrating and decomposing the effluvia of the lower realms parasiting upon Man's fears and ignorance, making it possible for the laying of the foundations for the transmutation of tomb into temple. Like the Freemason, the alchemist has to construct a temple not made with hands; a temple worthy enough for the occupation and operation of the Ego.

In this putrefying stage, the alchemist resembles a cocoon who works upon itself internally; habitual thoughts and emotions that are not of an Ascended Master quality are decomposed and released into the Cosmic "incinerator."

The principle of change is symbolised by the Transfiguration of Jesus. Elijah representing Fire, and Moses--Water, are the wisdom and love aspects of buddhi that impregnates and fertilizes the Seed of Gold within Man.

Focus upon the solar principle, God's living fire, is a sure method of burning the dross, the dispersal of impurities, and the transmutation of tamas-rajasic metals of man's principles into qualities of gold. Fire quickens the buddhic seed within our being, awakening it into activity; Water purifies the seed giving it freedom to grow, and nourishing it at the same time. It is said that "putrefaction is the principle KEY to the process of the Transmutation." It is the agent which accelerates growth. The momentum is increased at each succeeding step of the way.


After undergoing the previous stage of putrefaction, one then undergoes fermentation, which is represented in Christian mysticism by the Passion, the agony of Jesus at Getsamene. Mystics of the Christian tradition call this spiritual condition, "the Dark Night of the Soul."

Chemically, fermentation is the breaking up of complex compounds, changing it into other structures with the aid of an agent such as yeast. Psychologically, it is a time of intense psychic activity where doubts assail one's deepest convictions and beliefs to their very root.

A man never knows the stuff he is made of until tried and tested by life and his rebounding karma. When man becomes "fixed" in his attitudes and outlook, denying the possibilities of soul-culture and development, when he gets complacent concerning his place in the scale of evolution and refuses to budge further, then Nature comes to the rescue acting as yeast would do in initiating a forced change in a compound, which in this case, is the complex being called Man. This forced change comes in the form of tests and trials; and all of his previous beliefs and misconceptions are analyzed as to their purported value in sustaining his equilibrium, saneness, and comprehension of life.

Students of Alchemy are advised by adepts to volatilize that which is "fixed" and to stabilize that which is volatized. Esoterically, this implies that one has to liberate one's self from all delusions, glamour, illusions, and the ignorance of not knowing; to shift one's focus from the unreal to the Real, and to live in eternity and Truth.

This activity of conversion, or "renewing of the mind," is the result of fermentation, and it is usually undertaken under the supervision of an adept-master who introduces the "natural state," or the "Clear Light" to the initiate when judged to be ready.


After experiencing the "Dark Night of the Soul" of the previous step, the alchemist is faced with a greater test, that of the "Dark Night of the Spirit," where one feels forsaken and cut-off from one's source of being, from the encouragement, inspiration, and support from one's teachers and loved ones. Accumulated karma of past embodiments returns in full force with apparently no mercy, but by remembering that God does not give more trials than Man can bear, the alchemist-initiate makes it through like Old Job.

In the state of crucifixion, which symbolizes combustion, the emotions and mind on their respective planes are literally on fire, or conflagration. One overcomes this period by being self reliant, dependent upon one's own resources. Although apparently neglected, the suffering initiate is never alone.

Combustion causes a reaction, an upheaval in Man's soul, which is accompanied by bliss and pain, symbolised by light and heat. Jesus expressed this paradoxical state when on one hand with agony he cried out, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" (Mark 15:34), and on the other, after recognizing his error in presuming separation, with total surrender he entered the blissful state by decreeing to the Supreme One that is supposed to have left him: "Father, into thy hands I command my spirit" (Luke 23:46).

What causes combustion, alchemically speaking, is God's all-consuming fire. With its descent upon one's psyche, the intensity of the Light temporary induces spiritual blindness, causing the delusion that darkness had fallen upon the soul. While surrounded by Light, one gropes around in seeming darkness. With the descent of Divine Fire, a conflagration is begun in the emotions and mind, generating pain and agony, which is later subdued by being accustomed to God's face. It is said that no one sees the face of God and live; what perishes are the last remnants of the false ego, and the active identification with the carnal self. Man dies to his lower self but lives in the glory of his greater Self.

The presence of fire prepares one for the next stage of regeneration, with which it plays a vital role. Combustion is the baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost as promised by John the Harbinger. From the esoteric anatomical perspective, combustion is triggered by kundalinic activity. As the fiery serpent ascends in sushumna, sensations of heat, "cold heat," is felt along the spine.


All religions fundamentally, are concerned with regenerating Man, in laying the foundations for the regenerative process to proceed. It is the esoteric side of religion that puts Man into active contact with higher forces and principles that activates the regenerative phase of Man's spiritual development.Misguided by dogmatic teachings of the Church, the average Christian believes in a literal resurrection from the grave at the Last Judgment; however, when interpreted esoterically, Paul's writings present a wealth of information concerning the regenerative process. For instance, he declared that "for as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive" (I Corinthians 15:22). Adam, or the carnal self, causes the incarnating entity to be dead to higher realities. He operates his bodies sluggishly like a zombie. By contrast, when the prodigal son absorbs the universal Christ substance, and Christ Consciousness emanating from his higher principles, he then functions under the direction of a higher intelligence. He commences his life living in Truth and in eternity. Regeneration consequently, begins to occur within his four lower bodies, even transmuting the corporeal form into the "Body of Light." To be made alive in Christ requires a certain spiritual discipline to be exercised. But sadly, the average individual prefers believing rather than knowing and doing.

It is the destiny of Man to attain what Jesus had attained in the "resurrection," and thus Paul advised the Romans: "But if the Spirit of him that raiseth up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raiseth up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you" (Romans 8:11). If the Spirit must dwell in us for a quickening, then there must be a way for inviting the Spirit to dwell in our bodies, mere beliefs and faith are insufficient to invoke the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit.

When relied upon Nature's pace of evolution and development, the regeneration of Man may require eons to accomplish. By entering the "straight and narrow gate," the Path of Return, the Prodigal Som may accelerate the regenerative process and quickly deify himself in his Father's arms. It is said that great men do not die, they simply fade away. Enoch, the great antediluvian prophet was one such an individual who simply faded away. It is recorded in Genesis that he walked with God and then he was not. There are basically two interpretations to this statement: one, the complete elimination and non-identification with the false self, the false ego; and two, the etherealization of the physical body.

After successfully treading the various phases of the way, the alchemist comes to a point where a greater influx of the rays of the Higher Self descends and takes active control of the four lower bodies. Every cell in the physical body is vitalized by this Paraclete and raised to a higher state of vibration resulting as a side effect, youth and a renewed power. Life is prolonged in the form, and all diseases that plague humankind comes to no effect.

Psychologically, regeneration causes a spiritualization of the character of the alchemist. Morals, ethics and principles held by the alchemist are unfolded and applied from the divine perspective. Every smile displayed and directed by the master alchemist to a recipient comes with a special blessing and force which is subtly felt projected from the heart center of the alchemist.

From the above it can be deduced that regeneration is represented by the Master Jesus' resurrection. Regeneration causes the unfoldment of the Seed of Gold within Man to mature, and preparing him for the final stage which concludes his path of transmutation.


Exoterically, atonement is the reparation of any wrong or injury done to another. Esoterically, atonement is at-one-ment, the "unio mystica," or oneness between Man and God. It is the ascension in which Man is unified with his "I AM Presence." This is the conclusion of the path of human salvation, the attainment of alchemical gold. Many tests and trials have been passed, many initiations undergone. The Seed of the Tree of Life planted in Man's Edenic consciousness has matured and is bearing fruit of God-qualities. Man attains his high estate by personal effort and labor and not by depending upon another's merit and endeavors for his exaltation into the Light. This differentiates the Master soul from the puerile human being.

Oneness is Reality. Differentiation and separation are illusory, the projection of Maya. As Man unites with the One, he assumes the resemblance of the One; he has grown into God's image and becomes the Sun Initiate the, "Symbol of Wisdom, the Center of Power, or the Heart of Things." The Initiate, by virtue of being one with his Sun principle, is an enlightened mind and illumined being.

Atonement is the culmination of the alchemist's spiritual labour in the long process of purifying, refining, and improving the quality of his metals. The principles of Right Thinking, Right Speaking, and Right Action (some of the elements of Divine Thinking) are conducive in effecting the transformation of the various sheaths. The alchemists lives in a state of "constant" meditation and prayer, 24-hours a day, prior to his ascension. Like the Sufis, the names of Allah are continually upon his lips and mind. The spiritual practice of "zikir," or "remembrance," is applied devotedly by the maturing initiate. The alchemist is an active seeker for the kingdom of God within. In Esoteric Christianity, the principles, or the Panacea for attaining the transcendental state, and expanding the consciousness to embrace Solar Consciousness is given as Conviction, Contrition, Confession, Consecration, and Communion.


Whenever Man stalls in his evolution, the intelligences of the spiritual hierarchy offer a way out in the form of a new religion, philosophy, science, or art. Alchemy is at once all of these, and ever since its advent into the Mysteries, a profound inquiry had been made by aspirants and seekers as to the possible processes involved in effecting a transmutation. Confused by jargon and the real goal of alchemy, the average student of alchemy spends wasted time, funds, and energy trying to probe the secrets of the science. Sincerity, faith and perseverance were, and still are the keys that unlock the portal to a master's heart; and with his aid and guidance, a higher understanding and appreciation are acquired by the aspirant.

Though still dismissed as a pseudo-science by modern scientists, alchemy's value as a psycho-spiritual tool for Man's transformation cannot be denied when understood in its entirety. It only takes a mind of purity, freed from bigotry and intellectualism to become like a little child in the arms of the Divine Mother, or Sophia, in order to grasp the essential principles of alchemy which radiates so much light for the wayfarer to guide him to his destination.

The statement "with faith the size of a tiny mustard seed, you can say to the mountain (of historical causation) MOVE, and it WILL MOVE!"

That is an alchemical statement by the master alchemist.
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Human Regeneration

an article published as a booklet, by N. Sri Ram, 1985

Everything that is good, enlightening, that is calculated to alleviate another's trouble and inspire him with courage, every improvement of social, political and other conditions is part of evolution. But we must discover what is most worth doing by us, what we should especially aim at, because the needs of humanity are so very various.

The Masters of Wisdom, who aid evolution, although They are interested in all changes that make for human progress, are especially concerned with the spiritual regeneration of mankind, which is of fundamental importance. Because, when that takes place, all else follows. The forces that are brought into play in the regeneration will themselves have their effect on the external conditions. But if the changes are merely external, after a time they may all be lost or undone. There have been various golden ages in the history of mankind, epochs when life was tranquil, when people were happy and kind and good; but all of them have vanished, and we have come into this strife, the present confusion and misery.

We can see, therefore, that merely to produce an outer change is not enough. It is like teaching good manners. There has to be a change in man fundamentally. This is precisely what Krishnamurti speaks of and aims at, a certain fundamental change as a consequence of which all the necessary changes in organization and behavior will come about automatically and with the greatest possible ease. When you see for yourself what is the truth, you will act in accordance with that truth. You do not then need any direction, except that truth. What the Masters want, in addition to anything useful that we may be doing or may be able to do, is this regeneration, beginning with ourselves. The possibility of such regeneration, even the predestination of it, is perhaps the most inspiring truth of Theosophy.

In the regions where there is a change of seasons, such as Europe, a tree of the deciduous type grows old each autumn and sheds its leaves. It looks as though it is dead in winter, but then it is reborn in spring with fresh foliage and flowers. This is a phenomenon that repeats itself. Now the same thing happens with regard to every human being; for we die and are reborn as physical and psychic entities, and with each death the collection of previous memories belonging to the past life completely falls away, and we come back fresh and pure with a new nature. But we are unable to retain this nature; we do not remain clean or fresh or tender as we were when we were born. Very quickly we are overlaid with impressions, we become distorted and coloured in various ways and cease to be what we were in the innocence and charm of our childhood.

Though the past is dead, the tendencies of the past come to life again; they are so deep-rooted that they do not die for a very long time; they remain buried in the soil of our nature. Even when everything on the surface has died, they persist and grow again. They become active as soon as there are conditions favourable to their activity. You may see a child that is most charming, with beautiful possibilities, but after a few years somehow all that charm is gone. Look at the same individual grown into a man or woman, or later still when the meridian has been reached and passed. He or she is so hard and set, the beauty of the early years a mere memory, perhaps dissipated, with the phenomenon of decay writ large on the person. But if the environment is favourable, the undesirable tendencies may remain latent, even for a whole lifetime. This is understandable from our own experience of people. A person may have certain inward cravings or propensities, but without opportunities for these to be indulged they seem non-existent. In the absence of temptation many of us can surely be virtuous. The tendencies rest like mud at the bottom of a river. The water flows over the mud, it is clean and usable, but when there is a gale, flood or some other disturbance, it becomes muddy at once, charged with all the impurities that till then had lain quiet on the river bed.

In our modern life, where everything is being stirred up to a degree, there is no lack of opportunity for any latent tendency to be awakened. The merest breath of an influence seems enough sometimes to start it into action, just as a faint odour of liquor is sufficient to revive the craving of a drunkard. In these days because of so much movement, so much taking place, that affects people in different ways, so many thoughts, activities and distractions, the influences are very much more mixed than they were ever before. Therefore deterioration sets in all the more quickly; the charm, freshness and innocence which could last longer under more natural conditions tend soon to wear away.

But there comes a time in the long series of lives - it does not come by itself, because the human intelligence and will are involved in the process - when the soul is able to rid itself completely of the effects of the past, it sheds its accumulation once for all and stands out in its own pure nature.

It may be asked: what about the capacities that have been developed? The capacities remain because they belong not to the outer nature but to the soul. The mere accumulation of experience is not an unmixed blessing. When people say that they must have experience, is the experience they seek itself a good thing? The seeking of experience can mean dissipation, it generally hardens an individual, and produces complexities. But in the very process of accumulating experience, of making money, for instance, certain capacities are developed. We learn how to deal with the differences of the material world with a mind which becomes gradually rapier-like and all-round in its movements. These capacities, in themselves, belong to the pure nature of the soul.

If we think of the soul as pure being, active with a pure consciousness, what eclipses its nature, supresses it, is the distortion which that consciousness undergoes. There is some distortion in each one of us but we become so accustomed to it that we are not conscious that it exists. We think we are natural when we are unnatural; we even believe in being artificial. It is this distorted consciousness, which assumes a certain shape, acts in a certain specific way, in each case, which we call our minds.

It is only by attaining a knowledge of whatever distortions exist, whatever illusions, that we can become free of them. Then the consciousness regains its natural state because of an extraordinary elasticity innate in its nature. It then attains an expertness and ease, of which we do not have any idea at present.

Reverting to the analogy of a plant, the spiritual man is a plant which has freshly sprung from its root, but without any deteriorating elements. Everything of the outer nature except the developed capacities has falle away. He is a new man reborn in spirit. He is a plant whose whole nature is now irradiated with the essence of its incorruptible roots. The roots of our being are always undecaying. They are in that deepest spiritual part of ourselves which is untouched by the experience that we undergo on the superficial side of ourselves. But if we think of the mind or the consciousness which springs from those roots, that can be both spiritual and material.

The mind
The mind has a dual nature. In Samskrit the mind which deals with the differences of matter (and is affected by them) is termed Manas. It is that mind which thinks in terms of differences and establishes the relations of thought. But the mind which knows the unity and experiences it, is termed Buddhi. These are two terms kept separate in Samskrit philosophy. There is a part of Manas which is one with Buddhi and that is the more spiritual part, as distinguished from its material complement. They are essentially one, but separate in manifestation and even opposed to each other when the latter is under the dominance of sensations of matter and the desires which those sensations breed through memory. It is really desire in every form which causes our troubles. If I desire something and am bent on getting it, and someone hinders me, I flare up into resentment. From desire anger is born, as says the Bhagavad Gita. It is the desire for position or power or enjoyment of any sort which makes us egotistic and indifferent to others. Absorbed in its pursuit we have no attention or consideration to give to anybody or anything else.

It is only when a particular weakness shows itself in an exaggerated form that we generally realize its true nature. So long as it is of small magnitude and does not show itself forcibly, we excuse ourselves by saying it is a trifle, a common failing, it is human to be so. We do not treat poison as poison until it becomes dangerous. It is the influence of our wishes and hopes on our way of looking at things which is the cause of so many illusions, because if you desire something very much, you become willing to accept the conditions for its satisfaction.

Fundamentally the trouble lies in our attachment to the experiences we have had in the past. When this attachment becomes active we call it desire, but even when it is not active the attachment remains. If I have been addicted to drink, and even if at the present moment I do not have feel the craving, the craving is still there. It will raise its head very soon, because there is a period of activation which has to alternate with a period of rest due to bodily changes. This has to be deeply understood and realized. The understanding which is needed is not just a mental understanding, which is superficial. Such an understanding does not change the will because it is full of mental reservations. When we realize a truth for ourselves completely and freely, the truth then frees us from the errors and superstitions which flourish in its absence. We are not any one of us as free as we imagine ourselves to be; we think we are free when we have a kind of superficial outward freedom. But from the inner standpoint we have only freedom to loose our freedom, which we do quickly.

When there is freedom at last for Manas, which is the intelligence that deals with the differences of matter, it becomes united with Buddhi in which resides a knowledge of the unity, and which is its true counterpart. The higher spiritual nature which belongs to Buddhi manifests itself then in the field of Manas and it is for the latter a rebirth out of matter into Spirit. This is a change of vast significance, which has to take place in every individual. The mind, having freed itself completely from the influences to which it was previously subject, attains a state in which it is unaffected by the changing conditions of matter. It is unaffected, yet at the same time extraordinarily quick in its perceptions and movements. It does not lose its sensitiveness, on the other hand it becomes a thousand times more impressionable than before. It is alive to every change, feels every impact, is able to give itself completely to each phenomenon of life that arises. Normally when we do something, listen to music, for instance, we do not listen with the whole of our capacity, making ourselves completely empty and negative, so as to drink in every note and perceive the significance of that note in the relationship of notes. We meet life, almost every phenomenon of life, with only a little portion fo ourselves. If we imagine an individual as a sphere of being, which is both capacity and sensibility, it is just a segment of it with which we meet the world in which we live and move.

But when the consciousness becomes free from the fixed images with which it is clogged, from the fixed patterns of its thought and feeling, it becomes completely elastic, then it is able at each moment of time to give itself totally to the experience of that moment. It is mobile and responsive in every way; yet along with this mobility and responsiveness, it is able to remain unaffected by fluctuations of external conditions, by 'heat and cold, honour and dishonour, success and failure,' to use the language of the Bhagavad Gita. These things just come and go, like ripples on a sheet of water. The consciousness merely reflects the changes, registers them, understands them, and they pass. It is sensitive and tranquil at the same time, a beautiful state to be in. It would not be correct to think that because a Yogi is sensitive he must be easily disturbed; because he is open, he must be affected by every influence. He is open, but not disturbed. His consciousness is like an ocean of sensitive calm, which enfolds everything, but mixes with nothing.

the alphabet of spiritual living
What we are learning is merely the alphabet of spiritual living. We must learn, for instance, to be conscious of how we are living. Then there comes a time when the moment we think something, say something or form a judgement based on our personal reactions contrary to the whole purpose of our life as we understand it, we are aware that the wrong note has been struck. The state at which we should aim is an awareness of all that we are doing; which does not mean we should become highly self-conscious, absorbed in our own thoughts and feelings. For that would also become a hindrance. But the moment the wrong not is struck there must be a feeling that that note does not belong to the music of our being. That would be really the perfection of self-knowledge.

But we have to begin somewhere, we cannot immediately reach that perfection. I do not think that any one of us can do it, unless of course he has already prepared himself. Therefore we make a certain beginning with discipline in daily life, including some meditation, study and so on. When there is self-awareness, we do not imagine that we do anything more than just begin a new kind of life. But to know the path along which we should go and be humble is a great thing. A fundamental contradiction in ourselves is between the self and the ideal with which it seeks to clothe itself. We have to become aware of the contradiction.

When we really understand the problem, how complete is the nature of the change that is required, we cease to be impatient. It does not matter how long it takes, we know the direction and we should follow it; there will be many problems and we can tackle them. Our impatience really born out of ambition; it is a condition of feverishness, which arises because we want to 'get there', instead of understanding the problems that we should deal with. The attitude that we should adopt is that of taking things as they are and doing the best with them, dealing with the situation in the outside world and the situation in ourselves. We should do what we can each moment and pass on quietly to the next.

Even short of the fundamental change that has to be brought about, there can be a regenerated humanity, in the sense of a humanity redeemed by its better nature. There is good and there is evil in all of us, and as mentioned already, under favourable conditions the better nature will prevail. Mankind can be helped to see what is right and what is true; that is part of our work. It may be that we cannot yet do all that it might be possible for us to do some day but then we can help our fellowmen to the extent of our capacity. We can do this through the teachings of Theosophy and by our own example. If we begin in a small way we will find that we are able to do more and more. That is an extraordinary thing to find out and discover for oneself. You begin to give of our affection to those around you, you will find there is more affection to give; you begin serving in some way, you will find that there are ways in which you can serve better. There is an infinity in each one of us out of which to give and we have to discover that infinity for ourselves by the giving, and there is no other way. If you sit in a chair and say, now I am going to discover the infinity within myself, you will never discover it. It is only by making the current flow that more can be made to flow.

It was said by one of the Great Ones: Forget yourself only to remember the good of other people. We cannot have better advice than that. But how to forget ourselves? All of us are so preoccupied with ourselves, with what we want, what we aim at, the position which we should hold, the estimation which other people should have of ourselves, what we may lose, so many things, so many thoughts and interests, centered in what we call 'ourselves'. If we can forget ourselves, we will find that our progress will become easy, it will take place swiftly and naturally, because it then becomes a process of unfoldment from within. Then we will be able to realize the truth of the saying in Light on the Path, 'Grow as the flower grows, unconsciously,' but open to all that is good and true and beautiful. We can have the most perfect assurance as to our goal and progress. Why should we be concerned with our progress? It takes place by itself. Our only concern is with how we should live and what we should do now.

Concentrate on anything in life except yourself and your wants, on Truth, on the Masters, on the help to be given, on understanding those about you, you will find that what you concentrate on, without bringing yourself into it, acquires a certain deep significance. It is the obsession with oneself which is the greatest impediment. The whole problem of the spiritual life consists in this abolition of self, in living our life without thinking too much of ourselves, in doing what we can to help others.

bumped info for increased contextual understanding re: Personal Alchemy + Human Regeneration.

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OmegaPoint Logotherapy - Case Study / Example

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Ok for those who will, here`s the first question - After reading this, sit back, close your eyes, relax, and think back to your very earliest memory, the very first, where, in the event or occurance of `what happened` you became AWARE, call it your eye-opener. It`s usually something that might have happened when we were maybe three or four (past life memories excluded for the sake of this process) and when it happened, our childlike thought in reaction may be been SOMETHING IS WRONG or SOMETHING`s WRONG WITH ME! The first memory, which produced in us, our first strong and powerful sense of self awareness.

My very first conscious awareness was a profound sense of disappointment and even shock that I was back here in this world. The way my infant mind processed that awareness resulted in a strong feeling of guilt, being convinced that I must be a very bad person.

As I spent the first 30 years of my life grounded solidly in atheism, I had nothing to which to anchor this awaerness, so the guilt had persisted throughout those earlier years.

OK, I'll now read what else you have to say. Just wanted to share this memory as it occured to me.

Thank you for sharing.

Then you must have assigned a meaning to "the world" as fundamentally a very very dangerous place to be! Is that a fair assumption, since arriving here, finding yourself here (again as you say) could be a punishment for somehow being bad, meaning that this world is a bad and nasty place, frought with peril, and it is, to a degree. The point here is that your young mind made a powerful eye-opening distinction, horrified and even guilty, for having been born into this world in the first place. I don't mean to put words in your mouth just feeding back based on what I was hearing you say, and extrapolating from that, a sense of foreboding, and issues of remorse and guilt, all under the threat of, or in the exacting of punishment, for doing SOMETHING wrong - it makes perfect rational sense from the perspective of such a being, for whom is SHOULD NOT BE what it is, and therefore >I< must be to blame at some level for this, this indignity and injustice of having to endure such hardship as this place! The poor little soul (you as a baby).

I would like to draw a distinction here if I could, and that is between what REALLY happened and the meaning extrapolated by a small child.

Now, how might you have responded to this unfortunate circumstance? Might it be possible that one way of being in response, might be timidity, and the preference for known safety, to the risks of the threatening dangers of the world that might await any further forrays into it? Any such being would shrink away from the world as a realm of possibility, and would give that up in a heartbeat to be safe and secure and whole and at peace again, if possible heading right back into the womb from which he emerged.. ?

I would now invite you to look at the whole breadth of your life to date, from that day, to this one, and ask yourself the question - is this how I've reacted to the world all my life, with a certain timidity and hesitancy and with great reluctance, thinking this life somehow a punishment for being bad. I don't know about you, and of course we all experience this in one way or another, but me if that were my predominant outlook, at least that from the perspective of a two year old baby (or maybe even younger in the case of your memory), I wouldn't risk doing ANYTHING, anything at all which might incur punishment, and risk NOTHING for the sake of highly intense life experiences. Meek, isolated, protected, safe and secure would end up being my domain. If I were such a being looking back, I might then start to notice, however painfully it might be to consider, at first, the extent and the magnitude to which this particular POV, in reaction to the reality of LIFE (which is only one possible of many many viewpoints available in this world), may have held me back, and perhaps prevented me from gaining access to a much much wider experience of life, wherein the "risks" of leaving the comfy cozy world of softness and light, might contain imbedded within them, to the contrary from all manner of punishemnt, corresponding REWARDS the likes of which were hiterto otherwise outside the realm of what is generally accessible to me, in accordance with my existing "strong suit", one of practical, extremely grounded, and highly conservative safety, denoted by an isolating lonliness and sorrow that this "safety" invariably creates.

In other words, is it at all possible that such a worldview and paradigm, while saving us perhaps from potential harm in a mean cruel world - has nevertheless resulted in a self-constraining or self-limiting way of being and of life...?

There is of course no judgement here whatsoever or making wrong here at all, let's be straight about that, these are just ideas for consideration, but if it rings true, then the implications are astounding, adn are both sad on the one hand, and, absurdly amuzing on the other, than a tiny infant could have such power to shape the course of the rest of our entire life, while preventing us from being the most fully self expressed and adventurous self possible!

Your "strong suit" in this case, of being pratical, grounded, down to earth, introverted, contemplated, quiet, humble, "meek" can now serve you to the hilt, while at the same time making accessible a new possibility as a created way of being - adventurous, willing to take risks both in life and in self expressed human relations, to be bold where before you were timid and remained silent, to lead where before you were relegated to silently following (perhaps with some resentment), to explore where before you had to remain in safety and comfort, and guilt free but risk free living.

Could this realization, if true, open anything up for a person, in spite of the fact that we're only talking here about the interpretation of a very small and innocent fragile child, who set the whole thing in motion from the get go, driving one very prominent aspect of our life as possibility (or lack thereof)?

When we get present to this - some of us are astonished, and we exclaim "this is absurd", while erupting in laughter, the child recovered and made a valuable resource and ally now!

This is "OmegaPoint Logotherapy", or a part of it anyway.

For more on this (OPLT), feel free to visit page 7 of the Alchemy Thread linked in my sig.

I'm willing to place this model, or methodology out for consideration and mutual grokking, and am here putting it to the test.

Of course your formative event will have spun out in many different directions producing in the process all manner of gifts and talents formed as your strong suit for many reasons and I would just like to see them all gifted back to you in full, you deserve everything, and I'm sure if you're like the rest of us, you've already suffered enough in this dangerous and punishing world, right?

So to run with a new way of being and thinking I would like to suggest a new mantra to replace the babies horror - "the world is what we make of it"

again don't jump on me here this isn't intended as a taking of your inventory or anything like that, just illustrating the logic or the logos of the meaning of story, and how our life story can get started and what it creates as a reaction/response wherein "that which we resit, persists". (Jung).

Best Regards,


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"Quantum Psychology" bv Robert Anton Wilson

This is a fun read

An example of something we look at very carefully in quantum psychology.

Consider the following two propositions:

1) My boss is a male chauvenist drunk, and this is making me sick.

2) My secretary is an incompetent, whining bitch, and I have no choice but to fire her.

It's absurd I say!

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The Assignment ~ OmegaPoint Realization *

[ie: Your Mission, if you choose to accept it.]

#1) Do the work first, taking a fearless inventory of your life's "drama" [see excercise 1], and the central themes of your life, your "logos", write it all down if at all possible, ascribing to yourself, everything and every attribute you have and possess, both good and bad, but while you're at it, try to see just how these many aspects of your "strong suit", your life strategem if you will, were born originally from your prior, strongly held ideas and impressions about these formative events. Trace them back, as if able to move, from within your own timeline, since it was you all along, right? and pick out a series of "things that happened" which all basically rang the same bell for you, and goaded you on, so to speak, to create for yourself, as strong a "strongsuit" as possible! lol

Now bear in mind here that there is absolutely nothing at all "wrong" with you (or in having a well developed "strong suit") and that, apriori, you are already, as a child of God in eternity - perfect, whole and complete, fully accepted, and unconditionally loved just as you are, embraced as you are already always by the all-in-all.
Furthermore, your own ongoing "already always" natural state of mind and being, as your True Self, can never be nor operate or function as an imposition on the mind in any way, shape or form, there is nothing that needs "changing", in other words, only fully accepting, and reintegrating, as is, in truth, and in honesty and therefore within the context and framework (where context and framing is everything) of a newfound integrity and wholeness, something in need of restoration perhaps, at least for some of us, but not to get rid of or to replace any part of ourselves, every element then placed in service, even as a learning experience, to the whole self, that is the already perfect you, in eternity.

Also, as an added benefit, this re-cognition and prior self-acceptance is 100% non coersive, yet inviting, and "fast" (speed of timelessness..), beginning at it does, forever and always with the end in mind. This new creation then, as a new beginning (real you), since there is no end in something that is already eternal, timeless, spaceless or non-particularized ie: "nothing special" (don't be hurt you're still special after all!) - as the wholly authentic *YOU* in Truth who may then and NOW stand relative to everything everywhere now and forever, or in no-time (omegapoint) with the ability to look back at will, fearlessly, upon the whole entire breadth and depth, of a self-examined life (your own).

But that "space" (domain/realm) you are already in and enveloped by, which I've referred to previously as the "holy of holies" it too, by IT's very own nature, is also already perfect, whole and complete (just like you!) - and so, in truth, your life story, your "strongsuit", by comparison (to the real you), is, up until now at least (and please don't be offended when I say this) little more than an inauthentic, and utterly absurd set of misconceptions, misinterpretations and false judgements, about yourself and others, when you really come to think about precisely how and why it formed in the first place, based on or cause by, little more than a STORY, a story ABOUT "what happened" such that the outer "shape" of ALL the activity of the personality and the shape of the entire life that it generated, until NOW that is, became little more than a reaction / response "program" sent into your own timeline, by the misinterpretations and tyrannical imperatives, of one very small, innocent, and fearful child, who first went "oh #! there is something terrible WRONG here I have become utterly convinced of it, better do this, better do that, and do it (whatever we think is required of us) fast, never thinking twice, forever if need be, or however much is needed so as to avoid such a horror ever again - OMG, I'm in fear for my very life here, for my heart my soul my integrity, as a perfect being - oh God don't let them hurt me or abandone me (or SPANK me) or there'll be HELL to pay"..
That's where it started, and we've been running scared ever since, willing to go to any lengths to try to stay just one step ahead of the game, or to avoid certain unfortunate eventualities ie: fitting in and not getting teased at school, etc. or being a good person, in order NOT to be bad, stuff like that! It really is absurd - please get present to that, over and over again, now running the tape back under a new way of viewing your life as story, as meaning, as "logos". Don't worry though, when we're done here, when you "grok" it you then can create a whole new strongsuit (constructed from the best elements of those resources you already have as learned skils and abilities) spontaneously, and can't not in truth, since whatever we do or don't do forms our logos and the meaning of our continuing story to begin with! But let our next chapter be authentic, real, inspired, with right being right thinking, right action. Let us live a new life Lord, for the sake of love and freedom, and all that which brings authentic joy to the heart, and through us, into the lives of others. Now THAT is a "definite purpose" that is worthwhile no? That is getting up to something BIG, even if only starting with ourselves and from within our own families of origin, and our circle of loved ones, and then moving out from there, one person at a time to touch both the world and the face of God through ourselves and our fellow man.

And remember, after all of those injustices and indignities of the past, here we still are, relatively unscathed, and still alive, lo and behold, we made it! It didn't kill us, what happened, and in truth it doesn't even "mean" anything, at all, not intrinsically it doesn't, the "meaning" only the meaning we assigned to it, and then went about living our very lives in accordance with its dictates and imperatives, whether reasonable, nor not! I mean hey, we always suspected that babies had great powers, but never anything quite like this! LOL! Wahh!

This then changes the very nature of the "strong suit" you see, turning what was formed with inauthenticity as a compensatory and reaction/response programming (unconscious) mechanism, born of fear, into something at long last freely chosen for all the RIGHT reasons (with conscious awareness), the whole breadth and depth of the personality as "information" (in formation) now available for recognition and unconditional acceptance in eternity - because until this life review is done and becomes imbedded self referentially in the eternity we're already in anyway, it cannot emerge as an access point, by which to leverage the self into a whole new, wholly authentic, and therefore TRUE self, and True Life experience, as it was meant to be lived! Is it any WONDER the degree to which we've all been suffering?!!! We simply have not been living in the REAL world - but hold it there before you might be tempted to go pointing that finger, attempting to enter into that "loophole" by which to keep any part of the victim mentality alive, since we cannot now, having been "forgiven" in and by the "all in all" as self and God-realized, and having HAD that experience (and therefore now continuing to have access to it all the way down the line) now go and throttling our neighber and shaking him or "rattling his cage" just because his dog # in our back yard again (this can be used allegorically to describe the problems of the "world" at any level) No. The "evil" must end here, and now! - said like a small child, now recogizing the error of his and EVERYone's ways, now in HORROR over what he and they set in motion, desperate to recall it in time and history, and be redeemed at last, to be made whole yet again, all the wounds healed. Oh God is such a thing possible? It is. And if you haven't yet accessed the experience I'm describing here in so many words, you will when you complete this assignment.

This realization btw, is worth ANY AMOUNT OF SUFFERING, but here we are, in "omegapoint logotherapy", for the most part having ALREADY grokked it most fully, since this is a historical epiphany of sorts at the end of time (omegapoint) and therefore is contained embedded within itself it's own realization, in the fullness of time and history ie: right now! And how can we not "get it" how can we fail to understand something so straightforward, so reaonable, rational, logical and practical? We can't. Praise God we cannot ungrok what we already grokked! (Heinlein would be proud)

STEP ONE then, is to do this work of recognition and the complete acceptance of self, others, and the world precisely as it is, after all - who are we to say, that the entire configuration of "the way things are" SHOULD NOT be, what it already always IS, was and forever will be (on all timelines) and we must mean that universally and everywhere, since we really do live within the framework of a non-local, holographic universe, where precisely for that very reason, LOCAL MATTERS!
let us not forget that part and make ourselves SO small that we in effect lose all significance, that's not fair either, and neither is it the least bit congruent with the "ways of the world" (universe) - we have new understandings now about our true place, and it's significance and importance, particularly in the face of all the evils of the world, or let us say "problems" to be dissolved, starting from within our own family of origin, and from there, changing the whole world even if only that world and universe that we inhabit (which isn't exclusively local let's not kid ourselves). "Omegapoint" then is a very powerful thing, as a tool in time and history (and in the imagination). We then leverage that therefore, now and for always (in all ways), for ourselves AND our fellow man, we do it for everyone, so don't be surprised when you start involving yourself in this process, and there are simple ways of generating it (something called the 5 C's which I'll introduce shortly), how much ENERGY and RESOURCES and authentic Real Life EXPERIENCE, and therefore freedom and power, even influence, you'll be able to access and bring to bear upon your life, perhaps even enough to make your life and by extension everyone else's life you touch in whatever way however big or small (including your own family) actually BEARABLE again, and much, MUCH more than THAT, first by a small measure, and then by one measure times a measure, until finally, what do you have but something fully "leavened all through", and it was YOU as "Omegapoint", like some sort of freaking cosmic SUPERHERO, who did this! YOU, ya YOU! And me too I know. US. We! By the power of love, and nothing more, no harware even required, and no military equipment. Just the software of love, with faith the size of but a tiny seed (how cute).

But the baby got CONFUSED! LOL Yes, We were scared, understandably.. but not any more! LOL

Do you "grok"?

And of course we cannot "ungrok" something already grokked or forget about it, once we remember again, how could we? It's impossible. Just don't get hooked by attachments, and forget, and sink down again, don't let that happen. Bookmark this post, and come back if you need to! The best way however is to PRACTICE being this NEW HAND in the world, reaching out to your fellow man, starting from within your own family (he brought a sword & I bring his salve).

And while what I'm only describing here with mere words, however enjoyable it might be to read about and entertain the brain, it can really only be realized in and through the ACTION that the universe records, which makes it formative or causative. So none of this represents mere "wishful" thinking about a better world for ourselves and others. No it's the recognition of the love which moves mountains of historical causation, and given how absurd they've become, how easy they are to move into the sea!
Principals must be proven right by their application, and please again do not jump if tempted, to judgements about hypocrites here, about "them" how it's all "their fault" yada yada yada, we don't want to lose you again to the treaturous waters! - there is no "they", just individuals, for our purposes now (setting aside all the conspiracy theories!). We canot divide and separate the human race any longer, it didn't work out, that approach, let us say. Something else is called for now. That is a past we will break with right here and now, you and I. After all, if you cannot have love for everyone, then you cannot love anyone, including your own self (sounds a little like the salesman addage from Jerry McGuire's mentor..).

Sorry if I get a little bit carried away with these rambling diatribes, but I do my best to stay out of the way, and just let spirit and the wisdom do the typing (Yellow pages two fingers walking..) if I can, and I can feel it, typing it, YOU, i feel already your understanding of my understanding here, of OUR understanding or mutual grokking together, dear reader, even though you haven't even read this yet, you know it's VERY strange, this process, this time without time. Thank you then dear reader. I love you very much as well. I had to say it, what the heck eh if we're being authentic and self expressed here. Don't worry about saying "I love you too" it's not neccessary, because I already know it in advance! ha! We're all love after all and how can ya hate that eh?
Makes for a heck of a SHIELD for a new strong suit though, if we're not careful, precisely because there is no defence against it! A shield of love, that's an interesting concept, my dear brothers and sisters in arms, as we gather here around this table! (see now I AM getting a little carried away eh?)

Back to the assignment (sidetracked again! Doh!)



"Healing the wounds of time"

The "omegapoint" of a "global" transformation (global in this case first meaning wholistically and nothing more) first arises within our own family of origin, our our family (if we've made one of our own), and extends immediately to include absolutely everyone with whom we have dealings or come in contact.

How does it work?

Simple. Once we've become fully authentic to our own past authenticity, driven by absurdities and serving in truth as little more than good material for future comedians, and to the formation of our entire strong suit (how we've coped and adapted to the vissisitudes of life), and have traced this "element" or "elements" of ourselves in the remembrance of time and history directly into our own family of origin, we must see simply and clearly how our role, by our reactions, and responses, and learned, automative beavioral patterns, have contriobuted directly to our own suffering, and that of others, people who were originally charged with the responsibility to love us, and we to love them, since that relative framework of the relativity of human being, is the original context and frame of reference we emerged from in the first place. And now we, seeing clearly, how to remove the plank from our own eye (and it was HUGE!), are able to very easily remove the splinter from our brother's eye ie: we blew it all out of proportion, according to this self reinforcing absurdity of clashing paradigms and inauthentic unloving programs, sent to us, compliments not just of our parents, but all their ancestors as well! Or maybe not so simple after all!
But it is simple, simple, but not EASY!

But how hard can it be?

We've already GOT our own clearing right? We already recieved our healing from the beginning, beginning with the end in mind and now we're already the new beginning, so what do we DO with that?

What does our heart tell us?

What do we see clearly that we want to do, and MUST do, as it relates to everyone we know, now that we are fully loved and accepted already, requiring nothing and no more, and no less. Still, on the outer sphere of perfection we can now see all these loose ends flying all around everywhere, wounds.

Of course we still love them and they us, no matter what # went down or who f'd up where - but the worst thing about family stuff, is the degree of INAUTHENTICITY and a complete and abject FAILURE, in love.

We are called therefore, before we "place our offering at the alter" so to speak, to "go, reconcile with your brother first and THEN come and share your offering" - we are sent home so to speak, home to heal the wound, and set right the wrong, and take on full responsibility for our own role in it, nothing more (although i will share with you a little secret on how to evoke a powerful response from the recipient of our "ammends" sure to surprise us, if we can allow it to arrise unbidden by us, as an expectation of our "just rewards" of the spoils of war! If we've REALLY done the work, then all judgement will have dissolved for us already in the crucible of unconditional love, even forgotten love..


Home is where the heart is, and where your heart is, there will your treasure be also.

It's time to go home so to speak, literally, to heal the wounds of time.


1) Get "real" outside of your family framework (on your own), and experiment with a newfound sense of self expression and liberation, in continual remembrance of yourself, while forgetting yourself at the same time by re-cognizing the self as the one who creates who you are being, wherein our authenticity resides no longer in who we think we are, but in accordance with who we are choosing to be and to become, or at the very least authentic about our own inauthenticity. In other words have your omegapoint type realization, and enjoy that experience, and test the boundaries of Big Mind and Big Heart. After all, having figured out already who and what we are not (the personality projection of the strong suit), all we are left is is who and what we REALLY are, now reconciled or reintegrated, re-cognized. This one who is not nothing, then, is who we really are, and everything else was just a game we were playing and in many cases not even a good game at that!

2) Get "real" as the real you you were already always and therefore already always mean to be, now INSIDE your own family and in particular, your family of origin. Tell them where and how you failed (without bombarding them with strange concepts about quantum brainmind and stuff like that!) in YOUR role, in matters of love, how you unneccessarily held a grudge for many years and secretly in your heart LOATHED them, but not you realize how totally mistaken you were, and how this isn't the real you, and the person that you really are and want to be. It's not how you want to be with them any more, because it does not reflect your own innermost heart's desire, in regards to your relationship with them. In other words you just cannot hold up your end of the facade any longer, but expect absolute nothing of them and no response even, in return - just the willingness to listen to you, with open ears and an open mind, that's all you ask. No judgement, no conditions no requirements of them on thier part. This is just you, talking about your own experience, and how you erred in your failure of love, and became hard hearted, or disappointed, angry, hateful, bitter, the list goes on and on of course..

Thus, some preparatory work of forgiveness may be required before we "head in" and get real inside our family of origin, and that's ok, and sometimes it doesn't happen all at once, then again once you have the understanding, there are no longer any contraints, and this then is really the first "test" if you will, of the true nature of our psychological and spiritual condition. How BIG is Big Heart? in other words? BIG, right? Big enough to carry some suffering maybe? How much can Big Heart carry? Any amount, right? It's true. We are then fully equipped, to tread bravely into places we were previously unwilling to go.. so we must of course go then to those very places we did not want to, if anything just to see what we're really made of, and because there's nothing else worth doing anyway! It is where the heart leads us, in any self inquiry as to the meaning and purpose of our life. We must go back and retrieve every last part of ourselves after all, with nothing lost or rejected, where our own acceptance of both ourselves and others, is the highest form of love there is.

3) "The 5 C's of Life Transformation"

(first developed by Robert Spearman of a movement called The Oxford Group)

5 C's

1) Confidence
2) Confession
3) Conviction
4) Conversion
5) Continuance

1) Confidence - Not yours, theirs. Win their condifence. How? Admit to the degree and the nature to which you've been entirely inauthentic. Trust me, that'll grab their attention in a hurry, especially when you tell them that you really need to talk to them, to adress something in your life which has been causing you some difficulty. You will have their ear.
P.S. If being done outside of family - this would involve talking about a commonly shared deep interest or understanding or POV, something which creates bondage and a certain kinship.

2) Confession - In this case, Yours, nor theirs. Why should we confess to them, they, who perhaps, and in some cases may have been destructive for whatever reason, unloving, sometimes hurtful? Why not force them to confess, or except that they will and MUST in return? Because then they would not be free to love, and you would simply be imprisoning them even further, in this case with spiritual pride, hoping to pound them into submission maybe once and for all time, but wait! THat's absurd. That's the very absurdity lurking at the heart of any familial relationship mess. We cannot possibly expect to undo it with love in this way and manner, it cannot work that we, the very assignment would be a failure right out of the gate in that case, and then we would know for sure where we're at spiritually, which would be not so far down the road maybe as we previously liked to think eh? LOL This then presupposes that the work of forgiveness has been completed in its entirety already and that you've already become wholly authentic and self expressed and liberated in and by love as the real you. You are all love a ball of love, so why on earth would a ball of love seek vengeance over a freaking STORY about something that happened in the past, amid all the percieved indignities of the injustices we've endured all these long years (violin plays as we wax pathetic). It wouldn't, no. Therefore we can do this with love, humility, and in truth, and honesty, and in accordance with the voice and desire for love of our innermost heart of hearts, even as the heart of a child. So in case you were wondering about THEIR side of the street to so speak, at least be rest assured that they simply won't know what hit them when your newfound ball of love comes rolling back into their life - they'll be AGOG, trust me, no worries, but how they are, that is entirely up to them to choose how to respond. That part, their part, their role in this interaction, cannot be your responsibility, but neither does it reside under the scrutiny of your harsh judgement either, where again, acceptance is the highest form of love.

So it might go someting like this

I have been entirely true, either to myself or to you _______ (mom, dad, brother, sister, whoever). For some strange reason I decided such and such, about you, about me, our relationship, etc. etc. and as a result I've been pained over (this and that, whatever has been opporating as a constraint or a limitation in the relationship). But in TRUTH, what I would really rather have, or be, in relation to you, is (then tell them about who and what you're wanting to be and to become, and what inspires you, such that it touches moves and inspires them also), and I am willing to (tell them about the new activity or process you are willing to make a committment to, to set things right and heal up any wounds) in order to that we can have a relationship that's founded on real love, because I love you, and I completely forgive you and would like it very much if you could forgive me my own failings in this relationship, but there's nothing you have to do or say here, because I totally accept you and love you just as you are, there's no "catch" to this, nothing I want from you or for you to do other than just be you, because (mom, dad, whoever) I love YOU, and I like for us to be (name the type of relationship) again, not even like we used to, but even better than before. WOuld that be ok with you? (accept it, even if that isn't ok with them, maybe they can't handle what's giong on here! lol)

3) Conviction - Mostly likely, theirs, although if not theirs, it can remain yours alone. By "conviction" we mean in the old sense of the word as being MOVED to hold a certain belief as self evident, or as a truth, but one in this case, of a self-realized nature, along the lines of what might belong to us or how this incredible display of love and redemption I am bearing witness to hear, is causing me to suddenly realize the degree and the extent to which I'd shut myself off, or held others in contempt, clung tightly to my judgements of others, etc. etc. as in something they are not INSPIRED to consider for themselves, particularly in light of this person they've know so well, embarking on this courageous path of love, truth and authentic self expression. They will SEE IT in you, this transformation, and new way of thinking and being, and it will or ought to (although it doesn't HAVE to) inspire them as well, to start seriously considering their own hitherto impenetratble shields of fear and loathing and all manner of self constraining prejudices (not that we're there to judge them, just accept 100%). Point being if your confession was made with the utmost sincerity, and authenticity, and with love, then they are likely to become convicted themSELVES over their own failings and shortcomings. But just to be clear, we are not here to convict them in the legal or judgemental sense, from our POV. In fact, we are also hoping to HELP THEM, at the same time, if possible, to also realize a clearing through this process (omegapoint), and so all the better if it inspires them to reciprocate, freely and out of love, their own confession of failings and shortcomings.

Something costly has been shared here, either way, whether immediately reciprocated or not, and over time the new way of being even on your part relative to them, is sure to bring some movement of some kind about, for them, to help liberate them also in love, the same love which is the true state of being of all people, where the whole thing got messed up for everyone, even our parents too somewhere down the line, born of some misconception or misinterpretation of something that happened originating in childhood - and thus we must have mercy upon them, for they too have suffered gravely over the absurdity of the indignitiy of the injustice, and they too are wounded - be gentle!

4) Conversion - Theirs.

Astonished at what they've just born witness to and maybe even participated in, and you can't not relative to this kind of thing, plunging headlong as it does straight into our deepest sorrows and stirrings of the heart, driven by the desire for love, to love and to be love, especially within family, where the love may have always been strong, or may never have been (it varies from family to family, but rest assured if it was particularly hard for you, none of us and no one comes through unscathed, if that makes you feel better!), but which nevertheless rejoices in reunion, provided such love isn't reserved exclusively within the context of the family framework, like an island of love shielded from the world and it never works like that anyway, as everyone's in turn connected with everyone else, your parents and brothers and sisters having their friends and relationships and so on and so forth. Point being this expression of your love for your family, is but part of your love for all people, your own self included. But this is where omegapoint is "bifurcated" from within the family of origin, by healing the wounds of time and history, and in whatever way no matter how big or small, fast or slow, it matters now, where love and the act of being loving, is it's own reward, even when we are the very love that is missing, whether in our family and circle of loved ones, or even in the world at large. Love by it's nature is so great it cannot be contained anyway, and which is also so powerful that it's able to make a dent in even the most entrenched hard heartedness, as you might very well discover in the process of doing this assignment.

So in laying down this thing - we lift away a burden which was perhaps caked right on to the very depths of their heart, since this kind of thing really is, at core, generational when conducted from within our family of origin, and then lo and behold they also start to have a profound spiritual experience. This then, is "OmegaPoint", now detonating in a critical mass of love capable of overcoming the world of sorrow suffering and strife, in the most pratical way and in the most appropriate setting, with the people you love and also love you.

Remember of course that this is just a trial run, in the relative safety of family - because next we might start taking it to our enemies armed as we are with the shield of love as our newest strongsuit! LOL Oh the terror!

5) Continuance (Part A) - Time shared in mutuality, and to sun and water the seed of love planted here in this domain of new possibility that is the shared mutual spiritual experience. Continuance meaning here, the sticking around afterward and/or returning to the relationship, to feed it, and watch it rebloom even in the desert of old, and that's the marvel. Plus it ensures that the spiritual seed planted takes firm root so that mustard seed of faith, now an acorn of faith with experience, now grows as it was made by the love of God (with your love) into a giant tree of new life and new creation. In other words, it's well worthwhile, particularly after all this energy has been spent to get it planted and growing, to see to it that there is completion, wholeness and a "rolling integrity" not unlike the "snawball effect". This is the creation of a new world, both for you and for this other person. Nothing less.

Continuance (Part B) - Personal Transformation in the Relativity of Human Being

THis whole process can of course serve as a comminications framework capable of breaking apart limitations and constraints in relation to just about anyone we know, and in particular, anyone who we might have wronged at some point, even those in our distant past, with whom we would like to both made amends and, get to apply the 5 C's again in another context. Some people get so much out of the experience in fact, that they start writing out lists of names of people, going all the way back, with a special eye out for anyone to whom we may owe an ammends. But it's not just for our sake, as if trying to right every wrong, that's not what it's about at all really. Instead it is for a larger integrity (an ever expanding "omegapoint" of love and increased vital energy as a gateway clearing) but it's also one that has effected us and effects us daily through all our human interactions, which can be made infinitely more enjoyable and productive, funtional and above all else authentic, real and more fully self expressed. We will know when the work is completed, and our heart will move us and spur us on as needed, but back in the old days of the Oxford Movement of the 1920's and the first days of the AA movement in the 30's, they just LOVED doing this work, and would seek out folks for amends who they might not have had any contact with for years, always planting the seeds of Life Transformation wherever they went, and whenever they made a "call" to someone. And of course it therefore became a MOVEMENT, even a powerful one at that, until the rallies became too influencial and then took political sides, at which point, as can be expected, the movement fell apart and dissolved, but it's fundamental wisdom was never lost of course, since principals and application like these they worked out by unending trial and error, never die, only go dormant for a time or even for a time plus a time times a time and a half, yet never vanishing and always returning when the time is ripe, and the need, dire.

But here is where it starts to get REALLY interesting, and in many ways puts our own self interest right back at the heart of it, in terms of the person we wish to become, and are creating for ourselves, as a new possibility for our lives and for the lives of those who know and love.

We engage these people automatically in something called a "mastermind alliance" (two or more people working together in a spirit of harmony to realize a definite purpsoe) "who" whether they realize it ot not then support us and encourage us along the path we have chosen. Here's how, and it's quite incredibly ingenious how this really works as you'll see.. (please keep an open mind and don't assume that I'm talking here about manipulating anyone for selfish gain because that's not at all what I'm talking about or where I'm going with this).

THe Point of Leverage and Contextual Framework for our own Continued Personal and Psycho-Spiritual Growth

No man is an island.

The human being is a mystery. A mystery of almost unfathomable depth and proportion, but still a mystery nevertheless. We do not know who we are as "nothing special". It's ok not to know who we are, because when we know we don't know who we are, is the beginning of all true self-knowledge and self-realization. You see, when we know that who we are being is our own creation (having already taken inventory and made accessible every aspect of our personality aka strong suit) - are we authentically who we really are, as an unknown. It's confusing and perhaps even terrifying for our "itself" (what I call the ego projection along an arrow of time), until the whole person recognizes (re cognizees, or recollects and remembers) that the "no-self" while a nothing, is also a nothing that isn't nothing and nobody (even though we cannot say for certain just who and what we are). When the fundamental shift occurs in the humor of understanding however, this is no longer of concern, since by the time we reach this quantum leap of reason, "it" has already been dissolved in the now mysterious "who", who is never who he/she is pretending to be, and that's what makes our authentic inauthenticity, truly charming, generating smile after smile.

All we are left with then, since no man is an island and since we cannot be certain who we are except when we know that who we are being is our own creation, as in "now is the time for joy, now for measured awareness, now for boundless enthusiam, now for caution and reserve, etc.", is as much a singular individual as we are a PROCESS (omegapoint in potentia) within the contextual framework of what I call "the relativity of human being".

Who we are (and are being for the world) then is in no small part precisely how we might authentically and with self expression "show up" and occur for THE OTHER PERSON, and from THEIR perspective, and you can see right away then how willingly leaving ourselves behind, might then make available our entire depth and breadth of our very BEING, TO the other, carrying as it were BOTH people's yoke of sorrow and suffering, as well as their cup of joy. Ironically, however much we might have previously shied away from such daring mutual exploration, can now do this with relative ease (now the time for mutual sympathetic suffering) having "Big Heart" as our heart of hearts, and "Big Mind" as the listening ear, who can process any amount of information on the fly, including emotional content, thus making our listening infinitely more responsive as a type of gateway clearing, channel or pathway of communication, which in and of itself is TRANSFORMATIVE - call it OmegaPoint Logotherapy or just OmegaPoint, in ACTION, through all manner of human relations, from one family sphere to another, ultimately extending itself in breadth and depth of Big Heart/Big Mind, a love and mutual understanding capable of carrying the whole of the human condition, to the larger world within which we are all emmersed as the historical participants that we really are by our non-localized quantum holographic nature (mysterious self), and in accordance with our free will (after all what is power if not the power to choose our own destiny) - standing, as it were, although "nothing special" in our own right, as a particularized being - in the love of God as a veritable TITAN in world history, even if only in the very smallest and seemingly insignificant of human gestures of lovingkindness and heartfelt compassion from God through us to our neighbor as our self. There can be no real and authentic self-realization, actualization or God-realization and actualization in human affairs, until such recognition and action begins to take place (the inevitability of OmegaPoint, the strange attractor of love at the end of time and history already always now and forever through each new beginning, no matter how big or small). Thus, the future-past we are now creating, is generated by and runs through a whole new avenue of human activity, human endeavour and human experience, through US, and where we want to start recording, isn't in our own repressed subconscious mind, now being made ever more conscious as per Carl Jung's dream for the fully individuated being (as distinguished from the fearful mass-man) but instead by the universe itself, wherein holographically, as well as non-locally, we as created beings are nothing less than the chip off the old old block, so to speak. This is the reason that "all creation is groaning in travail for the revelation of the sons of God" (omegapoint).

Like I said, this is worth any amount of suffering, and suffered we have for the sake of the Great Work of all ages made real within the human sphere as a process, not as a "thing" nor even as one lone individual, since our very being and becoming, and our existence, all functions within the larger family framework of the relativity of human being.

There I go again off on a bit of a tangent.. have mercy! You see, why should I care how this looks, if what I've discovered along the way is both formative and helpful for whoever finds it, even if only a few, and hey - who knows just how fast an omegapoint can make itself a presence in the world. I say it starts, right here and now, dear reader, with you and me, right at this very moment in human history, standing as we are on the threshold and at the pivotal movement and process, of a whole new way of being and of thinking, and of relating to ourselves, our fellow man and the universe of which we are an intrinsic part, never a mere "thing", but as part of a much much larger universal process and drive towards evolution, including our own psychlogical and spiritual evolution as children of a loving God.

We know this, we "grok" it, and have known it all along - "Have you not known? Have you not been told since before the very foundations of the Earth!" (John the Baptist in King Herod's dungeon) It's "self evident" although it has taken a little reasoning and a bump from modern scientific understanding about "How the world really works" to get here. And here perhaps you may (if a naysayer or snarky) point out that we don't know and cannot know the mind of God or the Absolute, and that is true, but we CAN play in the ocean my friend and live the experience that God created us to live, and dabble in the mystery of it, right here at "home" where by virtue of the fact that we already live in a non-local, holographic universe - LOCAL MATTERS! There is nothing of any insignificance whatsoever, the whole thing is a miracle, yes one that we cannot begin to as yet fathom, ye that we've been emersed in already, included, even included as if for a reason and a purpose, as an expression of an infinite wonder and mystery that it the true life in God. And It's ok to live within a domain of absolute uncertainty. That's liberation, freedom, life, love, happiness, yet nothing special, nothing in particular that is. It doesn't matter who we are only that we get to try, and get to explore this life, and in mutuality and not without a certain curiosity and amuzement that is able to marvel at the sheer wonder that we are even here to begin with!

No longer part of the problem (having regained access to all our personal resources made useful, helpful and authentic maybe even for the first time in our lives), we are then part of the solution! So in the space of nothing, as nothing, there is still something to do, to apply ourselves towards, consecrated with creative action, even effort, in favor of its realization, a realization, which although rather wordy in this case on my part (run on post) once made, cannot be forgotten, and neither is it in any way an imposition on the mind of man, any man, woman, child, anywhere, since we are all seeking liberation, hapiness, joy and the comforts of familial love made whole again.

This is our very heart's own innermost desire, functioning in perfect congtruent alignment with the will of God which is to love, and to be loved. Bhakti.

It is worth any amount of suffering to realize, and may have done so already even through many lifetimes (anything's possible).

Continuance (Part B) - Personal Transformation in the Relativity of Human Being (back to square)


When working the 5 C's of Life Tranformation, always remember to SHARE openly about your inspiration, in terms of who you are wanting to be and to become, such that it touches, moves and inspires the other person, and thereafter BE that in the way that you "show up" or occur to that individual thereafter, while being unconcerned with their way of being, having fully accepted them as they are. What you will then discover, to your dismay, is that they will begin treating you as if you already are this new person, since that is what they are now experiencing you to be, as an authentically self expressed person, most certainly someone who they are discovering is infinitely more enjoyable to be with, and so the type of feedback you'll start getting in return, based on how you are occuring to them, will then immediately transform how they are occuring and being relative to you, PROVIDED that you remain a space of complete unconditional loving acceptance of them as they are, however they occur. Thus you can "sanctify" yourself within the relativity of human being, by their witness, and at the same time serve others as a space of clearing for their own transformation also, now encouraged by you to become fully self-accepted and authentic, and therefore freed also to freely love you back, perhaps even in inexpected ways, catching you completely by surprise. Again, self forgetting for the sake of loving mutuality is the catalyst here, not only for your ongoing transformation, but also for the other persons, whether they be a family member, a friend, or even a prior "foe", or even someone who you've wronged in some way or another, or might have been at loggerheads of mutual negative judgement for YEARS! You then as a walking omegapoint therapeutic process within the framework of the relativity of human being, are making available with simply awareness and understanding, a gateway clearing channel, for "the world", as the dissolution of fear, hatred, sorrow suffering, darkness, doubt, etc (see Prayer of St. Francis again), at least in potentia (of course we all backslide a bit) but once on this path, once you have The Experience, as a result of doing this excercise or completing this assignment, just once, you'll be hooked, and will want to carry this everywhere you can. Just like in the old days, we might even start making lists of people, all the way back to the owner of that variety store we stole a chocholate bar from (or more) as children!

One of the Oxford Group ammends makers, working the 5C's with joy and enthusiasm, he went back to an old employer who he'd embezzled a fair chunk of change from (and got away with it) many years prior, and explained himself and what he was "up to" (making ammends to become a better person) and what he did, and offered to make it right with an ongoing series of payments, in response to which the old boss, although at first angered, melted and forgave the depth, while almost weeping over his unfaithfulness to his wife, and so they became friends (continuance).

They are not called the 5C's of Life Transformation for nothing, and mere ammends is only the beginning, and not even the first half of the story! LOL

We can move mountains (of historic causation) with this technique, performed authentically for all the right reasons and with love. Gdo as the spirit of love of course does all the work and we are but mere channels of his grace, peace and love, but what a RUSH, when you think of this from the larger context, in terms of the opportunity it represents for the human being and for human transformation, at any level.


I've said that acceptance is the highest form of love. In that case listening is it's highest function where form follows function and vise versa. We do not need to understand god to live the love of God in these ways (through loving bhakti).

By listening, really listening, and not listening FOR anything in particular, just being with, as a space of unconditional love and acceptance, without agenda, the self forgotten, we actually create the space for the other person's real and authentic listening to us in return, when it comes time for the conversation to flip. Full heads speaking one to another, never listen. Our head must therefore be empty, to empty the other person's head, so that real and authentic mutual human understanding can occur with mutual acceptance and appreciation even when viewpoints may differ to a degree it matters not, since we must also as accepting people embrace the idea of unity in diversity. Our listening then is the only possibly clearing for our speaking, and to listen we cannot be already listening FOR anything in particular, so that the other individual in their occurance to us, may be also freely self expressed, without constraint or limitation. In this way, we shall get to know them as never before, aNd vice versa - able to see face to face at last.

A clearing, for others, this is what we are or can be if we so choose and are moved to do so. I cann't imagine running away after having such a realization however, to brood alone in isolation, or to try to meditate on our own for further "perfection", either of which would be not to gain, but to lose our realization you see.

To be this clearing, first for ourselves, and then for our fellow man, in a completely unconditionally loving and non coersive manner, with understanding and authentic self expression...? My oh my what a process that would be, an OmegaPoint indeed, not just as therapy, for one, but healing in time and history for anyone and everywhere we may encounter throughout our lifetime, or even in more than one lifetime, and from life to life everlasting.

"The kingdom of heaven is like a storekeeper who brings forth from his storehouse of treasure, both something very old and something very new."

That's what this is, this idea, or I should say it's seed.

If you "get this" what's been conveyed here and have understood and grokked most fully - "go and do likewise" because the very moment you apply this new understanding about yourself and your place in the world as a self realized and very loving and courageous soul, and get out there and plant just ONE of these seeds and water it and sun it with life and love, then for that other person, and for you, and by extension all people, since at heart we all share the same human condition in one way or another, your impact on their life can never be forgotten, and any "treasure in heaven" will no longer even be of concern to you any more, because you'll know and understand and experience for yourself in your innermost heart of hearts, that being of service in this way to others, born of our natural authentic self expression in creative freedom is it's own reward, whereby some of the very best things in this life, are free - and then omegapoint is realized in time and history, by me and by you.

Godspeed, but no worries m8!

Love, and do as you will.
~ Augustine

"And as my father first sent me, even so send I you."

P.S. Sorry if I went and used too many words..

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Please forgive my rather longgggggg introduction to OmegaPoint Logotherapy, but, as an actual method for experiencing the "end of time and history" as we know it, and becoming a creative force of transformation in the world (via the 5C's), for the purpose of helping to generate, in whatever way however big or small, the new creation as "the shift", with fully self-expressed personal humor and mirth restored and revivified - well, how can you blame me for rambling on (as i just did again) or for getting excited and totally psyched about this idea...?!

Here is from another post I just made, which reiterates this enthusiasm and the rational for it, from the thread on X

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by laffoe

If you read through my rambling and voluminous introduction to what I've called OmegaPoint Logotherapy linked in my signature, you'll see how I'm attempting to describe the space of learning, so as to open up a gateway access point in the quantum brainmind, from which to generate a new creation, while carrying that into history through our family of origin, and in the process reversing the arrow of time, once the past is fully "grokked" or recognized and re-recorded in the eternally unfolding present moment, all with the aim of making the "shift" as easy and as joyful as possible, while becoming that shift in relation to our family of origin, our present family (if we've since created our family), our friends, our coworkers, our aquaintances, and last but not least, our "enemies" or any with whom we've previously been at enmity with - to allow the Akashic Field to reintegrate, through us, the most fundamental nature of human history, making of us, we ourselves as our true and authentic self, the new creation and the REAL "miracle baby" (you've "get" that inside joke if you take the time to read and process the "idea").

Paradigm shift, is what it is, from one dead and dying world, to a whole new world, and one which contains imbedded within itself all future worlds, time now operating, as the present rolling only in the future, no longer "out of" a past, whether good or bad, and herein resides the quantum jump to the fourth or fifth dimensions, unleashing in the process vast amount of energy as potentia, both through the individual and then by extension also for the rest of the "world" which makes up our individual and collective social sphere as well as the "noosphere" which I am communicating in even now as you read and "grok".

The reason I ramble on so much about this, is only because of how excited I am about it as the end of time and history (as we've come to know it), and into a fresh new start and a whole new beginning (novelty) within which humor, love and FUN are possible, as a creative pursuit now sanctified by the experience of joy and happiness - a strange attractor of love, if you will, so at long last see "face to face" and to percieve as we are percieved, and in so doing silently slip from the grip of an old, outmoded wordlview and reality, while pulling as a thread, the love of everyone else with you!

That it's entirely accessible, from a purely rational and reasonable, if not ultra-rational and unreasonably reasonable, perspective, and is entirely "grokkable" is what makes it a marvel and a wonder, imho. There is a LOT of energy in that access point or gateway clearing, big time, but it doesn't have it's effect, until we action creatively and with joy and happiness and laughter, where "before" its very opposite may have been present..

Basically what I've laid down is just a stream of consciousness "data dump" of sorts, which contains, in a reasonably well written manner, for the most past, if you'll forgive long, run-on sentence structure - from which to further "chunk down" the fundamental tenets of this methodology for generating the desired *clearing* and accompanying sense of psychlogical and spiritual growth that clearing makes available.

And so with that in mind, I would like to invite you, if you've just scrolled this page and went
that it might be worthwhile to take the time to go back to the top, and read this page down again until you get HERE.

Not to try to tell you what to do, but only out of heartfelt desire to share something I believe is of inestimable value, to you and to your loved ones, for your life and for everyone you'll encounter as you move through it (in eternity), leaving a great wake in your path, as we all do, whether we realize it or not, for good or for bad.

It's because I love you that I'm begging you to give this viewpoint, paradigm or conceptualization, your open and honest and willing due time and consideration.

If you've enjoyed the thread so far, then you'll trust me on this.

Thank you in advance, for your time, for your consideration and attention, to a certain reframe which just might contain imbedded within itself something historically transformative, and which will make of you again dear reader, the real and true and authentic, active historical creative participant that you really are, as neccessitated by the truth, and the reality of your own free will and power to choose with full conscious awareness. This is the appropriate frame by which we reside, so why not move a little history while we at it..? That's my thinking, since we do it anyway, even in our inaction, and or our unwillingness

Best Regards,


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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 12:23 AM
Seems I may have gone a little overboard with the run on OmegaPoint Logotherapy information, and as much as I still believe it's of potentially incalculable value for people, as a means and a method by which to generate a whole new realm of possibilty for ourselves and our lives and for that of our loved ones (and by extension the larger community within which we are immersed), as a new conception and recognition of our past life and history that we might not have considered otherwise - I would like to move forward now in the hope of generating a new page!

Regardless, I wanted to touch on the meditation tracks, before making a presentation on the Ormus (Philosopher's Stone), perhaps the most interesting and overlooked aspect of this thread to date.

Entrainment Tracks with Instructions

Free Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment Soundtracks

1) Harmonic Resonance (Hemi-Sync). Already made avilable previously.

2) Eternal Presence (X Mind Series)

3) Star Trip (X Mind)

4) Cosmic Energy (X Mind)

5) Bach To The Future Alpha-Theta-Delta (Homemade, laid over Classical Music with Schumann Resonance imbedding)

6.Compassion Metta Bhavana (included here, from top of page 3)

Instructions for Use:

1. Sit comfortably in a darkened room, sterio headphones on (the higher quality the better, but any will work), eyes closed. Rest and "sink" comfortably into chair and ground, until body-asleep, mind-awake state is realized (it's not hard with BB entrainment to get there fast).

2. Keep previous excercise in mind for positioning of the observing self, as a focal point of awareness (not getting carried away into unconsciousness, having no fixed point of awareness or attention).

3. Breathe.

4. Allow body to go to sleep, while retaining conscious awareness if possible.

5. Do not worry if you fall asleep. Next time, simply attempt to remain awake with focal point of self awareness for a longer period. There is no right or wrong here.

Do not use while driving or using machinery, obviously..

Lately, I've been using the Compassion Metta Bhavana, in conjunction with another not listed (which I'll intriduce here soon) which I'll call "Continuance" (in commemoration of the 5th C) as a sleep preparation meditation (and medication).

As a result, I've been having wonderful dreams of "home", and require less sleep, waking happier and more refreshed in the morning than I have in a long time, and my energies and focalpoint of awareness have improved dramatically, although a certain sorrowful quality periodically surfaces, only to be reintegrated the following evening. It's quite remarkable this journey.

As I go forth, I feel lit up, and people smile back with the twinkling of an eye, overheard conversations are positive and happy and it's kind of like a new world, a happier world, has opened up before me, with whatever resources I need, available, and with my overall sense of enthusiasm, and passion at a high while retaining at the same time a certain peaceful equanity and a compassionate "don't care". It's nothing special, whereby, when nothing is special, everything is! And in my experience, whatever sorrow arises, it's worth it, for the next level of reintegration and enjoyment.

Just reporting.

And everything else regarding the OmegaPoint Logotherapy was only intented ever to be most helpful, nothing more, nothing less. Anyone who says or thinks otherwise, is sadly mistaken and somehow missed the spirit of intent behind the action. Oh well, what can I do, except try to be most helpful, and move on.

Best Regards,


posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 03:36 PM
Screw it - since I already hijacked and to a degree killed my own thread, I'll simply add anything I like that i think may be helpful, and I don't feel, looking back, that I've made this idea about OmegPoint Logotherapy (OPLT) clear, with all the breathless, flowery language and assumptions regarding what was and wasn't already understood by the reader. Please remember too that this is all just a work in progress, and something I or anyone can make use of as a reservior of information from which to draw a cup of inspiration or wisdom that may be appropriated or "grokked" or applied as we wish.

Re: The Application of the 5 C's of Life Transformation to Our Family of Origin.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

Originally posted by SystemResistor
reply to post by NewAgeMan

In terms of karma, I often feel as if I am somehow "entangled" with people, and freedom is a process of disconnecting all the cords.

I don't think we can escape our nature as social beings within what I call "the relativity of human being", and thus, although I don't mean this in an image conscious manner, how and who we show up as, for them, to them, is very much a big part of who we really are. imho, it's not "spiritual" to run away from people and brood in isolation or try to "perfect" ourselves apart from our fellow man. That's just so darn easy to do, and so unhelpful to others, that it cannot possibly be "the way".

That said I understand what you're saying, particularly as it relates to our own family of origin, and imho, there's only one way to address that, and it's simple but not easy. What's curious is how many so-called spiritually awakened or aware people, become terrified when it comes to the resolution of familial karma and how fearful they become in the face of it, how unwilling they are to do any work in that regard. Even Jesus himself seemed to have issue with his family of origin and refused to go see them when passing back through town, saying that only those who do the will of his father (spirit) are his sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, and he also said that he came, relative to the family framework, as family of origin, not to bring peace but a sword, where a man's enemy will be found within his own household.

Most people are chicken and scared #less (Jesus had his own reasons I'm sure for acting as he did) when it comes to the prospect, and the neccessity, for healing the wounds of time and resolving the continuation of familial karmic debt, but how can we possibly be free from those ties that bind us, until we do so, or at least make the effort on our part..?

As an "OmegaPoint Logotherapist" in the making, not one of my clients will be given a free pass in this regard, since there's undone work there that needs to be done in order for us to become truly free. We all know this to be true.

But oh what love is awaiting us there, on the other side of that sorrow and suffering. It's nothing less than a historical restoration. Back in Jesus' day, and in our own, people could hide out and shrink and become malformed spiritually within the context of the family of origin and some people, even today, raise family up to God-status, as something to be almost worshipped instead of God, neither of which is the appropriate framework. So this is what I see, to help ease the weight of karma, both for ourselves and our fellow man - the restoration, dedemption and atonement, of family, at all levels beginning with our own family of origin, to ultimately include the entire brotherhood of mankind, as the larger family framework. Then, and only then, will peace on earth and good will to mankind even be possible.

We must go to the root cause of the wound, and heal it there. There is no other way, and any "spiritual" person with Big Heart as their guide, will not run from this task, now matter how it might scare them or pain them to make the effort, they will go home to heal the wounds of time and history, and in so doing, be made whole and wholly authentic again, with new life and new possibility, and bright, new hope and eternal optimism springing forth eternal once again, enough capable of revivifying the whole world and all of creation by extension and allowing us to enter the kingdom life, like children, with wonderment and awe.

The whole notion here, is that of being liberated and set free for the sake of freedom to freely love as we are loved, requiring a restoration of love at source, wherein love was lost or may have failed us, and we, others.

How can we have a rolling integrity of absolute wholeness, free from karmic debt, with all this wreckage laying around in our past involving our family of origin?

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

shall we talk?

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 02:06 PM

Originally posted by Elerow
reply to post by NewAgeMan

shall we talk?

By all means! Just click on the "member" button to the left under my info, and from the drop down go "send message" and we'll talk.

You will have peace of mind, if you believe you can. I went through much the same thing that you've been going through from what I've read of your posts. What you have is simply a habituated thought pattern, nothing more, it's like a glitch in the program, where you can't not NOTICE and be attracted by every single thought and action, right after the fact, for some it's completely internalized, as anxiety about everything from a thought, to being aware of how many times we blink or swallow, for others, it's an obsessive attachment to meaning outside of themselves where the symbols of language, meaning and allegory imbedded in everyting from the newpaper headlines to overheard conversations, songs on the radio, adds on TV, begin to take on a very heavy, meaning laden significance for the individual as the central hero in the cosmic drama of life! Trust me, that while it doesn't seem funny at all, now, it will to you, later on looking back, once you've recovered, as I hope you're already beginning to.

For some people, it's not just a habituated loop of thought, but more of a spiritual awakening, such that the spirit of awareness LEAPS forward to the forefront of all considerations, and thus sees itself reflected in everyting everywhere, while the intensity of the experience kind of blows the mind or causes a bit of a short circuit, the result of which many of the symptoms I just described start manifesting, as the "self" tries to make sense of this new mind or way of seeing and experiencing the world around us, and yet spirit cannot be subjected to nor controlled by ego, so there's a conflict there, which can create the felt experience of a terrible fall from a state of grace and perfection, which is basically what happened to me back in late 1996, after a wonderful ski trip during which time I had the experience of being touched by Grace, and I was, until my ego tried to get ahold of it that is, then down I plummeted, in more ways than one!

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 07:12 PM
Re-doing part of past post in an attempt to better convey the true essence of the concept at the heart of Omegapoint Logotherapy, as a personal alchemical process of transformation, and I might add, increasing joy and happiness for the rest of our lives! (certainly nothing to sneeze or scoff at or dismiss out of hand).

THe Point of Leverage and Contextual Framework for our own Continued Personal and Psycho-Spiritual Growth

No man is an island.

The human being is a mystery. A mystery of almost unfathomable depth and proportion, but still a mystery nevertheless. We do not know who we are as "nothing special". It's ok not to know who we are, because when we know we don't know who we are, is the beginning of all true self-knowledge and self-realization. You see, when we know that who we are being is our own creation (having already taken inventory and made accessible every aspect of our personality aka strong suit) - are we authentically who we really are, as an unknown. It's confusing and perhaps even terrifying for our "itself" (what I call the ego projection along an arrow of time), until the whole person recognizes (re cognizees, or recollects and remembers) that the "no-self" while a nothing, is also a nothing that isn't nothing and nobody (even though we cannot say for certain just who and what we are). When the fundamental shift occurs in the humor of understanding however, this is no longer of any concern (no "first care"), since by the time we reach this quantum leap of reason, "it" has already been dissolved in the now mysterious "who", who is never who he/she is pretending to be, and that's what makes our authentic "inauthenticity", truly charming, generating smile after smile both for us and our fellow person.
Only then can we be truly real, or at least as real as possible, by both never forgetting and always forgetting the self as the role we're playing, stepping into and our of roles, never confusing the role for who we really are, as the one who plays it. We are both on the stage but somewhere else both at the same time, observing, witnessing, but otherwise unmoved (without a care). This POV access point, and way of being in the "don't care" joy and prior human of self realization isn't a matter of not "caring" as in have no regard for another, instead to the contrary it makes available all manner of compassion, fearlessness and the willingness to act, in the face of problems and obstacles (sure to arise even within the NEW frame of reference), except, having greater consciouess awareness of the entire FIELD of the self with a vastly greater amoung of flexibility, power and influence, and all manner of personal and impersonal resources. And, while we renounce our attachments to all outcomes, nevertheless we act with increasingly wise and fearless and loving intent - thus projecting our future-past life experience - onto a whole new trajectory, for ourselves as "the human being" never a mere thing, but as a process occuring within the larger interpersonal reletavistic framework of THE human being in the fullness of time and history, and thus within the framework of "family" in the now realized "brotherhood of man", with ourselves and our BEING (with conscious intent) as the causal active historical participant, neccessitated by the gift and the power of free will, now liberated, as freedom for the very sake of freedom, which is the freedom to love, since love can never be love, unless it is given freely and without any selfish or personal expection of a reward, isn't love and since love, tends to be, at core, our innermost heart's desire in the space of nothing that's the unconditional ground of all being and becoming.

In other words love is it's own reward within the present moment experient OF that very reward, ever realized and acted upon increasing, even if only for the sheer joy of getting to BE the very love that is missing in the world, now that is a "Great Work" or a magnum opus, my friends. At the same time it places no real "burden" upon us, except the willingness to carry all manner of sorrow and suffering in the complete recognition that all such sorrow and suffering has been or is continuing to dissolve through us and within us, the spark of something else, something chosen authentically and for all the right reasons, with a child's enthusiam, becoming the new twinkle in our eye - the new "fount of inspiration".

All we are left with then, since no man is an island and since we cannot be certain who we are except when we know that who we are being is our own creation, as in "now is the time for joy, now for measured awareness, now for boundless enthusiam, now for caution and reserve, etc.", is as much a singular individual as we are a PROCESS (omegapoint in potentia) within the contextual framework of what I call "the relativity of human being".

Who we are (and are being for the world) then, is in no small part precisely how we might authentically and with self expression "show up" and occur for THE OTHER PERSON, and from THEIR perspective, so you can see right away then (unless your highest motivator is vanity) how willingly leaving ourselves behind, might then make available our entire depth and breadth of our very BEING, TO the other, carrying as it were BOTH people's yoke of sorrow and suffering, as well as their cup of joy. Ironically, if not heroically, however much we might have previously shied away from such daring mutual exploration, we can now do this with relative ease (now is the time for mutual sympathetic suffering) having "Big Heart" as our heart of hearts, and "Big Mind" as the listening ear, who can process any amount of information on the fly (including emotional content) thus making our listening ear infinitely more responsive as a type of gateway clearing, channel, or pathway of communication, which in and of itself is TRANSFORMATIVE - call it OmegaPoint Logotherapy or just "Omegapoint", in ACTION, through all manner of human relations, from one "family sphere" to another, ultimately extending itself in breadth and depth of Big Heart/Big Mind, a love and mutual understanding capable of carrying the whole of the human condition, to the larger world within which we are all emmersed as the historical participants that we really and truly are by our non-localized quantum holographic nature (mysterious self), and in accordance with our free will (after all what is power if not the power to choose our own destiny) - standing, as it were, although "nothing special" in our own right, as a "particularized" being - in the love of God as a veritable TITAN in world history, even if only in the very smallest and seemingly insignificant of human gestures of lovingkindness and heartfelt compassion from God through us to our neighbor as our self. There can be no real and authentic self-realization, actualization or God-realization in human affairs, until such recognition and ACTION (full body immersion) begins to take place - call it the inevitability of "Omegapoint", as the strange attractor of love at the end of time and history occuring in truth already always now and forever as a process and not a "thing", through each new beginning, no matter how big or small. Thus, the "future-past" we are now creating and generating in an ongoing recognition, is generated by and runs through us we ourselves (no matter how apparently "small") as a whole new avenue of human activity, human endeavour and human experience. This is a marvel of almost divine proportion and significance, even if only for ourselves AS a human being!

Precisely "what" and "where" we want to then start "recording" (from this moment onward), is no longer the grokked "past" (in reconciliation and reintegration through mutual recognition from the POV of the present) persistently projecting itself through the present into the future, held (imprisoned?) within our own repressed subconscious mind - but instead NOW and henceforth (as per Carl Jung's dream for the fully individuated being) recorded in and by "the Universe" or the Akashic Field (record, chronicles) itself, wherein holographically, as well as non-locally, we, as created beings are nothing less than the chip off the old old block, so to speak. This is the reason that "all creation is groaning in travail for the revelation of the sons of God" (omegapoint).

It is into the future realm of domain of limitless possibility and creative energy and endeavour, the "past" now fully grokked - that we now turn or TRANSFORM, as a realm or domain of possibility (this is alchemical in action and in form and function) - the realm of the unknown unkown, or what we had hitherto never even considered for a moment, into something known or experienced as a possibility. The future space, the creative space of prior happiness, wholeness, completion and therefore of humor, then becomes the "recepticle" or the "crucible", relative to which we now stand (and fall), provided we don't ever forget, who we really are, and our true nature, as conscious beings within a Monistic Idealist frawework (wherein consciousness, not matter is primary or causative ie: as a first/last cause and the "alpha and omega of existence").

The fearless joy, it can only arise directly and proportionately, on the other side of, all fear and suffering, and it is therefrom that the ecstatic humor and childlike wonderment, re-emerges, as Carl Jung "rhizome" now bulging in and busting out of the earth (of manifestation), in resurrection, or as a Phoenix from the ashes of chaos and catastrophy, the eternal being as the eternal self now self realized, by the very undoing of "self" as the complete and full recognition of it's own inauthenticity (ie: the action of the personality driven by what was unoncious) now made authentic in the simple awareness, of the utterly absurdity of who and what we took ourselves and our fellow man, to be (nothing at all, or something or someone we are NOT). Turning then, directly INTO our blindspot, what was previously in the realm of an unknown unknown, is known and experienced, the self re-gifted back to the self as a new possibility (the kingdom of heaven is accessed by such as these little ones), and then, at last, our humor itself is restored as a prior liberation in the fullness of time and history, capable of rendering all the indignity of the injustices and the vissisitudes of life, rendered hereafter insignificant and of no consequence whatsoever, in the grand shsme of things, the central "theme" of the drama now both fully undone AND fully understood - the quest to "know thyself" realized in the fullness of time and history, a life made worth living again for a reason and a cause that is FUN, coming into view as the new projection from the "fount of inspiration and joy". "The more that sorrow and suffering has carved into our being, the more joy we can contain" (Gibran paraphrased). Thus, the more screwed up your life and you have been before, in truth the better off you really ARE! This is true, once understood with the humor of understanding.

"A self examined like is not worth living" ~ Socratese

Those who can infer the slight humor or mirth in that, "grok" what I'm describing.but If you can't see the mirth in it, then it's a sad proposition of some future unpleasantly that we shall at some future point have to fully address ie: at the last minute, at death I suppose as the moment when we wish to put it off to lol , but it's already something worthy of celebration you see, on the other hand, if we are doing or are committed (sancitified) to doing this work of complete reconciliation, forgiveness and reintegration, or else we shall never be free.

"If not now, then when?"

Like I said, this is worth any amount of suffering, and suffered we have for the sake of the Great Work of all ages made real within the human sphere as a process, not as a "thing" nor even as one lone individual, since our very being and becoming, and our existence, all functions within the larger family framework of the relativity of human being.

Our own "cup of drama" then, of the absurdities involved the formation of our strong suit, from our very earliest memories onward (or up until now), as some sort of elastic band of resistence occuring in the gateway of fate and history, and our own cup of sorrow and the willingness to suffer, no longer unnecessarily but MEANINGFULLY (new logos of life and love for ourselves and our fellow man and woman), then becomes our own empty Buddha Bowl if you will, our own "Holy Grail", except having been already emptied by the humor of understanding, it then contains the living water of the eternal flow of life, which is both informational (in formational), and highly energizing, as a newfound creative fount of inspiration, you see!

It is only in the rich man's unwillingness to give up what he THINKS he already has, that he fails to regain everything and realize the kingdom of heaven, while a camel passes through the eye of a needle!

If we do not place ourselves in service to a historical causation that is worthy of ourselves, and that is inspiring to us, no matter what the outward circumstances of our life may be, then not only will we never be free, but sadder still, we would then never be truly happy (authentically happy for all the right reasons)!

"Logotherapy" (the will to meaning), as a realization, involves the idea of a meaningful suffering, which willingly entered into, is no longer the suffering it once was, but instead a JOY! - and what once operated as an elastic band in the gateway of fate, between what is and what ought to be, forever pulling us along from past to future, is now a slingshot for us, into a new domain of increasing possibility, perhaps even from life to life in eternity, since anything is possible..

And "karma" we must remember, is always a compassionate teacher, the space of learning and growth nothing we need be afraid of, since it's still there wether we realize it or not!

I don't know about you, but given the choice - I choose to be a happier more fully self expressed human being, not a sad, inauthentic and robotic "program" (ITself) which leads nowhere but to a deathful and unbearable and humorless existence, based on nothing but a false interpretation of the past in terms of "what happened" as the "homunculous" in the machine - we as human beings, were meant to be by far more, than THAT! (said like a child)

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posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 08:29 PM
"If thine eye be single, then thy whole body, will be filled with light. You are the light of the world!"

Having begun to recover our singular eye of awareness and of purpose and intent of the will, choosing to freely be ourselves as we are by becoming fully aware of who and what we are not - the whole FIELD OF understanding & therefore of knowledge in "felt experience" (McKenna), is then made available to us (accessible), as liberated eternal beings or children of God at long last accepting our inheritance as our very birthright, given to us (prior freedom) since before the very foundtations of the earth (timeless, spaceless realization as a first/last cause in time and history).

Our psychological, spiritual AND physical "regeneration and reconstruction" is now then placed within a whole new context and we can allow ourselves permission to undergo a radical transformation and become something ever more in increasing congruent alignment with who we really are and were always meant to be, as free, causal agents of historical transformation for the better, to get to do our part (however big or small) in the larger drama of the REAL story of the human being, in cosmic evolutionary history, and of course in earth history as well (since here we are after all!).

With an eye then directed towards the sustenance and feeding our newfound "light body" we will now look to the time and person of Moses, of all people, and embark upon an investigation of sorts, and a bit of a mystery, in search of the philsophers stone as an actual substance that all our systems require for the well being of BOTH our physical AND our spiritual self/being.

Up Next - the Philsophers Stone, ORME-ORMUS as the substance of the light of life ie: food for the light.

stay tuned...

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 07:39 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by MortlitantiFMMJ

Try it again at a different time and if you're still having problems then either me or someone else would I'm sure be willing to help you out with this. Let us know. I've heard that megaupload is a good site for this kind of thing.

Still having problems downloading off zshare, not sure if it's my connection or zshare itself, although I've seen 1 or 2 others with problems on zshare. Would it be possible to upload to megaupload or one of the other sites?

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