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Personal Alchemy and The Elixir of Life

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 02:27 AM
Got a bit lost on the MASSIVE wall of text toward the end of this thread.

Think what we need is to actually break it down, reformat it into some form of working document/website/resource.

For some of us, we want to find out everything in minute detail, for others, take me to the instructions so I can plug and play, and not worry about the theory. Lets be honest here, as nice as theory is, we know meditation helps, so does one need to understand all about meditation in order to benefit from it?

I could extend the same concept to fitness? Does one need to fully understand the biological response to fitness based training to fully benefit from the doing? Again no, the benefit remains the same, and thus based on a lot of the thread so far, perhaps the quick how to guide/roadmap to fountain of youth etc would be the best way to go?

Packaged up nicely could become a real resource - giving people the guide first and the principle/theory behind it afterwards.


posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 02:29 AM
Also (sorry) - don't take offense by my words, none intended - keep the enthusiasm strong

Just to add, I think the concept of experience is relevant. Let me explain...

When one has experienced something beyond reason or explanation, one then seeks to clarify what they have experienced.

By that logic, give them the experience first, the basic instructions, when they have reached a point when they have experienced what the instructions have to offer, the person can then start digging deeper to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.


posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 01:18 PM
I was just rather enthusiastic about a new conception of the "self" as a field of knowing in the unconditioned ground of all being and becoming (the space of nothing that is everything), and how an examined life and an examined fixed way of being determined by that life as a story, could lead to a liberated self with infinitely greater freedom to be creative, instead of merely programmed.

In a nutshell, what it amounts to is the reversal of two arrows


Past -> Present -> Future


Future -> Present -> Past

and from

Do -> Have -> Be


Be -> Have -> Do

Such that we are driven no longer by what went before and our fixed way of being in terms of "who" we THINK we are from past to future, never even living in the present, to a space where we are driven instead by what moves and inspires us from the realm of the creative imagination, or what I call the fount of inspiration, and not as a fixed self, but as a chosen self, and a creative self, who knows or has an awareness of who and what they really are, as a mysterious process, never a mere "thing".

A person can excercise and meditate and eat better, and do all the "do things" and STILL be unhappy and unfulfilled, because they never had a change of mind and heart about themselves and their life, their life story and what they're getting "up to" or what "game" they've chosen to play. In such cases, they are simply new and better and healthier "robots" of pre-patterned programming and all manner of learned behavior and reaction/response mechanisms, but still robotic nevertheless, not free, and not authenticically self expressed ie: a shell of a human being, but not a real human being.

Without freedom, there is no power, and what is power, if not the freedom and the power, to choose?

So that's what all the text was about - to help people seek out and find a gateway access point to a continual and persistent state of freedom with conscious awareness.

It's an optimism and a faith capable of moving mountains of historical causation, from an ever expanding sphere of influence, born of nothing but the desire to be most helpful to others, while being, having and doing and creating, that which satisfies our innermost heart's desire, which is to love and to be loved.

One of these days I'll nutshell it and chunk it all down, just needed to get it out there for consideration (even if only my own) as a starting point.



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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 07:25 PM
reply to post by moleskin

Thank you for the input. In the future, when I do develop this into a working therapeutic model, yes, all the theory will be hidden in the background, including the quantum physical principals, and all the rest, the only aim being to design simple, paradigm shifting methods or excercises capable of producing first and foremost the actual experience for the participant, and do so in such a way that that experience can then easily be replicated by them, for others, through their own channel of communication and with increasing mastery ie: how to employ the 5C's of Life Transformation in 60 seconds that kind of thing, because it's in the "paying it forward" aspect where the big payoff (what might be called the spiritual paycheck) really kicks in, experiencially, for all parties involved. It's like having the sense of working a great net (to use a fishing analogy) for a really REALLY special catch, if it could be described in words.

At the same time, before he got to E=MC2, I'm pretty sure that Einstein's chalkboard was just covered with formulas and conjecture, and that's I guess what I was up to on page 7 of this thread.

Thanks again, your feedback is helpful, and indeed that's how people do learn for the most part, and they're not mind readers who can fill the gaps on their own, while I jump from thing to thing as if the connections and leaps of logic behind what I'm communicating is apparent and obvious, which it isn't, I get that.

These things and we ourselves are of course a work in progress, and there's nothing wrong with that either.

Best Regards,


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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 04:07 PM
A friend of mine bought stuff in liquid form from these guys,

But it has no directions whatsoever, i am about to start ordering Ormus , what should i use, you posted alot of them in the Philosopher's Stone.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by GrinchNoMore

A good starting point, and the more affordible option would be, imho, Etherium Gold from Harmonic Innerprises. I am also interested in adding to my supersmoothie the product Fuzion by Zero Point Technologies, which has some M-state elements mixed with a vitamin nutrient supplement.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Thank you my friend, and kudos on the work gone into this thread - I think its the nature of such communications that makes it hard to read/understand the flow of info.

My mind works in a similar fashion, bringing stuff together from all other - I just try and work more ordered than I used too, and also try to consider others are not able to understand the concept or apply the time taken to go through each page/article etc.

That being said, when you create the ordered piece, I think it would be hugely valuable, as either a great financial resource for yourself OR a paying it forward/piece of enlightenment. If I can be of any assistance during that time, just U2U me, I have a few ideas that could help propell the info out there!



posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 01:55 PM

Empowering Statements of Autosuggestion

In his seminal work "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill outlined a formula for success, that was followed either consciously or unconsciously by the richest and most financially successful men in the world who he studied for a period of 20 years prior to writing the book. People like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Dale Carnege.

In it, one of the most prominent ideas and principals was that of something that he called "Autosuggestion" or self suggestion, using powerful statements, spoken aloud to one's self, in order to bring about a transformation and catalization process (alchemy) at the level of the subconcious mind.

I have one I'd like to share that I've developed, which is starting to work wonders for me.


My continual and persistent attitude of gratitude and appreciation, and enthusiasm

forms the wellspring of my creative vortex of prosperity, new possibility, and abundant success.

With heartfelt appreciation, and with boundless, overflowing joy, and love,

my non-resistant allowing

is the FLOW

that will draw and attract

for my benefit AND that of others

Anything and Everything I so desire.

This is Powerful
This is FUN
I am so Happy
I am so Pleased

Definition of Alchemy

The ability to transform one possibility, into another, by employing as a catalyst, the substance of love.

The primary distinction involving the felt experience of being either inside, or outside, one's "creative vortex" - also referred to as our "emotional guidance system".

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 08:11 PM
Hello there!

So since I have last posted, I have had many ups and downs as usual cycling in and out of depression.

Last Friday, I received a phone call from a co-op advisor who wanted to forward my resume to a chartered accounting firm who needed a candidate immediately. That afternoon, while I was working on a logo for my friend who is a dj, I received a phone call which turned out to be my phone interview. Apart from being really nervous and stumbling a lot, the interview went well.

That Saturday I received the job offer which I was shocked since I mentioned that I did badly in my Tax course and that this position was (and has been so far) filing tax returns since the deadline is fast approaching. Even more shocking is that I am in a stream focusing on CMA and was chosen over other CA students.

Sunday, I shipped out to live with relatives near Toronto. I got the whole basement to myself, a TV, kickass speakers, fridge, an almost complete kitchen, couch, and some fish. For their kids which are my age, they even got a workout room with punching bag down here.

I have been working long hard hours and am pretty exhausted at this point, I also have several projects this coming Monday and Tuesday and I got to finish a business card for tomorrow for a friend (which I will be paid). This has worked out perfectly, since I get to live away from my parents and hopefully all the tension and stress that has been between us for the longest time will fade into the distance.

I feel like everything is coming together as I believed it would, regardless of how depressed I had been feeling.

I have to thank everyone in this forum for all the information and inspiration especially NAM.


posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 01:52 AM
I was really interested in this thread but to be honest, you wrote too much. TOO MUCH.

I ended up skipping most of your content and try to find the general point of each post.

In the future, if you want more to tune into your threads, try to get to the point so more people can appreciate your heartfelt approach.

And about your superfoods smoothie, I understand it is helpful as you're getting vital nutrients that most eating a western diet are definitely not even getting fractions of in a daily basis.

I don't see this as a long term alternative as everything except for the banana, oil and some other ingredients have been repeatedly processed.

I like this thread, I hope you can keep it simple in the future so I can read all of your content.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by eLPresidente

I have read every post in this thread and I must say there isn't much to cut down on, there are some instances of repetitiveness but it is in order to get the POINT across because people may be blind to it. Continue reading! I hope you may find this as transformational as I and others before me have found.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 07:40 PM
Honestly, some people don't have the time to 'read every post in this thread'.

If I had clones of myself, I'd read every post on ATS, hell I'd read the whole internet if I could.

posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 05:59 PM
It's a thread about life transformation.

I'll come back and try to nutshell it if I can.

The idea is to be as helpful as possible to help MOVE people into a new domain of possibility, freedom and self expression.

That's not an easy thing to try to accomplish in a thread on an Internet Discussion Forum.

If as a result, someone, anyone, is moved into the new domain, and in so doing, moves others, then the thread has served it's purpose.

I've been getting some new ideas of late which I'd also like to share, involving the leading edge of the arrow of progress.

be back for still MORE!

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posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 09:14 PM
Opening your mind and changing your life is difficult. By reading the entirety of this thread, even over several days or weeks, and actually putting as much as you can into practice you heighten your chances for success no doubt.

I am feeling so inspired lately but I don't have time because work demands so time. Because of this I am working in every way possible to harness this positive energy so I can keep it flowing into the future. Here are my tips that you can use in everyday life without even having to go out of your way!

Separate yourself from the negative. Become the light of the world, smile, relax. Work on this consciously whenever you can (in my case sitting on the bus during my commutes) and you will become more positive and radiant.

Create positive interactions with others. Everyday whenever the opportunity presents itself, maybe you will be surprised!

Shower in the morning. Not only is showering good for cleanliness, it is good psychologically and for your health. During the last minute even change the water to freezing cold to get an added health benefit (blood rushing into your internal organs improves blood flow). I like to think of a shower as a soul cleansing ritual.

Rehearse positive self reinforcement consciously.

Do something different, out of the ordinary even when you are doing something completely ordinary (walking to work then dodge around some obstacles). Maybe you will give other people a laugh or a wtf but it definitely is an energy boost.

Deep breathing. It actually gives me energy and makes me less sleepy. Sometimes its like a little boost which is pleasant.

Anything involving waiting do mind excercises, I like to make up short stories or freestyle even beatbox.

Random shiz like this is really beneficial, it has helped me get through 12 hour days (which is especially hard when I never had a full time job before).

It is essential to condition yourself if you do not have the self discipline and free will to stay focused on probably the most difficult obstacle in life. Self Alchemy.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by ThisIsMyName

This is great! Sounds like you've learned how to generate a clearing for yourself, or what might be called a "gateway access point" into a new realm or domain of new possibility, and that's a tremendous discovery.

Indeed, good-feeling thoughts and anything which can help bring you to that space of enthusiasm (which means "filled with God") will aid and assist in causing a tipping point to become a powerful channel of creative possibility into which all good things will flow directly to you, both causally (by exerting effort or taking action in support of inspiration), and acausally (simply allowing good things to enter one's experience, synchronistically).

Keep it up!

I've been learning some new things and new ways of looking at the world, which I believe will be very helpful to some people. When it comes time to make the post, I will try to write with greater clarity and more succinctness, so that it will not be confusing.

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posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 05:56 PM
It's funny because I have never been working so hard in my life and I have never been this tired in my life, but I realized a newfound power, passion and knowledge. I don't want to work this hard at something so mindless all my life (I am doing tax returns atm), although right now this is necessary in my journey, and a very useful learning experience for life (taxes tell everything about a person + it is a guarentee in your life).

Now it is all about nurturing and maintaining this energy level and being patient while waiting for the next stage of my journey.

Time to go destroy the punching bag...

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:07 PM

Life's Own Goodwilled Goodnature, and the Arrow of Progress

(the following is inspired by my recent reading and "grokking" of the book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", by Robert Pirsig)

Aristotle, the moment he coined the term "subtance", flung us from the real world, and into a timebound, materialist frame of reference. "Truth" as "facts" and "things" became reality, our reality, and the new mythos, our present "world" and so-called "reality" we now inhabit, was born. "It" came into being, as the very shape of the mind of man and of his worldview, as if from nothing whatsoever but a discussion, and a conversation or by what the Greeks called Rhetoric and something called Dialectic, which means a proving out of truth by competing ideas, or opposing frames of reference, only one of which may be percieved as "The Best" and therefore the Truth. In Plato's opinion, there was no other way to discover truth. Prior to that time, there was no such division, no separation, no subject / object duality. It did not exist in the mind of man, while people went about the business of living, in towns and cities, farms and villages, for a period of years (rotations of the sun) lasting FIVE TIMES the duration of that of the timespan from the Greeks, up until the present moment (as if it was ever anything but the present all along).

Of course, arisng from this ancient arrowhead of truth discovered by dialectic, and via the observation and measurement of change in substance, we were given the great scientific method, which no doubt, in one sense, has served us well - while at the same time, completely alienating us from the world, from one another and therefore, at some level, relative even to our own selves, divided and at odds with a harsh, materialist, indifferent, mechanistic universe - the use of our will seemingly without any significance, or impact, either on the world or our fellow man. Alone, striving against winds of change and uncertainty, with little hope of finding one's true "purpose" or true "nature", at best left something to be hoped for "later on" perhaps when we grow old.. "if only I work hard enough now, then perhaps at some point, I'll get to be happy and enjoy the fruits of my labors", that's the thought process we often have, as we march along our timebound arrow of progress from past to future, never happy, never satisfied, filled with unmet desire, disappointment, and the defeated will, without hope, seemingly for the very things we were born into this world, to try to experience, or bring about.

This is the true psychological and spiritual legacy of the so-called "greats", those teachers of ancient academia, who by inshrining dialetic and truth as "fracts", banished in the process, another whole MOUNTAIN of knowledge, held in the ideal of The Good, of The Best, of Quality, and for man, Virtue, not as a moral value, a right and wrong or a should and shouldn't, no virtue as the highest possible quality experiencial relationship of man, man to himself, to his fellow man, his family, society, and to the world and the reality at large, all as an expression of this undefined, but implicitly known QUALITY of Goodness, not as an attribute of either man or reality, but Virtue or Goodnes, as the very nature of reality itself, and nothing less. The One, being the One, cannot be given any attributes, nor placed under scientific scrutiny by the scientific method, nor can it even be discussed, since any description automatically would reduce it from the position of Oneness. This is simple reason and logic. The so-called brightest minds who ever lived, exalted their dialectic truth, to a position higher than, the Absolute Good of the One. It was a devilish move on their part, to have allowed thier minds to have moved and concurred, in this manner, desperate for a collectively shared and held "truth" or of those timeless principals which remain forever eternal. Could they possibly have erred, is that possible? It is, because in making the cut, they cut away the very best part, of everything.

This could very well be thought of in terms of a second fall of man if you will, and to a very very large degree, we're still in it, imbedded historically in the shadow of that mythos, and it matters not if we swing from subjective to objective idealism, or to man as either the source of all things, or as simply the observer of all things, in either case, we are out of a relationship WITH, which allows for 100% pure creative inspired action, for the sake not of "work" and toil and strife, ever willing ourselves based on a survivalist fear such a worldview engenders ("so why worry look at the birds of the air they neither labor nor spin!"), but simply for the sake of being in a relationshiop with whatever it so happens to be that we are working on, in or for. But do we work "harder" simply in order so that we might stave off more suffering at a later date, by storing up treasure for ourselves, or, do we do it for the sheer joy of doing SOMETHING, and hey whatever it is that we do, or find for ourselves to do, why not engage it, and make of it a creative expression of Quality? instead of hope for treasure as the "fruits of our labor" which perishes and never satisfies us no matter how much money we might have been able to accumulate. Ghandi, when asked if he could sum up his life in one sentence, replied "I can do better than that. I can do it in three word. RENOUCE AND ENJOY!"

Back to Ancient Greece: Now Prior to Aristotle and Plato and Socrates, there was a group of Greek Philosophers known as the Sophists. For them rhetoric was not an object of dialectic, nor dialectic, the only path to discovering the truth. For them, the teaching of Goodness, of Virtue, of "The Best", or of Quality, in all areas and in every sphere of life, this was their sole persuit, but an "aim" which could never be defined, nor placed uder the knife of dialectical rhetoric and put to the death of mere word games. To the contrary, it was a "KNOWN" element, something upon which we can all absolutely agree - intrinsic, not as an attribute, or a naming of any kind, not as a subject of a group, like a piece, but as the ah ha of what is the Best, what is Virtuous or simply put, Excellent. Perfect, and therefore whole and complete, and if "part" of anything, already part of everything, enveloped by "The One"; It was Quality as nothing less, than reality itself.

There's another mountain of knowledge, than that of materialist idealist scientific method reasoning, a higher truth from which it, and everything else arises - an apex if you will..set before us, and only apparently plowed under along with the Sophists during the fall of ancient Greece with Plato, and Aristotle, and Socrates and their "truth" left as the winners. In other words, Plato's and Aristotles dialectic truth of reason and substance of observation, dethroned The Good, the Good moved down the tree of knowlege from felt experience, and something known but undefined, into a sub-branch called Ethics, or at best encapsulated, enshrined or entombed in the sepulcre of Truth as an immovable Eternal Immortal Idea, set apart from man, and from his sense of place in the world, split off from it, left free only to argue ABOUT what is and isn't "good".

When I processed this, like the character in the book Phaedrus, I was stunned, at first baffled by what I was discovering, about what was done to the world, by an idea, born of a conversation, the labelling of a few things, and the proclamation of subject object duality and of "substance" as the truth, but a truth which isn't a REAL truth, just a point of conjecture in an argument, as "the word" but as I've come to clearly see, this word, not of the Shepherd, but of the Wolf, the destroyer of human reason and of man's true nature, of the very nature of nature itself! The more I think about this, about what happened, and the degree to which this explains what ails us as the human being in God's creation, the more I am brought to the verge of tears, first of sorrow, and then, of anger! It's an OUTRAGE, and, perhaps last but not least, but "Best" of all - an absolute ABSURDITY, as if the universe as we see it and experience it in our own worldly way, the one we inhabit as our "reality" suddenly sprung into being through a dialectic between Plato and Socrates or reformulated into the Scientific Method, by Aristotle. That's crazy, but look around, and look for Quality. Quality is an add on, a prettying-up in service to increased sales, little more. It's all just substance and form, but Quality must come over substance, and form follows function.

What does this MEAN..? How does this relate to the title of this post "Life's Own Goodwilled Goodnature, and the Arrow of Progress"

Perhaps some things are better left unsaid because they cannot be spoken of, although at the same time, just a little clarification may be needed, but first try to grapple as I have from reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (again as if for the first time) with this great Greek and Western World tragedy in our midst, that you are a part of and have been made to be a part of, unvoluntarily. We cannot blame anyone of course, but to see and recognize that there is this other mountain of knowledge, having to do with Life as Quality where "The Good" is the very fount of all creation - well now, that's something to just stop and admire and consider and "be with" for a while, and then you would know precisely where to take it, for you, in search of your Quality, your "Virtue", your Happiness, your Joy. That too is known. In fact, we surely know much much more about what we REALLY want (and are afraid to ask for), than what we don't want (been there done that, got the t-shirt).

Best Regards,


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posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Trying to sustain that which is not sustainable ... how many times can fool try not to appear foolish (?) ... God only knows ....

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by gaslaugh123

Best not to call your brother fool, but I think I understand what you're saying, if you're referring to the inevitability of old age, and man's quest to avoid it.

A certain Shamen by the name of Don Juan of Carlos Castaneda's writings said that there are three principal enemies of man in his quest for liberation and ascension, which he must overcome, or be defeated, and those are:



Old Age

We cannot "defeat" old age, but we certainly can transcend it, spiritually, while at the same time doing what we can to age gracefully.

Try not to assume so much, or think you can peg people with a snap judgement, not a wise thing to do..

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 07:37 PM
NAM stop slackin! Your posts are brilliant and I hope you are learning from your own thoughts as well.

I have been reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and wow it has really opened up a new level/ a new understanding to the world for me. I feel stronger (not in any egoist nature, maybe not the best word but you get my point xD).

I have decided that my schooling in Accounting has allowed me to pursue psychology (no philosophy courses during the summer QQ) however I feel I can learn more and retain more if I learn philosophy myself because it really has been opening up new worlds to me and ATS has definitely been a catalyst to that.

The next book I will be reading is the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying which shouldn't be long from now.

I also wanted to ask ATS about if there is any legitimacy in Homeopathy? This thread almost seems a proof of it? I was watching a show on TV which was committing so many fallacies against it (by assuming doctors have more credibility than homeopaths and calling homeopathy unscientific). There is also another thread: that says all these different foods have been proven to reduce cause of cancer. Is this anyway related to homeopathy?

Any future inspiring and eye opening books would also be appreciated.

On a different note....

Maybe people could benefit from some Open Mindedness in life...

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