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Want to Astral Project? Really bad? Here's some tips.

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posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 05:23 PM

Some of you post with such desperation of wanting an astral projection experience and I know what you mean. There was a long time I thought it was simply something I would never attain but I was wrong. Like you I had problems with all the techniques out there, I found them to be too complicated or not getting to the root of the process.

If I had to recommend some videos to watch: Lucidology101 on youtube. Those videos have some really good tips but some are also very detailed and overly complicated. I found it interesting because I reached a point where astral projection was easy when the right conditions were there for it, so it had some good ideas for me but mostly I felt there was an even simpler way to deliver this to people.

I made a podcast (My Astral Projection Guide)posted on this site in the podcast section under spiritual or paranormal. It's a couple years old and since then my methods have become even more direct and the sounds in my podcast are higher pitched and gentle. The lucidology101 video guy pretty much has the opinion that it's the result of struggling less... so overtime, lots of things changed, but if this is new to you then my podcast may still seem relavant in the sounds / feeling sense. But anyways, let's get to it.

..Briefly before we get into the technique.

Our subconscious is MUCH easier to utilize than we think but it's misunderstood. I learned that we don't actually WANT to astral project. Our fears of it outweigh the NEED.. The fear can't be the dominant factor, so explore that and deal with it. You'll still have it for the first few experiences most likely. We have these misconceptions that we could die or something, meanwhile I fly around, get stuck to walls, dissolve and shoot out a new "vessel".

In my opinion. we are actually just shooting out an energy projection, and that's why it's called an astral(name of the place or type of energy used) projection (projected energy into the "astral" realm), but forget the names. We are taking energy from our body and throwing it into that realm and using it to remote view in a sense. It is very sensitive, easily destroyed and runs out of power quickly and when it does the experience is over and you need to fire out a new one if you wish to continue.

This to me is what makes it stand out as involving a physical element beyond the usual dreaming experience we are used to. To me this shows that dreaming is not just a process of the brain or if it is, astral projection is still utilizing something in the body, while working it into over-drive.

The next day you may feel really tired all day and kind of 'funky'. This thing really can take a huge toll on your body's physical energy in the beginning, especially the more you struggle with the process. You may feel like you are dragging your feet for several hours of the day. There are all sorts of physical symtoms like your entire body is vibrating, being aware of your entire skull, feeling like your teeth are magnetised together and an extreme pressure in your head. Nothing dangerous.. but what i'm trying to say is I really think it's taking some electromagnetic energy / "chi" out of your body, and that's actually what you are exploring with. So throw out your fears that it's your soul moving around or something and you could die or be posessed. It's a creation, a projected energy form. Just my opinion. I've had like 100 projections in the past few years, only maybe 30 on different occasions but I can make them last an hour or all day, just having one after another... it usually ends with me not wanting to sleep through my entire day and so I wake myself up. Otherwise i'd just keep shooting out energy bodies / simply... projecting. There's no complicated process to this except imagining yourself somewhere in the room. So you don't have to worry about gathering energy, although it would help. You don't have to worry about forming this vessel and concentrating on it and actually SHOOTING it out. It's very simple. One thing I like to do before I project though is I try and select a destination, eventually I'll go somewhere that is more fitting to what my mind wants or is more maleable. It might take a few tries, but they all have different feelings and you can actually create people. It's interesting and i'm sure different for everybody.

But anyways...
The confusing part is thinking you are just feeling your physical body laying in bed, and associations change as well. What I mean is, you can project and know people you don't know in this life.. you could walk around your house which looks identicle to you but when you wake up you realize it was nothing like your house in this life. So what i'm saying is your associations change and this can confuse you and end a potential projection before it begins. This is much like the problem with lucid dreaming and you wake up thinking "How could I not know it was a dream, it was ridiculously different!" Not to you in that "place"...It is like another home to you of which you are familiar with.

I've had experiences where it looked like I didn't even close my eyes.. I was in bed, AWAKE...but still felt the vibrations... I stared at the wall, amplified the vibrations, got out of bed expecting it to be the physical world, only when I left my room I was somewhere else. My visuals / conscious mind never had that black out phase. It was just a smooth and deceiving transition.

What i'm saying is half of this astral projection thing is just mind games and confusion. You could be closer than you think.


When you go to bed, really put it in your mind that you want to wake up a couple hours before usual.. use an alarm clock if you wish, but the key is you need to fall asleep after. When I set my "mental alarm".. I usually wake up in a daze staring at the clock, which activates my conscious awareness and I easily drift back to sleep and remember to astral project.

Now, this is it. As you are falling asleep, in your mind tell yourself you have SLEEP PARALYSIS, try and remember what it feels like if you experienced it before. Convince yourself it's happening, imagine what it's like. When you fall asleep, you may just wake up into sleep paralysis. You'll hear some crazy sounds, and your body will be vibrating.

Remember when I said the subconscious doens't WANT to project? Remember when I mentioned energy. Nature wants to constantly conserve energy, you are part of nature, you are the same.. don't believe me? You have the option of opening a door or going through the one that is half open because someone nearby just went through it. You'll go for the half-open one because it takes less effort - less energy used. You'll see 4 doors and a lineup of people going through the same damn door. This isn't a conceptual explanation, go to city building and observe this.

So your subconscious doesn't want to project because it takes energy and it's unnecessary. So what we do is go to sleep paralysis, the state in between. Don't try to jump straight into it with two feet. We just go to the sleep paralysis.

So now, you're in sleep paralysis. From there, just RELAAAAAXXX more and more.. just relax.. then imagine yourself somewhere, or imagine you see yourself moving out of the bed. The vibrations you feel, I used to find if I increased their intensity, their frequency, that it helped with the "separation".. that it was a matter of vibrating your energy so high that was no longer compatible with your brain and body, and that's what caused the projection. Well it worked. But I found I still struggled a lot unnecessarily. I found the head to be the part that wanted to STICK the most, as I observed little "ghost limbs" moving freely superimposed on top of a sleeping body.

It's very simple.. just relax and freely imagine yourself somewhere, it could be in the room or somewhere else.

So a run down on the basics here..... wake up before you usually do.. I say two hours vs 1 because it's a better chance of falling back to sleep... why not earlier? The idea is to hopefully wake up in a heavy dream state. If you wake up and your mind feels foggy with images, you're guaranteed success, if not 80%.

1. Wake up early.
2. Imagine you have sleep paralysis as you fall asleep.
3. Relax, imagine yourself somewhere while in sleep paralysis

(Optional)4. Increase the frequency of the sound/vibrations.

I wanted to touch on this vibration thing before I ended this. I said earlier that it has become more gentle than in the podcast when I was a beginner. When you are laying in bed and hear that ringing in your ears referred to as "Tinnitis".. That is the sound. It just gets REALLY loud.. and your body vibrates. I have done certain meditations where this sound has taken on different variations with pulses and fluctuations. I think it really is like tuning into the sound of the electromagnetic field emanating from you.

Well, about this sound. Later on you may wake up from a quick nap or if you just came out of a projection and if you hear this sound and its a bit louder than usual but it's fading, this is your opportunity to engage another projection experience. Make the sound louder, hold onto it and intensify it and the body buzzing will follow.

It's little things like that where you learn in time that once you start an astral projection, it stops only when you want it to. You can sleep 14 hours, you'd be surprised.


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posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 05:24 PM
Anyways, hope that was some help and I hope it makes the process more simple for you. Just get into sleep paralysis, that's the key. If you're an insomniac stress junkie that should come naturally.
... if not... just imagine its happening as you are falling asleep.

I almost forgot to mention. Don't do it when your going to bed at night. It will not work!! If it does, i'm impressed. You want that heavy flow of melatonin / seratonin!! So its best when waking from a nap or a long sleep where you wake up and your mind is a random mess.

Anyways, if you got any questions, throw em my way.


posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 05:51 PM
I really would like to do this, as I have only slept for about 4-5 hours over the course of the past few days (school and all). I only came close to this once, and I came out head first, coudn't breath and got scared as hell. I'm really sleepy and I'd love to try this. Can we imagine places and people? Like Paris, or Spain? Or someone like Christiano Ronaldo, or Fergie?

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 05:52 PM
Ok...nice thread, I got about half way through it and thought I should point out something, I will read the rest in a moment. You say:

but what i'm trying to say is I really think it's taking some electromagnetic energy / "chi" out of your body, and that's actually what you are exploring with. So throw out your fears that it's your soul moving around or something and you could die or be posessed. It's a creation, a projected energy form.

I actually have a slightly different theory...I haven't astral projected myself (well, once years ago, but only for a few seconds), but I enjoy speculating on the science behind it. Well, you should know of the "life cord" or whatever they are calling it nowadays, anyway, I believe it's this cord that enables energy from your physical body to keep "powering" your "projection"...and I believe the projection is pretty much like what your soul would be, except when you die, the cord snaps and you are left to fend and find energy for yourself. S&F though, it is a well thought out thread, I will read the rest in a moment.

EDIT: Spelling


It is very sensitive, easily destroyed and runs out of power quickly and when it does the experience is over and you need to fire out a new one if you wish to continue.
Do you ever feel like you are getting "slung" back into your body when that happens, or when you travel too far away from your body?

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posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by CHA0S


posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:04 PM
based on your thread it seems to me that you are describing lucid dreaming and not astral projection. The mind is very powerful, and sometimes a dream with intent behind it seems like projection, however most of the time its just a dream based in reality. Being close to a dream state people will just fall back into it, and in turn lucid dream with some recollection or awareness but no control.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by CHA0S

I don't really know enough to say for certain except I'm simply skeptical on your vulnerability in that state.

But I do agree that I think this is what death would be like and that goes into the topic of what is the soul. For even if it were an energy projection, your consciousness is still with it so its carrying your qualities, despite it being this fragile little structure. Its like the cord you say, I think they are attached, perhaps its confusing when I say its a projection, it makes it seem like its seperate. I don't believe anything is seperate and I think you are feeding this projection and your soul / consciousness qualities is able to place itself/extend itself anywhere as is. I think of it like a little roaming eye elastic soul. But consciousness has to be present despite the fact, because it has your qualities.

One thing is interesting though that in that "world" you have a shift in mental priorities of such, I had a book that talked about it. A slightly different topic though.

But I do think your consciousness is obviously with the projection and you can still feed it from the body, which brings all sorts of questions in on where identity is located and what is confined. I subscribe to the illusion theory, that it's all perspective. But I do feel what you shoot out is sensitive, easily breakable and replaceable. I have had meditations where I gathered lots of energy and I had an astral projection the next morning and I was like super man, and I felt energy bubbling out of me, so I deffinately correlate it to an amount of energy. Astral projections are short lived without it. And I do think obviously your consciousness is present, whether it be through a cord or that the whole process is an elasticity of energy and mind, the soul itself bending its perception of itself.

All theories, nothing practical to me at this point which is all i'm trying to present here. And its just a belief, but I do feel very damn safe projecting. And I think we choose when do die regardless, I don't give so much power to fears.

And I do think that is what death is like, the first projection experience I thought very much that it's what death was like. I've had dreams where i've died, I could go on, but its an interesting experience and I feel they are all inter-related, similar as you mention.

I just don't feel threatened while projecting. Perhaps in dream world other parts of ourselves are dieing. Perhaps when we dream our consciousness just follows another fragment of ourself. Perhaps this life is just the same and could be treated with the same reckless disregard, it jus has slightly different rules where our consciousness or fragment of... has rooted it's origins here to return here after the body gives it the signal. I try to be more ethical in my dreams now because of the possible implications. What I mean is... not only do I feel invincible, but I need to be more considerate about my childish actions when given this kind of power.

Peace. Thanks for your input, keep firing them away.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by phi1618

The only difference between the 2 to me are the physical symtoms.

Dream.. I wake up, all is normal.

This "other thing"

I wake up with the symtoms listed under after effects.

I have a friend who is a very good lucid dreamer and he uses the dream state to find out information, he actually insists that astral projection and lucid dreaming are the same, whereas I feel lucid dreaming usually feels more human and confined to me. I don't have the power and ability I do projecting, as well as again.. the physical symtoms.

So i'd like to not even label it but it the physical symtoms tells me its much different than a dream. Perhaps there is an extra state beyond this. I've had an occasion where I was more a floating entity with no voice, more like an observer. I could yell and no'one could hear me.

EDIT: I also wanted to add... Lucid dreams for me usually last what seems like half an hour.. and I don't get stuck to walls, or end up back in my bed when I bump into something not even mildly dangerous. It's a sensitive and quick lived experience with physical symtoms to follow and more energy gives it more power.

Call it what you want, but if you want that experience then this is my way I go about it. But most lucid dreams to me are quite different, I am more mortal-like.. and it lasts a lot longer.

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posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:11 PM
All the books i've read on astral projection I can relate to as well aside from the "white cord".

But it i've had the experience of "peeling" out of my body, which I just bypassed eventually, sometimes I still do it but the experience seems the same to me, and it always starts in my bed, in my room, or what I think is my room. I don't know how many dreams start like this but it could be a trick of the mind, but then again... what isn't a trick of the mind?

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:12 PM
Great post. Thanks! I have been wanting to experience this for some time. Do you think taking Melatonin before bed would help? I used to take a pill when I had trouble sleeping.

Anyway, I am going to see if this works for me. Thanks again!

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:16 PM
Cheers im going to try this,

I have been sort of trying to understand what this is about ever since a string of rather strange incidences, basically if i fall asleep on my back i almost always wake up with sleep paralysis, like i'm in my room, but it feels mad and freaky and theres the vibration you talk about,

usually I just wake myself up because it feels so horrible and I forget that I really know what's going on, or even if I remember I wake myself up anyway because it feels weird and I don't like the paralysis, but one time i managed to get up, and it was JUST like being in my house, not like being in a dream, literally, like I was awake, completely conscious, except everything was a bit different, I SOMEHOW managed to move, and the lights were all weird (i've read about how lights don't work right in dreams and this made me realise what was going on) I somehow got onto the landing, downstairs, along the hall to the kitchen and then i (dont know what I did to do it exactly) burst through the kitchen window, walked up the side of my house, and sat on the top of my house, looking over at what should be my street, but instead of any surrounding houses there was just a sort of open landscape with lakes and stuff and really nice twinkly skies,

after a minute or so I was just thinking 'this is too fking weird!!' and woke myself up, I've never managed to get back there, but I wish I could, it seemed like there could be a lot to explore

I have the feeling that we should all be visiting and exploring this place every night, but something/someone doesn't want us to

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by MarshMallow_Snake

Probably, I've recently wanted to try that. I was thinking about it. Sometimes it just helps if you're convinced it would help.

I drank purple juice because I thought of it like purple light and thus "3rd eye / brow chakra stimulation". I had a projection that night.

I've had many situations where i gained success in something paranormal just because I really believed it would work.

On the topic of melatonin though. If you look at the sun 1- 2 hours before sunset and under an hour after sun rise.. you know.. when its low to the horizon... this is a practice called sun-gazing, there are a few ATS threads about it, check it out! But this particular light during this time doesn't have harmful UV rays apparently, as well, it also generates you guessed it.. melatonin.

So is it human nature to watch the sun set? Why aren't we looking away from the blinding sun? Oh that's right, because during those times it's relaxing, makes us feel good (sounds like something a chemical would do).

So you could always try that too. I need to get back into it, I found it used to wake me up and make me feel charged.

It's interesting stuff for sure.

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posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:28 PM
reply to post by SciChosis

I have a lucid dreamer buddy, he's actually an ATS member, his opinion on the levels of lucidity, because there are levels.. let me explain first. Just about every night I know i'm dreaming, even in the dream I think to myself "this is a dream" and I remember thinking that. But I don't think its a matter of realizing it as much as its a matter of integration.

Remember what I said and now YOU just said about associations? Its like taking on a new role. But lucidity as most think of it probably, is like the consciousness from THIS WORLD, THIS LIFE taking over into that other world where suddenly you don't know what the hell you are you doing anymore, where you are, who the people are.

Its like merging 2 forms of consciousness, but both are you.

Anyways, my friend's opinion is that it usually happens when we need to make a choice. He regards dreams as very serious things and uses them as tools as such.

Myself, I don't force this experience and only bother if I feel those transitional signs like waking up with lots of imagery in the mind or hearing / feeling the vibration still.

I'm sure you'll have another experience. After my first one, it was months before my 2nd one, and then they eventually picked up. In the mean time try to understand your reactions so you are prepared for the next time. After that you may start seeing more opportunities.

I just moved into a new apartment and had one the first day, I think of it like a way of initiating the home, getting used to it. I think the subconscious is methodical about its choice to engage this. Cheers, good luck.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:33 PM
On that note, I'm going to add a link to my thread on how to sungaze safely.

And its been a year of this for me, havnt tried to achieve oobe's this year, but did in the past, and couldnt consciously. But have had so many close indications that this happens at night with some of my experiences, including having the sensation of hands slipping something on my head to induce very fine, very rapid vibrations as I was falling asleep.

Do you feel that the sungazing would increase my ability, and that fear is what is holding me back, because I have to admit to having some, negatives do monitor us. If we are very positive, feeling love for all, renouncing negativity but caring deeply for all, could there be any dangers?

What channel do we enter, if we first succeed in doing so?

If we're experiencers, could this mean something could hijack our body?

I mean there are fears there, and I've tried to overcome most fears. But on reading this, realize I am still working on this, of course, not completely there yet.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 07:02 PM
Nice thread and points. I am always glad to see these type of topics being kept alive.

When I was younger, in my 20's and single with time to sleep in, I could have an OOBE almost at will in the early hours of the morning. I have lost that ability and am trying to regain it.

I like you theory about AP that you are making yourself do something it doesn't want to. A lot like lifting weights and growing muscles, you have to force yourself to because it doesn't want to. A lot easier to sit on the couch and conserve energy than build muscle. A lot easier to just sleep without separation.

I feel that AP and OOBE are so individualized that it is hard to have one method. That is why posts like yours are good. New ideas and things to try.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 07:49 PM
My personal opinion on the subject (great subject btw s+f):

There are a few states:

Sleep paralysis i think is a gateway experience, which can be quite terrifying - hearing noises, hallucinations (of all senses) and visual feelings (or lack of), almost what i imagine have a stroke would feel like. Although i've learned to tame them somewhat and the key is (as the OP says) to lose the fear and just embrace the feeling (which makes everything easier, the less panic, the less chaos of the senses).

This can then lead to:

*Lucid dreaming
*Out of body experiences
*Astral travel

I think they are three seperate things. The lucid dreaming is the thing i have experienced most, although never at will, usually accidently during 'normal sleep' or after a sleep paralysis experience.

The Lucid dreams are amazing, suddenly having limited control of your dreams is unlike anything else, but i stress the word limited as i do believe it a test on the subconscious, for example in one LD i was descending a green, grassy mountain with a group of friends when i realised the grass was 'too' green , surreally green, and at which point i realised i was dreaming and was strangely a few centimetres off the ground. At this point, i told myself i could fly and soared down the valley... BUT - as i say it was limited as i could only seem to get so far. The feeling was amazing, total freedom of standard movement, but i think i pushed myself by trying to fly too far and somehow got blocked by a fuzzy barrier of nothingness.

A few times, i've had lucid dreams of a familiar (but non-existant) town, a reoccuring place but nothing ever really seems to happen, but i'm free to walk and wander.

I've found the best times to Lucid dream are in the morning, usually after getting up to use the loo or grab a glass of water and go back to bed for a short while.

Out of Body experiences. I think i've only ever experienced this once, and t was when i was suffering froma fever when i was about 11 years old. I fell upwards from myself and found my self 'statically' stuck to the ceiling and was unable to move, but felt seperated from my heavy form.

I've tried and tried and never been able to have these again, although a few times i've had VERY close 'experiences' usually by accident. Usually when i'm sitting down in a chair and feeling very relaxed, i feel somehow different and phased out from my surroundings, like the room i'm in is very far away , i feel really light and relaxed. Very pleasant but never actually leaving my body.

As for astral travel, this is the one that confuses me, as i believe it is a combination of the above (lucidity) and (Out of body) but it's also neither. I've 'seen' through my eyelids when i've been asleep, i've seen extremly trippy fractals and colours and formless shapes and i've felt extremely light....

When i say this is differnt to the lucid dreaming, i believe this is the EDGE (the fuzzy bit) in which i was unable to cross over. With astral travel, you are somehow through that part, but can make no sense of things, everything is too abstract.

Personally i think astral travel is an inward journey, as is lucid dreaming, whilst i think OOBE's are an external release of your energy.

Astral travel is the dissolution of your ego, lucidity embraces the ego, OOBE's abandon your physical anchors and sleep paralysis is somewhere between dreaming, hallucinating and a cross over between mental brain states (whilst consciously being aware of your state of consciousness / unconsciousness)... Your body is asleep, but your mind is awake and buzzing.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 09:56 PM
I love your thread, OP, thanks.

Just some of my own experience to add to this, because there are several comments in this thread that have made me think, "Oh yeah - that's just like what happens to me!"

- I've found that the likeliest time to astral project is when I'm absolutely shattered and haven't slept in a stupid length of time. To me it's always felt that the 'natural' inhibitions to projection are at their lowest at these times, and maybe that's why it works better.

- When I feel it coming on (most often without trying, because trying seems to not particularly work for me) it's always a somewhat electrical feeling, usually accompanied by a very powerful and sometimes startling 'zingy' sensation. Now that I think about it, it's not unlike the physical, sensory equivalent of tuning out of one radio station and into another. That could be me just analogising too freely from my own beliefs though. It's definitely as though some sort of electrical force is at work.

- There's a distinct sound phenomenon that comes when it's really definitely happening, and the best way to describe it is like the sound of a giant chandelier tinkling - but in a very pure, high, dynamic way. Again, with that electrical vibe to it.

- When on the way, there's usually a pretty scary heart attack feeling. It's as though I am my heart-beat, and it's just too physical, wet, heavy and thudding to be possible. Like I'm a cell inside my heart or something. Pretty scary, and has messed up many a projection for me as I chicken out of going all the way in case I wake up dead.

- The sleep paralysis thing: definitely. It's as though one set of 'controls' has been abandoned for another, and if you can still remain 'conscious' (ha, we need a better vocab for this subject. Lucid?) then you're in the driving seat of a different car, but you don't know it's a car unless you believe there's a steering wheel in front of you.

The first time I did this properly was about sixteen years ago, and I'd tried for years, having all sorts of lucid dreaming, apparently precognitive experiences. The night I first did it was incredible. I went through the room next to mine, then went up through my ceiling, experienced a momentary blackness that was the loft, then hovered above my roof for a few seconds. The detail of what I saw was thorough, and somehow strangely boring in its detail. Regular projectors will know what I mean.

I wanted to fly like Superman. So I did, and it was as brilliant as I'd hoped it would be. Everything had a silvery look to it, and although I was aware of the passage of my 'body', and of air currents, there seemed to be no temperature that I noticed. Also, there was no fear. Of anything.

I did a power dive from about two hundred feet over my roof down to a river half a mile away. I was thoroughly enjoying the experience when a problem occurred, and I felt loss of control. The experience then went into what I think is best described as a lucid dream, and involved zooming over the lunar surface, which was also depressingly unspectacular, but quite awesome, I suppose. I'd always told myself I'd visit the moon if I projected, you see.

Anyway, it turns out that the place (by the river) where it went wrong, is the location of one of those little electricity stations. You know, the little houses that have signs saying there's danger of electrocution. I've since read that powerful electricity disrupts astral forms.

The thing that indicates to me that none of this was a dream (apart from the huge authenticity of the experience on a personal level) is this: when I first externalised and went through the room next to mine I saw something (nothing extraordinary) that when I commented on the next day to the person in that other room, I was met with a disbelieving, shocked look of, 'how could you have known?'

They come in phases, which I think may be to do with the moon's phases, so I've read.


posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 10:01 PM
Ive been a year and a half hiatus with any astral vibrations. I don't really know what I have done to cause this. I used to be able to pop out frequently but all of the sudden it stopped.

I recently started recording my dreams when I wake up to try and become lucid in dreams. I have read that helps. Ill also try the method described in the lucidology vids about setting and alarm. Any other advice on breaking the dry spell?

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

It's interesting you talk about being ethical when projecting, I've been worrying about a dream I had this week where I was doing some time traveling, not sure which way, but I stole a valuable comic book. I've been wondering why I stole it and what it says about me...

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 12:15 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

The 2 most constructive things for achieving this experience to me is as follows.

1. Remove the fear!!! Meditate on it, analyze, do what it takes, get over it. Or find a way to deal with it by asking some higher power to protect you or something.

I didn't want to go on about this but these experiences, every..WORLD you go to feels different and I notice there feels like different restrictions enegertically. You know instantly when there is more density. It's kind of like going somewhere else on our world. I've been to Peru, and i've been to California, I live in Ontario. These places felt different, so much that when I got off the plane especially in california, that I had to kind of sit down and adjust. The astral / lucid / whatever experience is the same for me. Different every time, but usually pleasant and light feeling.

The first experience I woke out of I thought to myself "that place was more real than this, or just as real".. when I woke up I suddenly felt like every molecule of my body became 100x heavier and my mind changed and felt blocked and limited.

I could go on about experiences. I felt like I was dieing at one point. I woke up with a bunch of black shadow figures screaming and scratching at me from around my bed. I imagined a protective shield around me and there it was.

The first time I projected I could see these evil looking motionless forms at the end of the bed and i'd see and feel myself slipping back into my body and these forms would fade away... it was like the 2 worlds were superimposed on each other, it was interesting. Eventually my sollution that morning was to turn my head to the side and look away when I projected.

I've dealt with lots of horrifying looking things but I lost the fear of it and they don't happen anymore. If you subscribe to the idea of manifestation.. think what your thoughts could do with more power to them... you draw that fearful experience in. Lose the fear and your projections are nothin but pleasant afterwards!

So, do what it takes, analyze it, lose the fear, and convince yourself its a constructive thing, give more convincing to the subconscious.

2. Practice expanding the awareness of your body. Say you are just laying down on the ground... relax, go motionless, feel your fingers and hands and feel that tingling sensation, the more you put your focus there, the more the sensation builds up and amplifies over time. To me this is actually developing your nervous system like babies do and allows you to hold more energy.

But you do this for your whole body, just feel the gentle tingling all over you, with your eyes closed, just go into the experience of feelings your body tingle all over.

Next time you project or wake up in bed, you don't need to do the sleep paralysis method or sometimes you don't even need to pass out, you can just transition by feeling that tingling sensation come on and relax into and amplify it.

I find when I sleep on my face I am more prone to wake into this tingling state, but its kind of horrifying because I feel like i'm suffocating. I'll have a projection and be conscious of my body's breathing. But a lot of the time it doesn't work unless I'm on my back, and the books seem to agree with that, its really strange like that, for whatever reason. It's just easier to do on your back.

But yeah,.... LOSE THE FEAR... develop your bodily awareness.

These 2 things to me have been key to more success with this. Good luck.

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