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What did the Jews do to make Hitler want to kill them?

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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by tracer7
Yes it was about money and wealth, but it was also about the jewish bankers. Hitler wanted to be free of international debt, even coined his own money. He knew even back then the corrupt Jewish bankers had a hand in undermining his country. he took the idea a little too far by putting all jews in with the bankers. Do some research on central banks and the third Reich. in fact central banks and their rise and you will see they had a hand in undermining every country, creating the united nations, etc... and if you look at the top of the central banks you will find mostly jews.

don't get me wrong I am not a jew hater or a hitler defender.

"went a little too far" ??? YA THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You spew #*%@ and try to say your not a hater? Where's your reliable, historical source of this huge Jewish banking conspiracy?

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:26 PM

Originally posted by Fractured.Facade

Too bad that humanity will ultimately be judged by what happens in Israel.

doesn't have to. jews are some of the smartest people on the planet, they can make better choices.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by wingsfan

The choices aren't theirs alone to make.

They make choices based on fear and for survival, these decisions are within the basic instincts of every individual human being.... Whether right or wrong choices are made is not up to any of us to judge.

The Jews in Israel are as much victims as perpetrators, and also neither.

The weight of humanity, and prospect of world war rests upon Israel... It is no accident, it is destiny.

The ultimate collective choices of all of humanity will be judged in our unwritten future history.

In my opinion, of course.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:42 PM
if Hitler was knowledgeable of MMe Blavatski, the Thule Society.... then he surely heard of Albert Pike
and his recriminations of both the Jews & Arabs that lead into a WWIII

Hitler was cozy with the Arabs and he sided with them in opposition to Jews which were not yet settled in their historical land within the Palestine area...
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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 07:51 PM
Why did Hitler hate the Jews so much?

Firstly the ultimate way to destroy a people is to destroy them genetically. As you know Hitler was a student of the occult and this includes the occult history of the peoples of this Earth and their origin.
Hitler knew that there was a link to the inhabitance of Europe and the "Aryan" race however he believed that the genetic had been polluted by interbreeding with other non Aryan races. Hitler therefore set-up a eugenics program to locate the surviving Aryan genetic and amplify it by selective breeding.

With the publication of the protocols of the elders of Zion Hitler learned that the Zionist Jews had the opposite plan for white Europeans, they wanted to increase immigration into Europe, promote multiculturalism and inter racial relationships. All of this with the aim to destroy the Aryan genetic.

This is the real reason why Hitler felt the Zionist Jews were so dangerous and had to be stopped. This battle is older then you think!

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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by Anyhoo

thank you for the reply.
whilst not wanting to tar an entire race with the same brush, i concur that the evidence i have read to date leans towards a good proportion of world bankers being jewish. i guess this was the niche they excelled in. so, no, i do not deny the existence of this influential group.
i admit i have only scratched the surface of history regarding the jewish bankers and their double-edged influence in historical conflicts.
regards fakedirt

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 07:31 AM
Just before 1900,germany found a craft, inside that craft laid one object that could actually be torn apart from the craft, that one object ..‘When held’ gave off a ringing sound, kind a like…‘a bells ringing’.

A German scientist tested this ‘bell like sounding object’ on many of the poor people in Germany, even some of the wealthy. When this object was touched, some would immediately go crazy and some it elevated their thinking, and some that had war in them, it took over.

Einstein was one of those test subjects as well, all the German scientist captured, was part of it as well, that’s why Adolf Hitler was so infatuated with aliens ,its one of the main reasons why Germany knows so much about computers and such.

It was not about the Jews; it was just about him taking over the world, the Jews were just the closest humans to first start his tyranny.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by gopher mines

Great question and zionism would most likely be the answer you're looking for. Here's a synopsis of Hitler's view on Zionism without getting to knitty gritty don't forget his actions spoke loud like his words.

Zionism is when one lives in one state and supports another, often zionism supports even just the idea of a state when that particular state known as Israel presently does not exist.

It's actualy a bad core form of Facism, also keep in mind Hitler was imprisoned for speaking at a rally, germany had a lot of issues that he was proving cappable of fixing using the jew as a scapegoat. It's no secret a lot of his own people supported this.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 08:22 AM
Hitler was a bastard son of Rothschild, so get rid of the notion that Hitler somehow wanted to stop the Jewish conspiracy since he was part of it! Secondly, Hitler's underlings (Joseph Mengele, Hess,) were the ones to do eugenic experiments on the poor, illiterate, and yes, Jews. But notice how Hitler's holocaust did not take the lives of any prominent Jewish banker, i.e. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg. Funny, huh? Not much of a genocide if none of the prominent members are part of it.

In summation, in order to distract attention from the release of the Protocols of Zion, and the increasing awareness of the Jewish/Zionist bankers in world war 1 (which started one year after the federal reserve was created), the powers that be created a propaganda in which the average Jew was to blame (similarly, if occupy wall street protesters suddenly blamed the Jews, not Zionist bankers, but everyday Synagogue going Jews). In other words, to distract from the Elite Bankers, the Globalists used the jews as a distraction.

So, next time you call someone anti-semitic, think first about who is really the anti-semite. The "smoking gun" is that Hitler and the Zionists both had the same aim: a world wide Jewish ghetto (source: The holocaust led to the mass migration of Jews into Israel and America. Both groups, (Hitler and the Zionists) wanted Jews out of Germany and Europe, and they got that. Isn't it interesting how supposed mortal enemies have such similar interests?
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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 09:16 AM

Originally posted by Hongkongphooey
reply to post by mazzroth

The Rockerfellers are the most powerful 'illuminti' bankers in the USA and are NOT Jewish.

Rockefeller was backed by loans from Rothschild. These banking families are inter-bred, inter-married and inter-twined.

Note that Rockefeller, as the Lt. family of Rothschild, built the WTC towers after their post Nixon coup in America. they took over this country without an election, got Ford (research him if you dare) and a Rockefeller in the WH and 1: Removed gold entirely from US money, and 2: allowed Rummy/Cheney and CFR group to strangle the US up to 2001 when they got the Patriot Act shackled to us. All to foment anti-muslim hatred.

Yes, there was a coup in the early 1970s and yes most Americans don't know this. If you are setting out to say that there is no conspiracy to use the talmud to strangle the world, then you are dead wrong.

Books to read:

1: "Adolf Hitler, Founder of Israel: Germany in War with the Jews" - Hennecke Kardel
2: "To Eliminate the Opiate" - Rabbi Antelman
3: "The Sayings of the Lord" - Jacob Frank

...How funny that FDR and Bnai Brith tried to quash anti-Hitler demonstrations in the US until the right moment. They needed to position themselves for the post-Federal Reserve Bank world. In 1919 to 1924 Germany had been destroyed financially, France had invaded the Ruhr because Germany didn't pay them enough telephone poles (crushing war reparations, similar to what Germany did to Russia - tit for tat, etc) and then there was the crash of 1929 to engineer.

Once the US crash and the FRB had been solidified (Thanks to Schiff and his conspirators), and the US had a fully inflatable currency to establish war loans and debt, then the plan got underway to make loans to Germany, which they did. Loans to Russia as well as secret war tech, which allowed Russia (Stalin) to play rope-a-dope with Hitler. Hitler has terrible intelligence. The soviets had the T-34 tank in Jan 1940 yet Hitler Krupp and Henschel didn't see a T-34 until Barbarossa some 20 months later at which time they panicked and tried to build the Tiger I tank but it was too late by then. WW2 was over when Operation Sea Lion failed. Churchill surely knew Hitler was being rope-a-doped by FDR and Stalin, though I think Reinhardt (Enterprise Corruption web dude) is right that Churchill just caved in and went along with the plan once he saw the true Rothschild Zionist plan to establish their world state, Israel. When faced with his own stupidity, Churchill did the same thing as Woodrow Wilson: Give in and play ball.

Once they'd solidified their bank, and had boycotted Henry Ford's publishing of Maurice Joly's and other's massaged anti-talmud book (aka the Protocols), and threatened him with millions of libel lawsuits from 'slandered' Judaists, he shut up and gave in as well. Then they could proceed with their plans. Note that "Heinrich Ford's" protocol publishing came BEFORE Mein Kampf. Second versions of Mein Kampf removed the reference to "just one man has resisted, Henry Ford" to "Very few supported" ...Ford giving in to the FDR powers after 1933 was a huge blow to Hitler's mind. He was "alone" in a sort of Masada-type situation.

Notice the origin of Bnai B'rith: German "hoofjuden" meaning "Court Jews", meaning these people always thought themselves better than their 'cousins', the rabble-Jew of Russia. Notice Jacob Schiff as in the pre-WW1 era he funds the Japanese hugely, to destroy scores and scores of Russian Jews. When Teddy Roosevelt privately told him that his actions might cause Jews to be persecuted, Schiff said [paraphrase:] "We know that and are prepared to take sacrifice onto our shoulders as a people" ...And so here in Schiff (research him and his allies) we see the superior-Jew and his attitude to the rabble-Jew. Yes, Hitler aspired to become a hoffsjuden, he was of Jewish ancestry. Also, Eva Braun was a Jewess who dyed her hair to look more "Aryan".

In the end, if you read the books above, especially Rabbi Antelman's book, you may still (as Jesus did) loathe the huge weight of endless usury and talmud, as any normal good person would do, but at least you'll be able to identify the Jew-versus-Jew war and the frontlines and who is on each side. Normal people, who do not adhere to tons of laws and silliness as do Jews, must understand how we got drawn up into this private tribal war, which some people have tried to make "go global". Don't be fooled.

If you meet Jews, just ask them what they believe. Most of them have very simple secular answers to that question, because the invisible ponderous weight which the rabbis have put on their shoulders, has wrecked their tribe for 2000 years. Hitler was a symptom of that, but his backers survived and did well (Federal Reserve Bank and associated money-families). They won.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 09:17 AM

Originally posted by Hefficide

Because for about two thousand years, or more, from the time of Rome, the Jewish people tended to be scapegoated quite often. In fairness this happened to a variety of other sects as well, including Christians. But in Europe this trend was very prevalent. Many countries did not allow Jews to be citizens at all. It was very culturally acceptable before WW II to be anti Semetic.

You use a broad brush with no detail. Over the last 2000 years, the jews were expelled en mass from their host countries every century or so. Certainly you can do a better analysis than simply "they were scapegoats".

This is a hot topic today because of money, political power, zionism and other factors. I'm not at all sure that an accurate, factual presentation can be made on this subject at this time.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 09:37 AM
This whole question down to the time of Jesus and Bar Kochba, is about the ancient gift of Jubilee (where the King cancels the debts of the common people). Moses was an Egyptian, so these people who draw back to Moshe, know what debts are, and what pain it causes them to cancel them.

At the time of Jesus, Rabbi Hillel said that debt was eternal. Jesus, said that was BS.

It is all about slavery via loans. Loans and fractional money, get used to build up armies on both sides.

Without fractional loans, you'd not have such huge wars. War is a racket and also, a sacrificial black mass ritual.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 09:52 AM
he had mother issues.

but apart from that he had no real grudge ,
he was just a pawn in a bigger game set in motion before the first world war ,
the game plan included Israel and E.U among other modules.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 09:56 AM
Very interesting thread. One thing that has been lost in this discussion is the importance of Hitler coming of age in Vienna of the Austrian Empire as opposed to Germany proper. In the interwar period, the monarchy was having an increasingly difficult time holding together its different ethnic factions such as the Magyars (Hungarians), Croatians, and Germans. To balance this, the Habsburgs had continued a practice long established of giving prominent civil service positions to Jews who didn't identify with any of these three suspect groups. It served two purposes. One, they were not nationalists in their own right so they were safe in those regards. Two, they were a convenient scapegoat to be used when unpopular policies were promoted. And they were.

The history of Jews and ghettoization is an interesting one, but one that is a necessity of their faith in some ways. Since you have to be within walking distance of your synagogue, there was a pressing religious reason for them to live in a urban area, and to this day, you still see Jewish neighborhoods throughout the world in close density. But that always made them easily identifiable. Through medieval history, it wasn't uncommon to see Jews have to wear distinctive clothing to identify themselves, and in many ways, the Nazis used Jews in a similar fashion.

An important distinction people should make is between Jews and the so-called Jewish Bankers. While I do believe there are a few select Jewish families heavily involved with banking acting upon their own agenda that has none of our interests in mind, I don't think they represent the majority of Jews any more than a 33rd Degree Mason represents the vast majority of rank and file Masons.

But, the Jews have a problem in every nation, which is the question of whether their greater loyalty is to the nation where they live as one fundamental unit, or whether it is either to some envisioned nation of their collective faith, imagined or realized, in Israel. I think it is a fair question for a nation to ask of its people where their loyalties lie.

Here in America, considering the overwhelming impact of AIPAC, who has staffers in every office on both sides of the aisle in Congress, and how the wealth and military of the American people are used as a shield and justification for whatever Israel wants done, I think it is a very fair question for the state to wonder about. I have nothing against Israel or Israelis, but if that is your primary loyalty, then be up front about it and don't expect any other nation to do your heavy lifting.

An interesting parallel to me is with the Muslim movements. Neither they nor the Jews seem to accept the fundamental distinction the west has between the separation of church and state. And since they have not, as long as conflict remains between the Jews and Muslims, it seems to me it can only end with the destruction or subjugation of one group by the other, since their own mindset demands as much. It's tragic, but it's a big reason why I think we shouldn't get involved there.

But as far as Germany goes, I think the comments that they were seen as a potential threat have validity. Since they were more educated and urban, they tended to be more socialistic (as is true today across religions), so that criticism was also likely true, and Hitler had his own negative personal experiences as well.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 09:57 AM
the whisper rumor is that Hitler got infected with Syphilis, by a prostitute in his youth...
my guess is that the female was likely a fallen Jewess...

hitler seemed to have suffered Parkinson's Disease near 1944...but might have been treated for syphilis since the mid 1930s...

inferred from a History Channel program about hitler

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 10:12 AM

Originally posted by zerbot565
he had mother issues.

Yes, his mother was key. Hey loved her, that is known.

She was the niece of his father, Shicklegruber. Already the story is kinda kinky as Hitler's mom was jailbait for our day, but back then, things were different I guess. But in 1907 after she dies, and tells young Adolf, on her deathbed that his father's mother worked for Mr Frankenberger and may have been knocked up by him (Frankenberger paid for Hitler's dad's upbringing), Hitler then humbly goes (with his lovely watercolor painted just for the reunion) to Frankenberger to investigate. So, in 1907 Hitler's sweet mommy tells him his ancestry is kinkied up a bit. Hitler knew his father had simply assumed the name "Hitler" one day informing his associates "As of this day forward, you will call me 'Hitler'". Very odd, but some people make namechanging part of their whole life's path.

So here is young Adolf in 1908, quite upset by his mother's death, going to Vienna to find the truth.

And what is he told? According to Kardel's book mentioned above, Frankenberger says: "our side has paid for your father, it is true. But no one can say that the begetter came from our side. I am speaking of my father. About your grandmother, let us say no more."

So this points to the Sabbatean ethos in which they produce 'bastard-children' as scions of light. See, their method is to have only the women know who the father is, and they have a ritual where they all go upstairs and hump, and the resultant pregnancies are used in their ethos, to produce psychosis and a sort of 'fatherless child'. You can research the Sabbateans and Frankist and Zvi messiah-methods very easily. Nobody is preventing you from reading the truth, except maybe your neighbors. Haha.

Anyway, Maybe Hitler knew it was Frankists who produced him through their ways? It seems like it was being suggested that Hitler's grandmother was a whore, and so Frankenberger says "Don't push it because she was slinging it around Hitler my boy." So in 1908 we have to wonder if the Thule Sabbateans who managed Hitler's life allowed him to know of Frankist methods. If he was allowed to know, then he may have simply adopted the Frankist idea that as a bastard scion, he was a messiah candidate. Either way, nobody had to tell him. I wonder what history would have been like if his sweet little momhad not clued him in?

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 10:15 AM
Why does everyone keep saying Hitler ordered the damn holocaust?
There is not one shred of evidence other than a secretary who gave an account during questioning at Nuremberg(I don't accept the few SS who came forward as they are traitors of their oath, one thing i see most important as a virtue is loyalty. They gave their loyalty up at the fear of execution). It's more likely Himmler authorised the holocaust as he was the one most interested in racial purity and eugenics. You only have to research his life and views to see that.

Why don't people mention the good things Hitler did for his people? or the black soldiers he had? or the 120,000 Jewish descended soldiers and 12 senior officials who were Jewish?

I also notice how most of these "academics" and newsreaders are left leaning individuals who refuse to acknowledge the real evil that Stalin committed and proudly DISPLAYED via audio and video format. Why wasn't he brought in for war crimes? It is also never mentioned that Zyklon B was used in British and American concentration camps for delousing.

Anyone who truly believes what history tells them are the sheep of the world. Jews run Hollywood, banking, politics, education and all forms of business they are the masters of the world and whatever the Nazi's did or didn't do will never truly be known.

Remember that the holocaust stories were used during the British-Zionist conflict(where nearly a thousand of my countrymen were murdered by the jews and many more maimed) as the catalyst to giving British governed Palestine to the Jews.

Only today an article on sky news talks with a author who details Hitler's escape to Argentina where he lived with Eva and his 2 daughters till his death in 1962 and the author says "Well we can never attribute criminal charges against Hitler as we never caught him and given him a trial" then the newsreader blindly says "well he was the worlds worst criminal" i was gobsmacked again by the bias. Hitler would never kill himself he seen himself as a prophet of a new age.
Just because the Third Reich is physically over doesn't mean it's effects are still not felt. Trust me when i say the 1000 year Reich he envisioned is still alive (in more ways than one) and coming to the forefront once more. You only have to look at Europe to know it's true.
I don't doubt evil things happened under his regime or denying the "holocaust" happened but the same applies to our nations back then and today.
I believe someone died in that bunker but it certainly wasn't Hitler and his wife. If only they opened it up to exhibition instead of destroying it and burying it...hmm i wonder why they would do that?

Interesting times are coming. Remember:
"History is written by the victors"

This websites motto is "Deny Ignorance" yet most people on here only look through the eyes of the mindset they were trained with.

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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 10:16 AM
So what is the difference between what hitler said and what hitler was truly trying to accomplish, did hitler accomplish what he truly wanted or did he fall way short, how short? What were Hitler's true goals and why would he get the greenlight to kill millions of subserviant easily controlled masses of people?

I believe I have some answers to some of my questions but I honestly will not argue or debate with anyone that replies to this post but I will answer questions directed at me. I am presently researching a book about nazi jews I plan to write. It is fiction and it does somewhat glorify nazi combat techniques but I want to make it a story of hope and bloodshed not a white supremacist story. Telling you only so you know exactly where im comming from and can share your info with me responsibly.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 10:20 AM

Originally posted by Xemplar
So what is the difference between what hitler said and what hitler was truly trying to accomplish, did hitler accomplish what he truly wanted or did he fall way short, how short?


Really the only question is this:

"Did Hitler know about Jacob Frank?"

I think the answer is yes, because to assume he didn't, seems silly when he was such an occultist. And so therefore the next question is:

"Did he realize his origins made him a potential Zevi-Frankist-Messiah type?"

I think the answer again may be yes, but also it could be that he was instead motivated AGAINST the Frankists due to their horrible ideas and the idea of evil-as-good. Hitler did cooperate with Mengele and Eichmann and Heydrich who were self-loathing Sabbatean-type Jews, so clearly he knew there were Jews in his the upper teirs of his power structure. Himmler was in charge, likely a Jesuit, so Hitler had difficult choices when trying to "heal himself" from the awakening which his mother's 1907 deathbed confession caused to happen inside him.

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