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$7-a-gallon gas?

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 07:01 AM
reply to post by Hypntick

Why would you quit your job, when you could ride a bike instead?

The money you saved on gas would probably be double the 300 at the end of the month. And you would be in better shape, a bonus!

An increase of this type would have to be coupled with a increase in the means of alternative transportation. Bike lanes, trains, buses running on nat gas. Natural Gas is plentiful here, wouldnt have to import it.

THIS is important. We have to get out from under this import more oil mentality, we are making our country weaker, by increasing our dependence on foreign oil.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 07:06 AM
reply to post by Blaine91555

On the contrary, it is we who are the spoiled brats. We want our cheap fuel, no matter the consequences.

We want our cheap products, our easy credit, our XBOX to make taking care of the kids easy.

Look in the mirror to see the face of decadence.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 07:25 AM
I believe this to be true, The other day I read where the fuel prices would stay low, throughout the summer, non-typically, and they would rise in November. I'll try to find that article, I read.

And don't or didn't Rahm Emanuel have dual citizenship with Israel?
That in itself is a red flag for me and should tell us all something!

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 07:35 AM
$7 a gallon and people will be stealing gas from others with rubber hoses. Remember that science channel show? "When Oil Runs Out".

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 08:03 AM
The real sad thing here, is most of America is ignorant when it comes to stuff like this. Obama's voters are going to swallow this load and not even think to blame the government, but instead they will just believe it is Big Oil's fault when really it is ridiculous government intervention that really caused it. Obama gets to please his big money friends, and even with higher prices of every product sold in the united states his poorer voting base wont be blaming him so he gets to keep their support as well. It's genius.

It is sad times we live in, where the ignorant masses don't even understand basic math or accounting anymore.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 08:14 AM
reply to post by dbates

If that crap happens, then it looks like it is time to switch to electric cars. I bet that Prius looks attractive to more and more people now. I'd wait for the Volt to see if it is successful. I bet the gas prices will soar when the majority of electric cars come out.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by fordrew

I'm sure that electric cars are nice, but the higher cost of the car negates any saving on gasoline over time.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 08:30 AM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
Nixon was an ass, Carter was nuts, but Obama? Obama is a programed robot, incapable of adjusting to reality. He might just be willing to destroy America to get his own way. A spoiled Brat in other words. A Brat who's temper tantrums could destroy a country.

And yet you would be hard pressed to find ardent backers of obama actually complain. He's slipped immensely in the polls and the gulf fiasco has clearly indicated that this person is incapable of understanding yet alone addressing a national catastrophe. The "oprah" president will undoubtedly go down as another boob lacking leadership and commitment to very suckers that voted him in. On the other hand the blind fools who listen to obama parrot and talk tough would probably be ok with gas at $10/gallon, provided he "kicked some ass" on the way.


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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 08:43 AM
Reply to post by Doc Lithium

Ah yes europeans have high gas prices because of the taxes they pay for their public services. We don't get those same services. We actually have to pay for someone elses services as the dems love pushing their economy killing agendas. Obama has a ton of terrible ideas. Along with being a full time student I work for a big beverage company and at a meeting everyone was given the option about 8 months ago to sign a petition to the 17% food and beverage tax obama and his crazy administration was pushing. Of course I signed it along with everyone else because it would be a job killer with many layoffs. Obama always comes up with great ideas...let's create jobs...let's tax the # out of goods people need in a bad economy...wait that's a job killer and therefore we would receive a lot less taxes and a lot more people on unemployment... O well let's just tax the people anyways...

This administration drives me insane. They do not understand that under current living conditions they can not tax the people anymore with out it having some more of an adverse affect on the economy. The gov will receive more money at first but eventually once everything averages out and people lose jobs they will be right back at their max earning potential.

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 08:54 AM
Reply to post by ErEhWoN

So what you are saying is that in america people have to drive smaller vehicles? Are you becoming a dictator as well? A lot of people own larger vehicles to pull campers or boats or trailers or to haul kids or friends to events and so on. And o wait everything I just mentioned creates jobs...I know its hard to believe but yes the purchasing and use of a boat creates jobs.

Or if you were our dictator we could just do whatever you told us to and drive small cars and kill jobs and pay ten times the cost for gas to every corporation. Sure people would be forced to switch but a large majority if the prices were increased gradually would wait until they no longer could afford to fill up their cars. And if they can't afford to fill up their own car how do you expect them to purchase a new one...or is obama going to donated all his earnings as president to purchase new cars for people?

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 08:59 AM
And I can wait to see what those gas prices would do to tourism. Wave goodbye to many smaller airlines. Forget ever visiting places such as hawaii.

Yes we need alternative energy. Can't the government thing of a different strategy other than taxing people to death? Maybe awarding large contracts to universities? I don't know just something other than making people suffer.

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by SneakAPeek

Or even worse like punching holes in people's gas tank and getting it that way. Happened several times when gas hit $4.00+ per gallon in 2008. Although I do not support the idea of $7 per gallon gas, I think we are heading towards about $5 per gallon within a year
or less if "oil talk" here is accurate, which is going to hurt a lot of people and raise consumer prices. Still wish the word would get out
about Proganic, a new product which can almost replace plastic completely, and is biodegradable:

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 12:06 PM
I love it when people make my point for me...

reply to post by merka

Sweden's population: 9.35 million, with a population density of 53.3/mi². I guess that does sound sparse, when compared to the rest of the EU. I took the liberty of compiling a list of the EU nations:

    (Populations rounded to the nearest 1000, based on latest estimates.
    Area rounded to nearest square mile.
    Population density rounded to nearest unit.)

  • Malta has 413,000 people in 121mi²; population density 3391
  • The Netherlands has 16,618,000 people in 16,033mi²; population density 1036.5
  • Belgium has 10,827,000 people in 11,787mi²; population density 918.6
  • The UK has 62,042,000 people in 94,060mi²; population density 659.9
  • Germany has 81,758,000 people in 13,7847mi²; population density 593
  • Italy has 60,231,000 people in 116,346mi²; population density 517.4
  • Luxembourg has 502,000 people in 999mi²; population density 501.3
  • The Czech Republic has 10,507,000 people in 30,450mi²; population density 341
  • Denmark has 5,540,000 people in 16,640mi²; population density 331.2
  • Poland has 38,164,000 people in 120,726mi²; population density 319.9
  • France has 65,447,000 people in 260,558mi²; population density 299
  • Portugal has 11,317,000 people in 35,645mi²; population density 295
  • Slovakia has 5,379,000 people in 18,932mi²; population density 287
  • Hungary has 10,007,000 people in 35,919mi²; population density 279
  • Austria has 8,373,000 people in 32,383mi²; population density 257
  • Slovenia has 2,054,000 people in 7,827mi²; population density 251
  • Romania has 22,215,000 people in 92,043mi²; population density 233
  • Spain has 45,989,000 people in 195, 364mi²; population density 231
  • Greece has 11,306,000 people in 50,944mi²; population density 221
  • Cyprus has 870,000 people in 3,572mi²; population density 221
  • Bulgaria has 7,564,000 people in 42,823mi²; population density 168
  • Ireland has 4,459,000 people in 27,133mi²; population density 148
  • Lithuania has 3,342,000 people in 25,173mi²; population density 141
  • Latvia has 2,218,000 people in 24,938mi²; population density 89
  • Estonia has 1,340,000 people in 17,413mi²; population density 75
  • Sweden has 9,354,000 people in 173,745mi²; population density 53
  • Finland has 5,360,000 people in 130,595mi²; population density 40

The EU then has a total population of 503.2 million people living on an area of 1,729,000mi². That's a population density of about 291! Yeah, you're next to the most sparsely populated country in the EU. Congratulations.

Now this list shows the population, area, and population density of the US states. The following states have a lower population density that the lowest EU member (Finland):

Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, and Oregon.

In addition, Maine, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, and Arizona all have a lower population density than Sweden.

The average population density for the USA (same source) is 80.7, compared to the EU which has an average of 291.

The USA has smaller cities, more distance between those cities, and much more rural (agricultural or undeveloped) area than Europe. That much is a fact. You can argue about how it isn't all day long; it only shows that you need to look beyond your front door.

Of course it could also have something to do with the gas hungry American cars that are the size of a small mobile home...

And this proves my last statement. I am driving a 2002 Buick LeSabre, getting about 28 mpg highway and 22 mpg city. I do have a pickup, an old Chevy V8 gas-guzzler, but it is rarely used. It's there in case I need to haul lumber form the nearest town which happens to be 10 miles away from me. I suppose you might think I should walk a 20-mile round trip with a wheelbarrow to haul materials, right?

Or maybe you live in some really really tiny mobile homes over there?

Yeah, thanks for making my point. I appreciate it.


posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by A Novel

NO, No dictatorship is needed.

Just the good old Free Market.

No one can force you to have common sense. You could still ride that Suburban to work every day, by yourself. Your just going to put that much more into the coffers. A very noble deed I must say.

As for me, I'll be riding a scooter. I like to keep my money.

But you could pull your camper. Just dont expect us scooter riders to support your campaign to keep us on foreign fuel.

Thats the whole idea, getting off foreign sources of oil.

Its not easy, going to hurt a little. But I would rather have the pain in controlled dose. And we would be in control. Not some foreign interest holding their guillotine over the neck of our supply line.

Its makes us weaker.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 05:05 PM
Nobody has to give up what they do, be it haulin lumbar, or haulin the kids out to camp.

We just gotta do what we do more Efficiently.

You could haul what you got with Nat Gas or a hybrid.

You can get to work on Public Transportation. But these things we dont have right now, and we need to get moving on it, or get buried in our ineptness and failure to change.

Everyone agrees we need to change, but no one wants it to come out of their pocket. We all need make this change. And we need to push our government and this administration to make this change. We are ALL to be held accountable.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by ErEhWoN

A nice sentiment; I wish it would work.

No hybrid I ever saw can haul 20 sheets of 3/4" plywood, or a hundred 2x4s.

Show me a vehicle that even runs on natural gas... that I can buy. Show me a place where I can fuel it.

The closest public transportation is 50 miles from me. 50 miles!. The closest town is 5 miles, and they have one general store... groceries are about double what they are in a grocery store. The closest grocery store is more like 10 miles away in the other direction. The closest major city is 50 miles away. That is the closest bus stop, metro, and taxi service.

Again, not everyone has all the advantages you have. On the 2 1/2 mile road I live on, there are maybe 10 families. I tried for years to petition the local cable company to run the cable to us, since there was service on both ends of the road. They refused because they said it wasn't profitable. That was 30 years ago; we still do not have cable TV (not that I want it any more with satellite available). Now, if a TV cable company can't make a profit here with everyone on the road agreeing to take their service, exactly how is public transportation supposed to do it? Will this public transportation allow me to haul a week's worth of groceries on the way home? How about a roll of barbwire (like I have in the trunk of my car right now)? I think not, so exactly how do you expect people in my situation to get food or supplies?

It's easy to come up with a solution, if you can wipe out reality and operate off the fantasy that your life is representative of everyone's.

Apparently, even Obama can do it.


posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 03:07 AM
I agree that $7 dollars a gallon is a solution to breaking us from oil.

The problem is you can't just go to $7 a gallon immediately.

I think they should add a 1 cent tax to oil based energy products and every week increase the tax by 1 cent.

It is a death sentence on oil based energy.

Eventually oil will get to expensive to use for energy.

Wall street and oil suppliers will realize that oil has been given a death sentence and money will flow into alternate sources of energy.

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 03:10 AM
reply to post by TheRedneck

I'm surprised at you in this thread Redneck, you normally see the bigger picture. I have found myself saying the things you and others have said though.

The US does need to reduce it's dependence on foreign oil and it is something that cannot be done overnight. The US also needs to increase fuel efficiency and unfortunately tax is the method of choice.

Of course these measures need a slow and deliberate introduction, there is no doubt that a large step change will be disastrous for your economy. Also, your gov cannot expect everyone to rush out and buy a fuel efficient car. Our brainiac previous goverment decided to tax us on inefficient cars bought before the new tax rules.

Europe has already started on this path. Already people are buying more fuel efficient cars and are buying more locally produced goods etc. Food that doesn't grow in the local climate is grown in massive scale greenhouses using heating from waste products with supplemental grow lighting. Most of this growing tech has been refined from our Dutch friends passion for growing the best hemp.

So in short the US needs to get used to the fact that things need to and are going to change. Your current culture cannot continue forever. You're not going to like it as we don't over here. Due to the difference in scale of our countries it won't be as much a change for us as it will for yours.

I am personally in a similar situation to you - I live rural, have no public transport and have to drive everywhere. It is people like us that gets hit the hardest or even forced to move closer to a big city.

PS In we want to buy a shed load of wood in the UK we order it and it gets delivered on a big truck.

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by LightFantastic

Yes, I agree we need to get off foregin oil. But obama's going about it the wrong way (big surprise there), this cap & tax will be a killer in every sence of the way. What he needs to do and it's actually very simple. 1) build more refineries (sp?) 2) Instead of putting a freeze on drilling expand it, if the enviro nuts don't like it tough. By the time the new refineries start to come on line the first of the oil should be flowing. 3) Start building more nuclear power plants. Read someplace that close to 80% of Frances electricty comes from nukes so obviously it works. 4) while all this is being put into motion funnel billions into alternitive fuel research then by the time the nuclear power plants start to come on line the alt. fuel ideas should be at a workable stage or already in use.
See? Simple, not only have we gotten off most if not all foreign oil, we've also built our selves out of the ression (sp?) an put America back on top. Oh, I'm not gonna say it'll be easy, and their won't be hard times but I think it could be done.

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 07:35 AM
reply to post by Chance321

No "permanent saltstock repository" is in commision yet.
So be a good citizen store some of this nuclear waste in a small container in your basement. Oh, I'm sorry I have forgotten this stuff is supposed to be stored "anywhere else".

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