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Prophecy from a 3 year-old?

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:21 PM
It must have been a very vivid dream that precious little boy shared
with his folks. I used to dream..not so many years ago about water,
shallow and deep. Once as a teen I dreampt I looked east ( toward
the atlantic ocean in general ) and saw a wall of water rushing
toward me. It was over the tree tops. I never did figure that out.
Unless there is a dam that is going to break in the area, something
you can really put your finger on then all of us will be in wonder,
hoping the dream he had was not prophetic for all of us.
I know that harsh winters may trigger spring floods. Perhaps, most
folks who live in Tennessee did not expect that recent flood.
I hope things won't get out of hand either here at ATS or at your
home over this for the boy's sake.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by passenger

reply to post by Misoir
Good points and accepted. Though I emphatically refute #2.

There is one other possibility: it was some sort of prophetic dream, message, revelation, etc.

I’ll admit, I'm in the camp of #1 myself. But it's still not satisfying me. Something doesn’t feel ‘right’. I’m one of the most cynical, bitter persons I know. This is just weird. I know one can’t translate in word the weight of knowing someone and knowing when they are telling the truth or lying. But this, knowing my son, is just disturbing. It was disturbing to my aunt as well.

That’s the point of this thread; a baby (relatively) started making definitive statements that basically everyone he knows is going to die. He doesn’t seem perturbed at all by this ‘fact’. Just the opposite, he seems reassured that he will be “ok”. This is coming from the same person that can have a complete emotional collapse if he can’t find his favorite stuffed animal.

It is very strange that he would come to you and say these things. Being 3, he doesn't understand fully what death is, or at least my kids didn't. Also their minds are very clean, untouched or corrupted yet. If it was a dream, his dream was probably more elaborate than what he can describe with the limited vocabulary of a 3 yr old. So while you are rightfully frustrated, he probably is to because he can't think of the words to completely describe what he saw or was told.

Maybe it was a one time event. If it turns into a recurring dream, thats when I think I would become a little concern that maybe there was more to it than just the imagination of a 3 yr old.

Keep us posted!

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:30 PM

Originally posted by passenger
My son, who is 3, woke up this morning and started to make some really bizarre statements this morning. He woke up early as usual and related this tale to his great aunt (I was still in bed, being Sunday and all). It went as follows:

Son: “You’re gonna die.”
Aunt: “What?!”

“Yep, the Erf [sic] is gonna start spinning faster and faster and toooo fast and everything is gonna’ go upside down!” He then demonstrated by spinning rapidly and then doing a dramatic tumblesault on the living room carpet, finished with an “umph” for emphasis. After that, he asked for some breakfast.

My aunt then queried him as to what would happen to other members of the family. He responded that “Dadda will die, mumma will die, everybody is gonna’ die.” He was not upset in the least by these proclamations. They were just made as matter of fact. My aunt then asked him if he would die too. He responded, “no”.
So my aunt asked him how he will survive. He stated that, “I’m gonna be ok. They will take care of me.” When asked who are ‘they’ he replied “the other people will look for me, I’m ok”. (Bear in mind, this is a 3 year old so his definition of everybody and everything is still a loose term)

So, my aunt questioned him further by naming various family members that he knew. He did state that one of his uncles and one of his cousins would also survive. They live in different parts of the state. Everyone else that he knows – dead.

Later today, my aunt told me about this little conversation. I then asked my son to tell me about it. He related the same story, with the same little spin and dramatic fall on the floor. So, I decided to interrogate him further. I didn’t get much more information; but some of the answers were intriguing.

When asked how he knew this, he replied “cause I got told”. Unfortunately, the little pisser absolutely refused to tell me who told him this. And again, being 3, most of his answers were just sort of matter-of-fact without detailed explanation. When asked why the Earth would start spinning faster, all I got was “cause it will”. He did state that, “everythings gonna shake and get broken” and that “it happens so fast!” One of the most chilling statements was that, “the water is everywhere.” (Again, ‘everywhere’ is a relative term to him)

When asked as to when this would happen, all I got was a “in da future”. Now to him, having a 3 year-olds conception of time and space, the ‘future’ could mean next month or 2075. It’s all vague and sort of incomprehensible to him. So nothing there.

What I am really concerned with is, where did he get this information? Granted, I do belong to ATS and enjoy all the doom-and-gloom, 2012, Armageddon posts. But I have never discussed the concept of the End of the World with him. Neither would my wife as she is not at all interested in these types of things. In fact, she finds them disturbing and to be avoided. Same for my aunt and his older sister. My son does have rudimentary reading skills but nothing that would allow him to digest this sort of information if he found it online. So, where did he get exposed to this concept? Who told him about this theory of the precession of the equinoxes and polar displacement, etc? My only assumption (now) is that it had to be a dream because he stated it immediately after getting out of bed. So, WTF?

This has been obsessing me up all day. The little stinker won’t give much more than vague, yet assured and emphatic, statements. If anybody has any ideas or input as to how to deal with this, I’d be glad to hear it.

Your child has been spiritually "awakened" to 2012 events. There has been a small group of people, including myself, who have been through this similar situation. All I can tell you and the "nay-sayers" is that don't believe me if want to. It is your life that will be at stake when things begin and they have begun. Start watching the "Ring of Fire" as it shakes, rattles and explodes into life. It will not be long before the US West Coast and the heartland fall prey to mega seismic activity and pole shift in 2012 will turn the world upside down.

Before you start "chastising" me for what I have just said, let me remind you that people did the same thing to Noah, Daniel and others from Biblical history.

To those of you who know in your hearts that I am speaking the truth of what is to come, I say to you .... prepare now .... the time is nigh or at hand. We are about to undergo "transition" from life as we now know it into a new life that we will come to know.

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:30 PM

Originally posted by Qwenn
I am a little surprised that a member of five years should go rogue and post such a crock, regardles of your past record on here, I think that you are going through a crisis and need the services of a therapist. Trust me, I am qualified in the field of mental health and have many years of experience of this sort of cry for help. This is a waste of time and effort, the way you are writing shows that this is some type of crisis period you are going through, perhaps relating to a trauma which happened to you when you were 3 - 4 years old, it is an almost clear indicator of some degree of paranoid schitzophrenia, be carefull, and seek the right sort of help.

This will only help to feed the growing despair of the many thousands who are dreading the next couple of years, I would rather turn a blind eye if I knew for certain that this was the end, than to watch many people go to pieces, knowing that whatever they do for the next couple of years is all for nothing. Live for today, as tomorrow may never come.

First, you are telling someone they need mental help because of ONE post they make? Honestly, if the OP is making this up they are either A) bored B) stupid. However, I wouldn't go as far to say mentally incapacitated or anything.

If I make up a story using a child as the narrator and specify an age of that child, does that mean I had issues as a child myself at those ages? You can't be sure? Oh really?! Well that's exactly what you're doing with the OP.

Oh and by the way, go ahead and turn a blind eye to the real information in the world that will tell you when the SHTF... coward.

You seem to be the one with the mental issues, I don't care about your career in mental health and whatnot, I more than likely know more information about mental health than you do and I think you are jumping the gun on trying to diagnose someone over the internet through ONE post.

Go play doctor somewhere else.

Anyway, I think that we need to chalk this down as either an over active imagination (which is not uncommon for the age of the child) especially given the circumstances of the world these days, and what is so readily available to watch on TV, or the internet, or to read as well.

However, I could be wrong and this could be something completely metaphysical in nature. I would just see how things play out, and once your child has gotten older, maybe get them into meditation and such and see what they can remember and/or figure out. Your child may possibly have some sort of predisposition to the metaphysical world, and I would make sure they know this is possible once old enough to understand. Obviously wait til the right age; you say something now it could have very adverse effects if the child thinks that they are 'different' then everyone else. But in all honesty we're the same to an extent and have the same capabilities, some just don't need to try as hard.

Good luck and update us. Maybe make a journal and in the following maybe 7-10 years you can hand over that journal to your child to read themselves and keep as a reminder of what they once were possibly being told.

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:30 PM
he is young. right now life and death are the same and he seems some what aware of it. so close that he doesnt have fear or sorrow for death but i think he knows how much adults worry about it. you could try ensuring him that you are ok with fate and death and you accept what ever comes your way. once you are comfortable with that fact i think he will sense it and be a little more open with you cause your open. if he still doesnt let you know who informed him you could ask things to go around the actual thing your asking about, i.e. did they tell you not to tell me son? why did they tell you not to tell me? is there anything i can do to help them? is there anything they want me to do?

any answers you get will be beneficial in some way and at the very least you will be spending quality time with him and bond with him... which is not a waste of time in my book.

many blessing, love, light, aloha, and happy mothers day.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:34 PM
Any chance of answering my questions OP? I see your online and all.


posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:34 PM

Originally posted by Rosha
A few ideas...

If you think he is faking it then keep in mind its a truism of child psychology that much of his ongoing behavior and reaction to what he said will be based on your reaction to what he is saying....he will feed on that...

Yes. Good points. But Like I have said, he stated this initially without prompting. He just started pronouncing death upon people – and with certain specific exemptions – without question. He announced it to my aunt as simply as if he were telling her he wanted a drink of water. He did the same with me. That was one of the most disturbing aspects of the whole thing; he said it purely as fact. He pronounced death upon almost everyone close to him. This is comings from a person that can break into tears from the slightest boo-boo or not being allowed to have a cookie before dinner.

He understands death, in his manner, because a number of persons in the family have died in his lifetime. He understands that ‘Pap-pap’ is dead and not coming back. He understands that Cha-cha ( great-grandmother) is dead and not coming back. He witnessed the funerals and we talked about it. Sometimes he will bring them up and state that they are not here anymore and then he will become brooding and morose. (They both spoiled him terribly)

But, sometimes if you tell him that ‘mumma’ has to work late and will not be home he becomes extremely distressed. After all, he’s still a baby really. But, in this particular instance, he seems to have no worries because some unknown persons will take care of him and he will be “ok”.

Originally posted by Rosha
…and if he thinks he has power, he will manipulate it, and

Yeah, I know he does that. He does it at every possible opportunity. Like I said about the keys or magic tricks. I don’t deny that he’s one of those that likes to get things over on everybody else. But this is different. He’s saying something that is wayyyyyy beyond any little mind-games he’s ever done.

Originally posted by Rosha

Given the extent of media manipulation and serepticious conditioning going on in our world atm, its highly likely his report could be a result of a mish mash of reported news snips or movie titles …whose information has colated in his mind and without a language to express, have overwhemled him or made him afraid enough to project forward into a fantasty story to explain it to himself.

That’s very possible but I supervise his intellectual intake at all times. I, literally, watch over his shoulder when he’s on the internet. It’s all kept to number/letter games and funny kitten videos. Same with TV. He’s not just perusing the web with all access. Besides, he couldn’t understand something of this nature even if he found it. He reads basic stuff; “See Jane run”. That’s it. He can’t possibly comprehend, “ A distorted accumulation of ice upon the polar caps will…”

Originally posted by Rosha

Teach him HOW to know the difference between the real and unreal, between fact and false belief and truth and measureable reality.

Got that. He knows that Spongebob is a cartoon. He understand that fire burns and the Earth is round. Granted, Santa Claus is still real but he understands that people can’t fly by flapping their arms.

Originally posted by Rosha

Your son could genuinely be having preemptive cognition..which may or may still not represent actual reality - as it could be symbolic presense. … but cant see himself in the elder version yet so he objectify's the other...he doesnt comprehend that is his know it can be very confusing as its not something that can be doesn't have a conscise language outside of imagry or adult manipulated viewpoints and labels of it.

That gets at the crux of my problem; not being able to get an explanation that I can rest with. His explanation –to me – is infuriatingly vague and interpretive. I understand that. Doesn’t make it any less frustrating though. I am dealing with a being that still thinks that the highlight of his day is peeing on a bug and knocking it off a leaf. Issues such as the of the meaning of life, the future and the fate of mankind are not even comprehensible at this point. But what he said is what he said; basically 'everyone' is going to die. It presumably happens in his lifetime which is about 70 years (estimated). Could be he's talking about July, 2041 or July, 2011. Maybe it's just an expression of angst and an absorption of the 'zeitgeist'. Maybe some sort of Jungian thing.

I don't know. I was just hoping to get some input to prevent me from smoking 4 packs of cigarettes today and brooding about it (already at 2 and 1/2).

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:35 PM
Before you question him again, prepare it carefully. Specially with a treat, they will tell you anything to get that ice cream. Also have a pen and paper ready. Also avoid times when he may be tired or too excited.
OP I think your son is onto something. Feel free to u2u me, I think I can help.

good luck!

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:35 PM
Qwenn said:

"This is a waste of time and effort, the way you are writing shows that this is some type of crisis period you are going through, perhaps relating to a trauma which happened to you when you were 3 - 4 years old, it is an almost clear indicator of some degree of paranoid schitzophrenia, be carefull, and seek the right sort of help."

Qwenn, what a crock you have supplied. In your years of training in the mental health field you never learned how to spell "schizophrenia"? The OP is not the one needing help here.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:48 PM
Uhhh Huuuuhhhh....

I call major BS and someone looking for stars and flags. That's it.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:50 PM

Originally posted by KANE OG
Uhhh Huuuuhhhh....

I call major BS and someone looking for stars and flags. That's it.

I doubt it but even if it is you have to admit it is a masterful troll of indeed false...

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:05 PM
You people are all wayyyyy too nice.

If I had a kid and he told me I was going to die, then started spouting all this crap off, I wouldn't ask what he was talking about. I'd tell him to tell me.

If he refused and started acting up about it, he'd be sitting in a corner until he was ready to tell me what he was talking about and what psychopath was telling my 3 year old that most of his family was going to die.

Then the psychopath would be getting a visit from a fellow psychopath.

Edit: You said that he visited one of his cousins who supposedly isn't going to die? I'd say that branch of the family probably put this stuff in his head. They probably told him all these doomsday scenarios, and told him they'd live because they were ready but you and the rest of the family would die because you aren't. Then they probably told him he'd be fine, to calm him down.

I'd be careful letting him around those particular family members. If my guess is right, they're involved in some kind of cult.

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:06 PM

Originally posted by mellisamouse
reply to post by jassie51289

I think it is all of a sudden soon too..... I have cried ALL DAY, resenting the people who didn't listen, because now I have to start mouring all of the jerks...

I am so mad that they didn't try...even though I am mad at the horrible things they did, I am more mad that I will have to mourne them now....

Hey, just love. Always send a loving thought. When someone doesnt listen, don't give up in your meditation, though you may not say another word, just see them in your mind, as if looking deep into their eyes, and say, "You are my Family, you're Light and so wonderful on the other side. This isn't real at all, this is just a hologram, we're in a dvd, learning to love and if we can wake up all the better. I love you, and see the light in you all the time. Time to progress, lets move on." Kind of thing.

Theres two really good things to do, if you think the end is coming soon, or later, its the same message. Work on self and canceling out the negative, fear based thoughts, and always give Love & Light, be calm and over come self, renounce the stray thoughts.

Work at sungazing right now, or meditating within and meeting self, your Future Self, outside this DVD, we're all there, everyone in this Universe behind all the masks they wear here, made it out at one point, and in "no time" all the segments of your infinite life are all versions of self, and the ones further ahead help us along. Its like a combination of quantum physics, and Heaven, where that is just a beginning too, because Infinity has no boundaries or limits, no start or end, and theres always a beyond and a beyond that beyond too.

Holograms, like this universe is, are erected by lasers. The only thing I can see out there that has that intensity is the stars. The stars are broadcasting this in, and the only screen we even know of is in our minds. There is no proof of the reality around us.

So....sungazing is good too. For connecting to our Family on the other side, the Many in One,or Source.

So the message is love and awareness, for if we can wake up in this we can help others.

The ones who arent going to make it in a disaster are going home, some of them, because they love. Its the ones that havnt learnt this yet, that is really hard, especially for some who remember being here for others. That some come to get people out and home.

I think its going to be fast too, if it happens like this.

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:12 PM
There are many stories of children seeing or being told things that adults cant see.

Children are free from the crap that bogs us adults down. They havent learned to worry yet. At least not about anything other than where their favorite blanket is.

Children have a spirit that is much more open. We all had it, but LIFE seems to taint that spirit.

Maybe your son isnt worried about these "predictions" because he feels safe, and that you are all going to be to speak. In other words, there was no fear in this vision he had, so he knows things will be ok..even if you die.
I have a hard time believing he would have seen this vision on a movie, children tend not to pay attention to movies like that..and would rather watch a Pixar movie, or Disney. It's very hard to keep the attention of a 3 year old.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:21 PM

Originally posted by reticlevision
the kid is scared. where he got the information, the possibilities are endless.
More likely than not, from a slighter older relative, i.e. the cousin who will survive, who relayed this scary story to your child simply for that purpose.
Kids like to scare each other.
So he's scared about it, and relayed his fears to you in a matter of fact manner. Probably for two reasons, he himself is scared, and now he's going to scare someone else with the same story.
Again, kids like to scare other children and people.
Who doesn't love a scary story? As for him not giving all the information you want, well, he told you his scary story, you expressed concern through questioning, which translates into fear. Now he's got you on the hook, and he's going to keep you there as long as he can.
Smart little bugger. I can almost hear the little sing song in his head " I'm scaring mommy.. na nah na na na nah
Orrrr, it could be a prophecy......

How many 3 year olds do you think ponder death? A light socket I can see, but what it could do to them.....I don't think that's what they are fearing, i've been wrong before though.


posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:22 PM

Originally posted by passenger

First things first - I suggest you get your kid off the net.entirely! Its not what he's viewing with his eyes that poses the danger so much as it's what is on the net itself...the psuedo elecromagnetic energy that flows through it. He is too young and could not comprehend the slight of hand information exchange taking place on the web, heck most adults dont get it yet...I hope you do.

As a fellow parent I know first hand too, that YOU do not control what he is seeing and hearing...even with the BEST of precuations regarding mointoring of input *he* will still hear what he will and see what he see's and interperate that info, even sponge bob, in a way YOU do not control. Accepting that is hard as a parent..but it is part of letting them go and allowing them to grow.

I was 8 when my mother required the shelter of a religous order of nuns, and in their chapel one evening, I recall vividly standing before a statue of Christ on the cross and blurting out ' he is bleeding' which once spoken, sent the nuns into a state of general panic. Like your son it was blurted 'out of the blue' and completly erroneous to anything happening at the time.

I walked off completely unaware I had stirred so much angst and I recall that at the time I thought was 'funny'. Also, and at the time, I knew that I had seen *no* real blood coming from the statue..I saw nothing but the statue and thought even then to myself that maybe I was lying about it...being a 'bad girl' etc...I wasnt exactly 'most loved child' in my very large family...and I had no *conscious* idea why I said what I did.

That memory lingered in me all my life..I was confused by it and wondered why..spiritually I was worried by it and it wasnt until a long time later I had a moment of clarity and woosh...I made the realisation I needed to make.
I discovered after that, that what I was voicing was not a lie and it was not literal in that yes, the statue itself at the time was certainly not bleeding, but, to affect, Christ, most definately, was. So even at that young age, I was 'right', just from a very particular perspective.

I couldnt control the negative inference others took about what I said...but to me it wasnt and isnt a negative thing..blood is life, symbolically and biblically speaking..and Christ bleeding his life, is not something to be feared or seen as a negative. It wasnt my prophecy, it was evidence of a wider fulfillment of prophecy.

Similarly, your son said he saw water everywhere..and yes, it is and it will be water represents both people, and spirit. So when I read your post today the keyword 'water' triggered me and..I re-remembered my own experience.

My experience was in effect, a symbolic, spiritual experience and as I was a country child who had lived a very sheltered life and had no real religous upbringing, I genuinely had no idea what I was saying at the time in that sense, and to the nuns certainly, it was a proof of sorts that they had been seeking and I had no idea meant something to THEM...that was the importance of it, not my saying it.

Outside of possible projections I have made between your sons exp and mine...what I am saying is that perhaps similarly, you also need to view this from what it means to you not to your son.

In time, I am sure whatever this is or will be for your son, your son himself will come to know it and hopefuly comprehend it, in his time, if that experience is left unmolested and maybe if he even remembers it, he will come to some peace about it too.

Dont feed the wrong wolf.


posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:22 PM

Originally posted by franspeakfree

When I first read your post I thought that this was a HOAX. After checking your profile and relying on my gut response I leaning towards GENUINE.

OP Can you answer a few questions for me

1 Have you been watching any films that incorporate this kind of scenario?

2012? No. Reading posts here about said, yes. Doubt that my son could have done though.

Originally posted by franspeakfree
2. Have you ever talked about end of the world scenarios with your partner, where the child could indeed have heard you

Yes and no. Like I said, my wife is not into this kind of thing. In fact, she gets mad when I bring it up. That’s why ATS and a few select friends are the only forums where I can discuss this kind of thing. The kids and wife got home a little bit ago and any attempt to broach the subject is met with that ‘look’. For those that aren’t married, that ‘look’ means shut your @#$%^ mouth or else.

Originally posted by franspeakfree
3. Has your child ever mentioned dream people,helpers,teachers,e.t.c when he/she has woken up

No. But sometimes people that he has known that are deceased. He won’t specify in this case. Those dreams all seemed to be of the "I'm still with you and love you" type. Nothing worth mentioning.

Originally posted by franspeakfree
4. Does your child have any invisible friends he/she talks to?

Sort of. He has a “mouse” that sometimes tells him to do things, invariably bad things, e.g color on the walls, feed the dog all the baloney in the fridge, etc. We have had discussions about the ‘mouse’ and why we should not listen to him. I think this sort of thing is a normal sort of negative behavior abrogation and is not that significant. At least it's not germaine to this subject.

Originally posted by franspeakfree

5. Could your child have picked up this kind of thing from somewhere like posters,pictures,magazines e.t.c that you have lying around the house?

No. Don't have those. A few books maybe but they are way beyond what he can comprehend. But like I said, I’m open to the possibility that he could have picked it up from someone in the family. Only problem is that I can’t fathom who. I know these people. Anything beyond discussion of chopping wood or how to make the best home brew is treated with suspicion and silence.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:27 PM
it is true, you stay you are safe in the long run, you go, you are safe in the long run....

I have even stopped "preparing" since all my preparations seem in vain, as I am completley taken care of every day "somehow" and all my "preparations" are just waist...or not waist, but just not neccessary....

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:30 PM

Originally posted by Yummy Freelunch
There are many stories of children seeing or being told things that adults cant see.

And it's a ploy hollywood has used many, many, times. It's almost like a paranormal movie isn't complete without using a child as some kind of plot device.

I don't mean to attack the OP and claim it's all a lie, but that's probably why people are doubtful. I agree children can be open to certain things older people aren't, however there's a large difference between how children act in real life, and how they act in movies. This sounds more like the latter to me.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by passenger

A giant asteroid will hit the earth in a slanted angle like a skimming rock on the ocean water in the near future. The direction of the incoming asteroid will be from the south to the north. Because the earth is spinning from the west to the east, the asteroid impact will create a tilt on the earth's spinning axis. This is what happened in the past when Siberia was in equator. The giant mammoth died of the instant freezing weather due to the lack of the sun light. The sudden tilt of the earth's spinning axis causes the massive spillage of the ocean water to the land mass, and the mass extinction scenario starts reminiscent of Noah's flood. A mile high water can be expected in the major cities of the world. It will take seven days for the water to begin to subside. The wisdom for survival for the individual or a family is to expect this calamity and be prepared for it.

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