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NYC Bomber Suspect is a Fake!

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:40 AM
I think that the oil spill was a slight-of-hand trick that got out of hand when they wanted to get us in an up-roar and take the heat off of Obamacare. OOPs! Now they need a bigger story to cover up the cover-up. They are trying to point us in any direction except where we really should be looking. Does anyone know what else has been added to Obamacare while we weren't looking?

But what do I know?

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by mr-lizard

every attack doesn't have to be a false flag, too many people scream that out when anything happens. that said, i look for attacks that failed as possible false flags, and he was on a no fly list, so how did he get on the plane without someone waving him through?

also, i was watching the news, i believe it was msnbc, and they had a piece going comparing this attack to all the other ones, it was fear mongering at its best. "wow, that was a close call, those arab countries can strike anywhere, anytime. remember the underwear bomber? and the shoe bomber..etc"

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:51 AM
Its a damned circus.

Just sick of the whole thing. :shk:

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 03:13 AM
reply to post by AnAbsoluteCreation

I believe the media immediately announced that the suspect was a 40 year old white male, to rise the public's ire for right wing militia groups/Tea Baggers. If you cant silence them, then call them crazy nut jobs and blame them for the next terrorist attack. It doesnt matter if the news media are wrong as long as they reinforce the idea of the crazy nut job home-grown terrorists.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 03:34 AM
Hi there AAC, i found an article posted on yahoo's main page

Now this article talks about the suspects life and what not, but on the bottom paragraph i noticed something to fishy.

"Federal agents also searched the empty home in Shelton on Tuesday after The Connecticut Post and The New York Times said its reporters had discovered a trove of rain-soaked documents outside the home. The Post's find included an old passport from Pakistan, an academic transcript from Southeastern University listing a grade point average of 2.78 and tax returns showing Shahzad earned $22,650 income as an account analyst in 2001. "

Yes they found an old passport of Shahzad from Pakistan outside the home. I don't know anyone who would leave a sensitive item such as a passport behind, and not only that, and it's left outside as well. Yes something is going on here ATS!

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 03:34 AM
New guy! Thanks for having me. At first I thought it was fishy because the dude allegedly trained (however briefly), and yet probably any american kid over 16 could've pulled off this, to him, impossible task.

Then I thought about identity theft or credit card theft etc. If you report your etc missing or stolen, the f.b.i. or whomever has but to type your name into the beast and bing! instantly see where your identity is being used real time.

really? he almost got away?

I don't claim to know anything. But usually in my life when things have rang "suspicious," it was rightly so. I wouldn't have made it this far being unable to smell bull skittles.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 04:36 AM

Originally posted by AnAbsoluteCreation
First, I found it extremely convenient that a terror threat happens in the midst of a huge environmental oil leakage in the gulf of mexico, one in which will end up dwarfing the Alaskan Exxon/Valdez spill from years passed. The sheer magnitude of this problem has been rumored to forever effect the gulf of Mexico and its marine life and business affairs. I do find it odd that a rudimentary bomb that never went off could eclipse this oil atrocity from the headlines.

I think this false flag terror attempt is a response to Wikileaks's "collateral murder" video....

Here a new video about the wikileaks video.

full wikileaks video

The illegal wars in the Middle East are based on the almost completely false terror fear, so if wikileaks release more videos, we will expect more false flag terror like the failed bomber.

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 05:15 AM
reply to post by Bob Sholtz

He was added to the no fly list after the NY incident, during the investigation.

The problem was, the people at the airport did not refresh the list, I would presume something akin to refreshing a webpage or antivirus list, and therefore failed to get the update that would have prevented him from boarding the plane.

Because of this, the standards were changed on NO Fly lists:

Government tightens no-fly list requirements after Shahzad gets on plane

Last Updated: 11:05 AM, May 5, 2010

Posted: 10:54 AM, May 5, 2010

WASHINGTON — The government is now requiring airlines to check no-fly lists within two hours of being notified of list updates — a move aimed at preventing known terror suspects from boarding airplanes — as the man accused in the Times Square bombing attempt did.

Faisal Shahzad, who prosecutors say tried to blow up an SUV in Times Square Saturday evening, was added to the no-fly list early Monday afternoon, only hours before he boarded an Emirates flight bound to Dubai.

When updates are made to the no-fly list, notifications are sent to airlines instructing them to check the updated list. Until now, airlines have been required to check for updated lists every 24 hours. Effective immediately, airlines will have to check the updated list within two hours of being notified of changes, according to a U.S. homeland security official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the policy change. The official says airlines could be fined if they don't comply.


Shahzad was able to purchase a last minute ticket from Emirates airlines and board a Dubai-bound airplane at John F. Kennedy International Airport late Monday night.

But Emirates airlines apparently failed to check the latest version of the terror watch list that included Shahzad's name.

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 05:20 AM

Originally posted by InvisibleAlbatross
reply to post by Libertygal

Why is a claim that this was a false flag racist? I don't think it was, and certainly not to distract from the oil spill, but why would it be racist? I agree that some posters jump to wild conclusions, but the posters who counter them need much better arguments.

Sorry, it was a tongue in cheek reply, related to another post above about how the phrase "false flag" is being bandied about so much it is overused, and becoming as useless as the word "racist" is.

It was simply some sarcasm about the overuse of that term. I should have used the /s heheh

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 05:30 AM

Originally posted by babybunnies
Yup, I'd have to agree - the guy in the video looks very different to the guy in the picture they supposedly "captured".

I found it quite interesting that they were able to track down a purchase of the SUV that lacked any paperwork, VIN tag, and was paid for in cash, so quickly - less than 48 hours, and it was sold in a different state.

Because they crawled under the SUV and found the VIN number stamped on the underside of the vehicle. Auto makers stamp VIN numbers in several locations on a car, many of them not released to the public. It aids in tracking down cars that are stolen and stripped and such.

Through the VIN number, they tracked the car to the original owner, who had recently sold it to a young lady, who then 3 weeks ago sold it to Shahzad. She identified him as the buyer, and showed the police the parking lot where the sales transaction took place. The vehicle he drove to the transaction, his personal legally owned vehicle, was still in that parking lot. They keys that were found in the SUV had a key that fit the abandoned vehicle.

The connection to the different state was made rather quickly, based on the Connecticut auto tags on the SUV that did not match the vehicle in NY.

That level of interaction between the three letter agencies is unheard of. If no sale paperwork was completed, what did they do - go to every person's house in the USA that had an SUV of that type registered and how did they track down that this partuicular one was the one that was sold for cash?

That level of interraction was forced because of 9/11 and the failure of the agencies to communicate with one another.

Sounds WAY too convenient for me. Real life doesn't happen this way. Investigations of this type take weeks or months to produce results like this, not hours.

Actually, the investigation was fairly simple, as he left enough of a trail, simply because the device failed. Had the device detonated, it would probably still be an ongoing investigation resulting in some poor unrelated white guy in his 40's being hanged in the media.

I'm calling PATSY. They found a convenient Muslim who had spent time in Pakistan to pin this on,or they've set him up. They SAY that he's refused all help from a lawyer -and is singing like a jaybird. This doesn't sound like a "trained terrorist" to me.

Terrorist groups also know EXACTLY which type of fertilizer would be required to explode a truck - a trained terrorist wouldn't make such a simple mistake.

The panty bomber and KSM and many others that have been captured attempting attacks have all refused legal help and sang like canaries.

As for the terrorist training, I think that depends on the trainer, too, along with his ability to carry it out.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 05:33 AM

Originally posted by InvisibleAlbatross
reply to post by Libertygal

The only photo they have is from 1.5 to 2 years ago?

There have been many photos posted of him that they were able to get from a website I believe his wife created.

I did hear this reported on Fox this morning, though:

Video Captured Faisal Shahzad Leaving Scene Of Bomb Attempt
Via the AP - not sure if the video has been released at this point.

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York City police say they have surveillance video of the Times Square car bomb suspect walking down an alley moments after witnesses saw a smoking SUV parked there.

A law enforcement official says the 30-year-old Faisal Shahzad (FY'-sul shah-ZAHD') walks away wearing a white baseball cap moments after the Nissan Pathfinder is ditched in a no-standing zone across from a Broadway theater.

The official spoke Wednesday to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing.

Here is the AP article link:

May 6, 4:33 AM EDT

Official: NY car bomb suspect did a dry run

Associated Press Writers

NEW YORK (AP) -- Days before the failed car bomb in Times Square, a Pakistani-American scouted the bustling district in the same vehicle and then, on a second trip, left a getaway car blocks from his chosen target, a law enforcement official has told The Associated Press.

read more at the link.

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 05:45 AM
the video is edited..just watch the mans pullover.. it TOTALLY disappears thus it's a cut video .. it's pretty obvious.. so .. yea. the released video is edited LONG before it hit YT .. why ??

Originally posted by AnAbsoluteCreation
Before I post my evidence to support my bold thread title allow me to preface my curiosities with some thoughts.

First, I found it extremely convenient that a terror threat happens in the midst of a huge environmental oil leakage in the gulf of mexico, one in which will end up dwarfing the Alaskan Exxon/Valdez spill from years passed. The sheer magnitude of this problem has been rumored to forever effect the gulf of Mexico and its marine life and business affairs. I do find it odd that a rudimentary bomb that never went off could eclipse this oil atrocity from the headlines.

Second, I find it odd that the suspect supposedly learned bomb making training in Pakistan, however he purchased the wrong kind of fertilizer that doesn't even explode.

Third, the suspect supposedly made it onto an airplane that was about to take off when he was supposedly on the "no-fly" list.

Fourth, why did they first say that it was a white man in his 40s when the suspect later proved to be a ME man his his late 20s to early 30s.

All in all this all seemed pretty fishy to me. Nonetheless, I am not one to get overly cynical and press everything as conspiracy. Most that know me on ATS know that I usually don't matriculate in the conspiracy related forums for education as much as other parts of ATS.

Finally something hit me when they released the photo of the suspect.

I am not that good with grabbing still shots off video, but rest assured, there is many angles and shots where this suspect reveals a FULL HEAD OF HAIR. However, when you watch the video (below) you can see the suspect really has a receding hairline and a huge bald spot on the back of his head. I am really at a loss and would like the great people of ATS to help me with this anomaly.

Is the guy in the video the real suspect? Is the guy they pulled of the plane a patsy? I am suspicious to say the least. Please help. Thanks,


posted on May, 6 2010 @ 05:45 AM
Given the details given this morning.. fully cooperating, and he pretty much admitted everything and explained all the evidence about the subway ticket and leaving his keys in the bomb vehicle, etc. Pretty much blows this thread out.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 08:07 AM
This is probably nothing and may have been investigated by the authorities. May 5 I was reading the Red Deer Advocate on line. Sorry I'm still too lazy to learn how to imbed links. A lady had just returned from a trip she was awarded by a Doctor at the Bower Dental Clinic and said she had been there at the time. She had just finished talking to a firefighter and was walking away when she was knocked down by a man running away from the scene. She lost a brooch from here blouse. She says the man did not look like the man who had been arrested. It could just be a coincidence and it was someone who was afraid of an explosion. Who knows? She said she had been questioned by authorities and was saving her blouse in case there was any forensic evidence. Make what you will of this but I found it interesting enough to post.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 09:32 AM
Whether it's fake or not,what would it change?Nothing.Does this lead to powerful conclusions?Unlikely.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:08 PM
I'm hopping on this thread late - but glad to see, for once, others noticed the same things I have. They originally were looking for a white male in his 40s with a receding hairline. The man in the video is not the same man they have arrested.
Exactly, why can't they rewind the video???
Again, exactly! If someone wanted to blow something up, it wouldn't be too difficult - kids do it all of the time. If someone out there really wants to explode something, it's going to explode.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:32 PM
Does anyone know why they can't rewind the video to see the guy get out of car?


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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 08:55 PM
For me, the real thrust of this post is that it illuminates the fact that no matter what happens, we never trust the "story" that comes out to explain it all.

If the government is willing to lie about one thing, then anything is up for grabs. Nothing would surprise me.

Great post. Interesting theory.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by sremmos

There was a mug shot of him in this mornings paper "pueblo Chieftain" and he had a full head of hair. This is all Crap, just wait until Terrorism charges are used to attack militia's. They will cause a civil war with these false flags. For all of those who think Militia's are dorks in Camo, remember Military personnel, do eventually get out, and it is alot easier to purchase a RPG then you think.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by UnlawfullPriest

Oh and of course the website for the paper has an entire different picture, figures.

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