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Second whistleblower emerges to confirm reality of time travel

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posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:19 AM

Time travel is the concept of moving backwards and/or forwards to different points in time, in a manner analogous to moving through space and different from the normal "flow" of time to an earthbound observer. Although time travel has been a plot device in fiction since the 19th century, and one-way travel into the future has been repeatedly proven as easily possible today. It is also now accepted that time travel to the past, while difficult, certainly does not violate the laws of our mathematics and physics. Any technological device, whether fictional or real, that is used to achieve time travel is known as a time machine.

The greatest scientific development in the history of mankind is now underway and leading to discoveries that will change our world and reality in ways difficult to comprehend. We invite you to join us in the largest effort to network time control information and interests from around the world.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:43 AM
If they realy did invent time travel they couldnt change the past because you could only travel back to the time when the day the time machine was invented

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:50 AM
IMO if it were possible it would be massively flawed as you'd not only have to pin point the exact date you wish to travel to linearly, you would also have to calculate the position of the earth in the solar system, the position of the solar system in the Milky Way and the position of the galaxy within the universe to avoid ending up in the middle of space. As all of these things are rapidly moving I would consider that regardless of the possibilities surrounding theories such as frame drag which is the effect seen in a black hole, and the most likely theory to warrant realistic time travel, we would still be floating in a point in space the earth has yet to pass through.

As far as I can fathom this problem would relate to all time lines and all dimensions.

Fascinating, but flawed I think.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:51 AM
Given mankind innate talent for screwing things up I pray this guy's a crank.

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posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:56 AM

Originally posted by Watcher-In-The-Shadows
Given mankind innate talent for screwing things up I pray this guy's a crank.

And never have I seen a more poignant comment than that!

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:56 AM
Physical time travel in our own solar system is an impossibility for the reason that we are locked into past present:present future by our atomic structures.
For instance H2O is a molecule of water made up of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, which have always existed in the Biosphere that is Planet Earth: This means that your blood corpuscles are made in part from the same H2O water molecules that were once incorporated within the blood corpuscles of the ancient dinosaurs ~ and any other species of animal that has existed up to the present day ~ H2O molecule incarnation upon H2O molecule incarnation throughout evolved Earth Biosphere history.

Therefore, were you able to travel back to the time of the dinosaurs physically, all the H2O water molecules, and all the other atoms that make up your physical being, would be physically duplicated, or else ripped out of your body for the benefit of the past creatures they were constituent part of, or vice versa: As I say an impossibility: In other words every atom has its own unique nontransferable history within Universe:

However, were you able to interstellar quantum leap to another solar system, you would be in a whole new ball game where your constituent atoms & molecules had no past history locking them into a specific time~
past present:present future:

Methinks that interstellar quantum leaping, UFO flying ET's, are able to physically travel in our solar system past, and as seen, perhaps influence events thereto ~ but not their own solar system past: I guess too that they could quantum leap into what we in the Earth present, perceive to be our future, if it is all part of the evolved universal game plan of Entirety in Eternity:
Karma = Reciprocation, time crossed cross referenced metaphysically:

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 04:25 AM
I had a dream a few years ago where I had a hand held device but, was only one knowledgeable to know how to operate it or even have such a device.... here's the bits and pieces of my dream..

I remember being on a bus trip with 3 other friends of mine going what seemed to be some sort of concert. We booked a hotel room and all 3 of us were sharing the room together, although it seems like we were traveling with a group of others. I think I used the device to see this event for free *something* like that.. my friends knew I had it but we were the only ones that knew..

I remember I could manipulate the device in such a way down to the minute, hour, day, week, month & year

Shortly after we arrive at the hotel, what seemed like a each of friends had friends that got to go with us on the trip and one of those friends had a friend that go to go as well.. that was it.. the hotel phone rang... everyone looked at the phone as it rang .. someone picked it up .. after a minute they started crying..

It was one of my 3 other best friends mom who was killed in a car accident for some reason....they dropped the phone and began to weep hysterically on the bed.. after the phone was hung up .. one of my friend looked at me and said.. " I told you not to do it.. I told you..!" as tears filled his eyes..

somehow, if we wouldn't have gone on the trip my friends mother wouldn't have had to drive that day because her son would have driven instead.. she drove .. *can't remember the details *..

As I cleared everyone out of the hotel room except for my 3 closest friends.. we discussed what we should do..Being filled with huge amount of grief.. I wanted to see if I could stop her death .. after a VERY long calculation.. we tried it and it worked, but something else went wrong.. another mishap.. another close friend of mine had the mishap..

With tears in my eyes and seeing that no matter what I did would keep changing the future and never knowing what would be the correct outcome I looked down at the device and a voice spoke to me and said..

"no... you can't"...

I don't remember what I did with the device but I remember I totally left everything the way it was & I never touch the device again, a hopped on a bus and found myself in Hollywood CA, sat in the seat of all to Sandra Bullock

Yes, Sandra Bullock is in my top 5 all time best actresses, thank you.

After waking up, the message was very clear, to me at least, was, the more you want to mess with time for yourself, you are actually causing more chaos for you and others around you because time can NOT be tamed.. and if you allow it to 'carry' you, it may just bring you to some most interesting people and places you could ever know..

Now .. as weird as that sounds.. to this day .. based on that dream,

TIME is an animal that will run it's course no matter what and it's the very thing that brings both good and bad at the same moment..

my only thought would be to 'move through time' not to change it.. but I'm not even sure if that's even possible..

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 06:09 AM

Originally posted by Aquarius1
reply to post by Bauer401

Since you would be in separate universe you would not interact with yourself.

dear lord we're not through with this universe and we're talking about another one.

me: i am super man
you: oh yeah, then fly
me: i don't want to do that right now, i have to wait until the moon is blue and the pygmie are happily dancing across the street.
you: how are you going to prove to me that you're superman?
me: because god made me special and i don't have to prove anything, and there's a planet the size of this universe orbiting a universe trillions of time bigger than this universe and human in that universe are the size of a billion sun from this universe.
you; what?
me: i can say anything i want because you can't prove me wrong and since you can't do that, it makes me right.
you: what?
me: in another universe you have six arms and 8 million legs with 9 trillion head.
you: what?
me i am your god in yet another universe so you should worship me in this one.
you: dude wtf? listen, i dont really need proof for any of your claims but can you at least tell me how you came to this?
me: i don't have to because i make things up as i go along and when i can't answer a question i just remind you of how we have infinite universe and since we have infinite universe nothing is is impossible literally.
me: that's right, now bow to me.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:03 AM
there is no reason to presume that one day we can not see into our past - makes sense - we could not ever do any more than see, we cound not interact.

If we were able to INSTANLTLY travel to any point in the universe - and then have a powerful enough telescope we would be able to see waht was happening at any given point in humanities past.

Totally feasible in theory - except of course we can not travel to any point in the universe nor see with such clarity.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:24 AM

Originally posted by Lucifersjester
If they realy did invent time travel they couldnt change the past because you could only travel back to the time when the day the time machine was invented

who says a machine is needed?

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:31 AM
Time is but a figment of our own imagination, without us to agree and "Set" time we would still live with the passing of the seasons, the ebb and flow of the tide and the rise and fall of the sun. All are cyclycal and as such repeat and repeat and..........

Time travel should read "Past/Future" travel. Both are illogical. We as humans have the brain power to remember, to take photographic evidence (Past) and to plan ahead or prophecise (Future) so therefor we already practice time travel.

There is so much time spent on the before or after that we fail to see the importance of the now. Real things affecting real people happen now. People starve, are killed in war and are homeless now.

The energy spent on time travel as a subject would be morally better spent on saving the planet and the people who live on it.


posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:43 AM
Well now Aquarius, I have discussed this matter at length with Andy and the conclusion we reached is the outcome cannot be influenced to follow the desired results. There is always some inevitable backfire. All the experiments proved it.

So I have learned in my travels to accept the original order, to let it be.

It is ego that drives us to control fate, and the reason THEY don't talk to us. But, as human nature is, repeating myself is an exercise in futility. So I refuse to shoulder the burden of proof, no matter how silly I may seem to look.

Small world, ain't it?

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by Aquarius1

Time will tell, I would like to think that we have the technology, Dr. Michio Kaku thinks it's possible.

I just want to know if this is true. If Dr. Kaku thinks it is possible then
that is astounding by itself. Why would they ever go public with it?
I guess because it it is possible still dosn't mean it has been acheived.
The whole technology would go through it's own kind of stone age wouldn't it?

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by queenannie38

who says a machine is needed?

You know it would make alot more sense that6 it could only be done
with the mind. Not being there physically would prevent any disruptions in the continuem.
Yet would still make possible the observation of historical events.
Isn't that why they will never let us know about it. The CIA would be busted.

[edit on 1-1-2010 by randyvs]

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 09:08 AM
If the US had the ability to time travel and change time that would indicate that JFK was killed on purpose by these time travelers. It would mean we ignored 911 or they caused it. It would mean they let 100 of thousands die to that tsunami without warning them. It might also explain Bush's incomprehensible need to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan and it also might explain Obama staying in Afghanistan to attempt to prevent some future event. It would mean they let the two Shuttles explode without warning. I could go on and on.

Might explain why the USAF is building fortresses on Okaloosa island in Florida.

Could explain many many things.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 09:30 AM

Originally posted by Bob Sholtz
reply to post by Aquarius1

it assumes time is a "direction", it could quite possibly be more of a state of being, which would then make my aformentioned argument a pointless point.

My thoughts too, the past, the future, do not exist, right now is our only reality.
The past is where we were, the future is where we are going.

Originally posted by Pr0t0
IMO if it were possible it would be massively flawed as you'd not only have to pin point the exact date you wish to travel to linearly, you would also have to calculate the position of the earth in the solar system, the position of the solar system in the Milky Way and the position of the galaxy within the universe to avoid ending up in the middle of space.

Hmmm, I don't know about that, if we could travel back and forth in time that would also include where the earth was then, not where it would be now.


Even though time travel is doubtful, I do believe we can speed up, or slow down time, for the individual, or the whole?
We can see back in time though, just look up at night, theres the past.

This stuff makes my coffee depleted brain smoke, I am drinking coffee now.

PS, I think it may be possible to project our thoughts into the future, or should I say minds, to have retrieved information of something yet to come. I know this because I have experienced it, and I am sure a lot of you have too.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by captiva

I agree that time is a figment of our imagination, everything is happening at once, don't think we need a machine to travel in time, it may be similar to remote viewing where you can travel in the past and future, it may be as simple as tapping into it.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 01:56 PM
I think that if they do find a way to make time travel work , then it will only be "passive" , as in a way to "watch" the past/future. I mean being able to move a human across time might be a bit to hard , with all those paradoxes that would come out of it (And beside if they did find a way for it to work then we would already have time traveling people around as because for them the technology would already be accessible)

But finding a way to "observe" an event without human interaction (as in a movie or something similar) would be doable in my opinion , and we do not have to deal with paradoxes and the fact that we do not see time traveling people already . Of course we being the "event" that our future us are watching would not be able to experience their presence. So who knows maybe we are on some TV show called "Watch history with us" and do not even know about it

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 02:25 PM
IF Time Travel were indeed possible, and they wanted to prove it then all they would have to do is purchase a winning lottery ticket, announcing it before the drawing and immediately afterward, then claiming the prize and perhaps donating the winnings or using it to fund additional research or development of time travel technologies.

If the technology couldn't bring back from the future, simple information on a short series of numbers then I don't think it would have much use for anything else.

[edit on 1-1-2010 by DJM8507]

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 02:42 PM
What I think is funny is how many random, everyday, average, ordinary Joes with absolutely no background in science or physics feel the need to enlighten the rest of us with their absolute conclusions (based on years of research I'm sure) that we can all go home now cuz' time travel just isn't possible!

Despite Dr's in physics and our own gov't researching the possibilities un beknownst to them we have a far more enlightened buch here on ATS who would remind you that your efforts are all in vain because based on their armchair logic and reason, you are wasting your time....TIME TRAVEL ISN"T POSSIBLE< PERIOD!!!!!. lol.

Please at least provide us with your qualifications if you are going to put your balls out there and make such a definitive statement such as "Time travel isn't possible, I would take too much energy". Where did you graduate? What degree/s do you hold? How many years of research have you done?

Or there is the other possibility.....instead of providing us with all of this information which would require alot of extra time spent typing you could all just STFU!!!!

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