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Glenn Beck Slams Obama Encouraging Volunteerism

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 12:44 PM
The whole thing about being a volunteer and service is disguisting to me. It's because king Obama acts like Americans never volunteered or gave to charity before he was elected.

People volunteer and people give to charities. Obama acts like Americans didn't do any of these things before he got elected.

I agree with Beck. This is all designed to get free labor from the American people. This is your price for citizenship.

There's no price for citizenship. The Founders of this country paid the price for men to be free and live in liberty. So we don't owe any service to the Government for citizenship.

These people always want free labor and people need jobs and they can volunteer and give to charities as they see fit. People have done these things before king Obama took office.

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 12:57 PM

Originally posted by endisnighe
reply to post by mikerussellus

I believe mikes post says it all. This has nothing to do with volunteerism. It has everything to do with using volunteerism to further the Obama agenda.

Oh please. Did you miss the point that according to Beck, Obama wants us to become a Mao's China? It's the same virulent idiocy as was manifested in some townhalls with people suggesting that Obama wants the US to become like a Soviet Union, or establish "death panels".

Purveyors of social poison... Beck takes the cake at that.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 02:51 PM
This has nothing to do with volunteerism in general. The numbers show a 60% gain in volunteerism since 1989. Clearly volunteering is not the issue. The issue for Obama is the advancement of his Social Engineering Fantasy through the Serve America Act or GIVE Act as it was once known. (HR 1388).

This whole Hollywood launch is just the next step in launching the program. It all began with Obama's controversial national address to the schools back in early Sept. Phase three is the introduction of this new philosophy into the curricula of our public schools.

This is one agenda where he has kept up his promises. Tick Tock just like clockwork. Expect the work camps this Summer. Actually they are called campuses in the text of the legislation. This is a movement that is near and dear to Michelle and Barry.

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 02:52 PM
Well if the majority of Americans could get JOBS, then maybe, just maybe, it would be a little easier for them to volunteer some of the time that they have left over at the end of the week.

Jobs first.
Volunteering second.

Volunteering doesnt put food on the table. Work does.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by buddhasystem

At least Beck backs up what he says with facts. Most of the time he shows them in their own workds praising this communist leader or that communist leader. How many times do you need to hear someone in this administration praise a communist leader before you catch on to what their idea of change looks like? Commiesaywhat?

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 08:30 PM

No there's no bad agenda here. Fidel Castro does this in Cuba.
My parents remember Cuba pre-revolution, they were just kids then, they had no idea how badly things would change. There's a reason people have to escape Cuba. Because it's a prison.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by grover

Difference is they made statements about volunteering they didnt spend millions on campaign money, and send his wife out, and run adds and try to come up with policies to pay for school if youll just "help out the government for a few years, say 10"
Acorn, radical thinkers, communist party affiliations, community organizing, socialist policy implementation and ideas.....weird

Really? Come on is it blindness or just denial.

And as far as FOX news go, anytime a government decides to openly declare war on a news organization, and dedicate TIME and TAX DOLLARS to shutting them up and discrediting them, kinda makes you wonder where they are headed doesnt it?

Silencing decent? Taking control over media outlets? Censoring free speech anyone?

Seems to ME that FOX is doing something RIGHT if they are trying to shut them up

Hmm wonder what other regimes used the same tactics throughout history, and even now?

History lesson anyone? You know wwhat they say,

Those who would forget history, are doomed to repeat it.

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by mikerussellus

I'll not say where I am employed but "that list" is 100% real.
We are under a mandate to promote this to the extreme, there is no getting around it as far as "corporate" is concerned.
We have been instructed to do nothing but focus on this for the last few weeks now.
The promotional spots are being given non pre emptible status which means they will run no matter what, even over paid advertising.
AND a run report has to be delivered DAILY to verify compliance.

"NEVER" has this happened in the past.........ever.

Mass Propaganda (forced)

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by ManBehindTheMask
reply to post by grover

Seems to ME that FOX is doing something RIGHT if they are trying to shut them up

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Ya FOX news is a pack of liars and has good intentioned people buying it hook, line and sinker. BTW love that patriot act and the war, sure as death FOX was vigilante in those regards as I recall, defending those freedoms. I had a lying ex girlfriend that played the same roll...

It is all very hard to take any of this serious considering what I have observed.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:11 PM
Volunteerism is going to embrace the American people on a scale never seen before. And once again, it will start off as something good. Like when they introduce new taxes what do they say? It'll help with building new schools and new roads –it’s for the kids! But, those things never happen. Now, VeriChip: What happens? Find your pet when they go running! Keep tabs on grandpa when he has a "senior" moment, and, it’s all for the kids! Again, all "good" things promoting things that will enslave.

Now we move to volunteerism. Instead of calling Beck an idiot, let's be a little more mature and ask ourselves, "Why would the government be so interested in volunteerism on such a MASSIVE scale?” Why would they have the entertainment industry do a whole run of movies and TV shows (like after 911 them doing shows of Patriotism and then the whole CSI theme started) promoting this (which will be starting at Thanksgiving and Christmas time when the hearts of all are open)? Any hands? Why does the government care so?

Because volunteerism is the first step in bringing on the barter system. That's right, soon you will not be getting paid money for your work day. We will all be getting "paid" goods and services --well, not in the beginning, but the beginning will last a very short time.

In order to get people used to this New World Order, they need to promote it in a good way, like taxes and VeriChip –it’s all for the common good! So they get celebs like Ashton Kutcher and the like (did you see the girl behind him by the way? She was in LOVE with him! Of course she's gonna listen to Ashton and volunteer!). And of course you will, too, in time. In fact, no one will be able to buy or sell without it!

Now, doing volunteer work alone is a great idea –because it is an OPTION. Why do people do it? To help others, but also to feel good about themselves in the ones who are more selfish. We don’t do it as a means of survival (not yet anyway), we do it as an act of charity. They’re going to diminish the act of charity by making it mandatory thus negating the act –another blow in this unseen Spiritual War that is about to become seen. And soon, that option will be gone once the economy goes bye bye and the VeriChip is introduced, but not as the Mark Of The Beast, not in the beginning anyway.

They are just about to introduce us all to their “Love Thy Neighbor” campaign. Sounds great and harmless doesn’t it? And what the heck, it will please God, right? Oh sorry, it’ll please “Climate Change.” Now you’re wondering, how the heck can bartering help appease Climate Change?

Oh, you’re gonna love the Love Thy Neighbor Campaign! It’s going to get us all used to a whole new line of harmonious ideas and laws! And the world will be so much better off –new schools and news roads that’ll take you to those new schools and all!

Oh Ashton, where do I sign up? Oh yeah!! Sorry folks, but I gotta go and “enlist!”

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by Janky Red

Really care to back up any of those claims with some facts? Ive seen them do that.

How bout you call out CNN or ABC or MSNBC n see if they can back up their slanderous tone with fox, with some facts?

Theres your challenge.......

Edit to add, when the patriot act was coming into play, they had debates on both sides for and against try again.......

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:24 PM

Originally posted by Common Good
Well if the majority of Americans could get JOBS, then maybe, just maybe, it would be a little easier for them to volunteer some of the time that they have left over at the end of the week.

Jobs first.
Volunteering second.

Volunteering doesnt put food on the table. Work does.

I have been a volunteer firefighter, ambulance driver, Reserve Deputy Sheriff, and Sheriffs Posse Member, all volunteer jobs. My parents have done all the same, and still do today.

I can tell you from personal experience that if you do not have a good job that allows you a flexible schedule, you cant possibly volunteer and make enough money to live. Especially in this economy.

To me, this sudden call to volunteer duty is a slap in the face to working Americans. Yes, it's a good idea to volunteer in your community, but I dont want to be told/asked to do it by the very same people that have driven the economy into the crapper, making it harder if not impossible for me to have the time.

Most people cant AFFORD to spend their time working for free! We have past due bills and hungry mouths to feed! And Obama wants to ram this of ALL things down our throat now?! After he just spent trillions of our dollars, that didnt help me pay my bills, and didnt fix anything for tomorrow? I call BS here folks.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:50 PM

Originally posted by grover

There is no polite way of saying it...beck is an idiot

...and people who take him seriously are gullible at best.

Volunteerism is as American as the proverbial apple pie or barn raising and has been encouraged by just about every president that I can think of regardless of party...remember Bush senior's thousand points of light?

If he thinks encouraging volunteerism makes us anything like Mao's China he has idea what he is talking about.

As far as I can tell beck is simply mush loosebowels without a brain...

or maybe a walking talking manure spreader.
(visit the link for the full news article)

[edit on 20-10-2009 by grover]

Now that is just wrong. People who watch Glenn Beck are not gullible, however, when the White House, coming from Anita Dunn directs one of the people under her to contact the NEA, the national endowment for the Arts, and other organizations to push an agenda, it is Propeganda. If the networks and the shows were doing this not because the white house asked them to, or gave a nudge in that direction then yeah, but there are recorded messages where it comes from the White House making pushing in that direction. Funny it was the Glenn Beck show that aired it.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:59 PM
This should be in Political Madness. It is quickly turning in to a subject that should be there. Am I alone in thinking this?

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 10:03 PM

Originally posted by projectvxn
This should be in Political Madness. It is quickly turning in to a subject that should be there. Am I alone in thinking this?

Not every time at bat does a home run get hit!
It does seem to be swirling the drain but it is getting replies.
All valid.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by sdcigarpig

I wouldnt have even quoted the post you did man, its pure rubbish. Anyone who has to slander someone else in that way to get their point across has absolutely NO credibility in my book. I would liken the author of thats posts IQ to a bag of hammers.

Anytime the far left doesnt like what someone has to say publicly, they make it fashionable to slander that person. Those people who follow are puppies waiting for their obligatory pat on the head, and "good boy REX, you found the bone we threw for you, and brought it back with more filth on it."

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 10:58 PM
I've raised more than a half million a year for charity for the last ten years. I gave a year and a half of my life administrating a charitable program without pay.

Obama was paid for all his work for charities as an attorney and organizer. The Left gives the least to charities and have for decades.

When I ran a charity as a volunteer for a year and a half, the Democratic Governer (I almost posted his name and then remembered how rich he is) called one day and said he was coming by to volunteer. He sent and advance team that attempted to take over the charity before he arrived. He sat in an office while his PAID flunkies did 30 minutes work. The media showed up and he walked out and pretended he was a volunteer for the cameras. They left and he and his PAID volunteers got into a limo and drove off to the airport.

They messed the place up so bad It took me a week to fix the damage to both the real volunteers and the facility. They treated the real decent people like dirt under their feet. They lied on camera. Absolute pond scum in Italian suits.

He was a lot like Obama. Except Obama is talking about mandatory service. Does somebody need to post the video's again?

Mandatory -


1. authoritatively ordered; obligatory; compulsory: It is mandatory that all students take two years of math.
2. pertaining to, of the nature of, or containing a command.
3. Law. permitting no option; not to be disregarded or modified: a mandatory clause.
4. having received a mandate, as a nation.

Why is this not in the Madness Forum? The source is a Partisan site?

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 11:50 PM
I don't know why so many people watch Beck...

Is it because he makes no sense when he talks

or because he acts like a jerk all the time?

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 02:01 AM

Originally posted by jibeho
I love how all of these quotes are pulled out of context. I watched the show yesterday (surprised?) What Huffington didn't post is that Beck said that Americans are also the most generous people in the land and that we already volunteer a large portion of our time. I do. My retired parents do as well. Incidentally, many people who have recently lost their primary jobs have been forced to take on multiple part time jobs to make ends meet. Do they have time to take part in Obama's social engineering project?

23 million more Americans are volunteering today than in 1989.(1)
-- Since 1989, the reported number of Americans volunteering has
increased from 38.04 million to 61.80 million last year, an increase of more
than 60%.

The main problem Beck has is the fact that Hollywood is taking its marching orders from the White House and is actually writing this into scripts and building story lines around the theme. Additionally, they are running ads with web addresses to put people in touch with volunteer opportunities. Nothing like a link to planned parenthood on the Disney Chanel.

I have said this in the other recent threads on the topic that this is another phase in the Serve America Act. This law goes far deeper than simple volunteering. If you want to volunteer, go to your church or your city's website. Opportunities are everywhere!! Foodbanks need a lot of help this time of year.

Under President Obama's leadership the pace of our service movement continues to grow. The passage of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act marked a new threshold of possibility with a dramatic expansion of national service and a Volunteer Generation Fund and Social Innovation fund to fuel human capital and change. President and Mrs. Obama made a call to action called United We Serve, and the Points of Light and Hands On Network became the largest on-the-ground support network answering the call, mobilizing and training a record number of volunteers.

Again, Beck isn't bashing volunteerism. He is being critical of the use of Hollywood, who just happens to be in Obama's back pocket, to convey the message in a way that we have never seen before. PROPAGANDA written into TV shows. This is just the beginning. Just wait until the work "campuses" ie. camps open up.

BTW there is a former president that has made service one of his major philanthropic projects.

Remember George HW Bush's "Points of Light" project? No one ever talks about this because it didn't come from the Progessives.

[edit on 20-10-2009 by jibeho]

So generous that we provide our poor with healthca---
oooh. Sorry.

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 02:47 AM

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

for some reason i can' take this guy seriously

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