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UFOs Disguising As Stars!

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posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by Skeptical Ed
Have you had a similar experience?

Hello ATS,

Completely new here, I read my first thread a few days back, and have been browsing around as much as time has permitted.. I will relate my UFO sightings first; The concluding part is questions, in case you want to skip right down to it. Both my sightings were of this general "star" type, but I want to focus on a part of mine (and at least some others, I gather); an apparant "mind connection" to the phenomenon.


Summer 2003. We were in a park throwing frisbee and just enjoying life; everyone left around midnight except myself and a good friend.

We were relaxing on the grass, talking, with occasional "zoneouts", gazing at the clear skies; a "star" caught my attention (2-3am). I kept looking at it for at least a minute. There was something unnatural about it, very bright and unstable (in lack of a better word), but it was not in motion. It was directly above us. I closed my eyes, opened them again, making sure it was still there (everal times). I recall white/orange colors only. A "classic" flying saucer image appeared in my mind's eye for an unusually long time, maybe seconds. I broke the silence with "UHMM.. IS THAT A UFO??", raising my arm without taking my eyes off it.

The weird thing is this. At the moment I started speaking, as if it answered me, the object appeared to descend a VAST distance towards me and then completely reversed its direction and shot into space. I can't explain it really, I experienced it as a "zoom in-zoom out" effect, the entire scene played out before I had finished (started?) the "UHMM"; in a split second, it was gone.

My friend replied "yup", assuming I was joking (... I laughed first I think ...). After an uneasy night, I concluded aliens were not preparing to invade us, it was all a combination of atmospheric effects and sleepyness. Didn't give it much thought after that.


Two years ago, I had been at buddies house and started walking home around 3am. On my way, I pass by a playground that has lower light pollution. I sat down on a bench to enjoy the fresh air for a while. Not sure if I was on my way to leave or just stretching my legs, but I was standing up, and a "star" caught my attention. It looked unnatural. It had unusual colors, I thought it was a refraction effect. White was primary, but I could also clearly see green and red elements "flashing" (on the edges afaicr). It was the brightest object in the sky, but this took me time to notice. After more looking, I was pretty sure there was also blue in there; "unusual star! I wish I knew astronomy!" I thought, and then suddenly fell into a trance as the previous sighting came to mind. I had been looking at it for several minutes, with no other inner dialogue that I can recall - I was just absorbing.

Now for the strange part. The classical "flying saucer" image once again appeared in my mind, together with "HOLY %#! THAT **IS** A SPACECRAFT??? AGAIN???". My jaw literally dropped, and at the moment I had this realization, the object shot off in an unnatural pattern. It was very similar to my first sighting; no acceleration, no deceleration; just smooth, effortless movement at incredible speed.

It "drew" a triangle. I will not venture into explaining this with words, see below sketch of how it moved ;-) The triangle appeared perfectly symmetrical, much more so than the sketch. I (possibly) had the entire triangle on my retinae at the same time; if it was indeed a space/aircraft, it was *ridiculously* fast.

Link to imageshack

Probably not the smartest thing to do, but as it started moving I recall my thoughts, "LAND! LAND! I want to see you! LAND!", to no avail. Obviously I was 100% convinced it was alien, and that it knew my thoughts, at the time. Currently I don't know where I stand. It doesn't seem right to reason away from a solid gut feeling - how many times must it happen before it's not a coincidence?


Well first, let me say that my theories are 1) Natural phenomenon (inc my mind), 2) Alien craft and 3) Terran craft - in that order. There is a long history of strange light phenomenon in a different part of Norway (Hessedalen lights). I assume it to be natural (flashbacks maybe). Anyway, at the time, it appeared to me as intelligent control in response to thought, no doubt.

I learned of autokinesis and scintillation from earlier posts. I can't recall any object left in observed position after "departure". Can scintillation make a faint star appear as the brightest object in the sky? Should there not be something left after the fact, if not equally bright, at least discernable?

How widespread is "telepathic connection" with observed UFO phenomena? I mean with the craft, or its pilot/s, or however that works out. Any related cases/litterature you know - on UFOs, psychosis, telepathy or otherwise - please reference/link it below.

One description for autokinetic effect (from Wikipedia) matches my first sighting very well (enlargement). Does anyone know if the triangle pattern shown above (second sighting) is (im)probable autokinesis? Is itz known to be triggered by factors such as change of mental perspective?

Assuming an alient craft, is such a telepathic connection indicative of an implant? or does it reportedly "pick up everything", like the ability of some Gods?

If anyone has seen similar phenomenon with witness; Have you examined whether you observed the exact same movement patterns? That would be highly unlikely with autokinesis, no?

I don't expect anyone to answer all of that, of course. Any relevant perspectives and info will be much appreciated. It was probably natural, but seriously, the timing was downright scary on both occasions..... Did that happen to you, or any cases you know of ..?

Thanks for reading & in advance for your reply.

OMG. As I had just finished the long text, at 3.20am, dismissing telepathy, I went outside. Neighbor had really bright lights on in 2nd floor, and I think to myself "dammit [neighbor], your lights are polluting my view. Turn them off". GUESS WHAT HAPPENED ONE SECOND LATER?? The universe is strange.

posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 08:56 PM

Yes, I've witnessed some UFOs -that for a "not very attentive eye" would look like a regular star on the sky.

For the record- I know perfectly how to differentiate an UFO from an ordinary star or other phenomena-
I like astronomy and have studied it well-

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posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 04:40 PM

Originally posted by Skeptical Ed
Another thread was started discussing UFOs disguised as airplanes. My experience deals with UFOs disguised as stars.

It happened in the early 1980s when I was living in the Great San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles proper. Our 2-story apartment building had an outdoor pool which was lit at night but the deck was dark. We had chaise lounges and chairs all around the pool. One night I went down to the pool and reclined on a chaise lounge. I had my 7-15X zoom binoculars and I started scanning the sky when I noticed 3 bright stars in a vertical row, widely spaced. But there were other such rows although at greater distances and so I started to look away.

The moment I started to move my head I saw the top "star" haul off towards the south. A second or two later the middle "star" took off in the same direction. Then the third "star." I went upstairs right away and told my wife and eventually told some of my neighbors. Life went on and I eventually relegated the event to a back burner. I didn't return to the pool on the following nights as I was working at the Burbank NBC studios at night. I didn't hear of similar sightings until the '90s on emerging UFO forums such as PARANET and others.

Have you had a similar experience?

umm saw a ufo spitting out ufos descised as stars
does that count?
im serious
will make a thread after ive done some more research
but this is wat they want
evrybody to live happil`y ever after

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 05:16 PM
My first ufo sighting was at night, the moon was at the right angle ...and this is the only reason i could see it because it look just like any dark piece of sky....and it had 3 lights that one would assume were stars until it moved...anyways the moon highlighted the whole structure though the structure was triangular...

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by tspark

i saw somthing similar (i see alot of things lol)
like 2 times i saw 4 stars very close togheter when i looked away or ,like to the side of it from the corner of my eye i can see light behind these stars,then i saw sudenly apear more dots on this light tha looked like really small stars
the strange thing is the 9 stars so close toghether
the light behind it u dont see if u look directly at it only from the corner of ur eyes u can see it
does anybody know what im talking about?
is anybody listening to me
are there any horse socks?

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 07:29 AM

Originally posted by icecold7
can see light behind these stars,then i saw sudenly apear more dots on this light tha looked like really small stars

The only thing I know that may be relevant is the Hessdalen lights i mentioned. They have been observed subdividing, re-merging and moving in all sorts of ways. You can read up on it here

the light behind it u dont see if u look directly at it only from the corner of ur eyes u can see it
does anybody know what im talking about?

Using peripheral vision is no good way to observe. It could be a trick of the mind? (it has plenty in store, unfortunally). If you can see it in peripheral but not in focus, my money is on illusion. Cheers

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 07:53 AM
Since everyone seem to post their sightings on here i would like to add my first and only sighting of a ufo too.

It was about 16 years ago. I was staying with my grandparents at the time. It was a Sunday afternoon, and usually Sundays we had a big lunch where the whole family was together. After lunch we all went out onto the big porch next to the house. We were all sitting there talking looking out over the area in front of the house to the big lusern (it's fodder we growed to feed the cows, this was on our farm) field about 100 meters from us.

Now this is going to sound like complete BS, but it's the truth. I swear this on my Grandma's grave.

Out of nowhere this ufo landed right in the lusern field, in clear daylight. I remeber it vividly. I was rather big, i would say maybe 30 meters from one end to the other. It was oval in shape and a dull grey metallic appearance.
The weirdest thing i remember though is that everything seemed to stop for a minute or two. The sounds of chickens where gone, the sound of the sheep and cows where gone, the cycidas (little insect chirping in the sun) were gone. All was very quiet. It felt like the time before a great thunderstorm. The hair on my arms and legs and head where all raised like goosebumps. It felt like there was a huge electric presence. Almost like the air was massively charged with electricity. It was like we were all frozen in time.

To this day i will never forget this incident or the feeling i had at that moment. We were all frozen on the spot. Just as it came it dissapeared again. It was in the field, the next moment it lifted a bit and then moved so quickly away that it was almost in the blink of an eye. I would love to get hypnotized some day and maybe try and recall more of what happenned that day.

This story i have never told on a public forum, but this seems like the place to do it.

I appreciate you reading this.


Weird, i am actually shivering now after i reread my post. Very uncanny feeling.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 01:54 PM

Originally posted by VreemdeVlieendeVoorwep
Since everyone seem to post their sightings on here i would like to add my first and only sighting of a ufo too.

I recall several reports that match your description, have a look here (no affiliation with this site, via Google). More at MUFON/other databases.

This story i have never told on a public forum, but this seems like the place to do it.

It was an interesting read; can't begin to imagine the feeling... There probably is a thread dedicated to your kind of experience somewhere else on this forum though :-) If you ever decide to go through with hypnosis, contact an Erickson Institute - not a researcher.

posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by laureate

Thank you for posting those links, i checked them out, and yeah it does seem rather similar.

It is very hard to describe that feeling mate, it really was like time stood still.

Thanks again.


posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 02:01 AM
I first found ATS because I had seen a star blinking so many colors and shooting out a white beam.
After discussion and all, we decided it was Sirius.
But I was still puzzled, by the purple and yellow and blue colors, and the beam?
So, looked up some info. To my amazement, I found a Navy satellite hangs out and flashes colors for communications ! Also, these can hang out near Sirius.
So, I still had no firm answer, but I dismissed all my sightings as Sirius for the last 2 years.
So, last week, I stepped out front and saw the color-blinking thing. I said to myself, I think Orion is North there, there is my Sirius.
OOPS ! When I looked back, it was
Back to square one !

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by CASH69

WOW....I know this is an old thread, but I have been having very similar experiences lately and decided to do a search to see if anyone else has. And I was surprised to find that others have! YAY im not crazy, like many people in my home life think so
Anyway so I have only noticed this a couple months now and like it gets more intense every time it first id just notice that one or two "stars" would move, like shake! But didn't really stay out long enough to observe them more. But like about a month ago, I was walking to the store a few blocks down the hill at around 2 am and noticed that these very dim orbs of lights following me! And they were maybe a story high in the sky, I didn't find this so weird, since I have been seeing spirits, ghosts, shadow people, whatever you may call them for about 5 months now. So anyway after that, I started looking to the sky more closely. So lately when I go outside there will be like a handful of stars, maybe you know just a few. Than minutes later BAM there are tons, and I see them move from far away it seems to crowd above me. I have tried to get my dad to notice, and he does see them sway slightly but blames it on him being stoned, but I don't even smoke! So I will lay out there for up to 3 hours, until i'm almost freezing. I notice these things descending! like floating glowing orbs of light descending towards me! And its funny you said something about them quickly fixing themselves because they did that too, because the first few times they got too close for comfort and I jumped up, scared and they fixed themselves. So anyway, they seem very interested in me, why? I don't know....but I intend on finding out, I just hope they don't try to take me away! So far the closest I have let them get is about 10 feet away. Oh yea, and it seems the closer down they get, the dimmer they get until they are almost spirit like. AND it looks like some of them, the brightest ones in the sky, are attached sort of to a string and on the other end is a big ghost like figure! Kinda creepy, but I fear not anymore! So I wanna post this girls description of her experience it was the first thing I came across in my search and is VERY similar to what I'm experiencing....

UFO* i L L U S i O N* i D E N T i F i E D !* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- written 7-10-05 by Tracy J. Crockett I had my first UFO sighting, in Provo, Utah, at 9:50pm on July 3rd, 3004. It began when A strange cloud appeared over my head, which was in the shape of an upward- pointing finger. Looking above it, I saw for one full hour- 60 UFOs which moved in a variety of strange ways. All of the UFOs looked in every way to be ordinary stars! In the following year, through a series of "UFO visitations" carried out- I believe- by a race of benevolent Aliens, I was given the clues which pointed to an astonishing illusion which has been created above us by: An exceedingly MALEVOLENT Alien race! Through prayer and by providential design, I was given the absolute knowledge that the Alien race which now hovers above us, is under the complete control and evil power of: Satan! Let there be no misunderstanding! The forces of the Devil have assembled above us! They have not come in peace! Perhaps it is time for us to consider these specific sayings- taken directly from: ~ THE HOLY BIBLE ~ (KingJamesVersion) ............................................................................... 16."And the number of the army of horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand
200 million) and I heard the number of them." 17."And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone." 18.By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths." (Revelation 9:16-18) .............................................................................. One month after my first UFO sighting I went camping in the mountains of Utah, for two nights, wherein I had numerous UFO sightings. The magnitude of the things which I then saw and experienced has had a profound effect upon me. I saw an innumerable army of triangular spacecraft, orbiting our planet. I saw that Satan truly was their leader. I saw this army continuously orbiting the earth for 6 straight hours. I have never been so scared in my life. Through prayer... I received peace and comfort. I am deeply concerned for those who have not prepared themselves, who may someday have this horrible reality- thrust suddenly and mercilessly upon them! I would hope that for many of us-if not all- that preparation can begin at once! It is of the utmost importance that we awaken to this unfortunate reality! We truly are in a race against time. All of us would do well to straightway align ourselves with "The Way the Truth and the Life!" May God bless us all! "UFO ILLUSION IDENTIFIED!" 1-A steady airborne campaign was witnessed to be underway for an entire year. This campaign was carried out by high performance Alien spacecraft "cloaked" to appear as our own conventional aircraft! 2-Their mission was to specifically: "build the foundation of the most daring and complex I L L U S I O N ! - in the history of the world!" Their task was not to be swiftly or easily accomplished. In What must have taken many millions of man/Alien hours, they flew repeated missions above all of the populated areas on the entirety of the Earths surface! 3-Through the means of the CONTRAILS (visible trails of jet exhaust), which were left hanging in the immediate atmosphere of each and every populated target area: a DARKENING AGENT was delivered in the massive quantities that were necessary to effectively BLACK OUT ALL 0F THE STARS -which were visible from planet Earth! 4-Each day at sundown above the Earths' populated areas, UFOs can be seen descending and positioning themselves underneath the blacked out stars. 5-Using sophisticated lighting systems the descending UFOs are transformed to look exactly like the blacked out stars above them, and will- after arranging themselves into the proper stellar patterns- hover, above us en masse- incognito. 6-Throughout the night, all of the hovering Alien vessels, will move slowly together across the sky at the normal stellar pace. In the early morning hours, particularly between the hours of 2 and 5 a.m., many of these UFOs can be seen, dimming their lights as they slowly descend. 7-When close to housetop level, the lights under the hovering Alien craft, become the size of small candle-light, yet, amazingly still appear against the blackened sky, to be "stars" many thousands of light years away! 8-One hour before sunrise each day, the hovering impo"star" UFOs move out, where they can be seen to enter their underground bases. 9-Each night, the UFOs will exit their underground bases and position themselves again under the blacked out stars. The UFOs never appear to exceed the Moons altitude. Both the Moon and the UFOs can be observed moving together in the same directions and speed throughout the night. (The probability of the illusions continued success is enhanced, no doubt as each of its players work together in concert moving with subtle discretion at all times.) 10-The Moon I am sad to relate, has become an Alien possession! No longer does the Moon move in a natural orbit, rather, it moves around the Earth under their complete and constant control. The Aliens may now not only -if they so choose- place the Earth into a Solar Eclipse, for a period of time entirely to their liking- but could in all reality use the Moon as a lethal weapon of unprecedented proportions- hurling it malevolently and catastrophically down- into the Earth! 11-TO SEE THESE HOVERING CRAFT FOR OURSELVES IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT: THE ALIENS EMPLOY A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE DIMMING PROCEDURE WHEREIN THE LIGHTS UNDERNEATH THEM ARE GRADUALLY DIMMED, AS THEY DESCEND, MAKING THEIR CRAFT APPEAR TO BE MUCH, MUCH, FARTHER AWAY- THAN THEY ACTUALLY ARE! >INTERNALIZE THIS TRUTH AND REMEMBER IT!< ************************************************* I believe, that this UFO illusion now exists in similar fashion, above most-if not all- of the populated cities on Earth. ************************************************* A Counterfeit Little Dipper on A Massive Alien Spaceship? ************************************************ An Alien race has created an astonishingly complex and successful illusion in which their UFOs come down nightly to hover and masquerade as the very stars they- blacked out! The Little Dipper (ursa minor) has been duplicated (by the UFOs sophisticated lighting systems) - for example- and can be seen moving across the sky attached to the outer shell of a very large (I estimate it to be 3 miles wide and 1&3/4 miles long-I'm sure I've greatly underestimated it's size) spaceship! It is black and shaped very much like a bird, complete with: a head and 3 pointed projections, fore and aft on each wing- and a tail! This counterfeit little dipper is fixed into one of the pointed projections of the massive spacecraft's right front wing. ******************************************** ~The Evidence~ I am convinced that no evidence, whatsoever, need ever be produced by me or anyone else for that matter to prove this illusions existence. The ongoing airborne spectacle itself is enough! ~ If a person desires to know for themselves whether "UFO illusion identified!" is truly a reality they will honestly- make an effort to check out all it's claims. ~The Effort~ I offer a few obvious things which can bring one complete success in viewing for themselves many of the scenes which the master Alien illusionists, each day of necessity dutifully repeat. When they blacked-out the stars, they committed themselves to continually maintain this astonishing illusion. ~Look~See~Watch~Scan~Notice~Focus!(all verbs-action words)~ 1-When the sun goes down, be looking up to see if any UFOs descend and position themselves to hover in constellation type formations which then move subtly across the sky throughout the night. 2-In the early morning hours, sacrifice a little sleep and look up into the sky to see if any UFOs are dimming their lights as they descend to near housetop level. 3-One hour before the sun rises, closely watch the "stars" to see if they do indeed move out to descend into their underground bases- dimming their lights as they go. 4-At night, stand outside and look up for at least 20 minutes, at the "stars." As you scan the lights above you with an open mind, try to notice if the Aliens are using any decoys or distractions (quickly flashing strobe lights which fly low and circle slowly around you or brightly lit "airplanes" which suddenly appear flying directly towards you at an altitude of about 3000 feet) in an attempt to keep your focus away from the mass of hovering UFOs. The real action is where they have assembled overhead to hover and fool us by masquerading as the stars! ~The Acknowledgment~ Most con artists, frauds and impostors, will go to great lengths to avoid detection, dreading the day when someone catches them and publicly identifies them as: the lowlife criminals that they are. "UFO illusion identified"- shines a light on the perpetrator's of this incredibly daring and deceptive illusion, outlining their activities which conclusively identifies them as impo"stars" who come before us to victimize and fool us all again each night by convincingly and successfully assuming the identity of the stars! A public acknowledgment of the illusions reality- as put forth in "UFO illusion identified"- will probably never take place, nevertheless, I'm confident that open minded individuals who honestly investigate its assertions, will, no doubt, be left with no alternative: they will acknowledge to themselves- in ever increasing numbers- it's accuracy! -Tracy

Here is the link to the page : UFO ILLUSIONS!

Anyway, strange stuff! Its weird she talks about the little dipper too, because that's what is positioned over me every-night!!

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 05:14 AM
hi , i am from canada i live in edmonton city alberta or i did at the time of this event i think its very important believes listen to what im about to tell yall this is busy city with 2 police choppers, media choppers all that big city noise and racket well one night me and a friend of mine went out to blaze a joint ( say what you will i smoked weed from the same bag for like 4 days and i dont see anything ever so if you dont smoke or are just a critic save it for church this isnt '___' folks! anywho) so my friend lights the join and his smoke and half way threw the dub i light my ciggerette and needless to say we finished the join and his smoke first so i still had over half a smoke so he went inside ( Winter) anyways so i went otwith him turned off the light walked out shut the door stood on the porch and started puffin away on whats left of my smoke looking at the stars, i notice a police chopper with the spot light kinda hozerin around prolly lookin for someone and well i figured nothin of it causei see the police all the time, but as i took a draw from my smoe lookin on the ground the image still fresh id realized what id really seen , i never onsidered there was no sond from it, i never considered therewas no beam leading from the source o the ground at whatever they were looking for, i realized there was no blue, red, or green helicopter lights like the ones in my city have , i felt fear at this moment and my heart sank, this was all in one moment i realized all this and felt that feeling so i looked up to confrm what i seen and the light on the front that apparentlyisnt a spot light on the craft that apparently isnt a helicopter turned over into my dicrection and when it wa fully in my direction this veichal looked like another star and nothing more nothig less, i put my moke out and went inside, i never told anyone because i was really scared tt took me a few weeks to talk about this one

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 05:39 AM
reply to post by Skeptical Ed

I would of seen a story like this and laughed up until about two years ago. But when you see something with your own eyes that you cannot explain, the game changes. I thought I was looking at a star one night on my way home and this star was to the left of a full moon. To my surprise, this star started moving towards the Moon, then behind it, I waited for it to pop out the other side and it never did.. I thought, the moon couldn't move that fast and then determined that what I had seen was not a Star... It was a UFO. To this day, I have no explanation and I have not seen anything strange since apart from a blue orb which could have a logical explanation.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 07:02 AM
reply to post by Skeptical Ed

Have you had a similar experience?

Yup. About six months ago I was out having a smoke and looking up at the night sky. When I looked up, I got dizzy. I'd look down while taking a drag off my smoke. Look at the stars again - got dizzy again.

I soon realized that I wasn't getting dizzy; it was the fact that TWO stars were moving. At first I assumed they were satellites and I was more concerned at how close they were. From my point of view they were 15 feet apart. Then, the first one changed from a westerly direction to a northerly direction, soon followed by the other (?) thing. I don't think our satellites can do that.
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posted on Aug, 18 2015 @ 07:21 PM
a reply to: Skeptical Ed

I live in India, in east Kolkata, on Wednesday 12th August 2015, around 3 am I have first seen a capsule shape UFO & it was glowing green & red, it was moving sideways at a speed of an airplane, den it suddenly changed altitute so fast that it went up & became star & green & red light were still glowing, then after few seconds i saw 100's of stars & dey were all moving, together in da same area, some of the moving stars became very bright, i have never seen so many stars moving, & that wasnt a satellite, My mom & my sister are the eye witness of this scenario along with me, I now see them quite often, they change altitude real fast, I don't have an expensive camera so couldnt shoot the video, I tried with my phone camera but it was too dark. Anyways, believers gonna believe, haters gonna hate
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posted on Aug, 18 2015 @ 07:34 PM
a reply to: skatman

Hay Skatman, Welcome aboard, that was an interesting account. don't worry about the debunkers they are always fast on the trigger but they rarely hit the target.

posted on Aug, 19 2015 @ 04:59 AM
What if ufos.

Disguised as trees.

And dinosaurs were their old bodies.
They detached from or broke free from.
With special means not to damage bones
Or joint areas.

Raptors are free now.
And that museums all ready have proof of outer life.

Epic conclusions.

Alien raptors. (Lizard people.)

Or dinosaur raptors. (Lizard people.)

In time they'll realize.

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 08:48 AM
I see fake stars and fake planes every day. You are not alone.

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