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Bloodlines: I was arrested by the FBI for exposing their secrets - by Bobby Fontaine

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 12:34 PM
The article below is the answer to question 6 (Provide a complete and detailed account of the offense for which you seek pardon) on my presidential pardon petition submitted last December to Bush’s justice department just before he left office. It was a parting shot.

For obvious reasons I don’t talk about “bloodlines” in it. I only talk about bloodlines here because this is the only place I know of that I can get a receptive audience. Anywhere else I would simply be leaving my story open ridicule from people who do not want me to talk about it. I it here also but I think some of that is just attempts to try and get me to tell more about my story. There are a few here that appear to want to shut me down no matter what I have to say. I can already hear them attacking after reading this new post so I will preempt their attacks by answering for what may appear to be weak points in the story now.

Yes, I was arrested for threatening to kill the heads of Enron’s online derivatives and energy trading unit and ex-senator Phil Gramm along with all the heads of the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS). I did it to see if and when they would arrest me for it and whether they would send me to a particular federal judge in Houston who helped set up the online trader just before being appointed to the bench.

I also set up a website had originally been designed to showcase a technique for creating art where I teach how see images in abstract patterns, then trace over them, like when looking at clouds for things they might resemble, then taking a picture of it and tracing over what is see. It is a way for someone with no artistic ability to create excellent works of art easily. By doing this often while spending a lot of time looking for images in abstract patterns anywhere they are encountered, not only does it greatly enhance the ability to see high quality images to create art from but helps develop the ability to do other kinds of art as well.

On top of that, things that are seen in abstract patterns are come in a dream type code that have meanings related to things in the seers life, much like an ink blot test. In fact the ink blot test that first developed by Hermann Rorschach was inspired by his playing a Swiss game as a child called Klecksography where kids made their own ink blots (, then looked for images in them. Whoever came up with the best representation of what they saw in the ink blot won the game.

My technique is along the same lines but instead of using uniform patterns, I look for images in abstract pattern anywhere they might be encountered. Ink blots that are made by folding paper with wet ink on it in half and pressing ink on paper so the resulting patterns in equal on both sides of the paper. I teach how to see images in any abstract pattern and how to get good enough at it to illicit what appears to be hallucinations that are of photographic quality but can be clearly seen by the viewer to not be simply part of the abstract pattern they are looking at. At the same time these images are being viewed, the seer is being communicated with by their inner mind about dream type topics. But since they are awake, the messages come through with much more clarity.

The point is that I had built this website to educate. When it didn’t look I was going to get a chance to share it after I was ordered to get myself arrested and draw this federal judge into an ambush, I found a way to use the site to achieve that objective. After some adjustments to the website to delude its original message, I used it to stage my attacks from because it helped make it easy for me to appear to be insane. That was important because I was not going to be able to draw out my quarry if I didn’t appear to be an exceptionally vulnerable personality that could easily be put in a mental hospital without ever entering a federal courtroom.

I had to make the other team believe that I could be beaten simply by being arrested for the threats and then discarded in a federal mental hospital without my being able to challenge them in court. If I could convince them I could be taken down easily, then I figured they would send me to that one judge because he could be convinced that he wouldn’t have to get his hands dirty, just sign the motion to commit me.

I won’t ruin the rest of the story. I’m just making sure it’s clear that the mental hospital aspect of this story was planned. Bare in mind that in the end, I was able to represent myself as my own attorney and strike my own deal with the prosecutor to which the judge agreed to after ruling I was of sound mind able to represent my own interests in all aspects of my case competently. I also got my computers returned and an agreement written into the plea bargain for the prosecutors office to investigate my claims about MTBE and it’s connection to Enron. This however never occurred as the prosecutors office refused to live up to their end of the order, which is actually interesting because soon after I was set free, John Ashcroft was replaced with Alberto Gonzales as head of the justice department. Gonzales was later exposed for putting pressure of federal prosecutors to do the Bush administration’s bidding or be fired. Gonzales worked for the same law firm at the same time as the federal judge and both helped set up the office at Enron that I was accused of attacking.

There is a lot details I didn’t add to this request for a presidential pardon. So feel free to ask question about the things that happened to me when I was locked up. It was quite a circus and gives a great deal of incite into how our federal justice system actually works, or more accurately, doesn’t work.

Federal court case number - H-03-162 - United States government -v- Bobby Fontaine

Answer to question 6 -

I got myself arrested purposely. My life was threatened by a US senator for blocking the discreet and easy passage of a liability waiver amendment for MTBE producers, a gasoline additive, in an energy bill in 2002. I’d been watching the debate over the amendment on C-SPAN from my home in Virginia just outside Washington DC. Whenever a senator got up and spoke about what they were doing, I emailed his home town newspaper what he said and what was wrong with it, as well as to any email addresses I could find from his home town.

MTBE pollutes groundwater nationwide. It also causes high emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) that cause climate change. This is not the same global warming said to be caused by CO2 but a change in weather patterns that happen as emissions are released into the atmosphere where they are released. This proven climate science has been around since the global warming debate began but is not publically favored in Washington or Europe. But it’s slowly becoming the main focus of climate science where CO2 theories are becoming less relevant.

I write extensively on this issue under the name Bobby Fontaine and Clyde Novitz and am fluent in understanding it. I have an email from the top climatologist in the US, professor Drew Shindell, where he writes that CO2 is irrelevant to a true climate change debate, that VOC’s, low level ozone, methane, and their reactions with the suns rays and atmospheric water vapor are what is causing regional shifts in weather patterns. Since these manmade pollutants are also part of a natural process for how our regional atmospheres function, any significant addition we make to what nature produces causes dramatic changes to the area the pollutants were released and wherever they might drift to.

Since the human race emits these pollutants all over the world, weather patterns appear to be changing on a global scale lending support to the CO2 theory. But in reality, weather pattern are changing regionally on a global scale. So shifts to ending emissions of pollutants in one place will allow for normal weather patterns to return to that region while seeming global warming changes are still happening elsewhere that are still polluting. This is relevant to my offer to allow you to pardon me because at the time I was threatened, MTBE was causing sever changes in climate around the US while the liability waiver I was blocking from being passed put the burden of lawsuits against the oil companies for anything MTBE had done on the US government and taxpayer instead of the MTBE industry.

It was debated as if it was designed to protect the oil industry from polluted groundwater lawsuits from leaking underground storage tanks but was worded so that the government claimed fault for anything it had done, which included damage caused by extreme changes in climate. The debate was being conducted in such a way that the American people, including the news media who were not fluent enough in understanding the science or politics surrounding the MTBE issue, would not know that there was a serious error being committed by their leaders against them. My sending emails informing their constituents about what they were doing undermined the element of secrecy they needed to pass the bill. The debate ended with my being threatened in such a ludicrous way that only I and my senator knew that it was directed at me while I would have looked delusional at best if I tried to get anyone to listen to my accusations. I suppose if I had acted in haste to defend myself, I would have discredited myself as a voice to be reckoned with on the issue of MTBE, perhaps even getting myself into a great deal of trouble.

A few months later when they tried to debate the bill again, I did the same thing by informing their constituents about what they were doing ignoring the previous threats. The debate over the liability waiver was shut down again, only this time quickly and quietly with no threats which worried me. I had been too easily successful. It made me think they had a backup plan. I was like they were just testing the waters to see if they had scared me off. When they saw clearly I hadn’t taken their threats seriously, they seemed to simply have moved on to try their hand at another solution. This made me worry they might follow through on their threat. It bothered me greatly causing me loss of sleep and frustration until it dawned on me what they were going to do.

This was in the fall of 2002, when Scott McClellan, former White House press secretary to president Bush, says he knew then that Bush was going to invade Iraq no matter what anyone else thought, that his diplomatic stance was only a ploy. That’s the same time it struck me that the liability waver would be tabled in congress for a third time as the war began where it would be run through the House and Senate to be put on the Presidents desk as the war starting so the news media would be distracted from everything else.

This only occurred to me because I knew that the Clean Air Act of 1990, which secured mandates for MTBE to be added to gasoline in the first place, was only able to be passed in spite of the many shortcomings of MTBE because the first Bush president had allowed Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait and was getting ready push him back across the border into his own country at the time the oxygenate (MTBE is an oxygenate) requirement was debated.

I followed the Clean Air Act debate in 1990 and was astonished that the MTBE mandate was supported by nearly a hundred percent vote in both the House and Senate. It was known to be going to pollute most of the groundwater in the US while there were other choices that were better. In fact the scientific community objected to oxygenates altogether based on concerns for how its emission would react with smog and climate along with how it would pollute groundwater. At that time, I read two newspapers everyday, The Washington Post and The Washington Times. The Washington Times isn’t owned by corporate investors but by the Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon. The Washington Post did not cover the MTBE aspect of the Clean Air Act debate just like the rest of the publically owned major metropolitan news sources.

But the Washington Times covered the MTBE story in such detail that I have yet to find any other articles to date that were so thorough in telling the truth about MTBE. Those articles disappeared from The Washington Times archives after the same senator who threatened me allowed Sun Myung Moon to use the Dirksen Senate Office Building to for a ceremony where he claimed "Emperors, kings and presidents . . . have declared to all Heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent" on March 23, 2004, while I was in a federal detention canter in Houston. No other major news source covered the MTBE aspect of the Clean Air Act of 1990 to any significant degree.

The Washington Times however reported that MTBE was designed to produce emissions that would mix with smog dissolving it making it rise into the sky to bake in the sun where it became inert and later dumped in the Atlantic Ocean after following the jet stream there. MTBE did get rid of smog. Smog back then was largely comprised of nitrogen oxide from coal burning and diesel engine emissions. Gasoline engines were not the cause of smog yet the EPA proudly claims that MTBE got rid of it in metropolitan regions nationwide. But they won’t admit how this is possible when the obvious question arises as to how cars got rid of pollution they did not produce it.

In fact MTBE is said to have decreased low level ozone when admittedly it causes higher levels of VOC’s, a necessary precursor to low level ozone forming. When VOC’s are mixed with nitrogen oxide smog in the suns ultra violet rays, it causes low level ozone to form. And if VOC’s are emitted in high enough ratios, ozone and smog are forced to rise high enough into atmosphere to give the impression that the air has been cleared. Low level ozone is also less visible than nitrogen oxide smog. Although MTBE emissions of isobutylene (ether), methanol, and formaldehyde, along with its contribution to low level ozone formation, far exceed the dangers to the environment and human health than those associated with nitrogen oxide smog, since the resulting pollutants are less visible to the naked eye than the previous smog, the EPA says the air we breath is cleaner.

This was the preferred way to take our pollution control policies in the Clean Air Act of 1990 by the oil companies who didn’t want to use an additive to gasoline called, polyisobutylene (PIB). It was offered as a solution to mileage and pollution problems caused by gasoline and diesel engines prior to the Clean Air Act. It was reported by The Washington Times to reduce pollutants from diesel fuel and gasoline by 70% while giving 20% more mileage. It’s being used now by Texas in their state diesel supplies under the product name Viscon to help bring them into compliance with EPA air quality standards. But the mileage benefit aspects of its use are not being published by the state of Texas with regards to their certification of the product.

The company that makes this additive has always shied away from promoting the benefits PIB offers fossil fuels because it’s refined from crude oil where fuels can actually be refined to have the same properties PIB gives it. In fact PIB is made from chemical compounds that are taken out of crude oil for use as polymers rather than simply left in to be refined into fossil fuels. So if there’s government mandate for it to be used in gasoline, refiners would simply come up with a patented process to produce fuel refined to the same standards that adding PIB gives it. Since it has to be added to gasoline in such small and particular amounts or it doesn’t work, his additive would have to be outlawed because any use of it would cause the fuel they produce to fail to have the benefits PIB is designed to give it.

The state of Texas has even hired Viscon to work with refiners to come up with a way to refine fuel with these properties. So Viscon will now one day have the patent on the process for this higher quality fuel so we might even see a cure for our domestic fuel problems come to light in the not too distant future as this additive could give the world 20 more mileage with 70 percent less pollution problems coming from fossil fuels. It’s just a matter of how long it takes for this secretive process to evolve to fruition or for the right people to find out about it and force it to happen sooner, like the American people.

MTBE decreases mileage and causes far greater pollution. But the polluters responsible for the smog problem of 1999 didn’t want to clean up their industries. So Ken Lay of Enron, Phil Gramm and his wife Wendy, and George Bush 41 used money and subtle political promises they reneged on later to get congress to mandate MTBE be added to gasoline believing it was good for the environment even though they knew otherwise. When the scientific community refused to go along with the ruse, George Bush promised to have MTBE evaluated by the EPA. He promised if their concerns were valid, he would support PIB in MTBE’s place. They agreed with his proposal thinking it would insure PIB’s use because they knew a thorough study of MTBE would show it was poison for the environment and human health, and lead to extreme changes in climate.

With the scientific community’s blessing, the Clean Air Act of 1990 was unanimously passed under the cover of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait followed by George Bush’s mounted effort to drive him back into Iraq. No study of MTBE over the concerns of scientists was ever done. In fact Bush and senator Gramm went right to work on securing a trillion dollar loan to build MTBE refineries. Once that was done, there was no stopping the MTBE mandate from being exercised. Since a trillion dollars wasn’t actually needed to build enough refining capacity to produce MTBE to comply with the EPA’s mandate, it was put to work on Wall Street funding the investment bubble that falsely gave the impression that our economy was booming when it was actually suffering, which incidentally burst in May of 2006 when MTBE use was discontinued in favor of anhydrous ethanol, another smog melting climate changing oxygenate additive.

The problem was not the trillion dollar loan that was due from the beginning to be paid off in May of 2006. And the Russian are darn glad we came along needing that money because it was originally stolen from the Soviet Union’s treasury at the end of the cold war and was virtually worthless. But it was never planned on being used to build refineries but flushed through Wall Street building an elite banking system on top of it to lend the money out over and over using our credits markets as the foundation for the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of free market financing. In fact the reason the world’s economy is failing now is because our original investment markets were built on a flimsy foundation needing cheap fuel to provide the luxury of easy profits.

Ethanol is expensive to produce, a huge drain on the economy. It also causes a huge loss of mileage in most vehicles, more than the amount of 10 percent added to gasoline. MTBE is cheap to produce and opened a market for huge natural gas reserves we didn’t have a market for so it was also good for the economy in spite of its pitfalls. Anhydrous ethanol is made from corn. We are using it now having replaced MTBE with it. The state of California took the EPA to court in 2006 proving that oxygenates worsen air quality in order to forego adding ethanol to their gasoline. They won their argument based on the scientific evidence they provided for the court but the Bush administration stepped in saying it was no longer being required for air quality but to lessen dependence on foreign oil.

The problem with that argument is that anhydrous ethanol is an oxygenate. Oxygenates were designed purposely to cost gasoline mileage in order to get the high VOC emissions that mix with nitrogen oxide smog causing it to float up into the sky like a hot air balloon. So there’s no way it can be considered a fuel product to replace gasoline with because it causes the need for more oil imports to make up for the loss of mileage and to produce from growing and harvesting of corn, fertilizing it, and then refining it into anhydrous ethanol. It also has to be trucked or trained to fuel depots because it cannot be transferred through pipelines because it is so corrosive.

Hydrous ethanol however, which is what anhydrous ethanol is produced from, is safe for pipelines, doesn’t cause emissions problems or losses of mileage, and can be added to gasoline safely at higher ratios than 10 percent. It’s also cheap to produce because the last steps in producing anhydrous ethanol from hydrous ethanol are very energy intensive while it also removes the water content from the ethanol which means less fuel. The excuse by the industry seems to be their belief that hydrous ethanol cannot be added to gasoline but new technologies proves this to be false and is being done in Germany, China, and even tested by the state of Louisiana.

I have an article that report how General Motors began working on plans to sell flex fuel vehicles in Brazil by 2007 that run on hydrous ethanol blends of gasoline and another article that says Brazil has been doing this on a national scale prior to 2004. I also have articles from 2008 that suggest the ability to add hydrous ethanol to gasoline is a recent discovery that is still being developed when Brazil appears to have been doing it for many years with our auto makers helping them. In fact Brazil and the US signed an energy pact in 2007 vowing to share ethanol technology but in 2008, it’s being said that hydrous ethanol has just been discovered to be able to be added to gasoline to make it actually work towards a fuel benefit over what happens when using anhydrous ethanol.

Hydrous ethanol is easy to produce. It can be used in place of gasoline altogether in engines designed or modified for it. Anhydrous ethanol requires complex science and regulatory oversight and is expensive and dangerous to produce and handle thus requiring
large corporate investments and governmental oversight to support a market for it. Hydrous ethanol can be made in the kitchen of the average home on a small scale or in the backyard on a larger. Henry Ford produced the first Model T Fords to run on gasoline or hydrous ethanol because there weren’t enough filling stations to service the fleet of cars he put on the market. It seems the oil companies hadn’t anticipated that a car that was affordable for the average citizen to but would be coming out until many years later. So they had only planned on building enough fuelling stations to provide for a wealthy clientele.

Henry Ford’s original vision for supplying the nations future fuel needs included hydrous ethanol produced on a wide scale from hemp, which grows prolifically on land not suitable for agriculture and thrives in dry soil so as not to strain water supplies. His plan was to create jobs and made us independent of foreign oil imports in a way that didn’t compete with food crops. But the oil companies didn’t like this direction so prohibition put an end to being able to home brew ethanol for fuel. Later the outlawing of hemp because Mexican agricultural workers liked smoking it created an environment that gave a monopoly to the oil companies to control our future fuel needs.

Rudolf Diesel designed his first diesel engines with the same kind of fuel source in mind. Diesel fuel can be made from hemp seeds. So just like gasoline and diesel are produced from the same barrel of crude oil, hydrous ethanol and diesel fuel can be produced from the same hemp plant with simple technologies that anyone can provide for themselves at a most affordable cost and reasonable effort. Once the oil companies had the infrastructure in place to support selling gasoline cheaper than ethanol could be produced, prohibition was repealed. This pattern was followed in many other countries who came close to finding out how to run a biofuel efficient economy before the oil companies had a chance to make them dependent on foreign oil.

This is relevant to my case because it shows an ongoing conspiracy I was caught in the middle of dating back for many decades in which our fuel needs are manipulated to suit the greed of a hand full of wealthy energy dictators who will stop at nothing to have their way with our American financial structure. So my sending threatening emails to give the government a way to remove me as a threat to the MTBE liability waiver being passed under the cover of the Iraq war was a crime committed out of necessity under great duress.

Take for instance how tetraethyl lead (TEL) was added to gasoline in the 1920’s. Just as with MTBE, the scientific community weighed in on the notion of whether it would prevent engine knocking without hurting the environment or public health. So the government had Dupont, the chemical company that produced it, and the oil companies investigate their concerns. Of course they came back saying it wasn’t a problem but the truth was it made the researches testing it extremely sick even causing convulsions and hallucinations where they had to be removed from their labs in straight jackets. Closer scrutiny showed it caused neurological problems in even small quantities.

After 30 years, soil samples wherever it was used found it at high levels leading to new concerns. It turned to be in plants and agricultural products grown in soil polluted with it while breathing it was exposed Americans to many short and long term health consequences. But it was still 30 more years before it was removed from the market only to be replaced with MTBE and now ethanol.

Look at asbestos lawsuits brought against Halliburton as the result of Dick Cheney acquiring an oil and gas drilling company named Dresser Industries in 1998. A couple years later when he was serving as Vice president, in December of 2001, asbestos lawsuits directed at old contracts fulfilled by Dresser Industries before it was part of Halliburton came against Halliburton because it had become the parent company of Dresser. Halliburton settle for a little over 4 billion dollars. This came a few months after Enron collapsed, which came just after the September 11 attacks that begun the war on terror.

President George Bush’s father was an integral part of getting MTBE added to gasoline. Enron played a central role in the logistics of getting MTBE to the market place and servicing the trillion dollar loan taken out to build refineries to produce it. George H. W. Bush worked for Dresser 1948-1951 before he founded Zapata Corporation. His father, Prescott Bush had been a W. A. Harriman and Company executive who had been involved in the conversion of Dresser to a public company. He served on the board of directors for twenty-two years.

Halliburton is a big brother corporation to all these companies. Halliburton was awarded no-bid contracts as the sole provider of supporting services for the US invasion and occupation of Iraq while also winning contracts to manage Iraqi oil infrastructure. Halliburton bought Dresser/Kellogg for 7.7 billion dollars. Then they had to fork over 4 billion more dollars to settle asbestos lawsuits at the same time it allowed Dresser to go its own way while keeping its Kellogg Division that held an patent for new oil drilling technology Halliburton wanted.

The asbestos lawsuit cost Halliburton a huge loss in stock value which was later boost back to its overvalued position when it picked up the contracts to support US efforts in Iraq. Dick Cheney played a role in helping them acquire the contracts in what many believe was illegal manipulations of the bidding process. Then and only then was the asbestos lawsuit finally settled, after tax payer moneys had paid Halliburton through its newly acquired Kellogg division that was selling gasoline to the US army at exorbitant prices enough money to pay for the Dresser asbestos problem and the cost of acquiring Dresser and Kellogg.

What I’m saying is that their was a quid pro quo arrangement between Bush, Enron, Cheney, Dresser/Kellogg, and Halliburton that was agreed upon before the presidential election of 2000 was completed. It included helping Enron with its MTBE problems and Halliburton/Dresser with their asbestos problem. I however interrupted the process with my campaign to expose the truth about MTBE’s effects on weather patterns which lead to the war on terror and Iraq war being used as cover to try to fix what was becoming a whirlpool of a scandal and conspiracy that sucked all the players involved, including me, into a bottomless pit of deceit and denial. This is the story of how I worked it out using the justice system as my instrument to provoke truth from the process.

In 1998, I drank well water polluted with MTBE. It had been making me sick breathing it for a few years before that where I live where there’s heavy traffic here 24 hours a day. But I didn’t know what was making me ill. Drinking the well water was the last straw my body could take after so many years of being pulverized with breathing MTBE exhaust fumes. I suffered a chemical induced amnesia as a result of drinking the well water where I didn’t even have the sense to know I was sick.

When I began to recover and remember the details of my life, I began having new bouts of the same illness, which included a wide range of other symptoms. Eventually I realized that breathing it in exhaust fumes was causing me these new troubles. So I had to wear a charcoal filter respirator most of the time, sometimes even inside my home when on days when the weather was mild, it caused the MTBE gas to build up in the low lying area where I li

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 12:52 PM
You exposed no secrets..... all you did was threaten people with death.

Sounds pretty stupid. Maybe if you spent more time helping the people around you instead of threatening people hundreds of miles away you might do something that matters.

If you were my child id spank the %^&* out of you.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 12:59 PM

Originally posted by clandestiny

Yes, I was arrested for threatening to kill the heads of Enron’s online derivatives and energy trading unit and ex-senator Phil Gramm along with all the heads of the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS). I did it to see if and when they would arrest me for it and whether they would send me to a particular federal judge in Houston who helped set up the online trader just before being appointed to the bench.

Ah, this paragraph explains a lot to me.

Good job with threatening to kill people, good attention getter.

That was a great plan for seeing how things would turn out, worked out well huh?

bah, I am done with you

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 01:25 PM
Closed, pending review by rest of staff.

Note: cut and paste from a number of locations. Federal court searches across the US reveal that no Federal court uses such a numbering system (nor does any other court.)

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 03:21 PM
I've spoken with clandestiny and he has agreed to provide some of his documentation as proof of his arrest.

I've given him until Wednesday evening, my time (NY) to do so.

His threads will remain open until that time. If he does not comply with the offer of proof, the thread will remain open but it will be in a new section, with a shiny new tag on the title.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 03:29 PM
The answer to question 6 was too long to fit in the original post. This is the rest of it. I am working on a video showing the case files and letter from the justice department turning down my request for a pardon in order to prove that this story is real -

Then when the switch was made to anhydrous ethanol which is not as bad for our health as MTBE but costs so much to produce without giving back any fuel benefit, the economy tanked again, that and the fact the discontinuing MTBE use without getting the liability waiver effected the position of the trillion dollar loan, that the money from was used to build a very unstable ponzi scheme on Wall Street instead of to directly funding MTBE refineries. This economic house of cards was built right in the middle of the most sensitive areas of our financial system. Since the US is central to the whole world’s economy, the future of mankind is in jeopardy with there being nothing that can be done to fix it unless someone in Washington, like Barack Obama, has the guts to stand up and tell the American people what’s really going on so it can be tended to instead of being made worse by pretending it isn’t happening.

So really what the whole problem boils down to from the perspective of the government and Wall Street is that sick Americans are what keeps the economy going no matter how bad the poison used to make us that way is. I think the problem has a deeper darker side, that it’s a symptom of a psychological problem suffered by people of privilege. With money comes power. But it also allows for a great deal of leisure and bending of the rules everyone else has to follow. Rich people become lazy and don’t want to compete but their money tells them they are greater beings than everyone else even though they know their lives are totally dependent on the efforts and innovations of the working class. Deep down they know they are weaker and less capable of understanding issues that require great focus but when competing against a poisoned populace, we seem less of a threat to them where the field of play in society is leveled between us. But then now we see where this kind of thinking leads us, to a failure of the economy that hurts both rich and poor.

The point is that by the time MTBE was being used nationwide, California was discovering its groundwater was polluted with it from after the mock up drill run there in the 1980’s, which was done to see if it could dissolve smog into low level ozone flushing it out over the Midwest to be dumped there in rain. So California was simply reacting to a mistake the oil industry made polluting their groundwater before everyone else. When they started talking about MTBE polluting their groundwater, other municipalities started to test their water and found it was polluted also.

With California being seen politically as leaning towards the liberal left environmentalist community, the oil industry and Enron took the attention being drawn to MTBE as a slap in the face. The truth was that the environmentalists’ community supported MTBE even after it was found to pollute groundwater. In the debate over the Clean Air Act of 1990, at first they didn’t want to support its use. After a few hundred million dollars was given to them on the eve of the debate ending without passing any legislation, they came back to the table the next morning wholeheartedly supporting MTBE giving up their concerns for the future of the environment in exchange for money while handing over their boards of directors to the same companies they’d been trying to force to clean up their industries since the 1970’s.

Just as I put all the pieces of the puzzle together where it appeared without much doubt that serious questions about what really happened to Chandra Levy were systematically not being asked, September 11, 2001 changed everything. A matter of weeks later, Enron crashed to the ground from trying to hide the losses the MTBE industry was taking by repeatedly ending its use. On 9/11, I was near completion of my struggle to expose the truth about MTBE and the cover-up that ensued. After that tragic day, no one would have listened to me even if they believed me. I fact with us at what might have been the beginning of World War III, I didn’t particularly want the president stuck with the burden of answering the questions my story raised even though I believed, and still do, that he and or his cronies had something to do with that attack on the World Trade Center that appears was launched in order to get just this kind of effect.

It was no different than how Bush senior allowed Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait as the Clean Air Act of 1990 was being debated which is the only reason the American people never heard the MTBE story from the beginning, because they were distracted by the war, all but me who happened to have been following the story in the only newspaper that reported on it, The Washington Times. I remember following the whole story not being able to believe the legislation actually passed congress and was signed by Bush while they all knew there was another additive (PIB) that would get rid of most fossil fuel pollution also giving so much more mileage when everyone knew MTBE would cause a mileage loss and pollute groundwater. But I was a big fan of Bush so I trusted him although committing to memory everything I read vowing to one day set the record straight if everything that came out of that political process was a lie. Here I am to fulfill that promise to myself.

In the spring of 2002, I started getting sick again with weather patterns also reflecting MTBE use. I went looking for answers because it had been a long time since this had happened while the MTBE issue seemed to have died with the war on terror beginning. It didn’t take me long to figure out that there was an active debate going on in congress about how to pass a liability waiver for MTBE producers and the oil companies so they couldn’t be sued for groundwater polluted by MTBE but rather put the burden of responsibility for it on the US government and American taxpayer. But the way the amendment to the energy bill was written, it would’ve also absolved them from responsibility for climate changes caused by MTBE, and the resulting earthquakes as well.

It seems they were not willing to debate the issue publically while pretending MTBE was still being used because someone like me might get the news media to test gasoline to settle the argument once and for all. As long as the issue wasn’t being table in committees on Capitol Hill, the war kept the news media distracted. But anything publically discussed on Capitol Hill is prone to being reported on. So I started a campaign about how they were trying to pass this liability waiver without the American people knowing it. They folded after a struggle to get passed my efforts ending the committee hearings. But this wasn’t without consequence as I received a veiled threat against my life from my senator about what would happen if I tried to interrupt them the next time they tried to pass their amendment into the energy bill.

The problem with their strategy though was that MTBE pollution was worse of a threat to my life than he was even if he hadn’t been bluffing because MTBE could surely kill me where anything they might try was prone to failure. So the next time I started getting sick, I checked to see what was going on in the same committee. Sure enough, they had just started debating the liability waiver just like what had happened before. And sure enough, after sending out scores of emails to shut them down, they ended their debate about the amendment again. Only this time, they did it without putting up a fight which bothered me to the point I was loosing sleep over it.

They had walked away too easily which made me think they had a plan B. This made me have to consider whether I should take the threat against my life seriously. And I sure enough spent countless hours and days wondering what they were going to do, that is until I figured it out. Bush was sounding more and more like there was nothing going to stop him from invading Iraq. This was in the fall of 2002. It was so simple I should have seen it from day one. He was going to use the Iraq war the same way his father did the first time when he let Saddam invade Kuwait, the same way September 11 had been used, to distract the news media from even my being able to get them to pay attention what was being done in the backrooms of congress.

This bothered me because I knew in the end, as they readied themselves to become immersed in escalating the depths of deceit they were willing to go to hide their mistakes,(including putting their self admitted defective fuel product in fuel supplies that the US military would be using while the nation was at war, an act is sabotage that punishable by death) they would realize that someone in the news media might still listen to me. With so many powerful peoples lives invested in the Iraq invasion being a successful cover to pass the liability waiver into the energy bill, I felt my life would be worth less with every day that passed getting closer to their plan taking off. So I came up with a counter plan of my own.

I knew Enron’s online energy and derivatives trading unit was at the center of controlling the logistics of the MTBE market while also central to managing the payments on the trillion dollar loan that was supposed to have been used to build MTBE refineries. So the principle on that loan had to be paid through Enron with money made from MTBE sales, or pretended sales, or the whole scheme would collapse. I knew there was no way that the head lawyer for this branch of Enron, which after it collapsed became after a federal judge gave it, the only remaining profitable vestige of the Enron empire away for free to the United Bank of Switzerland at Warburg (UBSW), who just happened to have facilitated the trillion dollar loan to build MTBE refineries from money stolen by the KGB from the Soviets Union’s treasury at the end of the cold war, who then became the Russian Mafia in the US. But I knew that the head lawyer for UBSWenergy didn’t know the truth about the whole MTBE story.

So I knew I could threaten his life without being charged for a crime, that is until it got close enough to the time that the president would invade Iraq, which I figured would be the same time the labiality waiver for MTBE would start its arduous journey through congressional committees to be voted on in the House and Senate, then landing on the presidents desk as the war came to a quick end with his popularity at all time highs where no one would question liability if everyone was keeping quiet about it. With my being a threat to the success their plan, perhaps then the risk of arresting and dragging me into a federal courtroom where I had access to a court record to tell my whole story through would seem lesser obstacle than allowing me to stay on the streets with access to the internet or killing me.

To lessen their fears that I might be listened to by the courts, I gave them every bit of confidence that although I had figured out the details of their MTBE scandal, I was also insane. This was to help them believe that I could be whisked through the federal justice system without ever entering a courtroom, that is only if they sent me to one particular judge in Houston where I sent the threatening letters, Ewing Werlein.

I’d read a story in The Washington Times just after MTBE had been put on the market. It Werlein was appointed by Bush 41 just as MTBE at the same time in what was thought a contentious move on his part. The appointment being made in Houston, Bush’s home district, which was seen as a possible conflict of interest almost spurring an investigation before the senate approved him. It was Bush’s second appointment to Houston’s federal court where traditionally it is looked at as a conflict of interest for a president to do this without outside input into the decision making process. But it’s also custom to not contest a presidents outgoing appointment while it is expected that he or she don’t make it controversial. Democrats almost challenged it but decided not to because they didn’t want to start a big debate over an issue like that in an election.

I saw it as an appointment made to oversee MTBE’s future success. So I started digging to find out if that was the case. Sure enough, it turned out that he worked for the law firm Vincent and Elkins when he was appointed, the same firm that Alberto Gonzales worked for at the same time where they both helped set up the same branch of Enron I sent the threatening emails too. My sense was that those who would act against me would rather arrest me than kill me, and would trust they could contain me if they sent me to Ewing Werlein’s courtroom. Little could they have known that although they monitored my work clandestinely making them think they would have known whether I was aware of Werlein’s background or not, they would have had no way of knowing that I knew about him since 1993, long before I started campaigning against MTBE which first drew their attention towards me.

I sent the first threatening letters in December of 2002. On March 5 of 2003, the FBI broke down my front door and took my computers. They were going to arrest me but I told them the threatening letters were a ploy, that if they were there, it meant MTBE was getting ready to be debated in committee hearings in Capitol Hill and the war in Iraq was getting ready to start. The hearings actually started about the same time they left my home. The war came a couple weeks later. I’d been expecting them because I had started getting sick a few days before they arrived. I didn’t fight the process until the House of Representatives passed its version of the energy bill with the liability waiver in it.

With the war raging as the senate tried to get its end of the plan completed, I started campaigning against them. My efforts shut down their debate with the war quickly seeming to come to an end while energy bill sat idle with a vote scheduled that no one was willing to stand up and support or deny because every time they did, I blasted their home town with emails telling the story of what they were trying to do.

As the senate floor sat quiet with C_SPAN prompters explaining that MTBE was being debated while later to be voted on whether to include the liability waiver in the energy bill, I received a call from a Capitol Hill police officer about a letter I sent to senator George Allen some months earlier. She told me to have no further contact with his office or I would be arrested for harassment. But she fully admitted there was nothing wrong with the letter I sent him, just that if I contacted his office again, she would send the FBI back to my house. She was obviously baiting me trying very hard to get me to lose my temper and attack her personally. If she’d succeeded, I could’ve been arrested for something that had nothing to do with MTBE where there would’ve been no threat of a court record including the sensitive details of the MTBE scandal compromising their cover up.

When she failed, a few days later the FBI showed up and arrested me for the emails I sent the Enron lawyer five months earlier. This came at the same time the debate over the liability waiver resumed. But being the Friday before a three day weekend where I wouldn’t be brought before a federal magistrate to be arraigned until Tuesday, I had plenty of time to write a letter to the courts explaining in great detail why I did what I did and what the governments response had been. On Tuesday, I fought very hard to get the letter admitted into the courts record, which meant it could be reported on without fear of lawsuits from the oil industry, even the aspects of how MTBE was affecting weather patterns and how the ending of adding it to gasoline in 1999 while pretending it was still being used had caused deadly hurricanes to form, extended droughts to end that MTBE had been causing, and how all this had lead to causing earthquakes in other countries that killed tens of thousands of innocent people, the same way this pardon request is public record where I have more than a few media news sources reporting on it as you are receiving it.

The story about the liability waiver broke in the newspapers for the first time the next day as the head of the EPA resigned. For the next few months, until sent enough letters from my prison cell to continue being a threat to their MTBE game, MTBE was left in gasoline causing a great deal of flooding was followed by deadly hurricanes when I was finally able to force them to stop using it. But when they removed in from our national gasoline supplies this time, Europe, where we buy most of our refined gasoline from, who had huge stores of MTBE produced mostly in Saudi Arabia, the second largest producer of MTBE in the world outside of Houston, and also gasoline with it already added to it that could no longer be delivered here.

This left Europe with millions of gallons of MTBE they had no use for since they only use it as an octane enhancer at 2 and 3%, not as an oxygenate at 15% like we were doing. But their laws allows them to add it at up to 15 percent ratios so they had to use it in their own fuel supplies. It resulted in a heat wave and drought that killed many elderly Europeans, which was followed by an earthquake in Bam, Iran on December 26, 2003 that destroyed and ancient citadel and killed over 25,000 people when they finally ran out of MTBE allowing cool weather and rain to come back to lands made dry by its use.

When the Iran quake was not followed with another earthquake of sizable proportions 9 to 12 days later around the equator, as had usually happened in the past after a major earthquake that resulted from a drought ending, I made a prediction that it would come a year to the day later because I’d seen it happen once before. It has to do with a hair-trigger on a fault line that fails to snap when it should have but reawakens when the same gravitational forces from the sun and moon return a year later. It has to do with when the earth’s solid inner iron core that floats in an ocean of molten iron is pulled towards a weakness in the outer crust by gravity causing it to move.

I documented my prediction and had friends in the Bureau of Prisons do the same on their home computers along with a few other prisoners who sent letters home about it to be saved for a later date. Exactly one year and one hour later, a 9.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia causing a tsunami that killed over 220,000 people.

Like I said before, you don’t have to believe this for it to be true. And although you might think no one would believe me even after I prove it is true, that really doesn’t matter does it? I mean they only have to believe what I can prove your courts did to deserve to be pardoned. That will draw enough attention to the rest of the story creating enough of a demand for answers to whether this is true or not where we can all find out just what happened. And there’s no reasonable motive for me to add this story to this report if it is not true.

You can feel free to have your doubts because I have no doubt that the end of this story will attract Barack Obama’s attention whether you want to accept my good graces having allowed you a chance to pardon me first. And although you may think that it would be a cold day in hell before you give a pardon to someone who speaks to you on such a direct level, feel free to deny it to me because I will not bow to you. You owe me the respect of looking up to me asking for forgiveness, not I to you. Besides, I hold all the cards so why should I have to pretend you’re winning this game by prostrating myself before you, no way brother, not me, not today anyway. If you want my respect, you have to earn it by standing up and taking responsibility for your shortcomings.

I was sent to Houston and given over to the courtroom of Ewing Werlein just as I expected would happen. Then my public defender got a motion signed by Werlein, just as I expected, to have me removed to a federal mental hospital. This was without ever even having entered his courtroom, which I further expected to happen before I ever sent the threatening letters because he would have to be able to later say he was just doing what was asked of him by my lawyer which wasn’t objected to by the prosecutor.

Little did they know I’d been waiting for all this to happen where I’d invested my time turning the typewriters in the United States BOP into swords that expressed the abuse being heaped upon me sending letters to federal judges and prosecutors in California who were overseeing cases against Enron for what they did to their energy markets causing rolling blackouts while ripping of their energy industry. Then I filed motions of my own to have my layer removed from representing me and for the judge to recuse himself from the case over conflicts of interest for his having been appointed by George HW Bush as MTBE was just coming on the markets as mandated by the Clean Air Act of 1990.

I never told Werlein that I knew he worked for the same people I sent the threatening letters to because he would’ve had to send me to another courtroom. But this way, I allowed him the option lying in the court record by refusing to recuse himself, which he did stating emphatically that there was no possibility of the appearance of a conflict of interest with his presiding over my case. When I threatened to ask the appeals court for their opinion on whether a writ of mandamus could be issued to order him off my case, he stepped in referring the matter to the chief judge of the Houston court, Judge Head. Head reviewed and denied my motion sighting my pro se legal representation, which came after I fired two lawyers for following the prosecutors and judge Werlein’s lead in keeping me from taking my case to a jury where they claimed my defense of necessity and duress was really an attempt at jury nullification, and a third lawyer who happened to be Exxon/Mobiles MTBE lawyer, Michael Essmeyer, who judge Werlein appointed to represent me after I threatened to have him put in prison if his friends in the oil industry didn’t cut a deal with me that included ending MTBE use while replacing it with PIB.

Essmeyer approached me dismayed he’d been chosen to represent a criminal case in the federal courts, that is until I told him the whole story. He went back to his clients at Exxon/Mobile and told them what I told him. They instructed him to remove himself from my case. It was a damn shame too because his plan was to call in a forensic toxicologist to settle the issue of whether I was delusional or not because if I was proven to be sensitive to MTBE like I claimed, it would have shown my story about an MTBE a cover up was real as there would be no way I could have not been getting sick when MTBE wasn’t being added to gasoline if I was truly sensitive to it and it was really being used like it was supposed to be.

Judge Head also sighted how I had just come from a mental evaluation in a federal mental hospital, that had been ordered by Werlein, as another reason why he would not support my argument that Werlein should recuse himself from my case. Although I was diagnosed as being delusional, it was based on my belief that MTBE causes changes weather patterns and that I thought I was enough sensitive to it to be able to tell when it was being used and when it wasn’t at a time when the EPA claimed it was being used all the time.

I fought to get a toxicological examination included with the mental evaluation and won where it was written up in the order. But when I was removed from access to the courts, a motion was filed to renege on following through with that part of the order which my lawyer never told me about nor did she argue to reinstall it. The reason given was that there was no toxicologist available who could do it. But Michael Essmeyer later told me he knew of two toxicologists in Houston who could have come to the Houston detention center and taken care of it easily. Of course if the examination had been done, there would have been no way to find me delusional and block me from going to trial.

It wasn’t enough that I figured out the Iraq war was being started in order to get a liability waver for MTBE producers passed the American people without their knowing what was being done just like had been done with the Clean Air Act of 1990. Nor would it close the books on this long chapter of my life with the fact that the FBI showed up months after the threatening letters were sent to take my computers on the day the MTBE debate in congress began just as the war was just getting ready to start, or that as it neared an end without them passing their energy bill though the senate, I was finally arrested and sent to the one judge who I expected would use his authority to destroy me as a threat to his friends conspiracy.

But with the honorable Ewing Werlein’s refusal to step down from my case while his justification for lying about it in a federal court record being supported by the chief judge of the Houston court, especially when they both knew full well that he used to work for the people I was charged with sending threatening letters, that is enough to prove that everything that’s been done to me was just as it appeared, simply to remove me as a threat to their plan to get their friends off the hook with using MTBE to dissolve smog instead of giving the American people fossils fuel that don’t create smog while also providing a lot more mileage using PIB, or clean up the coal industry.

When there was nothing left that could be done to stop me from going to trial while I had exhausted my chances of getting Werlein to step down from my case, we reached a stalemate. They didn’t want to see me tell my story to a jury and likely win while I didn’t see my having a snowballs chance in hell with Werlein’s presiding over the trial. When the Michael Shultz, the prosecutor, sat down to negotiate with me how we would proceed with a trail with my representing myself calling witnesses that we both knew would have to lie to even have a chance at making their case stick, his head was hanging low to his belt. I had proven up to that point to be a more than cable adversary and he wasn’t looking forward to going up against me. In fact I think he acquired a certain amount of respect for me and my cause by then to the point where he didn’t want to beat me but certainly didn’t want tpo lose to me either. When I said “plea bargain,” he rose out of his seat as if he had just woke up from a winter slumber to a beautiful spring day saying “Whatever you want, you got it.” He gave me my computers back, the three years probation I asked for over his want to just wash his hands of me altogether. I wanted to case file to stay open as a threat to the courts in the future and to have a federal probation officer I could groom with the details of my case so if I was ever killed by anything less than totally innocent circumstances, there would be an officer of the federal courts to speak up for me. Also included was his being ordered by the court to review my accusations about an MTBE industry and refer my story to the proper investigatory agencies if warranted. He refused to follow up on that promise.

You can parse most of my story out trying to equate it all to a long seemingly strange string of coincidences in a failed effort to make what is obvious look innocent. But the refusal of Judge Werlein to recuse himself from my case even though he work for Vincent and Elkins helping set up the same branch of Enron, in fact working directly with the same people I was accused of threatening, seals the fate of this story in my favor.

Checkmate dude. Awesome game though. I bet in hindsight you wish you read my book on chess rather than Carl Rove’s huh? It’s on you how you want to walk away from the board. You can be a sore loser where this game may come back to haunt you for the rest of your life after Barack Obama sees you turned me down. Or you can be a winner by taking responsibility for this and I will support the posterity of you presidency where I see it is fit, which there is much you could be praised for that the world may never take notice of without my help, not in light of there not being much I can do to help you if you let this chance pass and it later comes out that you did. Under that scenario, your presidency will always be remembered as grotesque.

Bobby Fontaine

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by tribewilder

Good job with threatening to kill people, good attention getter. That was a great plan for seeing how things would turn out, worked out well huh? bah, I am done with you

The threats themselves were gratuitous. They were obvious metaphors for what I planned to do to the new energy and derivative trader UBSWenergy, which was to expose what they were doing and bring the company crashing down on them just like I did to Enron. The same is true for the threats to UBS itself and Phil Gramm. There were sentences in the letters that if parsed out, met the technical definition of a threat. But when placed in a context with the rest of the letter, were obviously meant to threaten the future of the scandal, which I did expose and it did come crashing down on those I told it would.

What the prosecutor did, which was what I hoped they would do, was parse those sentences out from the rest of the letters and use them to get me arrested, then try and send me to a mental hospital so a jury never saw the rest of the letters. After firing three lawyers and forcing the judge to let me represent myself, which was not easy to do, I was then able to get a deal struck that gave me everything I wanted because there was no one standing between me and the court that would prevent the whole letters from being shown to the jury, except the judge.

I couldn’t not expect to win with that judge presiding over the case but I couldn’t bring up that I knew he used to work for Enron or he would have simply passed the case over to another judge. What I did was argue for him to remove himself from the case using other evidence that was very close to the truth about his past relationship with Enron. What I wanted was for him to say in the record that there was absolutely no conflict of interest with him presiding over my case. After 13 months of many kinds of abuse, when I finally got him to give me what I wanted, I was ready to come home. If I stayed and fought, I might still be there now.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 04:19 PM
I can't believe I read through all of that. It really wasn't worth the time.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 05:10 PM
a lot of writing not an ounce of useful info

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 05:22 PM
Personally, I am not buying what you are selling my good friend. Why you ask?

Simply because if you exposed a secret why would the FBI, especially the government keep you alive to keep telling this secret? Makes no sense. If they wanted to silence you there are better ways then imprisonment... Plus I have not heard anything ground breaking anywhere about a secret being exposed, which if you exposed it I would definately have heard about it because it wouldn't be a secret anymore. Ka-Peesh?

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by clandestiny

Why do you have a second thread on the same topic? So, you were answering one question with a whole new thread, that it?

Or could it be that you were not hearing the responses you liked out of the first one?

You leave me continually baffled with what you are trying to accomplish here.

You use a couple of different names to get your points across, which leaves me suspicious in the first place, and then you admit, to threatening the lives of people. Important people. So, you got arrested by the FBI for it, because they were upset with you exposing their secrets? Did the FBI poison your water and air, because your title would lead one to believe that is what you are trying to say. I'm sorry, but it is the job of the FBI to arrest people who threaten the lives of ex- Senators, and really just about anyone else for that matter. Ah, but oh yeah, that was your big plan. Or was that your excuse, after you threatened people, to make the threats ok in your own mind?

Oh, but to top it off, then you use the Bloodline crappola from the title of your first thread.

Are you sure, you didn't dream this all up after your bout of amnesia?

Are the chemicals in the water and air, you are claiming made you ill, responsible for causing mental illness also, by chance?

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 06:08 PM
Ok, alright nice story...Everything happened for MTBE

So what??Other people have died during this procedure.

The government sucks.I know that and the whole forum knows that.

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by Naeem82

a lot of writing not an ounce of useful info

I keep getting these responses like there is nothing new in what I am saying. If this is true, then I couldn't be happier, and so should you. The more of us that are saying the same thing with different sources for showing what is really going on, the more likely a difference can be made. So please, if you read this and don't see anything unique about it, please post a source to the same kinds of stories that link to these conspiracies the same way I am talking about so we can all help bolster each others positions.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by kapodistrias

The government sucks.I know that and the whole forum knows that.

But you and the rest of the forum can't prove it. I can but no one cares. If everyone already knows it all sucks, why am I out here breaking my neck trying to do something about it (as kapodistrias scratches his head wondering why I am wasting my time try to so something about it)

Yeah people died, they're still dying every day

kapodistrias - "so why didn't you do something about that?"

I did the best I could and am still trying, it is all I do, it is all I ever do.

kapodistrias - "well stop coming in here and wasting our time until you have something to show for it, and pick up a six pack while you are at it, loser."

I can't do it all, I can be everywhere at once. All I can do is hope I choose the right battles,ones that I can win that will matter the most.

kapodistrias - "none of it matters to me so stop posting these stupid threads,,, and where is that six pack. By the way, can you spare a smoke?"

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 09:11 PM
You would make one heck of a screenwriter. I am still considering the merits of your story.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 10:28 PM
“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

~Adolph Hitler~

com'on man evidence. . . . one freaking shred please

oui dossier treize

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 04:38 AM
reply to post by clandestiny

OK.I understand that you want to awake more people.Good for you.

BUT I think some people think your thread and your title is somehow wrong.

1) You say the word "bloodlines".That don't you think that gives the impression that you are member or coming from the elite?

2) You said in the other thread "my story".That don't you think that people would consider that you imagined this story?

3) You said that you threatened people.That don't you think that people would consider you to be a criminal?

4) Your threads are sooooo looong that eventually, the readers get tired after a while and get bored.You may give facts with dates in 1,2,3 etc...

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 06:22 AM
Bravo Clandestiny, I couldn't agree more mate, I tried the same thing here and went to our Capitol complaining about the changes in our weather cycles BUT I wore a bright Red Rubber Glove on my head and stuck different colored pencils up my nose just so they wouldn't recognize me and guess what it worked. They all thought I was Kevin Rudd - bloody amazing. Let me know if you want I can make you look like Kevin 07 or Joe Hockey or Malcom Turnbull.

Get some real proof mate, all this Bulldust and I saw not one shred of evidence. The guys on this thread may believe in UFO's and the Kennedy conspiracy (as I do) but at least those people provide photos and other proof although some of it is a bit left handed.


posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 09:05 AM
Bobby, it seems that some people find your story unbelievable.

I have no reason to doubt you at this time.

I'm actually amazed at how people stop to take the time to "take a swing" at you when so far there is no evidence for or against the validity of what you are recounting. It's like people just naturally take exception to your personality or something.

People want proof, I do too. We all want to know the entire truth, but what is the value in immediately discounting something like this when proof which will either validate or void it can be dug up from public records and has actually been scheduled for a Wednesday arrival as advised by Crakeur?

I'm beginning to think that if people the likes of which have commented on this thread so far got their way, something like this “coming out” would get buried before it was ever verified or proved false.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 09:23 AM
Bobby, as a direct request:

Are you able to provide links to online government hosted records of the case file, as you advised that it is still open?

Are you able to the same for the pardon petition?

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