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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Jun, 16 2005 @ 12:10 AM

wow, that sure sounds like it was quite a trip! i suppose that it's good that you have beings that are looking out for you along the way, right on!

it's been a while but i'm getting back into it again. i use a meditation technique called vipassana, which moves your minds focus from one sensation on your body to the next until it passes. eventually you are scanning up and down your body fluently in a wave pattern. i don't think i ever get into this sleep paralysis thing that everyone is talking about, it's more of a numb phase that starts with the feet usually, then works up, simultaneously with the arms which work inwards into the body, then up to the next, then toward what i think is the critical point, the "thrid eye". although i have no feeling in these parts, i can still move them if i choose to, but don't as it lessens the effect. well, once i get the whole body like this, it's usually really quiet in the mind, there no thoughts but in what i am doing.

however, the other night i had a sense of vertigo above the head or in it or whatever, but it was the feeling of rising/falling really fast without going anywhere. the more i focused on that feeling it intensified, but then it faded and i was back with just the numb phase. wierd, does anyone else experience this slow numbing of the body?

dfh out

posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 03:20 AM
Yes , i know about it. For me the longer i push that stage and the more focused i am the more it could work. We all dont really know what were doing, but we were born with knowing how to flow our energy. I guess once one is num, the energy could get focused in an area outside of the body. I think the num feeling is a huge step in the right direction. Before that feeling i didnt understand the movement from awake to sleep. Now i have a gut feeling for it. When i dont want to fall asleep and meditate i dont eventually get tired and pass out/ When i wana sleep i can sleep. It seems we are fit for more states .Outa body? outa mind?

posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 03:39 PM

Originally posted by sound2
It seems we are fit for more states .Outa body? outa mind?

True....true. A person never really KNOWS this, unless they have has some kind of astral experiance.
I do think everybody does this at times during is retaining consious memory of the event that seems so rare.
With my seeking out this experiance, I am seeing there is WAY WAY more to us little human beings than most believe, or have experianced on the consious levell.

posted on Jun, 23 2005 @ 02:35 AM
well ive had a few friends and infact my dad whove had OoBE.. i didnt want to post on the thread but i wanted to tell you how they came about doing this... my dad said it happened to him when he was younger he said his alarm clock was going off and he went to push the snooze button but his hand "phased" through it... then he woke up.. but my friend chase told me one night as he was falling aaslleep he APed acidentally he didnt know what it was at the time... he said he went around his kitchen and he got a fork i dont know why a fork.. he said that the last thing he remembered was the fork... and when he woke up he had a fork... that made me curious to know if When aping its possiblle to get items... anyways. I also heard of another way to AP that wasnt listed my friend chase and I did this. Have somebody fall asleep and wait about 20 minutes so that there in a good state of sleep we found that if there sleep talking or moving in there sleep it works better,,, anyways after there asleep have a person awake kinda nudge them a little and speak to them softly... but do not wake them up. We think this puts the person in a half way state of concisnous or what the guy in your research calls statuc C i think... ne ways from there my friend has been able to AP several time hes never brought in item back with him again but hes done it a few times...

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 02:47 AM
Well, thanks to TRG i have achieved the whooshing state lol.
i just told myself as i was relaxing that i wanted to ecape my body and as i was in that funny state between wake & sleep it happened.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 01:13 PM
Thanks for your comments Inspireingyouth that is interesting. I have NEVER heard of anyone in the OOBE state being able to have effect on solid objects.

Way to GO Xphiles....wooshing hu? took me friggen YEARS to hear that and know it for what it is....

Last night.....I guess I can say I have NOW had my first bad/scarey OOBE experiance...........

The sound came, and out I went.....I can do this pretty fast now, like within moments. I got out and it was all murky, very dark brown, blackish murk....I could hardly SEE anything (if you can call the vision while in this state SEEING) I felt like I was no further than my own room.....and something was shoving me........So I was shielding HARD, I was seeing myself as imovable like a stone. I was shouting in Hebrew (yes I know a little Hebrew) "Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai Sabeyoth" (please pardon if my spelling is wrong, the translation is 'Holy Holy Holy Lord God on High')
This 'thing' spoke back to me....a deep rumble gravely said, "DOWN, you will get DOWN!".....I returned with the Hebrew volley again...and I was PUSHED back to my body, yet I was still somewhat 'out'......this dark being shouted "DOWN! you will STAY!" and it was right next to me, forcing me back inside my body.
I opened my eyes and was wide awake, sweating, I lit a white candle and did some prayer work. I got out a sage smudge and smudged the room. I cleansed all the areas where I had sensed darkness, and where this 'thing' had been. After smudgeing, I felt much at ease, and was able to just lye down restfully, and I thought about what had just occured.
This was my first BAD experiance, and even though I tried to make a stand, I was put upon by something else. Whatever that confrontaion was about, I was not the winner.......

Does anybody have experiance with such 'other beings'????
What was THAT?
And how do you battle such a thing? In my experiance the Hebrew words are very strong, and in this instance, they did not seem to help me much...
What exactly WAS that thing? And WHY would it care if I was out or not?


[edit on 24-6-2005 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 02:09 PM
were you planning to anywhere that maybe it would want to protect... or were you having any thoughts of having a bad experience like almost a preminition... I would suggest if that ever happens again to instead of fighting it off get back in the body... if the creature has a physical absence it probably cant hurt your body but your spirit maybe at risk... And were you at a place where you commomly AP...

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 02:49 PM
APing or Astral Projection im finding to difficult to control, so i am going to try different methods like centering energy to accomplish it.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 09:03 PM
That's a SCARY experience TRG!!
It's these kinds of AP "sessions" that make me wary 'bout tryin' it. I can almost relate with several sleep paralysis experiences I've had where I felt or saw a dark presence, but those alone are terrifying enough, let alone an encounter in the Astral. With my limited spiritual knowledge/exprience, I'd be easy game for something like that. Whatever it was, I hope it leaves you alone or atleast makes it's purpose known, giving a chance to devise a plan to avoid it (or defeat it if necessary) in the future. Always a pleasure reading of your travels!!

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 11:12 PM
Hey theRiverGoddess I have a very interesting trip to tell you about. Send me a U2U if your interested.


posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 04:36 PM
Whoa.......VERY differant last night.

I did NOT hear the whooshing sound. I was NOT even attempting to OOBE I was very sleepy. I was being very relaxed to the point of about falling asleep and 'POP' out I came. First thought was...WTF? I had no intentions of going anywhere......and I did NOT here the sound that has always preceded this event. I was just suddenly OUT.
I could tell I was just in my room, but it was VERY dark, murky brownish black thick fog.......I could tell however that I was just at the foot of my bed, and I was NOT alone. This scarey presense 'THING' was also in my room....and once more it was restraining me. I imdeiately was repeating the Hebrew prayer.....but my words seammed to go nowhere, like being sucked up or absorbed by this weird FOG.........I was like..."Let me GO! I want BACK!" and I was working on just getting back in my body, but this 'thing' was not allowing this. I became VERY affraid.....the 'thing' was by my body near my head, yet was beaming anger at my astral self..........I was getting affraid it was NOT going to LET me back somehow.......I seamed bound in some manner

The there was a quick snap, and I was fully back. I became fully awake and sat up.
I did NOT go back to sleep last night, I was awake untill the sun was fully risen. I was affraid to try and sleep in the dark. Around 7am I did go back to sleep, and slept till almost noon. I had some wacky vivid dreams.

I was affraid to sleep while the sun was down.........I hope I don't feel that way tonight

can anyone give some advise in this situation?

The links to the learning about Astral sites, well.....they are all like HOW TO........and don't say anything about scarey OTHER beings that may attempt to hijack you in the way I am experianceing

The books I have are not talking about such a thing either..........

Lots of advise has been given on HOW to do this as in get OUT.....nobody is giving any advise on weird DARK creatures that seem to have the power to bind me in some manner...........


posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 06:03 PM
I have also been having some "escapes" without trying, like I told you River.

I also have been having someone grab me and try to take me somewhere....The first time this kept happening, night after night I finally let them.....I skyrocketted farrrrrrrrr away at a high rate of speed...I found myself in what I believe to be the land of the dead.....It was all about rebirth..There was water and natures renewal everywhere I looked....But I heard crying...when I went to it, it was something covered in blood....I thought it was dying but it was a being that seemed to have just been born..It appeared to me as a deer or something...struggling to its feet.

I think we see as we know how...we form evil into demons and monsters, and good as white light and angelic forms....I believe this is our perception, as a living human being...I dont believe these things really look like how we see them in the astral...I believ it is energy, which we perceive visually, which they emit, because we do not have the equipment to percieve it as the pure energy that it or they are. If there is sad mad or bad energy, we give it a form...I do believe that WE are giving these beings or energies form with our own minds.

The "thing" that keeps grabbing me, I can not see. When I first get out, I am blind. When I "call for clarity" I can see.--I dont get the chance to call for clarity because the thing pulling me out is forceful and urgent, and scares me and I wake up. I will try to let it...and we will see what happens and how I perceive the energy visually. I believe the being is urging me out and I perceive it as a hand grabbing me

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posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 06:13 PM
Kris........this is helpfull information.

However, what I am encountering seams to be wanting me BACK in my least that is how it was the first couple of times.....last night, it did not seam to want to TAKE me anywhere was just confronting me in my room.

I don't really think I WANT to go wherever this 'thing' is trying to direct me....
how do I ask it what it wants? Is there some way to MAKE them comunicate?
HOW do I call for clarity?
WHAT is this VERY DARK FOG stuff?? What does it mean??

[edit on 28-6-2005 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 06:29 PM
When you leave your body you are entering the plane of spirit. You will naturally, at times, encounter other spirit entities who are not neccesarily
glad to meet you. These are spirits of the dead and those "dark" spirits who hate the brightness of your spirit because it is living. They will do all that they can to harass you and as long as you continue to project astrally,
you will encounter this from time to time. They are drawn to you, like moths to a flame; even though they hate the brightness of your spirit they are attracted.

You must be bold with them and show no fear; even though you are out of your body, your thoughts and emotions have power. First be aware that they can not harm your spirit; you are attached to your body and they can not seperate you from it. Be forceful and courageous-"tell" your attacker to back off. Use all of your strength of will and direct some of your own "Spirit Power" at your attacker, with the thought that you will not be restrained and that it must leave you; If you are strong enough and brave enough, it will depart. It also helps to engage the help of other "bright spirits". Just call out for help.

Anyway, I hope you overcome this barrier. Don't give up, though.


posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 07:31 PM
Why do I get the feeling that this cannot be performed by someone who doesnt "believe" it is possible?

And if that is a requirement, how do you know they arent just subconciously lying about it?

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 11:26 AM

Originally posted by Raideur
Why do I get the feeling that this cannot be performed by someone who doesnt "believe" it is possible?

And if that is a requirement, how do you know they arent just subconciously lying about it?

I used to think these types of things were just completely made up until it happened to me one probably won't believe it until you experience it.

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 10:47 PM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess
Kris........this is helpfull information.

However, what I am encountering seams to be wanting me BACK in my least that is how it was the first couple of times.....last night, it did not seam to want to TAKE me anywhere was just confronting me in my room.

I don't really think I WANT to go wherever this 'thing' is trying to direct me....
how do I ask it what it wants? Is there some way to MAKE them comunicate?
HOW do I call for clarity?
WHAT is this VERY DARK FOG stuff?? What does it mean??

[edit on 28-6-2005 by theRiverGoddess]

I have physically "felt" something slap my hands as I was coming no! dont! hmmm?
River, unlike many, I dont believe there is any danger. I believe in confrontation in this instance. I believe much of what we SEE is manifestation. We, interfere with the experience with our fear and worries. This thing that is interfering...tell me more about it.

Calling for clarity is simply that. Once you are out, its literal...say more clarity now! it up like you are turning a dial. You are in control...we forget that.
the fog will clear when you call for will notice the air in your projection. You can fine tune it, and it will appear as pinpoints of light...everything is made of pinpoints of light--even the wind, the air...

most of my APs end in my room...Ive leared to AP from a lucid dream, that way I dont begin in my room. Our own home is the scariest place to confront something, but it is where you are the strongest, so use it

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 01:10 AM
RiverGoddess requested I add this material to this massive thread, so here goes.

For those of you that have such difficulty, have you looked at your diets?
Could be caffeine, nicotine, indigestion is taking up to much of your bodies ability to relax.
Another factor is how much time between using your computer or watching the idiot box and trying to project. You computer monitor and your TV screen emit frequencies that change your metabolism, and mess with interal concentration in general.

Here are some techniques that I hope can help you.
1) most important, attempt projection everywhere. You should learn to visualize your "body of light", which can be an idealized version of your soul, the generic bald and naked astral body might work, but also your own interpretation of this "entity" can help reinforce your awareness of it.
Before you open a door, visualize your astral body extending from the physical and doing it first.
Remember to do this with all your physical activity, when and where possible.
You don't even have to close your eyes to do this.
The more you do this the more comfortable with your astral self you will become.

2) Become physically sensitive and practice your physical senses. Go around your home, touch, smell, listen, and observe your sense of taste (don't lick stuff), as you do this. Become very familiar
with your own personal environment. When you are kicking back and relaxing, repeat this exercise as if your astral body was going around your place touching, smelling, listening to everything. Later while attempting to project, develop an inner environment of your own creation and practice sensing everything you add to it as if it was something you actually possess in the physical.

3) : Ritual. It can be a prayer, it can be an occult ritual, it can be mundane actions, but do it over and over again, every single day with the conscious intent "this is what I do before I project" until it becomes so natural that it takes no effort to remember what you have to do next. Its like breathing, you don't have to think about it, the impulse is natural, you have to practice some impulses to make them natural, like riding a bike and keeping your balance.
Same with projection, the "supernatural" experience of it can snap you back if you do not percieve the action as natural, so practice makes perfect.

4) Find a fragance that you will use to specifically induce the astral experience, don't keep it with you everywhere or your brain will learn to ignore it. Use it when you are specifically trying to develop your astral skills. You will eventually associate this scent with your astral self, and if you come across it in your waking life, you will feel a "lift" just from the scent.

5) keep a diary, record everything in it, no matter how bizarre or disappointing your attempts are, keep the diary, it helps to externalize what you are doing internally.

6) Imagine you are in the company of anyone of your favorite entities. Anywhere you go.
These entities are not "real" in the sense that they have any concern with the physical or spiritual world as we conceive them. They are your own vision spirituality, an inherit part of yourself.
Use the imagery to anchor yourself in the astral, so it doesn't seem so void before your sense can
perceive it clearly. Have a conversation with them, don't be surprised if you don't get an answer, and don't take anything they say too literally if you do get an answer, they are only a projection of your own inner thinking that you would otherwise ignore and forget. Write down the conversation in your diary. I repeat, do not take anything they say as literal, they are absolutely only a reflection of your self, your ego, your ideals, and all of that evolves over time.
Your diary will make you laugh in no time at all.

9) Learn to love what you hate, in the astral. Don't like GW Bush? imagine your giving him a hug and a kiss in the astral. Been burned once or twice? Do it again in the astral, walk through fire, spontaneously combust. Afraid of ghosts, become one in the astral (this is a spooky one, due to cultural conditioning).
Condition yourself to conquer fear. Annihilate the concept of good and evil, the astral plane and all that exists in it is 100% neutral, like sunlight, in the greater scheme of things, our concepts of good and evil are absolutely meaningless. There is order and there is chaos and they co-exist only because of each other, without one or the other there is nothing at all. This understanding is important so that your mind does not project your sense of "evil entity" in front of you, scaring you, and bouncing you back into your physical shell. Its a defense mechanism, or a "test" if you will, only those without fear may pass a certain point. Fear in the physical has its purpose, like "hey if I go to work naked I'll be fired!", in the astral fear useless baggage like your hair or clothes. Learn to leave it behind.

8) Die. Yes you read that right. Learn to deal with the death of your physical body, imagine it in all possible means of carnage and sickness, always ending with your soul leaving your body.
Sounds morbid, but face it, you are not immortal, as soon as you have faced every conceivable death experience your mind can fathom, you will not be scared out of your wits the moment you float
away from that shell you have become so accustomed to. I don't suggest this for anyone who is depressed or even has the slightest hint of "my life is empty and I've nothing to live for".
The fact is one out of four people is mentally ill. Ignore this step if you are one of them.
The funny thing about this step is, you probably will never be able to actually conceive
the time and means of your death out of all your imaginings.

9) Adopt a new language, religion, or cultural practice. Doesn't really matter what it is, but use this specifically to break away from all that you already know.
It is a growth process, and inititaion process. It is mentally stimulating and also helps you overcome any latent fear of change or the unknown.
You don't have to become a religious convert or devote yourself to a "new god" to adopt a new religion, simply learn about it, accept it as a valid means of spiritual human expression, learn and practice the actions they perform and let yourself grow.
Stagnating with what you have been taught, or what you think you know, is also
stagnating your spiritual growth. If you incorporate these things as your part of your tools
to project, it will enhance your experience. Religion is only a step on the road to spiritual awareness, not the final destination.

Avoid any cult types that want you to give up your money or possessions and live with them, avoid anyone anywhere that tries to dictate your sex life, these are vital steps of mind control, be aware of them. Because of this, adopting a new language and using it in your ritual to attain projection is much safer, and just as effective. The language you know use daily carries with it all the memories of its use, even subconsciously. For instance if I say "Breast", your brain starts firing messages, many of which you are not aware of, but they have an effect on you. But if I say "seno", you brain has no idea what it means until you purposely create a reference for the word, with your own intentional relationship with the word.

Does that make sense? Basically its the difference between the profound and the profane, the mundane and the unique. It also makes your mind work harder to keep your ritual consistant, instead of relying on laziness. The other benefit is that you will most likely not experience your personal ritual being mocked and ridiculed in most forms of media. For instance, the lord's prayer is just about played out in every horror film, mobster movies, and just any motion picture with religion, as well as punk and heavy metal songs. If you have experience any of these, your subconscious is well aware of these images in relation to the prayer, making it fairly ineffective for the purpose here.

Ok, well I hope this helps someone.

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess
Whoa.......VERY differant last night.

II could tell I was just in my room, but it was VERY dark, murky brownish black thick fog.......I could tell however that I was just at the foot of my bed, and I was NOT alone. This scarey presense 'THING' was also in my room....and once more it was restraining me. I imdeiately was repeating the Hebrew prayer.....but my words seammed to go nowhere, like being sucked up or absorbed by this weird FOG.........I was like..."Let me GO! I want BACK!" and I was working on just getting back in my body, but this 'thing' was not allowing this.

Hi RiverGoddess. I could realize how thrilled you were when you described your first successful OoBE about, I don't know quite exactly, but I would say, a year ago.

By the same time I was trying some exercises to relax and open up the third eye chakra, which I picked up through a link posted on one of the threads.

Somehow, after the 3rd day doing the exercises (which should be made before getting to sleep), something very similar to your experience happened to me. I did the exercise that night and fall asleep. However, when I woke up the next morning (it was about 7 AM), I realized there was a strange noise, which was coming from the Cd cases in my bedroom. Although I had my eyes closed, but it was as if I could know exactly from where the sound was coming.

The most amazing was I start hearing that sound getting stronger and stronger, and I felt my body being pushed against the bed, while a part of me was trying to "take off".

And then, I felt, exactly as you described, there was someone, a dark figure, standing in the corner of the room, very close to the bed, watching, and I felt he was there to prevent that thing to go any further. But i felt the same kind of panic you mentioned, as if i was trapped.

Another curious thing I remember is that I felt like my body was extremely hot. I felt so much heat inside, that the first thing that occurred to me was "human combustion"
. This sounds crazy, but it was exactly what I thought: I would set myself on fire.

I posted a thread on that, by the time.

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posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 01:34 AM
this afternoon the same thing happened to me. It was odd though as I immediately recalled all this OOBE stuff as soon as it occured. I was already asleep when I felt as if I was waking up, but I never fully AWOKE. I felt, much as I have in the past, a strong presence and even saw the dark figure as I usually do, but INSTANTLY thought OOBE instead of fear of some malevolent force when I heard the sound TRG describes. I thought to myself "Just relax and let it take over". I closed my eyes yet could still SEE as if I hadn't. I saw toward the foot of my bed towards a window and could see it was a bright sunny day, just as it was in reality. Then I looked towards the ceiling while trying to actuall RISE out of my body and I saw something to the "north" of my head as I lay on my back. I looked "upwards" at it and it appeared to be ME looking back at the physical me, yet... I was in the perspective of the PHYSICAL me lookin' at this kinda bluish/hazy version of myself. I assumed it was me as the vague features seemed to almost mirror mine. I was freaked but thought "kewl, just keep going with it". I could even hear my b/f in bed talking in his sleep right next to me. I again focused on "getting out" when I felt as though I was being trapped. I then noticed my b/f had his arm across my midsection. He was holding me while he slept... damn. I don't know how this resolved, I draw a blank after that. I either woke up, turned to him and asked "what do you want?!" or I fell asleep. Either way, I'm not too sure if this was a near OOBE or jus' some plain ol' weird stuff

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