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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 11:53 AM

The Germin scattered as Y'Quorra and Nenothtu stepped into the dripping cavern where
Tibbs, BIAD, Mucklebones, Y'lrang, Y‘Wren, Dag and I suppose, Adam -waited, the Queen
of The Cul eyed the scruffy group with disdain, but hid her feelings with a coy smile.

"So my dear Knight of my dreams... these are your serfs?" she asked with a smooth
voice, an onlooker would have doubted her hands were tied.
Nenothtu spat and watched for any movement from her zombie-minions, he contemplated
if his gun could take them all.

"No Ma'am, these are my friends" the Vandal said softly and saw the stature of Y'Quorra
change as she espied her stepson-come-lover in the group.
The dog with Y'Wren's eyes looked on with a slow growl.

The dough-coloured Culs shuffled behind and beside the GunMan and his skin itched with
their closeness, his trigger finger itched also and he wanted to pull the Caliburn from the
sheath tied across his aching back and start a-hacking.

Silo and Chumley quickly stepped alongside Neno's friends and the Boy In A Dress could
see the relief in the Regalian's face bring his green-colour back. Silo's 'Cul of her Heart'
patted her shoulder, but his blue eyes remained fixed on the sex-prowling features
of Y'Quorra.

"Come to me now, boy" The Queen hissed and jutted her chin in haughtiness, her dark
eyes boiled with rage at Y'lrang's decision to pick the wrong side and the slight touch
of Silo's hand was also not lost on her.

"Your Father and I have been worried about you... and your sister" she announced, a
quick glance at the mangy dog was all that showed Y'Quorra acknowledged a step-daughter.
Nenothtu scanned the bonds of the Cul Queen and then looking up at Y'lrang, he snipped
"stay your ground Cul... she's a viper this one"

The evil sneer that Q allowed herself felt good and with a deft side-step, she closed the
space between herself and the tall GunMan. "I though you liked the strong-type?" she
whispered and treated Neno to an alluring look that would have made an average man's
loins stir and warm, The Neo of The Stars offered her a dead-stare.

"Stow it Bitch" he said off-handedly and then raised his voice to the group infront of
them. "Tibbs...? I need you to look through that book for some answers to all this"
The Vithian raced to the Vantine Kel Puldria and Muckles -the Canyon Witch followed.
The Man/Girl in the red dress showed the palms of his hands to indicate to Neno that
he should being doing something. "BIAD... take Silo's crossbow and aim it at this gal's
face, if she twitches, nail her to the cave wall"

The words were tasted and enjoyed by Nenothtu as the hermaphrodite nodded and reached
for the golden weapon. Silo leaned closer to Y'lrang and stroked Y‘Wren behind the ears,
Y'Quorra steamed at the lilac-haired girl's action.

The zombie presence could be felt by all as Neno stepped into the Queen's view and from
over the shoulder of BIAD, he stated his request.
"Ah' need you to take us to the King of your people... I'm guessin' not all yor race are like
this..." the Vandal rasped and hooked a thumb towards the shambling husks.

"... If they try any moves, then again -it'll be you who goes down first and the last thing
'ah'll do to yer' cooling body..." Neno's voice felt easy to Y'Quorra's shell-like ears and
she offered the tall man with the broadsword an approving-yet questioning eyebrow.
"... is ignore it"

The horde of doll-eyed Culs kept ahead of their captive Queen as Nenothtu and his
band of bewildered chums went to find Y'lrang and Y'Wren's Father.

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posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 03:38 AM

~*~ Quorra & Wren ~*~

‘Why wont Y talk to me?’ Silo asked the dog who padded softly beside her.

‘Normally I’d tell you to ask him. I don’t like being a go between.’ Wren pressed close to Silo’s thigh waiting for some word of gesture of understanding. She received it in a small move that spoke volumes, Silo’s hand falling on her back softly, taking and giving support at the same time. Wren continued.

‘But for you to understand why he wont you’d have to know more about Quorra,‘ the name came out in a low growl, ‘not my favorite topic but you do care for my brother don’t you?’ Wren’s ears pricked listening for something Silo couldn’t hear. Seemingly satisfied Wren’s head dropped her tongue lolling out to the side as they plodded deeper and deeper into the hell mines.

‘Yes, I do.’ Silo’s response filled Wren with a vague dread. There was nothing the future held for Silo and her brother other than impending heartbreak Wren knew. The best she could do was prepare Silo with information and hope it gave her understanding.

‘Then hear the tale, and be patient. You can ask questions later.’ Wren, normally a being of few words felt something inside her open as the story began to pour out.

‘It all started 13 seasons after Quorra was brought to our home. Many families were compelled to take in children who’d lost their mothers, and after their fathers to the mines. Devastated by all the death including my mother’s, and at his own hands as he saw it, my father would have done anything to appease our people and God’s. Knowing he’d made a grave error engaging and being taken in by the Dark Lord our father was haunted with regret and trying to do all he could to make amends. So like the others we too took in a child.’

‘When Quorra and my brother met? Even though he was 7 years her elder and then only 14? It was love at first sight. For him. He missed our mother with a heart hidden in a fierce but loving child and needed someone to give that love to. He also found strength in learning to protect his people, and someone weaker. And you can be sure that around my brother? Quorra made sure to show only her weakness and none of her strength.’

‘Later Y’lrang became of age when our Father could step down leaving him in control. The elders called for it, demanded it and even threatened to depose both father and son if Y didn’t agree but Y would not be pressed. He refused to strip our father of his kingship. As much he hates our father he loves him and is loyal. A hard road for any son’s heart to travel. No, all my brother wanted was to pass his initiation into manhood - to pass his Trial. The Trial? Our culture is founded on it, but, it’s something I can’t explain. Like the secrets our women keep? Our men keep their secrets too and the right of passage from youth to adult? It’s a life changing event for a Cul male, the gravest most important experience he’ll ever live through - or die of.

Quorra knowing all this still insisted Y take up the reigns of power after his initiation. I’m not sure if Quorra’s determination stemmed from her love for my brother and father, for believe me at one point she truly loved them both, or for her own selfish reasons. It could be as simple as it was the first time in her life Y ever refused her, ever told her no. Regardless, the more she pressed the more Y put up his back. The disagreement sparked their first fight - the one that’s still alive today.

For months before my brother’s Trial Quorra did all she could to pit father against son. She spent every moment she could tucked up in the King’s study, they’d go walking for hours, riding out for days, she was with him at every turn. The King was besotted and just as with the Dark Lord he was either too weak, too blind or just didn't care. Silo, as beautiful as she is now? When she was younger before all this blackened her heart? She was irresistible. And poor Y’lrang who loved her to his very soul? She refused to acknowledge he was even alive. She cut him at every turn and when she wasn’t ignoring him she was mocking him. The last straw for my brother? She accompanied our father into the eating hall, he sat her in our mother’s place and throughout the meal like a lover she slipped the choicest morsels from her plate in-between his lips, she shared his cup.‘

‘The rest of the story is a nightmare. My brother left in a rage and went off to his Trial unprepared. I couldn’t even stop him.’ Wren panted and trotted on forming her memories into words that poorly retold the truths and the pains, the terror and heartache of what followed.

‘When he returned battered, scarred and bloody, broken bones, his stomach cleaved to his backbone, his face so mangled he could barely talk? His first words were for her and he learned his love had joined with his father the king while he was gone. In all fairness to Quorra? Y was gone a long time. I’d nearly given up hope, our father certainly had. It was more than a full turn of season before he came home to us more dead than alive.

Quorra stole into his room his first night home. She cried over my brother begging him for understanding. He wouldn’t look or answer her. She kissed his torn lips his blood smeared her own but his lips lay motionless. Quorra begged him on her knees to please talk to her, to believe she’d only joined with our father because she thought he was dead. He didn’t so much as blink. She tore her hair and her gown. She screamed. When she took her own dagger to her throat I barked to alert the guards. They found her cut and bleeding badly but stayed her hand from the deeper stroke that would have completed her own death. As they dragged her screaming from the room she rained down curses and vowed revenge against Y, the King, and our people. To all of this? My brother just stared straight at the ceiling, jaw clenched and wouldn’t even look her in the eye.’ Wren gasped with the memory and Silo spoke for the first time in a long time.

‘But why?’ Despite her own feelings for Y’lrang she pitied Quorra with a burning heart.

‘He didn’t know she was even there.’ Wren snapped at the hand Silo used to stroke the fur along her back. Panting in fury Wren finished her story abruptly.

‘I’d drugged him. I couldn’t live knowing my brother was suffering. That whole male thing - the initiation - the living or dying with only his own strength to save him. It sickened me. So I drugged him. It was my fault he didn’t respond to Quorra. See? He was so full of the potion that took away his pain and his mind at the same time he couldn't have responded to Quorra to save his life. These slaves Silo? He was like them. His eyes open, his mouth able to speak, but his soul lost to the world.’

‘How do you know all this?’ She couldn’t help but interrupt again.

Wren barked a laugh. ‘I was there.’

Suddenly it all became clear, as clear to Silo as if she’d been there in the room. Wren was a ’shifter’. She’d snuck into Y’s recovery chamber as a dog, drugged him, and was probably laying at the foot of his couch trapped into witnessing every word Quorra said, everything she did.

‘That’s right.’ Wren saw the truth dawning in the look of pity and horror shining from Silo’s eyes. ‘I’d snuck in to his chamber and was forced back in this form when Quorra entered and I’ve been so ever since. Y’lrang? We’ll never know what he would have said to Quorra if he hadn’t been out of his senses. Later when his body was healed? He never even remembered she’d come to him but by then? It was already too late.’

‘But why not shift back?’ Silo asked without judgment.

‘Not until I can tell Y the truth...and now’s not the time.’ Silo heard fear wrack her voice as Wren broke into a loping run.

‘But you still didn’t tell me why your brother won’t talk to me!‘ Silo stopped in place to yell before a wall of slaves bumped into her back moving her on.

‘I don‘t have to. You already know!’ Wren called back leaving Silo alone with the slaves, in hell.

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 01:11 PM

"How can you call this Hell?" Dag whispered to herself as she surveyed the beautiful
landscape that lay ahead. The tall trees swayed with a high summer breeze and the
girl-who had hidden herself for many years , glimpsed fluffy clouds sailing by through
the canopy. Blossom fluttered and caught in BIAD's hair and Tibbs' beard and Sugar-
Stealers danced on the small eddys of air between the branches.

Silo stood against the Cave opening and seemed lost in her own thoughts, whilst Tibbs
breathed in deep breaths and smiled at the sweet air. Mucklbones, that Sorceress from the
wilds of Carbiox, had hurried on and grabbed at leaves and tubers, her focus lay in stuffing
the herbs inside that scruffy poncho of hers.

Chumley stood not too far from the Vithian with the heavy book at his feet and looked
around in bewilderment, the passing Dragonflies and Kanter-wasps seemed to catch his
attention and one can wonder if he pondered their edibility.

Y'lrang and Y'Wren lay in the lush grass that bordered the cave area and rolled over with
yips and giggles, even Chumley could see that they were happy to be back -though the
Regalian was confused why.

The blank-faced minions of Queen Y'Quorra had created a wall around the group and it
was Boy In A dress and Nenothtu -the Vandal, who immediately scanned the lines of
ensorcelled Culs for a way out.

Y'Quorra watched from beneath a massive creaking Elm tree and smiled her reptile smile.
"You are guests in my Kingdom and I know..." the ice-blue eyes of the beauty flicked to
the well-muscled body of the frolicking Y'lrang "... my husband the King will want to greet

The breeze blew a welcoming coolness across the group's dirt-lined faces and BIAD's keen
hearing picked up the sound of running water not too far off, the Man/girl relished some
bathing time.

"Tell yer' goons to stand down or I'll do some greetin' of my own" Neno growled softly as
he neared the Queen of the Culs, the pistol had never wavered from pointing at her
midrift and she had wondered earlier back in the mountain if this tall cold-hearted
killer preferred a gut-shot for his enemies... they took longer to die -she wagered.
The white-haired temptress nodded as her hands were still bound and the zombie-like
guardians trudged away along a small path that disappeared through a large bank of

Silo had seemed to come out of her daze and knelt beside the giggling young man with
the tail-wagging dog as they enjoyed the moment. "Are you okay?" she asked and smiled
her worries away from her normally-pretty face.

A flock of birds that looked a lot like Velder-Caws suddenly swooped through the
branches of the Elm and disappeared into the Mine entrance, not a sound was heard in
their passing. Y'lrang looked up at the Tavern girl and attempted to hide his feelings for
her... he knew Y'Quorra would be watching.

"We're fine, even though my people are still captive..." he said and looked deep into Silo's
eyes, his handsome features showed only genuine happiness to be home.
"... The feel of fresh air and sunlight is still a fairly new emotion to Culs who have spent
most of their lives underground" The blue eyes of Y'lrang sparkled his fondness regardless
of his attempted hiding of it.
Silo busied herself re-binding her split bodice as she stood erect, "I'm glad you and Wren
are home and I hope we can help you" the slight twist of the right eyebrow indicated some

Tibbs grunted as he hoisted the Vantine Kel Puldria open and after squatting down onto the
soft lawn-like grass and after straightening his robes about him, he began to read about 'The
Valley of The Cursed' -as the page title announced.

BIAD was sure the moth wouldn't see him, the brownish-grey insect waited on a rhubarb
leaf and slowly wafted it's 'owl-eyed' wings. A nibble-before-bathtime was in the making as
the hermaphrodite crouched and slowly stalked towards the Heterocera.

"I see you Boy" the moth said politely and fluttered away towards a high break of Danda
Cane that swayed with a bone-clicking sound in the breeze.
BIAD looked about and saw that nobody -but he had heard the creature speak, the idiot
grin faltered for a moment as he too, stood to his full height.

Neno cut the woman's bonds with the large sheath-knife and Y'Quorra offered him a
beguiling -yet thankful smile. "You are kind Sir..." she cooed and stepped away from the
looming GunMan "... I will abide by your request to stay my hand to harm any here, but
heed my words, you will not succeed in freeing my people"
The Vandal looked the Queen up and down with a poker-face and remained stoic, the
pistol slipped quickly back into it's holster.

"Where are your Standing Stones postioned M'Lady" Tibbs asked without looking up
and everyone looked at the sitting dwarf with the round spectacles, "It's just an interest
of mine" he added quickly and raising his head, he smiled kindly.
Y'Quorra squinted suspiciously at the Vithian and waited a few seconds before answering.
"They are past the waterfall, but the rocks are said to contain demons... it's a place nobody
goes" she said with doubt of Tibbs' hobby.

Mucklebones appeared from behind a clump of Rhododendron bushes and looked around
at the group, the deep lines on the Gray's face showed a cunning.
"Aye, the devils enjoy residing among the quartz, don't you agree Boy?" she croaked and
rummaged in the poncho in such a way that everyone saw her womanhood.

"Please!" called Silo "... a little dignity would be refreshing, Crone" the Tavern-server
was back and the tone of her commanding voice wasn't lost on the Queen from this
so-called prison.

Boy In A Dress showed a tight smile, he didn't like being reminded of his supposed

Muckles sighed and slowly pulled a well-thumbed notebook from the neck of her
garment "Just lookin' for me' memories my lassie... stones hold good and bad demons
and a protocol must be adhered to at all times" The old Gray had lost interest in explaining
anymore and went to see what Tibbs was engrossed in.

It was Nenothtu who spoke next.
"Now tell us... what this Dark Lord is and how he holds your people here" he said and
moaned with relief as he settled himself on a smooth moss-overgrown boulder near the ferns.
"He told us how we could be powerful again" Y'Quorra said and even Chumley heard
the seriousness in her voice.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:47 AM

~*~ Ol' Blue Eyes ~*~

‘BIAD, don’t worry, it’s only me!’ Silo called loudly in the direction of the natural pool they’d been told lay just beyond the dense foliage blocking the path. Poking here and there between the greenery Silo found the opening and slid sideways into a private grove where BIAD was squeezing the lat drops of moisture from his long black hair.

‘How was the water?’ Silo asked hoping BIAD had enjoyed himself. She wanted to talk to BIAD and felt a little guilty having invaded the hermaphrodites few moments of peace but she really had no choice.

‘The water was great. You going in?’ BIAD flashed a winning smile.

‘I don’t think so, nooo.’ Something about the water called to Silo but repelled her at once. Somewhere in her mind a bad memory began to wake. Water, getting lost, morphing with the waves and unable to get back out, to become whole again...

‘Yo Silo?‘ BIAD laughed and snapped his fingers to get her attention. ‘You going to stand there like one a those Cul’s or tell me what you’re here for?’ BIAD flipped his hair over his back and continued to comb it between his fingers helping it to dry.

“I wanted to talk to you about Y...’ Silo crouched down in the grass and started pulling up the blades one by one.

‘I thought so.‘ BIAD all but snapped his fingers again. ‘So, I take it you heard their story? About Q?‘ BIAD asked the obvious if only to let Silo know he already knew the tale himself.

‘Yeah I did. But I wanted to talk to you about something else.‘ The small mound of grass under her hand quickly shriveled and turned a sickening gray.

‘So you’re not wondering why he wont talk to you?’ BIAD walked forward and used the toe of his bright red shoe to poke at the rotting grass. Silo, disgusted with the mess she’d made stood up and brushed off her hands.

‘Sure, but I’ll figure that out on my own. It’s something...worse. At least I think.’ Silo looked around like she was trying to get her bearings.

‘What could be worse? Something about this place then?’ BIAD spread his arms and smiled up into the warmth overhead.

‘Yes, that too.’ Silo walked closer to the waters edge followed by BIAD who’s enjoyment of the moment was quickly dwindling. BIAD almost wished Silo hadn’t followed him here, but, she’d only brought reality with her - BIAD had sensed something was ‘off’ also.

‘So what’s worrying you the most?’ The Boy in a Dress let his voice fill with patience and laid a long nailed hand over Silo’s shoulder in a rare show of support and affection.

‘Have you see his eyes?’ Silo’s voice caught in a whisper of dread her eyes churning with so much emotion they hurt BIAD to see.

‘What’s wrong with his eyes?’ BIAD asked not really wanting to know the answer.

‘Since we got here? To this place?’ Silo turned back to the water that had gone from inviting to thin and cold, darkly ominous.

‘You mean here in the valley?’ BIAD used the word only for the lack of another.

‘Yeah. Since we got here,’ Silo’s eyes filled, ‘since we got here his eyes have’

A short blast of wind buffeted BIAD’s damp hair raising goose bumps across his arms. The girl was right. Y’lrang and his sister shared unique eyes, mirroring the others, one yellow, one green. But blue?

‘Well hell.’ BIAD shook his head and let his hand drop, ‘I think we better go have a talk with Neno.’

'But he’s back with the others listening to Quorra.' Silo almost moaned.

‘No, he's right here.’ Came the gravely voice of the gunman as he entered the glade.

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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 11:55 AM

Nenothtu slipped through the vegetation and approached the other two, squatting with his back to them. "Ya'll go on with yer ablutions. I didn't come to disturb nuthin' " he said as he squatted. The he continued on. "Sumpin' ain't right here. Somebody's been watchin' us ever since we left that cave, and I can't find 'em."

"Watching us?" Silo queried. "How do you know that if you can't find them?" She seemed a bit edgy.

"I got what I always called a 'combat sense'. I've had it forever. It used to spook the folks back home - they thought it was some kind of witchery or something, 'cause it never failed." he blew out a breath at the memory of home, then continued "I figger it's jest some kinda hyper-sensitivity to subconcious stuff that my main mind don't notice is all it is. Feels like a crawly sensation right where my head meets my neck, in the back" he harumphed, then added "probably where I'm gonna git it one dark night. Anyhow, muh combat sense has been ringing muh bells. We're bein' watched, and there ain't no doubts about it. I gotta wonder by WHO."

Silo looked around, wide eyed. "Ive not seen anything, either, but BIAD and I were just discussing the wrong feel this place has."

"Ive noticed yer fella's eyes, too. Don't rightly know what it means, could be something, could be nothing. It ain't unheard of to change eye color on special occasions" and he recalled how his own sister always swore his eyes turned from blue to black whenever someone was about to have a bad day at his hands, but he didn't mention that. "Anyhow," neno continued, "I ain't gettin' into yer business, Silo, but I'm keepin' an eye on him same as the rest of the new folk. "

Silo jumped with a start. "New folk! If you're here, who's watching Q?" she queried in a near panic.

"Relax" nenothtu stated as he lit a cigar. "She ain't gonna do squat until and unless she gets to Big Daddy. I done put the fear o' God into her, I think. Besides, Mucklebones is there to keep an eye on her, an' I'm tellin' you right now, that old gal has more smoke behind her than you think. I b'lieve most of what she's doin' and the way she's actin' is all an act. Hell, if the truth were known, I bet she ain't even as old as she looks - or she might even be OLDER, and just not look it, but I'd bet what we see ain't the real Muckles."

BIAD chimed in with "Who's watching Mucklebones, then?"

"Tibbs, of course. The way he's been poring over that Hoodoo book, I reckon he ought to be able to fling a wondrous hoodoo on 'er by now if she gets outta hand..." and he grinned before continuing "seriously, I ain't worried all that much about Mucklbones at the moment. ya gotta trust somebody some time, and she's give me less cause for concern than Q. At least Mucklebones ain't surrounded me with a young army and demanded my surrender. Key to trusting folks is to know WHO and more importantly WHEN. Right now, Muckles has more to gain by throwin' in with us than Q. She'll do - for now, any how."

He stood back up without turning around, and said "I b'lieve Q is overawed by this Dark Lord. Got skeert by his parlor tricks or something, but she thinks he's got more on the ball than he does. She said the damndest thing... said 'he told us how we could be powerful again' " and here nenothtu snorted, then continued "as if anybody draws their power from anyone else. If ya ain't got yer own, ya ain't got NONE, and that's all there is to it. We all make out own paths, an' it's a bad mistake to think someone else is gonna make yers for ya, or lead you down the right one. Usually works out they lead you to dyin', and they take the gold." He sighed. "Sombody's got to pick them folks up, dust 'em off, and point 'em in the right direction, so they can cut their own trail. Odin knows this 'Dark Lord' ain't gonna do it, or he already would've. he's got somethin' else in mind." here his voice dropped to nearly a whisper "An' if that sumitch screws with me or mine, I swear I'll kill every livin' thing between here and Khalamzadar, and live out my retirement with the Uktenas and the jungle until the universe eats that planet, too."

he started walking off then, saying "it ain't like I've got anything left to lose, is it? I'm headin' back to listen to the rest of her tale, and try an' figure out what Q's up to" as he slipped back into the vegetation, adding just as he went out of sight "Y'all keep yer eyes peeled. There's somethin' afoot."

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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 04:41 AM

~*~ Up Up and Away ~*~

The scream went on and on and as sometimes screams do this one became contagious.

Ernie flattened himself against the pine paneling wall of the Mars cabin, stuck his arms out to his sides fingers spread, his mouth opened wide and he...

‘Don’t!’ CindyMars silenced him and gasped for air, ’Just don’t!’ Rubbing her throat she dipped her head to her chest and shook off the ringing in her ears grateful Ernie had swallowed his scream. Last thing she needed after having the fright of her life was his howling.

Teleporting back the cabin, glad to be ‘home‘ CindyMar’s began shedding clothes on entry her eyes half closed humming to herself. Sing-songing a quick ‘I‘m home!’ CindyMars expected her cat and the Milli-Being that rode in the cat’s fur to respond to her call. What she didn’t expect was her handyman Ernie walking out of her bathroom zipping up his fly.

‘I’m sorry Mam!’ Ernie started inching towards the door his tuque dipping to bump against his glasses his eyes huge and round reflecting fear and awe. CindyMars unconcerned with her state of undress figured his reaction was over seeing her materialize and that meant trouble with a capital E - for Ernie.

‘Look, you didn’t know I was here...’ CindyMars waved her hand and tried to act casual bending and plucking her clothes from the floor.

‘But Ms. Mars, you weren’t here!’ He jumped at his own outburst. CindyMars response was to nailed him into silence with a glare.

‘Ernie never mind that! Now look, just tell me where my cat is!’ Ducking into the bathroom tossing her clothes in the tub she yanked her bathrobe off the hook on the back of the door and pulled the thick white terry belt tight around her slim waist.

‘Your cat?’ Ernie couldn’t wrap his mind around her worrying about a cat at a time like this. ’Ms. Mars don’t you understand?’ He started as if he hadn’t even heard her question.

Shooting her cuffs CindyMar’s set her shoulders as square as her jaw. ‘No! I don’t understand an until I know where my cat is I don’t want to understand. See?’ She did little to hide her exasperation.

‘Well, I’m not quite sure ya see...’ He halted, ‘Mam, there was a break in!’ He wailed and started inching towards the door once more his eyes round and rolling behind his coke bottle glasses which had fogged over considerably.

‘Ernie... Stop!‘ CindyMars ducked between the frightened man and the door and into the liquor cabinet. Fumbling for the bottle in the very back CindyMars fingers closed over the one she sought and without looking at the label passed it to Ernie. With her thumb to her lips and pinky in the air she motioned him to drink.

‘Ernie. Where’s Squatch?’ She exaggerated the question watching his eyes go wide as he swallowed once then drank again. Shoving the mouth of the bottle into the armpit of his flannel jacket Ernie twisted it round and round before handing it back. CindyMars flinched but took the bottle.

‘Well, Mam, it’s like this,‘ he hesitated, ‘Mam, I kind of ran over your cat plow.’ The warm liquid settling into his blood did nothing to help the fear settling in his groin. Something very strange was happening here. His groin knew it. His groin was never wrong. His hand dropped low over his front his thumb catching on his belt before he could embarrass himself. ‘Ms. Mars your cat just shot right in front’a ma plow like a jackerabbit!’ Ernie’s eyes scrunched shut as if he was in pain only to open them again one at a time.

‘You ran over my cat? With your what?’ CindyMars lowered her chin her voice dropped low and quiet.

‘No! No no no!‘ The handyman wailed, ‘He aint dead like, I just nicked his tail. Just the tail Mam!‘ Ernie‘s groin gave a sharp twang. ‘Looky there right outside,‘ He waved behind him, ‘That cat a yours tail is right o’er there hanging from my plow antenna.’ Ernie quailed and felt a drip of urine seep through his boxers.

‘And my cat? Where’s the rest of it?’ CindyMar’s voice dipped even lower her eyes narrowing into tight slits.

‘I don’t know. I thought he ran in here,’ A light blinked on behind Ernie’s eyes, ‘I was...I was looking for him in’ Ernie nodded his head and grabbed at his crotch as Mars drew closer.

Two things happened before she strangled him. First, Squatch, seeing his beloved master about to commit murder figured it was high time to make an entrance. Sliding out from between the stacked maple logs in the fireplace covey Squatch walked between Ernie's legs, his bloody stump held high and gave CindyMars a reproachful yowl. Second, the crunch of cold rubber on snow gave away an approaching car in the drive.

‘Who the hell is that!’ CindyMars grabbed Ernie behind the neck with one hand, Squatch likewise with the other and flattened herself against the wall while trying to peak behind the curtain to get a look at who was behind the headlights blinding her eyes.

“Tha’d be the Chief Mam,’ Ernie whispered louder than he usually talked, ‘I had to call him! I been tryin’ to tell you, someone broke into your cabin!’

‘Well why in the hell didn’t you say so before!‘ Cindy glared, the fine hairs at the base of Ernie’s neck rose just to get pulled out when Cindy tightened her grip on his collar while handing him her cat.

‘You hold onto Squatch and don’t you dare let him go! CindyMars sprinted across the room in crazy leaps and bounds tugging her captive behind her. Up the stairs they barely made it into her office at the top of the landing as the Chief came through the front door.

‘Ernie?’ The Chief yelled just inside the door. CindyMars gave Ernie a quelling look and held her finger to her lips. Ernie let go with a little more water.

‘Ernie! Now you come on out here boy, quit this foolin’ around!’ The Chief headed into the kitchen giving Cindy the opportunity to rummage through her desk drawers hoping the Chief couldn’t hear her from where he was looking for Ernie in the refrigerator.

Her desk empty Cindy lifted her chin and groaned remembering her last teletab was in the tiny corner pocket of her jeans - in the tub downstairs. Well, no use for it she thought snatching Ernie’s behind the neck again to drag them back down the stairs.

Passing the fireplace Cindy grabbed the log fork and shoved the tines hard in the crack just above the hinges. It would slow him up, but not for long. Pushing Ernie before her into the bathroom Squatch’s tail stump got banged, the cat had had enough.

“Would you watch out!’ Squatch howled and the Milli-Being trying to protect itself and Squatch yelled with him.

Hearing the voice booming from the struggling cat in his arms Ernie’s waterworks failed all together but he still didn’t dare let go of the cat.

CindyMars didn’t have time to explain or sooth the handyman. Bent over the tub and fumbling at the small key pocket set above the right pocket of her jeans she just succeeded in freeing the teletab when the Chief threw his weight, belly and all against the resisting kitchen door. The fire fork didn‘t hold. Popping free the fork somersaulted into the air and falling caught between the Chief’s service boots the inertia sending the Chief headfirst across the hall and into the bathroom blocking any escape for CindyMars.

‘Well hell!’ CindyMars sighed. Wrapping her arms around Ernie, Squatch and the Milli-Being ridding in the cat’s fur CindyMars snapped the teletab - and they were gone.

Right before the Chief’s eyes CindyMars, her handyman and cat disappeared leaving nothing but a pool of yellow liquid spreading across the bathroom floor reflecting millions of tiny sparkles that evaporated into thin air.

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~*~ Back on the Yydryl ~*~

‘You’ll feel better in a few there buddy, the first trip’s always a doozey.’ ‘Especially when you’re not prepared for interstellar dimensional travel‘ CindyMars thought wryly while supporting Ernie with one arm cupped around his chest and one hand shoving his head down between his knees. He’d not vomited but he was bailing like a drunken sailor swallowing hard at the post teleport nausea.

They were back on the Yydryl. Cindymar’s still in her bathrobe with a pair of jeans thrown over her shoulder shuddered at the cold and damp her eyes narrowing as the chill entered her bones. The Yydryl was never this cold. She couldn’t be. Something wasn’t right . Ship felt alien and empty. Granted Cindy’d not been aboard the Yydryl for nearly an earth year but that didn’t negate the vibrations about her were menacing, echoes of something wrong and out of place laying thick and heavy.

‘Come on fella try and stand up, you’ll feel better walking and we’ve got to get going.’ CindyMars prodded the queasy man feeling little guilt. Her gut reaction to the cold and quiet aboard the Yydryl warned her not to loiter. Pulling her ex-handyman tuned new crew-mate upright by the thick brown corduroy collar of his flannel shirt she gave him a couple a hard pats between the shoulder blades to get him moving and started off at a smart pace.

Ernie wasn’t following her. She’d forgotten how debilitating teleporting could be.

‘Ernie, come on.’ Turning back to the dazed man CindyMars stopped in her tracks her hand to her throat. Ernie bent over elbows on his knees was silently dry heaving but the problem wasn’t Ernie, it was the - thing - lumbering towards them from farther down the corridor.

‘Antar? Is’ CindyMars mouthed in disbelief. Antar, or no, whatever the ‘thing’ was it had the face and form of Ship’s long time missing Medical Officer but the coloring and vacant eyes of something long dead. Spittle flowing from a slack mouth opening and closing with it’s heaving gait, eyes staring in opposite directions sunk deep in a twisted tortured face, arms outstretched for balance in a pleading gesture that was at once pathetic and terrifying.

‘Ernie, come on bud we gotta get a move on...pronto.’ CindyMars raced the few strides back to where Ernie was valiantly trying to rise.

‘Milli, you there?’ Cindy asked the Milli-Being who used her cat Squatch as a host.

‘I’m here’ Milli answered dismally as the cat’s fur stood on end double the size of the already gargantuan Coon cat.

‘Where’s Carpet?’ Cindy oomphed while looping Ernie’s arm over her back taking his weight on her shoulders half pulling half pushing the big man along. That the YYdryl hadn’t greeted her on her arrival aboard was not so unusual, that Carpet did not was unconscionable. Carpet, the Milli-Being who lived in Ship’s halls and flooring was absent. A more ominous indication something was wrong aboard Ship would be hard to find.

‘My progenitor‘s not here. Carpet’s not aboard Ship...anywhere.‘ Milli added grimly. Cindy swallowed around the lump forming in her throat. Wherever Carpet was, or wasn’t, she wished him well.

Picking up her pace CindyMars forced Ernie into a fast shuffle. Stumbling along he looked from the ‘talking’ cat trotting beside them to his employer and back to the cat again. This time he didn’t faint. Things were looking up for Ernie Cindy observed, but not for their little group. Even after Ernie ducked from under her arm to move along on his own accord affording them a faster pace the lurching disjointed Antar ‘thing’ was keeping up with them.

A split in the corridor gave her a choice. To the left, the ‘Swamp’, Ship’s bar, the other direction the crew’s quarters. CindyMars chose the turn to the bar where once she’d stood as Leisure Director of the Yydryl crew. Ducking in to the ‘Swamp’ she made sure the others made it through before locking the entrance securely. With a fleeting hope the Antar ‘thing’ would continue in the other direction CindyMars resisted turning on the lights in the dim bar and stayed in the shadows watching the corridor through the safety of a window.

‘What was that?’ Milli asked from Squatches fur while the cat paced nervously between her legs.

CindyMars shrugged, ‘I dunno but whatever it is I want you to hide. Take Ernie and get behind...’

‘Ya don’t need to take me anywhere’s Miss Mars,’ Ernie spoke, ’I‘m on ma feet and my gall is settling. Takes more than a little teleportation'en to keep me down’ Ernie panted still bent over but walked his hands up his thighs and pushed off to stand erect.

‘Teleportation-en?‘ Cindy tried to sound naive even though she hadn’t figured out what to tell her handyman yet.

Ernie winked one hazel eye behind his thick glasses his felt hat cocked to one side giving him an almost rakish air. “Nowww come on Ms. Mars, besides teleportan’en making my guts feel like road kill? I’ve always wanted to try it. I read every one of them books a yours ya see? Every one and most three times over.’ Ernie winked again and pushed his glasses up his nose.

‘Now you take ‘Serendipity’ there,‘ he continued, ‘that one there I read more than all the others combined ‘cause that’s when I knew this all here was real.’ Ernie waved his arms a little drunkenly indicating more than the bar, but Ship in whole. ’Yep, that was the one. After reading Serendipity I’d no doubt all this outer-space, aliens, time travel, flying spaceships bigger than half the world and then some...stuff.’ Ernie’s sense of excitement grew like a kid sitting plum center in a circus.

‘But how’d you know?‘ Cindymars marveled at her handyman's insight.

‘That’s easy Ms. Mars,‘ Ernie chuckled, ‘Cause not even you got that good a ‘magination.’ He answered honestly and added when Cindy frowned, ‘No insult intended. You’re a mighty fine storyteller but Serendipity was like reading history, not some made up tale.’

‘No insult taken Ernie.’ Cindy frowned not knowing why she felt so unsettled about his revelation but hoped she‘d remember to think on it later. ‘Well that‘s a help, will save me a lot of explaining so just, well, make yourself at home.’ She ordered gruffly making sure to emphasize ‘home’. If Ernie had read all her books he’d already know there was no going back to earth for him. Not now, not ever, fictional character or real, the laws still applied.

Shaking her head Cindy left the doorway heading for a drink pulling her jeans on as she went. A bottle of Carbiox whiskey and a couple of tumblers in hand, a bag of pretzels in the other, she set herself at a table closest to the window to the corridor and motioned for Ernie to join her. For the moment the zombie-Antar must be headed in the other direction hopefully giving them a moment to make some plans. That the Antar creature wasn’t that smart or fast didn’t make CindyMars feel better at all.

‘Here, have a shot.‘ Cindy poured them a stiff drink and clinked glasses before downing the whiskey neat and tipping the bottle for another.

‘Welcome to the Yydryl I hope you enjoy your stay.’ CindyMars said sarcastically toasting the air between them.

‘I think I’ll be doin’ just that.‘ Ernie chuckled, downed his drink and giving her another wink.

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"...He did what?!" said Y'lrang and stared wide-eyed at the woman who had lured his
heart and then dismissed him, the tall blonde Cul's view of Nenothtu was radically

Neno said nothing as he appeared through the undergrowth and gave no indication
that he had overheard Y's surprise. Queen Y'Quorro eyed the tall man with the tied-down
holster as he squatted near the hand-made campfire.

"We were just talking about you..." the white-haired beauty said softly through the rolling
smoke "... about your encounter with Death"

The Vandal that had wrestled, pummeled and demanded a way back from the 'otherside'
said nothing, his face remained stone and it seemed that even the forest waited for a
Tibbs -feeling that Neno may think that he had exposed this information, cleared his
throat and said "It was back on Earth and a long time ago... how did you hear of it?"

The small Vithian glanced at Neno and pondered whether he had picked that the
Queen Cul was revealing the story herself, again the tall killer never showed any emotion.

"It has been told far-and-wide across the galaxies, the legend of the Neo reaches even these
outposts" Y'Quorra said and she too, glanced at the squatting silence across from her.
Nenothtu heard Muckles moving around in the bushes behind the group and ahead of
him and guessed the Crone had finished with her foraging, however she -herself added
another task she had accomplished. "I needed that... phew, those caves keep yer' bunged

Tibbs rolled his eyes and Dag snickered behind her hand at the comment, Chumley nodded
as if the big Regalian understood her complaint, the others just sat opened-mouthed.

A few moments passed before Nenothtu spoke and he'd been mulling over his thoughts on
what this Witch-Gray was really up to, he felt the time was right to find out.
The outcast of Uktena shuffled between Tibbs and her 'son' Chumley and smiled at the
latter with affection, Tibbs was offered a friendly grin.

"Ah' know that some here know of my exploits... and ah' know that some are aware of a
future that I have to fulfill... " Neno didn't like this way, but he felt that he would throw
the threat in first and then watch for any lies and half-truths, he would sort out as he went
"... so if we're gonna fix the problem ahead, ah'll be wantin' the truth on the table...
so let's see, who's first?" he finished and fished the remains of a cigar from his shirt

Dag leaned forward and offered a flame on a twig, the GunMan nodded at the girl and
took the make-shift mtach "thank yer' Miss" he whispered and lit the stogie.
The sounds of distant birds and insects throbbed through the forest as evrybody waited
to see who was first.

"I have nothing to say that will benefit you Vandal, my King and I are content to follow the
requests of the Dark Lord and search for the mineral that the Carone sought... we will be
immortal" Y'Quorra lifted her chin and showed a regal stare at the unshaven man in
the 'old-Western' clothes. Neno eyed her look and smiled like a Gila Monster.

"And you?" he hissed and moved his gaze to Tibbs and the small bearded man's eyes
widened at the question. "I er...I don't understand what you're meaning is" Tibbs stated
and pulled his robes about him, he felt Mucklebones' eyes on him too.
"Oh now my dwarf, you know what the future holds... you've been there and ah' figure
you might wanna 'fess-up' around now" Neno said menacingly, he hoped the ploy would

"I cannot divulge an outcome, if I wasn't there to see it... it's been over fourty centuries
since I've been to this area of the universe" Tibbs annnounced and showed a defiant
look at the accusing eyes of the rest of the group, "Anyway, the future is unwritten,
everyone knows that" he finished.

The book sat unopened at Tibbs' right side and Neno could see the Vithian's fingers itching
to discover the old secrets inside, a steely stare watched the small man struggle.
"I admit we left the Splitter here..." Tibbs'eyes darted to the Cul Queen to see if there was
any clue of her knowing it's location "... it was foolish in hind-sight, but the one from the
Black Atlantis was hot on our heels and we had to do something to stop his endeavours"
It was Y'Quorra who spoke next "this 'we'... who is 'we'?" and the fair-faced woman
leaned back and pushed her chest forward as her hands kept her upright behind her.
Neno smiled inside as he guessed at the 'bitch-queen' was doing and saw Y'lrang's
face as he looked back at Tibbs.

The Multi-being sighed and in an instant, twelve-to-thirteen Tibbs' appeared around
the group, a smile and a wave and then a blur of them disappearing back into the small body
of Tibbs took seven seconds.
The gasps of the surprise from the Culs, Dag and Chumley were followed by Silo's gasp
of the sight as she emerged from the bushes behind Nenothtu.
Boy In A Dress wandered into the camp a few seconds later.

Nenothtu waited until the two had settled and eyed BIAD enough to remind him to
pull his dress hem lower, the Man/girl thanked him with a nod.

"You didn't seem surprised Crone..." the GunMan said easily "... maybe yer've somethin'
to add?" The remains of the cigar was flicked into the embers for emphasis.
"Aye... yer'll be wantin' to know if 'ahm The Dark Lord's mole, heh?" the old Gray
known as Mucklebones rasped and treated the Vandal to a twisted smile.

"I know of Tibbs' ability... and ah know of what Queeny -here has waiting for us
at the settlement her and the lad's father supposedly rule... but ah'm not that bastard's
spy, if that's what yer' think" the Hag stared back without any show of fear and Neno
wondered if she would expand her speech.

Mucklebones read the tall U-man's face and sighed, it was time she guessed.
"The bugger that has ripped planets and folk asunder is here looking for Tibbs' device.
Ah' think... nay, ah know he's gonna use that mineral to enhance that cursed machine
and bring about the end of time. The 'Big Rip' as you know it..." Neno pondered how
much Tibbs had told her, but remained silent as she went on. "... will not happen the
way you think it will, he wants the end NOW!"

Tibbs picked up the Vantine Kel Puldria and began flicking pages with haste, Muckles
smiled reptile-like and whispered at the side of her mouth "it's in there... if you know
where to look"

Neno sniffed and stood up, both knees made popping sounds as he stretched.
"Then we better get going... we've got to a universe to save"

Mucklebones stood up too and the looks of disgust as she struggled to her feet and
the exposure of her naked parts from underneath the poncho -from Y'lrang, the quiet
'YWren, Y'Quorra and Dag were ignored by the old crone. "Yer'll be right fella..."she said
and eyed the Caliburn handle jutting from behind Nneothtu's shoulder. "... or yer'll have
no universe to rule over!" Neno frowned as the old bag wandered off with a cackle.

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~*~ Goodbye Adam~*~

Dag separated from the group, her heart heavy, her eyes glistening with tears. Neno had indicated with a slow nod of his head - the time had come. Where the group was headed now? They had to leave Adam behind and there was no time left to wait. Neno had already moved Adam’s mortal remains to a spot she herself had picked out beside the water in the glade where the gunman had fashioned a hasty burial mound. There Adam waited for her last goodbyes.

Dag prepared his body cleaning him gently with water and the rag she’d once used to tie back her hair. His face glowed with her efforts, if anyone had seen him now they’d of found it hard to believe he was gone he so resembled a man lost in sleep. Removing his knife, one she’d take as her own Dag sawed at her hair, the hank forever falling over her face hiding her eyes. How Adam had loved to reach out and move the swath of silver-white aside revealing the face that never ceased to cause his heart swell and beat faster. But now it beat no more. Tying the clump of hair with the damp piece of rag Dag opened Adams shirtfront gasping at the warmth still emanating from his flesh. It was not to be borne.

His knife over her left breast Dag cut a slow deep groove over her heart letting the blood to flow. In the same manner she cut Adam above his heart waiting for the blood that would never come. With a gut-wrenching sob she wiped her own blood away with her hair tied by the rag, placed it over the pale wound on Adam’s chest and fastened his shirt. What was done was done. She could only hope in the mystery of life and the rebirth of death someday, somehow she’d be with Adam again, that her life's blood would go with him, remind him, tie them together with a power greater than death. The power of Love.

She didn’t look back as she left the glade, there was no one there for her anymore.

The Gunman dropped his eyes as she approached. Reaching out slowly with one finger he touched the blood congealing on her chest, turned his finger to look at its glistening tip and only then closed her shirtfront. Without touching her again Neno kissed her forehead gently and mumbled something only she could hear. Dag’s shoulders lurched, her chest heaved with emotion, her hand spread across her middle in a motion as old as time but she said nothing more and left the gunman to finish the job he’d started.

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Big Jim's Fishing Emporium laid it's early evening shadow towards the boathouse where
the young Neo sat looking out across the lake. As the birds set about their evening song
and the crickets sawed their legs madly to a hopeful mate, Neo soaked in the vista of
peace before him.

Jim Carpenter had gone into town to pick up some groceries and Betty Carpenter was busy
making sure the canoes and kayaks were all secured to the jetty, Neo occasionally glanced at
the woman he saw has Mother.

"You look glum, Neo" Betty said as she wiped her hands on the cloth that was always found
near the shoreline, the material never seemed to get dirty and after two years, Jim and his
wife had accepted the cloth without another thought. The piercing eyes of the young boy
scanned the old woman and a lop-sided smile slowly formed on the smooth features.

"I just think the world out there is waiting for me" Neo said softly and wiping his jean's
of dust, he stood and went to help his Mom.
"Oh now son..." Betty said and placed a hand on Neo's mop-haired head "... there's
plenty of time to make your mark" her apron and the cloth flapped in a sudden breeze.

The two finished the task of making sure all the craft were safe and then ambled towards
the store and the chance of a cooling cookie, Betty had been baking that afternoon.
The cloth, the one known as Carpet watched from the wooden post he had been left on
and sighed. He missed his friends.

Then it happened.

Somewhere in the past, Adam stopped swinging the tomahawk and looked out past
the remains of Custer's fleeing soldiers, the handful of bloody hair forgotten.
The Prairie wind seemed to speak 'not yet' and the paint-daubed Lakotan known as
Sitting Bull went back to ridding his land of the White-man.

Carpet felt it too, he also heard the roar of rage of the tall robed figure -known as Death
that had exiled him to Vandalia so long ago.

Jim and Betty Carpenter's 'boat-cloth' blinked out of this existence and far off in another
galaxy and time, Adam's body twitched under the wrapped blanket. Carpet felt the pressure
of the bindings and in the darkness of the shroud, he took his first breath.

"Oh cripes!" he muttered with his new lips.
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The huge dark doors slammed shut and the rumble sounded like mountain being torn
from the ground to Adam as he looked on the tall being in the blackest of robes.
The one known as Death glided from the entrance of the 'otherside' and the man who
had been used as a SoulBringer now waited for another assignment.

The room which Adam found himself held dark shadows that seemed to stretch up into
a blackness that hid anything that may double as a ceiling and as Death neared him, he
wondered if there was an actual ceiling... the gloom indicated nothing.

"There's been a development..." the low voice from the sooty hood came "... there's
trickery afoot and I will get to the bottom of it" Adam felt that the tone was of irritation
and knew better than to speak.

Since coming to this place, the recently-deceased Doctor had come to realise that all
his beliefs in medicine and the abilities to heal the sick were merely pantomime...
a dressing up for frail beings that feared the unknown, the Reaper -if you will.

No pill or laser could halt Death's requirements, no force in the Universe could make
this ultimate sway from his path... and yet something galled the tall Carrier Of Destruction.
Adam smiled to himself as the heap of dark robes fumed before him.

"I have done the deeds you've asked and though, I felt like an animal at times, I have
executed the tasks without comment... I have been honourable" Adam said and for
the first-time-in-a-long-time, he saw Dag's face in his thoughts.

The cowl moved and the shadowed hood nodded, "I concur Doctor, you have been an
excellent Soul Reaper for my benefit... yet, you are not the one I seek"
The atmosphere in the room lightened as Death moved towards a gnarled wooden
lecturn that stood in the shadowed corner, a metal-hinged book waited there to be

"You have been re-animated, the vessel you once inhabited with your so-called friends
on Carbiox is moving around and I gave no such command" Death said over his bony
shoulder and Adam would swear he saw smoke fuming from the material.

The Doctor of the Yydryl exposed his smile and the excitement he felt, seemed like an
intruder in this place of woes, but his smile remained.

"So I'm going back?" Adam asked and coughed nervously, Death was busy among the
pages of the book and the U-man that had recently worn a centurion's tunic and pushed
a long spear into the ribcage of a condemned religeous zealot, forced the eagerness
from his question.

Another page turned and Adam could swear he heard low pitiful moans with each turning,
Death didn't look up from his research.
Time held no place in Death's abode, but Adam felt that he may have waited a thousand
years or a minute before the shrouded being stopped his readings.

"Mmmm.... "came a sound as if gas was escaping a bloated body floating to the surface
of a forgotten millpond, "... it seems someone has been tinkering with a future-weave"
Death muttered and slammed the tome shut with a sound that rivalled the doors closing.

Then Adam's eyed widened as he found himself on a white-sanded beach with a calm
ocean residing there. Cumulus clouds waited on the horizon and the Doctor guessed that
fair weather was ahead.

"Well done Sir..." Death said from under the slightly-leaning palm tree "... your
meteorological assumption is correct, it will be good winds and a warm back for you"
Adam moved his eyes from the tranquil sea and saw a gaunt male in an ancient
sea Captain's uniform, black as Death's attire and the same ominous look.
The face of the man was scarred and a shock-streak of white made it's way across
the right-hand side of this sea farer's hair, the deep brow and burning eyes told
of loss, rage and revenge.

Adam gulped as he looked down and saw one leg and the smooth ivory of a whalebone
holding Captain Ahab erect.

Death's penchant for the dramatic was still in working order -Adam mused as he recalled
'Moby Dick' from his childhood, but not being from the twentieth Century, he would not
have known Death was now Gregroy Peck -an actor of that time.

"Aye lad... yer'll be settin' yer sail towards a better horizon... and I'll wager a loved awaits,
no?" Adam blushed as the sudden thoughts of Dag flutterd into his mind, a vision of her
nubile body rushed in as a close-second.
"And what is the cost of this reprieve? the Doctor asked haughtily, he guessed a despicable
task lay ahead.
"Yer' think badly of me son, I have no scheme..." Ahab's Artic-eyes searched the waves for his
nemesis "...Your shipmates have nailed their colours to mast and have decided to tamper
with the way of things"

When the Behemoth breached, the lanky Captain stood to his full height, a spray of water
marked the spot where Ahab would have his reckoning, "Go lad... while yer' still can, I'll
fend the black-hearted beast off"

Adam shuffled his feet at the embarrassment of the ham-acting and pondered if Death was
capable of cruel pranks, the look on the orca-ravaged man's face looked true enough.
'Black-hearted indeed' thought the Doctor, that's the kettle calling the pot.

Except it was black... all of it, the shroud took no light and the feeling of hard earth on Adam's
back was a reality that he realised that he had missed. The closeness of the cloth to his face
was also a sign that he was back in the 'real'

A minute later, Adam stood up and brushing his uniform jacket straight of wrinkes and
checking this strange forest for danger, he wondered which way to go.
"Dag..." he whispered to himself, "... Dag, Silo, Chumley and Nenothtu's companions" the
inventory was correct and he was ready to play catch-up.
"What about me?" said the voice in his head and the good Doctor's eyes widened -then
fluttered shut, a dead faint wished to be announced, but Adam fought against it.

"It's Carpet here Doc, I... sort of got stuck in your body!" the voice came again and Adam
shook the last of the giddiness away. "Oh... thank goodness..." whispered Adam to the
voice "... for a moment there, I thought I was going crazy"
Even Carpet could taste the sarcasm of each word.

The two-in-one set off along the faded track as the last of the sun's rays left the glade, leaving
nothing but a collapsed smoldering campfire and the ripped remains of a death-shroud.
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Nenothtu sat opposite Tibbs on a rounded boulder and through the aromatic smoke
of his cigar, he watched the Vithian and his new assistant -Mucklebones, set up the

The sword known as The Caliburn lay against the boulder and for the first time, the
Vandal noticed the faint inscription on the handle, He would read it later -he thought
and drew on the smoke with relish.

Twelve tall rocks circled the neatly grassed area and the masses of pretty yellow and
blue flowers that bordered the site, gave the all place a serene feel. The sight of the
rocks floating above the green ruined the normality of the surroundings.

The stones were megaliths, tall lengths of Tantazine hewn from the mountain's innards
and due to the anti-gravity qualities of the mineral, all twelve hovered a few inches
above the ground.

"Yer' think this hocus-pocus will really work?" the Vandal said with easy features on
his face. The walk to the Standing Stones had been an easy one and now the group
sat on the clipped grass near the broken alter and watched on also.

"I can understand how a man who lives by the gun, may doubt such rituals and I can
-as a scientist, see that this seems a little strange..." The small man pushed his beard
over his left shoulder as he stooped to place the amulet from his satchel into the
pebble-surrounded circle. The 'sister-broach' that Sslar had kept dangling from his
fur-wrapped neck, was placed beside it by Mucklebones.
"... but I'm assured that this ritual will work" Tibbs finished and smiled at the bent
back of the Witch.

Boy In A Dress kept glancing over at his gun-toting companion and Neno guessed that
the hermaphrodite was feeling the same uncomfortable feeling of being watched.
Somewhere, someone was monitoring them.

Dag sat watching Chumley as he picked some of the perfume-smelling flowers, after
collecting a suitable-sized bunch, he offered them to the small girl with the sad eyes.
The Xang Cat -Sslar busied herself rolling among a bunch of lemon-smelling Kelm Heather
that grew near two young alder trees. Silo, Y'lrang and his canine sister sat a few feet away
from the alter and watched with reverence.

Queen Y'Quorra had related the tale of how the 'henge' had come about as they had made
their way along the fern-fenced pathway. The haughty Cul now stood and also looked on
the scene.

"They say that Carbiox was protected by twelve guardians that walked the land from
the icy wastes of Drama-Falla all the way out as far as The Pyramid. When the Carnival-race
came here, some of us used to sneak out of the settlement and trade with the small outposts
such as Uktena and Breely to the East, that's where we learned of the tale"

Mucklebones -the Witch in the grubby poncho, had taken up the story with her own unique
"Them Guardians fell foul to evil, the twelve had waited for centuries for one of their own
to return and while they waited, they became tainted with settler's ways" The Crone had
enjoyed the revelation and Neno had noticed the Gray had taken to holding Tibbs' hand
during their trek.

She continued the story. "My Mother told me that when the Grays came to experiment
on the folk who lived here, the Guardians had been nuthin' but drunken sots, they had
lost their way. There's a God here, a Jenovah who keeps the peace -so they say, and he
turned them to stone"

Muckles glanced up at Nenothtu as they entered the clearing and finished "... and
now they wait for one of their own" The Gunman snorted and mused the smooth boulder
would make a fine seat to ease his battered body.

So, now he sat and though the irritating itch of being watched hadn't gone away, he felt
the late sun on his face and guessed this was as peaceful he'd felt in a long time.

The Vantine Kel Puldria was consulted by the scientist and the Witch and then as Nenothtu
stubbed out the remains of his cigar was stubbed out, the Rite Of Request began.

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It was the low buzzing that Boy In A Dress first noticed as the ceremony got underway,
Tibbs read from the large book and Mucklebones responded with the sacred answers whilst
looking over the Vithian's shoulder at the ancient text.

Again, Nenothtu noticed how her hand was placed lightly on the small man's shoulder.
"... And doest thou acknowledge the past as well as the present? Tibbs said, the sun was
setting and the buzz was becoming louder.

"I do" said the Crone Of The Canyon and squeezed the shoulder ever-so slightly, the tall
GunMan smiled to himself at the gesture.
"Muckles and Tibbs, sitting in a tree..." Neno whispered to himself and checked to see
if the Man/Girl had seen the touch.

Boy In A Dress seemed too enwrapped in the words to notice the strange show of effection
and sat near the old stone alter combing his long-red nails through his strange mane.
Dag was sleeping with her head on Chumley's massive thigh, whilst Y'lrang and Y'Wren
braided a length of Angel Hair for the later offering. Angel Hair always grew to the West
of Standing Stones and the two Culs had to search as far as the beginning of the pathway
to locate it. Y'Quorra sat near a row of tall slender juniper bushes and plucked at her
Sslar, that most enigmatic of cats, sat on her haunches near the large sword known as
the Caliburn and watched the Cul queen.

"The Stones must know that all here accept the calling of the Guardians and wilst thou
accept they give the offering?" Tibbs said calmly, the eyes behind the small spectacles
looked at the group for an answer.
"We do accept" said all -except the snoozing girl and the big Regalian placed a tender
tentacle on her small shoulder.

Muckles then stepped into the circle of small pebbles that surrounded the two amulets,
the old Gray's shadow cast long across the short grass. A breeze blew across Neno's brow
as the lined hands of the witch moved across the amulets and her thin lips muttered the
incantation. "Before Lester, before the woe of the Carpenter, we ask those who watched
over this land to come forth and allay our plea" Mucklebones bowed and even though her
rear could be seen from under her poncho, nobody spoke. The occasion demanded a
solmon reverence.

"We await" she whispered and stepped lightly back to her position behind the Vithian.
The buzzing ceased as the words left her lips and the floating stones began to turn, Neno
hadn't noticed before -hell, he hadn't been that interested to be fair, but now he saw that
a mist had formed infront of each revolving rock.

The features of some long-forgotten beings came into view and here and there, a
shoulder protected with armour could be seen, BIAD even noticed a sort of helmet above
one of the faces.

Tibbs quickly prepared the next part of the Ritual as the 'face nearest the alter spoke.
"WHO DARES CALL ON THE GUARDIANS?" stormed the voice and the very ground vibrated
with the resonance, "WHO DARES?" it came again.

Tibbs straightened his beard and cleared his throat "I wish to seek the wisdom of the
Guardians and I seek the truth" he said with a slight warble, Nenothtu's hand was already
reaching for his gun, although shooting at smoke seemed a dumb idea -he thought.
"AND THE NEO... WHAT CLAIM DOES HE MAKE?" came the voice and the Vandal stood to
his full height at the question.

"Ahm' not one for yer' fancy talk here fella, so I'll say it straight..." Neno said casually and
yet, BIAD could see his stance changing in readiness. "... we want the Splitter"
Tibbs frowned at Nenothtu's lack of respect for the ritual and waved the tall man to sit
back down on the smooth boulder, Neno ignored the request.

"Yer can show us or yer' can tell us, it's no skin off my nose" Neno rasped and sighed to
indicate his boredom, the swirls of mist seemed to move closer in a circle and for some
reason, Neno stepped forward too.

Guardian to the right of the previous one called. This one looked like it sported a beard like
Dag was now awake and with frightened eyes, she looked on the floating 'ghosts'
that surrounded Nenothtu.

"As ah said, it's no skin off my nose and we'll be on our way... unless you take it on
yersel' to try and stop me" Neno said and laid the palm on his hand on the butt of the
holstered pistol.

The spirits were silent for a few seconds and the Vandal guessed this was a waste of
time. Then a face of an old man with a bushy moustache appeared infront of Nenothtu,
the features were kindly and seemed ease the tension in the air.

the mist-face that resembled an actor called Morgan Freeman said and the Gunslinger
pulled the wide-rimmed hat low towards his eyes. "Bring 'em on" he said softly.

The Standing Stones slowed their turning, until all was quiet again, the wraiths of mist
disappeared without another word.

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"The Witch owes us from before, she can't be trusted" came a voice from one the
Tantazine stones and the sound was like a toad calling at midnight.
"I see she has taken a lover?" another hissed and several voices cackled around the

Tibbs' cheeks flushed red behind the large book and Mucklebones kept her face stoic
at the query, Neno pulled a cigar from his pocket and placed it between his teeth.
"We're not here to tittle-tattle, tell me where the Splitter is and we'll leave you in
peace" he said as he struck a match on the nearest stone.

"You're tempting me boy..." a voice came from just behind Neno's ear and he would
swear he smelled the stink of a dried-out animal carcase. "... We're far-more powerful
than that weapon you tote" the demon whispered in his other ear.

Boy In A Dress stood up and the shrieks of fear came loud and sudden, faint shapes
could be seen moving about where Nenothtu stood.
boomed and the group and even Neno looked at BIAD as he stepped into the stone circle.

The demons sped away from the GunMan and seemed to cower infront of the red-dressed
and everyone held their breath at their companion's dominant stature.

"We meant no harm -Prince, we have been alone for so long..." came a mewling voice
and any venom that may have tainted previous words was long gone. "... We were merely
taking light jest from your friend"

Boy In A Dress smiled and the whimpers of the Demons became more intense -the wider
and placed his red-nailed hands on his hips.

Nenothtu had once held his breath for two minutes underwater -during a raid on a Seaport
Garrison on a Trident Moon, the discipline needed to order one's body to deny oxygen had
come from his Army training.

Neno's discipline to keep a straight face infront of BIAD being a 'big-bad Devil' fled and the
lop-sided grin turned into guffaws of laughter, BIAD bit his lower lip so-as not to join in.
The Demons swirled in confusion and then were gone, a faint waft of air implied they had
flown eastwards.

"Oh come on... I think I carry this 'Devil' image off quite well" said BIAD with a mock-
indignant tone. Neno had his hands on his knees in hysterics and tears of mirth dripped from
his down-turned face.
Boy In A Dress looked over his shoulder and adjusting his strap, he waved at the 'O'-mouthed
group. The group waved back.

"We again, beg pardon Prince and wish you safe passage. The device you seek is shown on
the map" a voice said. BAID hadn't seen the Demons return, but the reappearance had
slowed Nenothtu's chortles.

The Man/Girl drew his full hieght and ignored his friend's merriment. "THE MAP WILL BE
announced and the Gunslinger fell over holding his sides.
Through moans of laughter, Neno spluttered "... I have spoken!" and broke into another
bout of tearful lung-sucking glee.

For a whole minute, nobody said anything until BIAD sighed up to the clouds "NOW!"
The map appeared at the Gray's feet and Mucklebones whispered "thank you" as she
picked it up.

The large column of Tantazine at the far side of the circle had been bored out to show a
bowl-like hollow near it's base, Boy In A Dress walked confidently over to see if rainwater
had gathered there.
Kneeling down and pulling his dress hem low at the back, BIAD dipped his long black
tresses into the cool clean water. The Demons seemed to give off sparks of blue and red
as they flew amongst the floating frocks, cries of relief flooded the air around the grassy
bank as the hermaphrodite dropped his strange head deep into the rock-hole.

After washing, BIAD stood up, shook his head and the spattering of water onto the facets
of the columns seemed to bring more pleasure to the swirling spirits, even Muckles had
had cracked a grin at the vista.

The Drinking Of The Demons was done and with a slight bow, Boy In A Dress stepped out of
the circle and with a 'pop' everything was back to where it was before the ceremony.
Nenothtu had gathered himself and slumped back onto the boulder, a sappy smile still hung
on his face.
Y'lrang and Y'Wren placed the Angel Hair into the circle of pebbles and picked up the two
amulets as if they were Pit-Vipers. The two Culs were pleased to place them back in Tibbs'
large bag.

"Bog dal, bog i vzyal" Muckles said softly and helped Tibbs to his feet, the Vithian's eyes
darted to the Crone's lips. "God gave and God gave back..." he said with a furrowed brow,
"... that's an Earth language"

Muckles smiled kindly, leaned over and with a grunt, she picked up the Vantine Kel Puldria
and looked at BIAD and Neno talking near the boulder.
"I know of many things -my man, I know yon' Devil over there is still on his path of destiny
and I know that his friend beside him will clear that path" she said softly, Tibbs took hold of
one side of the tome and the Witch and Time-Traveller hobbled towards the satchel.

"Let's hope The Splitter is found quickly" she mumbled to Tibbs "... those two grow
more and more powerful everyday"
The Vithian looked over at his taller companions with a puzzled gaze "what do you mean?"
he whispered back.

"I may be an old Witch, but I'm a canny one..." the ancient eyes wandered over to where
the stones floated in the evening air "... the ability to control Demons is a powerful one,
The Dark Lord would pay dear for such a power"

Tibbs smiled to himself as he tied the bag's cover and said "when it comes to Neno, the
expession you're looking for is 'Holodna hmoora' yes?"
Muckles leaned closer and kissed the Vithian on the forehead "Cold,hard, empty... yes
that's the one"

The group moved off along the juniper bushes and followed a track to another clearing,
the darkness was rushing in and none of them wanted to spend the night near the
hovering Stones.

The Demons were drinking the last of Neno's mirth-tears as Adam stepped into
the clearing and guessing he wasn't too far behind his friends, he decided to take
a sit on a smooth boulder that protuded nearby.

The faint 'shimmer-shape' near one of the columns moved to get a better look at the lone
stranger and hoped he'd stray into the circle, afterall a crazy U-man was better than
a sane one -and this U-man was talking to himself.

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~*~ Resurrections ~*~

‘So what’re we going to do?’ Adam asked Carpet who shared his mind, each their personalities individual but caught inexplicable in the same place.

‘What we’re not going to do - is to do too much. Your bio-cells are weak, putrefied, it’s going to take me a while to get you back to...normal.’ Carpet answered treading carefully in the U-Man’s psyche. The Milli-Being Carpet could only imagine the confusion, even terror the ‘one-being’ was experiencing sharing his very core with another.

‘Adam, don't do that. You’ve got to remember not to go pulling on any of your extremities or you’ll...loose them.’ Carpet cautioned Adam for the third time as the U-Man’s hand crept up to touch his nose.

‘But I’m so numb!’ Adam started.

‘And you will be for a while,‘ Carpet reassured gently, ‘It’s going to take time get your strands back into good working order so they‘ll repair your cells themselves. I‘m doing a patch job between now and then, just give yourself, and me, some more time.

‘My DNA?' He growled in thick brogue. 'Hell Carpet, I’m a doctor and this still makes no sense.’ Adam's shoulders squared catching sight of Dag who hadn’t seen him yet. His heart took an extra beat. She looked so pale and sad. So lost.

‘And you can stop thinking about your lady right off Adam. If you were to even try so much as a kiss right now you'd loose your lips.’ Carpet exaggerated sour humor trying to impress the importance of caution on the U-Man.

‘Yes master.' Adam tried lamely to joke back. He hadn’t been seen by the others yet but felt content to sit and wait watching Dag, drinking in the sight of her, no rush to expose himself.

‘Don't worry, we'll hold you together until we get back to the Yydryl.’ Carpet felt the emotional thrill thinking of ‘home’ and like someone with their first taste of strong liquor the thrill was ecstasy. Adam groaned at Carpet’s will.

‘Sorry about that. I’m a little new at this ‘feeling’...’ Carpet’s innumerable selves and cells shuddered.

‘You’ve never ‘felt’ before?’ Adam asked picking at a loose nail that flipped and dropped into his palm. He tried forcing it back into the seeping bed of his middle finger and when it wouldn’t stick he gave up and began tossing it back and forth between his palms.

‘I’ve always felt. Just not quite like this before.’ Carpet answered abruptly wanting to change the subject. Sharing the body didn’t mean he had to share his innermost thoughts, he had his own privacy just as all Adam’s thoughts were not known to him. The body might be shared, the soul, was not, and what made up their separate souls had the inherent gift of secrecy, the miracle all beings owned.

They waited in the stillness watching the others both of them more than a little hesitant to join the group. Carpet couldn’t keep his mind off of Silo. He wanted to hug her, to tell her how scared he’d been without her and for her. He wanted... His thoughts stopped there. He had to marshal himself and deny his own desires along with Adam's. The next few days would be a mixture of torture and bliss for them all but they had to focus. What was most important now was to get Adam back to the Yydryl before it was too late. There was only so much Carpet could do and going too long without the Yydryl and the miracles of the Recovery Bay Adam would be better off dead.

Adam sensed Carpet's unease. ‘What’s wrong?’ He asked pushing a stand of hair out of his eyes perplexed when the clump of hair came off in his fingers.

‘Nothing my fine host. Just remember this ‘arrangement’ we have is only temporary. We’ll get back to the Yydryl and then, once home, it’ll all work out just fine.’ Carpet reassured the U-Man wondering in the privacy of his own mind if he was telling him the truth.

Adam shrugged off Carpet’s words seemingly careless of the outcome. It was something else disturbing him now.

‘I don’t remember anymore Carpet. Do you?’ Adam’s mind churned sluggishly his voice sounding sad and vague.

‘Remember what?’ Carpet asked causing Adam’s brows to join.

‘I don't remember the ‘Before,’ he paused and went back to fidgeting with his fingernail. ‘When I first woke up? I remembered my Before. All my Befores. But they're fading now.’ Adam sighed and shoved his fingernail into his pocket.

‘I think it’s like that for all of us Adam. All of us who choose to come back. If we remembered all our ‘Befores' here? This time around? We couldn’t function. We’d go insane.’ Carpet’s smile lifted Adams lips involuntarily.

‘And you’re so sure I’m not? Insane that is?’ Adam chuckled scratching his ear sounding more like his old self. He chuckled again this time the timbre of his voice reached Dag’s attention calling her to the rock where Adam sat talking to ‘himself’.
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"Just there... the picket fence will make a fine place to shoot from" the man with the video
recorder said to the Boy In A Dress and glanced back to see if his Secretary was coming.
BIAD folded his arms and scowled at the portly man in the trilby hat.
"Dear brother, I think your taste in meeting-places, leaves a lot to be desired" the Man/girl
said and scanned the top end of Elm Street.

Death phased from his Zapruder-impersonation into a blonde-haired woman in a red coat,
the shoulder-lengthed hair fluttered in the November breeze. "Time has no place in my
tasks and as you can see, I'm having to do the job alone"

BIAD leaned his head to the left slightly and showed his confusion "I... I'm not sure what
you're talking about..." he said and began to walk down the steps of the Bryan Pergola.
"... You're Death, you collect souls" he said and flicked his long hair in the welcomed sun.
"You are correct, Kin -but I have always had an Outrider, someone who goes before me"
The woman had gone and now a young man with an umbrella under his arm stood beside

The digital clock that advertised Hertz Rentals on the roof of the Texas School Book
Depository building showed that it was exactly noon and the hermaphrodite in the red dress
struggled to recall the time of John Kennedy's assassination.

"30 minutes from now" Death said and BIAD saw the familiar swirls of colours as his
terrible brother morphed again. A plump round-faced man in a white shirt, dark suit and
black Fedora hat stood smiling at the eyeless creature with the permo-wig.

"It fits me rather well, don't you think" Jack Ruby said and smoothed his hands down the
nap of his suit jacket. BIAD eyed the Night Club owner up and down and thought that he
sounded like his voice came from a biscuit tin.

"So why am I here" BIAD asked as several people sauntered across the grass towards the
otherside of Elm Street. Ruby took the Man/Girl's hand and led him back towards the Pergola.

"I have lost my man..." Death said from the side of his mouth and wiped perspiration from his
cheek "... and the one I REALLY want, is showing a resistance that is becoming annoying"
The hat was removed and wiped with a large white hankerchief, the noon-day sun made
their shadows small on the monument's steps.

Boy In A Dress showed a smile that rivalled the sun's "You're talking about Nenothtu!..." he
said and giggled behind his nail-painted hand "... he's your OutRider!" This announcement
made Jack Ruby's face redden and the Man/girl saw the anger in him that caused the semi-
gangster to be nicknamed 'Sparky'

"This isn't a laughing matter -Brother, my work is being delayed because of his stubbeness"
whined Ruby and jammed the fedora back on his balding pate. "I chose another of your group
and for reasons I'm still investigating, he too -was snatched from my employ" Death sighed
and looked up at the distant Cal-Tec building.

"The one you knew as Adam is alive and well and making his way to rejoin your quest..."
Death snipped and tapped a shiny-shoe with impatience "... and I'm stuck here in Dallas
doing my own dirty-work

A young couple with what looked like a picnic -settled on one of the Pergola benches and
began rummaging for boiled eggs, BIAD pondered whether 'The Last Shadow of All' was
starting to feel like one.

"So I'll ask again... why I am I here?" Boy In A Dress asked and pulled a shoulder strap straight.
the clock clicked to 12.10 and the temperature went up a degree.
"I need a replacement... a stand-in for you friend, until he sees sense" Ruby hissed and
indicated he needed the shade of the stubby trees near the picket fence. BIAD followed the
little fat man into the coolness

"I don't really understand all this... isn't Neno supposed to rule the Universe or something?"
the Man/Girl said as he stepped into the shadows.

Ruby stretched his body like taffy in it's machine and a tall dark-haired man in a policeman's
uniform appeared and looked the creature infront of him up-and-down.
"For what I offer him, that task would be a hobby" the beat-Cop snarled and BIAD would have
sworn there was an Italian accent among those words.

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Elm Street was becoming busy and without another word, the Cop and the Man/Girl walked
around the fence and stood in the car-park beneath the trees, a recent rainfall had left a dirty
puddle and BIAD looked down at his own reflection.

"If I find someone, we will be quits on the favours... yes?" the hermaphrodite said with a
small voice, his skin was feeling chilly now.
Death picked up the rifle that leaned against the rough wood rails and looked over at his
brother. "Yes, your debt will be clear" he said quietly.

The puddle seemed hypnotic and BIAD felt he was being pulled into it's murky waters,
he was waist-deep before he realised it was true.
"Am I going back...? the red-dressed freak said with a tone of anger "this is a helluva way
to treat..."
But BIAD was gone

The limousine turned into Elm Street and Death could see the lines of people waving and
cheering at the young Northerner and his beautiful wife in the rear of the vehicle.

"You better not miss, Mr. Oswald" Death whispered and settled his head against the stock
of the Italian rifle, the day was still hot.

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~*~ Resurrections 2 ~*~

That Dag fainted wasn’t a surprise, Silo’s own knees felt watery standing where she was besides Chumley, who with unexpected agility had snatched Dag from falling in a heap at Adam’s feet. That Adam hadn’t moved or even tried to help Dag in her faint indicated at once Adam’s frailties. The tortured look on his face was hard to witness. Misery didn’t describe it.

‘Adam, your ear.’ More than a little horrified Silo pointed to the ground her knees going weaker still.

Adam didn’t seem to hear, his attention all on Dag. Silo imagined wrongly his lack of response had something do with shell shaped piece of flesh laying on the ground leaving his face looking lopsided. A hysterical bubble burst in her chest, she started to laugh, reached out for Adam’s ear and drew her hand back again. She just couldn’t make herself touch it.

‘Is she ok?’ Adam asked oblivious to anything but Dag.

Chumley nodded holding Dag close to his chest, her heartbeat thumping gently against his tentacles, her head slumped to the side, her lips slightly parted. ‘She’s only fainted.’

‘What’s going on?’ Neno growled from behind them, Chumley blocking his view. It wasn’t until the gunman came flush with the Regalian’s side that Neno saw Adam. Neno visibly paled his face set in a grim lines.

‘Get back! All of you!’ He snarled closing his shoulders and rocking back on his heels like a cat ready to leap.

Chumley obeyed, Silo did not.

‘I said get BACK!’ Neno never took his eyes off Adam but Silo felt his glare.

‘What are you going to do Neno? She asked taking a step closer to Adam, the U-Man she’d come to care for in his own right and for Dag.

‘Can’t you see you fool!’ Neno spit the words, ‘He’s gone over.’ Knife and gun in hand Neno didn’t loose his resemblance to a great lethal cat.

‘Neno, have you lost your wits altogether? This is Adam!’ Silo did move back quickly shuddering as she did. Her stomach went hollow and oily. She’d accidentally stepped on Adam’s ear.

Holding up a weak and shaking hand Adam’s whole posture pled for time. ‘Neno please. Silo,‘ he pleaded, ‘you don’t understand. Please’ His voice airy and panting the stench of his breath unbearable.

‘That’s one word too many zombie!’ Neno raised his pistol and taking aim sighted the spot right between the zombies eyes. The shot wouldn’t kill it but it would knock it back long enough for Neno to take off it’s head with his knife.

Hand to her throat Silo stood in revulsion unable to stop The Neno from shooting what had only so recently been dead.

‘Neno stop!’ Came another voice from Adam, a voice that called Chumley back after depositing Dag in Y'lrang’s arms, a voice that sent Silo to her knees.

‘Carpet?’ The two said in unison, Neno’s eyes broke the site and flicked from Silo to Chumley and back again unable to understand their reaction but it didn’t stop him. Time slowed. Neno’s finger snugged the trigger, one eye narrowed, he held his breath and in the next instant was clutching his wrist to his chest. If it had been anyone else other than Neno it could be said he was, howling. Howling mad and with not a little pain.

‘What in the great blue flug!’ He roared still rubbing his wrist.

Chumley, Whisper’s whips shimmering in one tentacle and Neno’s gun in the other looked sheepish but proud as every Regalian before him and BIAD who’d sidled up beside Chumley punched him playfully in the tentacle. ‘Nice job big guy’.

‘Thank you Chumley.’ Carpet sighed in relief Adam’s posture folding in on itself in relief.

Neno rubbed his wrist scowling and eying Whisper’s whip in a way that suggested respect and open curiosity of a tool he hadn’t mastered. Yet.

‘Carpet?’ Silo gasped pushing herself up onto her feet taking a step towards Adam. Her eyes a shock of confusion and a desperate hope almost too much to bare.

Neno, an arm braced around her before she could move closer said softly. ‘At least don’t touch him Silo,’ he gave her a quick squeeze that gentled the command, ‘Not until we know what’s going on.’

‘No, don’t, please. Don’t touch me. Carpet isn’t near done yet.’ Adam said with an effort and bending over to pick up his ear fell on his face in a faint to match Dag’s.

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Nenothtu moved upwind of Adam, and squatted on his haunches, trying to figure out this situation. He didn't bother to retrieve his gun from Chumley - it might result in another sharp pain if he got excitable while in possession of it.

"That fella's dead. I seen more dead bodies in my day that you can shake a stick at - shaking the stick in shifts - and I know dead when I see it. He's dead - and dead folks don't walk around. That's a zombie if I ever seen one, and I have."

BIAD squatted next to neno, searching for a way to defuse the volatile situation. Neno had just given it to him. The hermaphrodite quietly said "It's not been that long ago that you were dead, yet here you are, walking around too."

neno fixed a baleful glare on BIAD, raising his right eyebrow while simultaneously squinting his left eye in an exaggerated and improbable expression. "First, put yer damn knees together, or pull that skirt down. I swear I'm a gonna have to buy you some frilly underthings when we get to a town so that don't keep happenin'. Second, I may not smell like a rose, but at least I ain't droppin' off bits of me as I shuffle along like a refugee from a leper colony. This ain't the same thing."

BIAD grinned at the mention of frilly underthings, but both put his knees together AND tugged at the hem of his skirt before replying. "To be fair, he was dead a bit longer than you were."

neno's face took on the character of a controlled demolition. "An' he's still dead. Don't believe me? Jus' go downwind of 'im." The other voice that had emanated from Adam bothered neno, in a vague way. He didn't connect it directly with his talking blankie or "imaginary" friend from childhood - all kids had them, and all grew out of it - and that failure to make the connection left him with a vague, uneasy feeling of days long ago, specifics unrecalled.

Adam, having come to again during neno's rant, spoke in a dry whisper dragging neno's attention back like a train wreck. "I... I'm not sure what's going on, but someone called 'Carpet' is living in here too, and making cellular repairs as we go. I don't even know exactly how I know that" he wailed plaintively.

Nenothtu chewed the inside of his cheek and mulled that over. At length, he wheezed a breath out, and said "Several years ago, before my Robinson Crusoe days, I was hired to guard a Bio Lab on Deltonia where they were doing experiments on what they called 'regeneration'. I didn't know it when I took the gig, but they were doing experiments on human subjects at the time. they'd take deaders from the graveyard, and inject some sort of biogunk into them, and presto! You had a 'living' thing again. The problem was that it was a mechanical 'living' thing only - it had no soul. They had thousands of them. One day..." and here he broke off, his eyes glazing over momentarily, staring into the distance. Neno was looking at something no one else could see. He recovered, and cleared his throat before continuing with a simple "it didn't go well."

he abruptly stood, having reached a decision. "aiight. I ain't gonna kill ye - yet. I'm a-warning you right now, though, you start tryin' to eat anyone's brains, and I'll throw whatever I can get my hands on right through yer head, gun or no. You'll be dead agin afore ye can hit the ground" and he stalked off throwing a trite "Chumley, gimme my damn gun back" over his shoulder as he went. "We gotta get moving agin. Chumley, Silo, you two get to walk behind yer buddy and have the joy of makin' sure he don't leave anything layin' in the trail that he might desperately need later iffen he grows outta bein' dead."

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~*~ Where now? ~*~

Between watching the trail and doing her best not to gag the way for Silo was hard going. The war with repulsion and wanting to hug and comfort Adam was an ongoing battle ending in stalemate when she got within a yard of him. Carpet was doing his best to fix what death had broken in the U-Man but it was slow going. The stench was nauseating. Dag, tormented by the same suffering and for her own good as well as Adam’s agreed to talk farther forward with Y’lrang and his sister Y’lwren. Adam, miserable and silent gave Silo and Carpet time to talk uninterrupted.

‘I still don’t understand what happened to you back home,’ Carpet remarked causing Silo to form a lump in her throat at his use of the word ‘home‘ for the Yydryl, ’And we need to get back to Ship. Soon. Whatever it is these Culls want from us, and the Dark Lord...?’ Carpet cut the sentence off with a hiss of disgust obviously angry at being diverted from returning at once to the Yydryl.

‘Carpet, I wish I could tell you, I mean what happened on Ship. I saying... I’m saying I’m not so sure myself,’ Silo spit alongside the trail but it was futile, the cloying putrid death warmed over taste coating her tongue was impossible to get rid of, ‘Honest Carpet, all I remember is being in my p.h.a.r.s and now I’m here.’ If she sounded vague it wasn’t intentional, Carpet knew it but sighed anyway.

‘Do you know how impossible that is Silo?‘ Carpet narrowed Adam’s eyes against the dust, stench and frustration.

‘About as impossible as you being here inside Adam I would guess?’ She tried to lighten the mood but Carpet would have none of it.

‘And we’re headed where now? Besides away from Ship?’ Carpet was loosing his patience by the minute.

‘Since you wont talk to Y’lrang,‘ Carpet had taken an instant dislike to the Cull, ‘Ask BIAD or Neno to explain.‘ Silo grimaced remembering Neno’s reaction to Adam, ‘Ok, so ask BIAD and leave Neno out of it.’

‘I will as soon as we get Adam some rest. Chumley, get up there and tell the others we need to stop.’ Like Carpet had flipped a hidden switch Adam dropped in his tracks and fell immediately asleep.

Left by herself with the rehabilitating U-man Silo watched Chumley trot away and fought an overwhelming sadness. Her worry’s for Adam, for what lay ahead for them all. Her desire to help the Culls at odds with needing to be back on Ship. The future for her and Y’lrang. Not for the first time she missed CindyMars desperately wanting to talk to her about what happened at the Cabin in what seemed to be a lifetime ago. To fall on her shoulder and pour out her heart about everything they were facing now. Draw on her strength and insight and when she felt better make light of it all over a thick piece of CindyMar’s unbelievable chocolate cake.

‘If wishes were horses...’ She could hear CindyMar’s say in her mind with a laugh.

The memory was sweet but there was no laughter in Silo as she guarded the sleeping U-Man against what - she didn’t even know.

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