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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 04:20 AM

~*~*~*~ Can’t get there from Here ~*~*~*~

‘So do you forgive me?’ Standing by the bedside perfectly naked, hands on her hips, the warmth of their lovemaking radiating from her skin Dag waited for Adam to answer.

At that moment Adam would have forgiven her anything. He toyed with the phrase ‘perfectly naked’. Whoever coined the phrase didn’t know Dag. If they had the phrase would have gone something like ‘stupendously naked’ or ‘deliciously naked’. Taking a peak from under his arm thrown up over his head Adam reconsidered. She’d just bent over to pick up her tunic, her arms rose above her head to let it flutter over hear head and slide down her curves. Yes, maybe ‘perfectly’ naked was correct. Adam hid his eyes before she caught him looking. It wasn’t good for the lass to know just how bewitched by her he truly was.

‘No way! Did you fall asleep - again?’ Dag laughed and returned to the bed to poke him in the side as he burrowed further under the blankets. ‘Why of all the...!’ Dag launched herself and landed on Adam who made an obligatory grunt and spun to pull her on top him.

‘Yes I forgive you.’ He pulled her down and kissed her nose. ‘My nose has never felt better and I didn’t even need to shave this morning that healing machine was so thorough, so yes, I forgive you...’ Adam dug his fingers into her washboard sides and searching for the soft spots. Dag responded by giggling and fought him in mock panic to get away from the pleasurable pain of his tickling.

Falling back on Silos bed Dag laced her fingers with Adam’s and they fell into the compatible silence known only by lovers. Their gaze rested on a wall-screen at the end of Silo’s bed. Staring off into endless space just outside the Yydryl Dag felt lonely and fulfilled at once. The sight made Adam feel so small, but so much more real lying next to the slip of a female who loved him.

‘All that space out there, all those worlds, all the beings, and you found me...’ Dag whispered a tear running down the corner of her eye. Adam turned to her and caught the tear before it fell letting it bead fat and round on the tip of his finger.

‘All the space out there, all those worlds , all those beings, and you found me you mean...’ Adam popped his finger in his mouth and laughed when Dag rolled her eyes and frowned.

‘Why the frown Lass? You wanting me again so soon after...’ Adam wiggled his brows when she rolled her eyes even more dramatically, the soft violet warming in rekindled passion before she closed them and broke the hold of their hands.

‘I’ll want you forever Adam...’ she said, her eyes still closed, ‘but right now we don’t have forever...and neither does Silo.’ Dag bit her lower lip to keep from saying more, waiting.

‘She’s still healing lass. There’s nothing we can do but wait.’ Adam checked Silo the moment he was released from the tentacle arms of his own bio-healer. He found her restless, yes, but he didn’t think she was in any more danger than when they’d first put her into her p.h.a.r.s.

‘I’m telling you, she’s in trouble.’ Dag swung her long legs off the bed and walked to the portal at the far side of the room. This screen opened from floor to ceiling, the sight was daunting. Dag felt wholly incapable faced with such a vast universe. Touching the window with her outstretched finger Dag sighed, more uneasy still. ‘Adam, she could be anywhere out there. And wherever she is? She’s in trouble. Big trouble.’ Adam watched her from the bed his frustration mounting. Dag had tried to explain it to him earlier and he wasn’t any less confused now. Rising with the blanket wrapped around him he walked to Dag to stand beside her - she looked so forlorn against such a backdrop.

‘I still don’t understand it love and I’m sorry for that, but, it makes no sense to me lass. Silo’s in her p.h.a.r.s. She’s healing. I know you said you heard her calling out but that was the pain and it’s normal. Healing isn’t always pain free.’ He held up his own hand the graft still blue and rigid to prove his point. When he tried to go on Dag interrupted him with a pleading look.

‘No, you’re right, you don’t understand.’ Her smile was bitter-sweet, ‘Adam, Silo is here, but she’s not here at the same time.’ Throwing her hands up into the air Dag paced the room. ‘You’re a Doctor,’ she flung at him almost accusingly, ‘you know as well as I there’s so much more to every living being than just their bodies!’ Adam nodded in agreement, ‘Now for whatever reason Silo is strongly connected to The Neno - that’s who she was calling for. She also called for Carpet.’ Stopping in front of Adam Dag wanted to be held but needed to think without the interruption of her desire for him so she kept a pace back from the big man.

‘I mean, think of it this way...’ She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. ‘We know Carpet’s missing. Chumley’s searched everywhere, so has Ship but he’s just not here. Oh, sure there’s carpet everywhere,‘ Dag roughed her bare toes through the shag at her feet, ‘but nothing’s in the carpet. It’s the same with Silo. Her body’s here, but her ‘self’, what makes her ‘Silo’ is not. ’ Dag dropped her hand and looked up at Adam begging him to understand but if not to at least believe her, to trust her.

Adam didn’t need his ‘gift’ to read her eyes - all he had to do was allow himself to believe the undeniable conviction he saw there. ‘Ok lass, but what does this have to do with Neno?’ He asked matching her serious tone with this own.

‘Ad-dam. She went to help The Neno. I don‘t know where and I don‘t know how but she did.’ Dag’s voice caught on a sob. He believed her! Even though what she proposed was impossible she knew in her heart it was true, and he believed her!

‘And now we have to do something to help.’ Adam replied as matter of fact letting his breath out in a long sigh and running his fingers through his hair.

Eyes blazing with love and purpose Dag handed Adam his clothes. ‘Yes. We have to find a way to help them...and we have to do it right now.’

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 11:24 AM

"This doesn't concern you stranger... the Lady knew what she was getting into when
she opened the place" Manko wiped his nose on his sleeve and blinked twice.

Nenothtu stood close to a run-down store enigmatically called 'The Albatross Morning'
and lit another cigar, the five men with Manko watched in bewilderment as the tobacco
leaves took the flame.

"The way I see it, you're the guy who does the dirty work for the Grays here..." Neno
glanced said in an easy drawl and flicked the kitchen match into the dirty puddle between
them "... you're scavenging off your own kind"

Silo looked on with Tibbs and Boy In A Dress from the wooden stoop of The Killing Joke
Tavern, the light wind carried the words to their ears.

Manko placed the tips of his fingers into his waistcoat pockets and saw the gaze of the
GunMan follow the action and gambled he was checking for a weapon.
"That may be Sir, but there's taxes that have to be paid and that-there Inn owes for it
bein' in a prime location" Manko announced and pushed his chest out to show he felt
that it was official. The cigar smoke from Nenothtu's lips flew down the street in the breeze
as he eyed Manko's henchmen.

The one on the far right looked like he had spent some time aboard one of the Pinors that
frequented the port, the beret-like hat that looked nautical, was slightly askew on the
crew-cut head. The guy next to him had a wall-eye... as Big Jim Carpenter back at the
Fishing Emporium -used to say "one eye goin' to the store and the other comin' back with
the change"
There was also a mean-look to his mouth.
Both men on Manko's left must've stood six-four by Neno's reckoning and he also noticed
they had sheathed knives on their belts.

The three others, two stood hunched -as if they didn't like the weather that came into
Uktena, one held a knobbled-headed cane that the Vandal guessed would be used to urge
the residents of the village to assist in the Gray's finances. The one in the polo-necked
vest had a scar across his nose that changed colour in the cold, the whiteness showed that the
temperature was still low after the squall.
The last chap of Manko's crew had large folded arms across his barrel-chest and glared
at Neno menacingly, he was the one that Neno had assisted in vacating the Tavern earlier.

Tibbs looked up at BIAD and whispered "will this work?" and turned his bearded face back
to the scene in the street.
"You want us in the Mines... this should do the trick" the Man/girl said softly and placed a
high-heeled foot on the balustrade. Silo looked at the action and saw what was revealed by
the shortness of the hermaphrodite's dress and slapped his leg back down "you'll catch cold
like that" she said without looking at the maniac grin. BIAD flicked his permo-wig back
over his shoulders and stepped daintily into the rain-soaked mire.

Tibbs watched the reluctant devil slowly meander towards the confrontation and stifled
a smile at the butt-swinging gait. Peering over at the open-mouthed Silo, he whispered
"he doesn't take anything serious anymore"
The lilac-haired beauty rolled her eyes and continued to watch the men.

Dull grey clouds scudded overhead and far off, a claxon called to indicate another ship's
arrival. Nenothtu smiled at the group and in a low voice he said "well, I think the tax
-system in this town needs overhaulin' and ah' think Missy -back there, could do with a
rebate" Manko's mouth twisted and that was the cue.

The five lunged at once, BIAD lunged at the same time and with the cigar cletched between
his teeth, Nenothtu dived forward also.
They began the dance.

As they fought, Boy In A Dress sang a song:
When I Kiss You...

The 'beret-guy' swung at Neno, who ducked the arm easily, and just managing to stay on his
feet in the slippery mud, he jabbed the thug in the genitals... with a "OOF!" he sat down

BIAD leapt at the henchman with the stick and held both fists up like a boxer of the 19th
Century, the staff swung and clipped the hermaphrodite's chin, but the grinning singing
creature double-punched the guy's face -enough to make him drop the knobbly stick,
blood showed across his mouth as if to imitate his adversary's visage.

The squelching mud played it's part and both fighters felt on their asses.
The high-heeled foot of the man/girl found it's mark and with a swelling bruise on the
temple, the 'walking-cane dude' splattered back into the mud and took no further part.

The barrel-chested guy had managed to grab one of Nenothtu's swinging arms as he fought
off 'Wall-eye' and proceeded to swing him in a circle. The Vandal fought against pulling his
sidearm and plugging the henchman and concentrated on staying upright.
The splashing mire shifted underfoot and the Gunman fell, the cold water squirting up
the back of his shirt felt oddly ticklish.

BIAD slipped back and forth unsteadily and seemed as if he'd spent the day drinking in
the tavern as he struggled in front of 'Polo-neck' Manko's man swung a round-house and
BIAD's wig flew back with the force of the punch, a faltering of the familiar smile and
the slumping body told the henchman that the odd-looking being was out-for-the-count.
BIAD dropped to the ground and lay face-down in the sodden earth.

Neno fought on, they pummeled him and he lashed back at them, Silo held her hand
to her lips as the group surrounded the 'handsome-ish' tall guy with the lop-sided grin
and continued their assault.
Tibbs patted her forearm and said "don't worry, he'll get bored soon and fall over!"

Thirty seconds later, Nenothtu's poor acting abilities kicked in and the Vandal fell
down beside the supposedly unconcious Boy In A Dress.
A swift kick to the head from the guy with the scar and the man that had not-too
long ago fought eight men at once and was lucky not to spend twelve years incarcerated
for the injuries he had inflicted, keeled over and lay face down on BIAD's upturned backside.
Has the henchmen gasped for breath and moaned with their pains, Neno whispered in
a muffled voice "break wind and ah'll shoot yer"
BIAD merely 'bubbled' something back from the brown-coloured puddle.

Shortly afterwards, Manko had his men take Neno's gunbelt and drag the unconcious
pair off towards a waiting wagon, the two horses looked morose in the harness as the
five thugs tossed Neno and BIAD's bodies onto the back.

"Take 'em to the mines men, they'll pay for their insolence" Mano shouted and smiled
wickedly at the thought of how this would be a lesson to the townsfolk.
Neno slowly moved his hand and felt into his jacket pocket. His cigars weren't broken
-thank goodness, he thought.

BIAD lay still as the wagon cut wheel ruts into the ground leading to the Hell Mines.
"You okay" Neno whispered and tapped the man/girl's thigh.
As the looming cliffs appereard into Neno's view, Boy In A Dress snored quietly on the
floor of the buck wagon.

"One day, all this'll make sense" the Vandal said to himself and wondered what was next.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 03:54 PM

~*~*~*~ Boomerang ~*~*~*~

‘You see this knife little man?’ Silo flashed her dagger right under Tibb’s nose, ’This knife was meant to have Manko all over it,’ she snorted and slammed the dagger back into it’s sheath on her hip, ‘But nooooo,’ Silo snorted again, ‘You STOPPED ME!’ She bellowed while Tibbs tried in vain to silence her with a finger to his pursed lips. There was something he needed to ask her but all her caterwauling was making him forget. That and he was more than a little upset BIAD and Neno were off to the ‘hell-mines’ without him.

‘Look young Miss, I’ve never resorted to violence with a lady but if you don’t make a concerted effort to control yourself I’ll make you my first exception!’ Tibb’s tongue snipped his words short in sharp little pieces, his chin quivering, his beard trembling. Yes, he’d become perturbed. It was this girls fault. She’d upset him. This was not good.

Silo for her part rolled her eyes and throwing her hands in the air stomped to a fat round ale cask and pulled off two drinks. Pushing a foaming mug in front of Tibbs Silo shook her head and downed her drink. These outreamers were just plane stupid. This one wanted her to stay calm when he had no idea were The Neno and BIAD has just been carted off too! Damn but the thought didn’t just about tip her up on end. Ripping off her bar apron Silo sent it flying across the room and followed it up with her dagger in one easy motion. The dagger struck true pinning the apron to the wall it’s handle vibrating with the force of her throw.

Tibbs choked on his ale. Just before he turned blue Silo slammed him on the back, maybe a little harder than was completely necessary but it got the job done. The ‘little man’ got his breath back and to his credit kept to his feet at the same time and plowed right back into the fray.

‘Look little Miss,‘ Tibbs inflated his chest and wiping ale spit from his chin let his eyes narrow, ‘I told you Neno would fall down. He did. His plan. You would have interrupted his mojo if you’d acted out. And, besides,‘ He continued with an air of snide superiority, ‘Has it ever occurred to you that throwing your knife away might not be in your best interest when you have only one knife.’ Tibbs chuckled and brushed at the front of his robe preening while waiting for Silo’s reaction but to his disgust she only narrowed her own eyes and snapped her finger. The knife buried half way to the hilt in the rough wooden wall spun about on it’s own and returned to her hand in a flash. All Silo had to do was open her fingers.

Choking on his ale for the second time Tibbs jumped out of Silo’s reach. Trying to look anything but astounded he turned down the corners of his mouth and deflated his puffed up chest his glasses fogged with the huff of his breath. ‘I don’t suppose you could do that again?’ He started.

‘You just don’t get it do you?‘ Silo shook her head in vexation. Splaying her hand top the bar Tibb’s swallowed a lump of bile as he watched the girl plunge the curved dagger in and out of her palm. ‘Get it now little man?‘ She snarled and forced her hand into his face so he could watch her skin heal, not a drop of blood shed. ‘You see now?’ She cried, ’Great Gods man, how do you think I’ve kept this bar so long!‘ She sobbed, ‘I’m...invincible.’

Tibbs didn’t answer but neither did he look away from her tormented eyes. There was a truth there he couldn’t deny and it was then he remembered what he was going to ask her.

Reaching for Silo’s hand Tibbs hesitated and then took it in his own. Pulling her along he navigated around tables and chairs to continue out the door where he stopped just under the eves of the stoop. Without a word Tibbs let go of Silo’s hand and pointed to the sign swinging gently above them in the evening breeze.

The Jester still danced in place the coin in his hand more pronounced. The pale half moon still gleamed above him. But instead of frolicking along a path to the mines with the misty hills to his back the Jester was now firmly seated on - a smiling toothy skull.

Looking from Tibbs to the sign and back again Silo said nothing, only turned a whiter shade of pale.

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:29 AM

If one looked Eastwards towards the mist-shrouded cliffs, one would see a small being
bound in the dark brown robes and a lilac-haired girl making their way along the muddy track
with hoof-marks and wheel-ruts indicating where their friends had gone before.

The sun was attempting to burn off the whispy mist from the earlier storm, but the volcanic
vents surrounding the Hell Mines boiled up it's own vapours and the sulphur-smelling clouds
that hung around the place were mostly permanent.

"You're a Bi-Wraith, Silo" Tibbs announced suddenly as he avoided a large puddle, the large
satchel's strap was making his right shoulder ache. The Vithian had been quiet has they had
trekked up the slight rise of the lane and the young woman from the Killing Joke Tavern had
seen that he was deep in thought.

Without speaking, Silo took the satchel from the small man and a single look at him showed
that a trust had been established.
"There's a valuable book in there, please be gentle" Tibbs said apologetically and smiled
warmly. Silo nodded and said " a Bi-what?"

Tibbs's eyes scanned the distant view of the Hell Mines and saw a poles set ten-kelvs apart,
the time-traveller gambled that this was a Plasma-Fence and his hand without thinking,
reached into his pocket for his 'gizmo'

"You're a Bi-Wraith... you are Silo13 from the Yydryl and Silo -the girl of Uktena, except
that you're not of course!" Tibbs snorted at his own poor wording and showed a weak
grin. He smoothed his long beard and explained further.

"It has been accepted that all sentient beings are composed of individual cells that exist
in harmony for a greater good. These 'collection' of cells are what we see all around us in
plants, animals and of course, ourselves" Tibbs scanned the girl's soft features to see if she
understood his words, Silo's jaw was set on what lay ahead, but a slight nod told him she was
keeping up.

"There's evidence... and if you're a Vithian..." Tibbs showed an amused-smug look "... you'd
know as fact -that the cells that make up these 'bodies' create a self-perception... a single
belief in the mind, if you will"

Silo shuffled the satchel strap and seemed to struggle with the idea, Tibbs wondered if he should
go on. The Hell Mines were looming close and Tibbs also pondered on whether he would have
time for further explanations, the concern of time made him sigh to himself.

"So we -as beings, believe we travel through our lives as a single soul. Our thoughts, our
fears and our loves..." again Tibbs sought the girl's face for any emotion and saw the slight
flick of a glance from Silo, he looked back at the cliffs. "... are our own and we believe that
we are alone in our bodies"

A large metal gate came into view at the end of the track and Tibbs squinted his eyes to see
if it was guarded, Silo placed a hand on her brow to shield her eyes -but the clouds were
covering the sun. Tibbs guessed it was to hide her thoughts.

"There's two of 'em..." Silo snipped "... Clayton and another, I don't recognise him" the
taller girl gathered herself for an encounter.
The Vithian saw the strength in the lass and admired for it, he would tell her everything.

"For some reason... and that reason is yours alone, you have decided to assist us from your
place on the Yydryl and come here, you've manifested a body to travel in!"
Silo turned and opened her mouth to speak, but Tibbs lifted a hand to halt her.
"Hear me out Missy, I know this may seem a strange thing to you at this juncture" he said
firmly and again, showed a kindly smile.

The young woman and the small old man stood and surveyed the scene in front of them,
the plumes of steam, the large wheel and the groups of men that moved around the dark
maws in the cliff-face showed an industry from another time... and one based on cruelty.

Tibbs adjusted his spectacles and finished the information with " Your memories and
knowledge of Silo13 are back in another time and space, but I'll wager your inner-strengths
are here in the resolute girl I see before me" Tibbs lifted himself on his tip-toes and gently
pulled the girl to lean close to him.

"You're in there Silo..." he whispered "...and praise be that you are" The kiss of the old man
on the cheek of the knife-throwing Harpy from the bar seemed one of the most purest actions
any sentient being could achieve and somewhere far away, Silo13 smiled in her sleep.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:47 AM
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:48 AM
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 01:12 PM

"Go on Slater... hit him again" Manko crowed and the Tax-Man with the scar punched
Neothtu's bloodied face with all his strength. The roped slats -that doubled as an upright
rack groaned at Neno's efforts to release him and the GunMan reckoned another few
minutes would suffice.

The laughs and guffaws of the gang of would-be thugs fell on Boy In A Dress's ears as he
too, tried half-heartedly to move the chafing ropes on his wrists, the huge wheel that he
was bound to moved slightly in his actions.
Stick to the plan -he guessed and hoped Neno had thought ahead.

Neno smiled his smile and counted the men before him again, blood dripped into his right
eye made the gang magenta-toned. "One-by-one, ah'm gonna take yer'... the tall man hissed
"... a smart guy would kill me now"

Manko sneered and lumbered close to the Vandalian " I know you're a stranger here and your
time on Carbiox is short, but you'll learn that Manko isn't a man to be trifled with" he said and
flecks of spittle shot from his mouth in anger.
Neno snorted and whispered "get on with yer job, Fella... kill me if yer've the nerve"

Manko leaned back and jammed his thumbs into his waistcoat pockets, this one wasn't like
the others they had brought here.
As if reading his thoughts, Nenothtu looked over at the dejected group of men in rags and
chains, the digging tools told that they were prisoners here and also press-ganged miners.

The clouds that had blocked the sun for most of the morning were now darkening and it
seemed that a boiling in the skies was occurring, BIAD flicked his hair and scanned the
brooding heavens.

Manko looked up too and then at his men, the portly Tax-Man seemed to lose interest in
the battered man on the rack. "Prepare the Wheel, gentlemen... we've a verdict to obtain"
he ordered.
Three of Manko's goons scurried off towards the huge wooden construction and the other
two pulled billy-clubs from their jackets and monitored the prisoners.

"We have reverence here, son... we have a way that guides us through our dilemmas"
Manko said smugly, "that thing you accompany is an aberration to the senses and shouldn't
be allowed to sully our planet. I... as a humble leader here, deem it necessary to seek a
higher decision on whether it should continue to exist" Manko's clear eyes showed that he
truly believed in his responsiblities.

"Fella... that 'thing' over there shouldn't be messed with..." Nenothtu said calmly and
stared with killer-eyes into Manko's "... and you owe me for the 'son' slur" The tall man's
gaze told of hard winters and lonely trails.
Manko swallowed, glanced over to the backs of the remaining two thugs and struggled
to compose himself.

"I'm gonna be kind to you, so... stranger and do you with yer' own gun... how that be?"
the kind 'fatherly' tone was flat and false to Neno's ears and a mere snort was all the
Hell Mines boss obtained the Vandalian.

The man with the beret showed an evil smile at the Man/girl has he checked the ropes,
his stinking breath told of ale and poor food. "Yer gonna be judged, Missy and Jenovah is
gonna fry yer!" he snickered into the wig where he guessed BIAD's ears were.

The grimy hand of the thug ran across the hermaphrodite's chest and the cruel grin came
again. "It's a cryin' shame... that's what it is" he hissed and BIAD nodded in agreement.
"When I come back, you're going to dance with me, yes?" BIAD said lightly and beamed
his familiar smile. The man stopped pulling on the ropes and showed a mocking confusion
"you won't be comin' back -lady, but if yer' do -ah'll gladly waltz with you"

The sounds of a laboured generator came to the Man/girl's ears and the wheel began to
creak upwards.
"Oh yes my friend..." BIAD said to the top of the man's beret "... we will dance"
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 02:09 PM

The pistol was heavy -Manko thought and held it out at arm's length, the shiny metal
ignored the dullness of the day and seemed to glow from it's inner-self. The Mine Boss
felt how comfortable the grip seemed and pondered whether he could spin the weapon
on his finger... he'd seen it done once on something called a 'movie' the Grays had shown

On Carbiox, there were no firearms allowed and after the intial problems with workers on
the Pinor ships, the residents of the planet settled into a dictated-but fairly peaceful

The pistol's balance was unbelievable and even though, it would never again see the light
of day, he was tempted to keep the firearm after he'd put down the mad-dog on the rack.

"Look what we found, Boss!" Clayton shouted and Manko turned to see the giant Blacksmith
holding the bitch from The Killing Joke and the bearded dwarf who had accompanied his
present captives... it was gonna be a long 'killing day' -Manko thought.

The skies boomed thunder and huge streaks of lightning speared across the purple-almost
black clouds, the Mine Boss knew that time was short.
"Keep hold of 'em until I'm done with these two" he shouted above the grumbling heavens
and turned back to Nenothtu.

As he strolled towards the tied-down Vandalian, Manko casually asked "do you have anything
to say before I take thy life?" the rain was trying to start again.
Nenothtu looked up from his musings and gave the fat man in the waistcoat an icy stare.
"Get it over with... don't need no theatrics, Fella" he said and made Manko feel two feet
tall, a true GunMan lived and died without the frills -the Boss thought and hated himself
for trying to make the man before him show fear.

Silo struggled in the grasp of the Blacksmith and wailed "no Manko... I'll pay" and a glint
of evil humour shone in the leader's eyes.
"Oh yes... you'll pay alright" he whispered and pulled the trigger.

The pain was excruiating and the sight of flames coming from the palm of his hand made
Manko's features changed from a malevolent grin to a frighten child that had his own way
too long.

The pistol beeped once as it bounced in the damp soil and lay quiet, Nenothtu let the air
seep from his lungs and stifled a laugh. The Mine Boss danced and screamed in terror and
then raced off towards a nearby water barrel. The whimpers from his pain had everyone
looking around for confusion.

Neno tested his bindings and heard the slat snap.
He also saw the billy-club swooping towards him and grunted with the impact.

Two mintes later, the tall Vandalian lay face-down in a mineshaft, his hands tied behind
his back and darkness all around. Making small puffs of dust from his breathing, he smiled
through gritted teeth as he rolled onto his back and got on with the next part of his plan.

'The gun would only fire in Neno's hands... who'd have thought it?' he mused as he lifted
his left-leg and waved it in the gloom, his eyesight was adjusting already.


BIAD attempted a wave at the nice girl from the Tavern and his friend Tibbs as the wheel
rose towards the spot of white light directly above the top of the construction.

Thunder again blasted above him and the Man/girl saw that the white spot was getting
large and now fired sparks of white from it's centre.

"Oh well, here we go" he said and hoped the people below couldn't see up his dress.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 02:19 PM

The wheel creaked once more and then came to rest, the apex with Boy In A Dress
strapped to it enveloped in the blinding white light. Tibbs still struggled against
the Tax Men's restrains, but suddenly became still as the strange sounds reached his ears.

Nenothtu also heard the angelic-like singing even in the deep mine and pressed on in
loosening the ropes.

The prisoners watched along with the the Manko's men as the large purple cloud swirled
and billowed during the trial and an occasional sigh would leak from the huddled group.
BIAD gulped and awaited the verdict, his hair danced in the static like drunken vipers.

"Please, if you have any mercy, let the poor creature go" whimpered Silo and from her
knees in the dirt, she looked up through a prism of tears.
The Tax Men studied the scene above them with serious frowns and again, Silo whispered
"'s not fair, he's all alone up there"

Manko jammed his thumbs into his waistcoat pockets and grinned at the sight of The Wheel
Of Truth enwrapped with tendrils of burning-white light and with the beautiful sound of
Angels singing, he knew the God Jenovah was near.
"We'll see if what God has to say about such a diabolical monster existing on Carbiox" Manko
said over his shoulder to his men.

Neno gritted his teeth and with slitted eyes, he focused on the cut-throat razor in his boot.
BIAD had given him the instrument after their encounter with the Clantons in Tombstone,
that episode in the Gunman's life seemed a long time ago.

Deep thunder rolled across the sky and shooting stripes of light danced across the cloud
towards the bound Man/girl, again sighs and gasps were heard.

The black-worn handle of the razor peeped from Neno's boot -inside his pants leg and
as the twistings and shufflings continued, the razor moved some more.

Tibbs stood with mouth agape at the sight of BIAD's bare legs showing from beneath
the eye-hurting light and said a silent prayer of forgiveness... for the residents of the
Hell Mines.

"Hello God" said Boy In A Dress and smiled his best smile. Jenovah smiled back, the deity's
head was the size of a standard Cargo Frieghter and revealed a kind old man.
"Hello BIAD... a spot of bother -I see?" the round tones of his voice told of fairness and
tolerence. The hermaphrodite nodded and looked at both tied wrists "yes, I do seem to
be in a bit of a pickle" he agreed.

The wise-lined eyes looked away and Jenovah asked "Your man down there... Neo, do you
think he is close to his time?" Another roll of thunder sounded dramatically and Boy In A
Dress tilted his head quizically, "I... I don't understand, his time?"

The God called Jenovah chuckled and cleared his throat, "come on BIAD, surely you must
have sensed it? You have travelled the universe since it began and you must have learned
of his arrival?" BIAD attempted to pierce the white light and look below, but nothing showed
beneath him. "I'm a at a loss Jen" he said quietly.

The large head nodded and said softly "don't call me that, BIAD... it confuses the multitude
below" The man/girl showed a tight smile.

"Ah... I recall now..." the God said with a light tone "... this isn't your reality, you're out of
sync!" and again, the chortle came, BIAD grimaced at the tight bonds while the humour
existed. A few seconds passed as Jenovah weighed the situation, the Angels sang quietly
during this time.

"Er... Boy? do you think you'll find the Splitter?" rolled the voice of God, the tone of
unsureness seemed foreign to the omnipotent being "... I mean, do you think you will need
some assistance?"
BIAD craned his neck to look up at the kindly face and flicked his permo-wig in thought,
"Tibbs seems to have it all under control, but thanks anyway... but, I have a question...
if I may?" The Man/girl's voice was gentle in the query.

Beams of laser-like light leaked from the Deity's greying hair and the huge head closed
on the tied-down hermaphrodite.
"It's about your Creator -the one who made you, yes?" Jenovah whispered and BIAD
believed if he reached his strapped hand a little, he could actually touch the face of God.
"Yes Sir, is he... you know... here?" BIAD asked.

The ancient eyes looked away into the distant roiling clouds and Jenovah stuck his bottom
lip out in thought.
"Mmmm..." the easy-sounding voice came again "... there are many 'here's' you know?"
The ocean-blue eyes looked back at the man-with-no-eyes "I know that you and your
companions will discover these 'here's' in your travels"

Boy In A Dress's mouth twisted in confusion and Jenovah saw the bare-legged creature
struggling to understand the situation, the old-man's smile shone again.

"Well, I suppose it's time to let you down, a 'verdict' I suppose" Jenovah sighed and the
man/girl wondered if this being was lonely sometimes.

"Don't forget BIAD... we expect great things from him this time" came the old voice as the
Wheel began to turn. BIAD realised he had more questions and called " wait, what do you
mean, great things?... who is he?...." but the large ancient head had gone, the white light
was fading too.

The wheel moved forward and BIAD could again see the ocean all around the headland
where Uktena seemed to sit looking looking whistfully out at the blueness. The Tax Men
-who doubled as guards were looking up with awe-wrapped expressions at the rotating
machine withe the red-dressed man/girl strapped to it.

The cut-throat razor felt welcoming in Nenothtu's hands and he quickly set about cutting
the rough rope that held the Gunman's feet, Neno breathed steady and the calmness
of his emotions told of a cold-souled killer.

Manko glanced at the prisoners of his domain and pondered what taxes he could apply
for this spectacle, there was always a way of acquiring more coin flakes.

At the same time of Manko's pondering, Nenothtu stood up.

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~*~*~*~ Fart ~*~*~*~

The door alarm announced someone was outside Silo’s quarters - and wanted in. It could only be Chumley. Dag and Adam’s eyes flew from their locked gazes, to the closed door and back again. Having just exited the hygienic chamber they’d showered dressed and readied themselves to go find Chumley. Luck was on their side, he’d come to them.

‘Come on in Big Guy’ Dag called cheerfully while using the intercom to call a working droid. Now that Adam understood the need to find Silo her mood had lightened and she found she even had a raging appetite. Dag put in an huge order for food and listened to her stomach rumble in anticipation. The working droid couldn’t get there fast enough.

Making his way past the entrance and into the main room Chumley greeted Adam first and Dag laughed when both men's hands unconsciously went to their noses.

;We were just about to go looking for you.’ Dag’s stomach groaned again.

‘Ship sent me to tell you she makes you ‘Interim Assistant to the Yydryl.’ Chumley lifted his nose in the air smelling something they did not. The rest of his explanation was lost in favor to the demands of his appetite.

‘Oh! That’s wonderful!’ Dag crowed and threw herself at Chumley who tried to pry the hugging girl off him with the tips of his tentacles. With the glare he was getting from Adams it was better he didn’t touch her anymore than he had to. ‘Get off me!’ Chumley growled roughly but stopped short of being abrasive. He’d never had a hug before. It was kind of nice. But not as nice as the food he smelt coming. Brushing off his uniform Chumley turned as the working droid entered pushing a cart filled breads and meats, wine, water and fruits in quantities enough for the three of them and then some.

‘Thank you Droid!’ Dag gushed and snapped up a bread roll munching happily. She invited the droid to eat with them and laughed when the light on it’s head spun around like a dervish. In it’s agitation the droid went so far as to bump into Chumley making a hasty retreat.

‘Poor thing,’ Dag giggled at the Droids hasty retreat, ’You knocked the stuffing out of him Chum!’ Dag bent to the floor and fingered through the odds and ends that had fallen from the droids refuse pocket. A little slip of red material fluttered before her fingers but Dag caught it up smiling. Using it like a cord to tie her hair back and out of her eyes Dag returned to attack the food with even more gusto.

‘So, Chumley, we need your help with something.’ Dag eyed Adam over the top of her glass and encouraged him with a look to continue explaining their need to go find Silo but Adam shook his head imperceptibly.

‘What’s that?’ Chumley stood with a long string of drool dropping from his lips.

‘Ummm,’ Dag hesitated not sure what to say now that Adam made it clear he didn’t want her to mention Silo but he came smoothly to her rescue.

‘It’s like this Chum,’ Adam handed the Regalian a plate and started heaping on mounds of food, ‘We’ve got too much here to eat by ourselves and if we’re going to report to the Armory we better get to it!’ Adam smiled handing off the plate and taking one for himself.

Chumley didn’t need asking a second time. Before Adam could even finish filling his plate the Regalian had started to eat, his mission for the second time that day temporarily forgotten.

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~*~*~*~ Red Flag ~*~*~*~

Chumley cleaned up every scrap or crumb of food on his own plate, theirs, and the food cart. Adam had suspicions Chumley would have gone so far as to lick the plates clean if he’d been alone. It made him wonder if the big Regalian had worms. The thought made his stomach feel greasy and Doctor or no he quickly put the thought aside.

‘So, where do you think he went then?’ Dag returned to the subject of ‘Carpet’. While they’d been eating Chumley explained all about the ‘Milli-Being’ and how he’d suddenly vanished just before Chumley had left Ship in search of Silo.

‘Dunno,’ Chumley gave a huge burp and patted his stomach with a tentacle, ‘I give Carpet Silo’s blanket. I think Carpet will go but when I come back here to get him he’s gone. The blanket gone. I never see him again.’ Chumley groaned and reached over his belly for a small bone and used it to pick his teeth.

‘Wait. So you’re telling me you got a Millie Being to exit his core?’ Dag asked a glass of watered wine stalled half way from the table to her lips. Adam looked from one to the other not quite understanding what was being said, but trying to.

‘Yes,’ Chumley yawned unconcerned, ‘I know he move from Ship and his core to Silo’s blanket but when I come back for him he is gone. I can’t wait any longer, so I go to Silo.’ He finished and tossed the bone back onto the table with a clatter.

‘Hold on up there just one second.’ Dag’s voice turned suddenly bitter cold. Both men sat up and took notice at the ferocious anger boiling behind her eyes. ‘You mean you got a Millie-Being to separate from his core and then you just LEFT!’ Dag stormed jumping lightly to her feet and advancing on Chumley her finger pointed and aimed at his chest. ‘I understand you had to choose between Silo and Carpet - sure - but now that you’re back aboard Ship and you’ve got the nerve to sit eating and burping and relaxing when you still have NO IDEA WHERE THAT MILLI-BEING IS!’ Now Dag did poke him in the chest. Hard. Chumley toppled over backwards in his chair landing in a big green heap at her feet. A big green heap that still reached her eye level.

‘Get OUT! OUT!’ Dag roared in Chumley's face forcing the Regalian back across the room on all fours. ‘If you so much as even think about doing anything until you find out just where that Millie-Being is - [i[and before you get ting him BACK TO HIS CORE I’ll...I’ll cut off your top knot!’ Eyes blazing Dag leaned over Chumley her hair on end, the little rag tied around her pony tail standing up and waving as if it were caught in a stiff breeze.

Alarmed was not the word. Terrified was closer. In fear of his mortal soul probably closer still. Chumley’s lips began to quiver, his eyes filled with tears and his skin? He’d gone so pale Dag and Dam could see his massive organs working frantically under his skin.

‘I go! I go!’ Chumley lumbered to his feet and farted in fear. ‘I go. I go now. You go to Deson. You go to Deson and I find Carpet.’ Chumley began to babble which only fueled the fire of Dag’s anger even more.

‘NOW!” She roared and Adam was taken aback. The anger and the noise coming from the ‘girl’ made even his blood turn thin. He would have to remind himself never to get on her bad side.

Chumley fled the room great pops and hisses of escaping gas following him as he went. Dag stalked him out the door and just kept going.

‘Hey! Wait for me!’ Adam called from behind her but it was if she didn’t even hear him. Spying the piece of rag that waved behind her like a bright red banner Adam raced around the corner after Dag with a mind full of questions and a gut rolling in apprehension.

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~*~*~*~ Deson ~*~*~*~

‘Would you wait up!’ Adam reached out and grabbed her arm but Dag shrugged off his grip with an amazing strength. Adam remembered the ‘poke’ she gave the massive hulk of flesh they called Chumley and wondered just what it was that happened to Dag’s strength when she got angry. He’d ask her later, for the moment they were rounding the corner to the Armory and he needed answers before they were faced with a completely new set of information from the Ship’s Armor Deson.

‘Dag, would you please tell me what’s going on and why you’re so mad and just what the hell a ‘top knot’ is?’ Adam blustered.

‘Look, you have no idea what it would be like for a Millie-Being’ to exit his core.’ Dag wrenched her fist across her face as if she was crying but her eyes were dry, She answered in a hoarse voice leaving aside all but the most important question.

‘Hey...’ Adam stopped in his tracks. ‘I’m not the enemy here. How about you calm down and tell me what’s got you so upset?’ Adam waited for Dag to stop, to breath.

‘I don’t have the words to even begin to tell you.’ Dag’s eyes started to go soft as her anger turned to pain. ‘For that Millie-Being think of leaving his core? And now that big green assh...’ Dag stopped the profanity as Adam lifted a dark brow and cocked his head. ‘Sorry. But I just can’t fathom someone leaving a Milli-Being separated from it’s core.’ Dag’s eyes went liquid staring up into Adam’s. His heart gave a weighty thump then thumped again. ‘And this whole thing has something to do with Silo too?’ Adam asked knowingly.

‘Yes, it does. I’m not sure how but one thing I do know? Carpet’s being separated from his core reminded me about Silo.‘ Dag sighed her shoulders falling. ‘Ad-dam, do you know the reason the first 12 Silo’s were...destroyed?’ The pain in her eyes returned. ‘They,’ and by the snarl in her voice Adam know she meant ‘LAB’, ‘They discovered something about them that was off.’ Dag pinched the bridge of her nose the signal Adam was beginning to learn meant she was under terrific stress. ‘Ad-dam, they suspected she was a Bi-Wraith. ‘ Dag looked around like the ghost of Bransom walked the halls. ‘Bi-Wraiths are the most illegal form of bio-engineering out there. You have no idea.’ Dag waited for Adam to respond.

’Quit saying I have no idea and explain it then!’ Adam wanted to shout but now wasn't the time to loose his temper. ‘Ok, so what you’re saying issss?’ His eyebrow cocked even higher, his chin angled even sharper to the right.

‘I’m saying Silo wasn’t restricted to just morphing into walls and trees and...all this...’ Dag waved her hand again indicating the Yydry, a Bio-Ship, ‘I think Silo could even morph through time Adam. And space. And the worst thing about it? She’s laying there in her healing machine half in and out of her body and she doesn't even know it herself!’ Dag finished with a wretched sob.

The door to the armory slid open. Startled and holding her breath Dag watched as a being like she’d never seen walked part way into the corridor. Adam recovered quicker and stepped forward holding out his hand to the centaur like creature who gazed at them benignly.

‘At your service Doctor’ Deson shook the doctor’s hand, ‘As you may have already guessed, I, am Deson,’ He didn’t smile, his voice barely changed pitch, ‘And you must be Dag.’ Deson turned on his forequarters holding out his hand to Dag who took it and shook it lightly.

‘Please, if you two would follow me into the work room I’ve got your weapons ready.’ Deson turned, ’And, I’ve got something else you’ll need in order to find The Silo.‘ Deson added cryptically as he disappeared back through the door.

Meeting glances Adam and Dag shook their heads and shrugged. Things were moving faster than they could have imagined and now it seemed was the time to not fight it but to go with the flow. Nothing would have surprised them at this point. Or so they thought.

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~*~*~*~ Time Wraps Around You ~*~*~*~

Deson was thorough. The pair were dressed in new Ship’s uniforms of soft beige and green, their feet booted in a material that was at once durable but giving and their new weapons strapped firmly across their chests and to their utility belts wrapping around their hips.

‘You’ll find your weapons are weighted and modified and you’ll adapt to them perfectly. I've been observing you both since you arrived aboard and I’ve come to know the way you move,’ he said with emphasis, ’How you move is the precisely the key to matching what weapon will suit you over another.

Dag’s face flamed red wondering just how closely they’d been watched. Seeing the effect of his words on Dag Adam’s faced flamed with heat along with her. If Deson noticed their reactions he dismissed them as being beneath him and continued to explain their weapons and gear.

‘You’re both equipped with lasers that are adjustable, to stun, to disable, to kill. I’ve never seen the reason to point a weapon that wouldn't kill with one shot, but you never know.’ He snorted and jumped right back to explaining the long list of tools they’d been equipped with.

Adams mind began to blur. Where did Deson think they were going anyway?

‘Where you’ll be going?’ Deson slowly turned his long horse face to stare at Adam as if he’d read his mind, ‘Where you’ll be going is to hell itself Doctor.’ Deson pinned him with an unblinking stare for a moment longer before reaching behind him for a greasy work rag wrapped around something he laid on the table before them.

‘And this?’ Deson carefully unwrapped Silo’s ‘Green Man’ necklace making sure not to touch it in any way, ‘This is how you’re going to get us there...’

The Green Man necklace once unwrapped began to glow faintly on the work bench.

‘But there’s a catch.’ Deson looked at them from under hooded eyes, ‘One of you is going to have to wear it.’

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Sslar stalked the halls, trying to figure out where nenothtu had gone. All this disappearing without her was beginning to annoy her. Xang Cats - normally pronounced "Zanggats" - were an odd, little studied, and dying breed.

At maturity, they weighed close to 200 kilograms, and some over that, all muscle, teeth, and ill temper. In appearance at maturity, they appeared to be a nightmare cross between Sabertoothed Tigers of old, Bengal tigers of new, and the extinct giant Plains Wolf. These last were actually Dire Wolves of the ice ages, but had been seen and spotted on the western plains and in the Rocky Mountains of the US up to around 1850 or so, when they seem to have disappeared from the faunal roster. Sslar appeared for all the world to be a cross between a cat and a dog, at the most basic level, except for that odd green and black striped coloring, never seen in the Earth fauna, and the multiple saber teeth growing from her maw.

They were more or less solitary creatures, bonding only with a small family unit or, later, a mate to form a new small family unit. In that, the association with Earth lions and wolves and their community patterns went out the window. In Sslar's case, she had been taken from her parents young, but had formed a new attachment, a bond, with the creature that carried her inside his jacket so long that she had bonded to him, to his very heartbeat that had lulled her to sleep, and he was now "family" to her.

She sought nenothtu, and was getting annoyed at being left behind.

Her keen senses detected "people" in what was called the Armory of the Ship, so she sauntered on down to see if her nenothtu was in there amongst them. Padding softly into the room, she was chagrined to find that he wasn't among this knot of people, yet her hyper tuned senses detected some small part of him there, and she couldn't quite figure that out. The woman whose door she had been guarding, she understood. The connection she detected there was that the Silo was neno's mother, and so to be guarded. There was little in the way of danger aboard this vessel, beyond some malevolent rat-like being who she had seen scurrying away once, and only once, so feeling Silo to be safe for the moment, Sslar had gone in search of nenothtu. This room was different from the halls she had been prowling. Both "her" neno AND Silo were somehow present here, and yet they were not.

It was puzzling, but Sslar would sort it out.

Seeming to appear out of nowhere because of her quietly padded approach, Sslar strollled up to the object that Deson was holding, insulated from his hand by a bit of cloth, and sniffed at it. Somehow, the Silo was there in that object, and to a lesser degree so was neno - because of his familial connection, she supposed. Puzzling. She knew that Silo was in the box contraption where she had left her, healing, and that neno was nowhere to be found. This object seemed to be the only connection to him aboard the ship, the only way she could find him. She bumped it with her nose.

When she bumped it, she could never be sure of what happened next, whether it was just a coincidental shifting of the chain or a willful jump of it, but the object, for whatever reason, seemed to attach itself to her neck, hanging like a dog tag from Earth of old.

Quietly, and with a regal bearing unbecoming a beast, Sslar turned and strolled out of the room wearing the bauble as nonchalantly as she had come in without it. Reasoning that nenothtu may be at the nerve center of the ship, Sslar headed directly for the bridge, the astonished people who had been in the armory in tow, wondering just how they were going to get that gadget back from the Xang Cat if she were not disposed to part with it, and it appeared that she wasn't.

Yes, reasoning that nenothtu may be on the bridge. Reasoning. None knew it there, but Sslar was every bit as intelligent as anyone in that room, simply more primitive in mindset, and throughly alien in communication means. Moreover, she was a Xang Cat with a mission. She was going to find her neno, come hell or high water, and the bridge of the Yydryl seemed to be the next stop on that tour.

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~*~*~*~ Shock and Awe ~*~*~*~

Deson recovered first, but even for his stoic self he showed unmistakable signs of being near to shock by the appearance of the great green Xang cat.

Clearing his throat and turning his attention back to Adam and Dag Deson tried at seeming nonplussed. ‘You’re outfitted to the best of my ability and now...’ His voice trailed off in realizing he wasn’t being listened to.

Adam and Dag were slower to recover and flinched when Deson gave a loud whicker.

‘Adam, if I may have your attention please...’ Ignored for the second time Deson kicked out a hind hoof in agitation.

‘That’s Neno’s Xang isn‘t it...’ Adam bent and whispered in Dag’s ear from where he stood behind her. He was sure the huge cat wouldn’t hurt them but it’s shear size and ferocity made him uneasy. Plus Dag had a way with the creature.

‘Of course it’s Neno’s Xang. I don’t think there’s another cat like that anywhere in the universe.‘ Dag snorted good-naturedly at Adam’s ignorance of the Xang’s uniqueness. ‘I don‘t know how it got here but Adam, don‘t you see, if that cat’s here maybe BIAD’S here too?’ Dag’s face lit with pleasure in hopes the beautiful creature was also aboard the Yydryl. Without a word to Deson or Adam Dag took off at a run following the Xang.

‘Sorry about that Deson,’ Adam’s manners came back to him a little too late Deson had turned to leave muttering something about rigging another landing vessel with a bio-tuner.

Left alone in the armory Adam noticed something that hadn’t caught his eye before. Deson’s workbench included a holo-screen that flashed what seemed to be random views of the Yydryl. Stepping behind the bench Adam felt uneasy, like he was doing something he didn’t want to get caught at but was unable o resist.

A row of sensors glowed lightly below the holo-console the soft colors inviting. Reaching for the sensors Adam wondered where Dag and the Xang were and at that moment the holo-screen changed to a view of the corridor outside the bridge where he could see Dag trotting behind the Xang. Remembering what Deson had said about watching them ‘move’ Adam reached for the sensors again, this time wondering where Chumley was. Again, the holo-screen flickered and there was Chumley leaning over Silo’s p.h.a.r.s his lips moving. He was still trying to communicate with Silo. Dropping his hand and scooting back around to the front of the bench Adam didn’t need to test it any longer. He knew if he raised his hand and thought of Silo’s bed chamber that’s exactly what he’s see on the screen. His face flaming, his anger instantly peaked Adam went to follow Dag. He’d deal with Deson later. His knuckles still hurt from when he’d punched Chumley.

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If Uktena's benevolent God -Jenovah had looked down on the excavated mess known
as The Hell Mines -and we can assume that a deity would, he would see a small group of
around fifteen bedraggled males stood in a bunched group infront of several mounds
of soil and crates.

To the group's right was the entrance to the maze of tunnels that were dug for the
purpose of finding Tantazine, a mineral used in the manufacturing of anti-gravity discs
on many of the craft parked at the port of Utkena.

A Plasma fence surrounded the whole area and ergo, we can also assume the Hell
Mines doubled as a prison.
In front of the miserable-looking prisoners, a huge wooden wheel with a long
-haired creature in a short red dress strapped to it's rim.

Looking on, were eight stout men, a small Vithian and young woman kneeling
in the mud.

Oh!... I nearly forgot, at the entrance to the mine stood a tall man with a large
pick-axe shaft made of hickory... and let us also assume that Jenovah would see
that this male with a lop-sided grin and the mean-looking piece of wood looked

Nenothtu stepped towards Clayton and as the large Blacksmith dropped Tibbs
from his embrace, the thug called Slater stepped up and interupted his passage.
The billy club of Slater swung first, but it was Neno's axe-shaft that made contact
and the sound of it's impact was similar to a coconut dropped from a height onto
Slater went down quickly.

Without taking his eyes away from the sight of the horrified Manko, the Vandalian
stepped forward, reached out his right hand and hissed "to me" and the upgraded
pistol laying in the dirt flew quickly to that waiting hand.

The tied-down Man/girl looked on from the Wheel of Truth as Nenothtu set about the
the task of relieving the thugs of their tax collecting duties in the only way he knew.
It certainly wasn't a pleasant sight.

The scar-faced man's head exploded with the first shot and then in a blur, the handgun
was resting in it's holster. Clayton lumbered forward and in his own unique way, he gambled
he could stop the man wielding the chunk of wood.

Neno swung twice, the first one seemed half-hearted and unknown to the Blacksmith,
was never meant to make contact with the side of the big man's head. So, Clayton saw
the shaft whistle by and leaned in to grab the bloodied Gunman.

Utenka's saviour would have also wagered, if Gods are allowed to do that -that Clayton
visualised himself overpowering the one they called Nenothtu and possibly beating him
with his own weapon.

The 'fake' swing halted and then returned with added momentum back towards the nearing
Clayton, around that time, the burly Blacksmith's confident smile changed.
The back-hand swing of Nenothtu hit Clayton in his right ear and one would assume an average
-sized man would have gone down with such a blow to the head, but not Clayton.
No Sir, the big man came on... well, sort of.

The evening devoid of the enjoyments of Big Bertha's Whorehouse would have been
accompanied by another, if Neno was going to let Clayton off with a mere beating.
The knee to the groin area sucked some of the energy from Clayton's clutching hands, but
his right one did make purchase with Nenothtu's jacket.

The followed-up head-butt from the Vandalian assured the jacket was released and the two
swift swings of the axe-shaft to the back of falling giant's neck made sure that the man who
moulded metal at his second-rate furnace, would tramp up those wooden steps to Big Bertha's
no more.

The 'wall-eyed' ruffian had also rushed forward to take on the stranger and the sight of Clayton
being cheated from his goal had not only angered him, but any tactics to get past the swinging
weapon had flown away like early-morning Felder birds.

So, seeing Neno stood over the body of the Blacksmith and knowing that his boss would pay
handsomely for stopping a prisoner taking this kind of action, 'Wall-eye' ran with knife out
towards the stooping Gunman.

I will not labour on how Nenothtu went low and avoided the swinging knife, let Wall-eye's
momentum take him onto a waiting knee to the stomach nor on the karate-style chop to the
lower back- part of the skull.

But I will inform the reader that unknown to anyone at The Hell Mines, it would have been
only Jenovah who saw that for one instant as the lumber made contact with the forward -falling
thug's head, his 'wide eye' actually came back into it's correct postion.

Nenothtu now turned to the barrel-chested guy he had thrown out of the Killing Joke Tavern
and 'Crew-cut'

"What about Manko?" I hear you ask, well he had now realised that Nenothtu's promise
was being fulfilled and one-by-one, the Vandalian WAS 'takin' em'!
So using his mental abilities that had kept him as head-honcho for collecting taxes, he was
high-tailing it towards the main gate.

Tibbs -who had watched on in awe at his time-travelling companion's prowess in the art
of battle, swung his head at a movement from Silo. The girl had stood up from her 'prayer
-like' postion in the mud and was tracking the fleeing Tax Man.

With one deft movement, she pulled her knife and threw it and without pomp or ceremony,
Manko dropped onto the well-worn path with the knife hilt protruding between his shoulder
Tibbs wondered if the lassie from the Tavern would manually retrieve it -this time.

BIAD's hair... that strange wig-like creation that Professor Charles Shaw always maintained
hadn't been part of the experiment -had without fanfare, untied the knots of Boy In A Dress's
bindings and also without fanfare, the hermaphrodite stepped up behind the unaware chap
wearing the beret.
"I think you owe me some boogie" BIAD said quietly and whirled the guy around.

Nenothu busied himself taking out the two men in a 'one-for-you-and one-for-you' way of
delivering blows and other injury-making antics, Tibbs had actually caught himself applauding
two of the strikes... later that day, he would play them over in his head and imagine it was
him beating on the two thugs.

Just to assist Tibbs's dignity, the point where 'Crew-cut's head nearly left his neck WASN'T
tarried upon -in the Vithian's musings.

Boy In A Dress took his 'dance' quite well, considering there was no music and the guy with the
beret struggled with the steps.
'Beret-Man' died around the time of would-have- been the second act of the imagined-music
and not long after, three of the prisoners threw up their meagre breakfast at the sight before

The retracting hair cleaned itself from most of the clinging material as BIAD looked down at
the body of his fantasy 'ballroom partner' The Man/girl's smile still shone even when the
upturned head could be seen again by the prisoners, the sight of the terrible wounds seemed to
conflict with the image of the feminine-like figure who concentrated on straightening his dress.

When finally Nenothtu used the butt of the axe-shaft to drive the nose of 'Barrel-Chest' up into
his brain and then chanced a swift swing to the dying man's head, the thought of Manko's men
ever standing a chance had flown from anyone's minds -like the Felder birds mentioned earlier.
Neno's sucked in some air and scanned the compound for any more danger, the terrified looks
from the prisoners told that all was safe in that area.

Tibbs was now stood alongside BIAD and with Silo beside him, all three stared back at the
"What?" the tall man tossed and stood to his full height, his back ached and his head-wound
The small Vithian unfolded his arms and with confined pleasure, he tutted at Nenothtu and
shook his head. "You enjoyed that too much" Tibbs chided and turned to seek his satchel,
he hoped the book inside wasn't damaged.

Neno glanced over at the grinning hermaphrodite and lifting one eyebrow, he muttered
"... and you?" BIAD curtsied and before he could regain his position, Neno had already
moved on to Silo.
But Silo beat him to it.

Like a Tor-Deer that finds a Spring meadow after the ordeal of a high-country Carbioxian
winter, she raced to the tall man with the chunk of hickory dangling from his hand and
kissed him hard.
Neno's eyes were like Pinor-pads as the girl from The Killing Joke enjoyed the warm
-feeling that ran through her body, she pressed her mouth harder to his.

BIAD clapped and hopped on one high-heeled foot at the expression of shock on Nenothtu's
face, but the Man/girl did register that his partner didn't push her away.
A full twenty seconds passed before Silo released Neno and stepped back with a demure
smile and glint in her eye. "Sorry" she cooed and watched for any emotion in the GunMan's
stoic features.

Nenothtu tore his eyes away from the girl and looking at the approaching Tibbs, he snapped
"that device you're looking for will be somewhere in that mine, so I suggest we get the 115
outta our asses and roll"
Tibbs nodded but seemed concerned with his hand-held machine, Neno fell in beside him
and they both strode towards the tunnel entrance.

Silo looked at BAID with a deflated confused expression on her pretty face "what just
happened?" she whispered.
The Boy In A Dress nodded and a kind smile blossomed from under the long fringe
"You should've hit him with that hickory, girl..." he said lightly and waved a hand to tell
the prisoners that they were now free.

"... he's is one hard-headed son of a..." the remaining words were lost as the group of scruffy
prisoners ran with shouts and whoops towards the gate.

Jenovah...? only he heard the last word end with '...itch'
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"Will you help us?" Dag said softly to the green brute that sat on it's heavy haunches
in front of the young girl. The Green-Man amulet dangled from the furry neck of the
Xang Cat and the strange features on it's slightly-glowing face made Dag think that the
pendant had found a home it enjoyed.

Sslar looked at the kneeling humanoid and pondered the next move.
True, all Xang cats have the ability of telepathy -however, in most cases, the skill of
being able to transmit thoughts was connected to the one that the feline bonded to.
Sslar's brooding eyes told nothing.

Adam stepped onto the bridge and approached the two with a look of determination.
The idea that the Yydryl could be used as a massive 'thought-directer' was an intriguing
one and the Doctor in the new clean uniform mulled over the his newly-formed plan
whilst rubbing his once-sore nose.

"I know that you are Nenothu's companion..." Adam said and looked squarely at the
large cat, the stretched unfeline-like snout moved to take in any olfactory information
available and Dag looked over her shoulder to focus on her lover's speech.
"... and I know you have powers that can assist in us finding your friend and ours"
Adam pulled at the collar of his uniform and felt a little embarrassed at talking to the
poker-faced animal. "We need you to show us where Neno, BAID and the Vithian are" he
finished and unconciously fingered the utility belt on his waist.

Sslar's long tongue flicked around one of his huge fangs and the furry head tilted as if
deep in thought, Dag's brow furrowed at the strange expression of the cat.
"She says that the Green-Man can take us there" Chumley said from the doorway and
wiped a tentacle across his lips to make sure no crumbs resided there.

The big Regalian smiled weakly and then faltered as another thought came in from
across the room.
"She says..." Chumley sucked in a large gulp of air "... she says that Silo is yearning
and the cards will lead the way" Chumley's confused shiny face moved to Adam's to
seek an explanation.

Adam nodded to himself and flicked a toggle on a panel above, a slight sound of static
told him the communication line was open. "Deson...? I need you to prepare us the Landing
Craft with an interface for the amulet" the bridge was quiet for a few seconds before the
six-legged Centaur being responded.

"I second-guessed your idea and though I have my doubts about this 'mumbo-jumbo' pagan
way of transport, I have developed an interface for your needs" the tone was unenthusiastic.
Adam eyed the monitor that showed the surrounding stars, the bridge again was quiet.

Sslar suddenly stood on all fours and stepped by Dag, the passing of her long green-striped
body seemed to go on forever. "We move" reported Chumley and shuffeld aside to allow the
Xang cat pass.
Dag touched Adam's hand reassuringly and smiled into his concerned face. "Thank you for
this" she said softly and touched his cheek lightly. Adam coughed his embarrassment and
with Dag in-tow, he followed the steady gait of the leaving cat.

Chumley scatched his behind in study and wondered what all this was about, the green
giant hurried after Sslar and the others.

Deson's long head tracked the group as they came aboard the Landing Craft and the peeps
and buzzes of the computer systems 'start-up' programme were the only sounds in the room,
even Chumley kept his mouth closed.

"We are about to try something that I have grave doubts about and though, my senses say
that I should not assist in this gamble, I know that the search for Silo is not quite finished
and that quest is somehow important to our future" Deson felt stupid with his choice of
words and yet, they seemed fitting.
"The recessed area on the panel behind you is where the amulet should be placed..." Deson
explained "... I've done all I can"

Adam smiled at Deson and remained silent, he turned and with an hopeful expression in
his eyes, he reached for the Green Man amulet around Sslar's neck.
The Xang cat lowered his huge head and the Doctor's combing fingers found the chain among
the fur and in one movement, he took the necklace from the animal.

Deson nodded and stepped towards the door "Be safe and get back soon" he said over his
shoulder, the sound of leaving hooves told of his dislike of goodbyes.
The swish of the closing door punctuated the beginning of their time-space jaunt.

Dag moved swiftly to the navigation seat and perused the blinking panel and dials.
Chumley squeezed his big behind into the shape-accommodating chair of the co-pilot's
position and attempted to look like he knew what all the instruments in front of him meant.
Sslar hunkered down and watched the scene unfold.

Adam carefully laid the amulet into the recess and looked at the one cable that lay next to
where the 'old man' face stared back at the anxious features of the Doctor.

The connector on the resting wire looked like it had been melted and then sat on, it's thin
form implied the needed-port would be slender indeed, then Adam realised the way ahead.
Placing the wire in front of the broach's face and close to the mouth, the Green Man's lips
suddenly puckered forward and snatched the almost-paper thin connector and one would
imagine the face attempting to play an harmonica.

Adam didn't imagine anything, he turned and raced to the pilot's seat and snapped the
seatbelt closed.
The four-man crew waited... and waited.

Then a bue/white light made them all- except Neno's cat, gasp and Deson looked on from the
Armory as the craft blinked out of this existence.
Snorting once and pawing a hoof at the floor, the Centaur wished them good luck.

They were going to need it.

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~*~*~*~ They Live! ~*~*~*~

Ship shuddered into a stall her whole mass heaving in place. After the incredible flight hurling herself and crew towards the coordinated set by the great Xang Cat and Ship’s Green-Man Ship was exhausted. Another shudder shook her as she dropped like a horse in it’s traces. She’d pushed herself. She’s flown. Faster than she’d ever flown before, and faster than she should have headless of recovery. Now left depleted she was so spent to be utterly useless to her crew and herself. But she’d got them there, faster than they could have dreamed. She did it! Her heart soared in worn out pride. Oh how she’d flown!

Her thoughts troubled Ship focused on shutting down superfluous power from Yydryl main Ship and The Center. All possible energy must be focused on her recovery. Security systems, lighting, every ounce of energy she could draw-on Ship drained into her bio-core. Deson had warned her this would happen but she hadn’t listened to Deson. There was something nagging her about the Armor but she hadn’t the strength to think about him now. Now she had to rest and regain her strength. Deson had told her Silo would be fine was her last thought before her core switched to a holding pattern and she fell into a dreamless restorative sleep.

* * *

Deep in bowels of the Center a new voice could be heard. From a cave as black and deep as no other mewling and groans echoed like an animal being born as another died. The cocoons hidden one after another since the loss of the Yydryl’s first Captain began to writhe and change shape the dense cluster of gray white eggs each larger than the other, the largest bigger still than the tallest Regalian ever to board Ship. The cocoons continued waking, their time in their nursery-cave had come to an end.

* * *

In the furthest corner of Ship’s dimly lit corridors the emergency barrier keeping Deez from entering the Recovery Bay dropped with an electric snap. The creature scuttled boldly across the floor and up onto the womb like pod holding Silo where he began to scratch painfully at ‘My Eye’ that burned where it was hidden beneath the skin in the hollow between his thin arm and scrawny chest.

Beady eyes narrowing Deez peered down into the pod his nose and whisker’s quivering as he repeated the order he’d been given by the transmitter even as he scratched at it. ’Kill Silo!’ ’Kill Silo?‘ Keening the creature began to cry. Silo fed Deez. Was nice to Deez. The memory brought on another blinding burst of current radiating from the imbedded device. ‘My Eye‘ snarled the command for the second time deep within the creatures brain once more. Howling in pain and terror Deez quickly capitulated. ‘Yes, I kill Silo! I kill Silo!’ He panted and hissed as fine specks of spittle spraying the air.

Ten minutes later with blood running from the open wound where he’d torn his skin to shreds Deez had failed to gain entry into the machine and fulfill his command. Grinding his teeth and rolling his eyes in frustration Deez instinctively knew he had little time left. The device, impatient for the task to be completed sent another painful jolt running up his spine causing his whole frame to stiffen. He wouldn’t be able to take much more.

A sound at the door startled the little creature who crouched low in fear but a soft voice from the corridor calmed him repeating words to reassure both Deez and the pain giving gadget he couldn’t escape from.

Walking softly to where Deez sat dazzled the voice continued repeating words he couldn’t quite hear. Deez stilled and focused on the sweet promises in the sing song voice. Food and wine, warmth and dreams of companionship lulled him into compliance. No more pain. No more fear. No more ‘My Eye!‘

Deez sighed as a hand reached out to take him by the scruff holding him just off the lid of the p.h.a.r.s while the other worked the mechanism of the hatch opening it just wide enough to slip the humming Deez under it’s top. The cover snapped shut and Deez eyes bugged open abruptly as the pain under his arm flared to an excruciating torture. Delirious and in agony Deez snapped and bit at the interior of the contraption his teeth sinking into something soft. Salty warm blood spilled over into his mouth causing the fiend’s jaws water and grind back and forth. Instantly the pain wracking his body lessened turning to a kind of sickening pleasure. The pitiful creature’s teeth clamped even tighter long sharp points breaking against points as they met embedded in flesh, blood flowed faster, his jaw muscles locked in place and in a seizing mass of gore soaked fur Deez died.

* * *

Far to the Center of Ship the cocoons convulsed and gave a great collective shriek of triumph. Their keeper was dead! Their moment had arrived! The massive chrysalises pulsed and changed colors their shells hardening as they transformed from milky white to a translucent gray. Shapes hidden only moments before could clearly be seen moving and stretching trying to break free from their womb-turned-prisons.

The Captain’s of the Yydryl who‘d disappeared one by one emerged first. Antar. Studious. Yydryl crew that had boarded Ship only to go missing within weeks. Then the U-Man’s landing party from the Penelope who were followed by a half a dozen of Whisper’s mammoth Regalian bodyguards who emerged last.

All had been entombed. All had been fed, cared for and jealously guarded by Deez at the command of the Dark Lord by means of his familiar ‘My Eye’ branded deep under Deez’s skin. All had transformed into something - more - readied to do the Dark Lord’s bidding. And now? All were hungry.

* * *

Ship slept on as her crew streaked through space oblivious to the treachery taken place in the Recovery Bay, unaware and endangered by the atrocities hatching in the deepest caves of her Center and completely unprepared for what would happen when they returned.

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~*~*~*~ Dead man Walking ~*~*~*~

‘Son a Jenovah...’ Grumbled the pile of old flour sacks rustling slightly and smelling highly like refuse of the worst kind. ‘How long ‘av I been dead this time?’ Groaned the pile in a pasty voice that sounded dry as week old bread.

Dog sat on her haunches watching as a foot and hand elbowed out from under the small mountain of sacks. Her head cocked listening with both ears tipped forward she wondered if he was going to make it up this time or fall back to sleep like he‘d done earlier that morning. Her question was answered. First an arm, then a leg followed by an aquiline nose pushed free. The smell got worse. Beyond her control Dog wanted to eat grass and gag. Dog munched a piece of grass and vomited looking disgusted with herself.

‘WAZ ZAT!’ Cried the flour sacks in a cackle and back went the appendages buried out of sight once more.

Dog answered in her best voice after gacking up the last of the grass. ‘Woof’ Dog woofed the tip of her tail twitching in irrational humor.

‘What the hell-mines...’ Said the Cul emerging from the pile, one green eye one yellow peaking out from under a sack that stayed flopped across the figures head like an old hat.

‘Dog! How many times do I have to tell you not to sneak up on me like that! Your father used to...’ The Cul growled without finishing his sentence.

‘Yes, but I ‘woofed’ right?’ Dog’s voice dripped sugar under her breath eyes gleaming in delight at seeing Gnarly rise from the ‘dead’. ‘And don’t talk about my father.’ Dog barked again and came off her front feet in delight just in case any smoke-watchers were out.

‘That’ll be the day!‘ He groused. Brushing himself off and sticking out his tongue repeatedly like he’d eaten his own herbage Gnarly caught the stench from his clothes and hi sown day old vomit breath and nearly went back to his knees. ‘Damn but I smell!’ He wretched silently into the grass.

‘Honey-Mead?’ Dog whined more than ever ready to help them both keep their cover.

‘Not intentionally but once it was in my hand I had to... What do you think!’ Gnarly bit back and rubbed the back of his coat sleeve across his mouth retching once more at the putrid reek. ‘Hells I’ve got to get cleaned up. I can hardly keep and eye on Silo stinking like something that leaked out of Manko’s crack...’

Dog growled and stood on all fours. ‘That went beyond disgusting.’ Her long black tail bristled. ‘And while you’ve been sleeping like the dead,’ Dog mocked, ‘Clayton turned Silo and the Vithian over to the one who’s behind leakage you're wearing...’ Dog snorted in disgust.

Under the sewer grim and days of unwashed body Gnarly paled white. ‘What’s that you say?’ Gnarly’s voice grew bitter and succinct, no longer the slurring words of an old Cul’s rag tag mumbling.

Dog looked on an waited in anticipation. She hated his ruse and wanted him free of it.

Lurching to his feet the Cul’s ‘decrepit’ stance shed like the sack he pulled off his head with a jerk of impatience. Leaping up the back steps and into the bar Gnarly peered around the corner into the great room. A few outreamers were sitting about and by the looks of it had served themselves some of Silo’s ale.

‘She isn’t dead?’ Gnarly asked Dog in under his breath knowing Silo would spill blood before she let anyone else draw ale in her place.

‘No, in fact I’m hearing some say she finally gave that knife of hers a good drink.’ Dog chuckled grimly.

Spinning in place like a dancer Gnarly secured the door to the kitchens and began stripping off his closes. “You better tell me the rest of it while I bathe.’ Gnarly pulled Silo’s large washtub from it’s shelf and tipped all but the last bucket of the nights water into the barrel splashing puddles on the floor as he went. ‘But first, go find me some clothes. And make sure they’re good ones. If Silo killed Manko who knows what they will do to her.’ Stripping naked and tossing his soiled rags and boots into the fire ‘Y’-Lrang stepped lightly into the tepid water and began washing the grime from his body starting at his head and working his way down.

‘Your father would be proud of you ‘Y’.’ Dog’s appreciation of the Culs body turned the corners of her eyes up the centers the dark violet depths sparkling like diamonds.

‘Don't talk about my Father.’ ‘Y’ responded gruffly. ‘And find me a razor if you can.’ ‘Y’ used a cooking pot to douse his head with more water, the streams of filth running down his body like mud. Without and ounce of fat his lean torso rippled and gleamed as the layers of caked mud and refuse washed away. Wide shoulders free from their perpetual stooping rotated back to open up a chest like a broad slab narrowing to the Cul’s waist a dark line of hair disappearing into the suds collecting at his groin.

Dog watched on holding her breath her eyes moist with tears of pride watching the transformation.

‘I’ll need those clothes...Lwren. And that razor.’ ‘Y’ didn’t meet ‘Dogs’ eyes and with a sniff she turned and trotted off to do as she was bid. Watching her go ‘Y’s’ eyes narrowed and the furrows between his brow deepened.

That she’d followed him here, here of all places was wrong but ‘Y’ couldn’t lock her up, so she’d come to him like he always knew she would and there was nothing either of them could do about that now. For now the Prince of the Cul’s was bound by oath and spilled blood, death and destruction of his planet to finish what he’d started. Even restoring his sister, his twin sister to her rightful form would have to wait until the hell-mines were destroyed and he could take his people home.

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"Aye...? Mucklebones asked sarcasticly "... and yer' race would've been slaves to us
Grays if it hadn't been for ole' Muckles dabbling in yer' waters" The aged being tilted her
bruised and bleeding head and showed a challenging stance.
The Dark Lord sat on his throne and fingered his tentacles, the old bastard had a point
-he thought.

The two guards had beaten the Hag of The Canyon as they had escorted her to see The
Dark Lord in his Hall of Solitude and the king of the Light Flayers assumed by the look
of her wounds, the banshee had fought back.

"So Crone... what news on the location of The Splitter?" He said in quiet tones and
tapped his taloned hand on the throne arm, the light was a darker blue in here than in
the corridors.
Muckles looked up from nursing her pains and the octopus-like eyes of The Dark Lord
saw the swollen bottom lip of the outcast-of-the-Grays tremble slightly.

"Yer' still seek that thing... that damned machine to go over to see the demons" the
ancient face showed disdain of talking of such a device. "It's not here, Dark One... it's
a tale told to babbies" she chuckled.

The creature sitting above her nodded and Muckles squinted to scrutinise his features,
the ugly animal knew more than he was letting on -she wagered.
The two guards closed in on the old Gray as The Dark Lord waved a long-nailed finger,
their Burn-Bars hovered near her narrow shoulders.

"You know, when I first came here to rape your planet and it's inhabitants of its technology,
the story of the Splitter amused me... it made me smile" The Dark Lord's features showed a
kindness and Muckles wondered if he truly had that ability.

"There is another existence going on just over the Rainbow and I can taste it, it calls to
me in my sleep" The Dark Lord's eyes seemed to darken from inside.
"My people are gone, lost in a war against the forces of Good...ha!!" his shiny blow-tube
popped from the side of his head in humour.
"Good... the belief of the weak and the failing of dreamers" he said with rancour and peered
back down at the heap of bones and grey skin at the foot of his throne.

"But I survived... I went on and I will have my people's revenge, I will deliver.
"The Splitter IS here..." The Dark Lord hissed "... my quest will succeed and I WILL bring
a wrath to the universe that will challenge any Gods you cower under" his voice rose with
"GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, CRONE" the Light Flayer Lord screamed and somewhere inside,
Muckles chuckled again, though she guessed it would be the last words she would hear.
The two weapons seared into her wrinkled grey-skin and Mucklebones screeched in pain,
the Hall of Solitude lurched in her tear-soaked vision.

"What shall we do with the sot, My Lord?" the guard wearing the purple smock asked, his
eyes were on their prisoner and would not dare look to his superior.

The Dark Lord sighed and let his anger dissipate towards the high ceiling and he imagined
a cloud of red rage passing through the walls of his Galaxy Palace and drifting in the stars.

"Dump the stinking Witch back where you found her" he said easily and though the quivering
mess in the dirty-green poncho lay on the floor in agony, Muckles still chanced a glance at
the two-legged cephalopod.

'He seems distracted' she thought and smiled in her heart, something was happening
elsewhere -she'd warrant. The next half-hour involved sitting morosely on a Shuttle Craft
and then being dropped ten feet from the cargo-door to the sun-warmed waters of Carbiox.

The late-afternoon held lengthening shadows as the miserable-looking Mucklebones came
ashore near Uktena and as the naked old Gray -that had been through a lot worse than today's
encounter with the Light Flayers, wrung the salty water from her rune-dawbed poncho, she
pondered her next move and how she would bring that tentacled-faced bollow-bag to his

She owed him that.

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