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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 02:14 PM

Jepp looked over at Trimm and shrugged his small shoulders, being a Bogle of Carbiox
didn't include being a mastermind -Jepp thought and waited for his brother to come
up with an answer.

"Yon' U-mans are headin' fur Tall Town and ah'll wager that book the bearded one is
sportin' is the Kel Puldria..." whispered Trimm and let go of the large rhubarb leaf, in the
plant's shadow, Trim hissed "... the book that The Dark One will pay highly for"

The foot-high creatures that inhabited the forest were supposed to belong in tales
that Mothers told blanket-wrapped children, the yarns warned of devious behaviour
and betrayal.
True, but it was the Corrigan that the tall people should be watchful of -thought Jepp.

In the undergrowth, the brothers contemplated what to do next, Jepp looked down at his
pointed shoes and tried to come to terms with his brother's revelation. He didn't like U-mans
or the Culs, their hieght was one-thing, but their wants for minerals out of the mountain hurt
him the most.

Trimm scratched his backside and looked into the gloom behind them, the strange moon that
hung over the forest sent shafts of off-white light where it could and the two Bogles knew
better than to stand near the beams.

Moonlight turned Bogles to stone -it was said and the brothers had lived by this credo with
passion. In the mountain, it was of no consequence, but here in 'Out-World' danger waited
Cousin Mandro could vouch for the satellite's curse, the Bogle-shaped rock stood guard at
the entrance to the mountain and tradition demanded that a bow was required -whenever
one passed it.

"Did you see the Devil-mon..?" Jepp said with a slight tremble in his voice "...he will eat
us -you know?" this last part said on a sighing breath. Trimm frowned and showed a look
of doubt "The Mon/Lass won't eat us, if he doesn't see us" he offered and rubbed his small
grubby hands to show a relish.
Jepp shrugged again and lowered himself to lean against a large Mushroom to await his
brother's plan.

"We will wait until they sleep..." whispered Trimm sitting down next to his brother and
placing a comforting arm around his shoulder "... and we'll take the precious book" a wide
evil grin shone on Trimm's shadowed face. Jepp smiled weakly back said nothing.

The Moon continued on it's nightly journey as the two mountain-miners set off along the trail
of the strange interlopers.

The lights that twinkled across the mile-high stalk of rock were going out as Nenothtu, Boy In
A Dress and Y'lrang reached the small bridge that traversed the narrow river, Y'lrang's spirits
seem to rise at the sight of the settlement.

"There... the place where my people reside" he said quietly and eyed the mile-tall slender
shape that resembled a grey tower adorned with weak fireflies. Neno's neck-hairs were
playing up again and though the settlement was close and the sleeping group were only a
few yards away, the Vandal felt uneasy and his inner-radar was pinging something awful.

BIAD felt it too and turned his wig-wrapped head to his friend "You're picking it up too?" he
said softly and the GunMan with the broadsword strapped to his back nodded once.
"We're being watched... and they're close" Neno muttered and the Man/Girl in the red dress
stepped past the taller man and scanned the darkness.

The group dozed in a semi-circle and after eventually agreeing with Nenothtu that due to the
nearness of their goal, a campfire would be foolish, Dag, Chumley, Tibbs, Mucklebones,
Y'Wren, Silo and Adam nestled among the soft grasses that kept the area clear of bushes.
Sslar was off hunting -BIAD guessed.

That's when the shriek came from the darkness and the hermaphrodite dived into the shrubs
next to the path "Your Cat has caught our mouse" he called back.
Neno -gun in hand, dived right and was lost among the large fronds of a blossoming Gila
bush "...or a rat" he hissed and disappeared.
Y'lrang merely looked bewildered at the sudden exodus and waited by the bridge.

Tall Town -as the small quivering duo infront of the monster green Cat called it, looked down
on all and waited.

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 03:54 PM

"Please Mr. Cat... spare us and we will bring you baby Germin to dine on" Trimm offered
and clutched his brother closer. Jepp shook like a sapling in a hurricane and closed his eyes
from this nightmare.
True, the beast with the thousand fangs and eldritch-green hide did belonged in only the
worst of a Bogle's nightmares, but here it stood in the real world, Jepp swallowed hard and
clenched his eyes tighter.

Sslar's ears flicked once at the sound of Boy In A Dress and Nenothtu approaching, though
silent to most upright beings, to a Xang Cat the noise was thunderous.
Both small beings shivered under the unblinking gaze of the sly beast that had tracked them
for the last mile or so, Jepp could usually sense another's presence, but this bastard-cat had
fooled them both.

Then BIAD appeared and Trimm felt his brother collapse into a faint, Jepp's frail body relaxing
into Trimm's sinewy arms.
"Oh Jenovah..." Trimm whispered to himself and slumped to the leafy ground with his
unconcious brother "... now the Devil-Mon" All hope seemed lost to the Bogle-brothers -he

With a glance to his left, Trimm saw the tall U-man with the Giant's sword on his broad back
step out of the dark foliage and the small Bogle nodded to himself that they were truly

"We are lost... we live in the mountain and took a wrong turning -Sir..." Trimm attempted,
a tear tracked down his dirt-lined face. "... We were merely keeping close for safety" the
little creature mewled. Jepp moaned softly in his faint and his brother placed a calming
hand on his twitching head.

BIAD and Neno looked at the two strange beings and wondered what they could be.
As high to a man's knee, dark-green trousers and shirt, a dirty-red waistcoat and long-
pointed shoes of the same colour.
Both beings had round faces with large pointed noses, big-bushy eyebows and square
-jawed chins. The colour of their eyes couldn't be perceived in the shadows, but Neno
wondered if both eyes were the same colour... probably not -he mused.

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 03:57 PM

"You stupid fools" Y'Quorra said from the darkness behind the two Bogles, the shape
of the Cul-Queen was barely discernable next to the large Juniper bush.
"I should toss you into the jaws of the Cat for your ineptness" she barked and stepped
closer to the two men and the animal that guarded the midgets.

Neno smiled and pulled a cigar from his pocket, the sudden light from the match seemed
more of a stranger here in the night -than the group that eyed each other in silence.
"These your pets, Sister?" Neno said around the cigar, his focus was on stoking the embers
of his smoke, but BIAD, Sslar and even the Queen knew better.

BIAD had sensed her only seconds before she showed herself, but he'd wager his friend
picked up her creeping earlier.

A few moments went by before the blonde-haired beauty spoke and Trimm used this time
to rouse his brother, Jepp awoke, but the sight of the Xangs Moonlit teeth -kept him frozen
to the ground.

"I have been careful and I have been kind..." Y'Quorra said softly "... at every turn in the road,
my concerns have been for my people" the Cul Queen closed the space between the tall
GunMan and the Man/Girl.
The haughty raise of her chin and the glittering eyes showed the two men that what she had
to say, she believed was true.

"The Dark Lord awaits your arrival, the book... the Vantine Kel Puldria -that these two fools
were to steal, could have saved you from what lies ahead" A finger vaguely pointed at the
cowering Bogels and the Man/girl glimpsed a well-manicured fingernail.
'Stay focused' the hermaphrodite thought.

Nenothtu blew tobacco smoke into the Queen's face and growled " so, you were gonna lead
us into a trap, heh?..." the blonde Cul ignored the cloud of earthy stink "... but your heart
wouldn't let you" the tone was mocking.

Y'Quorra smiled beguilingly at the question and stepped closer to the Vandal.
"He's smart... and he's dangerous... maybe has dangerous as you" she whispered and let what
light there was show her best curves.
Nenothtu nodded and sucked on the 'gar, the forest held it's breath and waited.
"Lady... yer' can put-out as much as yer' want, but ah'm gittin' that Splitter and no squid-head
is gonna stop me" he smiled a choirboy smile.

"YOU BASTARD...!" she roared "... he holds my people in that cursed place and I have given
oath that I would obtain the device... and he will release them" The two Bogels cowered
closer to the soil and wished that this night would end... end without them being a monster's
Trimm glanced at Boy In A Dress, Jepp stared at Sslar.

Y'Quorra went to pass the GunMan and leave the meeting in the forest, but Neno grabbed
her wrist as she stepped by.
"Make no mistake Missy... It's over with your little games and if yer' do decide to take that
purdy ass-of yours and jump ship, ah' won't waver if you get in my gunsight" the statement
sounded like it was being etched with a blunt stone on granite and BIAD wondered if it
wasn't being written down somewhere.

Y'Quorra snatched her wrist from Neno's grasp and walked away in a Queen-like manner,
the stick that tripped her was kicked to one side without a glance.

"So... you two can be served up to mah' favourite monster here, or spill the beans on the
place that's call the Settlement!" Trimm looked at Jepp, Jepp looked at Trimm.

"BIAD...? will you do the honours?" Neno said easily and crushed the stumpy cigar out on
a nearby rotting branch. The Man/Girl stepped forward with his fingers spread menacingly.
"Please-please... we will tell all" Jepp moaned and grabbed his brother's shoulder in fear.
"Yes-Yes, Mr Devil-Mon... we will tell you of Tall Town" Trimm urged.

Nenothtu looked into the darkness where the Cul Queen had gone, he wondered if she
would leave tonight or hang around for a percentage shot.
The lop-sided grin was seen by no one.

"Don't let them leave anything out... or we'll be eatin' hearty tonight" Neno said from the
side of his mouth and kept his gaze at the darkness where the Cul-chick had sauntered into.
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 04:55 AM

~*~ No Go! ~*~

‘I don’t want to hear it!‘ Silo cried stomping into the clearing interrupting Jepp and Trimm who‘d only just begun their story of the Tower. Frightened out of their wits by Silo’s entrance the two little Bogles ran around in circles waving their arms in the air wailing in renewed fear.

‘News flash everyone. I stop here. We, stop here.’ Silo said over the babble of voices erupting from the rest of the group. Mucklebones Tibbs Neno and BIAD who wanted to hear about the Tower now that they’d finally got the Bogles to talk, Chumley and the Cul’s who clearly were against Silo’s leaving and Quorra who only laughed, her voice bordering on hysterical.

‘Would you all just shut up!’ Silo yelled clearly frustrated. Kicking up dirt from under her feet she paced back and forth her eyes never leaving Sslar with the Green Man necklace draped around her throat.

‘What part of logic don’t any of you get?’ She spit, freezing the Bogles in their tracks. ‘If I don’t get Adam back to Ship he’s going to die. Really die this time and Carpet will die along with him.’ She crossed her arms over her chest in a stubborn position. ’Look. Carpet’s using all his resources to repair Adam and it isn’t working, they‘re barely alive and soon,’ Silo kicked at a rock, picked it up and started tossing it from one palm to the other, ‘and soon if Adam’s dna doesn’t respond to whatever fiddle-faddle Carpet’s doing? Carpet’s going to have to join Adam, take Adam into his core, and once that happens? There’s no going back - for either of them - EVER!’ She threw the rock hard to emphasize her point. It soared through the air and struck the branch off one of the evergreens ringing the clearing with a clean sharp snap.

Jepp and Trimm ran to the tree moaning and hugging it’s trunk with their stubby little arms their eyes rolling in their gnarly little heads. The voices in the clearing rose in confusion once more.

Dag hollow eyed and miserable hunched over Adam in a protective gesture defying anyone to disturb him or come closer held up her hand for silence. Adam and Carpet were still lost in a deep sleep leaving Dag to do her best at shushing big black bodied flies and swarms of gnats from trying to land on Adam’s rotting flesh.

But it was Quorra who silenced them again.

‘Aren't you forgetting something you little mutant b...’ Only the slight raise of an eyebrow from Neno kept Quorra from pronouncing her expletive. Clearing her throat she continued. ‘What you’re forgetting is none of us, I repeat none of us are here of our own free will.‘ She yelled and in three long strides came looming over Silo stabbing her long slender finger in the air in front of Silo’s face.

Quorra didn’t see Neno positioning himself at her back, knife drawn and ready should the Queen of the Cul’s make the lethal mistake of actually touching Silo.


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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 04:55 AM

~*~ No Go! Pt - 2~*~

Unaware of Neno at her back, his knife drawn, Quorra continued screeching at Silo.

‘You just try to leave and you’ll not get a step past one of those trees you just broke!’ Quorra gestured radically to the surrounding vegetation with a fling of her hand, her lips slashed across her face in an ugly vermilion frown.

‘Up there?’ She pointed in the direction of the Tower, ‘He’s waiting up there. For all of you. All of us.’ She corrected herself. ‘The Dark Lord, my husband the King,’ she sneered, ‘and...’ Quorra’s voice broke showing real emotion, ‘And my,’ her gaze flicked to Y’lrang and Y’lwren, ‘and our people are waiting there too. Imprisoned in a hell you couldn’t even imagine.’ Lurching away her back to the group Quorra’s shoulders began to shake. Silo couldn’t help but notice Y'lrang move to comfort his Queen stopping only when Y'lwren gave a short growl. The small gesture on his part broke Silo’s heart.

‘There’s nothing left for me to do here. I have to help my own. There’s no one here for me anymore.‘ Silo dropped her voice and stared at Y’lrang who caught her gaze and held it. Y’s misery was evident but he was the first to look away. ‘I’m taking Adam, Dag, and I’m going. I’ll leave Chumley here, he can help.’ Silo ground out turning to Chumley.

‘You hear that Big Guy. I’m leaving you here to get all the glory.‘ She slugged him in the shoulder whispering for his ears only. ‘Once you save the day you come home. We’ll be waiting.’ Chumley opened his thick green lips to protest Silo stopped him by hugging the Regalian to her fast and hard before backing away.

To Sslar she said, ‘Please. I need my necklace. I need to find Ship. If we can get back to the little Sprint we can find our way back to Ship. Even without it I think we’d get back to the Yydryl but I’m taking the Green Man home with me. It’s mine and belong with me - and Ship.’
Silo knelt both knees to the ground and bowed her head. Sslar’s eyes went wide, looked from Neno to Tibbs and back to Neno again. Neno gave a slight nod and Tibb’s didn't so much as breath when Sslar dipped her shoulders allowing the Green Man to slip over her head and fall into place around Silo’s throat. Immediately the Green Man began to glow and hum.

‘ are you going to...?’ BIAD stepped forward helping Silo to her feet holding tight to the girl’s hands.

Peering up into BIAD’s face Silo quickly looked away. She loved BIAD but it was never easy to look into her eyeless face that peaked through tangles of wild black mane. ‘I don’t know, but, I know I have to try.’ Tears sparkled at the corners of Silo’s eyes. She wanted to hug BIAD but in the end just squeezed those long red nailed hands once, then again, and a third time before moving to Neno.

‘Neno,’ Silo openly sobbed, caught up his hand and pressed her lips to the place where his vein throbbed at the base of his wrist. ‘I don’t know how to tell you goodbye. It seems like that’s all we’re ever doing is saying goodbye.’ Silo dropped his hand and walked away before the Gunman could respond. She didn’t see him reach out letting his hand hang in the air before lowering it to his gun belt once again his chin dropping to his chest.

Quorra, refusing to turn around called over her shoulder. ‘You just don’t get it do you Silo. Take a look up there, take a really good look. Then tell me you’re leaving.’ Quorra pointed once more to the massive Tower looming in the distance.

Thunder rolled in the hills, there in the middle of the planet when Silo, unable to help herself turned and looked in the direction of the Tower as if seeing it for the first time.

Eyes dilated, a cold sweat breaking out on her brow, her hand clutching the Green Man glowing at her throat Silo began to tremble the scream breaking from her lips so raw, so filled with despair even Adam stirred in his dead and dreamless sleep.

Y’lwren turned her head to the sky and began to howl.

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posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 01:55 PM

~*~ The Other’s ~*~

He wasn’t gentle when he jerked her to her feet and shook her, his big hands closed around her upper arms, his face so close to hers she would have smelled the cigar on his breath - had she been within her wits to do so.

‘Silo!‘ He shook her again. ‘Silo! What in the sam-hill’s plaguing you!’ Neno shouted `Snap out of it!’ He continued to shake her, her head jerking back and forth roughly, her eyes rolled back in her head until BIAD laid a hand on his shoulder.

‘Neno,’ he whispered, ‘she’s no zombie man, she’s in shock. Unhand her before you hurt her.’ The Boy in a Dress warned gently.

Neno let her go as if he’d been burned. Blinking in disbelief at the marks he’d left on her skin Neno spun and walked towards Quorra with blood in his eye.

‘What did you do to her.‘ Neno asked in a voice deadlier than his sidearm as he advanced on Quorra pushing her back on her heals as she retreated, the seductive look on her face fleeing in the face of imminent death.

‘I did nothing!’ Quorra’s hand went to her throat reading the truth of hate in Neno’s eyes.

‘Yes, cover up that slender pretty neck a yours before I SNAP IT LIKE A TWIG!‘ He bellowed. ‘If you’ve done damage to that girl I’ll kill you with my own two hands and I’ll take my time and pleasure in doing it!‘ He promised with eyes that held no lies. The same tree Silo had disbranched put an end to Quorra’s escape, there was nowhere left for her to run only pine grinding into her back.

‘Neno,’ she swallowed visible and tried at regaining her composure. Brushing the hair from her face doing her best to look Neno in the eye she failed, ‘I did nothing. It’s what’s in there that did it.’ Quorra started to raise her hand to point at the Tower but thought better of it kept them clenched and ready to ward off an assault.

‘Tibb’s, here!’ Forgetting Quorra Neno snarled for Tibbs while watching BIAD minister to Silo who’s eyes were open but wasn’t there, the Green Man at her throat having gone dull as her expression.

‘Your servant Sir.’ Tibbs bowed at Neno’s shoulder.

‘Tell me.’ Neno’s tone brooked no dissembling his eyes smoldering like two live fires ready to burst into flame.

‘It’s the other’s Sir.’ Tibbs answered precisely and distinctly. ‘The other S.I.L.O’s. All twelve of them.’ He ended before giving Neno a chance to berate him for half answers. ‘They’re in there Sir.’ Tibbs indicated the Tower with a wag of his chin his hands full of his Book he held against his bony chest like a shield.

‘How long you known this?’ Neno asked with calm deception.

‘President Bransom’s been selling...’ Tibbs cleared his throat and pushed on, ‘She‘s been selling all ‘failed’ experiments from LAB to one of the Dark Lord’s cronies since she became President.’

‘And ya kept that to yourself did you?’ Neno raised an eyebrow tilting his head and looking at Tibbs in a way that turned the old bearded sages intestines to water.

Tibbs forgotten Neno hunched down on his heels and beckoned to the two Bogles with a fist full of cigars. Lighting all three Neno clenched one between his teeth passing the other two over to Jepp and Trimm.

‘Tell us about the Tower boys...’ Neno flicked an ash in the direction of the gleaming monstrosity looming in the distance.

Beckoning to BIAD Neno took Silo from his arms and sitting on the ground rocked her against his chest like a child while they listened to all the little Bogles had to say.

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 01:13 AM

When the Bogles had finished their stammering tale, nenothtu sat back and considered what he had just heard, trying to merge it in to what he already knew - or thought he did. The Bogles called the town around the tower "Tall Town" because tall beings had lived there - tall to the Bogles, average sized to a human... or a Cul. They were, in fact, Culs who had populated that place. The town itself was not overly tall. The only building that emerged above the forest canopy was the tower itself - the rest of the town was rather shorter, below the 50 meter treetop level of the upper forest canopy.

The layout of the town provided by the Bogles was interesting, but not crucial. It seemed that the town was now all but abandoned, the population relocated inside the tower by the Dark Lord - "for their own safety", according to the Dark One, but from reading between the lines of hints Y'Quorra had dropped, neno suspected a rather darker motivation. From the sound of things, they were no more nor less than a population of disarmed hostages. It was their continued well being that prompted the miners to keep mining for the mineral to be used in powering up the Tower.

Ah, the Tower! It was nothing less than a giant "ray gun", for lack of a better word, from about half way up to the tip top. It's purpose was to focus the energy provided by three other elements in the equation, and send it to a pre-determined point in space, where there was a "weakening" in the fabric of space itself. This was to cause the Big Rip in the fabric of this universe, destroying the known universe, for some unknown purpose. neno could speculate on that purpose, but there was no point to speculating. The end of THIS universe was all he was concerned with.

The other three elements in the equation were the mineral from the Hell Mines, an apparently rare mineral, which is why the Tower had been situated here, nearby to the mines, the Book that was in the charge currently of Tibbs and Mucklebones, which contained the knowledge of how to make it all work, and the Splitter - a device that produced the particular frequency of energy to rend the fabric of space, which was amplified and focused by the Tower itself, and the energetic mineral from the Hell mines.

According to Y'quorra, the Dark Lord was not yet in possession of the splitter, and needed both it and the Book still to set his plan in motion. According to the Bogles, the Splitter was already in the possession of the Dark Lord, and all that was left to gather was the Book. Judging by the way Y'Quorra fumed at the revelation by the Bogles, neno was inclined to believe their version rather than hers. He was working on the theory that only the lack of the knowledge in the Book stood in the way of the plan going into motion. The Splitter was the most dangerous of the elements, but the Book was the most pivotal part at this juncture.

Nenothtu needed to think, to come up with a plan. This wasn't going to be easy. Silo had come back to during the telling of the Bogle tale, but had seemed content, if somewhat disoriented, to remain as she was, snuggled against him like a child. He gently disentagled her and sat her near BIAD. "Keep an eye on Silo until she's herself again. I gotta go do some thinkin'."

Neno stalked off into the forest, looking for a Thinking Spot.

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 01:18 AM

Y'Quorra, always looking for an angle, noted the departure and the demeanor of neno, and went after him, thinking of a way to turn that to her advantage. She caught up with him several yards into the woods, where he had stopped and was again staring at something that apparently only neno could see. Exaggerating the sway in her hips (the girl can't help it - she's just made that way!) she approached and cleared her throat to announce her presence for safety's sake before speaking.

"I couldn't help but notice your apparent pain, nenothtu. What is Silo to you, that you should react like that?"

In an unguarded instant, neno nearly blurted out "she's my mother", but thinking ahead of himself, he caught himself at "She's my m... my friend. I don't have many left." Knowing that Q was always angling for an advantage, neno thought that was too much ammunition to give her, especially since even Silo wasn't yet privy to that knowledge.

"Friends are a dime a dozen, neno. If you cooperate with us, I can make sure you have more friends among the Culls than you'll ever be able to exhaust." She thought the pronouncement that he "didn't have many left" to be a weakness, an advantage of loneliness that she could exploit.

She thought wrong.

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 01:27 AM

Neno turned, a hard gleam in his eye, and just stared at her for an instant. Then he started to speak. "Lady Q, you should consider that you may have chosen the wrong side. It seems you have a proclivity to miscalculate in some matters." He had dropped the hillbilly vernacular, which threw her off a bit. "I know the difference between 'acquaintances' and real friends. I don't need nor do I want a boat load of acquaintances in place of just a few friends. I don't need nor want a gaggle of syncophants or fair-weather drinking buddies."

Y'Quorra looked uncertain, and neno continued. "You say that you are just fighting in the only way you know how for the preservation of your people, and that much I believe. Consider, however, just WHERE those people are now, and whose thumb they are living under. Is that really 'living'? Be thankful you still have a people to look after. My entire world - every tree, every flower, every rock, every person, my entire family, and all of my friends, are gone now. They are become nothingness. They no longer exist. All I have stands back in that clearing. I no longer have a 'people' to fight for, other than that compact group. I have two goals in life at this point. Keep them from suffering the same fate, and destroy the one responsible for the destruction of my entire world. That's it, my entire reason for being. If ANYONE, you or even your entire people, get between myself and those two tiny objectives, I will not hesitate in the least to punch a large hole completely through each and every one of you."

"If you continue to miscalculate, and continue to support the Dark Lord, it's very likely that you will end in the same place I now am, because either I, or if I fail, the Dark Lord himself, will destroy every single soul among them. He did it to my entire world, and a great many others, and there is no reason at all that he won't treat you in the same manner once done with you. He and I seem to be very alike. we are both Destroyers. The difference is, HE destroys just for the sheer joy of destruction, and I destroy in order that someone else may have a chance to live. If you end up on the right side of that equation, you and your people will live, too. If not, you doom yourselves. It can end no other way."

Y'Quorra was not yet swayed, but she was shaken, unsure. "He has unimaginable power. Power you cannot even dream of. What chance have you against him? None, I should say!"

Nenothtu snorted. "Power? neither he nor you, apparently, understand the nature of real 'power'. He has gadgets, geegaws, and syncophants, yet he doesn't even have himself. Power? not a bit of it. Let's assume for the moment that he does, though. Consider this: I am the man who beat Death himself, and returned. Furthermore, I have not much left to lose at all, and so can go the distance - all the way to the limit. What do I care of the Universe? MY universe is for all practical purposes gone already. Why should I care in the least about yours? I WILL do what has to be done, and anyone who gets in my way - even you or your people - will never be able to contain liquids again."

He leveled his gaze at her a moment before finishing. "You have a choice to make, for your self AND your people. Guaranteed destruction, either by myself or your Dark Lord, or take a fighting chance and throw in behind me, because fight I will, to the bitter end."

"It's what I do best."

Neno then shoved past her, leaving her to stand there and think while he went deeper into the woods, looking for another Thinking Place.

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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 10:09 AM

~*~ Truth and Dare ~*~

‘You shouldn’t be here alone.’ Y’lrang spat his rebuke trying to cover his surprise at finding Quorra alone under a canopy of dark trees and deeply shadowed overgrowth.

Quorra laughed bitterly her hands perched on her hips in defiance. ‘If anyone shouldn’t be here alone, with me, it’s you.’ She spun his words knocking her chin an inch higher adding insult to insolence but instead of turning to go Y’lrang took a step closer.

‘Quorra, I’m sorry, please wait a moment.’ The prince took a deep breath and continued, ‘Quorra, now is as good a time as any to tell you. I know the truth.’ Y’lrang watched her closely wanting to gauge her reaction.

‘What truth?’ Quorra snorted dropping her hands suddenly tired. ‘That I couldn’t wait for you to be off on your little quest, your great Trial to wed and bed your father?’ She sneered. ‘Old news my friend, old news.’ Moving forward in an effort to pass Quorra halted when she came chest to chest and eye to eye with the Cul. ’Believe what you will Y’lrang, I’m not going to try and prove myself to you, to anyone.’ Quorra thought fleetingly of the gunman and the words he’d planted in her brain wondering if what she’d just said was true.

‘You don’t have to prove anything Quorra,’ Y’lrang lay his hand gently on her shoulder in an age old gesture. ’I said, I know the truth.’

His hand burned where it touched her bare skin, his eyes no less so, but Quorra dared not hope and wrenching away she took a step back.

‘You’d better go before your little friend there gets her heart broken.’ Quorra meant Silo, Y’lrang knew it but gave her the luxury of the insult. He owed her that much though sorry he was it came at Silo’s expense.

‘Yes, Quorra, that’s just what she is, a friend, someone I love. But we both know where my heart belongs...’

Quorra cut him off with a sharp slash of her hand, sharper still the cutting hate in her eyes.

We know it Y, but, does she?’ Quorra snarled. ’I’ll not have her hurt whatever you or anyone else thinks of me.’ Her eyes were like twin swords daring him to expose an inch of weakness so she could take a pound.

‘Quorra, we have little time and I don’t want to fight. Please, just listen to me.’

The ’please’ was her undoing. Quorra didn’t move but gave every indication one wrong move on his part and she’d be gone.

‘So tell me this truth of yours Prince of the Cul’s.’ Hope blew her barb wide of it’s mark, words meant to be snide came out almost a plea.

‘You were there.’ He whispered. The three short words were like a punch to her gut. ’You were there in my room where I was left alone to live, or perish. You bribed a guard and came to my aid. Against all law, against all custom, knowing you’d be executed if any were to find you helping a Cul, especially a Prince of the Cul’s recover from his Trial. Do or Die, that’s our heritage, and you broke it. For me. For your love of me.’

‘Go on.’ She commanded. Despite her heart exploding in her chest, hope burning through every vein she remained still, untouched. She was Queen.

‘You were not the only one there.’ Y’lrang looked directly into her eye and handed her the very weapon she needed to destroy him and the ones he loved. ’Quorra, you were not alone. Y'lwren was also there.’

Quorra’s eyes opened wide remembering. That barren torch lit room cold as a tomb. The reek of death. Y’lrang laying still, pale and bloodless, hardly breathing. HIs body broken, his soul torn in tow, eyes open, seeing no one, hearing no one. The dog at the foot of the bed.

‘Y’lwren!’ Quorra passed the short distance between them her hand clasping his upper arm painfully. ’It was she?’ Then, In her pain, fear and desperation Quorra had barely noticed the dog, but now, in the memory!

‘Yes. She was there. She...drugged me.’ Y’lrang rubbed his hand across his eyes afraid to see her reaction. Would she claim Y’lwren’s life as was her right? As Queen of the Cul’s would she go to where his sister waited to raise a weapon and bring her down?

‘Have no fear Prince of the Culs. I’ll not harm your sister.’ Quorra replied to the fears storming through his heart. ’She took the same risk as...we both did.’

Y’lrang opened his mouth and closed it again. There was so much to say. So many questions to ask but Quorra had questions of her own.

‘How long have you known?’ Only now did the fine lines between her forehead arch in vulnerability.

‘I think I knew all along but couldn’t make myself believe,’ He stumbled over his emotion, ’but to answer your question I‘ve only known for moments. Y’lwren just told me.’ His head hung, his jaw ached from clenching his teeth so tight. That his sister had hurt him was like a knife twisting in his soul but if it was a knife in his it was surely a sword in hers.

‘You’re telling me she kept it from you for all this time? From you? Her soul-twin, her brother? Her Prince?’ Quorra’s voice shook in amazement.

‘Yes.’ Y held her gaze with the power of truth.

Now it was Quorra’s turn to flounder at words.

‘Quorra, it’s time for forgiveness, ’ He ran his hand through his hair, a gesture so familiar to her she ached, ‘I ask you to understand her actions, just as I have to understand the choices you made.’ Absolution gentled his words lending them unquestionable sincerity.

‘Thank you Y.’ She replied softly her eyes brimming with unshed tears. The Prince of the Cul’s looked over his shoulder checking the path giving her a private moment to dash the tears away.

‘So!‘ Her voice rang loud full of relief and forced mirth, ‘I’ll have you know your gunman’s threatened to,’ she stopped to think, ‘to ‘punch a big hole’ right through me if I don’t throw my lot in with your motley bunch.’ Her smile reached her eyes for the first time since he’d seen her, again.

‘I think he’s a U-Man worth listening to don’t you?’ Y asked reaching for her, pulling her into his embrace holding her so tightly she squeaked.

‘Yes, I do believe you’re right.’ Quorra laughed against his shoulder her arms moving up his back to hold him close vowing this time to never ever let him go.
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The town sulked under the gaze of the silver-grey tower, it's long shadow striding away
atop the surrounding woodland. Nenothtu stood alone and surveyed the early-morning
scene with cold eyes.

The group had united and now sat around a crackling campfire eating foraged foods that
the Bogels had brought under Y'Quorra's instructions, Neno had noticed that the order was
softened into a request.
The two small beings had brought plenty.

"My people are in the first-three floors and under escort of The Dark Lord's clone-guards,
a few are taken to an entrance of the Hell Mines and made to excavate the Tantazine to fuel
his contraption" the Queen said around a mouthful of Chum-beans and Bran biscuits.

Nenothtu had nodded at the new information and then asked about the deserted village.
"The place is empty... the Market Square, the Fairground and Cul-Box, all are..." Y'Quorra
was cut-off as Boy In A Dress barked "Fairground...? that's where the Splitter is!"

Trimm and Jepp looked at each other with confused features, the 'Devil-Mon' was wrong,
the device was with the Dark One, they had heard it many times.
The Vandal had turned then, his killer-eyes glancing across the two Bogels towards the
Man/Girl and with a low growl, he said "this Fairground, what do you know?"

Nenothtu had guessed a while ago as BIAD had slept, that his brother -Death had been
visiting him in his dreams, the low moans and mutterings had given Neno that impression.
The hermaphrodite would have sought information during these meetings -Neno was sure
of it.

Boy In A Dress stood up and wiped some crumbs from his cleavage, the memory of his time
in Whitechapel swam in like a lazy Lake Bass.
"Some of you know that I have a brother... and I feel that since we've became a complete
group and what lies ahead will require us to trust each other, I will tell you what I know"

The Man/girl looked around the sitting audience and awaited a question, everyone looked
back in silence.
"My brother -Death, told me that The Splitter resides in a forgotten Fairground and the way
to obtain the device, is by the use of a coin... a nickel to be exact"

Silo13 plunged a hand into a side-pocket of her skirt and felt the small disc of metal touch
her fingers, those fingers grasped the nickel and she knew she would have to keep it
somewhere safer, a later task -she thought.

"If we can grab that machine, we'll have some leverage, some leverage that will give us
time..." BIAD said and Y'Quorra repaid the eyeless black-haired creature with an interuption
of her own. "Time for what...?" she said enthusiastically.

BIAD looked over the tall figure of Nenothtu and smiled at the stone-faced Gunslinger,
"... why, for Neno to save the day" BIAD said and sat back down, the Bogels immediately
began whispering about the revelation. When BIAD turned to look at the small smudge-faced
beings, they both smiled and nodded that were with him, the Man/Girl nodded back.

Y'lrang and Y' Wrenn sat eating with their Queen and the Vandal surmised apologies and hugs
had been offered earlier, Silo sat with them and nodded in their conversations.
Tibbs and Mucklebones sat touching at the elbow, the occasional glance of affection passed
between them and Neno could only guess at what the Vithian could find attractive at the
ancient Gray-Witch.
Dag sat with Chumley and the weakened Adam, he still slept on -but the recent potion that
Muckles had administered seemed to ease his demeanour. Muckles had promised a stronger
dose later would help Carpet -the Mili-being even further.

Sslar sneezed and brought Neno's attention to the huge Xang Cat sitting at his side.
"And I have you, I suppose?" the GunMan said softly and eyed the green-furred face that
looked out towards the tall structure and the tree-tops.

So now Nenothtu scanned the scene before him and formulated a plan, a plan that would
bring The Dark Lord to his knees and hopefully save a Universe.
"Time... always time" he muttered to himself.

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The figure that passed the Sentry Post at midday was low to the ground and the
the stunted trees and bushes assured the tall GunMan (carrying Tibbs' satchel) that
he wouldn't be seen from above.

The Guard sat in the small building and seemed focused on the bowl of blue fluid that
his face-tentacles dipped and scooped from, Neno had been counting on a lax
atittude at this time of the day.

To most, those who sat and imagined invasions taking place at night and under
the cover of darkness, a raid at midday would seem a little odd, but any good
soldier would tell you -know your enemy's habits and you know your enemy.

Queen Y'Quorra had laid it all out to Nenothtu as they made their way towards
Tall Town. The Bogels -Trimm and Jepp added extra tid-bits that to the fair-haired
Cul, seemed unimportant.
To Neno, nothing was unimportant.

The same Neno now stood at the foot of the rising trackway and watched Boy In A Dress
use his hair to extinguish his friend's worries of the Sentry.
The Man/Girl nodded at the distant Vandal and arranged the lifeless body of the
Life Flayer in the small Guard Box to indicate the Dark Lord-clone was still being
vigilent, Trimm had been given the task of monitoring any communications from
the console that hung from the Box wall.

"You press the green button and say 'Flayer One- check'... " said BIAD quietly as he lifted
the small being in through the window "... whatever happens, don't step near that
camera" A long-red fingernail pointed towards a small contraption strapped to a young
Varg sapling.

Trimm nodded and showed a frightened smile, the Man/Girl patted his head and whispered
"the Devil-Mon knows you'll do fine" and the pained expression of the small Bogel eased.
Trimm's companion -Jepp was hoisted under BIAD's bare arm and the hermaphrodite hurried
towards the waiting Nenothtu.

"You see now why camouflage-stripes would look silly?" the U-man with the lop-sided grin
hissed and saw the wig-wearing creature agree with a nod "I concur... green stripes and a
red dress would ruin the day" BIAD hissed back and the two invaders smiled at each other.
Jepp hung under Boy In A Dress's arm and missed the warrior-humour.

Neno pulled Silo's Crossbow from the large bag and fished out the home-spun rope that
BIAD had created from bark and vine earlier, the speed that his friend's tresses had made the
supple rope caused many strange looks from the group earlier.
Y'lrang had assisted the Man/Girl and Neno with their preparations, while Mucklebones had
gone into the woods to find ingredients for her 'surprises'... as she had called them.

The tall Vandal eyed the leaf-wrapped lumps at the bottom of the bag and wondered of
their contents.
"Just throw the buggers..." the Gray Witch had chided "... yer'll see what magic is within"
and a wink from the lined face had finished her instructions.

The patroling Light Flayer that stepped out of the trees on the otherside of the pathway
up to the Tower's gate -looked over at the Sentry Box and saw his comrade's elbow sticking
out of the open window, the angle seemed wrong he thought and reached for his Comm-belt.

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Then he felt Silo's knife sticking out of his back and then pondered on the darkness
he fell into as Death rushed to greet him. The Girl of the Yydryl pulled the blade free and
wiped the blue-fluid on the dead Light Flayer's tunic, the Burn-Bar was picked up without
another thought.
Silo waved the weapon at her two companions and set off through the shoulder-high Elron
bushes towards the right-hand side of the entrance to Tall Town.

"In another hour..." Nenothtu said softly looked at the high sun, "... they'll be bringin' in the
shift from the Mine. we'll need to be set by then" Boy In A Dress said nothing and watched
Neno prepare the tarnished gold Crossbow.

Y' Quorra, Y'lrang and Y'Wren came into view and with the Queen holding the Caliburn
sword at the tall male-Cul's back, the three trudged towards Tall Town.
Nenothtu looked from the three figures up to the opening near the town's gate and
saw a 'Squid-Head' -as Muckles called them, appear at the window.
The GunMan adjusted his holster and aimed the Crossbow upwards.

"Flayer Three-to-Flayer-One... you have visitors, can you verify who it is?" barked the small
machine on the Sentry Box wall. Trimm gulped and recalled the instructions given back at
the camp-site.

"This is Flayer One, The Queen has brought The King's kin back... hail the Dark One"
A small crackle came from the slitted-front of the console and then a mubbled voice agreed
"... hail the Dark One" and a click told Trimm that the first part of his act was over.

The 'snick' of the Crossbow sent a rope-tied bolt hurtling toward the top of the Town
wall and Neno's strained tugging told him that the bolt was firmly embedded in the wattle
and brickwork.

BIAD crouched to let Jepp climb on his back and the view from the leg-parted hermaphrodite
reminded Nenothtu of the next part of the assault. " I'll go first..." Neno snipped "... the
view would put me off" a tight smile showed his sarcasm.

The Man/Girl pursed his lips and stood upright, Jepp wrapped his legs around BIAD's hips
and gulped at the moving hair. "You won't let your... friends kill me Mr. Devil-Mon?" he
whispered at the side of Boy In A Dress' head and the Bogel was rewarded with a black
length of hair -patting his own.

Nenothtu grasped the rope and placed a worn-heeled boot onto the wall, "Here we go"
he said to nobody and pulled himself towards the silver-grey Tower that reached for the

"When we get to the Guard-Box, we'll wait a moment and then move to the Gate... Y'Lrang?
you'll do your 'thing' as we enter -yes?" Y'Quorra said without moving her red-lips. The taller
well-muscled Cul moved his head to show he understood and touched the fur of his sister
at his heel for reassurance.

The beauty of the Queen Cul would never be lost on a Bogel and as the trio neared Trimm's
hiding place, the small being bowed and eyed her firm thighs. "My Lady, I wish you success"
he said softly and glanced nervously towards the high Gate.

The fair-haired temptress smiled at the shaking dwarf and and responded with "if all goes well,
you and your kind will be welcome to join my people"
Trimm's eyes welled with tears at the gesture and any amorous thoughts fled his mind as he
realised his importance.
Holding a small dirty-fist forward, he mimicked the words that the Witch of The Canyons
-Mucklebones had said.
"Let's get the Buggers!" he said and showed a determined face.
Queen Y'Quorra smiled again and with a light prod at the back of Y'lrang, the game was on again.
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The Light Flayer with the earphone sticking out of his blow-hole looked at Prince
Y'lrang with disdain and waited a few seconds before he stepped aside to let the
Cul Queen, the King's son and the skulking cur pass to enter the Tower.

The second Flayer with Burn-Bar at the ready, checked the trackway for any other
visitors and then pressed the button to bring the door closed, the descending metal
locked into a device in the floor and a four thick rods appeared and slid across with a

"The sword -My Queen...? I will be needing the weapon" the Guard said and eyed the
wicked-looking Caliburn in Y'Quorra's hand, the blonde-haired femme-fatale smiled
at the tentacled-faced Light Flayer and without a word, handed over the blade.

The blue-gloom of the entrance hallway made the temperature seem cool, a welcoming
feel -after the mid-day sun outside and if it wasn't for the many lights from wall-mounted
security systems, one would think they were back in the caves of the Hell Mines.

"I will be taking the Prince to see his Father, where does our King reside at this time?"
said Y'Quorra with a raised chin, she wasn't a avid fan of these ugly creatures and now, with
the hope that her race could be free to start again, she struggled to hide her distaste for
the Dark Lord's minions.

"The Dark Lord wishes your company first... and the young Prince's, he is not be kept waiting"
the Flayer said this as an order and his oil-black eyes showed a brashness of being in control.
Y'lrang turned to face the smaller creature and said softly yet-firmly "My Father and King will
be first for my attention, your 'owner' will await my attendance" The muscular young man
fumed at this hideous invader, but the raised Burn-Bar sparked and hissed another view.

"You'll do has you are told -Cul, or it'll be the Zombie Room for you"
Y'Wrenn rubbed her snout against her brother's shin and Y'Lrang's shoulders sagged with a
mock sigh, "Very well... lead on My Queen" he mumbled.

The three Culs didn't see the small camera slide silently along a high beam in the corridor
watching their every move, the screen that showed the camera's view was tapped lightly by a
long taloned-finger.
That finger belonged to The Dark Lord who chuckled to himself from beneath his tentacles,
his bulbous head shook with the cruel laugh.

"Aaah... the prodigal son returns..." he said and sat back on his throne. The Dark One's
eyes moved to the shapely figure of the Queen following the young Cul and hissed to
no one "... and something to keep me warm -this winter"

The Dark Lord's blow-hole trumpted a manic laugh at his jest and this, along with the news
that the Tower was almost ready to begin it's task, made the cephalopod-related Ruler tap
his foot in wicked happiness.

Nenothtu tapped his foot with impatience as Boy In A Dress struggled to reach the top of
the rope. "Come on Girly... you can do it!" he hissed.
BIAD put his tongue out at his friend and tossed the poor Bogel called Jepp onto the top
of the wall, "YOU try it with high-heels" he snipped and threw a leg over the brickwork.
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~*~ FEED ~*~

‘Neno said to wait here until they come back. Or until we get a sign.’ Chumley repeated his instruction by rote to Carpet when Adam woke from a nest of grasses hidden deep in the Elron bushes just outside of Tall Town.

‘Silo?’ Carpet asked quietly. Even with all his energies focused on repairing Adam’s death wracked body Carpet still worried about his friend.

‘She’s off with the Neno and BIAD. She told me she’s going to go after the other Silo’s - the one that came before her.’ Chumley hiccupped and his stomach growled, so did Adam’s.

‘Hungry.’ Adam moaned his mouth remaining slack his tongue a hideous bluish green pasted over in white.

‘Chumley he needs to eat.’ There was only so much Carpet could do for Adam’s body without food. He also needed fuel, and lots of it.

‘Quiet!’ Chumley stood whip at the ready. Something or someone was coming.

Sslar the great Xang cat slid between the Elron bushes noisily, unusual for the mammoth cat but it’s lack of stealth reassured Carpet the area he’d chosen to hide was quite safe from discovery. Sslar carried in her jaws a great pale heart, twice the size of the cat itself, its head crowned with many tines. Steam rolled from it’s open mouth, the kill was fresh.

Adam stirred in hunger sensing the coppery tang of blood coming from rent in the deer’s throat. Moving forward on all fours Adam clutched at a foreleg of the carcass and began pulling on the leg in a feeble attempt to take it from Sslar.

‘Stop him Chumley!‘ Carpet commanded but the Regalian didn’t move. The look in Adam’s eyes was enough to cause even the Xang cat to drop it’s catch and disappear soundlessly back into the undergrowth.

Adam probing with black tipped fingers at the blood running from the throat of the deer traveled up the rivers of blood to the source where he sank his face into the open gash just below the heart’s jaw slurping noisily.

Chumley paled to a shade leaving him all but invisible against the greens of the Elron grasses licked his fat rubbery lips in distaste and looked away.

‘If the Neno was here...’ Chumley mumbled trying to block out the sounds of Adam's feeding, to forget Adam’s blood smeared cheeks, his teeth glowing white behind chunks of coagulated gore as he fed. If The Neno was there Chumley was sure the Adam ‘thing’ would already be minus it’s head.

Making himself busy gathering dead grasses and materials for a fire Chumley hoped Adam would tire before Dag returned from her hunt for water. If Dag saw...

But that was worry for later. For now Chumley focused on guarding his wards while waiting for a ‘sign’ from Neno and BIAD. Whatever that was he thought stacking twig upon twig upon twig.

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Tibbs eyed the Tower protruding from the centre of Tall Town and felt The Witch
shuffle on the tree branch beside him, her voice was soft in his ear as she warned him.
"Ah've had run-ins with The Dark Lord before and ah' know he's a sly-one... this is going
too well" Tibbs lowered the leather tube that held the two lenses and offered it back to
it's owner, the rudimentary telescope made his eyes hurt and after rubbing them, he let
his spectacles drop onto his nose from his sweaty brow.

"We have to trust Nenothtu, he's always come through for us..." the Vithian said and looked
into Mucklebones' black eyes. "... anyway, BIAD is with him" he finished.
The ancient face of the Witch-Gray showed no emotion as she pondered a higher perch, but
her voice gave her concerns away "A Devil and a handgun may not be enough against the last
of the True-Lighter Flayers, his powers are immense" she countered and decided to remain
on the same roost as her bearded friend.

Below the huge Elver tree, Dag administered some more of the potion that Mucklebones
had given her -to Adam, the Doctor's skin colour had become more ruddy and the young girl
stroked his damp hair as he rested on her thigh. "Thank you" Adam coughed and swallowed
the acrid-tasting liquid, the faint taste of liquorice reminded him of his youth and he recalled
that he didn't like the damn stuff even then.

"I thank you too" said Carpet through his host's warbling voice and Dag leaned close to her
love's ear and whispered "you're welcome Carpet"
The last of the flakes of dried deer-blood could be seen in the corner of Adam's mouth
and the girl's dainty finger wiped it away. What she had witnessed earlier seemed to have
added to his recovery too.
Chumley sat leaning against the large leafy tree and smiled at the calm unity.

Ten minutes later, Tibbs and the panting Mucklebones stood back from the descent and
strained their necks to see how high they had been, the foliage hid the branch where they
had watched Neno, Boy In A Dress and the Bogel clamber into the lower section of Tall Town.
"Stage One of the plan is over..." Tibbs announced to the Regalian and Dag "... now the hard
part begins" Adam breathed in deeply as the strange medicine ran it's course.

"How is the U-man?" Muckles said and pushed her grubby poncho-hem between her skinny
thighs as she sat down beside Dag, the Crone's eyes scanned the sweating Doctor.
"We've got to get him back to the Yydryl... it's the proper place for him" the girl said softly
and stroked the patient's head again.

"Aye, yer' like the rest girl, yer' put too much faith in technology... the brew that runs through
his body right now, has far-more power than any Star ship" Muckles sneered and glanced
at the back of the Vithian nearing her 'Half-Son'

Tibbs retrieved the book from Chumley and began perusing the pages for information about
the Tower. Without another thought, Muckles tossed the stray antler from the Xang Cat's last
kill towards a bunch of tall cane and sat down beside Tibbs to read the large book.

Birds sang in the afternoon sun and occasionally, a Clover-Deer could be heard bolting from
Sslar's persistant prowls, time seemed to be sitting at the nearby riverside and with a strand
of straw in his mouth, tarry awhile.

'To those who would listen and understand, the needle of evil will not sew the rend together
-but splay it wide, He -that holds the crescent Moon will know the grief of a universe'

Tibbs read and glanced at the female-Gray at his side. In his many travels across time and
space, he had never had these strange feelings before, he had analysed his emotions during
the night as everyone slept, the low-snoring alien laid beside him continued to disturb his
logical processes.

"The high will be brought low and the meek will cower in cabbage fields, no life will avoid
his mighty hand..." Mucklebones muttered and felt the small man's gaze upon her, maybe
a thousand years ago, the Gray would have blushed... aye, a thousand years ago.

"... Without muse, the daemons of olde will spew forth and take the lanyard. Without
sorrow, the belch of Helvia will crush the brave and drink the tears of the wailing.
The winds of change will eddy and whirl and all will taste the dust of their sandaled feet.
The Day Will Be Dark And All Will Fall" the Witch finished and turned to meet the Vithian's
stare, she saw a deep thinking in his eyes.

Then she kissed him... and he -her, Tibbs and Muckles followed the legend in the Vantine
Del Pudria and fell... in love.
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A satchel-carrying Nenothtu and Boy In A Dress trotted through the winding alleyways of
'lower-town' and searched for evidence of the Carnival. Jepp panted hard and struggled to
keep up, but a few minutes later, the reader would see the small Bogel enjoying a rest on
the back of a wig-wearing high-heeled steed.

The sun watched from the edge of a large cloud as the three beings turned a corner of
another cobbled walkway and came upon a large opening in a line of broken fencing with a
proclaiming sign arched above it, the elaborate lettering had seen better days.

"Where Happiness Resides..." BIAD mouthed the words "... The Last Carnival Of The
Corn-Time" he hissed and looked at the tall GunMan.

"It's a place of celebration after their harvesting?" the hermaphrodite suggested. Neno
shrugged at the two puzzled faces and looked out to the west, flat fields trailed off towards
the horizon and the Vandal wondered how long it had taken the Culs to clear the land of
He sniffed and scanned the Fairground inside the fenced area.

The Culs had really tried to enjoy themselves -Nenothtu thought, a mixture of children's
rides lay around the scrub-grassed ground and further on, weather-faded tents breathed
wheezing breaths in the late-afternoon breeze. A tall wooden structure loomed above the
tents and occasionally, a torn pennant waved it's rain-washed colours.

Boy In A Dress stepped into the Fun-Fair and as Neonothu followed him, the Man/Girl
checked their rear for any danger. The upgraded pistol emerged from the GunMan's
holster as his friend checked their rear.
Jepp merely looked agog at the Tall-Towner's building prowess.

A wooden post held a large poster announcing the many enjoyments of this palace of fun
and BIAD's long-fringed face loomed close to read the list.
'The Hall Of Mirth: A world where one can reflect on the passing season, a must for the
'Jasmine's Quest: Save the Heroine of Carbiox and halt the marauding beasts. Nerves of
Tantazine needed!'
'The Corn Circle: Place your wager and fortune will favour the bravest of Culs. All welcome'
BIAD looked over his bare shoulder at the wary GunMan and said softly "these signs are very
There were more promises of merriment, but the weather had taken it's toll and faded
the words beyond reading.

Nenothtu responded with a jerking thumb and hissed "we're out in the open here, let's git
-gone" and the Man/girl -with the Bogel bouncing on his hips, trotted into the clumped
collection of marquees.

Neno checked the surrounding buildings and followed the strange duo.

The five Light Warriors that patrolled the deserted town marched reluctantly out from under
the Tower's shadow and headed towards the sulking Fairground. Another event-free patrol
and another waste of time -most of the Flayers thought as the dust rose from the passing of
their sandaled feet.
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Silo stepped out from behind a large off-white tent and whispered "Boo!" to the three
beings waiting next to a canvas-wrapped booth with stripes of red and green, all three
had heard her coming.
Nenothtu showed a slight lop-sighted smile at the Starship's partner's appearance and Boy
In A Dress beamed and curtsied. Jepp waved in a servitude-like manner, but stayed close to
BIAD's bare thigh.

"There's a patrol out in the town somewhere..." Silo said as she neared the tall Vandal,
"... I followed it from the East wall and spotted this place" The stall sported a sign telling
the eager customer that this was their lucky day.

'The Deathly Laugh:
Walk among the mirth amusement and keep your silence. A prize awaits the miserable!'
-it said in red-scrolling lettering.

Nenothtu leaned slightly to watch down a thin corridor between the tents, the entrance
to the Fairground was still deserted... for now and his hand tightened on the butt of his
"Ah' don't like this, let's do the business and get us some higher ground" Neno hissed
and went to check the area where Silo had appeared from, he hated feeling this exposed.

The red-dressed Man/Girl stepped next to Silo and said "if you were to acquire a Splitter,
which contest would you try?" the eyeless face showed a genuine interest.
"I was... I worked at 'The Killing Joke' and this place here..." Silo pointed a nail-bitten finger
at the striped tent "... smacks of a similar name" Silo's features showed the decision was

The hermaphrodite nodded and knew that somewhere, the steady heartbeat of destiny
drummed it's tattoo. "I agree" he said with smiling red lips.

The plugged-nickel, that coin from another time and place lay in the hand of a young woman
who had washed beer-suds from chipped tables, tolerated being ass-grabbed and straddled
the stars in a Starship that loved her as a Mother should.
That woman had also birthed the last Guardian of Existence and even fought at his side...
and yet at this moment, at this precise time.... the universe waited to see what a useless
piece of a forgotten currency could do to save all.

BIAD sucked in a deep breath at those thoughts and Silo winked at the Man/girl's
nervousness, "let's get it on" the fair-haired girl said sexily and turned towards the booth.
BIAD glanced down at the quivering Bogel at his side and whispered "she's a rare-one, huh?"
Jepp merely showed his big terrified eyes at 'Mr Devil-Mon' and dogged the Man/girl as
he stepped next to Silo13.

A wooden tubular box -with a slit at it's end -hung from a leather strap near the booth's
entrance, a mouse-nibbled tent-flap beckoned in the breeze.
Silo dropped the nickel into the slot and let out a soft sigh. BIAD gulped and wanted to
comb his fingers through his hair, he placed his hands behind his back and focused on the
Nenothtu reappeared from his reconnaissance and after adjusting the strap of Tibbs' satchel,
he followed his two companions and the Bogel into the bellowing tent of 'The Deathly Laugh'

Here... we... go.
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Nenothtu guessed that the gloom of the narrow corridor was set up to make the nervous
giggle as they entered, it was a simple ruse that anyone at ease with the Carnival would
let down their guard and chuckle in the darkness, Neno's eyes adjusted immediately and
scanned the canvas-lined tunnel for any hidden dangers.

Silo walked carefully into the corridor and with a slight glance at Boy In A Dress holding
Jepp's hand -behind her, she pressed on towards the next tent-flap.

The bunch of feathers on a wooden pole shot out from a knee-high hole in the canvas
and touched the Tavern-girl's leg in an instant and the surprise made Silo jump with a

BIAD knew a nervous giggle would surface soon as the fair-haired girl gathered herself
and quickly placed a red-nailed hand over her mouth, "no" he whispered and showed a
solemn face.

Silo stared wide-eyed at the Man/Girl's serious features over his hand and that was enough
for her, the laughter surged to her throat and threatened to spill out into The Deathly Laugh

Nenothtu frowned and pushed past his two friends... "allow me" he growled and stepped
into the world of the gibbering fools.

Silo didn't laugh. It took all of her focus to hold the cavorting emotion in-check, tears welled
in her blue eyes and her throat hurt from gulping the humour back down... but she didn't
laugh. Later, she would realise that this action was one of the hardest tasks she had endured.
Tibbs would tell her that realising this -is a major step in knowing how the universe works.

"You okay now?" Boy In A Dress asked and leaned close to check Silo's face for any sudden
snorts of mirth. Silo13 nodded and showed her control with her eyes, BIAD took his hand
away from her flame-red lips.

The 'inner sanctum' of the Marquee held large Crystal Balls sitting on ebony-coloured
wooden stands, the spindle-legs reminded Jepp of the Germins back in the Mine.
The walls of the tent showed an early-evening red-tinged light and this gave the twenty-or
-so large Spheres a rose-like tint.

Nenothtu leaned towards the first globe, it's size was bigger than his head and the warped
reflection showed his weather-lined face and cold eyes.
Then the reflection changed.

Silo stood behind him in baggy 'Western'-style clothes with a sagging gunbelt hanging from
her hip, a huge stetson hat hid her eyes and her resigned face made a slight smile touch the
GunMan's lips.
Boy In A Dress wore a blood-strangling trousers and long-pointed shoes, the green tunic told the
GunMan that the hermaphrodite's reflection was now a giant Bogel!
Jepp waited meekly beside the Man/Girl and the Tavern-girl's dirty dress and knotted bodice
almost hid the smaller being.
Nenothtu...? Neno stood with a look of shock on his face as he viewed his naked thighs
below the short red dress of BIAD, the wide-rimmed hat had been replaced with a badly-
placed wig that hid his eyes.

A stifled snort was breathed away through his nose and Silo guessed that the tall Vandal was
merely clearing his throat.

"The glass-balls show funnies..." Neno said and straightened his face "... take care" he
finished and moved back to where his friends stood. The spheres awaited it's customers
on their stands with pink-reddish glows, the silence in the tent was deafening.

Strange shapes cavorted in the second ball and Silo could see from her position that a
wedding of some-sort was taking place and the indication of green Elver leaves, implied the
ceremony was taking place in a forest.

Then she saw a white laced-adorned Mucklebones standing under a branch-woven archway
with a innocent look on her hagged face. Silo's eyes became saucers at the ridiculous scene
of matrimony.

The Witch's white veil fluttered in the breeze as Tibbs -all dressed to-the-nines in Top Hat
-and-Tails stepped up beside her and the sudden urge to laugh rushed through Silo's body.

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"Sing Silo... sing" BIAD said loudly and pulling his sight from the same 'ball-vision' that the
fair-haired woman beside him saw, he began to clap a beat with his red-nailed hands.
Silo sang out a tune from the time Old Travis was alive and visited The Killing Joke Tavern
every other night and brought his battered banjo.

'Camptown Races' was a melody that Silo always enjoyed and so she focused on singing
the words with gusto. Staring at BIAD -who nodded along with his clapping, her voice
filled the tent.
"Camptown ladies sing this song... Doo-dah, Doodah..."

Nenothtu looked on with the same surprised features that had visited the first Sphere.
"Goin' to run all night... Goin' to run all day. I bet my money on a bob-tailed nag
-Somebody bet on the gray..." Silo sang and stared at the chest-area of the taller Man/Girl.

Through all the craziness... and now the Bogel had joined in the clapping and even brought
a foot-tap to the proceedings, Neno looked for a way to get past this foolishness, then the
answer came.

"A Prize awaits the miserable, heh?" the Vandal muttered and showed a beaming smile at
his two friends. "Don't laugh" BIAD said to him from the side of his mouth as he continued
with his role in the entertaining trio and Neno nodded to say all was okay.

A well-worn cowboy boot kicked at the first Sphere-stand and the Crystal Ball slid from it's
bowled-seating, it hit the next one beside it.
The 'Domino effect' lasted ten-Earth seconds, one after another, the glass orbs tumbled
and 'clinked' against each other, Silo's canticle faded away in the loud sounds of breaking

The last ball thudded to the old sawdust floor and rolled with a grumbling sound to rest at
the canvas curtain hanging from the far-end of the tent, Neno looked around at the scene
of destruction and asked Silo "well... how do feel now?"

With a slight look of melancholy, the out-of-breath Silo eyed the chunks of split glass and
splintered wood and whispered "a little sad... really" BIAD remained quiet and showed a
slight smile at Nenothtu's clever ploy.

"Would you say you were miserable, Silo?" the GunMan asked softly and the fair-haired
woman nodded to the stone-like figure with the big handgun on his hip.
"Then let's claim your prize, huh?" he hissed and walked towards the curtain, the sound of
crunching glass underfoot was loud in the settling early-evening.
Silo, with Boy In A Dress carrying the the small Jepp -followed the dark shape ahead of
them out of the Marquee.

The last of daylight was running West and red streaks from a waning sun ran the length
of Nenothtu's gun-barrel as he checked the surroundings for danger.
The looming Tower had the odd light showing along it's steel-grey sides and the Vandal
knew that somewhere up there, he would face the being that had it's hand on his destiny.
The cold-gray eyes of the Neo scanned the cloud-high structure and told nothing of his
thoughts, he reckoned time would reveal all and turned to see what his friends had found.

A wooden bowl hung from four leather thongs that was strapped to a cross-member of the
tent exit and Silo's prize lay in the deeply whorled-grained container.
"One Token To Jasmine's Quest" Silo read from the small ticket that she plucked from the
bowl, a coin-shaped token also lay there. "Mmmm... our quest goes on" she said to herself
and Boy In A Dress looked to Neno for the next move.

"Ah'm not one fur these parlour games... but there may be a way in there..." Neno flicked
the barrel of his weapon towards the looming Tower "... along our journey"
Boy In A Dress revealed a kind smile to his stiff-backed partner and quipped "at the very
least, this'll make a fine bonding session"
Nenothtu looked briefly in the reader's direction and rolled his eyes.

The GunMan, The Tavern-Girl, The Hermaphrodite and the little Bogel stepped off towards the
tent marked 'Jasmine's Quest' as the artificial Moon began to appear from the horizon.

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