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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 12:59 PM

"What do you mean...?" The Dark Lord hissed at Vreth and raced from the throne
that was once belonged to the Cul King, the scientist stepped back one pace at his
oncoming Master. The V-Commander of the Ophi Buzzards smirked to himself and looked
to his comrades in silent mockery.

The Hall lighting was low as the last of the night edged away from the approaching sun
and the long shadow of The Dark Lord reached out with hooked claws.
"It... it's the power -My Lord, you said you would provide the power" Vreth choked and
glanced at the hawk-faced being for possible help, Callan's eyes should no mercy for the

"I want this contraption up-and-running at once, The Splitter will be in our hands very
soon..." The Dark One spat and lifted Vrith off the ground with one swipe "... and the
Book's instructions are almost ready" he finished.

The mouth-tentacles of the scientist writhed in fear as Vith attempted to avoid his
Master's oily stare "I.. I will Sire, I will... but we'll need more tantazine to store the
energy that will be..." The Flayer never finished his sentence as The Dark Lord tossed
him across the room -to land at Graham's feathered feet.

The Ophi Buzzard looked down on the stunned Vrith with the stare of one that sights
prey and the Light Flayer found it prudent to shuffle away from the brooding stare.

"My Lord, Vrith is correct" said the shadow at the door and Caspak stepped forward to
allow what light coming from the walls reveal is serious face.

"You will need more power to bring..." Caspak wanted to use the expression 'the horde'
-but restrained himself "... The Ophi-Buzzards to our aid. The current level is too low"
The Dark Lord fumed and faked a lunge at the sprawled Vrith, the frightened Flayer in
black flinched at the action.

The Hall was quiet as the cephalopod who wanted revenge for his race waited for his
once-advisor to continue.

"I have perused the Book from The Grays and I know what we will require for a full
armarda to penetrate The Great Rift" Caspak announced and stepped into the centre
of the Hall, Callan was slightly behind the throne now, Graham and Poll were behind
either side of the Rip Doorway and The Dark Lord stood at the foot of his seat.

"As you can see, the aperture lasts for only a few seconds..." Caspak waved a blunt-clawed
hand at the smoldering opening "... Vrith and myself -along with you Sire, know that
travelling from dimension-to-dimension calls for a live organism to create the energy
for such commuting... a Cul-life is not enough" he said calmly.

The Dark Lord turned away from the two Flayer-clones and stared at The Ophi Commander.
"I will succeed in bringing your Buzzards to our world... make no mistake" the leader hissed
and stepped back up to sit on the throne.

Everyone in the room felt his boiling rage and another awkward silence prevailed.

"What if I used all the Culs imprisoned below?" Vrith offered and saw his Head of Sciences
shake his head. "No... it will not be enough" Caspak said and eyed the two tall Buzzards
at the Doorway.

It was the slow giggle from The Dark Lord that drew everyone's attention and when the
humour soared into a manical laugh, even the Commander showed a startled look.

"Oh yes... I understand it all now..." the bulbous head of the Dark Lord shook with mirth
"... how could have I been so blind?" he gasped around his chortling.

"May I ask what causes you so much enjoyment, Sire?" Caspak dared to ask and closed
on the seated despot.
"A starship... a living starship, would that give enough power?" The Dark Lord said and
snorted the last of his happiness from his tentacled mouth.

Caspak glanced at his friend Vrith and then back to the throne, "Yes... if such a vehicle
exists" he said softly and saw the evil gleam in his Leader's black eyes.

"Oh yes -my friend, it exists" he said with venom.
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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 07:14 AM

Y' Quorra, Y'lrang and his sister Y'Wren watched the two Light Flayers leave the Throne
Room and their cold eyes followed the scientists across the Foyer. Y'lrang stepped forward,
but the two Guards placed their Burn-Bars in a 'X' shape in front of him and halted his
movement. "Keep your rage..." muttered the Queen "... there will be a time and place for
it" she said and walked to the huge doors of the Throne Room.

The Sentry -on the left was know as Dram, he hurried to catch up with the blonde-haired
woman and reached to touch her shoulder.
Y'Wren barked and snapped at the Light Warrior and her brother felt his sister's anger, the
Guard struck a foot out at the unruly dog. "Keep that mutt under control" hissed the tall
Dram and that was enough for Y'lrang.

The remaining Guard -this poor soul goes by the name of Bella, took the young Prince's
elbow full in the face and as dirty-blue blood seeped from the mashed tentacles, Y'lrang
grabbed the Burn-Bar and jabbed it at Dram as he turned to see what was going on.

Y'Wren pounced on Bella as he reeled from his injury and urged him to topple to the
tiled floor.
Canine fangs found that soft flesh at the Guard's throat and Bella gurgled as his wide
-black eyes oggled at the richly-painted Foyer ceiling.

Dram fared better -for a little while anyway, the Burn-Bar seered his chest area and
Y'Lrang's head-butt (a trick he'd been shown from the GunMan earlier) only caused
blurred vision for a few moments, his Burn-Bar waved blindly in front of him for protection.

Y'Quorra realised-late, that their opportunity for escape had arrived and yet cooly, she
delivered straight-fingered punch into the oily eyes of the struggling clone, his knees
buckled and still frantically waving his weapon, he fell to the Foyer floor.

The three Culs pounced on him and covering the Guard's wriggling mouth, Y'lrang delivered
the killing blow to silence Dram forever.

The reverent silence of being outside the Throne Room descended again and as Y'Lrang and
Quorra rose from the body of the Guard, Y'Wren made soft scratching sounds as he came
over to her brother and Queen. The true-love of her brother squatted and looked into Wren's

"I thank you... my Daughter... in-law" she said softly and placed her forehead against Wren's
furry brow, Y'lrang smiled and touched his sister's furry neck.

They were one now.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 09:44 AM

~*~ The Sprint ~*~

‘Chumley! Come here this instant.’ Muckles called to the rotund Regalian who visible shivered at the command starting the rolls of fat at his chest undulating in waves down to his knees where his belly ended.

‘What you want?’ Chumley stood under the tree with his tentacles raised in question. Muckles didn’t wait to explain just threw herself from the limb that still held the blushing Tibbs to land in the Regalians tentacles. Chumley lost no time in dropping the wizened creature to her feet helping to pull down the dirty poncho over her knobby knees and soiled knickers until she slapped his tentacle away.

‘Follow me. We need to talk.’ She skipped across the clearing and sat on the log next to Dag who’d eaten her fill of meat.

‘Would you like some?’ Dag asked politely holding out the large leaf covered in meat. Muckles waved it away. ‘Don’t touch the stuff, gives me gas.’ She quipped before shooing the girl off the log to make room for Chumley.

‘Sit!’ Muckles barked. Chumley sat. ‘Now about that Sprint. How much power does it have?’ Muckles half closed one eye pointing her chin at the blinking Regalian. After a moment Chumley began rattling off the particulars of the Sprint. Deson, the armor and engineer of the Yydryl also the builder of the Sprint had taught Chumley well.

‘Quiet! I’ve heard enough.’ Muckles closed her other eye her lips moving like there was something behind them she needed to spit out. ‘Nope. By my reckoning that just wont do. Wont do.’ Jumping to her feet like a cat Muckles turned on Chumley one finger raised and ready to poke him in the belly.

‘Don’t you see you great fool!’ She cackled and prodded, ‘We’ve been wasting our time here!’ Spinning in a circle Muckles barreled towards Adam and was cut off by Dag.

‘Oh don’t you worry Missy I’m not going to hurt him! Now give him this and get him ready to move!’ Reaching under her poncho Muckles produced a dull green bottle sloshing liquid. ‘All of it, every last drop.’ Her gray eyes gleamed wickedly. ’And give it to him up the wazoo. An enigma!’ She gave an evil laugh watching Dag pale. Scratching her head and holding up one finger Muckles continued. ‘No, no no dear me, not really. That’s the other potion. Make him drink it all - every last drop and let’s be on the move! We’re headed for the Sprint!’

Hysterical laughter bubbled from Dag, she couldn’t contain it. Her joy was back.

‘But Muckles...’ Chumley began timidly wringing his tentacles.

‘That’s Mam to you!’ Muckles glared turning the Regalian’s guts to water.

‘Mam. What you mean we go to the Sprint?’ He didn’t want to ask but Neno had told him to stay put and wait for a ‘sign’. Silo would never forgive him if he didn’t obey The Neno.

‘I mean, you big green boob, the Sprint is still there!’ She stood under the tree and eyeballed Tibbs who clambered to a higher branch squealing like a little girl.

Forgetting Tibbs she continued with Chumley. ‘You see that up there?’ She pointed at the Tower. ‘That thing’s got too much power. The Sprint couldn’t leave if it wanted to. Not in a million light years. It couldn’t break away.’ Chumley didn’t understand especially with all her huffing and puffing. She’d turned back to the tree to beginning leaping up and down trying to catch Tibbs coat. Tibbs deftly pulled his hem away unwilling to be hauled from the tree in such a manner. Giving up Muckles kissed the air, blew the kiss upwards to Tibbs and followed the gesture with one more lewd.

‘What about him?’ Chumley asked motioning to Tibbs.

‘We’ll Leave him here. He can wait for Neno.’ She flipped Tibbs another hand sign cackling when he blushed a deeper red.

‘But if the Sprint can’t leave?’ Chumley whined horrified at being forced to break his promise to Silo.

‘You’ll see when we get there! I’ve got more under this poncho than my...‘ But Chumley didn’t hear the last of her sentence she’d already run back to Dag waiting impatiently for Adam to drink all the liquid from the dull green vial.

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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 10:47 AM

As the coughing-fit began again and as the sun's rays touched the metal-mesh of
the window, the young Cul-boy prayed again for their saviour to come. Petron leaned
near his Father and wiped the sweat from his lined brow. "Don't worry Father, The Knight
will be here to rescue us soon" Petron whispered and the pain that lay in his Father's eyes
felt like the depths of pack-ice in the young lad's heart.

Mother came back from the large fire-hearth and smiled the smile that only Mothers
can show their family, the four bowls of soup would have to do today.
"Petta...? go and find yer' sister" The woman with the fingerless gloves and the head-scarf
of sacking -said pertly and kneeled down to feed her husband, Grimon's coughing eased a
little and he attempted the dark-brown stock.

The room was massive, families upon families had made the best of their situation and
hunkered into small groups that showed relations-with-relations, the young Petron looked
out across at least three hundred unions of Culs... the last of their line.

Sibby ran past laughing and avoiding being touched by two girls of her same age, Petron's
sister was always on-the-go with her friends. Sometimes, she would be away from The
Chimter family for hours on-end, always another game and always another friend to be

Petron wondered if his twin sister realised their predicament sometimes.
"Ma said you're to come home for breakfast" the young voice called across the squatting
Culs to the fleeting shape of Sibby and her racing friends, his voice seemed quite loud as
some of the folk were just waking up and facing another day in the clutches of the evil
Dark One.

Petron folded his arms and waited for his sister to return in her orbit of the people in the
prison, his thoughts went back to the dream that had visited him again last night.

He was at the top of The Tower, not the best position to be when the ugly Dark Lord was
prowling around, but Petron stood with his blonde hair blowing in the Carboxian night.
Below were small lights of campfires and merriment from the Bogels that inhabited
the forests.

And there, striding toward the Tower was The Knight, the one that had come to bring the
Dark Lord and his Light Warriors low and to release Petron's people. He carried a magic
sword that would cut any metal and slay any monster. He was tall and showed a lop-sided
grin -as he cut a path through the hundreds of Light Flayers that swarmed out far below
to face him.

(Continued below)
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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 10:52 AM

Petron breathed in deeply and smelled the aromas of watered-down soup and lack of
washing, his dream fading in and out like the lights here -when a storm came a-calling.

The Knight who's strange hat hid his killer-eyes, who feared nothing and who's only
want was to hold The Dark Lord's severed head for all to see.
But he was not alone.

He had kin... a magician who could call down vast Star-ships and who could turn wood
into Tantazine. The cloaked figure made strange shapes in the air with his hands -as he
rode the night-wind, a wizard of forgotten times.

The others there also.

She was beautiful, she bore hair that reminded the young Cul of the small lilac-coloured
lilies that grew near the stream outside their farmhouse, leaves of green seemed to rustle
among the tresses too.
The lady stepped lightly and kept track with The Knight's wide gait, she was his... his friend
Petron thought, but during his dream, his Mother would catch him frowning at this point.

The other woman -and the lad would still wear the frown, the other woman was different.
Dragon-red was the colour of her dress and her hair was black as the tunnels in the Hell

This female feared nought -thought Petron from his perch, she grinned and grinned and
accompanied The Knight, the Lady and The Sorcerer, in strange shoes that the young Cul
had never seen before, he gambled the woman was a Devil.

Then all were fighting for his people.

Light Flayers fell at The Knight's feet as he walked. The sword chopped and hacked and
stones of metal shooted from The Knights fingers, the heat of this magic glowed in the
darkness below the Tower.

The Lady struck down many with her Golden Crossbow and the Red-dressed woman showed
the reason why Petron thought she dabbled with demons.
Her hair... her hair moved like those big-black eels that lived under the bridge at Carrison
Crossing. The black strands tore and shredded the oncoming clones and all the while, the
Devil grinned and grinned.

The Wizard sent hexes and blights onto the rushing enemy, he urged lightning to sizzle
at the clawed feet of the Flayers and muttered incantations that would send swathes of
The Dark Lord's servants into other worlds and other hells, Petron watched with plate
-wide eyes at the carnage below.

"Tell Ma I'll be back soon" Sibby giggled and avoided her friend's touch, she was close
enough to him to see her different coloured eyes. The night-vision swam away like those
eels under the bridge and the misery contained in the Prison room, came back.

A little while later, Petron sipped at the soup of meagre vegtables and sulking meat, Sibby
rushed her meal -just like she rushed everything in her life and glanced out across the
humped figures that surrounded them, she wanted to be at play again.

Their Father coughed some more and Petron's mother attended him with a damp cloth
and soothing words, the young Cul looked up at the wire mesh that lay across the window.
Placing his bowl onto the straw-covered floor, he rose and stepped beneath the square of
light and began again -his song.

The Cul families sat quiet and listened to Petron's hopes of a saviour.
When A Child Dares To Believe...
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 07:57 AM

"Gotcha!" Kerren hissed and moved his hind-claw for a better purchase on the little man's
cloak, Tibbs felt the sharp talons scrape his spine as he was hoisted from the tree banch
and immediatly began to squirm and writhe.

"It'll do you no good -my little friend" The Ophi Buzzard shrieked as his feathers caught the
air and he began to lift off, the swinging body beneath him was only a minor problem.

Tibbs shook his body with all his might as the pair rose into the early-morning sky and
Kerren continued to call that his struggles were all in vain, but the Vithian continued his
attempts to escape from the literal clutches of the newly-made Wing-Drone.

'I'll make Wing Commander with this prize' Kerren thought as he swooped low to miss
a hanging conifer limb and then banked left to avoid a mulberry-like bush.
Under the hood of his robe, the Vithian gritted his teeth and endured the whipping from
the branches, the leaves billowed as he ploughed through the top of the shrub.

Then with dangling feet and hunched shoulders, Tibbs was carried towards the grey
Tower and who-knows-what horrors that lay there.
The bolt that struck the Peregrine Falcon-like Kerren ripped out a shoulder muscle
and continued it's journey with small feathers and part of the sleeve of Kerren's coat
attached to it's head, where it landed -we'll never know.

Tibbs and Kerren plummeted with the same gravity taking over and without any
grace, the screeching Ophi- Buzzard and the bewildered Time-Traveller hit the packed earth.
Another sound of a released arrow reached Tibbs' ears and his Hawk-like captor moved
no more, a wooden shaft protruded from his black-masked face.

"How'dya like them apples?" Silo said softly and placed the Golden Crossbow next to
the dead BirdMan, her knife was drawn -just in case.
Over the tops of his spectacles, Tibbs surveyed the four beings around him.

Nenothtu, rangy and pistol-ready, Boy In A Dress -who waved for some reason, the Bogel
known as Jepp -who looked like he might throw-up and Silo... the wonderful woman that
was helping him to his feet.

"Yours, I believe...?" Neno said and handed the large stachel back to the smaller man,
"... your Splitter is inside" The bag sat between the Vithian and the Vandal for a moment as
Tibbs took in his friend's words.

Since their first meeting in another time and place, a place where Tibbs had first attempted
to build a device that would rival The Dark Lord's -except that one was to be used to seal the
Great Rift, the little man showed his gratitude to Neno and kneeled before him.
"Git up -old Timer... there's no..." Nenothtu began, but Tibbs interupted with his own

"It was written eons ago, that such as you would wander the heavens again and I didn't
believe. Many told me that there would come a time when the 'New' One... the Neo would
break the barriers and save the Universe... and I didn't believe.
Forgive me -my friend, I believe now" Tibbs ended on a warbling note and stood up, tears
welled behind the old man's spectacles as BIAD leaned to assist him.

Nenothtu glanced sideways at Silo and whispered "this 'Big-Guy' thing is abit embarrassin'"
and walked back to the corpse of feathers.
Boy In A Dress smiled at Tibbs and said softly "the bonus for you is you've got a girlfriend
too!" the content Vithian sighed and smiled back.

The four... (five -if you count the Bogel)... stared at the dead Ophi Buzzard and pondered
their next move, the day was getting away from them again.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 03:22 AM

Ernie surveyed the bar area. "Damn caterwallin' zombies! A man can't hardly hear hisself think with that racket!" Cim was out cold where he'd left her, and hadn't so much as twitched. "'Least she ain't snoring to add to the racket" Ernie observed. Looking around, he muttered to himself "I've never been in a bar that didn't have some means of dealing with rowdy drunks, and I'll bet this'n isn't any different" as he headed to the bar itself, skirting the end to go behind it.

Harvey, the bar 'droid made as if to block Ernie's entry into his own area, saying "Sir? I'm sorry, but customers aren't all owed back..."

Ernie cut him off with a curt "I'm a handy man. I've got a screwdriver, and I've got a crescent wrench, and I'm not afraid to use either one, if you get my meaning" as he meaningfully eyed the fasteners that held Harvey's top half and his bottom half together.

Harvey caught on quick. "In that case, sir, what can I do for you?"

"Ima looking for whatever it is you use to keep order when the bar gets rowdy" Ernie replied as he started rummaging among the shelves behind the bar

"Order? Rowdy?" Harvey seemed to be genuinely perplexed at the very notion, and started to ask for clarification, when Ernie espied what he was looking for.

"AHA! Found you! Oh baby, come to papa!" he exclaimed as he hauled a shotgun from it's nest behind a stack of bowls. "Ain't you a beauty?" he crowed. It was short, with about an 18" barrel and no butt stock at all beyond a pistol grip. The magazine tube was about as long as the barrel, and Ernie wasted no time in checking the loads and topping them off from a box beside the shotgun, filling every available space in his pockets with the rest of the box.

Looking further, he found a short truncheon of sorts, and wondered aloud "A belayin' pin? What the hell need has a Starship for belayin' pins? No matter - it'll do" and stuffed it into his belt. Turning to leave the bar area, Ernie spied a glass jar with... "Well now! I thought sure I'd not be seeing any more of these again!" Taking the lid off and reaching inside, he produced 3 of the cigars packed within. Sniffing one, he said "Cubans? Wonder where the hell she got Cubans? Not the cheap ones, either! Why, I recall payin' 18 bucks per for these in '94!" and he looked at Cim's supine form again, with even more respect. "Gonna have to have a word with her later about supply, I think!"

Ernie stuffed two of the cigars into his shirt pocket, and bit the end off of the third, spitting it skittering across the bar, right into a waste bin behind it. Lighting the smoke, he turned to Harvey and said around the cigar clenched in his teeth and through the cloud of blue smoke "This boat have an armory? This stuff ought to get me there, but I might need some heavier artillery."

Harvey gave a fair impression of a haughty sniff. "Boat? Sir, I hardly think that Yydryl qualifies as a mere 'boat'! Why, she..."

Ernie cut him off again. "A figure of speech, my good man... er... 'droid. Just a manner of expression." Then raising an eyebrow, he said "the Armory? You were about to give me directions before you so rudely interrupted yourself?" and tapped his foot to demonstrate his impatience.

"Oh! Yes sir, certainly It's..." and he told Ernie how to find the armory from The Swamp.

"Alrighty then" Ernie replied "Off we go". He lifted the shotgun, patting it lovingly, and said "Hey baby, let's me and you go get us some Zombie!" as he headed towards the barred Swamp door.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 01:37 AM

~*~ Going Home ~*~

‘I DON’T want to go!’ Silo knew she sounded petulant but didn’t care. Something nagging at her gut had her shaking. She feared leaving Neno and BIAD again - even to go back to the Yydryl - but she couldn’t have explained why for all the honey-mead she could swallow.

Neno moved to stand by her shoulder giving support, but not willing to be swayed. Truth be told he wanted her back on the Yydryl but he wouldn’t be sharing that information any time soon.

‘Now you look here!’ Tibb’s voiced sawed over her already frayed nerves. ‘You’ve got no choice and you know it!‘ He sucked in his cheeks and tried to give her a withering stare. When she casually raised her middle finger and smiled sweetly the little wise man choked with indignation.

‘Siloooo.’ Neno warned hiding his grin.

Silo lowered her finger and let her shoulders fall. ‘Ok. Gotch’a. I’m the only one able to morph, the Ophi are hunting us and I’ve got the Green Man back. All that adds up to I have to slink back to the Yydryl, Splitter in hand.’

‘And be quick about it!’ Tibbs sputtered.

‘Yes Tibbs, ’ She rolled her eyes and sighed, ‘and be quick about it.’ Silo barely resisted giving Tibbs a long hard pinch.

‘So you’ll go then?’ Neno knew that look in her eye and brought her back on topic. Silo straightened and looked towards BIAD who held his hands up in a gesture not so much pleading as resigned.

‘Do I have a choice?’ Silo flashed one more look of annoyance at Tibbs then dropped her eyes to the package he stuffed into her hands.

‘So here we are saying goodbye - again.’ Neno knew the words were more for him than the others but he didn’t answer. Silo’s eyes filled with tears but she dashed them away with the back of her hand before they could fall. Neno pulled his hat down over his eyes and stuffed his thumbs in his belt the tip of his cigar going gray with ash. He promised them both silently they’d have a long talk. Soon.

‘Leave the bow.’ BIAD held out his hand for Silo’s golden crossbow. ‘I’ll take care of it but you can’t morph with it on and you know how those Ophi’s just love bright shiny things.’ BIAD winked and took the weapon Silo passed over giving her hand a last squeeze.

Looking around at her friends Silo’s gut churned once more. Something wasn’t right here but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. She’d have to leave that up to BIAD and Neno.

Without another word Silo melted into the bushes and was on her way to find the others. Knowing Muckles? They knew she was coming and were waiting the Sprint for her.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 02:26 PM

Sslar stretched his long legs and whilst enjoying a wide yawn, he eyed Adam slumped
in the corner of the Holding Bay. The Sprint was high now, slender tendrils of cloud swept
past the windows and though, the cliffs seemed to be dwindling out towards the North, Dag
was still doubtful of Mucklebones' request.

"It should just be just near the cliff face that looks like a weeping man" the Witch muttered
from behind the young girl at the controls and with a glance at Chumley in the co-pilot seat,
they both hoped that this time the old Crone was correct.

The small craft banked left and dropped towards the craggy sides, Adam moaned in his sleep
and Dag nibbled her lip -to focus on her steering.
'Warning... proximity alert' came the tinny voice of the Sprint and a green flipper switched off
the warning in mid-sentence, "we know" Chumley whispered and offered a Regalian frown
to the flashing lights in front of him.

"I can't see why you think we should go and get Silo..." Dag said as she dodged a cliff-hugging
Dortell tree "... she wanted to be with Neno and the others" The Canyon Witch squinted her
ancient eyes to look for the way through the Mountain and said nothing.

"Chumley wants to go back to the Yydryl" came a statement and Dag merely nodded as her
eyes alighted on the crying face of a 'rock-man' "There!" Muckles cawed and treated the Xang
Cat behind her to a heel-kicking jig.

It certainly was a freak of nature, a subterranean spring had somehow found it's way through
the limestone and now enjoyed it's freedom by pouring from two areas that looked like

"There's a fissure just beyond the head" Muckles said smugly and wiped rubbed her head on
the dirty sleeve of her poncho, Dag sucked in a deep breath and aimed the Sprint at the dark
split on the man's shoulder.
It was close... very close.

The forest lay in front of them and it seemed to go on forever, the only other thing was the
distant shape of the metal-like Tower, Dag turned up the chirping of the radar and ignored
the brooding structure.

Mucklebones went to the rear of the carft and began rummaging inside her poncho, Sslar
watched with a disinterested face as the old Gray revealed her nakedness.
"Bones... where's my freakin' bones?" she hissed as she groped underneath her grubby
garment, Dag swooped the craft lower and the Crone stumbled to attempt to keep upright,
Chumley looked over his shoulder at the floundering Witch.

Adam made a welcoming landing-mat as Muckles fell onto him and the uncomfortable lump
she felt on her hip -brought a wicked smile to her thin lips.
"Sorry Honey-child..." Muckles said and shuffled away from the dozing Doctor, the small
sack of ivory in her dirty hand.

The Sprint leveled out and the radar chittered and chirped at the different readings that
the forest offered, Dag grunted and flicked the switch to 'off'

Silo heard the droning sound of the ship and pushed on through the undergrowth, the sound
was coming from the north. Her footfalls became rapid as the sound grew louder and the lilac
-haired beauty kept looking towards the odd-opening in the tree-top foliage.

"Feel me -Muckles, feel me" she whispered between breaths and dodged a hanging plant
that seemed to swipe out at her with it's tendrils.
Muckles sat cross-legged on the ships' floor and examined the pattern of crooked off-white
fragments, the goulish shapes told her many things.

"She's close... she just ahead and watch for the vines" the Witch said and looked at the pony-
tailed girl at the helm. Dag slowed the Sprint to almost a hover and scanned the ground
below, the trees swayed under the pressure of the jets.

Then Chumley squeaked in surprise as he saw his friend Silo, his friend who was now
dangling from a leafy vine over a maw of rippling teeth.
"There!... she in trouble" the Regalian shouted and as Dag rose to look out of Chumley's side
of the cockpit, the light flashed to indicate the Main hatchway had opened.

The sudden rush of air made the Sprint wobble, but The Crone of the Canyon took no notice
as she wrapped a safety harness around her wrist and leaped into the blueness outside.

Silo slashed at the tendril with her knife and kicked out with blind hope, her barmaid's
tattered dress hung over her face and though it didn't hide her dignity, it did hide her face.
The teeth of the carnivorous plant clashed with relish of a meal that was bigger than a Bogel
and this brought a renewed interest of escape from Silo13.

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"Give me your hand, Darlin'..." Muckles called "... we haven't much time" the vine lowered
it's catch closer to it's mouth and Silo became to writhe about even more.

If the reader had been passing and looked up through the leaves and branches, their eyes
would have beheld a weird scene.
A girl with torn and smudged bloomers showing as she dangled above a horrid man-eating
plant, and a wrinkled Gray alien hanging from a spaceship with her bare-ass showing for all
to see!

Muckles reached out and took the flayling arm, the vine moved for a better hold and tried
to move away, the Witch swung her body further over.
"Hold on tight, Honey... this is gonna pinch" Muckles hissed and waved her other hand
towards the sinewy tentacle. "Cholla Wid Never" came the croaked words and the vine
released it's prey at once.

The two females hung in the air like a child's lost balloons and Dag knew she only had
seconds to act, Chumley was already pulling at the harness as she punched buttons on the
The Sprint moved off at slow pace and though a few vines waved about them, none found
purchase on the Crone or Silo.

It wasn't until Silo placed the Splitter beside the prone Adam and nodded her thanks at
the panting Mucklebones, that Dag finally flicked the switch next to where The Green Man
sat in it's cradle and the small craft blinked out of existence... well, this existence anyway.

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~*~ Muckles ~*~

‘That muddle-minded-ego-testicled-FOOL!’ Muckles screeched backing up against the walls of the Sprint as far from the Splitter as the confines of the little space ship would allow.

Silo’s knife found its mark just beneath the crevice of Muckles chin before the old hag could refill her lungs. Wrenching back the witches head exposing even more flesh for her hungry blade Silo fleetingly thought how the motion was becoming a habit.

‘Open your mouth for anything more than an explanation and I’ll cut you.’ Silo warned remembering the power of Muckles words. Fueled by pure gut instinct Silo tightened her grip on Muckles arm twisting it at an uncomfortable angle. Muckles raised on her toe tips to avoid the pressure, Silo allowed her little ease.

‘You don’t understand you test-tubed...’ A yell of real pain finished her sentence.

‘So much for the ‘honey’ talk. Why did you save me back there?’ Silo snarled.

‘Needed that Green Man a yours to plot back to the Yydryl!’ Muckles growled right back.

‘Silo? Why you hurtin’ Muckles?’ Chumley called from where he twisted in his seat the harness cutting into his fat green flesh. Dag, eyes as big as plates and clearly wanting to leave her seat and guard Adam stayed at the controls of the Sprint. Only the desire to return to the Yydryl and her innate trust in Silo that kept there.

‘Chumley, this isn’t the time...’ Silo grimaced at Chumley and tightened her grip on the struggling Muckles.

‘Silo, let her go.’ Carpet commanded from Adam’s cold blue lips. Silo jumped as if she’d been struck and without a word sheathed her knife but didn’t release the witch.

With a groan Adam extended his hand and fingers crawling and groping forward he found the Splitter. With another groan he lifted the live thing to his chest sliding it into place where Dag had once cut his flesh. Forcing the Splitter under the bandages there Adam’s hand fell back to the floor. His fingers lay flat and dead no longer curling in on themselves.

‘Adam!’ Dag screamed struggling with her harness releasing it with a loud snap. Vacating the pilot seat she ran to Adam and crouched over him protectively. Alarms began to sound as soon as the pilot chair was emptied, the Sprint began to buck and weave.

Pushing Muckles roughly into one of the four crew seats built into the side wall Silo turned to Sslar. The great Xang cat lifted a lip in a silent snarl exposing a row of glistening ivory fangs. Muckles wouldn’t be moving until they reached the Yydryl, if then at all.

Sliding into the pilot seat Silo flashed Chumley a reassuring grin. Snugging into her harness she winked at the Regalian and quickly adjusted the console relinquishing pilots command to co-pilot.

‘Take us home big boy!’ Silo whooped.

Chumley's face glowed bright puce with pleasure as he took command of the Sprint and following a course set by the Green Man turned them in the direction of home.

~ Back in the Tower ~

High in the throne room of the Tall Tower the Dark Lord bent his ear to a messenger who crouched trembling in the terrifying excitement of bringing the Master his news.

The Dark Lord simply listened...and smiled.

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~*~ Cloak ~*~

‘Hey you, how’s Adam doing?‘ Silo smiled up at Dag who’d come forward in the craft to stand at her shoulder.

‘Good, I mean, he’s no worse so that’s good right?‘ The girl didn’t wait for an answer. ‘I hated to leave him but I couldn’t stand listening to Muckles any longer.‘ She sighed her frustration.

‘Why? What’s she going on about now?’ Silo’d tuned out Muckles long ago.

‘It’s her mumbling. Keeps goin’ on about her poncho or whatever.’ Dag replied absentmindedly running her fingers over the flat panel used for guiding the Sprint. ‘Soooo, how long until we get back to the Yydryl?’ Obviously she hadn’t figured out how to read the information before her.

‘Oh! Ohhh oh!’ Chumley hooted and bounced in his chair eager to reply. ‘See dat number? Dat tells us how long we got to go.’ He smiled his grisly smile. “An dat other number says...’ Chumley's eyeballs bugged out on their stalks, his face fell like a popped balloon.

‘Silo?’ Chumley tapped her shoulder with a trembling tentacle-tip.

‘Yeah Chum?’ Silo hadn't been paying them much attention her eyes drawn far off into space. She loved the stars, was intoxicated by their glitter and promise and finally resolved to leaving Neno and BIAD behind she’d begun to feel enjoyment in the going.

‘Silo!‘ Chumley stabbed at her again almost blubbering.

‘Gwark!’ Silo would have jumped to her feet if her harness hadn’t held her. Looking down nausea washed over her in waves. Those stars she loved so were rushing beneath her feet. The Sprint? She could touch it, and feel it, but it just wasn’t ...there.

‘Dag! What was that you said Muckles was mumbling?’ Silo’s voice cracked. The sensation of walking on air was sickening - her stomach churned thick wet knots.

‘About her cloak.’ Dag squeaked from where she’d run up Chumley's side clinging desperately to his head her feet dangling inched from where the floor should have been. ’She’s been gibbering about a new cloak.’ Dag’s eye widened taking meaning from her own words. Muckles hadn’t been mumbling, she’s been spell casting since the moment she saw the Splitter aboard!

Cackling laughter vibrated through the cabin. Somehow the old witch had caused the Sprint to disappear. With them in it.

~*~ later ~*~

‘Just eat up you old witch...’ Silo threw another food pouch at Muckles and swore.

‘Oh quit yer complaining!’ Muckles ripped open the package and popped another food blossom into her mouth gumming the provisions as crumbs and gobs of half masticated food got caught in her chin whiskers as she talked over her meal. ‘So I overdid it a bit. We’re still here now aren't we? An those filthy Buzzard can’t see us now can they?’ One eye on Silo another on the third food pouch Muckles clawed the air. Tied and harnessed into her crew seat she couldn’t reach Silo but Silo gave in tossing her another pack of provisions.

‘Hurry it up. When you’re through Dag’ll fix your gag.’ Turning her back to the crone Silo tried to lose herself in the stars again, but failed. The greedy lip smacking and slobbering coming from Muckles disgusted her. All her slurping had even put Chumley off his food. Her poor friend sat slumped at the helm listless and frowning occasionally checking the flight controls of the Sprint.

Motioning for Dag to refit Muckles gag and return to Adam Silo knew silencing Muckles wouldn’t stop her from any more high jinx but it was a good excuse to shut up her inane cackling.

‘Chum, take the first watch and let Dag sleep while Muckles is quiet.’ Silo whispered returning forward. ’Wake me if you need me.’ Silo pat Chumley on the shoulder and sliding down in her chair tried to relax. The last thing she thought of before she slept was Neno, and the soft cry of a motherless child echoing through the pines on a cold winders night.

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The piece of twine with the small-round stone attached tapped Nenothtu
on the shoulder and the sudden feel of -what the Vandal thought was a Flayer's poking
finger -brought him from his slumber immediately.

Tibbs snored quietly whilst leaning against the Boy In A Dress' right shoulder and
as Neno stood up, he saw Jepp the Bogel asleep on BIAD's left. The eyeless wig-wearing
being was awake and watching for movement in the Fairground below them.
All was quiet.

The stone bobbed again and Neno carefully reached out, watching it dance in the palm
of his hand, he dared a small tug and the string was suddenly hauled away.
"Someone is dropping us a line... ?" asked the Man/Girl softly and removed himself slowly
from the sleeping couple, "... I reckon we've a friend inside"

The Gunman gazed up to where the strange string had disappeared into the receding
darkness, the morning was coming and he knew he and his friends had wasted too much
time. "This may be our way in... it's probably Y'Quorra or Y'lrang" he said from the side
of his mouth.

The thin line struggled down the grey-steel-like wall again, but this time a roll of paper
was attached. Neno allowed it to dangle for a moment before he released the message
to read it.

'Help uz. I nO yU are the NIGHt that haz comb To save uz anv wE arr scared hElp uz' the
words pleaded. Written with a piece of coal-like substance, Neno could tell a child had
called out for an imaginary hero -up there.

The tall man looked at the man with the wig and they both nodded, but remained silent.
They began the rescue.

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Just like the old Earth nursery ryhme from long ago, where children sang in gravelled
school yards and ignored scraped knees and bruised hearts, 'The Farmer Wants A Wife'
told how one thing led to another.

And so the string was attached to a piece of the vine-rope from Tibb's satchel and then
the main tangle of bark and vine was tied to that. It was after Neno and BIAD pulled on the
rope to check it was tied off, that they woke the two smaller would-be saviours of the Cul

"It's quite a height, Neno... do you think we'll be safe?" Tibbs asked as he cleaned his small
spectacles, the Vithian was still half-asleep and looked exhausted.
"She'll hold, fella" Neno responded and placed a booted foot on the wall to ready himself.
They climbed. Nenothtu with Tibbs hanging from his back, Boy In A Dress with Jepp on his,
the vine creaked and groaned throughout the ascent.

If a Light Flayer had bothered to look during his patrol of the area... and let's assume these
slow-witted clones of The Dark Lord showed diligence and discipline enough to do regular
reconnaissance of the Tower, he would have seen a very strange sight.

A being in clothes from a 'Western America-style' time clambering up the smooth walls
with a dark-robed dwarf dangling from his back. The smaller being would have a large bag
that would sway everytime the larger man pulled himself higher.

This Light Flayer, the one that would actually be correctly doing his Master's bidding -would
also see another odd view as he craned his octo-head upwards.
A woman, or at least what looked like a female -assaulting the same wall with a similar-type
being hanging off her bare shoulders. The 'woman' would have long black hair that enjoyed
holding a Golden Crossbow and that vigilent Flayer would possibly guess that those long
tresses seemed alive.

The second little being? well, he seemed to be hanging there in terror.

But of course, nobody saw our four invaders scale the Tower in the early morning.
But when Nenothtu finally reached the meshed window where the rope disappeared into,
the light-heartedness of the previous ramblings flew away like Night Tarns of another time
and place.

"Don't..." whispered Tibbs into Neno's ear "... your gunfire will do more harm than good" and
felt the coiled muscles under his friend's clothes ease, the mesh didn't look much, but
being around a hundred-feet in the air and hanging from a rope -didn't give the Vandal a lot
of options.

The Crossbow swooped past Neno's head and began to hack at the metal grill, the mesh
buckled under the rapid beatings from the weapon and BIAD's hair once again, did it's
owner's bidding.

As the hermaphrodite's strands clenched at the pummeled wire and pulled, Neno glanced
at the Golden Crossbow and saw that it too -was damaged beyond repair.
"Never did like that thing" BIAD called up quietly and scraped a high-heel in getting a better
position to rest, Jepp whispered into the dark jungle of his ride's head "whatever you say, Mr.

The arms that helped them in were scrawny and the place stank of overcrowding and despair,
Neno, BIAD, Tibbs and the bewildered Jepp looked at the remains of the captive Cul race and
thought of what to do next.

Then the boy... the one that had sang for his Knight to save his family, stepped forward and
kneeled down in the straw and the dirt. Moments later, the whole room of folk did the same.
"I am Petron and we knew you would come... thank you" Petron said from his lowered
blonde head.

Boy In A Dress glanced at Nenothtu and knew he would be uncomfortable with this showing
of reverence, a broad smile alighted his red-painted lips. "So this rag-tag band of people are
the first of many... get used to it" the Man/girl whispered from the side of those same red

"Go to Hell!" Neno hissed aimably back and could have sworn he heard his friend mutter
"been there, got the T-shirt" Petron's Mother stood up and broke the moment.

"The Dark Lord holds our King in a room near here, he is sick or we know he would lead us
from this terrible place" the woman showed a kindness that only Mothers can show.

"Thank Jenovah you are here" she said and the rest of the people muttered the same prayer.
Nenothtu nodded politely and without any words of acceptance, he made for the prison cell
door, the tall GunMan was back in his mode -BIAD thought and followed.
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"It's an alloy of sorts..." Tibbs remarked and slid his lined hand over the surface of the
metal cell door "... and yet it..." he let his words trail off as he reached into his satchel.
Neno peeked through the small barred window of the prison door and looked out into
the blue-lit corridor.

There were no Guards and no sign of devices that would monitor the cell, Nenothtu
guessed that the Dark Lord was confident of his hold over Y'lrang's Father would keep the
Culs in place. Then a memory stirred from the view of the tunnel outside. The faint scars on
the hand touching the door brought the recollection to the fore.

"You will give us the coordinates of your troop or I will be forced to ask Drake to deliver
harm on you again" said the Colonel and through blood-soaked nostrils, Neno smelled the
bad breath of his captor.

The room was dark and cold, Drake stood in the shadows and nursed his bruised knuckles.
Colonel Trantor accompanied the Vandal under the stark light and awaited Nenothtu to give
up his men, they'd been at it for three hours now.
All three gave off plumes of steamy breath in the chilly air.

The wire that bit into Neno's wrists had become nothing more than an itch and the tape
around his ankles felt sticky with his own sweat, Neno guessed he could give them another
hour's amusement.

The electric cables that had been placed in different locations of his body lay forgotten near
the dark wall of lights and switches, even with one eye swollen shut, Neno saw that their
guard was being lowered.
And that was good.

He coughed up blood once more and spat it towards the heavily-muscled thug in the gloom
and hissed " sorry it ain't goin' the way you guys wanted it, but yer' gonna have to try 'arder"
Drake loomed into view and after a nod from his uniformed superior, a large fist smashed
into the side of Nenothtu's head, his crew-cut tossed diamonds of sweat in the recoil.

"We're going to be at this all evening..." Trantor rasped and sighed dramatically, his voice
seemed dulled in Neno's brain, but along side the statement, Neno ticked off the reference
to the time of day.

The wrist bindings gave a little more and the slick feeling of his own blood made Neno
imagine a lop-sided grin at the idea of a lubricant, the wire was now just above the knuckles
of his right hand.

Trantor ran a cigar past his greying moustache and smelled the tobacco scent with relish, he
pondered if this would draw a feeling of envy from the soldier of Troop Thirty-Two, the
bloodied mess on the metal chair seemed unconcious from the last assault from Drake, so he
fired-up the cigar and waited.

"If yer want your Colonel to see the tomorrow -boy, yer'll not call out for help" Nenothtu
hissed and clutched the older man's throat tighter. The speed that Neno had grabbed Trantor
and now held him in front of his seated body had been amazing, Drake's eyes showed his
obvious confusion at the switch of play.

"Don't be a fool..." Trantor choked out "... you can't escape the compound" and Neno showed
blood-stained teeth in a lop-sided smile. "Thanks for the information Colonel, but ah'll be
declinin' yer advice" the Vandal whispered into the hairy ear of his so-called captor and
pulled his feet finally from the tape, Neno was free.

Trantor died a few moments after he saw from his position on the cell floor -Nenothtu and
Drake sizing up for hand-to-hand combat, the remains of the Colonel's throat dangled from
the smaller man's hand.

It was tough going, the big lad meant well and considering the size-difference and Neno's
injuries, an onlooker would have wagered that Drake would overcome the serious-faced
soldier in front of him.
But as Drake's flapping cheeks and wide eyes faced his dead Colonel and Nenothtu grunted
with a final urge of exertion to break the big fellow's neck, we'll say that bet was not thought
out and no past-form was perused.

The taste of the cigar was welcoming as Nenothtu stepped out of Trantor's holding-cell and
on towards his future.

"You okay?" BIAD asked the back of Neno's head and those days of before moved off to
wherever those memories go, the Vandal turned and nodded. "Yeah, just wool-gathering"
he mumbled and looked down on the Vithian time-traveller.

"These should do the trick" Tibbs said quietly and held up the strange 'leaf-balls' that
Mucklebones had stuffed into the satchel.
'An eternity way -it seems' Neno thought and got back to the job in-hand.
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The shuffling of rag-bound feet made Nenothtu look up from his preparations and
feeling another bullet slip smoothly into it's chamber, he eyed the Mother of Petron
before him.

The majority -if not all of the families stood behind her and looked on with frightened
faces, Boy In A Dress waved and some of the bearded men actually waved back at the
grinning freak.

"I am Kell, my man is sick..." the thin-faced woman pointed towards a coughing man
leaning against the wall they had just entered through "... is it true, Sire...? Can you
really deliver us from this evil?" Her words were wrapped in the faintest of hope and
the tall-lean GunMan gave no indication of emotion from his stone-face.

"Ma'am... this Dark Lord-guy is ma' path and whatever the fallout is -as ah' make my
way, yer' quite welcome to it" Neno said and placed the pistol into it's holster, a small
beep from the weapon drew a slight gasp from the Cul female.

"Yer'll be helping us a good deal if yer' can tell me the layout of this place" Nenothtu
nodded towards the cell door. The overwhelming of the Cul's closeness was making
Neno's in-built alarm system prickle and itch, Tibbs guessed this and quickly placed
the 'Leaf-Balls' at the foot of the door. With deft fingers, the small old man unravelled
a fuse-like thread from the balls.

"We need you to move back " the Vithain said as he hoisted the satchel onto his shoulder,
the Vantine Kel Puldria slid it's weight to one side and Tibbs staggered with weariness
and the weight.

"May I...?" mumbled Jepp with a meek smile on his face and Tibbs offered the same back
as he handed the Bogel the heavy bag. The small time-traveller gathered himself and said
quietly to the mass of huddled folk "please... step back, some magic is about to occur"
A confused murmer wove it's way among the Culs and it was BIAD who came to Tibbs'

"The door is about to open, but there will be a loud noise... some of you will lose your
ears" he warned loudly and held his arms wide, the crowd caught on and shuffled back
with concerned mumblings.

Kell remained and told the tall Vandal with the wide-rimmed hat "along the tunnel to the
left is a room with the Flayer's weapons in... there a many terrible pain-givers in there"
Neno nodded and said "thank yer' Ma'am and now yer'd better git back" he waved a
hand in a 'shooing' action. Petron's Mother bowed slightly and moved away... and that's
when Nenothtu saw the boy who had lowered the string.

"I saw in a dream that the Rider Of The Stars would come and he would speak with fire
and death" the raga-muffin told the four invaders. " In the dream, a tall man who searched
the Universe for a loved one -walked the lands and feared nothing..." Petron glanced at
Boy In A Dress "...I saw a Devil, one who stood to the right of the Rider, the Devil laughed
and laughed" BIAD curtsied for some reason and the little boy bowed back.

Petron finished his report, "A wizard walked with them and knew of many things, he knew
how to save us all and as I woke from my slumber, I saw us..." Petron waved at the mass
of his race "... fly in the stars with our saviour" the small boy bowed once more and before
anyone spoke, he made off towards his family.

Neno turned to BAID and Tibbs and raised his eyebrows, taking off his hat, he ran his fingers
through his unkempt hair. "Cowboys and Aliens... who'd have thought it" he said softly and
pulled a match from his shirt pocket.

Jepp showed a puzzled expression at the sight of the small stick in the GunMan's hand and
the Man/Girl in the red dress showed a wide grin.
"it's boom-boom time" he said wickedly and the Bogel scuttled off towards the waiting Culs.
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Nenothtu turned to the culls crowded against the far side of the cell, and said "Aiight. I'll need for y'all to put yer hands over yer ears, like this" and here he inserted a practical, and probably unnecessary, lesson in how to cover one's ears before continuing with "and open yer mouths like this" another demonstration of proper explosion etiquette. "If you don't, it might bust yer ear drums, and you'll never hear nuthin' agin. Sudden changes in air pressure are hard on folks."

As they were doing per instruction, with more or less success, the boy ran up to neno with shining eyes and said "You're really gonna do it, aren't you Sir Knight? You're really gonna free us! Your a hero, that's what you are! I want to be just like you when I get grown!"

Absent mindedly, and rather more gruffly than altogether necessary, nenothtu responded with "I ain't no hero, and that's fer sure, and no, you DON'T wanna be just like me - what you want is to be NOTHIN' like me at all!" Crestfallen, rebuffed by his new found 'hero', the boy dropped his head immediately. Neno caught the motion out of the corner of his eye, and that was when he realized what he had just done. Cursing himself for seven kinds of fool, neno did what no one who knew him would have ever expected.

He dropped to one knee in front of the boy, and lifted his chin to meet his eyes before he spoke. "Lissen here, boy. That didn't come out just right. What I meant was that you want to be better than me, and you can do it. There's only one of me, and that's just almost more than the universe is willing to put up with. You want to be your own man, unique, an individual. You don't want to be just another copy of me, or anyone else. Two of anyone is one too many, and the whole universe is less if it misses out on who you are, all because you decided to be someone else. You be YOU, and that will make the whole universe just that much richer. You understand that? You blaze your OWN trail, don't follow anyone elses. That other trail has done been walked, and you've got yer own discoveries to make that no one else can, on a trail that no one but you can walk. You don't need a 'hero', you can BE a hero. You got that?"

The boy didn't say anything, not yet trusting his voice, but he nodded and nenothtu saw that spark back in his eye, and that would have to do for now. "Aiight then. You git over there behind yer maw, and don't forget to cover them ears and open yer mouth like I said." The boy scurried away to where he had been told, and nenothtu turned back to the fireworks.

Tibbs had packed the goodies on the hinge side of the door, right at the hinges. Neno grunted in satisfaction - the little wizard evidently had picked up some knowledge of explosives in his travels, and how best to put them to work.

Neno struck the match, and heard a gasp or two behind him. "Quit that! That ain't the magic! If you can hear me, you ain't got yer ears covered right!" and he lit the fuse.

He skittered over the the crowd, turned his back on the door, and stood in front of Petron and his mother while covering his own ears and opening his mouth, waiting for the boom, standing between the boy, his mother, and the explosives. A few seconds later, there was a loud pop, as if from a big fire cracker or a weak cherry bomb, magnified somewhat by the enclosed space, but still a lot less than neno had expected. The room was bathed in a bright light, and nenothtu felt heat on his back. Dropping his hands from his ears after the weak explosion, he heard a sizzling, popping, crackling noise come from the door for longer than he expected as the strange bright light continued to bathe the room.

Finally the sizzling noise stopped and the light went out. An acrid smoke all but filled the cell seeking it's way out through the window. Neno went to examine the damage, and said to Tibbs "I think yer 'splosives were a dud, Tibbs. Door's still there, and as explosions go - an' I know a think or two about things that blow up - it was pretty disappointing."

Tibbs grinned at nenothtu like an idiot, and mouthed "kick it" to which neno raised a questioning eyebrow. Tibbs made a slight kicking motion with his foot, nodding towards the stubborn door. neno shrugged, and muttered under his breath "nothin' to lose by trying, I reckon", and mule kicked the door right in the center.

As it turned out, he kicked it a lot harder than necessary, thinking the cutting charge hadn't done it's job. The door fairly flew out into the corridor and landed with a noise that may have been louder than the actual explosion in the middle of the hallway, leaving a gaping door-shaped hole in the wall. Neno immediately drew his pistol in case of surprises and headed through the door. "Showtime!" was his battle cry.

For his part, Petron turned to his mother and said "See? I told you he was the One!", his eyes once again lit up like Christmas trees.

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A long way away, and a long time ahead, Ernie screamed "Showtime!" at about the same instant, hundreds, or maybe thousands - there was just no way of knowing for sure - of years removed. He reached the doorway to The Swamp, removed the bar, and mule-kicked it right in the middle.

That door, of course, didn't fly into the hallway, since it hadn't been damaged by explosives. Instead, it flew outward, swinging on it's hinges, and carried the wailing zombie on the far side of it along as well, flinging her against the far wall of the corridor. The zombie slammed against the ships bulkhead, but since she wasn't really "alive", it had no real stun effect on her. Instead, she immediately pushed off from the wall and started shuffling towards Ernie, clacking her jaws together and moaning.

Ernie, of course, wasn't having any of that. He raised the shotgun, twitched the trigger, and the now mostly headless zombie collapsed right where she stood, like a puppet whose strings had just been cut.

Ernie crowed out "One down, mebbe dozens to go!". Ernie, his wall-eyes, and his scraggly beard set out down the corridor at a trot, cackling "Hee hee HEEEE!" as he went.

Just like someone else had used to do, far away and years ago.

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~*~ Yydryl in Crisis ~*~

‘Dag, give Silo a poke.’ Chumley whispered. He kept his voice low, not in fear of waking anyone aboard the little Sprint, but from awe.

Trotting back to where Silo lay curled on the floor Dag substituted a ‘poke’ for a shoulder shake. ‘Hey you. Wake up.’

‘Dag? Whaz up? ’ Silo woke slowly. ’Is it Adam?’ Silo rolled her head and backhanded a stray glob of drool from the corner of her cheek. Opening and closing her eyes and mouth Silo grimaced. It felt like a someone had wiped their boots on her lids and tongue.

‘Adam and Carpet are fine. It’s Chumley, he wants you...’ Dag didn’t have time to finish before Silo stumbled to the front of where Chumley had control of the helm.

‘Holy Jenovah!’ Silo whispered in awe her eyes round and glistening. ‘Oh Chumley...’ A tight knot of something resembling pain clutched at her chest. In that instant she wished Neno and BIAD were here to see... The Yydryl.

The Sprint so dwarfed by Ship it was no more than a spec on the head of pin in comparison flew straight and true for it’s home base. The Yydryl, beyond the scope of size waited like a patient mother. And returning to her Mother was just how Silo felt.

‘She’s so big.’ Chumley hooted with pride breaking the spell of reverence a tentacle circling Silo waist pulling her close for a quick squeeze.

She’s so beautiful!’ Silo cried breaking free from Chumley and grabbing Dag led her on a merry gig around the close quarters of the Sprint.

‘She’s so sick.’ Mumbled Muckles derisively from where she sat bound to a crew seat having gummed the gag free from her mouth long before.

The trio at the helm spun towards Muckles and back to the Yydryl. Cries of joy turned to shouts of despair. Muckles was right.

‘What’s wrong with her?’ Dag screamed in panic. They’d come so far and were so close to getting Adam the help he needed and now this. Silo would have felt for her if her own heart wasn’t gripped with an ugly terror.

‘Holy gwark! Her color’s off. She’s listless. Oh Jenovah just look at her!’ Silo slammed both hands on the control panel and then to the window of the Sprint that separated her from space and her beloved Yydryl.

‘Oh Ship...what’s happened to you!’ Silo’s slumped in on herself in misery. Chumley wanted to reach for her but didn’t quite dare his tentacle tip hesitating just an inch from her shoulder.

The Green Man set securely in his place at the control panel broke the silence vibrating noisily and sending off a bright green glow.

‘Chumley! It’ her!’ Silo bolted upright her face painted in joy. ’She knows we’re home!‘ Attendant To Ship Silo reared back and with meaning and purpose took the Green Man from it’s holder and secured it around her neck. Throwing herself to her full height she took charge, ready for the fight.

‘Chumley, get us home. Now. As fast as you can! And you don’t have to make it pretty!’ Checking the Regalian’s body harness she shot him a rough salute the Regalian reciprocated with a stiff nod his tentacles flying over controls that served as the reigns of the Sprint.

’Dag, go back and secure Adam and Carpet for a rough landing. This isn’t going to be easy and it‘s going to be fast.’ Silo smiled inwardly as Dag shot off to do as told no questions asked. It was good to have Dag on their side. ‘And Dag. When we get to Ship? It’s going to be up to you to get Adam to the Recovery Bay. Pray there’s still some droids to help you.’ Silo didn’t see the look of horror cross Dag’s pretty face but she would have been proud when that look changed in the next instant to pure grit and determination.

Turning to Muckles Silo bent low staring directly into the eyes of the hag who’s black orbs gleamed back like wet agates.

‘I’m going to take you to the heart of Ship and you’re going to fix her. If you don’t? You’ll die.’ The violet haired champion of the Yydryl’s tone spoke a long hard end if she did not. Muckles hoped death at Silo’s hands wasn’t written on her card of fate.

Smacking her lips together Muckles bit off a snide remark and simply nodded, meaning it. She’d save the Yydryl and by Silo she’d have help. There was something about the creatures profound love for the Ship that held a magic of it’s own.

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posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 03:00 AM

The interesting title of a Vandalian's perception into dealing with an enemy.

Theologians and Scholars in later years pondered this particular event when
a group of 'off-worlders' invaded The Dark Lord's realm and stemmed the attempt
to end create a rift in the Space/Time Continuum.

The Cul race commemerate the day that they were not only freed from The Dark
Lord and Light Flayer's clutches, but the episode where a small group of beings
came to Carbiox and saved the very existence of the Universe.
And yet, very little is known of the individuals that took part in that terrible day.

Dr. Clement Boash commented

'Who these people were and where they came from is still shrouded in mystery.
Researchers are still scouring Cul and other civilisation's histories for evidence
of who these saviours were'

After the 'Tower Committee' was formed and a new way of governing was created
for the Cul race, Petron Gillma -the Head of Culture and Social Affairs, said at
The King Y'Lang And Y' Quorra Wedding Celebrations:

"... and if it hadn't been for that tall stranger and his friends, we would have fallen
in the dust and been forgotten. I for one will never forget the salvation they brought
and the advice the Rider From The Stars told me"

One must ponder what happened to the band of 'redeemers' this writer has sought
permission to access The Vantine Kel Pudria -the scared book of the Culs, to see if
anything is mentioned of the 'tall stranger' and his band.
At the time of this writing, I have not been succesful.
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