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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on May, 23 2011 @ 02:53 PM

The decision to wait until the next morning before setting off into The Hell Mines
was made by Tibbs, though Boy In A Dress was sure that if Nenothtu wanted it otherwise,
the four of them would be stumbling through the gloomy underground right now.

A few of the prisoners had come back to thank the GunMan for rescuing them from Manko's
clutches and Nenothtu assured them that disposing of the dead bodies would be payment

So now Silo, Tibbs, BIAD and the Vandalian sat around a crackling fire and looked at the
waning sun and the emerging artificial moon with their own thoughts.
Silo dealt with her confused emotions about the tall man in the wide-brimmed hat and the
tied-down gun.

Tibbs had perused the great book -Vantine Kel Puldria earlier and pondered on how the
tavern girl known as Silo could be made from 'strange quarks' -known as Strangelets, the
book knew -damn it, he thought and itched to read more.

Nenothtu imagined... if this hard man could possibly imagine -maybe 'plotted' would
be a better word, what lay ahead and what plans should be made.

Boy In A Dress wiggled his toes and looked into the fire, he was sure he could spy sea-horses
floating in the licking flames.
But they all looked up as the Witch from around these parts known as Mucklebones ambled
through the Main Gate.

The pistol in Neno's hand tracked the mishapen Gray in the green poncho and with the
hammer cocked, the Gunman drew a bead on the scrawny creature.
Tibbs pushed his spectacles up his nose and straightened his beard, the small man also got to
his feet to see better. BIAD... for some reason, just waved.
Mucklebones actually waved back.

"Come any closer wench and I'll blow you back through the gate" Nenothtu said calmly,
anyone overhearing would thinking the tone indicated he was talikng about the weather.
The Witch of The Winds stopped and panting slightly, she waited for a possible death or
a possible invite to the warmth of the fire... she no longer cared which.

Silo placed a hand on the GunMan's shoulder and whispered "it's Mucklebones, the local
fortune-teller and soothsayer... I know of her"
The last part of the sentence implied that the handgun should be lowered and Neno-being
-Neno, left the silver-coated barrel pointing at the old Gray.
"I hear yer' whispers -girl and ah' thank yer' for me titles" the miserable figure croaked, Neno
could see that she'd taken a beating and that was enough for him to put the weapon away.
Mucklebones nodded once and shuffled towards the flames.

BIAD seemed intrigued with the strange markings on the old Gray's poncho and even once,
gasped at the drawing of a blind woman holding scales. Muckles sat down hard on a crate
dragged to the fire by Silo and after thanking her, she caught her breath while looking at
the company around her.

"So you'll be the horror called BIAD, heh?" Muckles said from the side of her mouth and
stared at the long-fringed Man/girl across the flames, It was always best to challenge first
-her mother had told her. Boy In A Dress smiled his smile and kept his head still, he was
unsure how this would pan out.

"I know that centuries from now, you become a force to be reckoned with" the hag offered
and BIAD was certain their were humour-lines around those dark eyes. A few seconds passed
and the only sound was the crackling fire and a far-off Pinor Ship swooping over the sea
towards Greditch.

"We're trying to find..." Tibbs began, but Muckles butted in with "... oh, I know what yer'
here for -old fella, that cursed Splitter" she finished and touched her swollen lip gingerly.
"That thing as been the bane of this planet since you left it here" Muckles spat and watched
the others has they looked at the Vithian.

The small man in the dark robes coughed a clear throat and held his hands up to belay any
questions and announced "I didn't leave it here... I lost it... here" his twinkling eyes behind
the glasses focused on the tired Gray in front of him.

Nenothtu pulled a cigar from his jacket pocket and even in the simple task of lighting up,
all sensed he was angry about being kept out of the loop.

Tibbs sighed and began his tale.

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 03:34 PM

"There were Giants in the Earth then..." Tibbs began "... we had arrived to see the beginning
of the U-man race and we'd been beaten to it. The one you know as The Dark Lord had been
'farming -for want of a better word -a species of bald, upright ape to civilise and to acheive
self awareness.

This awareness creates uncertainty, anxiety and sorrow, emotions that can be havested
and used as a source of power"
Mucklebones nodded and interjected "these things are true... and it'll be the downfall
of yer' ah say"
Tibbs smiled tightly and continued.

"The Giants were a race that he hadn't counted on and I believe they are a forerunner
of your species?" Tibbs asked and squinted at the old Gray taking in the warmth of the fire.

"No... they were like us, but we were around when those long-streaks of dung were
stickin' their noses into other's business all over this universe" The Crone of The Canyon
seemed to enjoy proclaiming that.
Tibbs nodded and went on.

"There was a war and The Dark Lord's empire -known as 'Black Atlantis' was forced to
leave the planet due to another war that devastated his own race. The whereabouts of this
Black Atlantis is unknown to all except The Dark Lord.
He arrived at his own planet to find it gone and after years of searching for the ones
who made his species extinct, he vowed to spew his hatred of life onto all who crossed

Boy In A Dress looked at each person around him and wondered if they had ever enjoyed
a ghost story around a campfire, he thought it prudent not to ask.

"He knows of other dimensions and other planes, his scientists work around the clock to
invent a device that will rip a hole in this reality and allow whatever is on these levels
through to wreak havoc" Tibbs said this in hushered tones and the seriousness was not
lost on any of them.

Mucklebones took up the story from that point and the stoic Nenothtu wondered if the
Vithian would correct the old bag during the yarn.
"But he found out that your race already had a machine that could do the task and he
chased yer' across the voids after it... yer' damned fool" the last words were screeched
in anger and Neno's hand slid towards the butt of his handgun, the Gray's watching eyes
showed the anger slip away at the Gunman's movement.

"Anyways... yer' hid it or lost it here and now that tentacled bastard hovers above looking
for it" she finished and grunted at lifting a bruised leg.

Tibbs looked sadly at the Witch and said softly "It's true, we did hide it here... but we
kept no records, there is no way of knowing where it resides"

The rising giggle that turned into a chortle then ascended to a cough-wracked bray
of laughter made all who had eyes -widen them in surprise as Mucklebones rocked in
mirth on the wooden crate, spittle hissed into the fire from her merriment.

"Yer' daft bugger... oh, yer' dim-witted dwarf...!" she struggled around her laughter,
"... the one who hid it made a map!" Silo, BIAD, Neno and Tibbs looked on and waited
for more on the revelation.

Muckles stifled her giggles and eyed the four across from her, she was holding sway again.
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:12 AM

~*~*~*~ Eyes in the Night ~*~*~*~

Standing flat backed against one of the many pieces of tangled junk littering the mine yard Y’lrang listened to the history of the universe being told around a blazing campfire and couldn’t help but be taken in by the irony. Beings had been telling tales so since the very first flame. But this time it was different, it was his history, his people’s history the collection of beings camped around the fire were mulling over and from what little he could hear Serendipity had once again worked her magic - he‘d been led to the ones who were tantamount in creating the outcome of history and Y’lrang would be the last to be left out.

‘What else do you hear?’ Y asked ‘Dog’ under his breath unable to look and risk exposing their hiding place.
‘The tall one has a gun but Silo? She’s there willingly.’ Lwren, Y’s sister whined under her breath. Her current form, a large dark mongrel, was unbearable, but her dedication to her people knew no bounds. She’d help her brother free their people trapped underground in the hell-mines and only after the last one was returned home to their own hearths would L’wren and her brother find a way to regain their first born form.

Stiffening Y heard a whisper of a boot on sand. L’wren tensed her nose flaring her as her ears pricked back and forth.

‘You’ll be taking a step into the firelight nice and slow like...’ The Gunman had slipped from the group as Mucklebones cackled to search for whoever was keeping to the shadows. Neno’d been aware they were being watched - the hair crawling up the back of his neck to tickle his ears into taking notice was never wrong - but he’d felt no threat coming from the night and Neno had dealt with threat enough in his time to know when it was about, or no.

‘We mean no harm, we will not hurt you.’ Y replied boldly in a low steady voice filled with command. The Gunman, for that was surely who had caught him off guard was not going to shoot him, not in the back. Y worried only for L’wren who in her zealous guarding of his person might be wounded trying to intervene for his sake. Y could show no hesitation, no fear. In her present form Lwren would sense it and react without thought.

Neno stilled to stone. The big one who’d yet to turn and face him was put together like a granite mountain. Neno admitted he would have been hard pressed to keep the beings knee from his back if they went to fists, but as large as he was he didn’t radiate the tenseness of impending attack. No, Neno stilled because the blackness pooling at his boots bristled and came to life. The creature swung wide and low moving under Neno’s gun hand readying to leap up from below from an angle sure to knock any chance misfires into the air. Neno recognized it didn’t want to hurt, only to protect, and his innate sense of justice stilled his hand from shooting the thing dead before it took it’s next breath.

As the beast readied to leap Neno did something he’d never done before. Without waiting for the stranger to face him head on, and in the moment of imminent attack from some creature of the shadows Neno saddled his gun in it’s holster and stepped back.

With an unfamiliar knot of apprehension lodged in his throat Neno rolled his chin to the stranger and stepped towards the fire and those few strides from the wreckage to the fireside were long. Neno felt stripped bare walking with his back exposed to the unknown behind him, but the sensation sent a thrill through the Vandal. It was like the steps in an ancient ritual. Trust and be trusted. It'd been so long since he’d dance the dance he’d forgotten the freedom it gave.

Neno snorted at his fancy when he’d moved close enough to the fire to feel it’s warmth seeping into his boots. The aftermath of exhilaration tingling in his fingers Neno waved the pair forward while holding his gun hand out to his rag tag group for quiet. Even the crone stopped cackling her wreckage of teeth showing in an open mouthed astonishment.

From the fireside the group watch Dog’s wide unblinking eyes, one yellow, one green emerge from the shadows. Towering above the first, the light caught and held a second set of eyes, a perfect mirror to the Dog’s, one green, one yellow.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:53 AM

~*~*~*~ The Prince ~*~*~*~

Standing slowly Silo noticed first the large sack flung over the newcomers shoulders. Her grub bag. From her bar. Second, she recognized the mongrel who’d been hanging around her place since the last load of slaves had come in off the docks.

‘What are you doing with my things?’ Silo’s asked plainly and without her normal rancor. The night had been too full of mystery and the wind too filled with anticipation to feel harm coming from the big stranger - and if The Neno trusted him with his back so would she.

‘You’ll not be wanting your things Miss Silo?’ An aged mewling voice crackled incongruously from the big humanoid who hunched his shoulders and did a little jig.

‘Gnarly?’ Silo’s eyes widened in surprise as she raced forward to throw herself in the arms of the big man who barely caught her as the sack hit the ground.

Neno bristled and BIAD chuckled watching his reaction. ‘Friendly little thing isn’t she?’ BIAD commented earning a beetle-browed look from Neno but BIAD only smiled and scrunched his nose pertly at the GunMan.

Back on the ground Silo went to her one knee and took Dog’s face between her hands looking deep. ‘I don’t know what’s going on here but I know these two.’ Silo looked back at the group.

L’wren, beside herself with relief licked Silo’s face and instantly looked ashamed. ‘Sorry about that,’ she apologized to the astonished onlookers. I knew it! Silo crowed to herself remembering when she’d tried to ‘talk’ to ‘Dog’ before. ‘Gnarly’ spoke and called her attention away from Dog who stayed under her hand with her tail cutting sharply through the air.

‘My name is Y L’rang the once Prince of the Cul’s,’ Y bowed from the hip, ‘And this is my sister L’wren.‘ The pride in the Cul’s voice rang out across the mine flats as he gestured to the mongrel who yipped in place next to Silo. ‘Please, call me Y and for my sister’s sake, I beseech you not to reveal her identity to any but those who are gathered here. We put our lives, and the lives of our people in your hands.‘ He added gravely and bowed deeper this time but his eyes remained forward as they made contact with each person surrounding the campfire.

BIAD pointed a red lacquered nail under his chin and pushed up exaggerating the motion at Neno indicating he should do the same. Neno almost snarled realizing BIAD was right, his mouth had been hanging open too. ‘Damn Cul has me acting like a fly trap!‘ Neno gave a rusty chuckle when Y laughed deeply and carried on.

‘This is a strange night of fate my friends and one crafted for strange tales.’ Y’s eyes danced from one upturned face to the other his natural ability to charm already at work. ‘But my sister and I are here to learn the rest of your tale Wise One,’ Y met Mucklebones astonished reaction at his unfettered respect giving her a warmer smile still. ‘Please, we are at your mercy, go on my Lady.’

Y sank to the ground lithe as a cat arranging his legs under him his attention wholly on the preening Mucklebones.

Neno watching the Cul from under dropping lashes felt the first tingling of old age remembering when he moved so easily, a time when his joints didn’t snap an pop reminding him they were getting old too. No humanoid should be so graceful, so, ruggedly beautiful Neno thought before catching himself and smiling behind his eyes.

BIAD looked from Neno to Y and back again sighing behind his tangled black mane. ‘Neno has finally met his match.’ BIAD found pleasure in the solitary though not really being able to pinpoint why. Something to do with not being alone in the universe BIAD dismissed before turning to watch Silo.

Silo and ‘Dog’ tugged the heavy sack to he fire and trying not to interrupt Mucklebones began passing out foaming mugs of ale, hunks of the break-knuckle bread she’d made the day before slathered with a soft sweet goat cheese and lastly carving thick slabs of meat from a mammoth joint before offering ‘Dog’ the bone.

Tibbs feeling left out took his ale, his cheese, refused the meat and with a great clearing of his throat and effort addressed the crone with civility. ‘Go on Lady’ Tibbs tried at mimicry but got a great gob of green phlegm spit precariously close to the hem of his robe for his trouble.

Mucklebones, her eyes batting round and limpid at Y turned her shoulder to Tibbs and went on with her explanation of the map oblivious to the laughter around her.

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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 08:56 AM

Gnarly sat in the sand and dust and looked over the dancing flames at the pondering
Witch, his faux-fear he had shown on their last meeting was a dim memory and the
old Gray that looked into the fire to arrange her thoughts knew it -he mused.

"So you're Carnivals, heh?" The Crone whispered and placed her snagged-nailed hands
on her bony knees "... it's been a while since I saw one of your race"
Tibbs furrowed his brow and stared at Mucklebones "you mean these two are from
the ones that were at the origin of U-man?" The small Vithian scanned the dog and the
giant sitting to his right, Y and L’wren smiled back weakly.

Tibbs knew he couldn't rush the old Gray into telling them of the map to discover The
Splitter and for some strange reason, he felt as if they were waiting for something...
or someone to arrive.

The meal was over and apart from the odd half-mug of ale making shadows in the firelight,
it seemed all had reached their fill, even BIAD partook of some bread.
Nenothtu stood up and inhaled a breath "This is all abit above my head, ah'm gonna
check the surroundings to see if we're still alone" The GunMan eyed the two newcomers
as if to say that he didn't trust anyone and no offence.

Boy In A Dress stood too and waited to see if his friend wished to be alone in his duties.
"Aye, yer' might as well tag along BIAD" Neno said without looking.
The Man/girl smiled, mock-curtsied to all at the fire and slipped into the coming darkness
with Nenothtu.

Silo had remained quiet throughout the exchange and constantly glanced over to where
Y was, as if she was still coming to terms with the revelation, Tibbs and Mucklebones -both
saw it and smiled to each other.

"Yes Mr. Tibbs, they're Carnivals... a forgotten race from another age..." Muckles said softly
"... they were there when you're friend's species set out across that blue planet" the Witch
hooked a grimy thumb towards the dark shapes in the coming-evening gloom.

Silo's smooth face looked puzzled, and yet still faced Y. Without glancing at Mucklebones, she
asked "But I thought 'Carnivals' was a word for a Fete or festival...we have one here on
Jenovah Day every year"
Muckles snorted and with sly-kind eyes, she peered at the big humanoid and his cur-sister.

The crackles of the fire and the rising sparks added a dramatic portion to Mucklebones's
moments of revelation and all waited for the story to begin, even Tibbs didn't know the
full truth.

She began.

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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:04 PM

"For the young lass's sake, ah'll talk of the Carnivals first and then ah'll move on to
yer' map -old man" Mucklebones said in a low voice. The moon was out fully now
and the dark-blue sky chased the last rays of the setting sun westwards.

Tibbs nodded and remained quiet, the tale was rare from such an ancient traveller
and the Vithian relished it to fill in some of the gaps that he hadn't discovered.
"When we got to the planet yer' know as Earth, it's true that Gnarly's ancestors..."
Muckles vaguely waved a finger at the huge being sitting with the dog "... were already

"The 'Giants' -as you call 'em or The Carnivals -as known across the universe, were livin'
underground and some of us thought that they had been meddlin' in the U-man's genetics"
The Crone smiled like a barracuda and waited for Y to interupt, but Silo's bar-friend
remained silent, but his eyes told the old Gray to tread carefully.

"You Vithian's came later, we saw yer' come in from the Beta Pictoris region and by then,
we had guessed there was a fourth onlooker... that cursed Dark Lord and his cronies" the
last words dripped with poison from the bedraggled Gray in the dark-green poncho.

"The Carnivals stayed to make sure all would go well, but after a firefight in the desert area
called New Mexico..." Muckles raised a lined-skinny hand to stop Tibbs asking the question
and explained further.
"Of course, it was just another chunk of Earth then, but we were interested in that part of the
planet... strange 'things' seem to happen there" The storyteller looked up and out into the
darkness, she sensed the Neo was close... she could feel his aura.

"... Anyway, they fled from The Light Flayers and 'injected' themselves into the U-man
species and as the centuries passed, some took on the looks and ways of 'em"

Tibbs reached for the satchel and for a second, Mucklebones wondered if the bearded
dwarf was going to grab a blanket, a cool breeze had slipped in from the ocean.
"Have you heard of the Vantine Kel Puldria, Ma'am?" Tibbs asked and his tone was a little
too haughty than he wanted it.

"Aye... 'ah've read from it, I have. But did yer' read it's sister-book?" The Witch of The
Barren Wastes scanned the time-traveller's face and saw the puzzlement behind the

Nenothtu loomed out of the night with the long-fringed Boy In A Dress and paused
for a second to see if they'd trespassed on some sensitive talk, Silo smiled at the tall
GunMan and the Man/girl and said softly " Come, sit and listen about your world"

The Vandal's face was stone as he parked himself on the wooden crate and the following
hermaphrodite sat down beside L’wren and Y.

Tibbs was ruffled by the interruption and the information that a second tome existed,
he rubbed the lenses of his glasses impatiently as everyone settled down again.
"Yer' didn't see it -dwarf?..." a low cackle lay in the old Gray's throat "... they were never
meant to be apart!" The flames of the campfire leaned eastward as the breeze danced
around the Mine area and Silo shivered slightly. Y took the sack he had used to carry the
meal in and placed it on her shoulders "thank you" Silo whispered and smiled slightly.

"We'll talk later about the Cuspar True -Vithian" the Crone said and wiped her hands
on her old garment.
Tibbs made fists with his small hands and breathed in deeply.

"So -my gun-toting Neo, this is the part that may interest you..." and Nenothtu looked
up at Mucklebones from his musings in the flames. "... you too, yer' Devil" she tossed
at the kneeling Man/girl.

Y and L'wren looked wide-eyed at BIAD as if his appearance hadn't bothered them, but
the word 'devil' did.
"Yer Carnival folks tried to keep their ways secret and some of 'em began a belief system
that yer'll might 'member" Mucklebones lifted her poncho slightly to warm her private
parts and then realised it wouldn't be proper, the hem of the cloth went back over her
scabbed knees.

" Do yer' recall the name 'Asgaya Gigagei' Neo?" she said without looking at the man
to her left and again, the breeze shook the flames.
Nenothu leaned into the firelight and said "I don't hold with yer' mystic ways, woman
and no, I ain't heard of the guy"

The Gray who had flown through the skies with the use of those 'mystic ways' seemed
to look sorrowfully at the killer beside her, Tibbs wished she would go on.

"Yer partner there... should, that was what they called him in Vandalia" Muckles hissed.
Stars twinkled above and all was still for a full thirty-seconds before the Hag went on.
"Aye, he... or she, we were never sure... 'fixed' things and could heal the sick. Yer' eyeless
chum over there -has some of that power" Mucklebones tossed the piece of rack that Neno
had been tied to earlier -onto the fire.

Boy In A Dress looked at the others with him and shrugged his shoulders, his dress-strap
slipped onto his arm, but BIAD let it stay there. "I'm sorry Missy.." the Man/girl apologised
"... I have no idea what you're talking about, I have no such powers"
Tibbs patted BIAD on the shoulder and placed the strap back "You will have soon, Mr. Devil"
he said fondly.
Muckles snorted and went on with her story.

"There were others that surfaced through the years... their ways tied in with U-Man ways
and even the name became part of yer' vocabulary. The U-mans celebrated 'em -although
they never really knew why, but it did give yer race spiritual power" Muckles looked at Y
as she spoke these words "... The Green Man was part of yer pagan ways, weren't it?"
she accused.

Tibbs sat up at the name and snapped "you mean they used the amulet known as 'The
Green Man'?" and saw the the Witch's face crease in doubt.
"Naw fella, ah' mean the Wild Man of the Woods... these dumb buggers worshipped a
Carnival that lived in the forests!" Mucklebones broke out in a ear-stinging laugh that
sounded like copper tubing being rubbed down a sheet of Trinter-glass.

"You mean the Rootak?" Y said calmly -yet menacingly and the hunched lump in the dark-
green poncho slowed her guffawing. "Aye lad, ah' mean yer Rootak" she said in a hushed
voice and fell into a musing again.

"If yer' had read the other book -Tibbs, there's a verse that always reveals the Carnival
folk... they cannot resist it" the Witch said and looked up as if to recall the words.

" I am the face" said Muckles "... that peers through the leaves" answered Y and L'wren
together, Mucklebones went on.
"I am the fear" -Muckles "... in a child' s mind" -Y/L'wren as one.
"I am the demon" - Muckles "... on the roof-boss" -Y/L'wren
"I am killed in October"- Muckles "... and laid on church altars" the brother and sister
ended and looked at each other in shock.

The group of six around the campfire waited for the seventh to explain and again, the
dramatic pause sat with them.
"Ye've been seen carved on churches and yer've been celebrated on village greens
for centuries and before that, U-mans knew of the Man/girl in red hangin' around their
tipi's in their winter-times" Muckles seemed to enjoy the revelation -as if it was a dirty

Y and L'wren looked at each other and Boy In A Dress looked out into the darkness.
It wasn't him, yet somehow... it was.
"Don't feel too bad -Devil..." Mucklebones crooned "... they used to call me Oonawieh Unggi
... in means 'the oldest wind' and emphasised the sentence with a low-sounding fart.

The screech of her laughter flew across the night, just like she had centuries before.
Neno ended the awful noise with the butt of his handgun and Mucklebones of the Canyon
slumped to the dusty ground and lay still.

"Nuff said" he growled and slipped the weapon back into it's holster.
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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 02:30 PM

~*~*~*~ Tension in the Air ~*~*~*~

The night stilled around the small group, even the fire seemed to hold it’s breath, the licks of flames glowing without making shadows dance in the dark.

L’wren stiffened watching Mucklebones slip to the sand. Silo, her eyes gone wide with hurt and disbelief locked with Nenos’ asking a million ‘why’s’ as her heart beat hard in her chest. She couldn't see Tibbs, or BIAD, but she wouldn’t take her eyes off of Neno’s. Neither would ever forget the look they exchanged. In that moment something changed between them forever.

Y'lrang barely stilled a hiss of disgust. Moving slowly but without hesitation, loosening up his muscles as he went, the Cul rose to his feet like an animal who'd sat to long and smelled trouble in the air.

‘Where we come from Vandal,’ Y’lrang spit on his palms and rubbed them together as L‘wren stepped forward to press against his thigh, ’We don’t bludgeon our females. Defenseless ones at that.’ Y’lrang took a purposeful step between Neno and the bag of bones slumped on the ground. ’Nor do we lay hands on tellers of history, especially half way through their tale.’ Y'lrang eyes reflected the moon and shown like two gray pieces of flint, deadly sharp and ready to ignite.

Bending at the hips without taking his gaze from the Gunman Y’lrang felt for a pulse on the old wretches neck and found it. Satisfied Y’lrang righted himself and crossing his arms over his chest cocked his head at Neno and waited for an answer.

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 03:26 PM

Nenothtu sighed and shook his head once, this damned cross-culture stuff was
a bird he'd never catch -he thought and looked over at the big guy called Y'lrang.

"Okay fella, I can understand yer' wanting to hear the yarn of where yer' came from
and ah' can hold with the status that some..." Neno moved his head to indicate the
prone Mucklebones -but his eyes never left the Cul "...story-tellers can hold"

The Vandalian loosened his gunbelt and in one movement, slappped the heavy
leather belt onto Boy In A Dress's lap.

"But from where I wuz' reared, we don't break wind in company... especially in front
of ladies. But... I'll oblige yer' fella" Neno stood up.
Silo nibbled her bottom lip and searched her mind for an answer and as the two males
stepped away from the campfire, Tibbs breathed through his nose in anger and also stood

"Before you barbarians set-to with your ignorant ways, may I remind you that this elderly
lady holds the answers to a lot of our questions" The Vithian stood between the two taller
men and moved his head back and forth, awaiting an answer.

Y'lrang raised his fists in the 'old-style' and Neno showed a small smile and mimicked the
bigger man "anything you say..." came with an easy drawl.

It was Boy In A Dress who shocked them all by leaning over to L’wren and saying softly
"would you be so kind...?" The Man/girl laid the gunbelt at Y'lrang's sister's feet and smiled
Then after pulling the hem of his skirt down, BIAD stepped up to the thickly-muscled man
known as Gnarly and showed his ruby-red lips in a smile.
Then it happened.

Later, Tibbs mulled over the idea that the hermaphrodite may have unknowingly altered
time because the incident seemed to only take seconds, but the looks on the faces of the
two would-be fighters would have taken a while to create such a look.

Y'lrang and Nenothtu now sat near the fire side-by-side and lost in their own thoughts.
BIAD lay near the snoring Mucklebones and stroked the old Gray's head.

Boy In A Dress's had hair stretched again and this time it seemed there was more of it.
The tresses wrapped around the Cul completely and BIAD seemed to be pulled into the
'cocoon' that enveloped Y'lrang.
A few seconds later, BIAD did exactly the same his friend the GunMan.

What was said to both men, Tibbs could only vaguely recall, the words seemed to want
to run away from his mind, and the small Vithian wondered if that was how it was supposed
to be.
BIAD spoke of truths, he spoke of destinies and he spoke of good and evil.
He spoke like a Man.

Tibbs shook his head and revealed a wry smile, the eyeless creature in the short red dress
was now playing 'animal shadows' against the crate that Muckles had sat on earlier.
Silo sat near BIAD and watched the two men ponder their thoughts in the weakening
firelight and wondered where she'd be this time -next year.

"Incoming" Boy In A Dress and Nenothtu said together and the Vandalian -gunbelt back
on his hip, rolled from the crate he'd been sitting on and was lost in the dark.
BIAD had gone to the left and to ease Silo's worried look, he revealed a glowing grin
from the night.

Y'lrang stood up along with L'wren and set themselves ready, Y's sister hadn't picked
up any invading scents and Culs were reknowned for their excellent hearing.
The handset in Tibbs's pocket peeped once and the small man with the long beard guessed
what was coming, he looked at the eldritch-green display for conformation.
"It's seems we have visitors" Tibbs said to himself and indicated to Silo to rouse the
Witch of The Canyon.

Someone was coming.

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~*~ Back on the Yydryl ~*~

Ship rolled gently from side to side lost in an exhausted stupor. Her dreams came sporadically like bubbles floating up from a deep deep sea reaching the surface of her conscience in the same moment to break free and be gone. Pictures of Ship’s crew exploded in bright burst of momentary memories. The Captains. Whisper. Her Warriors. The big green Regalian Chumley reporting he’d brought Silo13 aboard and left in Carpet’s care in the storage bay. The memories rose, flashed and were no more.

Trembling the Yydryl slept on gaining resources in miniscule increments as time crept slowly on...


Deson banished all working and mechanic droids with a stomp of his back hoof accompanied by an elaborate wringing of his equine head. The droids scuttled from the landing bay with alacrity rarely seen in droids, but these has already witnessed more than one of their kind sent to the garbage crusher under Deson’s order and none wanted to be the next. Secretly between themselves the droids wondered at the Armors behavior but wondering was all they could do, none had risen above their programming, and none would. Not yet.

Deson snorted and galloped back and forth across the enormous expanse of the bay relieving tension and building more. Nothing was going as planned NOTHING! He snorted and reared pawing the air before falling hard on his front hooves.

Racking back to his work bench the Armor checked the Yydryl’s resources and whickered softly through his front teeth. Her energy levels hadn‘t risen from the last time he’d monitored her progress and in all Deson‘s reasoning he couldn‘t figure out why. Not knowing was a first for the Armor and it had him in a biter fury. The Yydryl shouldn‘t be taking so long to recuperate but there was the proof on the monitor. She’d yet to even reach an eighth of her power.

The fact was the Yydryl was ‘dead’ in space, the worst thing that could happen to a Bio-Cruiser. Unable to maneuver was out of the question and with trouble following her like a comet trail Ship was in a dire state. A Bio-Ship would die, and quickly, without movement. Like unto a prehistoric shark of old forever in need of the sea rushing over it’s gills the Yydryl needed space flowing past her hull to live. That simple exchange of pushing through space and space giving way gave Ship her belonging, her ‘own’, her power, her way. Without it? She would die.

A thrill of apprehension traveled up Deson’s long spine leaving his tail flagging, his ears pricked. His decision made Deson broke into a trot anticipating the pain he knew would come and was rewarded by it. A bright hot burst of agony blossomed from under the crease where his foreleg folded into his chest radiating from the core of the Dark Lords implant and out through his body. The heat was intense, the Armors front left shoulder dropped but grinding his teeth Deson pushed on changing leads into a canter. Cursing the Dark Lord for the second time in his life the Centaur nearly squealed as the pain bit hard and sharp like the nasty predator it was but he overcame, tucked his chin to his chest and galloped through the colossal set of doors opening from the farthest reaches of the landing bay giving him access to Ship’s Center. There was help there Deson knew and Dark Lord or no he was going to find it.


With the remaining vital drops of life dripping feebly from the terrible gash in her throat Silo sighed her last breath and let go. In a true moment of epiphany she knew all past, all present and all future as one. The great revelation. Gathering a speed beyond light the energy force unique to Silo broke free from her physical bonds souring up and out through the ethereal free now to search for herself...and her son.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Greetings All.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Yydryl Landing Craft emerged from the 'time-shimmer' at first in tones of sepia
and then as light caught up with the event, normal colours were resumed.

Tibbs knew the surface of the vehicle would be ice-cold and warned the the startled
Silo, Y'lrang and the canine-disguised L’wren, the drowsy Mucklebones sat nursing her
head near the campfire.

Nenothtu stood over near the huge wooden wheel and though, his upgraded handgun
still sat in his holster, the Vithian knew that any unexpected moves would cause it to

The Boy In A Dress stood only feet away from the craft with hands on hips and his hair
barely stirring, presumably the spaceship held no danger to him.
The firelight flickered the Man/girl's shadow on the helm and the idiot grin reflected
off the darkened window, nothing stirred for a minute or so.

Then as the craft vented it's waste gases, the door opened and Adam poke his head out
to see where they were. TIbbs smiled sagely and the Doctor waved to say all was well.
Dag bolted past Adam and leapt at BIAD, the Man/girl showed a rare expression of
surprise at the youngster's happiness to see him and embraced the pony-tailed 'boy'

Adam showed a mock-frown and stepped down onto the ground, straightening his
uniform, he walked briskly towards the smaller Tibbs and then faltered in his gait as
he saw the the girl stood at the Vithian's side.
"Silo...? I... er, I don't understand" Adam stuttered and looked to the faces of Tibbs
and the nearing Neno for an explanation.

As Dag danced around the hermaphrodite and explained their recent antics, L’wren
and the huge Y'lrang wandered over to where they were and introduced themselves.
Dag bowed back at Y'lrang and patted his twin-sister on the head, after a quick explanation,
she apologised and smiled to the tail-wagging dog.
BIAD leaned slightly towards Dag and whispered "you've also changed since we last met"
and smiled like the cat from a Lewis Carroll book.

That's when Sslar stepped from the ship and surveyed the landscape.
"YOU?"!!" shouted Nenothtu and everyone was surprised to see the Vandalian kneel
to greet the running feline that hurled it's huge body into his outstretched arms.
The two killers fell back into the dirt with broad smiles and lavish licks.

Muckles scanned the scene and spat into the fire, the damned Neo had laid a good'un
on her for her manners and now all she wanted to do was go back to the cave in the
Chatter held court amongst the group and feeling was of an evening Gala.

Chumley squeezed himself from the doorway and that's when the strangest thing
happened in the meeting of the group.
Chumley seemed to squeak loudly, or at least make a sound not unlike a Dresden
Bunyip and without looking at anyone else, he ambled and blubbered towards the
battered crone near the fire.

Muckles sucked in a huge gulp of air and tears formed around the dark pupils as
she realised who the tentacle-flapping Regalian was.
"Gramma... is it really you?" whimpered Chumley and grabbed the skinny Gray from
where she sat and spun her around whilst delivering kisses that would rival Sslar's

Mucklebones spun with head back and cackled into the night air as she stroked the
eye-stems of her big green Grandson, the aches and pains of the day flew away with
the laughter.

Tibbs and BIAD looked on and both placed a hand over their mouths as they giggled,
but it was the small man wearing spectacles who said "... and now we're all here"
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~*~*~*~ Ethereal ~*~*~*~

Tell the alien SILO aboard Yydryl that 'forever never ends, no matter how brief, and new life doesn't replace old, it just makes you that much richer'. That ought to be all the proof you need to get started." Margot said as she backed away from him.

You remember now Silo? Margo called quietly to the new spirit tumbling headlong in flight, directionless, frantic.

‘Yes I remember. That was you?’ Silo answered still rushing on in circles.

‘Yes it was.‘ Margo replied amazed herself at how the past caught up with the now to create the future all at once.

‘And who are you? Did you know The Neno’ Silo’s energy touched the fringes of Margo’s soul, but Margo pulled away. ‘The Neno is it?’ Margot almost sneered then subdued a laugh and sobered. In Silo’s case that lug-head of hers was The Neno. Even in her case she supposed giving way to the irony.

‘Yes, I know him, but, it’s easier if I show you, it will help you understand what you have to do.’ Margo pulled her energy in a tight ball encapsulating Silo, keeping her spirit still, forcing her to focus.

‘What I have to do?’ Silo asked frantic to be released her energy was hard to hold.

‘You have to return.’ Margo sighed wondering at her own choices, ‘Silo, we’re all given the choice, only, in our case it’s a little different.’

‘Different’ Silo parroted trying to force her way through, around, under out of Margo’s hold.

‘Yes different. Now listen...‘ The only ‘real’ there ever is or was swirled through Silo’s pure conscience to focus with Margo on one memory. Silo saw Neno as she never had, like she was watching him in her mind, but she was there beside him too along with Margo. She fought to speak, Margo stilled her.

‘No, not now.’ Margo chided, ’He can’t hear you anyway, not this time, this is my memory.’

Silo focused, the room became clearer as did the words passing between them.

"Well love, we DO have 'forever' but not like you think" Margo giggled at him. "Here's the long and the short of it" she snickered like she'd made a joke. "NOTHING is 'real'. Nothing. Nothing is 'real' in the sense of 'solid'. There is no length, height, width, time, weight, none of that. There is only 'space', which contains 'fields', but NOTHING 'solid' no sounds, no colors. That's only the way people trapped in a 4 dimensional reality PERCEIVE it. It's just your senses that tell you that, it's how they make sense out of what IS real. It's the only way reality can be interpreted by your 4 dimensional mind. Everything you see, everything you feel, ALL is just an interpretation created by your mind out of the signals sent by your sensory organs. There is no matter. There is no energy. They are both different manifestations of the same 'field' in 'space', one 'field' of many - mass, energy, electromagnetism, gravity - it goes on and on, nearly forever. All of these are what you would call 'fields' which in turn are themselves simply manifestations of another 'field'. All truly IS 'one'. More properly, they are how your mind INTERPRETS that field at any given instant. Even THAT is an oversimplification to help your feeble mind grasp the concept. 'Field' isn't really accurate, but it's as close as you can understand in the short while we have."

‘So, if I ‘interpret’ I am with Neno, I will be with Neno?’ Silo got right to the point. Margo had to applaud her conviction but answered her wryly instead.

‘Yes, and your case, being a Bi-Wraith makes it all the easier. Being part Bi-Wraith helped out Neno too though the big he-stud doesn’t know it. Try to tell him he’s bi-anything and he gets a little unmanageable so I just let that part slip.’ Margo giggled knowing she was wasting energy speaking of things Silo didn’t need but she couldn’t help it.

‘So I can go back, I can go to Neno and help him?’ Silo asked stilling for the first time of her own accord.

‘You can if you can manage it, that’s up to you. No one can do it, or help you, but you Silo13.’ Margo felt bereft. How to explain to Silo it was as simple as a thought. One pure thought?

‘Listen to the rest of what I told Neno, maybe it will help.’ Margo added under her breath, ‘Not that your son ever listened any.’

"Back to your limited perceptions. You're NOT dead. You have to go back. Now pay attention. When you inject energy in the form of 'thought' into a particular 'field' here, it's instantly available EVERYWHERE. All the way across the universe, everywhere in the black. Instantly. All at once. If you can manage to harness that, to manipulate that field, you can communicate with anyone, any'where', any'time', instantaneously. Thought is not limited to light speed, or even superluminal travel speeds. Thought isn't limited in any way by time, distance, or any other 'dimensional' perception, because the 'field' moves every'where', every'when' instantaneously. In the old days, they called it 'telepathy', 'precognition', 'clairvoyance', all sorts of things, but it's all the same thing. It's just the manipulation of an omnipresent 'field'. Same for what humans used to call 'ghosts'. Have you ever wondered why all of the sentient beings humans have ever run into had a concept of 'ghosts'? It's because no one ever TRULY dies. Life is a form of energy, another type of 'field', and it can't be destroyed. No energy is ever destroyed, it would destroy the entire 'field', the entire UNIVERSE, if it were destroyed, because all is one. Without the 'fields', even 'space' doesn't exist. For that reason, it CAN'T be destroyed. Ever. It just changes it's form...

‘So all I have to do is ‘think’ it and I’ll be there?’ Silo hit the simplistic part well but Margo doubted she really understood. Then again maybe understanding too much would be more of a detriment.

‘Yes, all you have to do is...think it. Wish it.’ Margo brightened complimenting herself on using the word wish.

‘Like in the Wizard of Oz.’ Silo’s spirit shined with hope remembering the story she’d seen with CindyMars of the U-Man child who clicked her heals together from over the rainbow and went ‘home’.

Margo, nonplussed for a moment rebounded with grace remembering the tale from long long ago. Chuckling she wondered if it were really that simple. ’Actually Silo, yes. It‘s that easy.‘ Margo smiled. ‘Now, are you ready?’

Silo’s spirit shined brighter.

Margo, releasing Silo from the energy hold was dumbfounded when her Spirit didn’t tear off in a mad rush like when she‘d arrived. Instead Silo stayed close and tentatively tried to mingle a piece of her energy with Margo’s.

‘You loved him too.’ Silo’s spirit aged more the wise. Margo didn’t answer but allowed the fringe of her spirit to unite with Silo.

‘We’re all the same Silo. Mother, sister, daughter, lover. We’re still female, spirit or no, and no love is stronger than ours.’ Margo’s spirit touched Silo’s in a benediction warming a small place where her forehead would have been in a kiss. ‘Now take that and go.’ And Silo, Margo added before she lost courage, ‘Give one to Neno when you get there.’

The soft clicking of heals tapped three times through time, space, and measurements unknown to any but the Creator and simply, Silo went.

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"where are you going, Silo?" the voice said softly and the ethereal light of the girl who
sought her future fluttered in bewilderment. "Won't you tarry a while.. with me?" came
the kind voice again and Silo slowed her pace in doubt.

"I have to go... I have to..." the naked lilac-haired girl had manifested and now floated
in a sea of cumulus clouds, she searched for the origin of the voice.

"You spoke to Margot... your friend, and you still wish to press on?" the rolled tones of the
voice told of patience and fairness and Silo wished she could see the owner of such words.
Far off, a town clock chimed the hour and loneliness of the sound made Silo shiver and she
wondered why, the euphoric feeling she had enjoyed seemed to be seeping away.

The voluminous clouds seemed to darken at their bases slightly, as if heavy with rain and
children's whispers from alcoves in a Victorian hallway slipped by in Silo's mind.

"Please don't ruin things..." she whispered "... I'm going to find my son" her expression
showed a sorrow that wasn't lost on the entity who had interrupted her journey.
"I know -my dear, and I know your reasons are good ones" came the reply that felt like
a Grandfather's cooling hand on a child's fevered brow, Silo's smile returned and she turned
to be on her way.

As her spirit took on renewed hope and the glow that surrounded the girl who had been
through the terrible ordeals began to grow, the voice said softly "thank you" and that was
enough to halt Silo in her actions.

Deep thunder rolled and the skies around Silo purpled like a bruise on a Crone's skin as
her doubts rushed like fairies from a keeper's net. "you don't understand... I'm going home"
Silo chirped and for some reason saw herself looking out of a window on the 2.15 Santa
Fe-to- Albuquerque train in a dry Summer.

"You are and I commend you on your decision to assist your son in his time of need... but
-if I may be so bold... have you thought about the consequences of your actions?" the
voice now sounded like a kind Aunt that has removed the bee sting from your finger and
now has produced a warm cookie from her apron pocket. Silo was sure she could hear
swallows twittering on a telephone line somewhere.

The girl-from-the-pod frowned and moved closer to where the voice seemed to be
eminating from and her mind wandered with thoughts of stuffed Teddy bears with dog-
nibbled paws and large patched bed quilts.

Silo sat on the coarse carpet looking at the dolls's house with the dark-green curtains and
far away, she could hear sea-rain hitting lead-lined windows.
The large teddy bear with the one button-eye and the sewn-friendly mouth sat near
a metal box of tin soldiers and hushed "we're so glad you came to see us"

A small plastic record-player clicked on and a faint tune came to the child known as Silo's
pretty-pink ears, her blonde ringlets bobbed in their lilac-coloured ribbons.
The Record Turns...

"I want to go home... to my Neno" the girl in the birthday frock said with a heavy bottom
lip and tears welling on the edges of those big-blue eyes. Teddy nodded with understanding
and reached to pat the the six-year-old Silo on her shoulder "there-there" he whispered and
fell on his face with a 'umph!"

Silo's woes flapped away and as if the sun shone through those clouds that wept on a little
girl's birthday, she smiled and clapped her hands at the silly teddy bear.
The stuffed toy clambered back to his sitting postion and shrugged as if to say 'I've been a
fool all my life'

Silo showed a row of even teeth and shuffled next to her new friend.
"How can I get my Birthday wish and find my son?" she said low and behind a scrubbed-pink
hand with small nails unbitten. Teddy raised his wooly head and seemed deep in thought,
a boy's train trundled passed on it's narrow tracks with candies in it's following wagons,
Silo snatched one and tossed it into her mouth.

"What if you went back with only some of your thoughts... maybe a few that wouldn't hurt
your friend?" Teddy offered, his tone was unsure -but it sounded like his heart was in the
right place.
"Oh no..." Silo corrected with all seriousness and noticed the grinning green cat in the
faded picture above the fireplace, the painting seemed very old.

"No... he's my son and I have to help him" she finished.
Teddy nodded wisely and leaning his huge moth-eaten head near the little girl's he
said "if I was you, I would accept the deal and be on your way" another nod showed an
The sudden cheers and whoops in the next room told of a revealed cake and spluttering
candles, six years... how time flys -Silo thought.

"Very well..." came an indignant tone from the spoiled child in the pink dress "... I suppose
that would do" and showed her frilly knickers as she got to her feet.

The Teddy Bear stood too and surveyed the room full of toys dramatically, "You get to see
your son..." Teddy assured and placed his paws-that-had-seen-better-days into Silo's small
palms "'ll get to help in his quests..." the shiny button-eye held Silo's gaze "... and you'll
be back among your friends again"

Silo nodded throughout Teddy's words and for the first time, she realised what grown-ups
had to go through to get their way.
"Not a bad deal -for a few lost memories, huh?" Teddy said with an upbeat tone and the
six-year old smiled the smile that only they can.

The room faded and the girl-from-the-Tavern convulsed, her body flew passed the oncoming
Chumley and landed in a heap near two large wooden spools with rusting cable wrapped
around them.

Teddy smiled back into the room and thought of John Milton's 'Paradise Lost' The Toy Box in
the corner had a name burned onto it's side and that name we know well.

"Her rash hand in evil hour Forth reaching to the fruit, she plucked, she eat:
Earth felt the wound, and Nature from her seat, Sighing through all her works, gave signs of
woe That all was lost" Teddy muttered and walked towards the bedroom door.

The music changed with a ear-jarring screech.
Teddy's Tune...

'There will be cake..." the cloth-carnivore chuckled "... oh yes, there will be cake"
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"Silo...?" Chumley touched the girl's chin with his flipper-tentacle with a tenderness
that was rare in such a huge creature, the Regalian's face was almost transparent with

The Tavern girl had landed on her side and the squatting Y'lrang lifted her easily and
carefully and carried her towards the campfire. Adam had raced back into the craft and
grabbed the First Aid kit and now scuttled along side the long-striding Cul, he doubted
the larger man's action of moving her as wise.

Nenothtu, BIAD, Tibbs and Dag followed on in silence, concern was on all their faces.
Sslar looked on from the Mine entrance, she had already checked for scents that might
indicate danger, her eyes twinkled in the late-night darkness.

Silo's eyes fluttered and then opened, Y'lrang was focused on taking a gentle journey
to the flickering light, but Adam saw her come to.
"Lay still Silo, we're here to help" he said gently and stroked the girl's hair, it seemed
some foilage was trapped in the tresses.

Then he saw that this was the real Silo13 and a gasp hissed from his lips. The Vithian
known as Tibbs had been consulting his handset and snapped his head up to look at
the dangling legs of the girl in the giant Cul's arms "she's back" he said to himself.
"Is Neno here?" Silo asked and squirmed slightly "I need to be put down" she asked
with a tone.

Y'lrang stopped and peered down at the lilac-haired lass, the eyes called for him to dive
into those pools and be lost forever. The Cul stopped and let Silo down onto her feet,
a well-muscled arm was ready for any unsteadiness.

Chumley had dogged the group and beamed like a Pulsar at Silo standing and scanning
the people around her, Tibbs prepared himself for the revelation as Chumley rushed

"Silo okay!" the big green Regalian stammered and his eye stalks waved like daffodils
in a spring breeze, the urge to crush her in his tentacles was overwhelming. Silo smiled
at him and nodded to say she understood his happiness.

Adam used an apparatus that looked like a radio with a tiny trumpet attached to it's top
and waved it up and down the girl's body, the smile reached his eyes as he saw that Silo
was unharmed from the fall. "I can say that she's in fine-working order" he announced.
Boy In A Dress smiled also, but felt that he would wait until the others had done their

Nenothtu stepped up to the smaller girl and showed a stone-face from under his dark
wide-brimmed hat. "Howdy" he murmered.
"I spoke to Margot, Neno..." Silo whispered "... I saw her and she helped me understand"
neothtu's eyes were hooded and he waited for her to speak of him as a son, he wasn't sure
he wanted to hear it.

"I know who you are now... and I know what you have to do, we're all counting on you" the
eyes that sparkled in the firelight showed an honesty and a pride that wasn't lost on the tall
"There are some things, I can't remember... I know somehow that we're related and I know
that we're supposed to go forward together" the girl touched the grizzled cheek of the
Gunman "... and I know that you will save it all" she finished.

"All?" the word slipped from Neno's lips and the tone was of doubt "I'm just a guy who's
tryin' to get home" he said in a mumble.

Silo nodded and then turned to the hunched old Gray that watched from the firelight and
though she was still speaking to Nenothtu, her eyes were on the Witch.
"The next few days will reveal whether the universe is lost or we save our homes and our
loved ones... Nenothtu is our 'sword' for the battle"

Chumley inflated his chest and gulped back his tears in pride, Dag pulled the small piece
of cloth from her pony-tail and shook her hair to reveal her true self.
Adam's nostrils -and the soreness had gone, flared and set a firm jaw.
Y'lrang and L’wren looked at each other and nodded to indicate they had picked the right
people for the task of finding their race.
Tibbs licked his lips and using his finger, he called Mucklebones to follow him to the large satchel.
Boy In A Dress and Sslar stepped up and stood behind Nenothtu, here they would stand and
the Devil can take whoever get's in their way.

Nenothtu... the Vandal who would conquer the Dark Lord, allow the cosmos to go on and
hopefully hand out some good beatings on the way, pulled a cigar from his shirt pocket
and after fishing a smoldering stick from the fire, nursing the tobacco into a glowing ember
and then re-setting his hat, showed that famous lop-sided grin
"Lock and load..." he muttered and stepped towards the Mine shaft with his entourage
"... yer' gotta lot to answer for, Margot"
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~*~*~*~ History of the Culs ~*~*~

Y’Lrang and L’wren dropped back to fall in step with Silo who’d lagged behind at the tail end of the group. The others continued to worry over her and she’d quickly reached her limit of being the center of attention and desperately needed a calm respite from their probing eyes and good willed interrogations.

Y’Lrang was different. His eyes asked a hundred question but he kept them to himself and didn‘t press. Easily Silo was drawn to him and ‘Dog’, his sister. Of them all L'wren understood by just being there, and being who she was - or wasn’t. Silo walked with the ‘Dog’ just under her hand the rough springy fur reminding her of someone else who once gave her comfort, but as soon as the memory came it slipped by. Tears pricked at her eyes and Silo rubbed at the jagged scar at the base of her neck. The puckered pink flesh itched and pulled. Had the scar been there yesterday? She didn’t remember. Y’lrang noticed her discomfort and wanted to help but wasn’t sure how.

‘Silo...’ Y’Lrang caught at her hand and held it tight his palm rounding around hers felt foreign, but comforting. The terrain was growing darker and more rugged silt and sand swallowing up their feet making it hard to walk. Silo wordlessly thanked the Cul for sharing his strength.

Yes?’ She turned her troubled eyes up to Y not bothering to hide her emotions.

‘Can I help?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know...’ She held back a sigh and continued, ‘I remember you Gnarly and now you’re Y'lrang. I remember the Dog and she‘s really your sister. And me? I remember me and now I‘m. I‘m not quite sure. It’s confusing isn't’ it?’ Her natural optimism surfaced and she gave her companion a bright smile. ‘What can you tell me of you two?’ Silo didn‘t hesitate to include L'wren. ‘Tell me as we walk, please. Maybe it will help me remember, to understand me.’ L'wren gave a shudder under her hand and Silo stroked the ‘Dog’s’ fur reassuring the young female in trapped in canine form.

‘We also feel of two worlds.’ Y’Lrang motioned to Dog slowing his steps to match Silo‘s and to give a small distance between them and the group led by Neno continued to forge ahead. His voice rich and melodious set the tone of history remembered and history in the making.

‘Our near ancestors were, are, the ‘Carnivals’ BIAD and Tibbs spoke of. ‘As a tribe we lived underground and our history is one of submissive servitude to the Dark Lord.’ A flash of pain sliced across the Princes eyes, ‘Then, for whatever reason our people began to grow. Began to change. Small-statured people built for underground work in tight conditions began to produce children who more often than not killed their mothers at birth. Babies in number and size far greater than ever recorded in the history of the Carn’s. My sister, born a season before me nearly killed my mother. A year later? I did.’ Y’Lrang closed his eyes but continued walking knowing Silo would think his unease was over the tale he told when in truth? The deeper they traveled into the mines the more uneasy the Price became. Cul’s had in innate loathing of anything underground but that’s where his people were and that’s where he would go. Trying to hide his discomfort he continued.

‘The babies? They named us ‘Culs’. My father, the king, was inappropriately proud of ‘us’ considering the deaths of the females of our people. My sister? She’s of the mind our father was in league with the Dark Lord to create a giant race who could be of more use to that...creature.’ Rage boiled just under the surface of Y'lrang’s skin, Silo felt it and squeezed his hand gently.

‘My father,’ he said the title sourly, ‘raised hundreds of us on the surface of our planet in ready made compounds that were waiting for us.’ Y’Lrang shook his head. Silo’s eyes cringed as fleeting pictures of her own childhood compound flashed and were gone and she didn’t fight it. Now was the time to listen not to remember.

‘The King began to introduce foreign women into the clans of the Carnivals, not just to replace the women who’d died, but, as I’m sure you can guess these females were much larger than our native females. Once they arrived he made a verdict banning native women from breeding. He told his people he was doing it to ‘protect’ them.’ Y‘lrang snarled. ‘Then he took a new wife from among these women and...’ Pain gripped his jaw the muscles popping at the corners. There was more to this story of his father’s new wife, Silo thought and was about to ask when L’wren gave a soft whine.

‘You’re right sister I‘m making the story too long...’ Y’lrang passed his hand over his face and sighed.

‘We were created to be a workforce for the Dark Lord who‘s own people had been decimated as you heard related by Tibbs and the old witch. In the end? After years of growing, learning and being tended like animals? We revolted. It was I and my sister who led the revolt.’ There was no pride in his voice only a tired only regret. ’We were young and sure and imminently unprepared, but, we refused to take the Dark Lord’s oath, which also meant refusing to take his ‘pearl’. The Cul shuddered again. Silo didn’t have to ask, he explained in a rush.

‘The Dark Lord is known for controlling his minions by means of a small ‘pearl’, the ‘pearl of his desire’ as he calls it.‘ Y’Lrang snorted in disgust. ‘Once you’ve taken the Dark Lord’s oath, reluctantly or willingly, he places this ‘pearl’ into your body. It’s an implant. No one is quite sure what it is exactly, but, what it can do? It can control completely. Give the greatest pain or the greatest pleasure. Try to remove it? You die. Simple.’ Y‘Lrang‘s voice dropped. ‘So, we refused the oath and to a one the Cul’s rebelled, under my command.‘ Silo tripped on a rock hidden under the silt but Y was quick to pull her to her feet.

“Then what happened Y, please tell me.’ Silo berated herself for asking but had to know. There was something important here, information they all needed.

‘The Dark Lord? He killed or took all the Culs, all but L‘wren and I as we managed to...escape.’ Y’s tone brooked no questions on this part of his story. ’The others? The ‘Carnival‘s? He took them too. All of them. Even our father and his wife.’ Y sneered and untangled his fingers from hers to run both palms over his face.

‘What did he do with them? Kill them?‘ Silo let her eyes follow the ever changing terrain in order to allow Y’Lrang his privacy. His pain was showing in naked relief across his features.

‘He didn’t kill them no. I would have been better if he had.’ Y sighed and stopped in his tracks. ’Instead he brought them all here.’ Y'lrang indicated the mines.

‘Here?’ Silo shuddered. The place was evil.

‘Yes here. My people, our father, his... They’re all here, in the mines.’ Y cut the word ‘wife’ from the list as if he could cut her out of his life the same.

‘And you’re here to free them.’ Silo stated more than asked.

‘Yes, we’re here to free them.’ He replied with intent.

‘Then what’s what we’ll do Y,’ Silo moved and stood before him taking both his hands in hers and looked up earnestly into his eyes. ’Cul, if your people are here have no doubt, we will free them.’

Y’Lrang’s heart clenched. He remembered not long ago when another female looked at him so, pledging the impossible. But there was no vice in Silo, no twisted whiles. Y’Lrang found himself almost wanting to believe her.

‘And how little Silo,’ Y swung her around and hand in hand they continued following the others. ’How do you know we’ll free them? How are you so sure?’ Against his will Y’s gut gripped in hope.

‘Because of him.’ Silo pointed forward at Neno who led them deeper into the mines his stride sure, his shoulders squared and ready.

‘Him?‘ Y’Lrang chuckled thinking how close the Gunman had come to getting his face rearranged by Y‘s fists.

“Yes, him.‘ Silo stated simply and smiled up at Y her eyes radiating trust and promise.

Y’Lrang glanced back at Neno who was looking over his shoulder at his group like a hen counting chicks.

Y burst out laughing and pulled Silo close in a quick hug. “Whatever you say my lady.’ He shook his head and reached down and scruffed ‘Dog’ ears.

L’wren walking at their side felt a stab of envy watching the easy flowing manner between her brother and Silo but feeling the justness in their pairing. She hoped her brother would take comfort and joy where he could because somewhere ahead danger waited. Their people lived and died in chains. Their Father was held against his will. Their father’s wife and the Dark Lord? L’Wren hesitated. When it came to her brother? L’wren wasn’t sure of the last two which was the most dangerous of all.

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~*~*~*~ Deson’s Demise ~*~*~*~

Back on the YYdryl

Running headlong through Ship’s Center Deson plunged on allowing himself a moment of joy. The joy of motion. Heart pounding with the rhythmic pull of muscle against skin, his sides frothed with white, his blood boiling the Kaylenian sucked in great droughts of air to feed his hungry muscles as they cried out for more and more. The Armor made a mental note to take time to use the fields and enormous expanse of Ship’s Center more often.

Sliding to a stop, nose dilated, his muscles quivering Deson shook himself sending foamy flecks of sweat flying. Walking on the Armor reached the area where CindyMars told him she’d seen the Light-Beings. Pacing the clearing he called out time and again growing more frustrated with each plea. No voice met his own or answered his call. Figment of CindyMar's imagination or real the Light-Beings hadn’t or wouldn’t shown themselves. Not ready to give up his search for help Deson remembered Silo had heard voices near the water banks of the great lake. Deson gave a snort and wheeled to continue south. Maybe he’d find help for Ship there.

Rounding a steep incline Deson’s mind faltered unable to believe what was right before his eyes. A great cathedral of sorts lay in ruins tucked behind the hill. Ruins? Here in the Center? Curiosity pulled him deeper into the cavernous opening of the overgrown building. His apprehension increased but he could not more turn back than he could make sense of what he was seeing.

Prancing nervously up the center isle Deson’s hand went to his sidearm but came up empty. He’d purposefully left his weapon behind in order to portray a peaceful mien to the Light-Beings and the oily shiver crawling up his spine told him it had been a mistake. Continuing forward Deson felt the shadows behind him swallowing up the trail blocking escape. Breaking into a stilted trot Deson made it up the first flight of shallow stairs his hooves slipping on the moss but finding purchase on the rough stone below. The second tier strewn with blossoms and creeping vines made an arboretum out of the cathedral’s ante-chamber nature had turned into a flowery tomb.

The first scratch of approaching feet pattering on the stone set Deson's heart to pounding his fight or flight instincts exploding into life. Taking the wall separating the second tier from the third in a single leap Deson's heart soared as he cleared the barrier with room left over. A doorway to the right of the alter promised an exit the rays of light beaming through unfettered.

Unwilling to look behind and face his pursuers Deson careened forward his hooves ringing out like bells against the partially cleared floor. Something had made it’s way past here, and recently his mind registered noticing broken flowers and petals ripped from stems that were not yet ready to give up their buds.

The side door streaming light and hope lay only paces away Deson collected his hindquarters under him and made ready to burst through into the light when it happened. The pain from the Dark Lord’s implant seized his muscles just as the floor fell out from under him. Vines gave way, lilies and violets fell with him as he pitched down into empty space.

Landing hard the muffled snap of his hind leg told the new source of pain exploding behind his eyes. The Dark Lord’s ‘pearl’ burned hot making his arm weak, the pain greater than that from his broken leg. But he was not done in yet. Fingers curled into claws Deson gouged chunks of dirt from the smooth rounded walls as he pulled himself up getting his forelegs under him. Wringing his head in a wide arc he was surprised to see the earthen pit wasn’t deep, it hadn’t been carved out for a being of his height. He could escape!

With weight bearing on his good hind leg Deson used his hands and hooves to grasp at vines draping over the lip of the pit and with a momentous lurch the Kaylenian made it over the top. Sides heaving the pain in his leg a searing reminder of the crippling damage done by the fall Deson paused long enough to take a breath before moving on.

It was one breath too many.

A large rock creased the side of Deson’s head taking the sight on his left leaving his eye hanging limply from its socket. The next stone larger still caught him right between the eyes, the weakest spot of all Kaylenian‘s. Like being felled by a cannon Deson’s head snapped back, his broken leg gave out from under him and he toppled again into the pit blood and gore blinding his one good eye.

Stones rained down bruising his shoulders, pounding his head, crippling him to his knees. The silence of the attack was terrifying and long before Deson was ready to give up his life his great heart burst in his chest. Ironically his last thought was of the missing Captains and crew of the Yydryl their dead eyes passing through his conscience before his awareness went black snuffed out by a final stone thrown with such force it embedded itself in the crown of his skull.

They waited until the glowing red light buried at the apex of Deson’s chest and arm flickered out then they were on him instantly the eerie silence broken by snarling savagery, the snap of teeth and knives, the hiss of air escaping the Armors slashed belly expunging ropey coils of intestine, the keening moan as his attackers buried their faces in the Keylenian’s guts and quivering muscles.

They were hungry.


The Yydryl shuddered in her sleep a nightmare nipping at the edges of her conscience. She dreamt of death. Of sangue.

Revolted by the warm salty liquid flowing into her Center Ship was unable to escape as blood soaked into her core - a revolting thick red syrup of it.

Exhausted, in need and awash with the life giving fluid Ship gave in, drank deep, and slept again.

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~*~*~*~ Carpet ~*~*~*~

‘Carpet! What are you doing here?’ She laughed incredulously hardly able to believe her senses.

‘I’m dead. Separated from my core. No good. Washed up. Usssedddd...’ Carpet wailed dramatically.

‘And I see none of the above has done anything to improve your acting abilities,‘ she stung, ’and by the way before we go on? You’re none of those things Matt, you’re only, well, diminished. A bit.’

‘Don’t call me Matt Margeeee,’ Carpet crooned, ‘and I’ll have you know I’m more than ‘diminished’ I’ve been demoted to even less than diminished. Only moments ago I was smaller than a snot rag and stuffed in Dag’s pocket where once I was tied about her glorious hair! Just before I died that is.’ Carpet dropped it deadpan but it didn’t fly.

‘Carpet, you’re not dead. You know it, I know it, you’re only in-between. And your attitude sucks.’

“Sucks? Nice word for an ethereal agent there Marge.’ Carpet sneered actually feeling more himself.

‘Push it little Milli-Matt and I can arrange for a more permanent stay here...’ Margo snarled.

‘Nooo, don’t go to any trouble on my account and a thousand pardons to you dear Margo, it’s just you’ve caught me in a frump.’

“Well do your frumping somewhere else.’ She’d just about had enough and was going to tell him so when the thought struck her. ‘How did you get here anyway? I've never met a Milli-Being here before?’

‘I traced Silo here.’ He said simply.

‘But Silo isn’t here, why did you stay?’ Margo more perplexed as the conversation continued wondered if she’d ever get the hang of the afterlife.

‘I wanted to talk to you.’ Carpet added shyly.

‘Don't be coy you over-glorified dust-bunny, wha’da ya want?’

‘I’m just wondering what you’re going to do?’ No hint or inflection in his voice led Margo to believe he really knew anything, no, he was just guessing. She hoped.

‘Me? Why, I’m going to stay right where I am and go about my business helping lost souls.’ She sniffed dismissively.

‘But you have a choice.’ Carpet needled.

‘Are you about ready to go now? Your time here has about run out!’ Margo hissed. He did know something!

‘Yes, I’m ready, Margeeee.’ Carpet chuckled.

‘Get OUT!’ She bellowed.

‘I’m just a click of my heels away from home right?’ Carpet taunted and his laughter echoed through the netherworld even as he faded back into where he’d come from.

Margo let her thoughts fly to Neno watching in horror as he walked deeper and deeper into the hell-mines. He was going to force her hand that’s what that good-for-nothing was going to do! She knew it! She just KNEW it!

Well, if that was the way of things she’d have to give the situation some serious consideration, but, if she ever did go back? First thing she’d do after punching Neno square in the nose? She’d tell Silo Carpet thought Dag’s hair was glorious. Watch him talk his way out of that one!

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The darkness fled as the troop of misfits made their way by torchlight through the
labyrinth of man-made tunnels and it seemed time fled also.

Nenothtu held the burning torch high and though, his night-sight assisted him to see
any stalactite-like rocks that threatened to tear a head open, the feeling of bringing
light to the blackness filled him with a strange strength.

Tibbs followed the Gunman and occasionally sought comfort in his familiar handset, he
could see from the green-glowing screen that they were travelling North and downwards.
Mucklebones shuffled beside the man with the beard and ignored his leanings for

Y'lrang and Silo came next, hands held, but in single file with L’wren padding softly beside
her brother. The large shape of Chumley could be seen struggling with the narrower parts
of the tunnels, but the Regalian didn't make complain, he kept the pace with those in front.

Adam and Dag came next with Sslar and Boy In A Dress bringing up the rear, the last two
strange creatures regulary checked their backs and scanned for anyone following.

They were alone in the bowels of the Mine.
At some point, the Mine stopped and a natural series of caverns began, Neno glanced back
at the followers, but said nothing.

The only sounds were their footfalls and the steady drip of water that slipped in from
above, the eerie feeling of being deep underground tapped at Silo's mind at times and
drew an occasional squeeze of the Cul's strong hand.

"There's something up ahead..." the Vithian said softly to Neno and placed his device
back into his pocket "... it's giving off heat" he added. The tall Vandal that had wrestled
Death to the ground and found danger at every turn of his highway showed a row of teeth
into the darkness and hissed "... is it alive?"
Tibbs looked over his dusty spectacles and answered " unknown at this time..." the
smaller man felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment and snipped "It's big"

The creak of leather as Neno's pistol left it's holster told his entourage to get ready for
anything and BIAD, Sslar and Y'lrang stepped up to beside the man with the flames.
Mucklebones the Witch placed a skinny claw-like hand on Nenothtu's elbow and looked
up at the tall man. "You take it steady, Mister..." the words were rasped from the wrinkled
lips "... yer' betcha it sees yer' warmth" The hand fell away and the Vandal saw a worried
old female and wondered if somewhere deep inside, she carried U-man feelings.

"Wait" hissed Adam and reached behind him, a small buzzing came and Dag -plus BIAD
could see a compartment on his belt open.
"It may not be much, but this Fire-uniform may stop your body heat from being exposed"
Adam said as he rummaged a silver-like garment from the belt.

Nenothtu sighed and was about to decline the offer with his dry-way of 'thanks-but-no-
thanks' when the crone in the dark-green poncho nodded at no one and whispered
"Aye... that'll give him an edge"
A Vandal always looked for an edge.

Shortly, Nenothtu stood up from his dressing and eyed the group for their opinion, he
particularly scrutinised Y'lrang's eyes for mockery. The Cul showed only a worried stare and
the resemblance of concern showed in his sister's torch-reflecting eyes.
Chumley muttered "it suits you" and fell back into embarrassed silence, everyone waited
for the next move.

Tibbs attempted to brush out any creases in the tin-foil-like material, but Neno slapped his
hands away and showed a frown. The silver suit began to meld to the Gunman's body and
Neno lifted his chin as it tightened.
"I feel like a TV dinner" he muttered and with the exception of BIAD, drew blank looks all

Replacing his holster and handing the torch to Y'lrang, he set off into the darkness, Boy In
A Dress stepped forward to follow him, but Tibbs placed his hands up to halt the

"No Mr Devil, this one -he does alone" the Vithian said softly and showed kind eyes to
BIAD, the large green cat seemed to understand and dropping her haunches, she waited
by the Man/girl.

Dag came and placed a cool hand on the wig-toting BIAD's shoulder "don't worry...
I'm sure he'll be okay" she said and glanced over at Adam for affirmation.

The Doctor remained stoic and turned his attention to Mucklebones. "What is it that
he's going to meet?" he said into the heavily lined and weary face of the Gray.
The old Hag smiled up at the fresh-faced Adam and announced in cold tones
" Pachua The Great Orm... it's the last of it's kind"

Adam turned his head and looked into the blackness where Nenothtu had strode "you
mean... Dragon" he said to himself.
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~*~*~* Cowards *~*~*~

"No Mr Devil, this one-he does alone" the Vithian said softly

‘ARE YOU ALL INSANE?’ Silo screamed, ’Or just a bunch of yellow-bellied cowards?’ Silo flung her arm at the hole in the side of the cave where Neno had just disappeared going after the dragon - alone.

Rushing to Tibbs Silo pulled up behind the Vithian and had her knife to his throat before anyone saw her move or could stop her.

‘I don’t care who, or what you are little man,’ Silo an arm wrapped around his head pulled the robed being back on his heals opening his throat to her blade, ‘I repeat, I do not care who or what you are but if you think I’m going to let Neno go alone, you’re wrong!’ Tibb’s rocked by fear gave a pitiful moan as the blade began to carve a clean path just below his beard line.

Y’Lrang reached her before her knife traveled a centimeter. With hand outstretched fingers spread wide his eyes urgent and imploring he stayed Silo’s hand. Adam and Dag riveted in place looked to BIAD and Chumley waiting for them to do something, anything but Silo had eyes only for Y’Lrang and his sister that had moved to his side. The great Xang cat licked it’s lips anticipating a feast a feral smile spread across it‘s face.

‘Silo...please.’ Y’Lrang begged his heart in his throat for her not the ugly little troll he hadn’t liked or trusted from the beginning. It was blood on her hands he wished to avoid.

‘Now you’ve a choice little man,’ Silo continued speaking into Tibb's ear her eyes flashing to Y and his sister on to BIAD and the rest, ‘your choice is to go with the Sslar and me to help The Neno - or to die where you stand.’ Her breathing came raw and heavy her breasts heaving with desperate sobs trapped in a too small chest.

‘But. I...can’t’ Tibbs sputtered feeling thin stream of warm run down his throat to snake under the lip of his robe.

‘Wrong answer!’ Silo grunted, flipped her knife in the air caught it again and brought the hilt down hard just above Tibb’s temple. Releasing him Tibs hit the ground hard and in the same move Silo flipped her knife once more catching it deftly point forward, edge up and ready to bite.

‘I’m going after Neno and leaving this promise behind me,‘ Furious Silo let her gaze travel slowly touching on every member of the group, ‘You choose not to follow and help The Neno? Leave now and forfeit sleep from this day on. I cut out the hearts of cowards while they dream of soft pillows and ale.’

Not waiting for a reply Silo turned and with Sslar fast on her heels dashed after Neno the others already forgotten.

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Nenothtu heard, behind him where he'd left the others, a vague sort of ruckus. It was faint, and he wondered whether or not to go back and check on them, then decided that there was likely enough muscle and raw meanness there to handle any eventuality without pulling himself off of his current mission, and so he forged on foreward.

Shortly after that, he heard the pattering of feet on the tunnel floor coming from behind. One set, running. "Damn!" he muttered. Even in subterranean tunnels, with only two directions of approach, he could find himself surrounded. "Fact of my life, I reckon" he muttered again, to no one in particular and the aether in general. Sighing, he spun to meet the threat, pulling out the bowie knife he'd acquired in Tombstone to minimize the noise of the encounter, in an effort to not alert what lay ahead as he dealt with what came from behind with the noise of gunfire.

As the running footfalls approached he gathered himself for the attack, and then, suddenly bursting around a curve in the tunnel was.... Silo! Relieved and annoyed at the same time, nenothtu re-sheathed the big knife as Silo caught her breath in the flickering torchlight. "Silo!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

Between gasping for breaths, Silo raggedly responded "I'm not about to let you face that danger alone, no matter WHAT those cowards back there do or don't!" and she bent forward, gulping for more air, as she caught her breath back.

"Well, ya got fire, I'll hand ya that. The thing is, Silo, that's what I DO - face danger, generally alone. I've had more men die under my command than you can shake a stick at, and every single one of them comes back at night to taunt me about it on bad nights. It's made me a bit shy about dragging other folks into the beaten zone. I do my best work on my own, without having to look out for anyone but me. You'd best go on back and hang out with the others until I'm done. I'll be along directly. Oh - and they're not 'cowards', not by a long shot. Not even Tibbs. They just realize the facts of some of the crazy things I preach, like 'discretion being the better part of valor', and that sort of thing."

Silo bridled at the thought, taking umbrage, and appearing to take it as an insult. "I can handle myself well enough, thank you! The reason I came is to make sure you don't GET 'done', if you get my drift!"

Bemused, but ginger, neno backed off of that tack just a bit. "No, no, that's not what I meant, Silo. Didn't mean to imply that you can't carry yer own water - I just didn't want to have to watch out where I flung deadly stuff, considering what might be ahead. That's all."

"I'm not going back" Silo pouted out.

neno reached for a different tactic. It just wouldn't do to allow Silo to throw herself in the way of danger - if she got killed, he might never be. Nenothtu just wasn't positive how that worked, but he was sure he didn't want Silo to be endangered. "Well, Silo, another thing is that we read a heat signature ahead. A LOT of heat. That's why I've got this handy-dandy fire suit on, which I note you don't have one of. I'm protected from it - you won't be. It'll be safer for you back with the others until I put the fire out. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - 'he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day' "

Silo clenched her jaw, and through gritted teeth said "I'M - NOT - GOING - BACK! I'm not about to let you face whatever is there alone. Mucklebones mentioned a 'dragon' or something like that. I'm NOT leaving you to fend for yourself against a DRAGON! I don't see YOU 'running away'! " She set her jaw and poked out her lower lip, making it known that the subject was not up for debate.

Neno sighed. This was going nowhere, and although he couldn't see the sun to be sure, daylight was probably burning. "I'm not running away because I'm not all that bright, Silo. You're a hard-headed and stubborn one. Probably genetic, I reckon." Silo looked puzzled at that last comment, but said nothing. She just stood there glaring and huffing, making it a war of wills. "Alright" he said at length. "Come on along, but if anything starts throwing fireballs, you make sure to get BEHIND me and this fancy fire suit I've got on, OK? Probably easier to watch my back from behind me, anyhow, don't ya think?"

Silo merely nodded, and they moved onward.


A couple of hundred yards deeper into the mines, nenothtu heard a commotion ahead. He held up his hand to caution Silo, and motioned her to get behind him, just in case. Creeping ahead, they caught a strange sight, an unlikely scene unfolding in the middle of nowhere in a mine, nothing visible in either direction but the tableaux ahead. There, in the gloom, a large, fairly well dressed man was beating a smaller, raggedly dressed and badly malnourished man, who appeared to be balking at continuing along - balking to the point of preferring a beating to what was ahead.

Creeping forward, nenothtu finally spoke, startling them both. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" The better fed man snapped his head around, then continued the beating, and between grunts said "What's it look like? I'm beating this slave! He doesn't want to feed the Orm, he don't, and it's his turn to, seeing as how he's been misbehaving. You only get one chance in here, and his is over."

Neno stepped forward and grabbed the man's arm in mid swing. "Well, you can stop that beating now. Yer making me tired just watching."

The man snapped his head around and glared at neno. "And who might you be to interfere in my business?"

"I'm your doom if you don't ease up on that poor fella, that's who I am".

"Orm's gotta be fed, and this 'poor fella' is his next meal. Might be best if you leave me be to do me job, mister" the man spat out.

Finally realizing what 'feeding the Orm' entailed, and why the slave was balking so hard against it, even nenothtu was appalled at the callous disregard this 'guard' was showing the unlucky dinner. The knife flashed out again as the guard started beating the slave once again, and came to rest against the guard's throat. "I don't believe you heard me correctly. I said STOP, and that's what I meant."

The guard looked incredulous for a second, then grinned. "You'd not kill me over a slave you wouldn't. Who do you think yer bluffing?"

That was the last thing he ever said. The rest was drowned out in a gurgling, hoarse coughing noise as he bled out, flopping, on the floor of the tunnel.

"Yeah, I reckon I would. Your mistake." neno replied conversationally as he wiped the blade off on the leg of his shiny suit.

Silo blanched slightly. "That was kind of sudden, wasn't it?" she said.

"Yup" neno replied. "He had all the warning he was getting when the knife was to his throat. Man can't take a hint like that, he's too dumb to live anyhow. I dunno how he made it this far in life, to be honest." Then, addressing the slave, nenothtu said "I can't stand to see a man misusing those under his power. You've got a new lease, and what you decide to do with that is on you. Personally, I'd be getting the hell out of here if I was you, but you do as you will. You go back thataway a ways, and you'll find a knot of waiting folks to help you out and point the direction for ya. I've done all I can for you at the moment. Got a mission, ya know." and with that he hoisted the lifeless form of the former guard onto his shoulder, and started down the tunnel again, calling back over his shoulder to Silo saying "Come on if yer coming. I reckon we've got a dragon to feed or something" as he strode away with his grisly burden.

It was only then that neno noticed the presence of Sslar as well. "You walk too quiet, and hide too good. Not good to be popping out like that around a man my age. Might cause a heart attack or something." He affectionately scratched the big Xang Cat behind an ear as they walked along, and was startled to hear a clear voice that said "I know - I know you're full of crap, I do!" Without looking back, he said "Silo, what did you just say to ME?"

Silo, startled and confused, said "What? I didn't say anything at all!"

The Xang Cat just grinned that inscrutable, toothsome grin of hers, and said nothing.

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~*~ Killing Machine ~*~

‘Sooo, what you're telling me is you didn’t know your cat could talk?’ Silo snickered from behind Neno. The tunnel had narrowed considerably and the dead guard slung over his shoulders head sticking out one way and feet the other prevented her from walking by his side.

Neno didn’t answer. Neither did Sslar who led the four of them - counting the dead guard - deeper into the hell mines the walls glowing with an strange blue light the farther they went. Neno had told her it must be some kind of natural substance but Silo didn’t agree. Nothing that stunk that bad could be alive.

‘Well hey, don’t worry, it’s no big deal, I mean, it could happen to anyone ya know.’ He didn’t need to see her to hear the smile in her voice. ’Yeah, anyone with a big green freaky fang toothed cat as a friend could easily just happen to forget it could talk. Sure, I can see that happening to just about anyone.’ She babbled on trying to goad Neno into a reaction. He’d given in too easy before when she insisted on going after the dragon and easy victories didn't suit her.

‘She.’ Neno barked, ’Sslars a she.‘ He growled. Silo a grin from ear to ear. She was getting to him alright.

‘You getting tired there big guy?‘ She called over his shoulder. ‘That guard’s lookin’ awful heavy.’ Silo continued to needle. ’I could help carry him if you want?’ She started to laugh but the sound caught in her throat. The stench wafting from the tunnel grew thick and putrid and had suddenly turned hot with something that wasn‘t just the walls any longer. Neno heaved the guard off his shoulders and lay him gently at her feet. Silo knew the consideration was soley for stealth. With a ‘stay’ motion from his hand Neno flattened against the wall and inched forward.

She didn’t ‘stay’. Tripping over the guard Silo made like Neno and flattened herself against the wall sliding silently beside him and earning herself one of his famous bone chilling glares. If they hadn’t the need for quiet she’d of laughed outright. He may have popped the old hag on the head but she knew he’d never hurt her death glare or no.

Eyes watering, nose running and their mouths clamped shut against the reek the pair inched up to the turn in the wall. To go forward would mean exposing themselves - the tunnel opened into some kind of chamber or passageway.

Pointing to Silo’s head Neno made a ‘V’ with his fingers indicating she should use her eyestalks. Silo nodded and passed in front of Neno right to the lip of the turn. A faint grunt and something like a groan came from around the curve. Their eyes meeting Silo shrugged, Neno shook his head slightly, neither could tell if the sounds came from animals or beings. The grunts turned to something slobbery sounding and both Neno and Silo frowned in disgust. Neno jabbed his finger in the air at her head and back to the bend in the cave.

‘OK!‘ Silo mouthed in exaggeration while her second set of eyes pushed through her hair and grew up to the ends of their stalks. With her back against the wall Silo’s eyes stretched and peaked around the corner. When she jumped back only a second later Neno’s arm saved her from falling forward.

‘Dragon?’ He mouthed his eyes wide and eager like a boys. Silo shook her head and reached up and grabbed a handful of his hair giving it a hard tug. He was just too damn tall she thought stretching up on her tiptoes. Neno gave and bent lower.

‘Two guards. Huge guards. I mean biggggg big guards’ Silo whispered against his ear and earned a jab to her ribs for his impatience, ‘They’re both armed with crossbows and knives but I couldn’t see...’

‘And? What else?’ His hissed. Silo knew the information he wanted.

‘The room is round, one way out to the left. Two torches with live fire on either wall. Center room, two chairs and a large table. The guards, well, they’re on it. On the table that is. And, they’re...’ Silo hesitated, ‘They’re copulating’.

Neno’s eyes burned bright in humor and he smiled a rare full toothed grin. With the guards attention on each other it would be a simple ambush and he wouldn't need Silo to help. Without saying a word Neno motioned to Sslar and pulled his knife leaving his gun holstered.

So he wanted quiet Silo thought as the killing team of cat and U-Man dashed around the corner leaving her alone with the first of three dead watchmen at her feet.

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