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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 01:58 AM

~*~ Bang, you’re dead...~*~

The shots rang out and ricocheted around the cavern even before Silo made it around the corner of the tunnel after Neno.

‘I told you they were big’ Silo chuckled at Neno standing in the middle of the room legs apart his knife in one hand gun in the other and the two guards dead at his feet face down with puddles of ugly colored fluid leaking from the holes in the back of their heads.

‘Head shots too.’ Silo observed aloud sounding bold, going slightly green, ‘You must have felt a wee bit...’

‘What I felt is,’ Neno interrupted while sheathing his knife and with a flick of his wrist and sending his gun spinning into it’s holster, ‘What I felt is...’ Neno’s eyes widened sizing up the guards who reached his waist even lying supine, ‘Yeah.’ He coughed, ’I felt like I needed to get the job done.’ Wiping his hands over his face and through his hair Neno gave a weary sigh of relief. The thought of what these two would have done to Silo if he hadn’t had his gun made his blood thin and his belly go greasy.

‘And you’re sure they’re...dead?’ Silo asked poking at the nearest body with the toe of her boot.

‘Let’s save the cutting of heads for the dragon.’ Neno chuckled and granted her that lopsided grin while starting to rummage through their clothes. Pulling out a pair of daggers longer and wider than his forearm Neno shook his head in wonder. He could only imagine the size of their broadswords.

‘Yeah well, ya never know.’ Silo responded her eyebrows narrowing.

‘I’ve never seen anything like them.’ Neno groaned trying to turn over the smaller guard and would have failed if Silo didn’t lend a hand.

‘These two.‘ She grunted and tugged until the body flopped over. ‘I bet they’re the ones Y’lrang spoke of. The ‘freaks‘ who killed their mother‘s being born.‘ Standing back Silo grimaced. For all their size two giants were strikingly similar to Y’lrang, so much so they could have been brothers. Even the damage Neno’s attack had done to the top of their heads could barely mask their stark male beauty.

‘Getting yourself an eyeful there Silo?’ Neno grumped not liking the subject of women dying in childbirth. Didn’t she know what she was saying?

‘No, no, it’s just...they just look so...U-man.’ Silo sighed.

‘Tainted.’ The big cat hissed pushing between Silo and Neno to sniff at the steady stream of liquid running across the floor so black and oily it as hard to fathom it came from anything living.

Silo and Neno waited for Sslar to say more.

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 12:16 AM

~*~ Into the Mines ~*~

‘You’re quick to follow her brother...’ Y’lwren trotted beside Y’lrang smiling an open toothed smile her tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth, relaxed.

‘I can’t let her go after Neno alone, she’s right. Not against a dragon.’ He knew very well what his sister was referring to, his attraction to Silo but he chose to ignore it for the moment.

‘Dragons?’ She huffed a gently, ’You’ve been wanting to fight one since you were two. Remember when we used to play at those games as children?’ She huffed again, this time clearing her nose. The stench coming from the tunnel was as assault on her senses as they wandered deeper into the hell-mines.

Y’lrang didn’t answer but his had fell gently across her shoulders offering her reassurance in his touch just the same as he would have done if she walked by his side on two feet instead of four.


BIAD following close behind the brother and sister was seeing red. He should have been leading, and would have been if not for a broken heel. ‘Of all the times‘ BIAD through first gimping high, then gimping low the long red stiletto heel clenched in his hand like a dagger. ‘Should probably just rip the other heel off’ the hermaphrodite mumbled to himself but continued on in an uneven gate that suited his mood. Which was rotten. And the rest of their group tagging along behind him didn’t help. BIAD felt like a tour guide in hell. No, he this was just not going well. Not like he’d planned it at all.

‘Chumley!’ Would you stop that sniveling!’ BIAD shouted over his shoulder. The big Regalian had been in melt-down mode ever since his reuniting with his Grandmother and after seeing ‘his’ Silo seemingly back from the dead. Carrying the still unconscious Tibbs in his tentacles the Regalian used the Vithian’s robe to blot his running nose and eyes. BIAD almost chuckled. Tibbs was sooo going to take issue with being used as a snot rag. If he ever regained consciousness again that is.


Adam and Dag, hand in hand, followed Chumley and Tibbs, BIAD and the pair of Culs. Unwilling to break their companionable silence they listened to the others bickering while they communicated in a language of their own. A soft rub of a thumb over the others to reassure. Palm to palm? A promise. Fingers intertwined? The memory of their nights spent close as two could ever be. Putrid conditions of the hell-mines or no, the uncertainty of their future besides, walking towards a dragon fight and the unknown? Beyond it all love not only lived, but thrived.


Bringing up the rear Mucklebones, carrying the tome Tibbs had dropped after being assaulted by Silo mumbled unintelligible words and hummed darkly as she walked, and read, and turned page after page after page...

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 10:28 AM

Pachua -the last of the Underworld Dragons waited for his meal in a half doze, the dream
was just a hazy set of fleeting images now and he wondered if they told of his future.

The dark-blue glow from the walls of his lair showed the shadowy shapes of his previous
dinners, the bones scattered across the dry-dirt floor like Kastern Fortune-telling sticks
seemed to spell out strange messages in a forgotten language.
Pachua's scaled eyelids lowered again as the dream beckoned once more.

The night sky showed his place, his throne and those who'd gone before him. The stars
and the moon were dim memories for Pachua, the cavern he lay in had served as home
for nearly a century.

That sky... that velvet curtain that called to the very core of him, he would see it again
before the end, the huge Dragon was sure of it. His horn-adorned tail flicked out and in his
half-doze, Pachua felt the touch of the Caliburn, the sword that was said to be his downfall.
Pachua showed his rows of teeth in a smile at the memories of how the weapon had came
to the cavern.

He had been a true Dragon then, he had soared the heavens and had been feared by many.
He had accompanied his fellow-serpents in their raid of Bastion and killed the strongest of
the knights there. The sword that sat among the remains of his meals had taken Callafor
and Bethrune to the place in the sky and the terrible Caliburn sword would have found
Pachua's fiery heart if it hadn't been for some quick thinking.

Far off in the tunnels, sounds came to the Dragon's ears that told of another offering from
the guards and Pachua's blood-red forked tongue flicked out for any scents, he tasted
sweat and blood in the air and wagered he would feed well today.

Yes, the slumped skeleton that leaned against the wicked-looking sword had once been
a U-man that thought he would be given riches beyond his dreams... and those dreams had
turned into nightmares.

The knight had ridden Pachua back to the cave where he believed -just like the children
of yore believed, that a trove of jewels and gold resided in the beast's lair and after
leaving the Caliburn to dive among the treasure, Pachua had taken him... and what a
nice meal he had been.
The power to cater for U-man's greed with false visions was one of Pachua's many gifts.

The sound of footfalls came closer and the aching legs of the Dragon cracked and groaned
has Pachua stood erect. His wings were merely ragged skin now, and with a weak flap,
thoughts of broken umbrellas on windy days came to mind.

The word 'tainted' flitted across his mind, and the dark-green eyebrows of the serpent
furrowed in confusion, were these thoughts of the oncoming guards?
The tongue struck again and this time, he tasted a female scent and something else...
a feline and and... the Neo!

Pachua's eyes widened showing the dark slits and teeth-ridden smile became a snarl,
the dream was here now in the cavern -he thought and a dull anger rose through his body.

The Dragon realised he had only seconds to act, the intruders must be enchanted at once
and this will make the killing easier. Pachua's mind flicked out another tongue, this one
would lap and lick at the hopes and wants of the U-man and woman, it would taste their
desires. Pachua smiled at himself and readied his claws, his throne in the sky would wait
another century he wagered and breathed in deeply.

'Come on in' he thought darkly.

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posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 10:59 AM

Nenothtu and Silo13 stood at the entrance of a huge cavern and surveyed the horror
scene before them. The skeletons were heaped in piles that stood five-feet high in
some places and jutting out here-and-there, weapons from ages past.

Skulls looked out of the clusters and seemed to implore the two to turn back at
once. Scattered here and there, were sabres from chivalrous heroes who could thrust
and parry in Palace courtyards and impress the ladies. Broadswords that once were held
by well-travelled knights struggled to show their lustre in the dim light, Claymores that
once belonged to wode-daubed savages of the Northlands lay in the dirt and bones of
the Dragon's den.

A gold-coloured Chinese crossbow sat inside a pelvis of off-white and teethmarks, the
dust-covered box strapped to it's stock showed it was a rare repeating bow.
And of course, the Caliburn stood and waited for an owner, the man who would wield the
weapon against it's present keeper.

The dull blue glow of the walls gave it all an ominous feel and Silo could see a faint
red spot dance upon the remains as Neno's gun scanned the area.
The guard's body had been dumped without a thought onto the dirt floor and now
the tall man rubbed his shoulder as he checked for any dangers.

The silence seemed heavy on their ears and the smell of 'gone-over' meat was also
heavy on the nostrils, Silo wrinkled her pretty nose at the aroma.
"This must be it's dinner table" Neno grunted and peered into the gloom at the far
end of the cavern. There seemed to be a small shape there that looked humanoid.

"Pa...? is that you Pa?" the boy called and stepped from the shadows. The sandy-haired
youngster smiled with relief and waved and as he clambered over the ribcages and
skulls towards Nenothtu.

The Vandalian stood with his mouth wide open and for the first time in a long time,
a geniune look of happiness swept over his face. Silo stared wide-eyed at the Gunman
as he got down on one knee to welcome the boy.

It didn't make sense, there wasn't anyone there... Neno had just suddenly gone into
a day dream-like state and was now holding his arms out as if he was yearning for the
Then Silo saw the tracks in the snow, the wolves had gone, but the small footprints
of her son were easy to see and she gambled that he could only be a few moments
away. Without any hesitation, she picked up the warm fur coat and set off after the

Pachua smiled and lowered his massive head towards the motionless pair, the magic
of Dragons was legendary and these two would fall like many others before them.
The Great Orm pondered what would happen when he gobbled down the famous Neo
of the Universe, the many-toothed grin broadened as he leaned closer and breathed
warm air onto the enchanted couple.

"How like you, my dreams?" Pachua growled wickedly and the dropped torch from
Nenothtu flickered in the mirrored eyes of the beast "The great Neo reduced to a
sobbing fool... who would have thought it?" he chuckled.

The snout of Pachua ruffled Silo's hair as he took in the scent of the woman
and the deep brows of the Dragon lowered in puzzlement "You girl... you seem
different, perhaps you seek to poison old Pachua, heh?" the chuckle returned.

As the last of the Underworld Dragons turned to prepare himself for his meal, the
small flock of fleeing bats went unnoticed, along with the stealthy footfalls of Sslar
and the rest of Neno and Silo's friends.
Tibbs gulped at the sight of the figures stood awaiting their fate and BIAD began his
finger-combing through his hair.

"We will dine well tonight, no Caliburn?" Pachua said towards the the leaning weapon
in the shadows and licked his lips with relish.

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posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 05:02 PM

Sslar, lurking in the shadows and edging forward, stood momentarily transfixed at the transformation wrought in her companions. Curiously, they seemed to have forgotten everything they ever knew, and were behaving as if on a picnic in the park, rather than in a dragon's den preparing to be the main course.

It was confusing to the Xang Cat. Never, in her experience, had these beings simply lost themselves.

Reaching forward with her mind, she sought to make contact with them, and ascertain the reasons for their sudden behavioral malfunctions. Sslar first sought out neno's mind, as her Attached One. Curiously, looking through his eyes, or rather looking through his mind, Sslar corrected herself, she saw a young boy there - but one which was not "there" when she looked back at the spot through her own eyes. As if it were a ghost, or a wraith or hologram of some sort, Sslar could faintly see through the mirage. She could see the items behind the apparition, as if it bore a slight transparency.

Turning her mind towards Silo, Sslar was amazed to see a phantom snow field in what her own eyes told her was a cavern. A patent impossibility, that the ground inside an enclosed cavern would be snow covered. Further, Sslar could see that Silo was following diminutive tracks in the snow... tracks that led right into the Dragon's maw.

Ah, that was it then. Some how, an illusion was being projected to her companions - an illusion that ran to the deepest part of the psyche, a vision of long lost offspring, that poked and tweaked at the primal urge to insure their survival. A powerful illusion indeed.

Sslar didn't know why she hadn't been included in the illusion, whether she had gone undetected or whether there was just no material concerning offspring yet in her mind to work with. At the moment, though, that really didn't matter. What DID matter was that Silo was near to being eaten, and neno was off in another world, oblivious to the danger present. Making a primal and snap decision, a low bass rumbling erupted from somewhere deep within her chest, followed by a deafening roar as she launched herself directly at Silo... and the Dragon.

Sslar hit Silo with her shoulder in passing with enough force to send Silo flying 15 or 20 feet away, who landed roughly, but near the crossbow with the box attached to it. Simultaneously with that assault, appearing to twist in mid-air, she slashed at the dragon's apparently exposed throat with her long dagger-like canines, and emitted a blinding flash of thought, a pure white flash that ought to clear neno's mind of it's illusion, without blinding his eyes.

Unexpectedly, her attempt at slashing the Dragon's throat met with resistance. Her teeth simply slid across a scale that protected it, as if she were trying to bite plate armor. It left no real damage at all, but it DID distract the dragon momentarily, throwing an unexpected variable into the equation. The assault carried Sslar behind the dragon, where she tried to gauge the effects of her assault on Silo and neno.

Before she could determine whether they were active again or not, the dragon turned it's head rearward, preparing to meet this new and unexpected threat, and deal with it.

Sslar had to re-direct her attention from her companions to the business at hand of not getting eaten.

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posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 01:09 AM

~*~ Wretched ~*~

There was one way in and out of the macabre blue-hued dragon lair and for the moment it seemed the only way out - was death.

Tibbs awakening from his stupor as the group reached the end of the tunnel demanded to be put down from where he’d been carried against Chumley’s chest. At a nod from BIAD the big Regalian obeyed and sure Tibbs was steady on his own feet BIAD pat Chumley’s arm in thanks and slid in front of the big Regalian for a better view into the bone and gore filled room.

Clenching and unclenching the red stiletto heel in his red-lacquered grip BIAD stood hips cocked at the entrance of the grisly lair eyes only for the Dragon. Adam and Dag, unable to see past Chumley moved beside BIAD, and froze. The little piece of rag holding Dag’s hair in place and BIAD’S rhythmic squeezing of his broken heel were the only movements from the terror stricken group.

What they saw was a horrific beast no nightmare could reproduce and it‘s surroundings were no better. The maggoty-meat smell of the room, the piles of gleaming white bones at contrast odds with fresh strewn dragon scat putrid and steaming black-blue. The question of the strange glowing walls of the hell-mines was answered. The caverns were painted in the dragon feces giving it the odd bluish glow and the fetid stink that had set their stomachs to rolling bile.

The group watched in terrified silence as Neno and Silo moved in a stupor towards the dragon their hands outstretched in a twisted parody of tribute to the loathsome beast. Tibbs shuddered and clutched his empty chest where his tome once lay safe but he didn‘t dare look, or move, or ask where it had disappeared to. Chumley’s mouth readied in a scream but remained open and silent petrified any sound, any movement would goad the dragon into action. Y’Lrang and his sister flattened themselves out against the wall to each side their green and yellow eyes wide in disbelief at the scene unfolding before them.

Neck outstretched the dragon sniffed at Neno then at Silo with nostrils dripping acid and blowing puffs of smoke that crisp the ends of their hair curling the strands into tight little balls. It’s tongue, long and vile lolled from side to side like the dragon was tasking their scents, which it was. Liking Neno’s odor the Dragon curled it’s tongue up the gunman’s arm the acid in it’s saliva eating through the silver suit leaving a hideous burn like a coiled snake that twisted from the gunman’s wrist to his shoulder. Still the Vandal didn’t move. Teeth gleaming in the eerie blue light the hideous beast with it’s tiny hellish eyes reared back and bellowed with such force it shook up through the cavern ceilings releasing a shower of muck and slime.

From the dark shadows of hell hope moved and took form. While the dragon’s fearsome head swiveled back and forth between Silo and Neno the great Xang cat crept ever forward readying, deadly, and unafraid. She attacked.

Until the moment of Sslar’s first assault the only thing that stopped the watchers from moving from the passageway and into the room was their fear of prodding the dragon into motion. Once the great Xang cat attacked the entrance to it’s lair came to life, the air solidifying and taking form closing the others off with by a barrier gleaming and clouded at once, a mist as thin as the veil between life and death and just as deadly.

Adam, seeing Sslar’s attack and thinking the dragon was distracted had lunged forward in an attempt to reach Neno and Silo and couldn’t stop himself in time. Caught half in and half out of the fantastic force field his body went rigid, his mouth formed a round ’O’ of fear and pain, his eyes rolled up in his head. The barrier glowed brighter with the U-Man caught in it’s grasp and the mist that was no mist at all gave a rolling ripple and spit Adam back against the group with such force it knocked them all off their feet.

Laying half supine, his head at an odd angle in Dag’s lap Adam became the first victim of the dragon and the terrifying fight to come.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 03:57 PM

Mucklebones finally arrived sweaty and breathing hard, the heavy book that Tibbs
had discovered had made interesting reading and to the old Gray in the ragged
poncho, it reminded her of many of the spells she had been shown by her mother.

The Orm was all the book said, the bewitcher and enchanter from a time before the
Citadel known as Bastion, Muckles sneered at the crude drawing on the page.
"Yer' a bastdard, Pachua and yer gonna wish yer'd never crossed old Muckles"
the Crone hissed to herself and for the first time in a long time, she drew an 'X'
across herself and kissed the working finger.

Tibbs looked over his shoulder and showed a confused face to ask 'have you found
something?' Muckles understood,, she nodded and used the same skinny finger to
beckon the Vithian to her.

Pachua ignored the group and focused on the delights of the enchanment, the tall
Vandalian was enwrapped with his vision of meeting his long-lost son and the pretty
lilac-haired girl swayed slightly as in her dream, she was nearing her quarry through
the snow.
The beast with the fangs and green fur was not part of the plan and the eons-old serpent
contemplated snatching at the feline and tearing it apart before it's company.
The steady walk of Sslar told Pachua that an attack was iminent and the Dragon readied
himself for the leap.

Nenothtu's silver suit smoldered and the faint smoke drifted left, implying that a draught
of air from the right was from a tunnel to somewhere else... possibly to Y’Lrang's people.
The Gunman stepped in time with Silo towards the Dragon's waiting jaws.

Sslar leaped and the Orm shifted his snake-like body at the last moment, the big cat
flew past with searching, swing claws. into the darkness behind Pachua.

Mucklebones and Tibbs read the words and muttered together.
"Edo plue caranta vell mon"

Pachua checked for another attack for Sslar and saw the green brute laid near his horny
tail... 'I'll deal with her later' he thought and turned his focus back to his main meal.

"Edo Palva caranta veer doore' the two wizards whispered and the vision that Neno had
always wished for fell away, Nenothtu stared into the gaping maw of a monster.

The snow had gone, melted maybe and the spoor of her son had disappeared too, Silo
now saw only gloom and huge pointed teeth and mountains of stinking carcases, she also
saw the Chinese crossbow.
Neno ran to his right without any sign he was out of his daze, Silo broke left.

The scales from Pachua seemed to make a clashing noise as he shook with anger and
rose to see where the two beings were going, the large horned mantle of Pachua carried
large sharp horns the would wreck any hanging stalactites, but the cavern had been cleared
of such obstacles years ago, the horns would now be used to gore the sly Vandal who had
somehow escaped Pachua's enchanting.

'The bitch will follow him' the serpent said to himself as he clambered after the Nenothtu.
Then the stinging began and Pachua realised that the man in the silver suit had something
that hurled searing firestones, his plan of a dinner was going awry.

Running and shooting from the hip as he went, Neno leaped the bodies towards the sword
that stood beside a skeleton in gold armour, many weapons lay under his flying feet, but
it was this fine-looking sword that had caught his killer eye.

Silo lifted her skirt hem from the old entrails and meat and ran like the devil was after her,
large boulders hid her at times as she made her way towards the bow.
Sslar had realised the plan as she had arose from her feigned collapse, with relish she leaped
at the neck of the Dragon and sunk her long canines deep into the pulsing flesh.

Pachua screamed, the pain was excruciating and the cunning face twisted with the damage
being done by the damned cat, in an instant, he began to writhe his body , but Sslar merely
dug in her claws and hung on.

The sword seemed made for Neno's hand and considering the situation, the lop-side smile
appeared. "Let's me and you dance, huh?" he whispered to the wicked-looking weapon and
turned to face the Dragon.

Silo sucked in a bodice-ripping breath and cocked the crossbow, she had used one in a
country fair when she was with her father, 'Jenovah...' she thought '... that was ten years
The ugly eye looked really big in the sights of the Golden crossbow and steadying her
breathing, Silo's trembling hand went still.
The bolt left the bow with a 'snick' sound and the recoil in the stock felt satisfying to
the girl who flew the stars and worked the tavern at the same time, but today she was
a warrior.

The sudden blackness and the smell of blood inside his nostrils made Pachua's heart
skip a beat, never in all his dark years had he believed he could be out-witted by a wench
and a mangy cat. The stories of his exploits never indicated he would be slain this way
and it was this thought that goaded him into action, he shook his body again, on the half
-hope that the feline would be dislodged, but Sslar dug in deeper and sought better
purchase with her claws.

Ignoring the horrid pain from the left of his face, he raised a taloned foot towards the
tall man who had dared to pick up the Caliburn.
Neno looked straight into Sslar's eyes and then nodded, the Xang Cat passed a message
of affirmative by biting down harder into the scaly neck of Pachua the Great Orm.

"It's time..." Neno hissed and holding the handle of the Caliburn with both hands,
he crept towards the beast, "... and 'Im ringin' the bell"

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posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 12:08 PM

Pachua looked down at the Vandal known as The Neo and and the anger dissipted like the
sea -mist in the morning, this was the time he had wondered about for eons.

The horn-adorned head also carried a wooden bolt that protruded from his right eye and
ignoring the sour taste of mucus dribbling into his mouth, the Dragon watched the figure
before him.
He was the last of his kind and now it was finally over, the time of the great Orms was at an
end and the story of The Caliburn had come true.

Nenothtu stood with the sword-tip facing the throat of the Dragon and with the blood oozing
from the wounds inflicted by Sslar, it was obvious the beast was doomed.

"It will be written that The Neo slayed the last of the Orms, it will be said that you brought
us low... it's quite a thing to extinguish a line, will you hesitate U-man?" Pachua sent the
thought to the Gunman and pondered if the sword-hand would tremble.
Nenothtu looked like he'd been chipped from ice.

Silo stood with the crossbow jammed in her shoulder and a sparkling eye watched from
the weapons sights, if the serpent moved towards Neno, she would send another whistling
bolt into the soft fleshy part under the mantle, the lilac-haired girl licked her lips with
concentration. Though her body shook, it was not with fear -but anger, her dress front had
burst it's buttons earlier and luckly, the shadows hid her quivering nakedness.

The blood-soaked Xang Cat was still clutching the body of the beast and her fangs were
buried deep through the scales and when the serpent moved slightly, Sslar could feel her
teeth grate on bone. The claws tore more flesh as she prepared to get out the fall of Pachua,
but her grip remained.

Boy In A dress looked up from his concerns of Adam's demise, Dag's tears had made tracks in
the cave-dirt on her face and the eyes told of misery and lost love, BIAD touched her cheek
and sighed. Adam was dead, a small rivulet of blood had found a course from his ear down
the side of his head and Dag's hand also showed the dark red drying liquid of the Doctor.

Tibbs, Mucklebones and Chumley stood further back and if the Dragon had taken
time out from his last moments of life, he'd have seen the Regalian on all fours and the two
smaller beings using the broad-green back as a book rest. The Vithian and the Gray Crone
looked on as judges.
The Culs held there breath and clung to the tunnel wall, this was the moment they had
not dared think of, Y’Lrang and Y’lwren watched with tear-filled eyes.

The stink of decayed flesh and the piles of bones in the cave made BIAD think of a charnel
house and a dim memory of an event on Altaire Four flashed by, but the Man/girl focused on
Nenothtu's shadowy figure and the reckoning.

The torch still flickered weakly on the floor near the entrance, although no one dared to
ruin this special moment. BIAD had looked to Tibbs for advice and the old bearded man
had shook his head to say leave the light where it was.

Pachua nodded at the tall man in the silver suit "We are the same -you and I... we are alone
in this Universe and ..."
The blade went deep and for some, a yell of rage would have been expected, but this motley
crew knew that Nenothtu would dispatch the Dragon with the same concern that he would
show when saddling a horse, it needed to be done and was done... that's how he rolled.

Pachua roared into the roof of the cave as the Caliburn pierced his flame-wrapped heart and
the writhing of his body scattered bones like spilled dominoes. Neno pushed the sword even
further and a grunt of exertion was his only sound.

The faint smoldering of his sleeve had eased and for the first time. he Vandal noticed it. The
task of slaying Pachua had taken centre stage and as usual, Neno had shown little regard for
his personal safety.

The Dragon fell like a toppled tree towards Neothtu and quickly pulling the sword from
the blood-gushing hole, he dove to the right and pulled his feet out of the way just as
Pachua's head smashed down among the bones of his previous victims.

Dirt and bone shards flew into the air as the beast came to it's final resting place and
the cloud of off-white dust made it difficult for Silo and the others to see, they waited
as the serpents' huge body settled among the debris.

Sslar came first, the large paws stepped from the dusty haze and the Cat shook herself
to dislodge dirt and dried blood, then Neno followed his companion into the glow of
the sputtering torchlight.

The tall serious man with the gore-strewn broadsword and the sleek pistol in his
holster... the Vandal who had gone alone and never complained of his lot... the quiet
man who enjoyed the wilderness and the solace of the night... looked ridiculous!
Like a zombie from a music-video, the ghost-white faced Neno scanned the group
that had watched the slaying with eyes that seemed to hope for humour, but didn't
know how to express it.

Though Adam was gone, Tibbs, Muckles, Chumley, BIAD, Y’Lrang, Y’lwren all beamed
at the spectre before them, even Dag raised a sad smile at the blanched Nenothtu.
Silo busied herself with some makeshift repairs to her bodice as she climbed over
the smashed ruins of previous 'Dragon meals'

"Well, my little spook, you've slain the beast and freed a people..." Silo chirped and
slid a finger down through the chalky dust on Nenothtu's cheek "... how do you feel?"
Reaching for a rag that once doubled as a Knight's tunic, Neno sighed and commenced
cleaning the blood from the Caliburn's blade.

Silo showed a mock frown and placed her hands on her hips as if to show annoyance,
"Don't you ever show any emotions?" she said.
The others were focused on preparing to carry Adam's body and Neno had glanced
over to see the careful and tender act.
Sslar had wandered over to check on the Doctor and now had returned and sat beside
the kneeling Nenothtu. "It was in my way... that's all" he muttered and didn't look up
from his function.

Silo13 rolled her eyes and rushed towards Y’Lrang's waiting arms as Neno leaned over
and producing a cigar from inside the Fire-suit, he drew deep on the tobacco as he
used the flickering torch flame.

Looking balefully at the green-furred Cat he whispered "at least I'll get a decent pair
of boots out of it's hide" and slackened the neck of the silver garb.
Sslar smiled her smile and commenced to clean her fur..

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~*~ Bitter Sweet ~*~

‘Please’, Dag sobbed harder running to Neno. ‘You’ve got to do something Neno! Pleaseeee’

Dag had gone from BIAD and Silo to the Culls but they just shook their heads with profound sorrow and sympathy. Mucklebones waved her away. Dag passed over Chumley who‘s vest was soaked with tears where he sat on the cave floor guarding Adam and Tibbs at his shoulder who’s head was bowed in silent prayer. Finally she fell to her knees at Neno’s feet tugging at his clothes, her eyes pouring tears, her face as white as her hair, her lips a bloodless grey pulled back against her teeth in grief. ‘Neno please,‘ she moaned, ‘He can’t be dead, you don’t understand! Please Neno! Please! He - can’t - be - dead!’ She gasped each word then slid flat to the ground in gut wrenching sobs.

Neno mumbled a fierce curse under his breath and cleared his throat. Passing the heavy sword to BIAD who wavered under it’s weight he bent down and pulled the girl up to his chest holding her gently. Her head burrowed into his shoulder, her arms clasped about his neck for an instant before she reared back and slapped him. It wasn’t Neno’s comfort she craved but her man’s!

‘Adammmm!‘ Dag screamed and continued to lash out. Taking slap after slap tears formed in Neno’s eyes before he caught her to him, his arms closing around her like a vice but still Dag fought and thrashed. Over and over she screamed Adam’s name fighting against her pain, fighting against her loss, her fists pounding the side of Neno’s face and chest until exhausted she lay limp against him.

When hre breathing had quieted Neno ducked his chin to her hair mumbling something, her head shook under his, she would not accept it. Taking her face between his bloodstained hands Neno turned her chin up forcing her not to look away. His voice when he spoke was rough and ragged. ‘Dag. I can’t help you. I can‘t help him. No one can.’ The gunman continued to look directly down into her pale face locking his gaze with hers. The kindest thing he could do now was to kill Dag’s hope. There was none. Adam was gone.

Dag’s eyes darted back and forth from one sad eye to the other as the truth in Neno’s words seeped into her soul. The keening lament escaping the girl to echo through the cavern was more than any of them could bare. Sslar raised her head and joined in giving cry to grief and loss mingling with Dag’s unbearable pain and love, a hymn, Adam’s death song. Neno dropped his lips to her hair and began swaying ever so slightly back and forth while the girl continued keening against his shoulder.

The onlookers grieved for her but kept peaking at the two of them from under lidded brows. They tried to give Dag her privacy but at the same time they were too entranced by the change in Neno to look away. Shuffling around the room waiting for direction the feeling of victory was tinged with something so painful all celebration of Neno and Silo’s triumph had gone. Neno and Dag standing over the dragon’s head continued to draw their glance...

And then BIAD saw it.

The head of the dragon an island in the center of bloody lake where Silo’s bolt raised from one eye like a victory flag - Pachua’s other eye opened slowly glowing with hate and the fires of hell.

BIAD, unable to breath, unable to call out tried to raise Caliburn but the mighty sword was done, it’s fight over, the weight of it like something dead in his hands and heavy beyond belief. Pachua’s eye burned mockingly into BIADS. One razor sharp horn long and lethal tipped at an angle only an arms length from the back of Neno’s exposed neck where he bent over the grieving girl. One sharp twist from the dragon and Neno’s head would fall cleanly to the floor.

BIAD charged the dragon the red stiletto heel held like a spear tip his arm the shaft. With a scream of pure fury BIAD rammed the spike straight into Panchu’s glowing eye sinking past his elbow into bloody gore. BIAD’s scream alerted Neno who threw himself and Dag sideways, but not quite in time. The dragons horn sliced deep into Neno’s right shoulder and meeting bone traveled across his back leaving a long angry wheel clear to Neno’s hip on it’s last journey down into death.


Later, much later, Neno came too as Silo cleaned more poison from the wound as it bubbled to the surface. Laying flat on the table in the room where he’d dispatched the guards Neno could see they were all there but Adam.

‘Leave me some...’ Neno gasped as she tipped her mug over his broken skin the liquor burning like acid from shoulder to hip and back again, ‘I’ll need a swig of whatever that liquid fire is you’re using...’

Silo chuckled with relief. He’d come too, the fever was broken, the poison had failed. BIAD drew another draught from a huge keg in the corner of the guardroom and handed it to Neno who propped himself up on his elbows and drank deep.

‘Where’s yours?’ Neno cocked an eyebrow and tipped his chin to BIAD who looked back his expression all questions.

‘Get a drink, all of you. I wanna toast the one who saved my neck.’ Neno sputtered before his eyes rolled up in his head and he fell back into unconsciousness.

Silo raised her mug in a salute to BIAD before taking a long drink for herself. The others around the room did the same and a quiet cheer broke out.

‘Let’s not forget to remind Neno to cut the head off next time.‘ Silo said and winked at BIAD who choked on his drink over ‘next time’.

They were tired, they were grieving, they were torn and they’d lost one of their own, but they had survived.

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The bony little man in the filthy and tattered loincloth had seen the entire thing unobserved, from the back of the crowd. It was a strange thing, he mused, how the very people who made a society function often went completely unnoticed. Trash men, janitors, maintenance crews... yes, even slaves, often went unnoticed by the very society that could not exist without them. Nameless and faceless, they were considered "beneath" the notice of others who considered themselves the "betters", yet who could not exist at all without the efforts of their "underlings". Yes, those types were essentially anonymous, which was at times as much a blessing as it was a curse.

The bony little fellow thought it odd that he was intended for a dragon feast before that tall lunatic managed to free him. Imagine that! Not enough meat on his thin bones to keep a rat alive, and the guard thought to feed him to a giant beast like Pachua! Why, he wouldn't have even made a snack for the Great Orm! There was no doubt in his mind that the tall stranger was a lunatic. What other sort of person would attempt penetration of the Hell Mines - on purpose! - and kill every single guard he encountered on his way in?

Not to mention the lunacy involved in attacking a Dragon...

yet somehow, this lunatic had prevailed against all odds, and common sense. Ah well, the gods DO tend to look out for drunks and lunatics. Looking on at the scene now before him, he decided the tall stranger was probably both, which meant that he must have been given a double dose of care from the gods. The way he begged for some of the alcohol better used to neutralize the poison from the Dragon's horns, and then guzzled it down like it was spring water, likely sealed the deal on whether he was a drunk or not. Maybe he was just trying to neutralize the poison from the inside.... nah. No one took medicine like that, in giant gulps, then passed back out. He was a drunk, all right.

Nope. This guy had to be both a drunk AND a lunatic.

Still, the scene he had beheld at the end of Pachua was etched upon his mind. He'd been an artist before being consigned to the Hell Mines for non-payment of his "taxes". As such, he had of course gotten behind on things, and when that happens, Debtor's Prison isn't far away. In Uktena, Debtor's Prison was the same place as every other infraction of a capricious legal system landed one. The Hell Mines.

Also a product of his previous life as an artist was the curse of a photographic memory. This is the scene that was etched upon his brain:

What a sight to behold! By all rights, the tall stranger should have been eaten forthwith, but by an odd twist of fate, he had not, and had instead been the eater. If a stranger thing had ever happened, the bony little former slave had never encountered it.

Former slave. For all his lunacy, this man had somehow freed the bony little man, and for no good reason at all that the former slave could discern. Normal, intelligent people simply didn't stick their necks out that far for strangers - especially strangers who were beneath the notice of society in general! Just another indication that the tall stranger was a raving lunatic. It fleetingly crossed his mind that he owed his freedom, perhaps his very life, to the lunatic. Life sometimes got really weird like that.

Owed his life to the lunatic. That thought brought the picture etched on his mind back to the fore. he knew then that the picture would never leave him alone until he had committed it to some media more permanent than his mind. After all, he was an artist. that's what artists do, even when it doesn't bring in enough to feed them... or pay their "taxes"...

The little man had heard fairy tales, of course. This was the first time, however, that it had ever occurred to him that fairy tales could have a basis in fact. They were true after all. Dragons COULD be slain.

All it took was a stark raving lunatic who didn't have the good sense to leave Dragons alone.

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~*~ Sticks and Bones ~*~

‘What’s that you’re feeding me? It’s good.’ Neno mouthed around another hunk of meat, sweet, juicy, so flavorful and tender all he wanted was more.

BIAD blushed and without answering spooned another portion into the wounded gunman’s mouth.

Neno, lying on is stomach across the guards table mellowed with food and drink had finally given up trying to rise. His wounds, still seeping poison needed constant care but his troubles were near over. The poison seemed to actually be helping the wounds mend and Silo had promised he could get up once the festering had ceased.

‘You’ve got yourself a new groupie Neno...’ BIAD handed the recuperating hero his drink, waited for him to finish before spooning another mouthful of meat and broth his way.

‘Groupie?’ Neno asked.

‘Yeah, a scrawny ol guy, bones like sticks. A slave next on the menu for your dragon there.’ BIAD pointed the spoon towards the dragons cavern. ’You saved his life so he says.’

‘We saved his life, not me.’ Neno grumbled and opened up for more food.

‘Anyway, we’re feeding him up and doing what we can to put him back together again, clean him up, get him clothed. When you’re up for it he wants to talk to you.‘ BIAD smiled scrapping the last drops from the huge bowl he’d been feeding Neno from.

‘Uh huh’ Neno grunted not looking forward to the interview. ‘How’s Dag?’ Neno whispered and closed his eyes against the pain in his back or from remembering Dag’s pain it was hard to tell.

‘Silo’s with her making her eat and drink.’ BIAD’s tone was soft and giving his beautiful red mouth turned down in a frown.

‘So, you got anymore a that grub?’ Neno changed the subject curling his shoulders against skin already beginning to pinch and pucker as it knit.

‘Yep. A whole dragon’s worth.’ BIAD winked and turned to get him another bowl.

Neno stilled, his eyes rounding and swallowed the saliva that broke in his mouth. Then swallowed again. His stomach did a little flip before his good common sense gained control. The meat was rich and sweet, the broth strong and giving him strength, helping him mend. They all were hungry and the dragon was fresh. Yeah, it was all good he thought and let out a sigh remembering the tasty meal.

‘Ya know BIAD,’ He called, ’I think we just found out why dragons went extinct! It's even better eatin' than Uktena!’ Neno barked a laugh waiting in anticipation for another steaming bowl of dragon.

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~*~ Spiders ~*~

Silo woke from a light doze, Dag’s head resting on her shoulder tears sliding from her eyes even in sleep. Something in the silence of the night roused her. Her thoughts went first to Neno.

Carefully slipping out from under Dag and laying her to the floor Silo swallowed around a lump forming in her throat. It tore at her heart the girl couldn’t find peace from her grieving even in her sleep. Making sure Dag was comfortable as possible Silo slid through the shadows to where Neno slept atop the long guard table.

Neno rested fretfully but his wounds had stopped bubbling poison. There’d be no keeping him down once he woke. Pushing a lock of hair out of his eyes Silo wondered at the unfamiliar feeling of ownership that blossomed in her belly. A deep purr sounded front under the table. Sslar slept there, her ownership of The Neno evident too. Silo smiled.

Using his crossed arms as a pillow BIAD, positioned at Neno’s shoulder, slumbered on. How the hermaphrodite could sleep sitting on a chair pushed backwards against Neno’s makeshift bed she didn’t know, but BIAD’s steady breathing and soft snores confirmed he must have found some comfort there.

Everyone was quiet, but something had woken her. Silo scanned the shadow painted room. Tibbs and Mucklebones slept over the tome to one side of the fire, the Cul siblings to the opposite side. Everyone was accounted for but...

Chumley. Where was Chumley?

Making her way silently to the Dragon lair Silo gagged slightly at the stench. The Dragon carcass that only hours before had been fresh and sweet lay rancid and maggot infested in formless writhing lumps. The buzz of gigantic blue flies was near deafening. The tap on her shoulder sent Silo straight up into the air, coming down she rolled and flipped to her feet a knife readied in each hand.

‘Chumley!’ She hissed in exasperation sheathing her knives, ‘Don’t sneak up on my like that big guy.’ Silo smiled hoping to give the Regalian some confidence. His color was off, his eyes downcast, his tentacles shaking. Something was wrong.

‘What is it? Where have you been? We all agreed to stay together, no exceptions.’ Silo admonished gently.

‘I had to go...’ An expression of mixed embarrassment and hope crossed the Regalians eyes resting on short green eye stalks.

‘To go?’ Silo quizzed one brow rising, ‘Ohhh, had to go, I gotcha. Well when ya gotta go ya gotta go.’ Silo smiled and started back to the guard room but Chumley didn’t budge.

‘Come on. What is it?’ She turned and walked back.

‘Are you really Silo?’ Chumley asked blatantly.

‘Yes Chumley, I am. I can’t explain it. I wish I could. But, I am.’ She reached out and touched the Regalians shoulder as tears sparkled in his eye.

“I’m glad Silo.’ The Regalian stretched out a tentacle and brushed her cheek, something she knew by instinct he’d never done before.

‘What is it?’ He was clearly still troubled.

‘You’re not going to like it...’ He began to fret and sway his big bulk from one side to the other.

‘Well, just tell me and get it over with,’ she yawned thinking they both needed to get some more sleep.

‘I go down tunnel, to find a place to...’ The Regalian blushed, “I go to find a special quiet place and I found...something.’ Chumley began to loose color again.

‘And that would be...what?’ Silo cocked an ear forward and waited.

‘Spiders.’ Chumley grimaced and waited for her reaction.

‘WHAT?’ She hissed looking around the room with short swift jerks of her head grabbing onto his tentacle for strength, for comfort, to shake him, to try and keep herself from running.

‘Spiders. Big ones.’ Chumley made a large circle with his tentacles, a circle larger than Silo. ‘Hairless and bony.’ Chumley added not realizing he was adding to his friends horror.

Pale and trembling, her hands falling to both her knives Silo turned and ran for the group,

‘I knew she wasn’t going to like it...’ Chumley sighed and lumbered after Silo heading back to the guardroom.

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'Legs...' Boy In A Dress thought " "... there's something about your legs' and the the mist
behind his brother swirled at the revelation. It was eighteen eighty-eight in a chilly
Whitechapel -London and the smell of standing water, vomit and urine seemed to permeate
from the very brickwork of the alleyway where BIAD stood looking at Death.

"Your journey seems to be going quite well" whispered the tall shrouded figure from
across the cobbles and somewhere far off, a drunken laugh cawed in the night. The Man/girl
pulled at the hem of his skirt nervously and surveyed his surroundings, the spluttering
gas-light struggled to illuminate his view.

"We're doing well... but I thought we'd lost Neno when he went up against the Dragon" BIAD
said quietly, the acrid smell of piss wasn't one of the hermaphrodite's favourite bouquets.
Death's cowl moved slightly in acknowledgement, but remained silent. Yet BIAD's keen
hearing heard again -the scurrying of many legs from under his brother's dark shroud.
BIAD guessed a new pet resided there.

The alleyway was flanked by a row of crumbling buildings that rose into the darkness, only
one light glowed from a window, a ground-floor window and BIAD gulped at what might
lay ahead.

"Is that...?" Boy In A Dress hissed and hooked a long-nailed thumb at the dull-orange
rectangle that waited to his left, The Reaper Of Souls nodded and changed his shape to
suit the surroundings.
Peter Falk, an actor from the twentieth century stood in a crumpled raincoat and BIAD
suddenly grinned at the recollection of who the character was.

"You're Columbo!" BIAD said loudly and relaxing, he placed his hands on his hips in
admiration. "I remember you from the days Dr. Shaw used to watch you on TV in the
afternoons!" the red-lips offered and the Detective with the greying-hair smiled a smile
that crumpled his features nearly as much as his coat.

The cold mist slid passed their legs as a small breeze gave small relief from the nauseating
smells and the two men looked each other over.
"You're correct dear brother..." Colombo said amiably and pulled a stumpy cigar from his
raincoat pocket, BIAD's smile didn't wane at the familair antics. "'s the room where
Mary Kelly lays waiting for her... passing"

The gravelled voice of the Hollywood star came again "I'm also waiting, but I thought we'd
spend a couple of minutes together before this 'Ripper' comes a-calling" The Man/girl was
sure there was a lick of enjoyment in the announcement and stepped closer to see the
Italian-American's face.

Peter Falk's eyes glowed for a few seconds as the cigar was lit and BIAD noticed the smoke
mix the curling fog, the idea of being in Jack The Ripper's path suddenly came home to
the black-haired creature and again, the hem-pulling began.

"Certainly, the death of Pachua was an inconvenience, the animal had supplied many
'customers' in his long lifetime... I'm gonna miss that worm" Colombo said with a tinge
of sadness and reached into a side-pocket of the famous coat.

BIAD glanced again up and down the rain-shiny alley and said from the side of his
mouth "we're looking for the device that will..." Falk put up a hand to stop his brother's
statement and the sagging shoulders and dropped head again, pulled a smile from
the hermaphrodite.

"I know what you're seeking -Bro, and I know about the map... Tibbs is a determined
Vithian..." he rasped, "...but I wouldn't give a plugged nickel for your chances of finding it"
BIAD looked crestfallen at his brother's words and nibbled his bottom-lip in thought.
The pocket-rummaging continued as the two time-travellers eyed each other and only
the English Spring breeze broke the scene with it's moving of the mist.

"So, you think we'll fail then?" BIAD said sadly and wondered what Nenothtu would say
if he was here, he gambled the Vandal would talk with his pistol and take off Mr. Colombo's
grandfatherly-face with a bullet.

A battered notebook appeared from the darkness of the raincoat and for a second, the
Man/girl thought he saw a long many-jointed leg hiding in the shadows of the raincoat.
BIAD frowned at his over-active imagination and waited for Death's response.

"Let's see..." Colombo grumbled and whetting his thumb, he leafed through the scrawl
-adorned pages of the book "... mmm, you've a map to discover, a race of Culs to find
and release and your pal..." Columbo's features swam and BIAD knew that his brother
was struggling to keep his contempt for Neno under control. "... is suffering from wounds
he acquired in ANOTHER fight" The Colombo character had returned and took another
draw on the cigar "that's a long list to fill -BIAD" he stated and the small book slipped
away into the pocket again.

And again, the pair looked at each other and waited.

"A true brother would help in my hour of need" BIAD said meakly and knew that the
request sounded false, Colombo looked away towards the gloom of the sulking shadows
of Mary Kelly's doorway "You've got nerve... 'ah'll give you that" Death snorted.
The Man/girl saw his chance and took it, stepping quickly towards the TV Detective,
he smiled and placed a friendly arm around his shoulders, Death shuddered at the contact
and the Man/girl recalled his brother's nervousness of being touched by a male dressed as
a woman.

"Oh now, I'm sure you can put us on the right path..." BIAD cooed and flicked his hair
back over his bare shoulders "... I'm sure you can come through for us?" he finished.
Colombo's breathing became laboured as he struggled to stay in character, Death would
not be outsmarted by an obvious under-cutting of self-confidence.

The raincoat moved slightly open as BIAD quickly reached for the Policeman's badge.
"I mean, if YOU know where the map is, then you would surely tell your good-looking
brother... wouldn't you?" BIAD rubbed a hip coyly against the older-man's waist and
could feel Falk's body writhe like snakes in a sack.

"Er... I, can't..." Death stammered and sucked eagerly on the cigar, the smoke billowed
around his craggy head as BIAD looked down at the identification of the Cop of old

Death saw the worn-leather wallet in the Man/girl's hand and gasped at the same
time of inhaling more cigar smoke. BIAD stepped away as Colombo's body suddenly
became wracked in a coughing fit.
BIAD read the Detective's first name and smiled.

The seven-foot figure reappeared and the favourite Cop of many around the world
swirled away into the London mist as BIAD pondered his bargaining power.

"THAT was below the belt..." Death hissed and reached a bony hand out for the
wallet, BIAD placed the scarred leather-wrapped badge into the huge set of fingers.
"... I'm disappointed in you" Death exclaimed and hoped the words would find their

Footsteps could be heard from the right and BIAD turned his wig-wrapped head in that
direction, Mr. 'LeatherApron' was coming.

"We have only a few seconds before I see who Jack The Ripper is and I already know
the Christain name of Dectective Colombo... you're batting average isn't doing too well,
huh?" said BIAD softly and curled a finger to draw out Death's response.

The tall black shape sagged his shoulders and sighed like air escaping from a tomb.
"It's in the Fairground... that's all I'm saying, okay?" Death mumbled and shuffled with
impatience, the sound was like many spider-legs.

The Man/girl in the red dress nodded and opened his arms to indicate he wished to go
back to the cavern, The man in the tall black hat came around the corner as BIAD blinked
out of Whitechapel.

"Good evening" the shadow-shrouded man said to Death and touched the rim of his
top-hat, Death nodded and said happily "evening to you Sir"

The man once-called and would be once-again known as Adam stepped towards the
paint-pealing door of Mary Kelly and smiling evily in the darkness, he said softly
"trust me... I'm a Doctor"
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~*~ They're Here ~*~

‘Neno?’ Silo skidded to a halt in the gravel at Neno’s side her breath coming in short gasps. She knew she should control herself but self control had all but disappeared as soon as Chumley mentioned the word ‘spiders.’

She tried to rouse the gunman again but Neno didn’t respond.

‘Neno!’ She hissed louder fearing she’d wake BIAD who lurched and grumbled in his sleep. Silo remembered something about not waking dreamers and tried her best to talk softly.

‘Nee-nooo?’ She leaned closer to the gunman’s ear before righting herself and checking his wounds. Maybe some of the poison had got to him after all she feared morbidly while examining the angry slash that traveled from his shoulder across his back and down to his hip. The wounds looked clean though - it must be he didn’t want to wake.

‘Margo...’ Neno mumbled and threw his arm out catching Silo in an embrace pulling her against him where her hip rapped smartly against the table. ‘Margo you really aught to take it off, allll off...’ Neno whispered, a dark smile crossing his sleeping lips.

Disgusted Silo rolled her eyes and slid roughly from under Neno’s arm and giving up - yelled. ‘NENO!’

He was on his feet, his hand on his gun, his injured arm reaching for the table for support and scowling all at once and all in less than a blink of an eye.

‘What the...!’ The gunman visibly wavered before Silo caught his gun arm helping him to a side chair. The others, startled by the commotion came out of their own sleep, all but BIAD, his head still couched in the crook of his arm. Silo watched as his black hair spilling over the table stood on end then relaxed again but BIAD still he slept on.

‘Neno, I’m sorry, but, there’s trouble.’ Silo grasped his opposite arm and flinched back when he recoiled. His bad arm! She’d have to remember that.

‘What trouble? More dragons?’ Neno hissed sarcastically between clenched teeth his eyes ablaze with anger and pain and something else that told her she was right - he hadn‘t wanted his dream disturbed.

‘No not dragons. Worse. I mean...’ Silo clenched her own teeth but her voice still rose an active as she continued. ‘You might think it’s silly, but, I don’t. This is about as bad as it gets. I don’t even know how much help I’ll be, I just don’t know, I mean I can’t even see straight when I think about it, but you see, they, if there‘s more than one I mean, they‘re...’

Neno hissed a profanity. Silo stopped mid word, her mouth gaping.

‘Slowly. And try to make some sense this time!’ Neno barked and accepted a cup from Chumley who’d sidled up beside Silo to hand them each a mug of bitter liquid. Neno drank deep.

‘I was babbling wasn’t I? Silo nodded her head her face all eyes. ‘Ok, so it’s like this. Chumley had to drop a, I mean Chumley had to find a place to...’

‘You’re still babbling’ Neno wiped his mouth with the bad of his hand to cover his grin. The girl was actually flustered! He thought he’d never see the day but she was. Somehow he liked her more for it.

‘Ok, I’ll stop babbling.’ Silo shot him a salute and leaned closer. ‘Neno, Chumley? He found s-p-i-d-e-r-s’. She spelled out like the others were children in need of protection.

Neno spit his second mouthful of the guards grog just missing Silo's face but not Chumley who took the drenching stoically and just went on nodding his huge head.

‘He found WHAT?’ Neno was on his feet pacing the room his eyes twitching between the two doorways, his gun waving wildly as he grasped at one of the guards oversized vests hanging on the back of a chair trying to pull the garment on awkwardly.

‘I don’t think you should cover those wounds...’ Silo started but understood his need to be covered and helped him on with the vest cringing when it settled against his raw weeping wounds. Neno didn’t seem to notice just kept moving.

‘Spiders!’ Neno squealed, or, it would have been a squeal if it hadn’t come from Neno. ’This is Margo’s doing I‘m telling you that right this minute! Why I’ll bet you a long blue Tuesday this is her doing and I‘ll win!‘ Neno stabbed a finger in the air in front of Silos nose not really seeing her. ’Of course it’s her! Don’t be ridiculous! Of all the low-down-dirty-tricks.’ His voice turned low and positively mean. ’That woman is gonna pay hell I tell you. She’s going to pay...’ Neno kept up a litany while walking the room his eyes doing somersaults to keep both doors in view at the same time.

‘He’s babbling!’ Silo thought to herself as she watched him and smiled. He didn’t so much as blink when it came time to fight dragons, but spiders? Silo nearly laughed out loud. He was really flustered. She’d never thought to see him this way but something about it pleased her. She liked him more for it.

Chumley stopped them both dead in their tracks, and thoughts, with two words.

‘They’re here!’

One long white bony leg curled from the tunnel entrance 15 feet into the room probing the air like it could taste it. A pair of slimmer legs scissored forward almost primly after the first had anchored itself deep into side of the rooms softly glowing wall. The sound of something large being dragged towards them over the gravel floor of the tunnel made their skin prickle. When the sound stopped just outside the guard room, the group held their breath as one. Like skeletal hands multiple legs grasped to each side of the oval doorway clutching the walls in order to pull itself out from the tunnel and force it’s way in amongst them.

Chumley was right. ‘They’ were here.

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"Headlights... occasionally get themselves slaughtered... slaughtered" said the Spider in
Boy In A Dress's wig-festooned head and the Man/girl who shouldn't have existed in
this reality raised that head and looked at the ivory-coloured legs at the cavern entrance.

"But in Amity... one man can make a difference!" the optimistic voice came again and the
huge head swam in the shadows above the eight bony limbs.

Nenothtu lifted his pistol and BIAD and the rest of of the group watched the cylinder click,
slide-forward and return back into it's normal place, the chambers were now different.
"Get behind me... all of you, NOW! " commanded the Vandal and stepped into his fight

Y’lrang grabbed Silo and at the same time and placed a hand on the hackles of Y’lwren,
bared teeth snarled from the Cul's jaws.
Sslar was already at Neno's side and ready to pounce as the huge Spider waited in the
shadows for an answer. Tibbs and the weary Dag shuffled behind the tall gunman, whilst
Mucklebones stood her ground, where she arose from her sleep.

"Witch, you're tempting my patience" Neno hissed and the bony Gray in the dirty green
poncho stepped into his line of fire, The Hag of The Canyon showed a cunning smile.
"They're buggers alright... but they wish us no harm Neno" Muckles said softly and of course,
this meant nothing to the man with the gun.

"Step out of the way -woman..." Neno said slowly and the thunder-clouded face showed
eyes of red-hot flint "... I'll not be so sparing with the gun -this time"
The hermaphrodite came along side his friend and whispered "Neno...? I know you're
busy, but I think she's correct. I can hear them speak"

Neno's arm stayed straight as a Nephlim branch, though his head moved slightly. "Not
now, huh?..." he whispered back "... there's more of 'em and we're gonna have to fight
our way out this place"

Chumly's fearful face turned at the words and nodded in agreement "I couldn't go"
he stated and BIAD smiled the way a kind person smiles at an idiot, and nodded back.

"They can communicate... sort of" the Man/girl said softly and placed a long nailed hand
on Neno's bicep, he almost quipped about being 'buffed' but thought better of it.
The pains of his last battle itched and ached as Neno twisted his head slightly more to
look at the eyeless creature that he'd befriended back in the forest, a time long-long
ago now.

"I hate 'em BIAD, and these bastards are big... bastards" Neno hissed and the disgust
wasn't lost on the being in the red-dress and stiletto heels.
"I know, I know... but I think this is our ride" BIAD said coyly and enjoyed Neno's puzzled

The giant Spider placed a many-jointed leg slowly into the light of the torch-illuminated
cavern and Neno dropped his gun to the gasps of Dag and Silo, he was gambling again
and didn't like it.

"It's just kids playin' with phone" the Spider said and tapped the leg twice, BIAD grinned
and called "inside, you can feel the difference... outside you can SEE the difference" and
clicked his heels together. The group all stood staring at the Man/girl with the familiar
'O'-shaped mouths.

The bulky head moved into the cavern and Tibbs recognised the the creature from the
book -Vantine Kel Puldria, sadly he hadn't read the text underneath the rendering.

"We're here to help you" the Spider-thought came again and there was three 'voices'
in unison, a faint sound of city traffic was in the background and BIAD's smile broadened.

"They use random thoughts from movies and songs of the past! the hermaphrodite
announced with glee and clapped his hands, Neno eyed BIAD up-and-down with a look of
astonishment, the gun barrel still vaguely aimed at the Arachnid.

"What the hell..." started Nenothtu, but Muckles interrupted with "Aye, they're Germins
and the' talk with U-man words pulled from yer heeds" The Crone chuckled at the scene
before her. "Yer Devil there has the gift" she said and indicated to Tibbs to get the book
from his satchel.

"Do you suppose there is a place, Toto?" said the Germin and clicked a pointed foot
against the daubed wall, Neno's head swivelled at the sound and the pistol-hand
tightened, Silo stepped further behind her Cul in fear.

BIAD gazed around the group and kept the smile easy, "he wants to know where
we wish to go" he said as a teacher does to their young pupils. Tibbs and Muckles
were lost in the pages of the Vantine Kel Puldria, whilst Dag, Y’lrang, Silo and the
Cul-dog stared at the huge Spider that blocked their escape.

"We wish to find the Splitter" said Tibbs from behind the large tome, "My people...
my people need freeing" the good-looking Cul said and received a grateful look from
Y’lwren. "We need to take the Dark Lord down" rasped Nenothu and thoughts of a
'clean past' fluttered in his mind.

"We will do all these things, but first we need a ride out of here" BIAD said in kind
tones, "We were going to sail home today" BIAD thought and the vision of Brad Pitt
in a leather skirt and armour swam across the Man/girl's mind.
He finished his thought with a foot-stomp.

"In Troy, guests can leave whenever they want" said the Spider and dropped his body
with a spread of the legs.

Without a glance, the Boy In A Dress walked over to the huge grey carapace and clambered
aboard, no amount of hem-pulling saved his dignity and Silo had to stifle a giggle at the
outrageous sight.
That was enough to break the tension in the cavern and with a smiling BIAD straddling the
creature, Neno guessed he would have to swallow his loathing of Spiders and grab himself
a mount.

They all stepped out of the cavern after the shuffling beast and looked on the horde of
many-legged monsters. Silo reached up to her love's ear and whispered "stay with me...
I'm afraid" Y’lrang looked down with a kind smile and said "no harm will befall you -while
I'm here"

The Spider whispered to BIAD -in regards of the romantic comment "if I hadn't been Fox
Books and you hadn't been The Shop Around the Corner, and you and I had just, well...
The Boy In Dress showed a mental frown as Tibbs and Mucklebones climbed up together
on the same Spider and responded to his own ride:
"Leave the gun, take the cannoli"

Minutes later, they all moved off into the darkness.
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Tibbs estimated that they travelled for two days -possibly three, without being able
to consult his handset and Mucklebones agreed he was near the mark.
For some reason, the small electronic device struggled deep in the cave-system
and the robed-Vithian guessed it was something to do with the dull crystals that
adorned the smooth walls.

The labyrinth of tunnels was bewildering, yet the Germin seemed to know every
twist and turn without another thought.

The group camped twice and thanks to Neno's outdoor skills, a campfire kept the
darkness at bay while they slept. The Spiders slipped away during these rest-periods
and Neno once commented to Boy In A Dress that the Arachnids would do their
hunting for food at this time, BIAD pondered for a while and said that they also didn't
care for the light... it made them see who they were.

Nenothtu was going to press further when Tibbs looked up from his reading beside
the Gray Witch and said "according to the book, these tunnels once belonged to the
Carone people who mined for a mineral that would make them immortal" the bearded
little man peered over his spectacles at Y’lrang for any confirmation.

The well-muscled Cul looked back and with a nibble of his lip, he said quietly "I have
heard of this race, they were long-gone by the time we came to Carbiox, it seemed
like a tale that was told to the young"

Tibbs sighed and returned to the Vantine Kel Puldria, Muckles shuffled closer and the
time-traveller with the robes and the sky-traveller with the poncho huddled like babes
in a blanket, except now they were enwrapped with words.

Silo touched Y's arm and smiled, "we're going to do our best for your people, the U-mans
owe you that and I owe you too" Y’lrang nodded and ate his portion of supplies gathered
from the painted Cavern.

Dag looked longingly back into the darkness and it was the Man/girl who squatted beside
her, he knew she was still grieving.
Adam will be fine -Missy... my brother will take care of him" the grinning BIAD said softly.
"His body is here with us, thanks to Neno's quick thinking... but Adam is in another place
now" Dag looked into the strange face of the hermaphrodite and with tear-filled eyes,
she whispered "bullsh*t"

BIAD agreed and said no more, the flames cast their illumination on them without

A few hours later, the Germin returned and after a weird conversation between them
and BIAD, they assumed their journey through the dark maze.
"Agosto" the Man/girl said as the large grey Spiders 'clittered' near edge of the firelight
and then quipped "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up" The Vandal with the
strange handgun merely shook his head and waited for the Spider with the dark scar near
his eye to appear, that was his ride.

When all were mounted and Adam's wrapped body was lashed to a smaller Germin, they
again set off towards their future.

Sometime later, BIAD called "open the pod-bay doors HAL" and the many-legged
caravan began to head upwards, their journey through the mountain was near it's
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~*~ Lost and Found ~*~

‘I don’t like this...’ Y’lwren telepathed to her brother in the private way they had since childhood. Her brother nodded his head slightly but didn’t reply, he still wasn’t convinced the Germins couldn’t ‘hear’ what they were saying though his sister assured me they could not.

‘Listen Y, these Germins aren’t ‘thinkers’. These things are rote based. They hear things and repeat them when appropriate but they’re not ‘originals’. They’re also nothing more than pack mules.’ Y’Lwren trotted beside the Germin carrying her brother who still regretted not staying with Silo who refused to ride the big ‘spiders’.

‘Maybe not these,‘ Y’lrang indicated the lesser Germins, ‘But that one Neno is ridding? I’m not sure about that one.‘ Y’lrang spoke half the words in his mind, half vocally. It had been a long while since they’d used their old skills.

‘No matter, I have a feeling these things are going to take us to your people.‘ Y’lwren changed the conversation before he could reply. ‘I still don’t get it though!’ The old frustration rose in Y’lwren. She closed her mouth and ground her teeth in order not to howl. ‘Our Cul’s would never submit - to anyone! They’d die first!’ Then she did howl, a long low sound that rose the hackles on her neck and the hairs on the necks of the rest of the group forming the underground caravan.

‘I know.’ Even using telepathy Y’lwren could hear his pain. ‘We don’t have all the answers sister, but then again we never have. Not since Mother died, not since our...father...remarried,’ His voice choked on old memories but be pressed on, ’...and not since our people began to disappear. But we’re close Wren, I can feel it. With ever step we take we’re closer to the truth.’ Y’Lrang prodded his Germin into a shambling run, tightened his legs around it’s thorax as it scuttled up the side of the wall and back down after passing Mucklebones and Tibbs who shared a Germin. Neno was near the front of the group and it was time they had a talk.

**** On down the line ****

‘Silo, you want a piggy-back’? Chumley offered as he lumbered along behind the last Germin where Dag rode with Adam’s body strapped to the creature.

Silo chuckled. Piggy-Back. She’d forgotten where she heard the term, but it made her smile...and she was tired. ‘Sure big guy, give me a tail up!’ Stepping carefully onto the thickest part of the Regalians tail she walked out to it’s end and waited for Chumley to whisk her up on his shoulders. One whip of his tail and she was there.

‘I getting good at this!’ Chumley rumbled and wrapped his tentacles around her lower legs that dangled to either side of his neck.

‘Yes you are.’ Silo used the base of his thick eyestalks as handgrips and smiled into his eyes that swiveled to look at her then back to the trail.

They traveled at a slight downgrade for another hour before Silo wondered why they’d not caught up with the others.

‘How far ahead do you think they are?’ Silo wondered out loud. The Regalian was big, his stride long, but he was still no match for the Germins.

‘No worry Silo, you safe with me and they mark the trail.’ Chumley was quick to reassure her.

‘I’m not worried big guy,’ She replied patting his head, ‘I was just...’ Silo bit off the end of her sentence. They’d reached a three way branch in the trail where Chumley came to an abrupt stop.

‘What’s the problem?’ Silo asked with a sinking feeling in her stomach. She could already see the problem. Each branch of the trail was clear. There were no Germin web-blocks keeping them from going the wrong way.

‘But, they always make webs!’ Chumley’s voice rose as Silo shimmied down from his shoulders to the tunnel floor.

‘Maybe they did Chumley.’ Silo poked around behind clusters of rocks and found two large bunches of webbing someone, or thing, had cut down from where they’d blocked two of the three tunnels.

‘Someone wants us lost?’ Chumley's eyes widened, his mouth turned down in a huge questioning frown.

‘Yeah, someone wants us lost.’ Silo said grimly and took the Regalian’s trembling tentacle in her hand to reassure them both.

‘Who? Chumley swallowed loudly his tentacle tightening it’s grip, his eye-stalks swiveling wildly.

‘I dunno big guy. I just don’t know.’ Silo stepped closer to the Regalian and tried to figure out what they’d do next.

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~*~ Falling.... ~*~

Y'lrang moved his Germin up next to Neno’s at the head of the caravan. Unfortunately for them both the gunman’s constitution didn’t afford him niceties. He loathed his mount, he loathed the position they were in and he wasn’t feeling particularly perky after enduring a day of ridding and fighting the pain of his injuries.

The last thing he wanted was to have to deal with the much younger, stronger, taller and more...beautiful Cul. Especially since he seemed to be romantically attached to his own mother, something Neno still couldn’t wrap his head around.

‘Don't ignore me Gunman’ Y'lrang barked at Neno.

‘I’m not ignoring you.’ Neno replied urging his Germin along faster with his heels.

Y'lrang followed suit his lesser Germin scuttling up and down the inside wall to keep up.

‘Neno!’ Y'lrang shouted over the scrape of pointy feet against the rocky walls and floor, ‘We have to talk! Now Gunman!’

If Neno had been wearing spurs they would have jingled. Instead his heels beat a smart tattoo against the sides of his spider mount.

In their foolish ride neither rider noticed the sharp drop off suddenly appearing on their left. The cave wall dropped off abruptly replaced by a black void what could only be called despair. Empty space opened to the side of the trail eating up rocks flung from under the Germin’s feet, the light and glow of the caves and torches. There was nowhere there but down, down, down.

‘Leave off Cul, we’ll talk later!’ Neno hollered over his shoulder still thumping the beast on and cringing with each stride forward.

‘We’ll talk now!’ Y’lrang bellowed and throwing himself from his mount landed on the back of the greater Germin carrying Neno. Y’Lrang did all he could not to touch Neno as he regained his balance, but failed. When Y’lrang’s chest met Neno’s injured back in a particularly vicious jolt Neno bellowed in pain, then slumped forward on his mount in a dead faint.

‘Smooth move Bro!’ Y’Lwren barked and snapped at the Germin's feet forcing it as far from the cavernous drop as possible. The lesser Germin that had been carrying Y’lrang tumbled over the side of the abyss it’s high pierced screeching echoing as it went.

With his sister helping to herd Y'lrang's out of control mount against the inner cave wall and the gaping abyss to one side threatening to swallow them all whole, all the Cul could do was hold onto the gunman with all his might - and pray.

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~*~ Mommy Dearest ~*~

‘Chumley? What in the hell are you doing with Whisper's whip!’ Silo stood amazed, her eyes round and unbelieving. Whisper. Gone so long, but never forgotten. The Captain of the Yydryl’s guard. A mystery never solved. Chumley’s crush, his idol, his reason for being... Disappeared without a trace, leaving only her beloved whip behind. The same whip Chumley’s clutched in his grip it’s gleaming coil a deadly extension of his tentacle.

‘Ship gave it to me when she made me Captain... After...’ He choked and couldn’t continue. Knowing this line of talk would only increase the Regalian despair Silo turned so they were back to back, ready for anything that may be waiting in the shadows. Whatever had cut the web from the trails leaving them without a clue which to follow.

‘I’m glad you have it Chum. Someone, or something didn’t want us going forward with the group, and that...’

‘...that someone is here Silo.’ A low voice soft and gravely, strangely melodic finished for her. ’Captain Chumley, please stand down. That’s a lovely whip but you’ve no cause to use it, we come in peace.’

The voice from the shadows didn’t echo through the caverns as did Silo’s voice, and the Regalian's. As comforting as it was it also caused Silo’s hair to stand on end. She’d heard a voice like that before.

‘Show yourself!’ Chumley bellowed, one tentacle strapping Silo to his back, guarding her with his body, the other tentacle allowing freedom to Whisper’s whip, the coils sang as they fell, ready.

‘Chumley, please...’ Silo struggled against his grip, but he wouldn’t let her go.

‘Regalian! Release Silo and tame your whip. We mean you no harm. We are here’ The authority in her voice was hard not to follow.

From the eerie blue glow of the caves deep shadows stepped the most alluring creature Silo had ever seen. A siren dressed in two small slashes of dragon hide that barely covered her curves. Legs impossibly long, her arms well muscled and banded in a shining metal, her stomach hard and bare her skin the color of burnt honey like she spent long hours training under the sun. She moved like a cat, silent and lethal, her hips round and swaying. Silo wondered how the stranger could be so different but so similar to Y’lrang at once, her face and form almost that of a sister to the Cul. Blonder than Y by shades, her eyes not quite as blue, her cheekbones higher, her chin sharper but she left no doubt she was a Cul. The walls of the hell caves glowed brighter as she passed, the stranger stepped into the light of the torches lining the tunnels, and she shined.

Both hands outstretched in a bid for peace she stopped and waited posing one long leg before the other pulled back and cocked at an angle resting on it‘s toes, her shoulders squared causing her breast to thrust forward, her chin high and regal.

‘You’re a Cul’? Silo mouthed the obvious once Chumley released her from his grip.

‘How did you know?’ She smiled a feral smile all teeth.

‘It must be the way’ Silo smirked sarcastically. But there was truth in her answer. As the strange female spoke Silo remembered another who’s voice didn’t ring through the caverns. Y’Lrang.

The females eyes flashed a dangerous green in their deep blue, the color of jealousy and hate. If Silo hadn’t been waiting for it she doubted she would have seen it.

Chumley, clearly not understanding, but feeling the malevolent undercurrents tried to push Silo back behind his back again.

‘That will not be necessary Chumley. I offer neither of you any threat.’ She stepped closer extending her hand, palm up, fingers long and cool, the nails tipped in the same fiery metal that glistened from the band circling her upper arms.

‘But you wanted us separated from the others?’ Silo didn’t reach out to take the Cul’s hand slapping Chumley’s tentacle away when he did. The Cul chuckled and smiled down, something else that bothered Silo, the females height.

‘Yes, the others are headed for...danger. We wish to avoid any needless bloodshed. Especially not the blood of our once Prince Y'lrang and his sister ‘Wren.’ The Cul let her hand fall back to her side unruffled by their slight, her poise never faltering.

Then why didn’t you just separate Y and his sister?’ Silo used the familiar form of Y’lrang’s name earning her another eyeful of green sparks from the strange Cul who continued as if she hadn’t heard.

‘I am Y’Quorra. New to the house of Y. I came by the title in the joining with the young prince Y'lrang's father. You may call me Q, or Quorra.’ She smiled again and this time the smile did reach her eyes, and died there. With a flash of her hand the Cul beckoned to the shadows never taking her gaze from Silo. Silo, unwilling to break the eye lock with the Cul - her unspoken enemy - couldn’t help but look away at the rustling from in front and behind her. Before the new Queen of the Cul’s returned her hand to her side the tunnels filled with countless bodies, all of them slaves.

Chumley tried again at pushing Silo behind him. She almost let him. The throngs pouring in from the darkness of the tunnels were beautiful, tall, blond, each and every one a perfect ‘specimen’ but their eyes were black and lifeless, two dead obsidian holes set in the faces of angels.

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When neno came out of his faint, the crisis was over - for the time being. 'Always another one right around the corner, and you just never see 'em coming' he thought ruefully. He lay there still until the sea of faces stopped swimming around, and merged back into the few who were actually with him before he gingerly sat up. It was a painful process. The inflamed welt running the length of his back from getting horned by a "dead" dragon let him know with no uncertainty that it was still there.

Pain. Doesn't really hurt that much, when you consider that it lets you know you're still alive. looking from one face to another, nenothtu grumbled "don't look so shocked. I'm still breathin'. I've got it on good authority that I'm just too mean to die." Then he focused one ONE face - Y'lrang's. "Cul. I like you. That's the ONLY reason yer still breathing, too" he neglected to add in that the fact that he didn't want to break his mother's heart factored into that snap decision not to kill when the searing pain of the Cul's cowboy horse-hopping moves caused his blackout, just before it all went black. It wasn't the first time he'd passed out from unbearable pain, but it may have been the first time that he hadn't insured his own survival by dealing with the source before he went under.

"Now Y, here's the deal. It's nice to be nice, but this ain't the time or place. You may not have noticed, but there are things in this cave that might eat us at any turn of a corner. I prefer not to get eaten, so I'm not ABOUT to divide my attention with any nice conversations. You wanna have the parlor talk, we'll have it when we have a parlor around us - NOT in this cave, amongst these deadly problems, in the middle of a mission." He didn't clear his throat, smile in the least, or even blink - he stared steadily into the Cul's eyes and continued "We just now damn near died because you wanted to have a chit chat. There's a time for that, and it ain't right now. Keep yer focus - you have a whole race of people depending on you for their liberty. Kinda makes 'the talk' turn a bit to the pale side, in context." Here he allowed himself just the slightest of a twisted grin, and concluded "besides, you'd best consider getting me real good and liquored up before that talk, hoss."

Y'lrang just looked momentarily confused by all that. He had no idea what the gunman was carrying on about, other than idle chit-chat could lead to a loss of focus, with disastrous results, and he'd just had THAT lesson reinforced.

Neno looked around again, and asked "How long have I been out?"

"Perhaps 10 minutes" Tibbs volunteered, then added "I was just looking for a mirror to see if you were still breathing when you awoke."

Nenothtu jumped to his feet, ignoring the pain the sudden movement produced. After all, it was only there to let him know he was still alive. "TEN MINUTES!" he exploded. "Silo and Chumley haven't caught up? No way they should be that far behind!" He started checking his equipment belt for knife, gun, loads, and assorted necessities as he continued "I've got to go find them. Y'all sit here and relax, take a breather, swallow hard and get yer hearts back into yer chests. Gonna need two to sit over there" indicating the way ahead, "and two over there" indicating the way they had already been "and watch fer trouble coming whilst ye relax. I ought to be back in jest a few minutes, and fer the sakes of the gods, make sure it ain't me or Chumley or Silo coming afore ye open fire on any noises!". With that he set off along the back trail in a trot, quickly disappearing down the tunnel, Sslar easily keeping up with him, to his rear.


Nenothtu sat on a high ledge in the cave, an outcrop of rock, looking down on the scene below. He had no idea where Sslar had disappeared to, but he had no doubts that she was on the job... somewhere around. He'd picked the high ground because organisms seldom ever look up. It seemed to be a universal thing. They might appear to be looking everywhere around them, all at once, but they rarely ever looked up. He studied the scene before him, formulating a plan of attack.

There was Chumley and Silo, surrounded by a throng of what appears for all practical purposes to be a horde of biological automatons. Zombies. Not the dead, corpsified zombies of the old movies, but zombies all the same. They appeared to be under the control of a single woman, and WHAT a woman! Nearly naked, she was a sight to behold. yessir, she was mighty pretty - but so is a coral snake, and that's not anything you'd want to snuggle up to on a cold night, either.

One thing he'd learned over the course of his life is that anything posing a danger was fair game. Be it man, woman, or child, if it was big enough and bad enough to put your one and only life on the line, it was big enough and bad enough to take the consequences. Therefore the fact that it was a woman, even a pretty woman, didn't factor in to his decision. Anything that tried to kill you, well, you just had to kill it right back! What DID factor into his plan was the fact that the woman appeared to be in control of the zombies. That simplified things, and helped him reach his decision. It was a gamble, but all of life is.

A bloodcurdling, ululating scream rang through the cavern, freezing everyone in the tableax before him. It startled them, and gave just an instant of pause and confusion while they tried to identify it, and that's just what he meant for it to do. By the time it ended, he had leaped, ridden the woman to the ground, and pinned her to the cave floor beneath him, with her chin in one hand and the back of her head in the other, with just a hint of twist and pressure applied to her head to show he meant business.

"Call yer zombies off, or I'll twist yer damned head off and spit down yer throat" He twitched her head ever so slightly, just to emphasize what he said.

Her features softened, but it was a willful softening. there was still the hardness of flint behind her eyes. "We mean you no harm. We're here to help you." she said.

Nenothtu chuckled, but without any humor. "Sure you are. I get surrounded by an army of zombies every second Thursday of the month, and they're always just 'here to help'. Baloney. Call 'em off" and he twitched her head again.

Seeing that feminine wiles weren't working on this obvious eunuch, she changed tactics in mid stream to imperiousness. "As you say, you are surrounded. One word from me, and none of you will leave this place alive. There are only three of you, and look at the numbers that have you surrounded! Take your hands off of me this instant."

From no where and everywhere came the reply "FOUR of us. And I count for at least 4 more" Sslar added in that odd, non-echoing voice of hers.

Neno laughed out loud at the woman's imperious pronouncement, which is not what she'd expected at all. "Not a chance in hell. What makes you think I ever intended to leave here alive, anyhow? Go ahead and give your word to 'em. I'm ready to die - are you? 'Cause you can bet yer sweet ass that as soon as they start moving, you'll be the first to go. You'll not live long enough to see ME die, and that's a promise."

Chumley piped up and said "I don't wanna die, neno!"

Without taking his eyes of Y'Quorra, neno replied "Pipe down, Chumley. Some times, you just have to take life - or death - as it comes. You ain't always got a choice in the matter, so when the time comes, you just have to die as well as you can."

Looking into his eyes for any sign of doubt or bluff, she found none. This lunatic was ready and willing to die, right here, right now. This was beyond her experience. Everyone, and always, at an imperious command from her, had fallen all over themselves to do her bidding - especially when it was clear that there were to be dire consequences if they didn't. In all her days, she had never run across anyone who was absolutely willing to die in that instant.

This strange man was, and she didn't doubt it for an instant. That changed the equation considerably. She had no doubts that he'd kill her without pause, and SHE wasn't ready to die. Ever! There seemed to be a raw power in this man, something more than just the vise-like grip he held her head in. He knew himself, and that was a power she'd never encountered. "Power", of any sort, had an aphrodisiac effect on Y'Quorra, and always had. It had been a long time - perhaps too long - since she had felt what stirred and slithered within her.

Nenothtu saw the change in her eyes, and typical for the simple bumpkin sort of man he was, he misinterpreted it. He saw that he had "won" this battle - but didn't have a clue as to why. All he knew is that they were about to get out of this mess alive. He chalked it up to fear, and thereby grossly underestimated his opponent. He really couldn't be blamed - neno was not in the habit of fighting women, and was simply unaware of some tactics and reactions inherent in that battle.

Y'Quorra wasn't backing down, as he thought, she was simply changing her objectives, and her line of attack. She heaved a breath, making sure that neno couldn't miss it, what with all the rubbing and brushing it produced, smiled a small smile and wriggled slightly, but suggestively beneath him, and shouted "STAND DOWN!" The demeanor of the "zombies" changed immediately.

After a moment, neno got up off Y'Quorra and lifter her to her feet. he simply said "I'm not about to cut you loose to formulate another attack. I'm keeping you where I can keep an eye on ye. Consider yourself a Prisoner of War" and with that he spun her around and tied her hands together behind her back with a plasticuff from his belt. He did it more for the psychological impact, to underscore her "prisoner" status, than out of any fear of a physical danger from her. In all actuality, he was unprepared for the sort of "physical danger" she had in mind.

"Ooh!" Y'Quorra purred at him. "You can tie it tighter than that!"

"Shaddup" neno replied, and smacked her on the behind. That didn't have the desired effect, either.

"Oh baby! HARDER!" was her reply as she tried to curl back into him.

Exasperated, neno shoved her away roughly, and said "Wierd ass. You walk in front of me, where I can keep an eye on you."

"My pleasure!" she cooed, as she strode off ahead, swaying her hips in a slightly exaggerated manner. Well, "swaying" her hips might not have been quite the right description. When she walked, her hips rolled in a hypnotic and rather inviting manner.

"DAMMIT!" neno muttered under his breath, exasperated, as the party set off back to the chamber where he'd left the rest of the company. Although he didn't know what she was up to, and was sublimely unaware of the change in her objective, he knew she was up to SOMETHING, and wasn't about to be thrown off his guard by her antics.

That might be the only thing that would save his bacon, in the final analysis.

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