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USO Research

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 08:42 AM

Originally posted by MidEastGui

MidEastGui - as graphic interpretations go,this ones HUGE.
Once again,great post

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 05:38 AM
Night watchman observes disc-shaped object over lake:

Date: April 25, 2006
Location: Waterhen Lake , Saskatchewan, Canada

Summary: "It's kind of like a Frisbee, two Frisbees on top of another, like an orange in the middle," he said. "And they were turning at an incredible rate. It was just like you could see the windows turning one way and the ship, the bottom part, turning the other way. And whatever way on top it was like glowing. I don't know what it was but it was beautiful." Lapratt said he saw several objects landing on the lake, then zipping away at high speed toward the treeline.

Link with witness sketch of object:


UFO seen coming out of water and flying away in Malaysia:

Date: October 8, 2005
Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Sighting Time: 7:05 am
Day/Night: Dawn
No. of Witnesses: 2
Duration: Less than 5 minutes

What I saw looked like a strip of white wave breaking on the water surface. After about 2 minutes and maybe a thousand meter from where we first noticed it, a grey/white craft broke out of the water right were the white wave was and it continued to move in the same direction except this time it was flying in the air.

Appearance / Description of Object(s):
The vessel was white/metalic grey in colour. It had a gently curved top and a round large ball like bottom. The closest that I can describe it is that it looks fairly close to the one shown in Photo353.htm of this site. To me the most prominent feature of the vessel was the round ball like bottom.

Size of Object(s)
It was difficult to estimate its size when it came out of the water, because of the distance, but it was definitely a lot bigger that the strip of water that we saw, and I estimated the strip to at least 8 ro 8 meters.

Description of Area / Surroundings: Beach, near the airport.

Full Description & Details:
On the morning of Saturday October 8 2005 my wife and I dropped my 18 year old daughter at school. It was about 6:50 am and we decided to go to a nearby beach to wait for the shops to open so that we can have our breakfast. We reached the beach just about 7 am.

While at the beach we sat on the concrete steps facing to sea to the west. It was 7:05 am and the sun was already shining very brightly when my wife noticed something unusual on the water about 500 meters off shore and she brought my attention to it. What I saw looked like a strip of white wave breaking on the water surface and I told her that.

However instead of moving towards shore, the 'wave' was moving across the water parallel to the beach away towards our left.

She then asked me whether it was a dolphin instead, but I told her it was moving too fast for even a dolphin and probably way too big. The 'white strip of wave' by my estimation, was at least about 8 to 9 meters long. It was definitely not a boat either, because what I could see was just a strip of water breaking on the surface and nothing above.

Now, the beach that we were at was right in the centre of a gentle bay with the Kota Kinabalu International Airport about 3 kilometers away to our left at the end of the bay. The moving strip of white water was moving towards the airport at a speed of maybe about 30 or 40 Kmh.

After about 2 minutes and maybe a thousand meter from where we first noticed it, a grey/white craft broke out of the water right were the white wave was and it continued to move in the same direction except this time it was flying in the air.

From what I could see, I could not make out any conventional means of propulsion that I know of, no propeller, no rotors, no jet exhaust and completely silent from where I was. While at the distance I could here the planes taking off and landing earlier, this flying vessel was totally silent.

It flew straight towards the direction of the air strip and it flew low barely clearing the tree tops nearby and it went across the western end of the runway below the approach window which was facing the sea.

After another couple of minutes or so the flying vessel disappeared in the distance. It never headed towards the skies, but in fact disappeared somewhere among the distant hills.

I really could not find any explaination for this sighting that both my wife and I saw. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera and I do not have any proof whatsoever of this sighting. The were also no other witnesses although there were a few people jogging at the beach when this happened, but no one was looking out to sea while they jogged. I guess I was too shocked with astonishment to hail any of the joggers to bring their attention to the phenomena.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

I have no explaination whatsoever

Witness Background: I am Catholic Lay Minister and a Catechist. An educator of Faith. I do not lie.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting:
I have an open mind. It just may be possible.


UFO seen floating on lake on witness' property in Tennessee:

Date: April 10, 2002
Location: Tennessee, United States

On April 10, 2002 at 5:30 A.M. CDT the witness arose and went downstairs to the kitchen and opened the blinds to look for deer on the lake on her and her husband's property. The weather was clear. She saw a bronze metallic octagon-shaped object about 20 feet across which seemed to float on the lake.
The object had darker bronze circles around a central raised portion and an extension that appeared to have windows on it.
She moved to the glass door for a better view and to make sure that what she saw wasn't a reflection or illusion. She heard no sound but watched the object for about a minute, then ran upstairs to call her husband to look. By the time the two returned the object had disappeared. The water on the lake did not seem disturbed.
Source: MUFON South Florida


Witnesses in sailing ship observe UFO with lights in France:

Date: July 3, 1997
Location: Perigny, France

Summary: In the night of July 3, 1997 at 4 a.m., a witness in his sailing ship observes an intense gleam which goes down quickly during 2 to 3 seconds, stabilizes itself a few moments before moving out again very quickly horizontally to disappear in 2 or 3 seconds approximately. The witness calls his two fellow-members who were sleeping to announce his observation to them when they are witnesses to a second phenomenon in the form of yellow rhombus ochre with lights on the tops.
The object moved very quickly at the level of the clouds and disappeared at the end of 10 to 15 seconds.


Large 'V'-Shaped UFO encounter with US Navy nuclear submarine, electromagnetic effects:

Date: October 24, 1989
Location: Florida, United States

Summary: From the witness: "My ship was on patrol about 150 miles of the Florida coast. We were cruising at about 500 feet when the submarine started experiencing electronics problems.... I saw a large inverted V-shaped UFO off the port side....This huge vessel was over a half mile across. The UFO made a half circle around our ship then passed across the stern..."

Nine years ago, on October 24 and 25, my ship was on patrol about 150 miles of the Florida coast. We were cruising at about 500 feet when the submarine started experiencing electronics problems.
The ship was malfunctioning, our tanks were blowing out of control, we were losing navigation ability and the communications area was totally lost. We went to all stop and tried to access what was happening.
The controls in the reactor area started to malfunction. This presented a serious danger to our safety, so the captain ordered us to shut down the reactor, surface and go to diesel motors. When the ship surfaced I went to my watch station. The ship was still experiencing electronic difficulties but the mechanical devices such as diesel engines, cook stoves, and turbines were fine.
It was raining and the entire sky was red like a red neon sign. I saw a large inverted V-shaped UFO off the port side. The executive officer told me to stand fast and he would speak to the captain. In a minute, the captain appeared on the tower and asked me for a distance to the craft. The laser range finder determined the closest point was 200 meters and the farthest point was 1,000 meters off the port.
The UFO was not perpendicular to our ship but at about a 45' angle. This huge vessel was over a half mile across.
The UFO made a half circle around our ship then passed across the stern causing our electronics systems to go crazy. We had permanent damage in communications and the sonar room.
As the craft flew over the stern, I could see the rain stop under its red glow. The water seemed to rise almost a foot as the UFO passed over silently. When the UFO finished its swing across the stern it paused - the sky got brighter red and it simply moved off at tremendous speed inside 15 seconds. When the UFO left our boat returned to normal with the exception of the radio and sonar. We did a quick system check and the captain ordered us to return to reactor power and get underway.

The captain took two petty officers, the executive officer, and myself into the wardroom. He told us to not spread any rumors until we had a chance to talk to Commander Submarine Fleet - Atlantic.
We reached port in about 7 hours where I was taken into "protective custody."


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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 06:21 AM
Ball of fire moves over 4 witnesses in boat on Bear Lake, Florida

Date: July, 1983
Location: Bear Lake, Forest City, Florida, United States
Date Reported: 6/5/2006 12:48:12 AM
Sighting Time: 12 midnight
Day/Night: Nighttime
No. of Witnesses: 4
Duration: all together about 2 and a half minutes

Summary: The four witnesses had gone out in their boat to the middle of the lake, when they noticed a strange light that apeared as a flaming ball, orange and red with flames licking upward then like tongues of fire vanishing over the ball. The light then went out, but after a minute or two the fireball appeared again, directly over the witness' boat, before shooting away.

Appearance / Description of Object(s):
The object was round like a soft ball and seemed about the same size from the distance we were from it. it had the apearance of fire around it the flames like toungs licking up around the ball then shooting upward above it before fading out. It was about the same brightness as a camp fire and about the same colors with mostly orange, yellow and red.

Size of Object(s):
At first it apeared to be the size of a golf ball if held at arms lenth. the second time when it hovered above it apeared to be the size of a soft ball at arms lenth. I would guess from the fire and knowing how fast flames travel the actual size to be about 40 to 50 feet across and round

Full Description & Details:
To start with I was sober and with 3 other people who were also sober or I would never have told anyone of this experance.
We were living in a lake front house and often went out to the middle of the lake at any hour of day or night just to park and be romantic with my roommate Larry and his girl, and my now current wife Kristen.
This night I noticed a strange light that apeared as a flaming ball, orange and red with flames licking upward then like tongues of fire vanishing over the ball.
It was moving from west to east and was to the north of us , how far away we could only estamate by the upward speed of the flames. It apeared to be about 500 feet up traveling at about 50 miles per houre and aproxamatly 1000 feet from where we were parked in our 12 foot sears fishing boat.

After traveling about 1000 feet in a straight horazontal line the light went out. I tried to make sence of it thinking it must have been a helicopter with some kind of weard light on it, yet it made no sence that we could not hear it on such a calm and quiet night. It had to be close enough to hear as the light had lit up the shore line less than a half a mile away as well as the water between us and the shore.

We all wondered what we had seen then said oh well what ever it was it was sure strange.

After a minit or two we had changed the subject when from the eastern horizon the same ball of fire shot up from what apeared to be to be around the world at a incredible high rate of speed, then stoped instantly in the sky directly above our boat.
It was hard to tell how far up it was hovering, we could see the flames moving up adn around the soft ball sized object, as though we could almost reach out and grab it yet it was out of reach.

I start jumping up and waving my arms at it and hollering here we are hello. My friend Larry soon joined me as the girls screamed and cried, beging us to stop it.

My thoughts were that the water was about 25 feet deep and I could swim to the bottom of the lake if it came after us and hold my breath as long as I could to avoid contact or abduction if need be. Fire and water don't mix was my reasoning and I would be safe there.

It stayed directly above us for what seemed to be a minit or two, lighting up the water all around us and the inside of the boat just like the same kind of light a camp fire would cast at 15 feet away. I was reaching up to try to grasp it just to make sure it was not with in reach.

It could have been no more than 500 feet or so above us it was hard to tell except for knowinf the speed that flames travel upward, as we could see the flames clearer than before.

After a period of time in the same place the object shot almost straight up and toward the south east leaving a streak of light or trail behind it and then disapeared among the stars getting smaller untill it was the size of a pin head before it disapeared, all in less than a hundredth of a second.

It went from still to what seemed to be the speed of light with out any transition or graduation in speed just instant acceleration like nothing I have ever seen.

The girls were pretty shaken up and wanted to go back to the house. I was also shaken but pretended not to be afraid and did not hesitate to start the motor and head for shore calling it a night.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
Not a chance

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting:
I would have thought you were crazy if you told me you saw what I saw or you were fibbing. Now I beleve in some stories and am more open minded to accept the fact that there are other beings exploring the universe and even our planet on occasion, but still do not beleve all sightings to be true.


Saucer-shaped object observed entering water in Hamilton, Ontario:

Date: August, 1981
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

In late August of 1981, three men and two women were driving near Hamilton, Ontario when they observed a red-orange, domed saucer shaped object. The UFO moved towards Hamilton Harbour, slowed down, and gently entered the water. The group remained in the area for seven hours, wondering if the object would resurface. Finally, two objects were seen to partially emerge and remain in that position through the point that the group finally left.

In late August of 1981, between five and six pm, three men and two women were driving west from a mountain area slightly east of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and south of Lake Ontario.
The weather was clear and sunny. At a point, roughly half way through Hamilton, one of the occupants in the car saw a strange craft through the window of the car, and by their exclamation, alerted the others in the car to the sight.
The craft was a red-orange, domed saucer shaped object, which appeared solid, with many yellow lights radiating from the base or bottom. In answer to the question of size, she (the witness of this report) answered that the diameter would be roughly 3-4 car lengths, and 3 car heights for the height of craft (also a rough guess). Her closing remark on this was “Not a small craft”.

Indeed it wasn’t, as I measured two cars belonging to family members that are of “medium size”. They average out to 15’ 7” in length and 4’ 6” in height. This would put the UFO in the area of 46’ 9” to 62’ 4” in diameter and 13’ 6” in height. Slightly smaller than the B‑25 Mitchell bomber of WW2 … “Not a small craft!”

Its speed and altitude could only be expressed as that of an aircraft on approach for a landing near an airport. It was on a course roughly parallel to theirs. Due to the curving road it was first sighted to their right (north) and then over them and then to the left. Its course was roughly north-northwest.

While driving the radio had been on and, while in the vicinity of the object, was now getting static (EM effects), which the driver turned it off to avoid further distraction. Someone in the car at this point had said, “Follow that UFO”. All being in agreement, they did precisely that. Although the road had many curves, the craft was seen to move in a straight line towards Hamilton Harbour.
As it approached the Harbour, it appeared to slow down, and then angle itself downward and gently entered the water. At the point of entry (rough approximation), it can be seen on the nautical chart that the water depth at this point is 7 or more meters (23 feet) and gets deeper in the direction of Lake Ontario, so the UFO had at least 10 feet to spare. Therefore a craft of 13 feet in height could be covered by water. There are many cases of UFOs submerging in shallow waters.

The witness reporting this case states that the UFO had passed them and was at a distance away when it entered the Harbour, and does not recall any major disturbance of the water as it went in. After it had entered the water the group lost sight of the area for a period, due to the topography. Overcome with curiosity, the group went to the waterfront to see what they could. From a city map of Hamilton, the distance from the “mountain” area and the waterfront is roughly 12 km or 7.45 Statute miles, and could have been reached quickly.
They remained in the area for approximately seven hours, wondering if the UFO would surface, whether any aircraft would attempt a search of the area, and delving into various possibilities of the event. Between 12:20 and 1:00 am, two objects were seen to partially emerge and remained in that position through the point that the group finally left.


Cigar-shaped object seen landing on the water in South Carolina:

Date: July 15, 1981
Location: Newberry, South Carolina, United States

Summary: Carl E. Moore, 14-years-old, was fishing with friends near Newberry, South Carolina, when he saw a 30-foot long cigar-shaped UFO land on the water. It was flying very slowly over the water, and then settled on the surface of the water causing steam to rise around it. After about 3 minutes it rose slightly and hovered about one foot above the surface. Suddenly, it shot skyward, rising vertically until it was out of sight.
The UFO was larger than a standard-sized automobile, without windows or doors. It was covered with small whitish-blue lights. These lights kept flickering back and forth as long as the object was in sight.


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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 06:37 AM
Green Cylinder UFO over Water:

Date: March 27, 1979
Location: Oak Bluffs , Massachusetts, United States

Apparently in contact with the water, was a luminous green cylinder with rounded ends at a distance estimated at about 200 feet.

On March 27, 1979, Ed Brown , age 19, was traveling north to Oak Bluffs along the narrow Edgartown-Oak Bluffs Road at about 50 mph, It was about 10 p.m. and he was listening to WRKO when he noticed a green glow behind the sand dunes on his right. "It must be people on the beach using 'light sticks'!", he thought.

As he proceeded, the glow brightened and his radio began to pick up a "low frequency hum". He reached a point where his view was unobstructed by dunes. Apparently in contact with the water, was a luminous green cylinder with rounded ends at a distance which we later estimated at about 200 feet.

Ed stopped his car with the engine still running and the headlights on.
The object immediately began to rise slowly and Ed could see water motion as if the object had been in the water. As he continued to watch, the object rose to a height where sight of it was blocked by the car's roof. Ed then got out of the car and stood by the driver's side with the door open and the car's interior light on.

The beach and water were now illuminated by the glow from the object. The witness continued watching the object rise with increasing speed for a few seconds and decided to reach into the car for a 12-volt quartz light which his father used for checking unoccupied cottages in the off season.

Ed intended to shine this light at the rising object but couldn't turn it on for he suddenly found himself unable to move except for his head. Was this self induced paralysis or induced externally? Ed couldn't decide. He then watched as the object rose out of sight.

He immediately headed for the Oak Bluffs police station where I found his report logged at 10:30 p.m.. The officer on duty remembered Ed as unusually excited and possibly scared; unusual because Ed was known to the police as an auxiliary policeman. What he was saying was definitely out of character.


Object hovers over sea and immobilizes witnesses in Togo, Africa:

Date: March 29, 1974
Location: Lomé, Togo

A French worker on vacation on the coast of Togo, along with a Togolese woman, were on the beach when they noticed a sharp whistle coming from the sea. They saw a dark mass which approached from over water and which stopped at 200-300 m in front of the witnesses. Suddenly, three bright lights from the object paralyzed the witnesses. Several physiological effects plagued the man afterwards, including deaf spells, fainting, and anxiety.

At the end of March 1974, A.W. a French worker on vacation on the coast of Togo, said to have been one of the witnesses of a very interesting UFO sighting.

He had spent the evening of 28 March in the company of a Togolese woman, whom he had just met, From 11 PM to 1 AM they swam 2-3 km east of a large tourist hotel, Tropicana, which is built next to the sea, a few km east of Lomé. Then they spent a while on the beach, near a dune where coconut trees grew. The night was dark and the sky very clear. Many stars were visible.

At 1:45 when they began to leave the beach, A.W. and his friend noticed a sharp whistle, very annoying, coming from the sea. They saw a dark mass which approached from over water and which stopped at 200-300 m in front of the witnesses. They found themselves on dry sand but soon a large wave then washed over them.


They then were afraid of being dragged away in the water and not being able to regain the shore. A.W. succeeded in grabbing the trunk of a coconut palm. He held on with his right arm, holding on to the woman with the other. At their feet was now a continuous barrage of strong waves, so that one instant before the sea came within 50 m of the dune

Suddenly, three bright lights showed on the object blinding the witnesses. It was like three projections pointed in their direction, other luminous beams coming from the sides of the object, perhaps also from its upper side or from the unseen side of it.
Certain of the beams seemed oriented upward, but A.W. could not confirm this, so much did the three beams pointed toward shore blind him.
In all the light it was white that dominated, but there was also yellow, pink and blue-green.
A.W. wore glasses that were lightly tinted. He was struck by the blue and green colors of the waves lighted by the object. The most interesting detail of his recount concerned the surface of the sea under the object.
It was not flat but dug in the form of a depression. A.W. estimated its depth at a few meters, 5 or 6 perhaps. Its diameter was comparable to the length of the object, on the order of 25-30 meters.


Still crouched by the coconut tree, legs in the water, the witnesses didn't move. It was not astonishment or fear that paralyzed them. The lights of the spotlights according to A.W. were there for something.
Although before the appearance of the object the temperature was mild and agreeable, there was a heat in the lights; that Mr. A.W. described as terrifying. The woman and he were sweating profusely.


Suddenly a relative coolness was felt: the object moved away toward the open sea very rapidly, without gaining altitude. Its lights went out suddenly, and it disappeared. The night became dark again and the sea went back to normal. It was 2:05 AM. by A.W.'s diving watch. The appearance of the phenomenon lasted about 20 min.

The witnesses started for the hotel Tropicana where they left each other. Although the whistle had ceased with the departure of the object, an annoying auditory sensation persisted in both of them. A.W. asked his friend not to speak to anyone about what they had seen. He feared being considered crazy and perhaps being thrown into jail.


The next morning A.W. woke up and felt totally deaf, with an impression of lightness or emptiness.

The next day he was suddenly burdened by an unexplainable sleepiness and he fell on his bed like a sack of potatoes. He slept three hours and woke with a headache which bothered him greatly. The hotel receptionist gave him a couple of pills which helped quickly.

He had several fainting spells over the next few days. He was affected a long time by what he considered a sequel of his adventure. Since that day he has felt very nervous, although he is usually pretty calm. He has deaf spells and sometimes feelings of suffocation accompanied by anxiety.


Disc landing in reservoir, part of series of sightings in New Jersey:

Date: September 15, 1962
Location: Oradell, New Jersey, United States

A series of New Jersey police sightings after a reported disc landing in a reservoir. The action began on September 15, when two shiny discs were seen by multiple independent witnesses. On September 21, four Hawthorne police officers watched a device with two beams like headlights. Just after midnight, September 24, the same or a similar device was seen over the quarry by over a dozen Hawthorne police officers and the chief reporter of the N. J. State Press.

A series of New Jersey police sightings after a reported disc landing in a reservoir -- important because police and several newspapers openly rejected an attempted "hoax" explanation.

The action began on September 15. At 5 p.m., two shiny discs were seen over Oradell, N.J. At 6 p.m., two shiny round UFOs were sighted by former Navy flying officer J. J. McVickers, just across the state line. At 7:50, NICAP member Victor Cipolla saw a glowing object descend toward Oradell, and other witnesses saw it dart back and forth near the reservoir. At 7:55, three teen-aged boys saw a bright oval-shaped ob­ject land in the reservoir, with a loud splash.
A man working nearby also heard the splash, according to police. After a moment the strange device took off, climbed silently at high speed.

As McGuire AFB began an investigation, new reports came in. On September 21, four Hawthorne police officers watched a device with two beams like headlights hover over a quarry.
Officer George Jediny, in a report to NICAP, said the UFO -- which he sketched as a disc -- seemed to revolve. The quarry night watchman, Wm. Stocks, said the UFO had also appeared the night before. When he drove a Jeep nearer to check up, the object maneuvered to keep out of the headlights.

Just after midnight, September 24, the same or a similar device was seen over the quarry by over a dozen Hawthorne police officers and the chief reporter of the N. J. State Press, George Della Penta. When a police-car spotlight was pointed up at the UFO, it began to move.

Later, Oradell police received a letter signed "The Bergenfield Pranksters," purporting to be from some boys who said they faked the sightings with aluminum-coated model aircraft supported by helium balloons. This was promptly rejected by the police and newspapers that checked the facts.

The Hawthorne News Record: "To imply so flippantly that our police officers spent almost half an hour looking at a balloon and then watched it speed away at an incredible rate -- all in quite an opposite direction from Oradell--is insulting."

The Newark Sunday News: "Flying saucers are still a big mystery...are seen with great regularity by sane and logical inhabitants of the planet Earth. What they are and where they come from and what their mission is has not yet been satisfactorily explained."


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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 07:11 AM
Trindade Island Photographs:

Date: January 16, 1958
Location: Trindade Island, Brazil
Type of Case/Report: MajorCase
Hynek Classification: DD
Shape of Object(s): Disc
Number of Witnesses: Multiple
Special Features/Characteristics: Photo, Water-Related, Military

Trindade, a small rocky island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean 600 miles off the coast of Bahia, Brazil, was the site of one of the most impressive photographic cases in UFO history.

In October 1957 the Brazilian Navy set up a small scientific base on the unoccupied island, where oceanographic and meteorological research would be conducted in connection with the International Geophysical Year.
By the end of the month base personnel were reporting silvery UFOs which seemed to be monitoring their balloon's movements.
On January 1,1958, at 7:50 A.M., the passage of a bright point of light, like a mirror reflecting sunlight, was observed by the entire garrison.

The next evening a round object with an orange glow circled the Navy tow ship Triunfo traveling off the Bahian coast 400 miles from Trindade.
As the crew watched, the UFO executed sudden right-angle turns and at other times hovered near the ship.
The sighting lasted for 10 minutes.

Later [16 JAN 58], at 12:15 P.M., as the Almirante Saldanha sat anchored off the south coast of Trindade and prepared for a return trip to Rio de Janeiro, 48 crew members and passengers spotted an object approaching the island. Among the witnesses was Almiro Barauna, a civilian who had been brought along because of his skill in underwater photography. Barauna gave this account to João Martins of the magazine 0 Cruzeiro:

I had my Rolleiflex 2.8-model E, which was kept inside an aluminum box for protection against the corrosive effects of water and salt. I had left my Leica with a telephoto lens in my cabin a few minutes before. The deck was full of sailors and officers. Suddenly Mr. Amilar Vieira and [retired Air Force] Capt. [José Teobaldo] Viegas called to me, pointing to a certain spot in the sky and yelling about a bright object which was approaching the island.

At this same moment, when I was still trying to see what it was, Lt. Homero [Ribeiro] — the ship’s dentist—came from the bow toward us, running, pointing to the sky and also yelling about an object he was sighting. He was so disturbed and excited that he almost fell down after colliding with a cable. Then I was finally able to locate the object, by the flash it emitted. It was already close to the island.

It glittered at certain moments, perhaps reflecting the sunlight, perhaps changing its own light — I don’t know. It was coming over the sea, moving toward the point called the Galo Crest. I had lost 30 seconds looking for the object, but the camera was already in my hands, ready, when I sighted it clearly silhouetted against the clouds.

The object was gray, metallic, and solid-looking, though surrounded by a greenish haze or mist. With a ring running through its midsection, it resembled a flattened version of the planet Saturn.


Formation of round UFOs maneuver near ship in 1904:

Date: February 28, 1904
Location: Pacific Ocean off San Francisco, California, United States

Three members of the crew of the USS Supply, at 6:10 a.m. local time, sighted an echelon formation of three objects which appeared near the horizon below clouds, moving directly toward the ship. As they approached, the UFOs began soaring, rose above the cloud layer, and were observed climbing into space, still in echelon. The lead object was egg-shaped and about the size of six suns, and the other two were smaller and round.

One of the earliest formation cases was reported February 28, 1904, by a ship in the North Pacific off San Francisco. Three members of the crew of the USS Supply, at 6:10 a.m. local time, sighted an echelon formation of three "remarkable meteors" which appeared near the horizon below clouds, moving directly toward the ship. As they approached, the UFOs began soaring, rose above the cloud layer, and were observed climbing into space, still in echelon. The lead object was egg-shaped and about the size of six suns (about 3 degrees of arc). The other two were smaller and appeared to be perfectly round. They remained visible for over two minutes. (Meteors, of course, do not travel in echelon formation, change course and climb, nor remain visible for two minutes).


Chilean Navy ship encounters large UFO; tracked on radar:

Date: October 24, 1969
Location: Chile

The incident involved a Chilean Naval destroyer and was witnessed by crew members and the commander of the vessel.
Up to six UFOs, including one large object, were observed. The objects were verified on radar and observed visually. As the main object moved over the ship, the vessel's power went out."

Just after midnight, on or about October 24, 1969, a Chilean Navy destroyer, a week out of dry dock at Talcahuano Port was navigating at 20 knots and heading north 20 degrees portside from NNW). The incredible events that followed took place over the next eight minutes.

At 12:43 A.M. the radar officer reported a long-range flying contact.
A minute later the "contact" was at 400 miles. Because of the "object's" speed, the operator suspected a malfunction in his equipment.
In the next minute the contact was approximately 150 miles away closing from 331 degrees of true north. But the operator and officer in charge during the late night duty (an officer of second-class rank) speculated that the contact was a "plane flying southeast" --but at 213 miles in a minute: 12,780 mph!

The officer in charge advised the ship's commander, who asked that an eye be kept on the object. At 12:47 the contact was only 12 miles away. Suddenly the single contact became six "targets." The "thing spread .... Little dots appeared in the fire of the light on the radar...."

The officer in charge informed the commander just as the objects making the returns came into view. Both eyewitnesses and radar were reporting six objects approaching the ship. The commander came up to the ship's bridge to see what was going on.

It was a fantastic sight. One massive object and five small objects were approaching at high speed. The "big thing looked like a big box [with] semicircles in the side" looking as if they had been scooped out. It was bathed in brilliant light. "The thing must have been metallic," my informant told me. "It was bigger than the destroyer, which was about 110 metres long." He thought it might be at least twice the length of the ship but it was difficult to tell because "the light was bright."

The five smaller objects were egg-shaped and appeared to be no bigger than eight feet long and five to six feet wide. They were bluish in color.

At about 2000 yards out from the destroyer the smaller objects left the proximity of the larger object. Three went portside and two went starboard. The smaller objects at times seemed to be flying in "elliptical circles backwards and forwards between the big one and our vessel ....

"The main thing did not change direction -- if it had been in the sea there would have been a collision."

A humming noise was audible when the large object got to within 300 yards. It was at this point that the power went out. For a couple of seconds all instruments went dead as the huge craft passed overhead.

At this point the commander came on to the bridge, asking, "What the hell is that?" My informant remarked that the commander "was very calm, because probably he knew what he saw. We didn't.

"You could see the whole thing, the light was so strong. You could see the water, the funnel head, the head of the ship, the towers, everything... Everybody on the bridge was sort of listening to the noise. I don't know how long this thing took to go across."

The bright red lights underneath the main UFO seemed to be moving back and forth inside the "box," shining through a half-circle or crescent shape on the bottom of the object. On the side were what looked like "corn cobs," with green or turquoise pulsing lights.These lights, my informant said, "went right through your head."

The large object passed over the powerless ship. When it was 200 yards away, everything returned to normal. The smaller objects, never coming closer than 500 to 1000 yards, flew around the ship and joined up with the larger object on the other side.

The main object continued on its way until it was about two miles beyond the ship. At that point, along with (we assume) the smaller-objects, it vanished. "It was like somebody opened a big door; then it closed and it was darkness. The only thing that was left behind was like floating little bits of metallic paper."(!)

At least eight minutes had passed. Three persons had tracked the UFOs on radar. Five persons saw the objects themselves. The ship's commander ordered everyone to keep silent about what they had seen.


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Originally posted by karl 12

Originally posted by MidEastGui

MidEastGui - as graphic interpretations go,this ones HUGE.
Once again,great post

Thank you Karl. That is very kind of you. Yes, according to some USO reports coming from Peru, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Indian Ocean etc., USOs might be gigantic as well. This is just an example for that.

If my memory does not mislead me, I remember that a UFO researcher who once lived in Puerto Rico told me that on 2 separate occasions, he and some of his close relatives observed giant USOs off Puerto Rico at nite. These luminous USOs were coming out of the water, and they were as big as the petrol tankers.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by MidEastGui

As we all know, the USO phenomenon is a global thing. We can find its traces in almost every world culture, for example:






























These are just the selected examples of the world-wide USOlogical phenomena. Still we could count many more, in addition to them. All of these things are related to the water in a way, for example, some are observed just below the water while some others are reported to be floating on the surface of the sea. And some of them are seen as submerging into the water whereas the others are observed as emerging out of the ocean etc.

According to the levels of contemporary culture the people have, the interpretation of the USOlogical phenomena changes from the monsters, ghosts, ball lightnings, meteorites, earthquake lights, bioluminescence, terrestrial technology to the ET or the like.

So, we must also look at the folkloric, cryptozoological, biological, spiritual, religious or astronomical data to locate the hidden or unknown USO data at hand.

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:00 PM

One could track the rare USO data thru the literatures of

- UFOlogy
- Astronomy (Meteorites)
- Biology (Bioluminescence)
- Other Sciences (Ball Lightning, Earthquake Light, Earth Light etc.)
- Cryptozoology
- Ghosts (Ghostships etc.)
- Folklores
- Legends
- Religions


posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:17 PM

To do a USO research, I always get some help from ma friends in order to get the rare and novel info. For example, I av sum colleagues from Indonesia, Spain, Russia and Chile etc. When I request their assistances, at most they gimme the necessary supports. In other situations, I make use of the online translators to understand wot the USO data say so. If I have some further but English-written materials about the non-English docs, I always do the necessary check to see whether there is any inconsistency over there etc.

Or you could benefit from the site which is the best info source on the net. And u might get some new reports thru the UFO Stalker webpage (or MUFON-CMS), NUFORC, UFOINFO etc. And it goes like this.........

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:25 PM
More about Thailand USOs:

The Mystery of the Naga Fireballs


posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:28 PM
Plus another article about Naga & Mekong Fireballs:

What causes the Naga Fireballs?

A couple of days ago I looked at a couple of reports of UFOs emerging from lakes and suggested they sounded like the Naga fireballs and looked at a proposed explanation for will-o'-the-wisp-like lights: naturally-occurring phosphine. However, there still needs to be a lot of work done, but I didn't let that stop me from nosing around to see if anyone has looked into the Naga fireballs, which seem to be one of the most regular and predictable, and would be the first place you'd go for some answers.

Well there has been some debate - some think it could be man-made (either fireworks to draw the tourists or tracer bullets from over the border) and even the natural explanation has its detractors:

One man not prepared to take the fireballs on faith is Nong Khai doctor and self-taught cosmographer Manas Kanoksin, who has spent 11 years trying to prove his theory that the fireballs are a natural phenomenon caused by pockets of methane bubbling up from the riverbed.

With mad-scientist intensity, he deluges me with data and baffles me with charts for hours. His hypothesis is that the Buddhist Lent full moon coincides with the period when the earth is passing closest to the sun. The sun's pull of gravity, he says, combined with a higher degree of UV radiation increases the concentration and volatility of oxygen at ground level that could cause existing methane escaping from the riverbed to spontaneously ignite. "In fact, it's not only one night per year," he insists. "The fireballs occur over several nights in October, and again in May when the earth swings closest to the sun again."

"Am I obsessed? Maybe," says the doctor, "but I am absolutely convinced that my theory is correct. If the fireballs are fake, the hoaxers would have to be more than 100 years old for a start. They'd have to be able to navigate a dangerous river in the dark, dodge the Thai and Lao patrol boats, and be incredibly good at keeping a secret."

Dr. Manas' principal detractor is Professor Montri Boonsaneur, who teaches geological technology at Khon Kaen University and was in charge of an underwater survey prior to construction of the nearby Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge. He says it's impossible that bubbles of methane could form in the river's rocky bed or survive its turbulent flow." I don't want to say the fireballs are man-made, but they're definitely not natural," he says.

I am not surprised that theory was shot down, it sounds a little iffy.


To break the deadlock a team went to investigate:

Scientists will launch a probe into the Naga fireballs phenomenon in Nong Khai province in May, said the deputy permanent secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Nine experts on geology, fuel-chemistry, material science, and biochemistry from state agencies and Mahidol University would start collecting soil and water samples around the spot where fireballs each year were seen shooting up from the Mekong river, said Saksit Tridech.

``Society needs an explanation for this phenomenon,'' he said.

Eight gas-collecting and gas-monitoring stations would be placed at swamps and rivers where sightings were reported.

Mr Saksit said fireballs had been sighted in other places besides the Mekong, including Nong Suang and Nong Torn swamps, and the Pak Pae river, a Mekong tributary.


They suggested they had some preliminary results pretty quickly:

Researchers led by Saksit Tridech, the deputy permanent secretary of the ministry, say that the team has studied soil and water samples from the area where the fireballs appear to originate.

They have found monsoonal floods in the area triggered a complex geological process.

"When the complex biogeochemical process occurs at the appropriate time, it could cause several unusual phenomena," Mr Saksit said.

"The primary initial finding is that chemical and physical factors in the river's environment and in the area are likely to be the main cause of a natural incident."

However, he says another year of research would be necessary to prove the theory.


However, another report goes into more detail on these early results:

The mystery behind the appearance of the Naga fireballs on the Mekong River has been finally solved, and it is a natural occurrence, the Science Ministry said yesterday.

"The phenomenon is caused by flammable phosphine gas," deputy permanent secretary Saksit Tridech said.

The ministry launched a scientific expedition on Friday to measure and observe the annual manifestation in Nong Khai province.

A thermo-scanner was set up near the riverbank in Rattana Wapee sub-district and five teams of specialists were stationed at various vantage points along the river, including at Thai Temple in Phon Phisai district, where thousands of curious spectators had gathered to witness the event.

The Naga fireballs appear at the end of Buddhist Lent, leading many to believe it is not the result of natural causes but something more mystical.

But Saksit said the scanning equipment picked up the movement of the gas floating off the water surface before people could catch with their eyes the glowing orange bubbles igniting into fireballs.

Their timing depends on the build-up of the marsh gas on the riverbed, which often peaked in October.

Fireballs have been sighted at various times throughout the year in the Mekong and nearby areas with a high concentration of phosphine, he said.


I have read that the study took two years and their results were as stated above. Unfortunately I can't seem to find anything online about their final findings - perhaps the news wasn't deemed that interesting as it was pretty much as reported a couple of years erlier.

I promise I didn't know this when I wrote the previous post (or if I did it has slipped my mind) but it is pretty solid confirmation of the theory, although it is disappointing that they didn't look for what was causing the phosphine build up as that is the tricky part (as producing phosphine is not easy in a natural environment and the suggestion is it is caused by bacteria).

red pill junkie asked if this could happen in salt water and so I had a look and found a paper on phosphine in the sediments of Jiaozhou Bay, China which also mentions it has been found in Hamburg Bay. There is another paper from 2005 which looks at this in Taihu Lake in China.

So as maligned as the swamp gas explanation is I think it is clear that it can occur and we are getting a better handle on the process that produces it (although what is creating the phosphine needs to be nailed down and I do wonder about the triggering of the release of the fireballs - is it as regular as clockwork anywhere else?). That doesn't mean it can thrown around as an easy explanation but it does mean that with a bit of time and effort it could be tested for.


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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:34 PM
More about Mekong Fireballs:

Naga Fireballs of Nong Khai

This festival celebrates one of Thailand’s most curious natural phenomena – the Naga Fireballs of Nong Khai. Taking place during the full moon of the final day of Buddhist Lent, small balls of fire rise from the Mekong River and plunge upwards of 300 meters into the night sky. The fireballs appear as eerie blobs of red, blue, pink or green light that hang in the air for around 10 seconds. This fascinating spectacle has spiritual overtones manifested by the crowds and the presence of chanting monks. Folklore suggests that beneath this part of the Mekong River is the spirit world of the Naga. The events of the festival spur the Naga to leave their habitat and join in on the celebrations that commemorate the return of Lord Buddha. The fireballs form steps on which the Lord Buddha descends from heaven.

If you have a chance to go t, this should not be missed. Alongside the fireballs themselves visitors are treated to a range of activities including floats and illuminated boat processions. The fireballs can be viewed from 18:00 to 02:00 but it is should be noted that although sometimes there are thousands of fireballs, on other occasions there might be only 20 or so the whole evening. Despite this, a good time is guaranteed.

Good places where you can view the fireballs include Ban Nam Pay, Ban Ta Muang, Taan Choom, Pahk Kaad, Kaeng Aa-Hong, Amphur Beung Kan, Wat Aa-Hong Sila Wart, Ban Aa-Hong, Tambon Ho Kham, Amphur Beung Kan, Amphur Phon Phisai Amphur Rattana Wapi District, and Amphur Rak Kart.

Discover Thailand. com

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:37 PM
And more about Mekong Fireballs:

King of Naga Fireballs from the Mekhong River


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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 11:51 AM
A speculative article about USOs:

Joan Ocean and ET Friends

March 11, 2008

I added a link to Joan Ocean and ET Friends, a site I ran across while doing a Google search for underwater ET phenomena.

Coast to Coast AM had a guest who talked about underwater UFO's and such. I became curious as to whether or not this sphere phenomena also manifests under water. I ran across some photos from Google Earth that looked like the sphere's from a distance but zoomed in they clearly had a more disk like structure rather than spherical.

Still I find it interesting in part because the craft I had an encounter with 40 years ago was similarly shaped, and in part because someone who had been involved in sonar mapping of the ocean floor decades ago had said something to me about encountering a disk structure deep under water. Interestingly, the disks that show up on Google Earth underwater are in shallow water.

Joan Ocean and ET Friends isn't what I was really looking for, I had hoped to find photographs, Joan talks to Dolphins and the site also features channeling. I have to say that's really not part of my personal experience, I've never channeled anyone nor known anyone who channeled. I did read Jane Robert's Seth material but that's about it.

However, I know my UFO encounter is as strange to people who haven't had one as ghosts and channeling are to me, so I don't dismiss it out of hand, I just try to look at the material and look at the message and not worry too much about the messenger.

Overall it is fairly well put together; the graphics are creative, and there are interesting accounts. It's another piece of the puzzle that's worth spending some time absorbing.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 11:54 AM
Another interesting essay about USO phenomena:


March 11, 2008

Unidentified submerged objects, UFO's underwater. Stories of strange lights, sometimes in connection with lightning, sometimes not, spinning wheels of light underwater, sightings of crafts entering and leaving water, all indications that beings that come here from far away don't limit themselves to land.

It's not surprising that a species capable of navigating interstellar space can also navigate our oceans. Faster than Light travel involves a lot of potential complications, not the least of which is actually getting to and past light speed, thinking in conventional terms.

Let's assume for a moment that problem has been solved, then what? Navigation becomes interesting, we can't depend upon any electromagnetic signals for navigation as we'd outrun any originating from Earth, and any signals originating from our destination would be blue shifted incredibly.

Interstellar space is also anything but a perfect vacuum. Interstellar space has gas, dust, even an occasional rogue planet or black hole. There is an incredible amount of things to run into when traveling light years. If we could go faster than the speed of light in normal physical terms, how do we interact with matter that is moving faster than the speed of light relative to us? I know Einstein says it's not possible, but I've been aboard a craft that wasn't from Kansas, I know that it is.

I suspect the key to interstellar travel involves more than physical technology, I think it's a mind / spirit issue. Out of body, I can travel faster than the speed of light, but interestingly not infinitely fast, to go 40,000 light years takes subjectively about 15 seconds. When out of body, my intent is all it takes to bring me to my destination. Just think about going somewhere and I'm en-route. If it's relatively local, like Mars, I'm there, if its' 40,000 light years away, I travel for about 15 seconds, and it doesn't seem linear, I feel my weight go away, I feel acceleration, I see black, and then I'm there.

I suspect these craft operate in a similar manner, there was no physical controls, no furniture, no food storage or water storage, no sleep facilities, not even any chairs, the craft I encountered. Now, it has been pointed out to me that it may also just be a shuttle of sorts, with a mother ship waiting in orbit, but I don't believe that is the case. I am of the opinion that there are a variety of species coming here using a variety of technologies, so it may well be there are other craft that operate in this manner.

If, in this mode of travel, they do not interact with ordinary matter, then it follows that they may be capable not only of underwater operation, but even going right through the Earth or Jupiter, or the Sun.

I've read reports of people seeing craft cloaking or decloaking, and I've seen videos of this. And yes, I know what you can do with video production software and there is no shortage of video hoakum out there, but I've also seem some video that I feel was genuine, based both on looking at it frame by frame and really examining it closely, and based upon a gut feeling I get watching it, in one case, it seemed to trigger a memory that also invoked a great deal of fear, and yet, I can't pin it down.

So perhaps their cloaked state is somehow entering into the same state my soul or spirit or whatever it is that is me less my body, travels. Maybe their technology is one that understands the nature of the soul or spirit. The species I encountered wasn't the grays, but I do hear from people who claim they are interested in souls, but I don't know if this is really true or just the interpretations of people with fundamentalist religious bias, in other words, if they can't understand it in terms of their world view, it must be of Satan, then again, anal probes sound pretty Satanic.

I always wondered about where the idea that hell is down, heaven is up, came from. Granted, it's definitely hot as we move towards the Earth's center, so maybe the ancients looked at volcanoes spewing lava and thought it was hell leaking out. St. Helens definitely impressed me as being hellish; particularly the effect it had on Spirit Lake; I visited a week before it exploded, and then after saw the exact same location where we were. I could recognize the geography, that's how I knew it was the same place, but it was completely devoid of life, an instant moonscape.

Ah well, I don't know, wish these beings would come explain it all to me. Curious me is just bugged about this.

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Several articles about the Shag Harbour UFO Incident:

Shag Harbour UFO, Nova Scotia, Canada 1967


posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 12:36 PM
Another essay about USOs:

FW: The true "Rational Explanation" for the LFAS?
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 16:41:58 -0800

-Caveat Lector-

Information for "USO" unidenfied submarine objects sightings, & conjecture
relating LFAS /SURTASS with undersea WARFARE.

Dave Hartley

-----Original Message-----
From: jean hudon [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 6:53 PM
To: David Bresnahan
Cc: Cheryl A. Magill; Nick Oredson; Dave Kupelian
Subject: The true "Rational Explanation" for the LFAS?

Taken from

The US Navy's stated purpose for testing LFAS (Low Frequency Active Sonar)
is to better equip themselves so as to identify and track a potential
threat to our nation's security. With the USA deploying the defacto
standard of the highest submarine technology, what's the Navy so worried
about? Several people have brought up the idea of there being UFO/USO
related incidents surrounding this littoral warfare research. For this
reason, I consulted with James A. Peters regarding the idea of giving
people a tailor-made contact page to report such incidents or observations
which they may have identified; and to thereby relate that information to
an UFO investigator/researcher.

One reason to bring in an UFO/USO researcher is that it is easy to confuse
actual information with belief systems. Afterall, most submersible crafts
are somewhat unidentified when they are first detected in the water.
Therefore, identifying them is in great part a pragmatic and mundane task
requiring knowledge of equipment and practical skills.

Identifying belief systems is a bit more abstract and goes back to cultural
expectations, religious instruction, incorporation of myth, determination
of preference and fundamental idealism. While there are many who will wish
to embrace the later, it is an appreciable function that observing and
identifying distant moving objects is a sufficiently difficult task, best
conducted without bias or pre-conceived expectations. That is not to lessen
the "lessons" of another process in learning about our oceans and our
diverse relationship with both our heritage, and our future role on the
planet. One standard services an ideology whereas another serves a
practical function. These ideas are necessarily kept separate and apart
from the nuts and bolts compilation of information necessary to create a
data base.

For instance, on Yom Kippur, I reflected on the Story of Jonah and the
Whale. I thoroughly enjoyed the many analagous references to our modern
problems with human arrogance and today's threatened oceans. However, all
of that would be quite different from the observation-level data gathering
function which Jim Peters will be conducting here. I have tried to compile
such interesting references and am currently in the process of placing them
together on one web page. Please be patient while that work develops.
Several speculations about ancient cities, theories about Atlantis and even
fantasy, speculation and lore will appear there. However, the intent and
function of this "WURSCLCH" page will remain a manageable one dedicated to
a compilation of information which is verifiable.


James A. Peters is the Assistant Director of Colorado MUFON with six years
investigative work in researching identifying the unknown. His expertise
includes work he has done with Jose Escamilla, developing methods by which
to conduct RODS investigations research. (A topic which has brought him to
speak on several national broadcasts in the past and an anticipated tour to
England this November.) He has a background in environmental sciences,
knows his way around an Environmental Impact Statement is familiar with
typical military procedures for dealing with environmental issues. Jim is
familiar with the topic of LFA Sonar its proposed deployment by the US

Persons wishing to report an observation or a sighting pertaining to LFA
Sonar will need to leave a message and ask to speak with James A. Peters by

Jim wrote this reply to someone who was asking for some explanation about
the Navy's choice in using LFAS. The writer went on to say, ...... "I heard
from an ex naval officer that the LFAS was probably designed for use as a
powerful ray gun." Jim's reply was as follows: All I can offer you is the
result of speculation regarding the Navy's strong intention to deploy LFAS.
Their motivation seems rather out of place for this post cold war era. They
say that LFAS is necessary because more countries have submarines now than
ever before. Okay, I'll give them that. But are there more new submarines?
Or are the existing submarines being sold and shuffled around? Besides,
submarines are expensive, complex vehicles that take a long time to build,
test and deploy. How could there be a sudden proliferation of a submarine
threat that didn't exist before? So, for me anyway, the Navy's stated need
for LFAS seems weak when compared to their strong determination to deploy
it and to put a tremendous marine animal population at risk at the same

One threat that the Navy might want to keep secret is the threat of
unidentified submarine objects, or USOs. Most people do not realize the
vast quantity of USO/UFO sightings. The UFO encounters I'm referring to
here are the ones that occur over and around large bodies of water or have
been observed exiting/entering the water.

To get a quick overview of what I'm talking about, please visit the web

While the Air Force is primarily concerned with UFOs in U.S. airspace, the
Navy is concerned with UFOs they encounter over the world's oceans and USOs
they encounter in the world's oceans. Therefore, the Navy could have as big
or a bigger involvement in the UFO enigma than the Air Force's well
documented involvement.

You can see that it is not any leap of the imagination to consider USOs as
a possible explanation for the perceived "threat" that is so critical that
the Navy wants LFAS in the worse way. LFAS can be used defensively, as
advertised, to detect a submarine or USO. I have not seen anything that
would prevent LFAS sound to be phased as to create interference patterns
where the sonic energy would be directionally/spatially concentrated. While
this is not a "ray gun," as you say, it could possibly be considered an
offensive weapon at this point.

I hope this message sufficiently addresses your questions. Feel free to
contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

Best Regards,

James Peters
Assistant State Director Colorado Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)


Atlantic cases
Ocean UFOs?
The Triangle
Sub UFO base?
Aqua Alienz [The Undersea UFO Homepage]
Links pt. 2 (And Site Mission Statement)
Oregon coast anomalies
Odd undersea radar returns
Lightwheels pt. 2
Jupiter's X-File moon
Strange sea lights
Ruins off Japanese coast
'Official' Sweedish USO Investigation
USOs revisited
Russian USO 'high strangeness' cases
Atlantis Update/s

'In Nova Scotia, four boys reported seeing a black circular object dive out
of the sky and disappear into the waters of the Cornwallis River dike on
the afternoon of September 15 [1968]. A professor from the National
Research Council's meteorite committee interviewed them, and the story
appeared in the Halifax, Nova Scotia CHRONICLE-HERALD on September 18. The
boys said the object first hovered in the air, "oscillating like a spinning
top," before it dipped down into the water. They estimated it was about 15
feet across and 6 feet high. It made no noise, and the water didn't even
splash when it submerged.' - JOHN KEEL

The goal was to create a web-facility which the author could not find, even
after many days of wrestling w/several search engines. This site, then,
attempts to deal comprehensively - via painstakingly exhumed categorical
links - w/ the nautical parallel to the UFO Phenomenon, 'USOs'
(Unidentified Submarine Objects.) As an appropriate addendum, side items
which are quite pertinent to the USO Phenom' will also be dealt w/. The
author wishes to express gratitude to Ivan Sanderson, paranormal
investigator and writer of the one singular definitive volume on the
subject of USOs, 'Invisible Residents.'(Click on sunset image below to view
Sanderson's one-of-a-kind essay on 'Marine Lightwheels,' a certain species
of USO which has been reported for over a century by many sea-farers.)

Unexplained Nautical Encounters!

When the Great UFO Invasion began in the 1940s, dilligent researchers soon
discovered UFO reports had been in fact frequent throughout the preceding
centuries of recorded time as well. Records also school us now to the fact
that UFOs of the sky have always been compensated - though not as
voluminously - by 'UFOs of the sea.' Documentation of Anomolous Aquatic
Phenomena (or 'USOs,' for Unidentified Submarine Objects) is far more
difficult to come by than that of UFOs... Exemplary incident: In 1880, a
pair of enormous 'Lightwheels' were seen by the commander and two others
aboard a British steam-ship in the Persian Gulf. The 'Wheels' were seen
spinning at the water's surface for 20 minutes, and were said to have
made a swishing sound. (Can the skeptic's charge of 'looking for media
attention' be leveled at these mariners, in 1880!?) ...Some have
postulated that the aliens, the 'UFO occupants' - so familiar in the modern
consciousness - are a species (or federation therof) who, when they
arrived in smaller numbers many hundreds of years ago, established
undersea bases of operation. It seems a peripheral theory indeed. But
reports of USOs suggest it strongly, regardless of our cautious
considerations. ...And furthermore, after all, precious little of this
planet's hydrosphere has ever been explored by humankind. Yet.

Click on images below for a continuation of USO-related hyperlinks.
Encyclopedia of Strange Sea Creatures (Question Mark)-- Short history of
Atlantis (Arrow)-- AQUA ALIENZ 2 (Gold Star)-- The Bermuda 'StarGate'
("LOOK")-- Oceans on Europa? (Stopwatch)-- Secret Antarctic Base?



by Scott Corrales

It is no secret that UFO activity in the waters surrounding Puerto Rico has
been steadily increasing over the past few years. Sightings on land have
multiplied tenfold since 1987, but that is nothing when compared to the
number of UFO reports issuing from those who work the waters surrounding
the island. A good number of reports gathered by many investigators over
the course of the years seems to point to the existence of a submarine UFO
base off the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico, as well as in the waters of
the northern and eastern shores, which are some of the deepest on the
planet. Whether it is, in fact, a base for nuts-and-bolts craft from
another world or a convenient materialization point for interdimensional
phenomena is beside the point. Things are taking place in Puerto Rico which
have attracted a great deal of attention, both from the government and the
public at large.

Great balls of fire

The western half of Puerto Rico has been the stage of endless UFO/religious
phenomena for decades, ranging from the magnetic anomalies at the Maricao
State Forest (a notorious "materialization" spot) to the recurring
apparitions of the Blessed Virgin at Hormigueros and other communities in
the region. The 1991 UFO flap over the inland community of Adjuntas was of
such magnitude that it prompted the town's mayor to write President Bush to
alert him to the situation. Thousands of people flocked to the town to
catch a glimpse of the multicolored balls of light which executed fantastic
maneuvers in the sky. These strange lights are nothing new. The legend of
the three fishermen lost at sea during a storm only to see a bright light
approach their boat and turn into a beautiful woman who identified herself
as the Virgin Mary occurred in Caribbean waters, and this manifestation of
the Virgin is venerated in Cuba. Christopher Columbus noted in his log that
"a ball of fire fell into the waters" in this part of the ocean, an event
which sent the ships compass spinning madly to the terror of the crew. Due
to the fact that most commercial fishing activity is carried out at night,
fishermen have a unique vantage point from which to observe this aspect of
the UFO phenomenon. A grandmother fishing with her two nephews one evening
told researchers about a large, brilliant UFO which hovered over her boat
for some three minutes off Puerto Real. The woman saw silhouetted figures
moving around the interior of the spherical device, which disappeared
momentarily, leaving her and the children confused and frightened. On the
other side of the Mona Passage, in the Dominican Republic, yet another
grandmother had a UFO story to tell: she had been taken to an underwater
base "at the bottom of the Mona Passage", where she underwent surgery at
the hands of aliens. Her story, told to investigator Julio V. Ramírez, is
reminiscent of the experiences of Costa Rican engineer Eduardo Castillo,
who was taken to an underwater city during one of his encounters. The
brightness of the objects is the most noticeable feature of the
objects--the foremost thing that causes witnesses to realize that they are
faced from something beyond their experience. A group of four fishermen
were casting their nets in the early hours of the morning when they saw the
lights emerge from the water. One of them, a man in his fifties, was so
intimidated by the sight that he took refuge in the cabin of his fishing
boat, refusing to discuss the matter ever again. Some of the men of that
group went on to have three other sightings. Not wishing to seem gullible,
they did not claim to have seen "flying saucers": they merely limited their
comments to saying that what they'd witnessed was neither a helicopter,
balloon nor plane. Not all sightings originated in the water. During the
series of interviews conducted by Jorge Martín, it was revealed that many
of the lights originated inland, from the mountains, appearing first as
streaks of light in the night sky, like meteors, until rings of light and a
visible structure came into view as the object descended within 500 to 600
feet above their boats. Rollie Irizarry, one of the interviewees declared:
"My dad said that he jumped into the mangrove swamp, telling his fishing
buddy "if they're that good, let them try to catch us in the swamp!". They
honestly thought that they were done for, when they saw the thing swoop
down over their yawl." Many of the fishermen, who work the entire littoral
of western and southern P.R., were taken aback by the incidents to the
extreme of not wanting to discuss their cases with professional

Aircraft carriers on the spot

The Navy has gone as far as to station an aircraft carrier group in the
waters off the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo. The fishermen
were not at all surprised by this development: over the course of many
evenings, they would see the nocturnal lights going about on their
appointed rounds--shifting color from white to red and blue, spreading open
like fans of color that would fill the night sky, or hovering
intimidatingly over their fishing boats, shining beams of actinic light at
them. Fighters from the carrier group stationed off-shore would later be
involved, to their detriment, in one of the most intriguing UFO cases to be
reported on the island. This increased military vigilance, however, has not
contributed to a significant reduction in the number of sightings or close
encounters. "Neither the police nor the soldiers will tell you what's going
on," one of the fishermen interviewed remarked. "But you can be sure that
they know." There is widespread belief that the efforts being made to
staunch the flow of illegal drugs into the island are, in fact, closely
related to monitoring the strange objects penetrating Puerto Rican
airspace. Jorge Martín pointed out to this author that there is also an
enigmatic Navy ship, the Gallatin, which is laden with advanced technology
instrumentation and pays secret visits to Caribbean locations in which UFO
activity has been detected. Said visits take place in 3-to 6-month
intervals, and the crew complement is subjected to rigorous psychological
testing every six months.

When Spanish UFO researcher Antonio Ribera appeared on the Christina TV
talk show in the fall of 1991, he was questioned as to the existence of
"Ufoports" in certain areas of the planet which experience more than their
fair share of sightings. He indicated that this possibility was not to be
ruled out, particularly in the waters of what we call the Bermuda Triangle.
Ribera presented a thorough report on these sensitive areas in his book Los
doce triangulos de la muerte (Plaza y Janés, 1976).

Does the government really know?

The suspicions of the local fishermen aside, there exists a good deal of
circumstantial evidence that points toward the fact that the government
does have an idea of what is going on in the Mona Passage.

In March of 1977, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico created a commission to
study all matters pertaining to the presence of UFOs on the island--a
Senate committee constituted by seven members. This was at a time when
sightings were on an upward swing after the lull following the eventful
years of the early '70s which received international attention. This body
has had its hands full during the 80's, to be sure.

Residents of the area have also witnessed the nocturnal and daylight
activities of unidentified military aircraft and personnel in the
region--and here is where the line between the real and the unreal becomes
blurred. One witness to the aerial phenomenon also saw two military
choppers--Hueys, by their description--fly into an open valley not far from
the shore and promptly disappear, without even betraying the sound of the
rotors, as if having engaged a cloaking device. Others have seen the
"fireballs" turn into cargo planes and other mundane aerial objects. Those
who witnessed this last phenomenon were unnerved by it. "I wondered why a
helicopter landed on that particular field, because I knew that it was
private land," Milton Vélez, another resident, told Jorge Martin,
describing an incident from the summer of 1991. "But, I thought, well,
they're probably doing some sort of experiment there. A number of men in
olive drab uniforms and black berets got out of the chopper and began to
walk around, pointing long tubes at the ground that looked like shotguns or
metal detectors to me. There were no emblems on their clothes or on their
helicopter, but they were military, without a doubt. They spread out toward
the right and the left, and milled around for about 20 to 30 minutes. I
went to fetch my binoculars, but I wasn't able to make out their faces. The
chopper finally took off and headed southward, toward the sea." Could this
covert military activity be a result of the controversial loss of two F-14
Tomcats during an "attack" upon a massive UFO in May 1988? The sequence of
photographs taken of this even by abductee Amaury Rivera has been analyzed
by number of NASA and civilian experts: they show the maneuvers of an armed
fighter just after daybreak around a large, circular object with a
star-like pattern and protuberances on its lower hull. One of the fighters,
from the BCF 33 "Starfighter" squadron aboard the USS America, was absorbed
into (or vaporized by) the UFO. Months after that incident, and another one
in which a Delta-shaped UFO absorbed another fighter before the eyes of
thousands of witnesses, interceptors were seen flying over populated areas
with their full complement of missiles.

The Nuclear card

Toward the end of October 1984, two commercial cargo vessels arrived at the
small port of Arroyo on the southern shore of Puerto Rico, which faces the
Caribbean Sea. The ships, Nautilus II and Caribbean Adventurer, unloaded a
cargo allegedly "to be used by NASA", although its real purpose remains
unknown. Word began to circulate among the ranks of UFO investigators that
the equipment was space-connected, but hardly NASA related. Nuclear
weapons, the story went, were being tested in Puerto Rico against UFO bases
allegedly nestled in the deep cavern systems that riddle the island. The
story was decried as a groundless rumor: the Treaty of Tlatelolco, banning
the deployment of nuclear weapons in Latin America, had been ratified in
1967 by the United States, and the Senate had, in 1981, approved of the
inclusion of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico into the Nuclear Free Zone
guaranteed by the treaty. The fact that the rumor included the
"nonexistent" but ever-present UFOs made it only worse. But the very same
naysayers were given something to think about when, on February 15, 1985,
months after the arrival of the "NASA cargo" at Arroyo, the New York Times
made it known that Reagan Administration planners had included Puerto Rico
in a list of military emergency sites in case of a nuclear war . The nature
of the emergency was left open, but it clearly involved the stationing of
nuclear devices or the deployment of systems already in place. The
Institute for Policy Studies issued a lengthy statement, stating:"...There
is real danger here [in Puerto Rico]. There is a military nuclear
infrastructure so huge and complex that it has, in some ways, more power
than policies. Those bases, facilities and plans obligate us to move in a
certain direction in a conflict."

If this part of the rumor was true, what kept the second half--the one
involving unidentified flying objects--from being true as well? A quiet
battle against the UFO phenomenon has been conducted for the past few years
in the blue skies over Puerto Rico, which has been notorious for the sheer
volume of sightings that have occurred there since the 1950s, and
particularly during the 1970s. The sightings have been so numerous that
they prompted the Civil Defense Agency of PR to issue Investigative
Directive No. 1-91 on October 7th, 1991, which reads: "In the past and more
recently there have been sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs)
and unidentified submarine objects (USOs) in the territory of the
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Pursuant to Article 6, clause F of Law No. 22
of 23 June 1976, we have deemed that is fitting and proper for the Puerto
Rico Civil Defense to investigate and study cases involving sightings of
unidentified flying objects so as to determine that they pose no threat to
the safety of the Puerto Rican people..." Into this highly charged
atmosphere of UFO conflict and government installation of nuclear devices
came Project Excalibur, a device to be employed in the destruction of
subsurface UFO installations being perfected at the Experimental Weapons
division of LANL (Los Alamos, New Mexico). The prototypes were to be used
in Puerto Rico before being used "elsewhere". This experimentation,
construed by many to be the actual offensive against the UFO bases, has
resulted in a number of subterranean detonations and an increase in the
number of tremors felt on the island in the past decade. On May 31, 1987,
one such detonation was estimated as having occurred at a depth of 81,000
feet below Laguna Cartagena: there were cracks on the ground and noxious
blue smoke was vented from the earth's interior through them. UFOs were
seen on evening of the explosion in the lagoon's environs, slowly scanning
the area as if checking for damage. Cartagena, a kidney-shaped body of
water, has a long history of being at the center of UFO activity, possibly
providing an entry/egress point to the underground installations. The
alleged deployment of Project Excalibur coincided with the verifiable plan
to deploy a type of tactical nuke or demolition mine known as the B-57,
probably similar to those used in Western Europe as part of the NATO
"tripwire" against any advance by the now defunct Warsaw Pact's forces.
Tactical nuclear devices (kiloton-yield) go back to the days of the
infamous "Davy Crockett"--an atomic bazooka a soldier was supposed to sling
off his APC and fire at an approaching tank. These warheads are stored at
the Roosevelt Roads Naval Base along with "in transit" weapons and
specialized nuclear underwater demolition charges for the use of
highly-trained Navy SEAL personnel. The fact that the smallest of the
Greater Antilles has been used as a testing station by the military cannot
be overlooked either: Chemical weapons have been tested in the Luquillo
Experimental Rainforest (El Yunque), and the contraceptive pill was tested
on Puerto Rican women in the 1950s. Project Excalibur and all that
surrounds it, then, no longer seems to be so improbable. The island is in
fact riddled with caves, particularly the western end of the Cordillera
Central, the range that splits the island in two. The caves found along the
Camuy River extend along for some eight miles, and rank among the most
important cavern systems in the world, and every passing year adds a newly
discovered cave to the system. The discovery of the series of caves known
as the Angeles system in 1972 coincided with the onset of the great UFO
flap of '72-74. With almost 2000 caves scattered over an area of 100 x 35
miles, one can say that Puerto Rico is virtually hollow inside. An
excellent place to hide a squadron of UFOs. The equipment utilized to bore
out these deep tunnels does not belong to the realm of science fiction,
either. Upon completion of the Channel Tunnel linking the United Kingdom
and France, the colossal tunnel borers were encased in concrete and buried
in the tunnel's sides, since they were much too large to bring back to the
surface. Author Richard Sauder has also discussed the existence of
"subterrenes", both conventional and nuclear, employed in the perforation
of bedrock for the creation of underground facilities. Puerto Rico also
boasts unexploited deposits of strategic minerals such as nickel, cobalt
and copper, which are all vital to the nuclear weapons industry, even after
the demise of the Soviet Union and the current lack of a clear-cut nuclear
deterrent policy. As it so happens, UFOs (whatever they may be) have shown
an interest in these metals: Since 1987, UFO sightings have been
concentrated around the copper-rich municipality of Adjuntas, nested amid
the mountains of the Cordillera Central. There exists considerable photo
and video evidence of landing marks and nocturnal activity in the area,
including the destruction of enormous steel plates used to cover the test
pits dug into the copper mines.

The scaling down of the arms race after the break-up of the USSR has also
lessened fears of an East-West nuclear exchange, but what of the nuclear
devices already in place, particularly those in Puerto Rico? Perhaps they
will remain there, readily available for another no less ominous purpose.


The victims of a recent abduction experience--a couple and their three
children--in this part of the island were told by their captors that there
were indeed bases near the island of Mona and south of the Cabo Rojo
lighthouse. While this has not been confirmed by physical means, it is
curious that the string of earth tremors that has been affecting the entire
island of Puerto Rico is located in the Mona Passage. These tremors have
registered 4.5 and higher on the Richter scale. The earthquake whose
epicenter was located five miles beneath the controversial Laguna Cartagena
was dismissed by geologists as routine seismic activity, but residents of
the area who felt it described it a "tons of dynamite being set off" and
reported bluish fumes emerging from the lagoon's waters. There can be no
question that the island's unique political situation--an unincorporated
territory of the U.S. functioning as an autonomous "commonwealth"--has
enabled the military to exercise greater freedom in the pursuit of its
goals. Properties (such as the territory surrounding Laguna Cartagena) can
be condemned by the military with little effort, whereas similar efforts in
the U.S. mainland would meet vociferous public opposition. Soldiers can aim
weapons freely against unsuspecting civilians who happen to stumble upon
their concealed installations. It has also been noted that the underground
detonations are not restricted to Cartagena: Marcial and Viola Cruz, a
couple residing near El Yunque Rainforest, have experienced subsurface
explosions since 1987 at both El Yunque and El Verde. As recently as
October 1993, the Cruzes felt four astoundingly loud explosions in the
vicinity of La Mina Waterfall. The witnesses, who felt the ground quake
beneath their feet, are certain that these detonations were subterranean.

Unlike the conspiracies which have been studied in the U.S., there is no
"paper trail" leading to government involvement, merely tell-tale actions
and statements, such as the unusual comment made by congressman Bennett
Johnson, who stated that regardless of the political destiny selected by
Puerto Ricans (full statehood or independence), the U.S. would never
relinquish its control over its Roosevelt Roads facility nor El Yunque
Rainforest. Some might consider such a statement damning enough: proof that
nuclear weapons, outlawed by treaty, are being deployed in Puerto Rico
against something or someone, extraterrestrial or not. In the meantime,
those who work and live by the sea continue to see strange lights in the
sky, and wonder.

CTRL is a discussion and informational exchange list. Proselyzting propagandic
screeds are not allowed. Substance—not soapboxing! These are sordid matters
and 'conspiracy theory', with its many half-truths, misdirections and outright
frauds is used politically by different groups with major and minor effects
spread throughout the spectrum of time and thought. That being said, CTRL
gives no endorsement to the validity of posts, and always suggests to readers;
be wary of what you read. CTRL gives no credeence to Holocaust denial and
nazi's need not apply.

Let us please be civil and as always, Caveat Lector.
Archives Available at:


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And another article about an alleged USO case:


March 04, 2007

The following article was extracted from the Cambridge UFO Research Group in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. The caption above the article says, "True or False? Shell Oil Discovers a UFO."

The Shell Oil Company oil rig, Pacesetter 2, was set up on the Continental Shelf, 90 miles off the coast of New Jersey, in the area known as George's Bank.

On their first drill test, they struck metal. Thinking it was a sunken ship or submarine from World War II, they checked with the War Department and West Germany, but there was no record of any losses in this area.

While the check was being carried out, Engineers on Pacesetter 2 lowered a sonar device, which recorded a round object approximately 50 feet in diameter, in 600 feet of water.

On June 8, 4 winches with grappling hooks at the ends of the cables, were set up. Each was equipped with 1,000 feet of cable. It took them 90 minute to get the hooks in position and a further two hours to raise it to the surface.

It was covered in Barnacles, except near the top center (which was similar to a conning tower). It had small rectangular openings all the way around it.

The rig oceanographer estimated by the appearance of the object, that it must have been in the water for at least 400 years. When the barnacles were chipped off, a flying saucer shape was revealed. Immediately the oil rig boss radioed his superiors in Atlantic City.

Three Shell officials arrived by helicopter, along with a physicist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As the barnacles were removed, the object appeared to have its original shine.

The physicist then entered it from an opening in the bottom and came out dumbfounded, saying the electrical equipment was out of this world. He could not figure out how to use it or its propulsion system.

The physicist and five mechanics proceeded to try and take it apart. They raised it higher by winches so that they could walk underneath it better. They removed the rim which was about 6 inches thick and took ten men to ease it onto the deck. The physicist then proceeded to run a carbon test. The metal was 600 years old. He then made tests on the metal, but was unable to identify the material from which it was made. He next used a Geiger counter to test for radioactivity, but there was no reading.

Next, the physicist dropped into the control room through the bottom of the craft, so that he could examine it better, and the strange panel boards. He climbed inside again with a mechanic. They were inside for about 20 minutes when a whirring sound was heard. Then a large cylinder was lowered from under the belly of the craft. A sliding door opened and the physicist and the mechanic walked out, the physicist holding a shiny ball about the size of a basketball. It was silvery and appeared to be solid. He held it at arm's length and then let go of it. It did not fall. He said he thought it was an antigravity machine. He ran a carbon and chemical test on it, but it defied analysis.

This ball was found in the exact center of the craft, and he said he believed that the ball could make the craft simulate a planet with its own gravitational pull. This would keep occupants from floating around during space flights.

Another helicopter arrived from the government, carrying five members of the CIA. They said that there was a ship on the way to take this craft. When asked by whose authority they were told... THE HIGHEST.... and produced a letter. The stationery was white and simple. In small letters at the top... THE WHITE HOUSE.

The CIA then tried to stop the physicist from dismantling the object, but a Shell official told them everything on the rig belonged to the Shell Oil Company, and until such time as the ship arrived, they would not surrender the saucer.

The physicist and the mechanic then continued to dismantle the craft, and removed the panel boards from the Control Room. The components were nothing like anything we have here. The physicist then climbed back into the craft and came out again holding a gadget that looked vaguely like a weapon. It was cylindrical with a red button on one end. He walked to the edge of the deck and pointed the tube on out at the water and pressed the button... There was a blinding flash as a thin white ray shot out and traveled about a mile before it faded out.

The mechanic then went back into the craft and brought out a small control box. Facing the craft, he pressed a button on the top end and a panel near the conning tower slid open and a slender metal rod emerged. It was about 3 feet long. He manipulated it skyward and pressed a button on the control board. A bolt of electricity, resembling lightning, shot from the end of the rod, and following this, was an ozone odor.

One of the onlookers pointed skyward to the clouds, estimated to be at 10,000 feet... It had punched a hole through the cloud.

The physicist then went back into the craft and emerged with an assortment of objects that looked like weapons, but he was afraid to test them. He carefully laid them on a tarpaulin. Some were as small as a cigarette packet, while others were large and menacing looking. They had buttons on small panel boards.

He also had what looked like a lump of putty. He carefully broke off a small piece and threw it far out into the sea. The result... an explosion that threw some of the riggers off their feet.

Then the CIA ship appeared heading for Pacesetter 2, and the CIA agents on the rig started covering the strange looking weapons and placing them carefully in duffle bags. These, along with the saucer and parts, were then transferred to the ship.

The person who reported this incident returned to Atlantic City with Shell officials, knowing they would never see or hear of this UFO ever again. All the men on the rig were sworn to secrecy not to divulge any of these happenings.

No announcements about this UFO have ever been released, except in the Australian International UFO Research magazine. We do not know if this article is true or not, if any of you know anything about it please write in. It does make for interesting reading, however! - Editor.

This article was first published in UFO OFFICIAL, August 1978.

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Another amazing article by Donald Worley about the possible USO bases:

Underground and Undersea UFO Bases and Sounds

When Coral and Jim Lorenzen of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization sent me into the isolated strip mine area of south-central Indiana, United States in 1966-67, I was little prepared for the intensity and boldness of the aliens. Domed discs and oval craft were being seen by many persons and at close range.

Many people though the UFOs must be hiding in the bottom of the strip mine lakes for that was where they seemed to come from. George Pratt, a nearby farmer, had seen a round yellow UFO arrive so often in the sky overhead that he used the expression it came up ” when describing its arrival, meaning it came up from out of the lakes. The yellow UFO came all summer long, hovered about 15 minutes during which time it would interupt his radio reception, then would fly off to the south. In the daylight of the sun, the UFO was a round silver object.

Skeptics from town would see the UFO from the road on the way to Pratt’s house. Then one night, three jets came roaring in from Terre Haute, Indiana (USA) and chased the light in the sky. The object flitted around the sky like a firefly, but the jets never could get near it.

Did the aliens have an undersea base in the strip mine area? If not, then why did they always come from that area?

Toronto, Canada: What is going on beneath the restless waters of Lake Ontario in Canada between Oakville and Toronto? Many Canadians living on the shore are convinced that an undersea base for UFOs must exist there. For years, many witnesses have seen lights shooting in and out of the lake and a number of photos have been taken.

Harry Picket, an aeronautical engineer, pilot, and aircraft research firm owner, has watched the lights for years. The orange lights hover, fly erratic patterns, and sometimes zip straight up and out of sight. Why are these lights being seen in different locations?

Brazil, South America: South America has been an incredible hotbed of UFO activity for years near the little town of Demerval Lobo, in northeastern Brazil. In this region, the antics of egg-shaped UFOs were so bold that the field workers abandoned their jobs and fled. Everyone believed there was a UFO base nearby in the river.

It was the same in the Amazon River basin towns of Odios, and Santarem where the fishermen pulled up their lines and gave up. In another South American location, so many UFOs were seen shooting in and out of the Gulfs of San Maties and San Jorge, that it became routine and received little attention.

Argentina: Several Argentine UFO groups, after accumulating years of data, became convinced that submerged alien bases must surely exist off the southern coast of Patagonia.


Another type of phenomena that seems to be linked with underground alien bases, are the perplexing motor sounds.

California (USA): Campers around Big Bear Lake on the eastern edge of the San Gabriel Mountains in California had seen some 30 UFOs in three weeks. Some campers discovered that they could pick up strange mechanical sounds when placing a microphone on the forest floor.

Washington (USA): The Yakima Indian Reservation located in south-central Washington State is a region of hundreds of square miles of rugged forest land. During periods of high UFO activity forest lookouts in fire control towers watched glowing objects maneuver over distant ridges and swoop down into canyons.

Chief Fire Control Officer Bill Vogel wrote to me about a sound similar to turbines or large truck motors which could be heard running underground. It sounded like a truck laboring to get up a hill but never quite making it.

Meanwhile, just south of the reservation and north of the Columbia River, another investigator who formerly worked twenty years in Los Angeles law enforcement, reported yet another unbelievable situation. One ranch family had seen much UFO activity for 10 years. They believed the UFOs must be engaged in some kind of mining operation. The source of the machinery sound seemed deep underground. Ape-like entities had shown up so much at the ranch that the horses and dogs no longer went into a panic when the apes appeared.

The great profusion of assorted UFOs and other eerie happenings in the forested northwestern region of the state of New Jersey in the 1975-1976 time period, and the underground sounds caused one to wonder about subterranean alien bases.

This sparsely settled region of hills, lakes, swamps and forests in the counties of Morris, Warren, Hunterdon, and Sussex, was the site of another one of those macabre infestation scenes.

Great sky flashes, brilliant ruby-red UFOs, and an estimate that there could have been hundreds of ape-like entity sightings, gives you some idea of the "problem" that afflicted the inhabitants. The hairy entities seemed to do a lot of howling and crying all over the place and left many tracks. We are primarily concerned here with the many truck climbing hill sounds reported by so many citizens for several years.

Near White Meadow Lake, New Jersey, witnesses reported sounds resembling underground construction work or subterranean machinery. The sounds would often last much of the night. The sounds would occur in different areas and no one could really pinpoint their location.

Giving actual reality to the existence these bases, are the experiences of an unknown percentage of abductees who insist they have been inside these underground bases. Approximately one-fourth of my 171 cases have described this scenario. Consider the following three cases.

1. Abductee #78 from the state of Georgia (USA), called the alien beings she met in an under-river base, “the river base people.” The river was 20 miles from her home, and it was here she met tall, stately, blonde haired, blue eyed aliens and some she called the "high collar people" She said you could pass the blonde aliens on the street and not know it is them because they looked so human. Some aliens were concerned about our Earth and thought of us as a "war planet."

2. Abductee #101 from the state of Arizona (USA), spent time in under-desert tunnels and rooms escorted by her lifetime mentor, which was a tall hybrid Gray alien. While there, she saw military personnel and a group of humans she suspected might be mentally controlled persons missing from Earth. While there, she also met Halflings, who are identical to humans, and female alien hybrids that she was told were hers by gene manipulation.

3. Abductee #114 from the state of Virginia (USA), was taken down into a subterranean rocky structure along with over 50 other persons, through a large door and into a large room .Scenes of cataclysmic destruction of Earth were shown on a large screen. This abductee later asked his lifetime Nordic-like mentor he called Thor about what he had been shown. Thor said these disasters are an inevitable result of time on Earth's sustaining systems and was for the good of the Earth. When the abductee asked when all these atrocities would occur, Thor answered that only the creator of all knows when it will happen.

What are our invaders doing inside secret centers of such busy activity? Can Earth actually be honeycombed with such hives of activities? Are these bases constructed from actual physical materials such as concrete, or do they represent some kind of altered dimensional sites? The sound and testimony of those who have been to these hidden places causes me to think they are a physical reality.

So how do we explain the massive stereophonic sound penetrating everywhere and appearing to come from underground? Make no mistake about it. The alien intelligence has conjured something up and one day it is sure to have a very profound effect on us sleeping Earthlings.

In any event, it is certain that covert government activity will never reveal the truth about these awesome matters. They know that on the day that Earth's masses awaken to the realization of the presence of the fantastic dimensional or stellar ultra-technology called UFOS, social disintegration will fall upon the human race.

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FRANCE 1608:

In August 1608, the inhabitants of the South France, from Marseilles to Genoa, witness a true UFO flap, reported in a chronicle entitled "Discours des terribles et espouvantables signes apparus sur la mer de Gennes".

In Nice, the inhabitants see three strange luminous vessels which evolve at high speed above the city. The three machines stop near the fortress and go down above the waters where they cause the water to boil and emit a red-orange vapor.
To the great stupor of the numerous witnesses, two humanoïd beings with large heads and large luminous eyes, dressed in a red suit with silver scales, connected to the flying machine by tubes, engage themselves in several hours of strange work.


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