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USO Research

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 04:19 PM
Another USO-related article from PR:

Puerto Rico: Follow-Up on the Guanica Sightings by José A. Martínez From Inexplicata, 14 Apr 2009

Several witnesses to the April 7 event at 6:15 a.m. were interviewed. Witness One mentions seeing the object from the parking lot of the Guánica government center at the time in question. He was able to see what was coming down from the sky at a 45-degree angle from West to East, at a velocity that was too slow to be an aerolith or space junk. When the object reached a certain altitude and distance from the coast, it exploded, but two objects emerged from the explosion: one headed south to the open sea and the other continued on the same West to East path along the coast.

Later, I interviewed two fishermen and inquired about the phenomenon seen from land by some people, asking if they were able to witness it at sea. One of them replied: "Do you mean the large basketball-shaped UFO that was in flames as it went from Lajas to Guánica?" I told him yes, that was the object in question. The fisherman then said: "I was setting lobster traps and when I was underwater, my friend tugged on the cord that we employ to warn each other of any dangers, or if any government agency stops by to see if we're fishing legally, I surfaced and saw my friend shouting, asking me to get out the water and look at what was coming from the west. It was then that I saw that tremendous fireball coming toward us in a nosedive. But after it reached a given height it exploded without making a sound, and two large luminous objects emerged -- one headed for the open sea and the other westward, as if toward Guayanilla."

I then asked if this was the first time he'd seen phenomena of this nature. "Hoo!" he answered, "out at sea you'll see some things that'll scare you. For instance, I've seen strange things with lights pass right under my boat at high speed in the very early hours of the morning. This has been going on for many years on the Guánica coast."

A very interesting event occurred today as I embarked upon the interviews. As I headed for Guánica's Jaboncillo Beach to take photos of the object's likely trajectory, I noticed a white airplane with no visible markings flying at a very low altitude in violation of Federal aviation standards. Seeing that it was unidentified, I took several photos of the aircraft, which was flying at a very low altitude along the same trajectory of the object seen days later. I took some photos of the area and other sites, and manage to capture some interesting images that I will share with you here.

Source: Argus-PR

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 04:24 PM
Another amazing article about the Conser Lake:

High Strangeness Bigfoot: The Ghost in Conser Lake, February 8th, 2009

It’s no surprise Oregon has its share of Bigfoot encounters; including paranormal Bigfoot events. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the town of MIllersburg, Oregon, (about forty five miles north of Eugene) experienced some very strange events involving a white Bigfoot or “BHM” (Big Hairy Monster) with a lot of high strangeness surrounding the encounters.

The creature was called the “Creature of Conser Lake,” also the “Ghost of Conser Lake” (because of its white color) and the “Monster of Conser Lake,” the lake’s name was Conser at the time, but isn’t called Conser Lake anymore, the name has been changed and is on private property. I’m not revealing the name of the lake out of respect to the owners.

Reported as a bigfoot type creature; about seven feet tall, bipedal, white shaggy fur, the creature mystified Millersburg residents for over a year. The story begins with a story of a UFO or strange light crashing into Conser Lake in either 1959 or 1960. Soon after the strange light crashed into Conser Lake, a Millersburg truck driver was understandably startled to find a white, shaggy furred bigfoot type creature trotting along beside his truck as he was driving down the road. The driver, a mint farmer, was going about 35 miles an hour; the creature was easily keeping pace with the moving vehicle.

The creature was described as being about seven feet tall. The mint farmer described the creature as a “shaggy gorilla.” Local Bruce Hamilton remembers the creature in Conser Lake, and a story about a “young couple driving by the lake; a seven or eight foot creature ran alongside their car.”

As if the truck farmer’s experience wasn’t odd enough, another report of a tall, white furred shaggy Bigfoot type creature running alongside side a truck made its way into the news. This time the creature was seen in Telephone, Oregon, in Eastern Oregon. (I realize the town doesn’t seem to show up on maps or Google searches, as I have found, and a recent e-mail alerted me to. However, this is the name cited by several sources. Many small “towns” are not listed, also, it’s possible the name has changed, the area incorporated, or simply disappeared over time.) Witness C.A. Cissman saw a bright light approach, hover about 30 minutes, then disappear, shooting upwards and disappearing within seconds. Later, in Prospect, Oregon a logger was shocked to see a white furred, Bigfoot or Bigfoot type being, leisurely jogging alongside his truck on a deserted rural road.

Stories of Bigfoot running alongside cars aren’t new, either. A report from 1926 tells of a Bigfoot creature encounter in Yankton, Oregon: “Bigfoot following alongside a truck looking in. Sheep and children would disappear.” (UFO Casebook) It seems there was a history of bright zipping lights and white Bigfoot — or white somethings — following cars and trucks in Oregon.

Other reports of white Bigfoot creatures can be found; for example, Chris O’Brien writes in his Secrets of the Mysterious Valley about a “New Mexico cattle inspector” who told O’Brien:

he watched with binoculars a white bigfoot clamor up a rocky slope . . a witness in Washington “reported seeing a Bigfoot with large pointed ears” (p 231 Secrets of the Mysterious Valley, Christopher O’Brien)

The reference to “pointed ears” is interesting; Flix, our creature in Conser Lake, was also described as having pointed or “cat like” ears. A “ten foot white Bigfoot” was seen on the banks of the Ohio river in the 1960s. In fact, sightings of a white Bigfoot in the area were reported from the 1900s to the 1990s .(The I-Files: True Reports of Unexplained Phenomena in Illinois, Jay Rath)

Peter Guittilla’s The Bigfoot Files contains stories of white BHM or Bigfoot like creatures that transcend the flesh and blood variety. Guittilla references an account from Fate magazine out of Peter Bottom, Arkansas. In 1966 reports of a “monster” living in the Bottom emerged. The creature was described as being nine feet tall with snow white fur. Aside from giving off a strong smell, the creature “made a sound like a radio signal . . . the signal sounded like ‘beep, beep, beep.” (The Bigfoot Files, p 86)

The synchronicity of the white bigfoots is intriguing, along with the mysterious lights in the sky. As far as the Conser Lake “monster” goes, witnesses reported feelings of disorientation, dizziness, severe headaches, and hearing loud thuds and running footsteps right by them but no source for the sounds. Some insisted they were in telepathic communication with the being, who said his name was “Flix” and was from outer space.

Flix was Bigfoot like in many ways, yet there were other characteristics described by witnesses that are strange. Flix was said to have claws and or webbed feet and hands and cat like ears.

There are some similarities with Bigfoot; the height, bipedalism, shaggy fur. As noted, there were other similar beings in Oregon scattered throughout the state. But enough high strangeness episodes take the idea of a strictly flesh and blood creature out its comfortable unknown animal category, and into the truly Fortean or esoteric. All the above noted incidences: UFOs or bright lights, telepathy, sounds with no visible source, feelings of disorientation, and the synchronicty of similar creatures adds up to something beyond a flesh and blood Bigfoot.

Janet Bord; Colin Bord: Bigfoot Casebook
Peter Guittilla: Bigfoot Files
Regan Lee: The Ghost in Conser Lake
Christopher O’Brien: Secrets of the Mysterious Valley
Jay Rath: The I-Files: True Reports of Unexplained Phenomena in Illinois
photos by Regan Lee

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posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 04:45 PM
A USO report from NUFORC:

From NUFORC Home Page

Web Report Indexes: by Event Date | by Location | by Shape | by Posting Date
National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/29/2009 21:40 (Entered as : 03/29/09 21:40)
Reported: 3/29/2009 6:55:13 PM 18:55
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: Annapolis, MD
Shape: Circle
Duration:10 seconds

Flaming baseball sized object fell quietly from the dark sky; flamed out at 20 feet above water.

From my 5th floor patio, I looked up just to see a flaming baseball sized shape quietly fall and flame out about 20 feet above the water before it hit in the water. I did not hear any sizzle. It was a small object and quietly landed in the water. The wind is causing mild ripples across the water and from our distance, it was not possible to detect an impact ripple.

((NUFORC Note: Several reports of this incident. Probable meteor? PD))

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 04:48 PM
Another recent USO report from NUFORC:

From NUFORC Home Page

Web Report Indexes: by Event Date | by Location | by Shape | by Posting Date
National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/23/2009 04:00 (Entered as : 3/23/09 4:00)
Reported: 3/24/2009 4:00:55 PM 16:00
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: Long Beach, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:40 mins.

Very bright, star-like object making loopy or jerky motions.

First, let me say that I have seen this type of incident many times in my life, but this is the first time I am reporting it.

I got up at approx. 4 am, because of a bad dream. I walked into my living room which is all glass, and the night sky was exceptionally clear, no clouds. In between some palm fronds I noticed something that was EXTREMELY bright, like a planet, but upon further inspection, I noticed it had a somewhat strange shape, somewhat of a triangle, with a larger flat top and pointed bottom. It seemed to be " pulsing" bright, dimmer,brighter, dimmer, AND was moving in a jerky side to side motion, while very slowly moving upward, I lined my head up with the wall of the sliding glass door to make sure I wasn't moving and I watched this thing making a weird, loopy motion, sort of wobbling here and there, but always slowly moving upwards, while it still kept getting VERY bright, then dimming, and getting bright, over and over. I know it wasn't a plane, or a helicopter, or a satellite, or a star, etc........ and as I said, I have seen this same type of " star like" object, ( MANY times through my life from the time I was a teenager, and I am now 56) that if you were to just glance at it, would seem like a planet or star, but if you start to stare at it, you notice it is doing very bizarre things, just subtlely, as you study it.

I once observed an object like this on a beach in Oxnard, Calif. at 5 am.
which was just above the horizon of the ocean. Some surfers were in the ocean, and the sun was just barely starting to come up. The object went directly into the ocean !!!!! I was STUNNED, and apparently the surfers were too because they started yelling and screaming and going wild !!!! We had all witnessed something of the most bizarre nature, not knowing what to think. I witnessed the object I am reporting now, for about 30-40 min. before I noticed it started waning in intensity, and it just " went out" and vanished in a perfectly clear night sky............

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 04:25 PM
A review about the recent USO documentary on History Channel:

UFO HUNTERS – Underwater Alien Bases by Stephen D. Sullivan, April 16, 2009

History Channel - Original Air Date: 4/8/09

Bill is convinced that there are underwater UFO bases, especailly off the coast of Florida (near Gulf Breeze). Kevin, the skeptic, wonders how they will find proof. Their first Witness, a former Navy man, has a satellite picture that seems to show two straight, intersecting lines underwater off the coast of Cuba. Unfortunately, since it's in Cuban waters, they can't investigate. (Maybe they could since last week's change in US/Cuba relations. Or maybe not, since later in the show they lose their approved visas when Cuba learns they want to hunt UFOs.) Bill insists these "lines" could not be natural objects -- though why underwater UFOs would need landing strips, he doesn't say. One of the strips seems to "point to" Guantanamo Bay. The team also interviews a Guantanamo Bay Petty Officer who saw strange lights in the water. He was ahead of a group of peers, but had not been drinking; none of his friends saw the lights. The team interviews a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) “expert” who claims the USOs have force fields and can enter the water without a splash. He also says sources inside NASA and the military have told him the USOs live in a network of tunnels beneath the earth from Cuba to Alaska. He makes many other outrageous claims, too, all of which Bill seems to believe. They also collect the usual type of eyewitness stories. Bill compares these sightings to the Ed Walters Gulf Breeze UFO photos; he mentions that some believe Walters to be a hoaxer, but Gulf Breeze is still the UFO center of the world. (He neglets to mention there's an airforce base right next to Gulf Breeze which probably contributes to slightings of “strange things” in the sky.) They next interview an "expert" in the photos, who seems to believe in the photos' reality. They then "prove" how difficut the photos would be to fake (while, at the same time, using the well-known "flying hat" photo as an example of how to do a doulbe exposure). A ship captain claims to have seen a UFO bigger than his ship emerging from the water without making any wake. Kevin notes the captain was sleep deprived, and it may have been a sleep-related hallucination.

Pat goes out with a shark fisherman who claims to see glowing orbs under the water. Kevin says that these lights are being caused by bioluminscence, and Pat seems to confirm this. Unfortunately, there is no camera in the kayak with Pat. Also unfortunately, his boat gets bumped by sharks, and he goes missing for a while. While Pat was gone, Kevin, the shark guy, claims to have seen a very large glowing object in the water, and not bioluminescence. (I'm not convinced he knows anything about science or marine biology.) Too bad Pat missed it. The team tries some experiments to see if they can create an object that can enter the water without splashing, as USOs are reported to do. They use various hydrophillic (having an affinity for water) coatings to try to reduce the splash -- but they only make it worse. Naturally, Bill comes up with a science-fiction way, without any proof, that the UFOs/USOs could do be splashless -- and believes his own line. In the end, we have no new videos, only blurry old (dubious) photos. To answer Kevin's question, "How will we find proof?" We won't. At least, not on this show.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 04:28 PM
An amazing USO report from UFO Magazine:

From UFO Magazine


In September of 1963, I was stationed aboard the USS Mansfield DD 728. We were steaming from Yokosuka, Japan to Hong Kong and were somewhere, I believe, in the East China Sea. The Mansfield was an ASW destroyer equiped with an extra sonar known as a VDS (Variable Depth Sonar). This sonar could be lowered off the stern to a depth of around 500 feet to search for deep submarines beneath thermal layers.

One day the VDS was lowered to run tests on it. We were steaming around 25 knots when the VDS struck something under the water. The cable started weaving around and the operator requested that the ship slow to 13 knots so he could reel in the VDS. Before the ship was slowed, the cable went slack so he reeled in the cable. The sonar transducer was gone and the last several feet of the cable was pretty well torn up. There was stainless steel fairing segments around the cable to streamline it for traveling through the water. This stainless steel was scratched and gouged indicating it had struck something very hard. We turned around and searched the area with the hull mounted sonar looking for an underwater mountain not on the charts. There were none. Inquiry was made with Yokosuka Naval Station as to any submarines that were operating in the area. There were none.

When we reached Hong Kong a large group of high ranking navy officers came aboard and started an investigation. I transfered to another ship shortly after and never heard about the investigation results.

I never gave it much thought until watching some of the shows on the history channel about USOs. ???

Wayne Stevens

Posted on 03.9.2009 by Lesley in Japan, USO

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 08:07 AM
A recent internet article about the Bermuda Triangle:

El Triangulo Maldito (The Damned Triangle) - in Spanish


posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 08:21 AM
Interesting article about some USOlogical phenomena:

Lynn Taylor: Strange UFO or Military Phenomena in Gulf Breeze, Florida


posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 09:14 AM
USO Filmed by Scuba divers.

Could be CGI -any image analysis experts out there?


posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 02:59 PM
Amazing article from Pravda about USO phenomenon:

Mysterious Ocean Lights and Underwater Aliens, 11.10.2002

Strange, unexplained phenomena observed

The World Ocean… What do we know about it? The most ancient forms of underwater life exist extreme depths, causing mysterious phenomena, for example, luminescence of the ocean: giant wheels rotating with great speed, luminous lines crossing the ocean from one skyline to the other, and huge fluorescent streaks rising from the depth.

These phenomena were observed from the ship Bintang in 1909 and described by I. Gitelson in his book “Living Light of the Ocean.” “Waves of light were moving from west to east. Gradually, they took the shape of long rays coming from one center at the skyline and rotating clockwise. These rays were not straight, but concave. The whole system was moving, while reducing the speed of its movement, and gradually it vanished all together.”

And now a case of light illumination observed a year earlier in the Ochotsk Sea from the ship Ochotsk: “Suddenly, an unusual green-white light broke out under the stern, which soon occupied most of the water’s surface. This luminous surface had an oval shape and moved for some time together with the ship, then gradually separated from it and flew ahead of it. It moved away fast and shone as a strip.”

Now, let us be carried to North-Chinese Sea, to the year 1893. The British ship Caroline. The officer on the watch noticed some unusual lights between the ship and Mount Aucland. While the officer watched them, they gathered into a heap or lined up. The ship was moving at a speed of 7 knots, and the line of lights also moved at the same speed. Around midnight, they vanished.

In 1977, the Soviet newspaper Nedelya wrote about the same phenomena. The luminescence was observed by Vladimir Vorobyov from a Soviet research ship. “After having completed an ocean investigation, the team suddenly noticed a white light rotating clockwise at a distance of 150 or 200 m, which split into eight parts. A sonar device registered a depth of 170 m and showed the presence of a big mass under the keel at a depth of 20 m. After 30 minutes, the luminescence disappeared.

In 1976, Bulgarian sailors Yulia and Doncho Popasov carried out a world tour on their 8-m ship. In late April, they saw large circles of light circles on the water surface, which were sliding past. The sailors got the impression that, from the ocean depths, a searchlight shone. Yulia even heard a moan behind his back. She turned around, and something very huge seemed to hang over her. Then she saw a large light approaching the ship. It had the shape of a ship with people onboard.

Were they aliens? Sometimes, mysterious lights have also been seen in the sky.

Once, US scientist A. Sanderson in his article “Aboriginal of Sea Depths” expressed a risky thought about an underwater civilization existing on Earth. If we look for extraterrestrial intellect in space, why not to look for it in ocean, which gave life to land? In this way, professor Sanderson explains some strange phenomena.

In his article, Sanderson refers to the well-known book by Thor Heyerdahl about his Kon-Tiki trip. One gloomy night, the steersman noticed a dim blaze over the water, which gradually took the shape of an animal. The ghostly creature always changed its shape. Sometimes it was round, sometimes oval, sometimes triangular, then it suddenly split up to two parts, which separately moved under the raft.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 03:13 PM
A bulk of USO-related internet articles:



posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 03:30 PM
Strange case of bioluminescence:

Liquid diamonds, March 25, 2007

Yesterday was my mother's birthday and I missed it because a) I am far away, b) I don't have access to email on weekends and c) the phone I was given appears to be locked so that I can't make international calls. Oops. Sorry mommy. I will write to you today.

I went to the British High Commission's private beach-house at Toké beach on Friday night. There were about 22 other expats there and the night was spent roasting marshmallows and hotdogs, eating fish freshly taken from the ocean and grilled on the stove, swimming under the stars and sleeping next to the fire.

The last time I went to the BHC beach we noticed something beautiful occurring at night in the water, something that Michelle called "phosphorescence." I don't know how the hell I'd ever describe it, but I will try: When you swim at night and swish your arms around under water, where bubbles would normally appear, rise brightly illuminated strange "lights." They are not actually "lights" but appear as such. You get the impression that you have come across a nest of some kind of underwater lightbugs and that they are all scattering in a panic as a result of your movement. It is an absolutely incredible thing to witness and we squealed and jumped about trying to make more of these bugs/reflections/whatevers appear. We spent much time discussing whether these bright lights were a result of the reflection of the fire, a reflection of the moonlight, a result of our drunken eyes imagining something, or whether it was biological in origin. It was decided, however, that the light cast off from the fire was entirely too far away, as was (of course) the moon. This was not a reflection of external light but probably the result of some ocean bacteria, much like the bright colours you see exhibited by corals and tropical fish. Michelle's endless talk of "No, it's phosphorescence, I know it! That's what it's called, I swear!" convinced us that this phenomenon was a) not caused by drunken hallucinations b) particular to certain areas of the world, and c) actually named something specific. I disagreed with Michelle's term for it because to be "phosphorescent" is, to me anyway, a description of something much more general, like glow-in-the-dark stickers and blacklights. They experience phosphorescence also, don't they? So what the hell is this particular phosphorescent thing? I repeatedly swore that I would look it up on Wikipedia and indeed did so, skimming over most of the technical jargon but realising that Michelle was probably right - this thing was not mentioned, but it is still definitely phosphorescent. Whatever this thing is, I never found out what it was.

I will never be able to adequately describe the beauty caused by swishing your hands around underwater in almost-blackness when you have these blue-white sparkly things, these little dots of cold fire, responding to your touch. But most interestingly, I discovered that these things are definitely a biological phenomenon and not simply a strange underwater lightshow. The first time I'd been at the BHC beach I'd gone swimming at night alone, staring at these lights by myself, convinced that it was just something I was imagining or that was caused by the light of the moon/fire. I eventually came out of the water because I'd found myself being bitten by some kind of underwater bug ("bug?") and the constant pricking of my skin annoyed me too much to stay in the ocean. Shortly afterwards the rest of the gang decided to swim and we all dove in and experienced (together this time) this vision of liquid diamonds underwater.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to experience it again. I went swimming with Justin Hane and American Justin (who does not like to be called that, so I should stop, but how will my readers distinguish the two Justins?)... This time, while swimming, I yanked on some seaweed and viewed the most extraordinary thing: The seaweed, pulled out the water, began to glitter with cool white flashing lights against the skin on my hand. Justin Hane describes them as "little stars that you can hold in your hands, but that slide through your fingers and disappear into the night." That's exactly what it was. Slippery, sparkling, little stars.

The whole phosphorescence thing is *definitely* caused by some kind of bacteria or bug because once again the crowd experienced sudden, strange pinpricks on the skin. It was like being swarmed with mosquitos underwater so we eventually bolted out of the water towards the warmth of the fire. I was personally not assaulted by these underwater bacterial beasts but remembered them from the first trip and found them way too creepy to stay in the water myself. I am positive that the pricking sensation is linked with these wet stars. Beauty and the beast in one entity?

So that's that. Now: Does anyone know what the heck I am talking about?

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:01 AM
Another amazing USO article from Italy:

USO: Unidentified Submerged Objects - in Italian


posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:04 AM
More to come:

GLI UFO SOTTOMARINI (The Undersea UFOs) - in Italian


posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:40 PM
Another novel USO-related article:

THE UNIDENTIFIED FISHES OF YOUTUBE PART TWO: An Unidentified Submarine Object, 19 April 2009

Round 2 of the unidentified fish blogs. Here, we go all crypto and look at a U.S.O. from a lake somewhere. (Sadly, we have no idea where, which makes things more confusing). In the film, we see a group of small orange-yellow “things” surfacing and dropping repetedly, before dropping and not reappearing. This is clearly not one animal, so the cameraman's idea that it is a manatee is so wrong that I am going to stop midsentence.

Little groups of the things break off from time to time and disappear quickly. Now, I can think of two suggestions as to what it may be, but they both have their faults.

1. A group of small fish that are being corralled into a ball by an organised group of predators. Depending on where the footage was filmed, it could be a group of bass (small or large mouthed) or perch that are attacting the small fish. This accounts for the rising and falling of the fish in the water column plus the smaller groups splitting off. The disappearence of the fish occurs when the predators are full, and leave to digest their meal. However, if predators were attacking, there would be some splashes from boh the small fish, and larger splashes from the predaors. Plus, bright orange bait fish? I've not seen many species that are this colour.

2. Snakehead fry. Yay! Snakeheads! When snakeheads spawn and the eggs hatch, the parents push the young up to the surface to fill their “lungs” with air. If the babies don’t inflate their “lungs” quickly, they die. Snakehead fry are bright orange-yellow, which accounts for the colour. They are also not prone to jumping out of the wach much, which accounts for the lack of surface movement. The small groups are quickly herded back into the main group by one of he parents, which accounts for the short-lived nature of the small groups. At 2:21 a small fish jumps out of the water. The orange group drops down again, probably because the adults moved off to get rid of this interloper into their area, before surfacing again when the adults push them back up.

This too has its problems. The only footage I have seen of snakeheads exhibiting this behaviour shows them doing it in shallower water, usually with some cover from plants and rocks. The main argument against it however, is that snakeheads are not found in English speaking countries (as natives), and any local would have no trouble identifying a cresh of baby snakeheads as being so. This could well be video footage of introduced snakeheads in the USA breeding (as if there was not enough evidence), if it is indeed from the USA.

Posted by CFZ: Cryptozoology Online

Labels: centre for fortean zoology, cryptozoology, max blake, NEW AND REDISCOVERED, UNIDENTIFIED, youtube

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 08:45 PM
Several USO cases from UFO Casebook webpage:

UFOs and Water


posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 07:16 AM
Here is the latest USO report from the waterufo site which was added today:

Report # 1167


posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 07:22 AM


(Here is the amazing story of a UFO which came out of the Kronotsky Lake, Russia. U cannot find this Russian USO case in the western UFO literature.)

In August of 1970, the Russian oceanologist Agarkov, who was the head of 4 people, was carrying out a hydrological research at the Kronotsky Lake of Kamchatka whose depth was not more than 100 meters. One day, they all boarded the motorboat and left the shore to continue their search in the lake. The weather was good. Suddenly, they saw a strange water dome on the surface of the Kronotsky. It was nearly a kilometer off the boat. From this dome-like thing, an oval object of gray colour with the diameter of 40-50 meters came into the picture. UFO slowly ascended and reached the altitude of 200-250 meters at the angle of 70-80 deg. on the horizon. Then, the object appoached the boat a little bit, and hovered stationary over there. The engine of the boat immediately ceased to work. All four eyewitnesses were scared off, and they became cataleptic for one and a half minute. So, they decided returning back to the coast on oars. After a while, UFO rushed out of the place at a very high speed. As the mysterious craft went towards the direction of the Pacific Ocean, the engine re-started again.

Pic A: Lake Kronotsky USO

Pic B: Lake Kronotsky USO

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 05:51 PM

USO report from UFO Evidence site


Date: May, 23, 2005

Location: Issaquah, Washington, United States

Summary: I'm not sure exactly what I saw, but it perfectly fits the description of a USO the most. Its physical appearance was elliptical and was skimming smoothly along Lake Sammamish until it submerged underwater. The object possessed a non-luminescent amber hue.

Date Reported: 5/23/2005 7:10:55 PM

Sighting Time: 10:05 a.m.

Day/Night: Daytime

No. of Witnesses: not sure

Duration: about 5 minutes

No. of Object(s): Single

Urban or Rural: suburban

Size of Object(s): 2.5-3.5 inches

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude: 2 miles

Shape of Object(s): disk

Color of Object(s): amber-esque

Full Description & Details:
I was visiting a friend of mine who resides on the top of the suburban area, Cougar Hill which overlooks Lake Samammish. It was during the moment when I was about to leave when something strange caught my eye. At frist, I wasn't sure what I was looking at. However, upon closer observation, I noticed that it was an elliptical/disk-like object skimming along the surface of the lake. At first, I thought it was barely underneath the water, however, it suddenly maneauvored to its side in a swift, graceful movement, I realized that it was directly above the lake. The object continued to skim around the lake in a wide, circular path but gradually begin to submerge underwater until only a speak of it (about half a cm) could be visible to the naked eye. At that point, I thought I was hallucinating and immediately called my friend outside, asking if she had a pair of binoculars. By then, I couldn't locate the object anymore. My friend's house is approximately two miles from the lake, and the object appeared to be2.5-3.5 inches at an initial glance until it diminished underwater.

Reported Sighting? Yes

Reported To: family and friends

Location: Bellevue, WA, United States

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 06:16 PM

USO report from UFO Evidence site


Date: July, 12, 2005

Location: chicoutimi, Province du Quebec, Canada

Summary: Odd underwater lights seen in Saguenay River

Date Reported: 7/12/2005 6:56:39 PM

Sighting Time: 7h40 pm

Day/Night: Daytime

No. of Witnesses: 2

Duration: 10-15 min

No. of Object(s): Single

Urban or Rural: suburban

Size of Object(s): no idea quite big from where we stood

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude: 1 mile minimum

Shape of Object(s): underwater lights


Full Description & Details:

Two of us were looking over the river at a house on a cliff, the river was at high tide. There were 2 lights EMANATING from the water (white) in perfect circles. One of them dispeared and the one left oscilated in intensity until it looked from where we stood (very far) to look life a white whale. The light seemed to have a dome shaped effect, white translucent colour but always stationary. Then it switched shape and flattened like a pancake and seemed to strobe while around it, I could see a type of distortion of the air.

It did not fly off, in sunk! We looked around in all possible direction for another 5 minutes but this thing did not surface nor did it make any waves. Strange!

Witness Background
1) 45 yr old female 1) 50 yr olf female, writer

Other Comments
My friend is not ready to make a statement.

Reported Sighting? No

Name: Lise Lalancette

Location: Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada

Age: 50

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