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USO Research

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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 11:19 PM
Some info about the Dragon Snakes or the USO cases of Solomon Islands:



posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 11:25 PM
Amazing USO article:



posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 03:15 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
MidEastGui, Spacevisitor, karl12: Thanks so much for making this a valuable resource for any USO-Researcher.

In browsing through the thread I see its too big of a project for me to make a book out of at this moment, but maybe I´ll re-visit the idea another time, when there is more time.

But I think you may have created the best resource for USOs on the Internet.

Thank you to Skyfloating, for bringing this very important and no doubt realistic USO phenomenon under my attention again.
It was really a pleasure to take part of it.
Concerning your remarks about the book, I fully agree.

Skyfloating, karl12, MidEastGui

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 05:12 AM
This is the first of two rapports which are from the “undated” cases list of water related sightings.
I found them really interesting, so therefore I posted them.

Undated # 14

"Water-happenings” in Indonesia

Gordon Creighton

I am indebted to Mr. W. L. Tobing of Bandung, Indonesia, for this report of what looks like another underwater UFO "base". The account first appeared in the Indonesian-language journal Intisari, No. 78, of January 1970 (a well known popular science monthly published in Djakarta), the author being Mr. S. Kamah.

Is it possible that Lake Poso in North SULAWESI1 is a UFO base? The largest lake on the Island of North Sulawesi, it is about 800 square kilometers in area and is three times as deep as the Java Sea2. The pleasant town of Tentana lies beside the lake.

Not long ago, accompanied by Mr. J. Gintu, Chief of the District, Mr. S. Walenta, Member of the Poso Council, Mr. Togobu, Head of the Art and Culture Service, and Mr. Pobonde, Chairman of the Adat, Mr. Kamah made an investigation of the lake and its surroundings, for it is the belief of the local populace that something very mysterious is going on in the lake.

According to the account given to Mr. Kamah by the four above-named local officials, there has been some mysterious creature or phenomenon in the lake for the past five years. Until now they still have no idea as to whether this is some gigantic unknown beast or a ghost. What does seem certain is that, five years ago, a certain fisherman was fishing on the lake at midnight when he observed a vividly bright light in the centre of the Lake. At first the man thought it must be a petromax lamp used by some other fisherman. But then he observed that the light was moving from one bank of the lake to the other and back again, at times extremely rapidly. Then, at one moment, it came to a distance of only about 100 metres from him. This terrified him so much that he went off home at once.
When he first told the neighbours and villagers what he had seen, they all jeered and made fun of him. Until, about a week later, the light was also seen by other fishermen. Since then he light has been seen so often that it has come to be regarded as quite customary. Opinions among the populace vary greatly however as to what the explanation of the light could be.

The local District Chief, Mr. Gintu. said: "Until 1966 I did not believe this story that the people were telling about the light in the lake. I thought it was just their superstitious talk. But, one night, at 9.00 p.m., as I myself was going home by boat, the sailors pointed out to me this vivid light in the middle of the lake. So I saw it for myself, and I saw that it moved with extraordinary speed from one shore of the lake to the other. An hour later, it approached our boat and came to a distance of only 20 metres from us. I stood watching it very attentively. The water seemed to be bubbling. It seemed to be a body surrounded by light. Although I was able to observe it at leisure, I was never able to make out its precise shape.
On another occasion Mr. Gintu and his wife both saw it, quite close to them. Mr. Togobu also said that at first be had not believed the reports about the light, and thought it must be the flash of meteors falling into Lake Poso. But at last he saw the light for himself, and then he was forced to conclude that there must be some mysterious entity or creature in the lake.

Councillor Walenta said that he too had seen it. Mr. Pobonde said he had no idea what it could possibly be, but that in his opinion it was no ghost and no animal.Mr. Kamah ascertained that in the course of these five years the behaviour of the mystery light has changed. For example, whereas to begin with it was always seen in or on the lake itself, it has now begun to be seen flying around over the fields and hills around the lake and then plunging back into the lake. Moreover, there is now no longer only one light. Sometimes there are three of them.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 05:30 AM
This is the second of two rapports, which are from the “undated” cases list of water related sightings.


NOTE: While the majority of this case has to do with a UFO over a military base on land, it also contains a “side note” story about what the witness heard from crew members of a docking ship at the base, about a water ufo. I feel that the entire text should be included as it does have a physical effect from the “humming”. –CF-

Adak Island, Alaska UFO Hovers (Letter, Envelope, Audio Interview)

Posted: March 30, 2008
Location Information: Adak is an island midway along the Aleutian Island chain southwest of mainland Alaska at 177 degrees west. At 52 degrees north it is not exactly arctic, nor is it temperate; but it is nearly always buffeted by cold, wet winds. Most of the wind is generated by an endless series of cyclonic storms.

The weather report for aviators almost never varies: Winds 25-40 gusting to 60, mostly cloudy with layers at 800 feet, 1200 feet, 2000 feet. Visibility 7 miles, rain. Temp 40 degrees F (plus or minus 5 degrees for most of the year). It is bounded on the east and the west by volcanoes. To the west is Kanaga Volcano, a beautiful perfect cone, and to the east by Great Sitkin, which nearly always is at least smoking and erupted in the early 1970's.

Brian Vike Director of *HBCC UFO Research* had a nice telephone conversation with an ex-serviceman by the name of Art. Art was stationed on Adak Island Aleutian Islands and was part of the crash crew for the fire department. One late night in January 1976 at the airport, the control tower personnel rang the crash crew and told the members that an aircraft was going to be landing. The crash crew members jumped up and peered out the window and did not see an airplane of any kind, but rather a glowing object approximately 50 feet across.
(Art told me it was the brightest light that he has ever seen in his life).
Art said it was really eerie to watch, and the humming that came from the UFO, seemed to resonate throughout all of the crash teams bodies. One has to remember that the crash team was still inside their building when they could feel the humming, but they eventually did move outside and stood approximately 100 feet away from this huge and extremely bright UFO which was hovering just over the tarmac pretty much in front of the control tower and of course all the men watching.

As everyone stood looking at this unidentified object, more bright lights about the size of a Volkswagen came from out of the hovering UFO and flew at an incredible fast rate of speed up to a communication station which was located on a nearby hill and sat stationary on it. Another light went down and hovered over the bunkers. After a period of time the lights that were zipping around did come back to the main object and merged into it. All of a sudden the large UFO took off at such a high rate of speed it left all of the personnel watching it dumfounded. As Art mentioned, we have nothing here on earth that could move as quickly as this thing did and I would certainly be in agreement with Art on this.

The control tower called the crash crew and asked, "what the hell was that"! The crew replied back, it was a UFO! Art remembers one of the personnel in the control tower cursing, as this was something one does not see every day, and he also mentioned that the object was as bright as the sun and lit up the entire area as if it was daylight.

Art said, they were really frightened, they were young men at the time, Art being 19 years old. The thirteen men stood looking at one another saying, "what the heck was that"?

Soon afterwards, or after the event was over which left a lot of men scratching their heads, the officer of the day showed up and confronted the men and told them what they all saw was "Ball Lightning". Art's response to the officer of the day was, if that was ball lightning, then it had to be the largest display of lightning on record. Art also said he would be more than willing to sit down and take a lie detector test to provide what he is relating is the truth.

He also mentioned that there were people taking pictures of the object. He could not remember who these people were, but when the pictures came back, Art remembers everyone looking at them and seeing nothing but a bright, camera flash type light in each of the photos. One just wasn't able to see anything other than this brilliant white light.

Art also figures the object sat stationary just feet above the tarmac for 10 to 15 minutes. This object wasn't flying by; it was sitting still for a long period of time in front of all these men. Also he said that the UFO incident was placed into the crash crews’ logbook and also in the control tower's logbook as well.

Art sat down on another day following the sighting and wrote a letter to his family back home. This was a personal letter, asking how things were, etc, [and] then Art added that he saw a UFO. He described just a little about what he saw.

The water sighting-CF-

On a side note, separate from the sighting Art and the other men had. Art told me about another time when a Coast Guard ship docked at Adak Island where he was stationed, and he and others were handling the tying up of the Coast Guard ship. After the ship was docked and the Coast Guard crew were coming off the ship, one of the sailors stopped and talked to Art and the other men, saying you would not believe what just happened as the Coast Guard ship was coming into port. A UFO came straight up and out of the water in front of the ship and kept traveling straight up. The sailor said the craft was anywhere from 50 to 100 feet in width. The ship immediately scrambled and went into general quarters. The sailor said he was as white as a sheet, from the sounds of things; the entire crew was pretty freaked out over the incident. Also I should add, this UFO incident happened prior to what Art and the others folks witnessed.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 10:28 AM

Originally posted by spacevisitor

Originally posted by Skyfloating
MidEastGui, Spacevisitor, karl12: Thanks so much for making this a valuable resource for any USO-Researcher.

In browsing through the thread I see its too big of a project for me to make a book out of at this moment, but maybe I´ll re-visit the idea another time, when there is more time.

But I think you may have created the best resource for USOs on the Internet.

Thank you to Skyfloating, for bringing this very important and no doubt realistic USO phenomenon under my attention again.
It was really a pleasure to take part of it.
Concerning your remarks about the book, I fully agree.

Skyfloating, karl12, MidEastGui

Thank u for all once again for sharing the USO knowledge at hand. In the future, I wanna keep posting the necessary Underwater UFO info on here.

Sharing the Info, Sharing the World.

See ya.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 04:17 PM
A new USO like case which occurred in the first week of this April off Atlantic Ocean:

Virginia, US: Suffolk man says he saw meteor hit by Diane Tennant From The Virginian-Pilot, 04 April 2009

Thousands of people saw the Big Boom, the Big Bang, the not-a-Russian-rocket-but-a-meteor as it blazed across the mid-Atlantic sky on Sunday night.

But only one person has said he saw where it landed.

Joe Butler of Suffolk says he was driving south across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel when night turned briefly into day.

"The sky was light all of a sudden, like it was daytime," Butler recalled on Friday. "There it was, coming right at my car. It was so fast that I didn't even have time to think that I might have been in danger.

"It shot right over my car, it went down in the water right between the two bridges."

Butler said he was near the tallest part of the bridge, near Fisherman Island, where the northbound and southbound lanes separate widely. The meteor, he said, splashed into the water between them.

"I was like, what in the world is going on?" Butler said. "My daughter, she said, 'Wow, what was that, Daddy?' and I said, 'I don't know, babe, I think that was a falling star.' "

The meteor flashed past Hampton Roads around 9:45 p.m. Sunday, briefly lighting up the landscape.

It was followed one to two minutes later by a sonic boom, which experts said meant it had penetrated deep enough into the atmosphere to leave meteorites.

An astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory identified the object as a piece of space junk from a Russian rocket launched a few days earlier.

However, on Tuesday the Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base, which tracks 19,000 man-made pieces of space debris, said it couldn't have been.

Butler agreed.

"The shape of it, it was just too perfect to be a piece of junk. It looked just like a miniature comet, pretty much," he said. "It was really, really white with blue flames. It was pretty wild."

Butler said he didn't hear the boom, only a whistling roar as the object flew past. The wind-blown water was really choppy, he added, but he could see the splash when it landed.

He saved the newspaper accounts for his 5-year-old daughter to read when she gets a little older. Her main concern at the moment, he said, was whether dad had made a wish on the falling star. Just for the record, no, he didn't.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 04:21 PM
UFO Base in Monterey Bay?:

From The Feline Canine Beast of The Mystery Spot by Paul Dale Roberts, April 9 2009

Some people theorize that the Mystery Spot is a type of illusion, but even if it is an illusion, why do the illusions happen here? Could there be an interdimensional doorway that leads us from our reality to another reality? Santa Cruz is next to Monterey Bay and Monterey Bay is rumored to hide a UFO base under its waters.

I think it's too much of a coincidence that the Mystery Spot and the strangeness of Monterey Bay is coincidental. There is more to the puzzle than we are seeing. The whole area of Santa Cruz is strange.

Bigfoot has been seen in the Santa Cruz mountain ranges. There are many strange hauntings in that area, such as the Brookdale Lodge. UFOs and USOs are seen in Monterey Bay. Strange and unique people are attracted to the culture of Santa Cruz. Goth and vampires are attracted to Santa Cruz. Yep, Ronnie you might be onto something, keep me posted!

Before I close this article, I will let you know that Saskia de Boer of History Channel's Monster Quest has now contacted me in regard to my Batsquatch article. I love monster stories, so if you have stories to tell, please send them to me, I will research the story out and find out what kind of monster you encountered!

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 03:32 AM
Just popping into add link for UFO hunters last episode on USO's if anyone wants to watch.
Cheers Zazz.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by zazzafrazz

Chances are they got the idea for the episode right here.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 04:47 AM
reply to post by Skyfloating

They're not great, but they're better than nothing

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 04:49 PM
A new USO report from 2009 is as follows:

I saw a USO by Rick Strom, April 11th, 2009

When I was living in Santa Barbara years ago, I used to frequently make the drive from Anaheim back to SB really late at night. Twice on that drive I saw something odd.

Shadow People
The first time, I was returning from a friends wedding in San Pedro. Around 3:30am I rounded a bend on the 101 near La Conchita, tired out of my mind, when suddenly I saw 2-3 dark figures in front of my truck. My recollection was that they were so dark that I didn’t see them until just that moment when my headlights passed over them, which happened when they were about 5 feet from my bumper.

I swerved off the road, into the dirt, and nearly smashed into the cliffside. I jumped out of the truck to go see if I hit anyone and if they were ok, but saw nothing. No one. Just me and the 101 and a lot of darkness.

Black Triangle
A couple months later, I was passing roughly the same area, at roughly the same time. The sky at that hour up there is pitch black, but at one point there is a giant smokestack that belches fire 24/7, and the flame illuminates the sky somewhat.

This was my UFO encounter. I saw a giant, black triangle moving really, really slowly over a hill in the distance. It was moving about the speed of a blimp. Then it was gone.

In both of these cases, I pretty immediately dismissed what I saw for a couple reasons. In the case of the shadow people sighting, I had just recently started listening to Coast to Coast AM, back when Art Bell still hosted it. I didn’t listen because I’m a true believer or anything, I just found the whole thing amusing and I love crazy talk. But a common subject on that show was shadow people, something I hadn’t even heard of until I started listening. I’m pretty sure this was my imagination conjuring up something I had heard on the radio.

The UFO sighting came at the height of my X-Files fandom. Again, I was unaware that UFOs came in triangular shape until I started watching X-Files, and again I’m almost convinced that what I saw was a hallucination brought about by way too many hours watching X-Files.

Not to mention in both cases it was beyond the middle of the night and 1.5 hours into a long, tedious drive I had made many, many times before. In all likelihood I fell asleep at the wheel and was just sleep driving. That’s a scary enough thought, thank you.

I did find out a decade later that the spot I saw the triangle is a known UFO sighting hotspot. But still I’m pretty sure I was just sleeping.

Which brings me to an event about 2 months ago.

There is a spot up near the county line off PCH I have been going to late at night since I moved to LA. There are a couple reasons I go there. It’s dark, there are no people, and you can see every damn star in the sky. I go there to relax, and sometimes I go there to scare the # out of myself. It’s one of those places you could be killed and no one would find your body for a good bit. Certainly no one would hear your screams.

So this one particular night I was out there, standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was pitch black, not a person or car within sight. As I was staring at the ocean, I noticed what looked like a roadside flare suddenly light up on the water and burn. The flame was white, blinding white, the kind of light that you feel in your eyes minutes after it stops. Then it burned out. I don’t know why initially this didn’t seem that odd to me. It should have, considering there were no people anywhere around me and no reason for a flare to be burning in the ocean just a couple feet off the shore.

This repeated two more times, but the third time the flame actually burned underwater. Now I was curious. The flame died out again, and then # got strange.

Under the water, I saw 4 bright, spherical lights. From where I was standing I would estimate them to be about twice the size of a human head. They just lit up under the surface of the water, but they didn’t move. The first image in my head was of one of those old timey submarines, all made out of bronze and glass. Something steampunk, almost.

Then, the water started glowing green.

This in itself doesn’t surprise me. I also used to go to this spot to see the bioluminescense when the red tide rolled in. When the waves crash, the entire ocean seems to light up either green or blue. One night I went out there it was so strong that taking a step on the sand would cause the beach to light up! The bioluminescent bacteria were actually soaked into the sand.

So I knew what was lighting up the water, I just didn’t really understand why they were lighting up. Something about whatever was under there was freaking out the sealife and causing it to glow.

Now here is where I did a weird thing. I #ing split. Normally I like to consider myself a guy who will get killed by curiosity eventually, but I had this sense that tonight was the night, and I wasn’t ready for it. So I jumped in my car and tore out of there. Something just felt like I wasn’t supposed to be there.

That night, safely away from… whatever, I again dismissed it. I convinced myself it must have been some divers or some personal submarine or something. The only thing was, where this was all happening, the water should have only been around 2 feet deep. That was the thing I couldn’t get out of my head. That water was far too shallow for what I was looking at.

Fast forward to a couple nights ago. I had TIVOed an episode of the UFO Hunters on the History channel. I love the concept of this show, but I can’t stand that Bill Birnes guy. He is just way too ready to believe anything, and his understanding of scientific proof would make a creationist chuckle. But it is a fun show, nonetheless. The episode I had ready to watch was on USOs, and I put off watching it because the USO concept is ridiculous to me. I had seen something on History years ago and found the whole thing silly as all get out.

But I finally watched it. The creepy thing was, everyone they interviewed in Florida or near Guantanamo had described pretty much exactly what I saw. Exactly.

This time, I hadn’t seen or heard the lore before having my own experience. I had it, then heard about what I saw.

I don’t know what the hell it was, but I am definitely curious now.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 04:52 PM

From Forum

Monterey Bay Underground UFO Base – Jazma Online

Silhouet98, 11/19/2008

OK, that was darn interesting.

I think the trench off Monterey is supposed to be the deepest in the world.

Somewhere in my quest for truth I heard there were pyramids in the trench.

In the 70s my husband and 3 pals were in a pickup truck parked at the dunes near Marina on the Monterey Bay.

A quiet UFO the size of the Goodyear blimp hugged the ground and traveled about 500 feet before plunging into the bay!

Some jets were scrambled, and military lights came out to search for it.

When Les and his pals watched, they were all FRIGHTENED SPEECHLESS!

It was reported in the newspaper the next day, but no one knew what it was.

There were dozens of witnesses.

In your article, you had a good point that you don't know if you believe

I watched his video, and I believe the stuff he said in the video is true.

BUT I do wonder, how could SO many secret bases, and a wonderful maglev train system be kept secret from so many for so long?

Well thanks again for an interesting read.

Every time I get an email from you I marvel at how prolific you are.

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 01:58 PM
Underwater Civilization Hypothesis:

This hypothesis was put forward when it is noted that many UFO reports are made near body of water, and in some cases, UFOs are seen flying into or out from the oceans. There are also reports of Unidentified Submarine Objects (USOs). Seamen had reported strange lights and objects beneath the sea surface for centuries. Modern USOs reports are numerous indeed. We will look at only one such example:

'In 1963, a sonar operator on a destroyer taking part in a US Navy anti-submarine exercise off Puerto Rice, some miles north of Venezuela across the Caribbean Sea, reported that one of the submarines chased an unidentified submarine object which traveled at more than 170 mph. The USO was tracked on sonar by 13 ships for 4 days. Eventually it went down to depths of 27000 feet. No terrestrial submarine is able to move so fast or descend to such a depth underwater'.

Other rare reports include those where the occupants of USOs are also sighted. They were usually described as 'frog-men'.
So what are we to make of these reports? It could be that UFOs, wherever they come from, is capable of underwater operations and they could very well have a base in the ocean where human cannot detect. But it is also possible that these USOs that also have flight abilities are native to our planets after all: from an advanced underwater civilization. We have little knowledge of what lies in the deep oceans. There may well be large creatures as yet undiscovered by science (just consider how many sea monsters reports we have on Cryptozoology case files). So it may not be far-fetched to speculate that some other intelligent life forms had evolved in the sea. They may not be interested in us and therefore no attempt communication is made. If we indeed share our planet with another native, advanced species, the only thing they have to be afraid of us humans is that we may eventually pollute the ocean so much that they get extinct. But if they truly exist, would they allow us to pollute their environment to such an extent?

[edit on 02/10/08 by karl 12]

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 04:15 PM
A new internet article which involves 2 distinct USO cases:

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Has Close Encounter With Triangular Shaped UFO: Notes Time Distortion From UFO Chronicles, April 13, 2009

Reader Submitted Report, [Unedited], 4-11-09

My first encounter was when I was camping at 15 yrs. old with a friend and his family in Charlestown, RI, in 1964, August, 9pm. Tommy and I were alone looking up at the stars at the pond's edge when we both saw a very bright 'star' exit quickly from the nearby ocean, in the distance, near Block Island. It zig-zagged at 45 degree angles, in a kind of 'jerky' motion, gaining speed until the last 'zag' sent it instantly into space. The whole thing lasted maybe 3 or 4 seconds. It was just a very bright white light.

My most recent sighting was in April, 2006, in Perryville, Rhode Island, about 9pm as I was returning from a night class at URI nearby. As I swung off Rt. 1 onto the Ministerial Rd exit and intersection with Old Post Rd, I was a huge yellowish white light about 200ft above the intersection..I was shocked! No sound, just this light, about 10ft in diameter, and a small electric-green light flashing in what i'd say was the middle of the craft.

There was another huge white light at the other 'wingtip' as I figured the craft was either triangle or chevron shaped. I stopped the car, got out, almost directly under it and watched in very slowly and smoothly pivot and move northeast over Ministerial Rd and toward the town of Wakefield. I lost sight of it quickly, almost too quickly; it may have vanished.

I called the police in town and the dispatcher took my report seriously, saying no one elso has called in about it. An odd thing, is that as I was under the craft it seemed that time slowed down or was out of whack somehow. One other car came out of a side street while I was out ot the car looking at the craft, but the driver sped off, either afraid or oblivious of it.

I had one other good sighting back in the early 90s, summer, while camping on the beach at Martha's Vineyard, Mass. I spied a rotating pinwheel of redish light spinning at the ocean's surface a mile or so off shore at Gay Head. A fishing boat was not too far from the object and had to see it. I watched it for about 5 seconds whereupon the wheel and light just 'went out' like someone pulling a light switch.

Weird but true. I was alone on the beach camping (illegally) at the time; it was a clear and beautiful summer night about 11pm.

ps I 've had two other sighting but not as dramatic as these.

See Also:
MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Triangular Shaped UFO Seen Near Eglin AFB
MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Huge Black Triangle Sighted On Return To Army Base

Labels: 2006, Chevron, Green, Light, My UFO Experience, Perryville Rhode Island, Time Distortion, Triangular, UFO, Yellow

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 04:18 PM
Another recent article which entails several USO cases:

Early UFO Communication Might Reveal Alien Awareness of God From Unknown Country, 02-Apr-2009

This event took place on August 15, 1981, and involves the use of flashlights and Morse Code to communicate with a UFO. To our knowledge, this is the only time where physical contact has resulted in an intelligible signal about the question of deity. As such, it is an important report and we are glad of the chance to preserve it in this public deposit. "Jax Beach," referred to in the account, is the Jacksonville, Fla, beach. The name of the witness, while known to us, is kept confidential for privacy reasons.

Here is the report of the 1981 incident, as submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center on April 15, 2000 and recently brought to our attention by the witness who wrote it:

During a period of several nights, points of light moved over and under the ocean water in various formations, which were later revealed to be lights attached to solid black elliptical flying objects.

One night, I traveled with two other friends to Jax Beach to see what we would see. As we stood on the beach, we noticed what appeared to be airport runway lights extending from the shoreline approximately 1 mile north of us to the east horizon. My friends and I wondered how and why runway lights would be positioned over water to the horizon, as it really seemed nonsense. Our attention was then drawn to the lights of what appeared to be an oil tanker moving south across the ocean many miles out to sea. As the lights moved in unison along the horizon, suddenly these lights, which seemed to form the outline of a ship separated into two equal numbers and moved away from each other. With that occurrence my friends and I felt very uneasy and decided to depart. I returned on other occasions to witness other equally unexplainable lights, which moved in and out of the water.

Following those sightings, I began to send Morse Code messages from the shoreline using my car headlights. Messages such as: God is Love. I sent the simple messages over the water for several nights; when a response was sent in Morse Code by way of a red light, which moved between two white lights moving in unison near the horizon.

The response message was: God is.

Within several nights of that response, I was given the opportunity to see the UFO aircraft that generated the "lights" on two occasions. One following night, I parked my car on a beach access ramp facing the ocean and using my headlights, I sent my God is love message out over the water. Shortly, thereafter, four lights arranged in a blue-green-blue-green pattern appeared on the horizon. I stepped out of the car to get a better look and the lights began to move very quickly toward the beach where I was standing. The lights reached the waters edge at the beach and stopped. The UFOs traveled from the horizon to the shore in less than 30 seconds! At that point I observed that the craft were about the size of 737s and their shapes were elliptical and solid black with a one blue and one green light positioned on the outer edge. Their appearance was difficult to see except when heat lightning flashed in the sky behind them. The UFOs did not remain for long but this time more slowly returned to their position on the horizon. The second sighting occurred several nights later and further north of Jax Beach in an area of the beach where houses or apartments were not constructed at the time.

Again, I used my headlights to send the Morse Code message "God Is" over the water. Again lights appeared on the horizon and moved more slowly over the water until they were about 150 feet from the shore. That time I counted six UFOs that appeared as before. I walked down to the shore and waited for something to happen; however, I do not remember anything else occurring, except that they seemed to loose interest in me and slowly drifted out of sight over the horizon.

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 10:51 PM
An Amazing article related with USO phenomenon in PR:

Unidentified Submerged Objects near Lajas

November 17, 2008

Laguna Cartagena, a lake near Puerto Rico's UFO hotspot of Lajas, is itself connected to a similar phenomenon dubbed "Unidentified Submerged Objects" by the late, great investigator Ivan T. Sanderson. These USO's have been seen countless times over the years both at the lake as well as in the deep ocean waters surround the island. Some who study this phenomenon believe it indicates the presence of a secret underwater base from which extraterrestrials launch their craft.

Among those who study USO's and UFO's in Puerto Rico are the members of "Project Argus", and it is primarily through them that much of this is known.

On the 8th of October 2002, a police officer and Project Argus member, Carlos Torres, claimed to spot a red USO fly out of Laguna Cartagena and then hover. Torres said it then flew away, returned a short while later, and hovered once more before it dove again into the water.

On November 20, two years later, Jusepe Quiñonez shot video [click here] of what he believes is either the same USO or a similar one. It, too, was hovering in the vicinity of Laguna Cartagena.

Drivers all along Route 303 near Lajas have reported sighting UFO's, USO's, and strange lights. In 1997, locals claimed a UFO crashed nearby. Many spotted its fiery descent as they drove along this winding road.

In what was probably an effort to promote tourism in a fatigued economy, the mayor of Lajas took a page from towns like Roswell, NM and declared Route 303 as "Extraterrestrial Route 303". A large sign has since been erected along the road, complete with the image of a UFO.

Some might be tempted to blame at least part of the sightings on an aerostat balloon that is launched regularly nearby. Officially the purpose of this baloon is for atmospheric monitoring. However, for the indefatigably paranoid UFOlogist, its presence can only mean the government is clandestinely observing these USO's and UFO's.

These experts, such as the members of Project Argosy, believe the deep waters surrounding Puerto Rico (especially those of the Puerto Rican Trench, one of the deepest spots in the ocean) house a secret alien base from which they launch missions of unknown purpose. They believe that using the water allows these USO's to move from one spot to another without being noticed.

South of Lajas is another active location, La Parguera. This tiny but picturesque village on the sea, according to Jose Martinez, houses one of these USO bases. It should be mentioned however, that if strange lights have been seen beneath the surface here, they may owe their presence to the phosphorescent bay upon which La Parguera sits.

Not all Puerto Ricans are so quick to believe in such fantastic tales. Marcelino Canino, of the University of Puerto Rico, says that while many Puertorriqueños will jokingly discuss such things as UFO's, the Bermuda Triangle, and El Chupacabras, most don't really believe in them.

So, are there indeed USO's, UFO's, and the like basing themselves in the deep waters off shore and frequenting such spots on the island as the town of Lajas or the mysterious mountain, known as El Yunque? It's difficult to rationalize, especially when most of the witnesses belong to a group devoted to such study. I question their objectivity. However, if further and better videographic evidence, physical evidence, or eye-witness testimonies arise, we might just find ourselves agreeing with the locals: Lajas IS a UFO hotspot.

Posted by Cullan Hudson

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 10:52 PM
A new USO case from Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico: Another Guanica Sighting By José A. Martínez From Inexplicata, April 13, 2009

Puerto Rico: Another Guanica Sighting
Source: Argus-PR
Date: April 7, 2009

At 6:45 a.m., employees of the Public Buildings Authority (Autoridad de Edificios Públicos--A.E.P.) witnessed a luminous object crossing the horizong from West to East along the southern shore between Lajas and Guánica. According to the workers, the briliant object resembled "acetylene light". Upon reaching a certain distance, the object shattered in two and fell into the sea. We cannot dismiss the possibility of an aerolith that broke up after reaching a certain altitude, being subjected to drastic temperature changes that resulted in a mid-air explosion. I will continue looking into this matter with other potential witnessses to the case. Meanwhile, I have already contacted the Puerto Rican Police's Joint Rapid Response Force (Fuerza Unida de Rapida Reaccion - F.U.R.A) to see if they have any details on the case. More information to come.

(Translation (c) 2009. S. Corrales, IHU)

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 05:57 AM
Today, I located this interesting USO account at youtube pages:

From youtube

4/5 UFO Hunters Underwater Alien Bases 2009


April 10, 2009


lights21002003 (4 days ago)

when my little brother came back from a long ship vacation from off the coast of FL., he said the ship ride was spooky. one night aroud 4 am, he went off to the side of the boat to catch a smoke (it was perfect night) and he told me a light from under the boat. such as a GLOW start to get larger and larger and larger then he start to get really spooked out. he said it was a rainbow green color. he thought it was a mini sub or it had to be, because the light went back down. if he never would have came out for a smoke he said he would have never seen it just like everone else.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 06:02 AM
I found several others in a different source too:

From UFOs and Occupants Sightings in South East Asia

17 July 1810, Meklong, Thailand: HMS Nereid, a British merchant schooner was moored in the vicinity of Meklong (Mekong?) and while the captain, Augustus Tweed was on watch, he sighted a display of lights in the night sky. The lights appeared in the eastern sky and flew and turned until they abruptly vanished from sight. Captain Tweed witnessed the lights again on 31 July and 9 August. Apparently they plunged into the sea on 9 August.

September 1810, Thailand: A young woman claimed that she was awaken by some unknown force one night. She described the evening as being devoid of all animal sound. (This could be due to the subject is in fact in an altered state of consciousness. UFOlogist Jenny Randles call this the Oz Factor) Looking into the yard beyond her house, she claimed to have seen a man made all of metal. The man had only one eye. She added that she was abducted to an undersea palace of lights.

16 June 1909, Dong Hoi, Vietnam: At 4.10 am, an astronomer, M. Beljonne, sighted an elongated object described as truncated at both ends, flew over the city on a west-east course. The UFO was casting a great luminosity. 4 other witnesses, all fishermen who were fishing at sea reported that the phenomenon lasted from 8 to 10 minutes. The UFO was reported to have fallen into the sea at about 6 kilometers from the shore.

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