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USO Research

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 08:53 PM
UFO takes on water -Lima, Peru, 02-13-1979

At about 17:45 in the afternoon on this clear day, their attention was urgently drawn to a strange phenomenon taking place. A huge circular disc-shaped flying object of some 30 meters (nearly 100 feet) diameter approached and flew over the group at only some 300 meters above them.

Following that, the tremendous aerial object took up a position very near and hovered there, suspended in the sky right over the river where they were fishing. At this point it was only some 700 meters away. The crew watched in amazement.

All the observers could clearly see that the base of the flying disc was circular and flat with a small circular depression in the central part. The area around this concavity, at its periphery, was divided by radiating lines or segments, similar to the spokes of a cartwheel.

In each of these segmented parts they could see an opening "like a ventilator". The superstructure on top looked like a large low cupola above the disc rim, flattened on top, with a second smaller cupola above that, and in the same way still, a third smaller, higher domed cupola on top of all. On the sides of the large rim, at the base, they could see dual recessed openings illuminated by some kind of fluorescent light.

The huge flying disc executed gentle, silent movements in all directions and occasionally discharged some fumes or gas from vents. About one hour later the huge ship was still there hovering stationary, a little to the south as the whole rim rotated slowly when suddenly, from the base, near the center, three luminous "tubes" of "blue neon light" were projected, like cylinders extended straight down from the ship to the surface of the river.

They seemed to be transparent and were rotating, and looked like they were either discharging something into, or were drawing something from, the water. After several minutes the "cylinders" were withdrawn from the water into the object, one at a time.

A moment later the recessed opening at the left, on the rim, suddenly discharged a luminous beam, like electrical sparks, in the direction of the water. When the beam of sparks touched the water it became violently agitated in that local area. A few seconds later this ray of light disappeared and the recessed opening on the right side discharged another ray, similar to the one on the left, and repeated the same phenomenon of disturbing the water.

The second ray was stopped and the two recessed openings closed and disappeared completely, as though they had never existed.

The huge object began to take on a blue luminescence, changing gradually to red and becoming more intense offering the observers a fabulous spectacular of light and color. In an instant the huge 100-foot disc-shaped craft projected itself straight up at incredible velocity and with little or no sound! The whole episode lasted one hour and twenty minutes. As he narrated this account to Professor Ney, Engineer Valdemir displayed considerable emotion. His story was confirmed by the other four men.

Now this is truly (sic) a remarkable account and should never be overlooked. Here were five expert observers, trained in the use of size, distance and elevation calculations, all engineers, all familiar with the need for technical accuracy, working on their job in full daylight, in full awareness and alertness of all their faculties
, and least subject to delusion by darkness, clouds, haze or any other atmospheric phenomena because none of those existed at the time.

Their vision of the phenomenon was clear and unobstructed by anything for the whole time, and they were afforded ample time for detailed examination of the mammoth aerial craft, at close range, for one hour and twenty minutes! There were many other witnesses.

Source and references:
UFO Abduction at Mirassol, by Dr. Walter K. Bühler, Guilherme Pereira and Prof. Ney Matiel Pires.
Translated from the Portuguese by Wendelle C. Stevens. © 1985.


Noweigan USO incident:

Beetween November 12 and 22, 1972, an extensive search was conducted in the 1300-meter-deep Sogne fjord. Thirty Navy vessels, plus NATO forces, participated. The excitement began when the military received a report of a U-boat.
The next day, the thirteenth, two witnesses watched an "aircraftlike object" maneuver along the fjord. The same night four other witnesses observed a "bright object" on the water.
On November 20, at 1 p.m., a U-boat was seen near Kyrkjebø just as it headed away from Mårenlandet toward the fjord's southern end. Fifteen minutes later it was seen by five police officers at Kvamsøy, a small island about 50 kilometers north of Kyrkjebø.
Here frigates dropped mines on the object. If these were two observations of the same object, we have a speed of 200 kph - a speed of which no known submarine is capable.

On the night of November 21, four witnesses sighted four "rockets" shooting up from the water at Hermansverk. The rockets were silent and resembled small red xxxxx of light. On the afternoon of the next day, an antisubmarine missile was fired at the intruders. The water's depth at the site was only 25 meters, and the shock waves of the explosion were so powerful as to throw small boats onto land 10 kilometers away. Any conventional submarine would have been severely damaged and forced to surface; yet this vessel escaped apparently unscatched.

At the same time other odd events were occurring. Aircraft experienced unexplained electronic problems. Yellow and green objects were seen flying along a mountainside. Navy vessels registered sonar contact with something in deep water. Surveillance craft encountered unidentified "helicopters" which executed breakneck maneuvers in fierce storms..

Project Bluebook Ship USO database:


1941 Newspaper Headline:
Strange Submarine Bobs Up In Mississippi River Saturday and Takes aboard a Farmer before Disappearing!

Charleston, MO (April 5, 1941) The call came at noon Saturday. Officers of this county, augmented by members of the State Highway Patrol responded. The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, was questioned at length. And this is his story:

He was plowing near the river bank Saturday morning about 10 o’clock. Without any previous warning, a submarine poked its grey nose out of the murky depths of the Mississippi (which is about 40 feet deep at that particular place) and eases up on the sloping rip-rapped bank. A man on the deck waved to our friend to come aboard. He went.

There he found one man and five little brown men who escorted him through the ship or tin fish or submersible or whatever it might have been.

Although questioned at length, the man stuck to his story, describing the interior of the locking device on the water tight door, the deck gun and a myriad of other things on the mysterious craft.

After a pleasant half hour or maybe longer on board, so goes the story, the man heard the automobile of his boss approaching and said he had to be going. “Well, we have to go too,” replied his hosts, so he went ashore.

With a great churning of waters the grey craft slipped silently beneath the waves and disappeared. So endeth this chapter.

The strange visit aboard an even stranger craft was duly reported when the landlord visited the farm at noon Saturday. He in turn reported to Sheriff Scott. Other officers were assembled.

He could not be, and was not shaken in his story. Finally he was released, and a report of the matter was transmitted to FBI agents and to the Coast Guard, which incidentally has charge of patrolling inland as well as coastal waters.


UFO/USO Sighting While Aboard The Carrier USS Kearsarge-May 16th 1963

My father had an awesome story about a UFO sighting he and other crewmen experienced when he was aboard the carrier USS Kearsarge awaiting splashdown of Faith 7, the capsule from the last Mercury mission.

My dad said he was on the midnight shift and this was about two, two thirty in the morning. As the three of them talked and smoked they all saw a formation of three UFO's with red, blue and white lights on it.
I don't remember if he said anything about strobing or flashing, but I do remember he said the thing he remembered most, besides their speed, was there was absolutely no sound coming from the crafts, which he described as being closer to a child's top shape than saucers.
They estimated the UFO's were half a mile or so when they first spotted them, coming from behind their position as they had all been facing the sea and the ships came from the other side of the ship.

I can't recall starboard or port but he did say they were able to watch them as they approached, swung around the rear of the ship and hovered over the water a hundred yards or so away from where they were on deck.
The cameraman was able to get some photos, not sure how many, before they all took off almost straight up and out of sight.
The cameraman turned the film into to his superior officer and was told to not ever mention it. My dad said he and his friend were asked about the incident by their NCO and also told not to ever talk about it.


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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 05:37 AM

As already said many times before, it’s quite obvious that those entities who navigate those USO’s/UFO’s are really keeping a watchful eye at those Navy’s nuclear ships?
And that is not without a good reason if you ask me.


Strange Object’s Maneuvers Near Nuclear Shipbuilding Disturb Navy. By Robert B Klinn and David Branch.

Excusive To The Register

PASCAGOULA, Miss. --- As a first step in an apparently highly serious operation to determine the cause and nature of a submerged, metallic, beam-emitting, disappearing-reappearing, course-changing object seen maneuvering Tuesday evening, Nov. 6, in the Pascagoula River, the U.S. Navy Friday dispatched to the site of the mystery Lt. Cmdr. Craig Dorman of the Naval Coastal Systems Laboratory at Panama City, Florida. These columnists learned Monday that this Navy’s concern stems from the proximity of the observations to the Navy’s nuclear shipbuilding activities—approximately 200 yards away.

In a comprehensive report being written by Dorman and to be released next week, the Navy is expected to disclose that it has absolutely no idea what the object is (or was) in the Pascagoula River.
Dorman is part of the Navy’s Seal Team, an underwater demolition, combat-trained, airborne killer unit. His trip to Mississippi was especially for this mission. Early Friday morning at the Coast Guard base at Mobile, Ala., Dorman met with Coast Guard Lt. (j.g.) Michael Donohoe. They proceeded to Pascagoula, where together they debriefed the witnesses---seven civilians and two military personnel.

According to Donohoe, with whom we spoke Monday, “The Navy was basically caught off guard. The Navy believes the observed object is something totally new and different—totally unknown. We were caught unaware and want to prevent it from happening again.” Donohoe said the Navy intends to be ready scientifically for another such sighting and is presently preparing capability in the Pascagoula River Area.

“The basic purpose is to document this story from start to finish,” said Donohoe, referring to Lt. Cmdr. Dorman’s mission. “
Something in the water is causing that illumination. It remains an unidentified object, and we want to maintain a file as a reference for any future sighting,

” The Navy, he said, is engaged in an objective and scientific approach toward bringing its full facilities to bear on the river area.

We note that such an approach represents a totally different attitude from that which has been displayed since 1949 by Air Force personnel in their UFO investigations.

The Navy’s complete report is expected to show where the Navy’s nuclear shipbuilding activities—a function of Ingalls Shipbuilding, a subdivision of Litton Industries—takes place with relation to the location of the sightings.

Friday, United Press International, in a story based on an early Coast Guard press report, told of the first Tuesday-night (Nov. 6), river-object sightings by twin brothers Raymond and Rayme Ryan, who were fishing on the Pascagoula River. An illuminated object was following their boat, and repeated efforts to beat the object away with an oar made the light grow dimmer. The UPI story noted that Pascagoula Coast Guard officers in a 16-foot boat had subsequently located the object in four to six feet of water and moving at four to six knots, but that they were unable to retrieve it because it would seem to go out and move away and then reappear. The story quoted the Coast Guard press report description of the object as “an amber beam, four to six inches in diameter, attached to a bright metal object.”

Neither the Coast Guard press report nor the UPI story named the officers of the Coast Guard vessel who had witnessed and pursued the object. Neither the Coast Guard press report nor the UPI story was based on a direct interview with the Coast Guard witnesses. Monday, we tracked down and by telephone interviewed these witnesses—PO Charles Crews and PO Alan Nations.

Officer Nations stated that at 9:20 p.m., he and Officer Crews were in the Coast Guard vessel and were approaching the Ryan brothers in their boat. “One fisherman was there beside the boat. From 50 yards I saw the light lighting up the boat.
It was a dim light, moving in a straight line in a northwesterly direction at four to six knots.

When we got directly over it, I could see that there was a light amber light source about four inches long which cast an oval-shaped beam straight ahead for four, five, or six feet.

Beneath the four-inch light source and attached to it was a metallic rod a couple of feet long and about four inches wide.

” Nations and Crews tried beating the object with boat oars and hooks, but it went out and reappeared 20 yards away. “The Ryan brothers chased it around in their boat and reached it again before we did. They beat it with their oars,” said Nations.

Crews also described observing the light coming up from the water and onto the Ryans’ boat as the Coast Guard vessel approached. “Three boats started chasing it,” Crews explained. “Each boat tried to get on top of it. Then it was under all three boats.
I looked down and saw a metallic object three feet long, three or four inches wide, and shiny like stainless steel

. It went 20 or 30 yards, then went out. Then it lit up again on the same course and we tried to hit it with oars. The light went out and then it relocated again.”
At 10 p.m. they lost it.

At 8 p.m., Oct. 11, as you are probably aware, shipyard workers Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were also fishing at the Pascagoula River,
when three humanoid entities with pointed ears, wrinkled skin, and crab-like claws reportedly abducted them into an egg-shaped spaceship in which they were scanned by a huge glass eye and then released.

Even before Hickson had passed a lie detector test

, University of California engineering professor Dr. James Harder had concluded that the entities are cosmic anthropologists.

Is it possible that these Pascagoula entities are studying our Navy’s nuclear ships?
This reference: Newspaper article from “The REGISTER”, Pascagoula, Miss., Nov. 14, 1973,
P.1-2. From George Fawcett’s file on UFO’s at sea. With thanks to CUFOS.

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 05:41 AM


Far from the waters of the mythical Bermuda Triangle, where fact and fiction often mix to produce a spine-tingling air and sea tale, the waters near the city of Pascagoula, Mississippi, had their own "other world" mystery, which made national headlines twice within three weeks. On October 11, two on-shore fishermen (Hickson and Parker) were allegedly abducted by an interloper descending on them from the air, and on November 6, four offshore fishermen, later joined by the Coast Guard, encountered a
strange submerged object

. Concerned, the Navy made a thorough investigation.
Not depending on the press story for all the facts, I called Raymond Ryan, one of the fishermen who chose to do battle with the submerged craft, and the Coast Guard in Pascagoula, who were called to investigate and also got into the action. Chief Bob Pace, on duty at the Coast Guard office, was cooperative and permitted me to talk with the two crewmen who, like Ryan, challenged the evasive USO with an oar.
Raymond Ryan, a fisherman in the Pascagoula waters all his life, said he made his living netting mullet and trout. Ryan related that he and his brother, Rayme, each accompanied by a son, had gone out to the brackish waters every night in the past week, and, encouraged by their big catch on the night of November 5, looked forward to a bigger haul on the sixth.
Instead of mullet and trout, the Ryans found a submerged metallic monster. In dark, shallow waters, said Raymond, he and his son, Earl, were in one boat, and his brother, Rayme, and his son, Rayme, Jr., were in another, all preparing to net. Suddenly he heard his brother, Rayme, shouting from his boat beckoning him to "come quick." Near Rayme's boat they all witnessed an underwater bright light in less than ten feet of water. .

Raymond and his son gained quickly on the submerged light in their fast boat, using a high-powered outboard motor. As they approached, the light dimmed. Curious, Raymond first poked his long oar into the water. No response. Then he heftily swung his oar from overhead into the water. To his dismay, the light went out.

For a while the Ryans played a cat-and-mouse game, the light dimming when they were close, blacking out when poked at, only to reappear in super-brilliance elsewhere in the shallow waters. In the next close encounter, Ryan had a good look at the submerged craft. It was large, he said, maybe more than nine feet in diameter, and it was round and metallic,

Ryan said there was no question in his mind about the craft's metallic structure. "It looked like the rounded top of a parachute, with lines like ribs running from a dark hump in the center," he said, "and the lines went down as far as I could see to the outer rim."

Ryan added, "The whole object glowed a milkish white, and, when the light was on, it glowed above the water." When the Coast Guard boat came, he said the light headed for the channel, which goes into the gulf. "It's ninety feet deep there," said Ryan, "and whoever controlled it knew where the deep water was, to get away."

With so few close-encounter cases on record of man versus "USO," I was especially interested in questioning Ryan for his awareness of any electromagnetic or physiological effects occurring either during or after the incident. He assured me that he and others in the Ryan family suffered no ill effects, that the object made no audible sound, that his boat did not pitch or roll or vibrate, or have its engine stop or falter, and that he saw no wake or eddying on the water's surface during all the maneuvers.

Ryan, however, did have two disappointments: one, during the close encounter with the USO, he had the urge to strip off his clothes and jump into the water to get a good eyeball-to-eyeball look, but, upon seeing a young lady aboard a boat near shore, changed his mind, letting his modesty prevail; the other, when he resumed fishing after the object and the Coast Guard boat left the area, he found that the mullet and trout had also disappeared. I caught no fish that night or the next, he said. The thing scared all the fish away!

When the Coast Guard's 16-foot Fiberglas runabout arrived on the scene with Boatswain's Mates Nations and Crews aboard, the "USO" was again pursued. During this stage of action, according to Ryan, the submerged object was in about ninety feet of channel water that led into the gulf. Luckily, I was able to reach BM3 Charles Crews, on duty at the Coast Guard headquarters following the incident, for a firsthand account of his experience.

Crews told me that on the night of November 6, he was asked by Boatswain's Mate 2/C Nations to check out a possible submerged UFO. He reported to the radio room, where he met Ryan and his son, who related their sighting of a strange underwater object.

At 9:45 P.M. Crews and Nations were aboard their sixteen-foot Fiberglas Coast Guard runabout on the way to the site where the submerged object was last seen.

About fifty yards away, Crews said, he could see another boat with a man gesturing, trying to attract his attention. As the runabout approached, he could see what appeared to be the man shining a large light into the water. However, as Crews and Nations got closer they were surprised to see that the light was coming up from the water. The light, he said, reflected off the front portion of the boat and the lower half of the man. The light was motionless at first, said Crews, but when two other fishing boats approached the area, it began to move in a straight course at about four to six knots.

Crews said that he tried to run up on the light from behind but could not because of the interference from the other boats. When he did manage to get closer, he got a good look. The light was about three feet by four feet and oval-shaped. As it passed under the fishing boats, he said he could see that the light was reflecting off a metallic object! Then all the boats followed the object, which Crews observed was still moving at the same speed and on the same course.

Said Crews: "We tried to make contact with it by using oars. One thing of interest here; when we put the oar into the beam of light, it appeared that the light penetrated the oars.. The oar didn't cast any shadow. I could not block out any of the light. I would compare it with an X ray.

Crews then observed that the light traveled several yards farther and blinked out. The boats, he said, sat still for about two minutes; then suddenly the light reappeared about thirty yards away, still on the same course and traveling at the same rate of speed. They again gave chase in the runabout, but the light dimmed and went out. Crews said he and Nations returned to their station at 11:00 p.m. Crews confirmed Ryan's testimony about no fish being caught that night after the object was sighted.

Boatswain's Mate Crews sent me two drawings of the submerged object [NOTE: sketches were not included in the book-CF-]. Figure 1 shows the object as it appeared passing beneath the Coast Guard boat. Figure 2 shows a brief, 2-second sighting of the USO.1 Crews comments, "This observation occurred at the time we first came upon the light from behind. In the drawing of a fin-like protrusion, the light seemed to be coming from beneath the object.
The edges of the object seemed to be blacked out by a shadow running completely around it. However, the rest of the object appeared to be reflecting the light. I reported this description to the Navy debriefing team who interviewed me."

Shortly after the encounter with the USO, fisherman Ryan disclosed that he was told instead of asked to appear before three Naval Intelligence officers who arrived at the Coast Guard headquarters from Panama City Naval Base. . One was a high-ranking officer, he said; another was in plain clothes. Said Ryan, I was being taped while the man in plain clothes took notes of everything I said.

The USO incident in Pascagoula waters remains unexplained. The two investigating Naval officers from Panama City offered no clues; nor the plain-clothes man, reportedly from "some" government agency. Certainly if these emissaries from Intelligence had some notion that the USO was a secret U.S. naval device they would not have made the trip to involve Ryan. Ryan's testimony would have been redundant. Also, it seems foolish to entertain the notion that a secret submarine device, manually or remotely controlled, would dare to enter shallow, heavily trafficked fishing waters, risking entrapment on sand bars or causing potential hazards to fishermen.

Not far from Ryan's underwater encounter and the nearby shoreline where Charles Hickman and Calvin Parker were abducted, the Navy was reportedly preparing to launch the U.S.S. Spruance, the first of a new fleet of multimission destroyers with highly sophisticated electronics. The Spruance was being built at the Ingalls Shipyard, and there are other shipbuilding facilities in the Pascagoula area, including a large nuclear facility operated by Litton Industries for the U. S. Navy. Perhaps USOs, like their aerial counterpart, the UFO, may have more than a casual interest in nuclear installations. As far back as 1952, a Project Bluebook report and map with indicator pins were released that showed that UFOs were seen preponderantly in the critical areas of nuclear development in the U.S.A.

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by spacevisitor

SV - another very interesting account

It seems a lot of strange incidents have occurred on the
Pascagoula River.


USO Incidents from the Atlantic:

Atlantic Alien Base
Source: Tony Dodd

Here's a summary of events outlined by UK researcher Tony Dodd in his recent work, 'Alien Investigator' (Headline Books, highly recommended) as regards activity in the North Atlantic, including unreported ('suppressed' would perhaps be a more accurate term) sightings in Iceland.

Iceland, rich in folklore, has its own history of UFO incidents. Small creatures have been reported on the Snaefellsjokull glacier, where residents leave food out for the 'little grey people' who 'live under the glacier'

Winter 1992 was a very active year for sightings in North Scotland, with hundreds of witnesses reporting unidentified lightforms and strange shapes. During this period one incident was reported in the National Press, that on 20 December a UFO was tracked on radar near the Orkney Islands, and a fighter scrambled to intercept it. It was reported from Dodd's source that the plane and the UFO merged on the radar screen and radio contact was lost, a repeat of a Foxtrot 94 event.

A search and rescue plane took off and eventually identified the missing aircraft in an isolated spot in the Orkneys. The plane was in one piece, with the pilot missing, yet a controlled landing in this area was deemed impossible.

During the course of Dodd's inquiries, information was received from a Naval source to the effect that three large UFOs had been tracked coming down into the Sea off the east coast of Iceland near Langeness. This sighting was also tracked on radar and confirmed by other witnesses.
Subsequently, fast-moving underwater craft with flashing coloured lights were reported, apparently tracked by a glowing object in the sky which was travelling South towards Scotland. These submarine objects caused extensive damage to the trawl nets of fishing boats; patrol boats from the National Icelandic Coast Guard were dispatched to the area.

23rd December: two gun boats from the Icelandic Navy plus a coastguard vessel showed up, ostensibly for 'observation'. The crew were not told why. They were joined by a fleet of Navy warships (including British) officially on an 'exercise' around Christmas. Newspapers reported that large underwater craft were being tracked - speculation abounded that it might be Russian.

According to Dodd's source, four more UFOs were tracked coming down into the sea in the same quadrant, and the fast-moving underwater craft were again reported. At this time an American ship was reported missing. During the NATO search, one of the British submarines unaccountably lost power and hit the sea-bed; power subsequently came back on and the sub resumed operations.

At this time Icelandic radio broadcasted reports of large UFOs over the mountains in the east, while residents reported seeing small figures around the ice of the Fjord, during the appalling weather conditions.

25th February: An American Flotilla of three destroyers within the Arctic circle warned all other vessels not to approach within three nautical miles. Outside the exclusion zone, radar picked up sixteen airborne contacts with the American fleet. These were seen as bright amber lights descending from the sky, in conditions too bad to permit helicopters. The lights hovered above the U.S. vessels then sped away, fast.

In March, an Icelandic Airlines plane en route to Reykjavik from London was tailed by two balls of white light from North Scotland, according to passengers and crew.

In April, two Icelandic fishing boats went missing.Search crews reported white tubular-shaped lights hovering over their boats. Radios went dead, resumed when the lights moved off. All the seamen involved were warned not to report what they had seen.

Mid-April: Russian naval vessels joined the remaining ships in the North Atlantic; these appeared with the NATO ships, covering the mouth of the Barents Sea. A message between two Russian vessels was intercepted, and reportedly said: 'We are engaging unknown underwater craft'.

Meanwhile, British newspapers reported 'Joint American and Russian Military Exercises About To Take Place'.

After further inquiries, Dodd established direct contact with several fishermen, who have been reporting large black triangles as big as football pitches speeding underwater, surrounded by coloured lights. These are seasoned sailors, familiar with Russian and UN submarine patrols.

A source inside Icelandic Airlines has reported that, since 1993 there have been incidents where circular objects attached themselves to planes. One pilot nearly ditched into the sea trying to shake of two of them, one on each wing.

A report from a member of the Royal Norwegian Air Force was received about an incident which occurred at 7:15 am on 9 December in North Norway. A large horizontal flame appeared in the sky above Bardufoss, determined not to be caused by normal atmospheric phenomena or meteor activity. No sound was present during this event, nothing picked up on radar, and no official explanation.

Sightings in the North Atlantic continued to proliferate in clusters, usually of large black triangular objects, with several uneventful weeks in between sightings.

7:30 pm, Monday 12 February 1996: A ship-to-shore call from a fishing vessel in the Denmark Strait, off the West Coast of Iceland.The caller stated that a huge triangular craft had appeared and was hovering low in the sky close to his boat. During the call the transmission was cut off, and after resuming, the caller said that all the electronics on the boat had suddenly failed. He and his crew had seen the object move away from the boat and descend into the sea. Power resumed after the object had gone.

Six days later at 9 pm, another call came from a fishing vessel. The terrified caller reported that three large triangular black objects, accompanied by three independant balls of red light, had emerged from the sea and were hovering silently close to their boats. Asked if they were being tracked on radar, the crewman said no, but radar was irrelevant, since the whole crew was on deck watching them. They were black, with small lights visible on the outline... Again, the phone cut out, and later it was ascertained that the objects had vanished into the sea.

Next day,another fishing boat crew observed a gigantic sphere hovering in the air not far from the boat, which slowly moved away and dived into the sea.An hour later, another phone call from the same boat:

There are now six large flourescent-tube-like objects hovering in the air close to our position. They are a blue colour and not making a sound. All these strange things are making the crew very frightened, we don't like this at all.'

Reports continued to trickle in through the summer of 1996, mainly strange lights and objects not trackable on radar; airwaves picked up by one researcher from RAF and commercial planes determined that something persistently unusual was going on.


posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by karl 12
reply to post by spacevisitor

It seems a lot of strange incidents have occurred on the
Pascagoula River.

Hi karl 12, thanks for your great posts and the interesting link to your thread “The 1973 Pascagoula,Mississippi Abduction” .

That’s a great coincidence isn’t it?
There seems to be indeed happening a lot of strange incidents on that Pascagoula River.
I reed a few days ago a very interesting interview from Robert O Dean on

and perhaps you will find it interesting to.
He spoke in that interview about many interesting things where under.

Bob: I’ve learned from my connections with intelligence, and the Navy people primarily, that there is a major ET facility on a mountain in Puerto Rico. And there is a massive undersea location off Puerto Rico in a place called the Puerto Rican Trench.

Bill: Yes, which is very deep.

Kerry: Yes, they’re actually filming – I don’t know if it’s Jaime or someone else – there’s a film-maker who films UFOs, the evidence of the UFOs going in and out of the water. Right?

Bob: Well, apparently they come in in a lake. They come out of a lake in Puerto Rico.

Timothy Good has exactly said the same thing.

And related to the USO threads.

Bob: Like Denny Blair said one time, he said to a Chinese admiral... He says: I own the water and I own the air above the water. So don’t talk threateningly to me. And Denny Blair at that time was a 4-star admiral who was PAC COM, or CINC COM, Pacific commander-in-chief. CINCPAC, I think he called it.

Anyhow, getting on with the story, let me finish this. He says: The one thing that interests us the most that we cannot figure out, he says, are the underwater objects that are the size of aircraft carriers that are traveling over 200 miles an hour.

And he says: That is our primary concern at the moment. He says: We don’t know who they are, what they are, and what they’re doing down there, but, he says, they’re traveling at enormous rates of speed under water and they’re the size of aircraft carriers.

Can you imagine, unknown submergible objects with the size of an aircraft carrier traveling over 200 miles an hour?
Isn’t that not very, very interesting indeed?


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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by spacevisitor

SV thats an amazing post

I think the lake they're referring to is Laguna Cartagena :

Laguna Cartagena,a lake near Puerto Rico's UFO hotspot of Lajas, is itself connected to a similar phenomenon dubbed "Unidentified Submerged Objects" by the late, great investigator Ivan T. Sanderson. These USO's have been seen countless times over the years both at the lake as well as in the deep ocean waters surround the island. Some who study this phenomenon believe it indicates the presence of a secret underwater base from which extraterrestrials launch their craft.

As for the statement made by the Chinese Admiral..

"The one thing that interests us the most that we cannot figure out, he says, are the underwater objects that are the size of aircraft carriers that are traveling over 200 miles an hour".

..well its just mindboggling.

Thanks for a great read

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 06:48 PM
Nothing short of quality posts in this thread.. the next time someone asks for proof, I'm gonna refer them to here, among other currently active threads.

IMO, here are the current top threads in the UFO forum;

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A military sighting both by the crew of the ship and by the base on the island of a really very fast moving USO.


In conjunction with this report, I am requesting that anyone who was stationed on the Guam base and has knowledge of sighting of the UFO mentioned, to please contact me (See “Contact Me” page). -CF-

[ex]E-Mail #1
Please note – All names have been removed for confidentiality –CF-

Dear Sir: While aboard the USS Reclaimer ARS-42 while off Guam, I was [a] witness to an underwater event that I have remembered for years. Oddly, it wasn’t till this last Xmas season1 that I saw, heard, or paid much attention to underwater UFOs. Here is the account of the event as best as I can recall: It was the mid watch. The OOD2 was a warrant [officer], Boatswain3 Mr. Xxxxx. I was a GMG/DV SN4 standing the petty officer of the watch aboard the oceangoing tug/salvage ship USS Reclaimer. We were steaming off Guam, waiting till first light to enter and dock. The starboard lookout, SA5 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, called me to report a contact. What we saw was a single red flashing light. We remarked we were being pulled over by Barney Fife (Andy of the Mayberry show) (The Reclaimer had a top speed of maybe 18 knots6.) for speeding. It was just like the red light on a 60's model police car, constant flashing. The water was clear. There was something... a shape, craft … supporting the light. Nothing really we could make out. I called the OOD, reported the contact. It was late, maybe 2 a.m. We watched it change course a little. It continued to parallel us. Boatswain Xxxxx contacted Guam control since there were Russian trawlers operating in the area. Guam control acknowledged that they too were tracking something and were sending a wild weasel F-14 to investigate. I thought this odd to send a fast mover to inspect a slow underwater vessel. The jet came out of the sky like a greasy snowball and dropped to the deck. This F-14 keyed on that USO and accelerated. The F-14 went to full afterburner right off the deck, pulling a rooster-tail7 behind it. It rattled the ship severely as it went by. This USO thing pulled easily ahead of the jet, crossed the horizon in seconds while underwater... no visible wake. It just... I mean this thing was FAST. Well, we just stood there. Wow, you know... what do ya say. We speculated about what it was. Guam told us it was a classified matter not to be reported or discussed. The Capt., LT8 CDR9 Xxxxxxxx, came on deck... took the log book... end of story. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at:
Deleted here for anonymity.-CF-
This reference: E-mail to me (Carl Feindt) dated January 21, 2008

In response:
Hello Xxxxxx,
This is a VERY interesting report. I would like to continue this as several points you make are very familiar to me. Do you have any documentation that you were a crew member on the ship? If so, I would appreciate a photocopy for my records.

I will try to get back to you later with some questions, for instance, some of the abbreviations you used are not familiar to me (I was Air Force in '59-'60). In the meantime, anything and everything you can remember about this event could be important. So I recommend that you store it on your computer or 3.5 floppy so that it's not forgotten in the meantime.
Many thanks,
Carl Feindt


Hello again Xxxxxx,
An important thing to me is the date. I realize this was a while back, but the year is the most important. Month next and day. If this is still out of reach in your memory, perhaps the season would give us a limit.

E-Mail #2

Thank you for your reply to my account. As I recall, I graduated diving school class 7407 [class of 1974 – 7th graduating class]. Mom died in April of that year, and I took an emergency leave from school so about early May or June of 74, I was assigned to Reclaimer, Pearl Harbor, HI. I do recall Xmas in Manila and standing a deck watch on New Years [eve] of 74, so Reclaimer sailed for WestPac around Sept. of 74. We steamed for 2 weeks to reach Guam. I only was in Guam once. We made port the day after the event, so I would put the date in late Sept. early Oct. of 74. I hope that helps. As to the crew at the time, here are some names that might help you narrow down if you can access military records. The CO10 was Capt. Xxx? Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx? The XO11 was Lt. Xxxx. My division officer was Ens.12 Xxxxxxxx. The diving officer was Lt.(jg)13 Xxxxxx. CWO14 Xxxxx, later Lt.(jg) Xxxxx, was one of the engineers. CPO15 Xxxxxxx was the master diver. I ran the armory under GMG1 Xxxx Xxxxxx. The quartermasters at the time were QM16 SA Xxxx [and] QMSN Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx. I believe QMSA Xxxx was on watch that night keeping the log. My son has researched the Reclaimer. It was during the time the ship still had a 40 mm cannon on the gun deck. I can’t seem to find any pics [pictures] of that period. The 40mm was later removed after WestPac and 2-20mm cannons installed port an[d] starboard. As this event occurred in the waning days of the Vietnam War, there was still a significant military presence in the western Pacific, and of course, the Russian trawlers roamed the seas off Guam - darn commies.

Things I remember about the night Mr. Xxxxx queried me since I was a diver and familiar with ships as to [whether or not] it might be a sub, I told him, A) subs didn’t have that type of lights, B) subs go to great lengths to stay unseen; they don’t announce themselves like that, C) even with the classified bubble systems17, no sub can outrun a jet in full ab18. We discussed if it was some type of marine life. The flashing red light was definitely mechanical; it was exactly like a police light on an early model cop car, hence the Barney Fife comment. As to its speed, the Reclaimer was probably doing 14 knots. Watching a tomcat with its wings tucked back go past us in full ab is something truly to see. It went by about 75 yards off our starboard side. Time sort of slows down as this aircraft just blows past us; you [only] see [it] clearly for a second. The sound and shock wave was IMPRESSIVE. The other USO craft was leaving the jet faster than the jet that went past us. I remember the QM and [he] guesstimated its time to horizon and came up with the impossible number of like mach 5...somewhere around 4,000 mph. Given the speed of the jet at mach 2.2, this thing was about twice as fast as the jet. The fact that Guam was also tracking this thing and scrambled a plane that fast indicates they could "see" it somehow, radar/sonar/etc. The Reclaimer was an old oceangoing tug so it had no sonar and rather primitive radar, so visual lookouts were still required. Also, since the Reclaimer was a tug, I can't see how it would be [of] any interest to the Russians. As to its movements, this USO was capable of course movements. We changed course a couple of times to avoid it, [and] it just sat off our starboard side 15 or 20 yards the whole time. The water was clear, [and it was a] warm night so you could see "it" fairly well, and we did try to estimate how big it was, without success. The other odd thing was no wake at all even as it picked up speed, and the way it just sped away, it was able to go to... say mach 5 right now, no slowly picking up speed, just blink 100 yards, 1000 yards, a mile... going, going, gone, if that makes sense. The informal atmosphere on the bridge that night led to much speculation between myself and the OOD and the lookouts, the QM, etc.; we were all young sailors, first time into the briny deep as it were. The OOD was a veteran sailor, and none of us could come up with a good answer. As a diver I had done repairs, security swims, etc. on many vessels of the 7th fleet while in Pearl, had been aboard and around subs, so I was somewhat familiar with a lot of ships, but nothing like this. And again the Navy said it’s classified, forget it. Quote the navy “what you saw was just a light and nothing more.”

I minored in astrophysics at UNM [University of New Mexico] years later. I wouldn’t say I’m a true believer, but I have witnessed enough odd things in my life to make me think humans don’t have all the answers. I know the Navy experimented with a forward bubble jet system. I have heard sea stories of subs reaching 90 knots. I have about 10,000 hours underwater and am familiar with what it would take to move at those speeds underwater, however, 90 knots is still a long way from mach 5 underwater. The pressure on a hull at that speed would be off the chart unless the craft had a way to disperse or atomize the water and create an airspace in front of it, kind of run between the raindrops.
[I would recommend reading my paper, which is on my homepage, entitled “Physical Influences of a UFO on Water,” which shows how easily this is accomplished. –CF]

Although my knowledge of space and travel is rather limited, to me an interstellar craft would have to be the size of Texas, multigenerational, and once it got here, it would have to land. Return to home world would be rather out of the question. All of the UFOs/USOs seem too small to cover the vastness of space. Personally, while I acknowledge there are more than enough eyewitness accounts since Ezekiel in the days of the Bible to give credence to these crafts, I think they must come from somewhere closer than the next star, or to assume they are time travelers is not unreasonable.

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Here is my first USO/UFO rapport of a picked up Sonar blip from an object about the size between a carrier and a cruiser.
Take hereby in notion what Robert O Dean said in his interview on Project Camelot.

Bob: Like Denny Blair said one time, he said to a Chinese admiral... He says: I own the water and I own the air above the water. So don’t talk threateningly to me. And Denny Blair at that time was a 4-star admiral who was PAC COM, or CINC COM, Pacific commander-in-chief. CINCPAC, I think he called it.

Anyhow, getting on with the story, let me finish this. He says: The one thing that interests us the most that we cannot figure out, he says, are the underwater objects that are the size of aircraft carriers that are traveling over 200 miles an hour.

And he says: That is our primary concern at the moment. He says: We don’t know who they are, what they are, and what they’re doing down there, but, he says, they’re traveling at enormous rates of speed under water and they’re the size of aircraft carriers.


To anyone who remembers this incident, I would sure like
to hear from you for any further details you can add,
and to make this a multiple witness case.-CF-

The following case is in response to a previously published case dated EE-??-1974 and is very important for multiple reasons. It is republished here with the permission of the author Mr. Norman Burns and the websites caretaker, David Slone:

Bill says:
I was stationed on USS Reeves (CG24) at the same place1 in late 1974. I had the 0000-0400 Sonar Watch.


Thanks to:

USS REEVES was the last ship in the LEAHY-class of guided missile cruisers and the second ship in the Navy named after Vice Admiral J. M. Reeves. Commissioned as a guided missile frigate, REEVES was reclassified as guided missile cruiser on June 30, 1975.
Thanks to:

At about 0130, I picked up a rather large blip (about the size between a carrier and a cruiser) off our port side beam about 140 degrees relative at 2000 yards and drifting towards our baffles. I could only pick up the contact with Active Sonar, nothing showed up with the passive sonar. I reported the bearing and range to the Bridge and to CIC. The Bridge Lookout saw a large glow in the water and the Officer of the deck brought the ship around so I could maintain contact. CIC could not pick it up initially on our Radar, but as we got within 1,000 yard they had a blip, then another, and another. All of a sudden I lost Sonar Contact like it was never there, but CIC still had it at last bearing with an abrupt positive altitude change. The chatter was look at the size of that thing. I went outside through the sonar door on the Port Side and visually saw a large moonlike shape that flew upward over the ship at a 60 degree angle and disappeared into the sky in seconds. I heard no noise from the object when it went over us. I saw a full moon that night on the other side of the ship, but it remained fairly constant give or take a few ship rolls.

When we pulled into port a few weeks later, all records in the Bridge, CIC, and Sonar logs about that time were torn out. Whoever tore them out made one error, the pen imprint on the next page was still there. No one spoke of the incident again

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SV (Yet another) very interesting report.

There seems to be a common theme running through all these
Naval USO incidents-namely
the removal of log books and subsequent orders never to discuss the incidents again:

Brand New Log Books / Do not Discuss:

Feb 1963 Royal Navy North Atlantic Fleet:

After Tom witnessed the senior officer enter the UFO observations in the radar log book, their shift ended. Radar room personnel on the early morning watch ate breakfast and then turned in. Probably sometime between 1200 and 1300, Tom said he was awakened and ordered to report to the ward room, along with the five radar and sonar operators on his shift that morning.
The senior officer proceeded to go over the events of that morning, asking questions about the radar-sonar observations.He told the six men that their conversations were being taped and explained that until more was known about the unknown target, they were to remain silent about what they had seen. "Gentlemen," the officer said, "we will remember that we have all signed the Official Secrets Act (or words to that effect)." Although there were no threats, the implication was clear that to divulge anything to anyone concerning the tracking of the UFO would be considered a breach of security.
I asked Tom if the meeting might have been part of a general order carried out on other ships in the fleet as well in connection with the UFO incident. He responded that he didn't know if it was or not.
The witness recollected that he was in the ward room about 10 minutes. He said he never heard anything further about the unknown target.
When Preston came on duty once again at 2400 hours, he said he was surprised to discover that a "spanking new book" had replaced the radar log used the previous morning.


USS Reeves:

All of a sudden I lost Sonar Contact like it was never there, but CIC still had it at last bearing with an abrupt positive altitude change. The chatter was look at the size of that thing. I went outside through the sonar door on the Port Side and visually saw a large moonlike shape that flew upward over the ship at a 60 degree angle and disappeared into the sky in seconds. I heard no noise from the object when it went over us. I saw a full moon that night on the other side of the ship, but it remained fairly constant give or take a few ship rolls.

When we pulled into port a few weeks later, all records in the Bridge, CIC, and Sonar logs about that time were torn out. Whoever tore them out made one error, the pen imprint on the next page was still there. No one spoke of the incident again


USS Reclaimer:

The F-14 went to full afterburner right off the deck, pulling a rooster-tail7 behind it. It rattled the ship severely as it went by. This USO thing pulled easily ahead of the jet, crossed the horizon in seconds while underwater... no visible wake. It just... I mean this thing was FAST. Well, we just stood there. Wow, you know... what do ya say. We speculated about what it was. Guam told us it was a classified matter not to be reported or discussed.


Carrier USS Kearsarge:

The cameraman was able to get some photos, not sure how many, before they all took off almost straight up and out of sight.
The cameraman turned the film into to his superior officer and was told to not ever mention it. My dad said he and his friend were asked about the incident by their NCO and also told not to ever talk about it.


Sonar operator Account -British Destroyer Warship:

One of Sanderson's sources stated that no less than 13 craft recorded in their logs that their sonars had tracked this object. Allegedly, the unknown target continued to be tracked for four days as it maneuvered down to depths of 27,000 feet! (This must have been in the vicinity of the Atlantic's deepest point -- 28,374 feet below sea level -- in the Puerto Rico Trench.)
If the above story is true, nothing of known earthly origin can travel underwater at such speeds or maneuver at such depths. The fastest nuclear subs can attain 45 knots (52 miles per hour) and dive to around 3,000 feet. The bathyscaphe Trieste, with a specially constructed pressure-resistant hull, descended to a record 35,820 feet in 1960. However, it was incapable of maneuvering about.
It is unfortunate that more than 21 years elapsed before the Preston case reached the attention of a UFO investigator. We have here yet another example of government UFO secrecy at work--this time a foreign nation, Great Britain. Largely due to his apprehension over potential repercussions if he revealed his experience,Tom felt compelled to keep his knowledge of the event to himself. Since it hadn't occurred to him at the time that the radar log notes would be removed,he had only his memory to rely upon during our interviews.


USS John F. Kennedy

So we exited the Communications Center and went to the catwalk on the port side of the ship on the edge of the flight deck and we observed a large glowing sphere over the ship. It was hard to decide what size this thing was because there was no perspective. It was late in the evening. The sun had gone down, it was twilight, but it looked huge…

After that, I talked to a few shipmate friends that I had on the ship. One in particular worked in the radar department and he was on watch during the incident. He told me that all the radar screens were glowing- and then nothing. They couldn’t detect anything on radar. We stayed up most of the night talking about it.

We heard that the compasses were not working on the bridge and that the radar navigational system had gone offline…

A few days later the Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer came on the closed circuit television system that we had on board. It was the only way that they could address the crew of 5,000. He [the Commanding Officer] looked at the camera - and I will never forget this - and he said, "I would like to remind the crew that certain events that take place on board a major naval combative vessel are considered classified and should not be discussed with anyone without a need to know." And that was all he said.


USS Edenton

During one of my scans of the night sky, out of know where, four red circular lights appeared. The lights where hundreds of yards apart from each other and formed a square.
After relaying the contact information a second time, the four lights, in a flash, darted towards the horizon amazingly fast. The lower two lights in the square went first, with the top two lights following directly behind them in a curved swooshing motion and there was no sound.
Next, after a half hour had passed since the sighting, the radiation detection system (gamma roentgen meter) on the bridge started making a loud clicking sound. At first, no one seemed to know what was making this sound then a very loud bell went off notifying us as to what was going on, we were being radiated.
The captain stated not to log the instance concerning the radiation exposure and left the bridge. During the rest of my watch duty that night, no officer or enlisted person spoke of what happened, and also acted liked nothing happened.


Submarine repair ship 'The Volga' ,October 7, 1977.

"Were such reports made public?"

Azhazha shook his head no. "At the time, naturally, they were classified top secret. Now we have a more open attitude in this country. We are able to talk about such things. On a few rare occasions I did publish some UFO information, but I paid for it under Leonid Brezhnev.The official reaction was very harsh, very negative. My career suffered as a result, and the directorship of a scientific group was taken away from me."


Captain of Navy R5D aircraft,February 8,1951:

Crew members and passengers witnessed UFO emerging from the Atlantic ocean:

When we landed at Argentia (Newfoundland), we were met by intelligence officers. The types of questions they asked us were like Henry Ford asking about the Model T.
You got the feeling that they were putting words in your mouth.
It was obvious that there had been many sightings in the same area, and most of the observers did not let the cat out of the bag openly. When we arrived in the United States, we had to make a full report to Navy Intelligence.
I found out a few months later that Gander radar did track the object in excess of 1800 mph".


Washington sent reports:

USS Waldron,1968-Near Puerto Rico:

They were tracking two bright lights, that didn't answer up to IFF – they weren't enemy, friend, foe or commercial aircraft. And were flying at speeds in excess of 400 knots and making turns at right angles. Nothing we knew of could do this but they did.

We were on an operation called Racer Run near Puerto Rico. Ship officials supposedly logged a report to Washington but we never heard anymore about it.

I've told several people about this and many acted as if I had 3 heads, but I have witnesses and evidence: there were about 20 in the 2 bridge watch sections, the combat watch sections (CIC), the ships log and the report sent to Washington.


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USS Franklin D Roosevelt:

“I saw a bright white ball of light. It headed straight for us, getting bigger and brighter. It was spherical, approximately 75 to 100 feet long. It turned red orange and I could feel the heat on my face."
As this was going on, the man on watch was yelling into the intercom for an officer to get up on deck.

Grusinski continues, “I could see silhouettes of figures looking at us. They had no features and you could tell they weren’t human. Then the bottom turned cherry red and it vanished in a flash.”

Soon after the incident crew members who talked about it were transferred.Then the CIA came on board to investigate a so-called "gambling problem."
"It was a massive coverup," notes Grusinski. "There was no gambling."


USS Franklin D Roosevelt:

The reunion revealed that 8 to 10 separate UFO sightings were connected with this ship. He located several witnesses.
One incident took place off Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 26, 1956. Grusinski says, "Two disk objects were suspended in mid-air. They were over one another; they had two rows of counter-rotating lights. The upper disk released a fireball object that dropped into the top of the lower.
Within seconds they both vanished with tremendous speed. These were seen by Leon Treadwell, Petty Officer Third Class.All involved witnesses were told to keep a tight lip. Treadwell had to sign papers that he would tell no one for 20 years.


Pascagoula USO Witnessess Interviewed:

Shortly after the encounter with the USO, fisherman Ryan disclosed thathe was told instead of asked to appear before three Naval Intelligence officers who arrived at the Coast Guard headquarters from Panama City Naval Base. . One was a high-ranking officer, he said; another was in plain clothes. Said Ryan, I was being taped while the man in plain clothes took notes of everything I said.

The USO incident in Pascagoula waters remains unexplained. The two investigating Naval officers from Panama City offered no clues; nor the plain-clothes man, reportedly from "some" government agency.


MUFON Report on USOs/UFOs in Puerto Rico:

We were invited to participate as lecturer in the MUFON UFO Symposium held on the days 2, 3 and 4 of July of 1993, in Richmond, Virginia, USA In our lecture we informed on the UFO /USO situation in Puerto Rico, but we also lectured, on certain facts pertaining to the UFO situation in El Yunque, a series of encounters with alien beings and our suspicion, due to certain facts, of the possibility that the U.S. Government kept flying saucer type crafts there, we also expressed ourselves on the possibility of there being official U.S. / alien contact in a site close to the rain forest: Roosevelt Roads U.S. Naval Station.
Right after we sent our paper on all this to Mr. Walt Andrus, general director of MUFON, for it to be published in the Symposium's Proceedings Book ,a strange set of events started happening. Apparently, the content of the paper touched a sensitive nerve somewhere and "someone" seemed to be very alarmed by it.


Puerto Rico Classified:

"Later on, the soldiers involved with the incident were ordered to board one of the trucks and go immediately to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, in Ceiba.
Once there they all were submitted to psychological tests, a rigorous medical exam and an intense debriefing session about the incident in El Yunque. Their weapons, equipment and all their clothing were analyzed and then destroyed, burned. In the morning they received new orders and classified instructions and they all were told that from that moment on they were out of active duty and of any military service, that they should continue with their civilian lives as if nothing had ever happened and that they could not talk to anyone ever, under no circumstances, about what happened that night in the forest."



From Puerto Rico comes an astounding account of two Navy F-14 ‘Tomcat’ fighters that engaged a gigantic triangular shaped UFO in the Cabo Rojo area. This encounter took place December 28, 1988. Eyewitnesses alleged the ‘Tomcats’ intercepted the object and then were somehow ‘trapped’ or taken aboard this huge craft.
Quoting Timothy Good from his book Alien Liaison:
“Although the FAA denied this incident had occurred, investigator Jorge Martin subsequently obtained confirmation from a U.S. Navy source who said there were radar-tapes showing what had happened which were immediately classified and sent to Washington D. C.”


Hefty Fines /Inprisonment:

The question is often asked, why don't more military UFO witnesses come forward publicly, and provide names, dates and places? Surely they aren't REALLY intimidated by such empty threats as JANAP 146-E, which provides for hefty fines and jail sentences for breaking silence on a military UFO sighting.



Disclosure witness Harry Allen Jordan discusses a major UFO incident aboard the USS Franklin D Roosevelt:
Interview at 0:18

Merle Shane McDow describes how an Atlantic Command Facility was put on the highest (Zebra) alert due to UFO outrunning fighter jets over the Atlantic ocean:
Interview at 3:34:


There seems to be an unwritten rule when it comes to Naval/Military
personnel reporting or discussing USO/UFO encounters - 'don't'.

It also appears the subject of USOs is taken extremely seriously by the US Office of Naval Intelligence and there's an active,ongoing investigation programme with sonar corellated USO reports sent immediatley to Washington.

I realise the Pentagon has made itself immune from certain FOIA requests but you'd think more would be forthcoming in the form of official government documentation - perhaps this is why they destroy all the log books.


BTW - do we have any Polish speaking members on ATS that can help with a translation?

Gdynia Port UFO incident Eyewitness testimony:

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A possible USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) was seen by four ufologists in Gulf Breeze, Florida (population 5,530) on Saturday night, August 22, 1998.

At 11 p.m., researchers Ray and Elise Pollock, Beverly Pilcher and Gelena Salyars were skywatching at the pier in Shoreline Park South. According to Ray Pollock, what drew their attention was "the odd behavior of sound and light reflections" offshore "to the right of the pier heading south" towards the Bob Sikes Bridge.

"Beverly Pilcher was standing just under the covered picnic table area to the right of the pier when she experienced a powerful wave of ringing in her ears," Ray reported, "She described it as being so strong that her ears hurt--like being poked with a stick or something."

The others joined her under the awning "but they could not hear it."

Just then, a black helicopter "came in low over Deer Point" and flew a short distance out to sea. "It was fairly well lit with a steady white light and a blinking red light. It was also projecting a steady searchlight-type beam on the water as if searching for something. It moved slowly down" the shore "until it reached the new condominium towers and then made a circle around the area. Then it returned to the island and flew towards Fort Pickens. At no time was any sound heard from this craft."

Then the quartet noticed "a dense black area in the water that did not reflect the lights from the beach" even though the sea's surface was smooth.

Beverly Pilcher and Gelena Salyars walked out to the end of the pier to investigate, while Ray and Elise Pollock remained on the beach. All four reported strange audio phenomena associated with the "black water area."

Although nearly a quarter of a mile away, the Pollocks reported that they "could clearly hear both women. They could also hear conversations coming from (more distant) boats coming up the waterway from Pensacola Bay."

By 2 a.m., the "black water" area "slowly began to show (light) reflections again," and the unusual audio clarity abruptly ended. The investigators left the beach at 2:15 a.m.



"It was first thought to be a downed helicopter, then a meteor shower or Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis--J.T.) but whichever it was caused the U.S. Coast Guard to launch a rescue boat last night (Wednesday, February 13, 2002) and search Lake Erie off the mouth of the Black River."

"Sightings of red lights or flashes thought to be two miles (3 kilometers offshore) from the Elyria Water Works started being reported on Lorain (Ohio) police radio transmissions around 8 p.m."

"'We're out there doing search patterns,' said a dispatcher for the Lorain Coast Guard station, but nothing was reported being found late last night."

"Lorain police dispatchers said they had nothing to report."

"Lights from helicopters or possibly commercial planes were later seen in the air above where the Coast Guard boat combed the waters."

"Also traveling the airways were reports of unusual lights being seen from Bay Village (population 16,087) to Toledo (population 313,619), and Coast Guard radio traffic indicated a helicopter had been dispatched to take a look along the (lake) shore." (See The Morning Journal of Lorain, Ohio for February 14, 2002, "Unidentified red lights seen in night sky." Copyright 2002 by The Morning Journal, all rights reserved.)

Eyewitness T.S. reported, "I did not see it, but I may have 'heard' it. Over the late evening, there were several concussion-like sounds like sonic booms. They shook and rattled the windows of my cottage in Bay Village near the shorefront of Lake Erie."


1957 -Two Policemen report witnessing object rise out of Bristol Channel.

PRUFOS Police UFO Reporting Database:



The Minnie H. was built and launched in 1883. The boat used to ferry passengers from the old Chautaqua grounds on the north shore to Fort Totten, N.D. on the south shore.

On July 17, 1893, the Minnie H. set out from her dock, bound for Fort Totten. Standing at the rail, enjoying the lake breeze, was J. Morley Wyard.

"'Along the shore, the trees in summer beauty reproduced upon the crystal surface,' he wrote in the Park River Gazette Witness."

"When the Minnie H. was in the center of the lake, Wyard said there appeared near the northern shore, west of Fort Totten, what looked like the hull of a large vessel, without mast or spar or sail, the color of new timber. The great ship was motionless, about a dozen miles away from Wyard's vantage point. An outcropping of shore called the Point of Rocks eventually cut off Wyard's view."

Note that this USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) was large enough to be seen by Wyard's naked eye on a clear sunny day at a distance of over 10 miles (16 kilometers). It could not have been a local ship. Fort Totten and Devil's Lake, N.D. are the only places where a ship that large could have been built. And such a project would have had people talking all the way from Bismarck to Fargo.

""Wyard's return trip across the lake a few hours later provided an even more amazing sight."

"'Far down the strait,' he wrote in the Gazette Witness, 'there appeared the glint of a sail, that, emerging from the distant outlet, came more clearly into sight. Though the air was breathless, (no wind--J.T.) the fairy craft swept along with wonderful rapidity until it might have covered ten miles in about as many minutes. Its rapid flight could be definitely measured. Upon the shore the taller trees were outlined against the sky, and the mystic yacht sped past them close under the hand, until it, too, like the sail-less and motionless hu;; of the earlier trip, disappeared at the boulder point near Fort Totten.'"

"An 1893 sailboat moving at sixty miles per hour? (100 kilometers per hour) It hardly seems possible, yet Wyard was q definite in his account."


Argentina USO Incidents:

OCCURRENCES: On separate occasions in 1958, 1959 and 1960 an unidentified submarine was detected inside a body of water known as Golfo Nuevo on the coast of Argentina. The apparent purpose of the intrusion seems to have been to prove the invulnerability of the submarine. The Argentine Navy handled the first two intrusions, the US Navy was called in for the 1960 event which is considered 'The greatest submarine hunt in history'.

FIRST OCCURRENCE, 1958: On 23 May 1958 Argentine President Arturo Frondizi announced: "On Wednesday 21st May 1958, destroyers engaged in a routine exercise detected electronically a subaquatic noise north west of the small port of Cracker in the Golfo Nuevo. The noise was identified as a submarine travelling at high speed. As is the procedure in such cases in waters of Argentine jurisdiction, the destroyers carried out depth charge attacks. During the operation a periscope was seen. After the attack patches of oil were found on the surface. The Navy carried out a search until Thursday afternoon but this was unsuccessful."

The periscope sighted from various points of the destroyer "Buenos Aires" was brown in colour. A schnorchel was also seen. An Argentine naval force consisting of three cruisers, four destroyers, two support ships and a tug, three Catalina aircraft, a DC-4, five NA bombers and twelve Corsairs was assembled and began to comb the waters of Golfo Nuevo. All ships expended their full inventory of depth charges repeatedly. Military sources calculated that the submarine had an average speed of 8 to 10 knots. There were a number of reports suggesting "that the submarine was of a type used by Germany in the Second World War" but the impression existed amongst the naval chiefs "that it must be much more advanced".

On 10 June 1958, more than two weeks after the operation began, the hunt was abandoned, naval observers at Puerto Madryn reporting that "the intruder had left the gulf at a fast speed, certainly faster than at any time during the 17 days when it was bottled up in Golfo Nuevo."

SECOND OCCURRENCE: It was reported in the magazine "Blanco y Negro", Madrid, issue 2494, 20 February 1960, that an unidentified submarine had been detected in Golfo Nuevo in October 1959, and had remained there for five days. Despite an intensive air-sea search by units of the Argentine Navy, the intruder "had escaped easily".

THIRD OCCURRENCE: At 0930 on 31 January 1960 the torpedo boat "Cervantes" obtained a sonar contact of an object moving slowly at 90 feet, identified as a submerged submarine. A depth charge attack was carried out.

Further reading -extensive link:

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 02:47 PM
I don't know if this has already been discussed in this thread. If it has, feel free to move/remove this post.

On November 23, 1953, a US Air Force F-89C jet fighter interceptor was dispatched from Kinross Air Force Base near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, to identify an intruder that had appeared on radar. For thirty minutes, the jet raced out over Lake Superior under guidance from radar operators at a remote station on the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Suddenly, the return from the jet merged with that of the bogie it was chasing. The IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) signal from the jet was lost. The radar blip from the F-89 never reappeared.Radar blips of the aircraft and the UFO "merged" on the screen and the F-89 and its two-man crew were never found.


Sonar image of something that was found near the wreckage of the plane " target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>


Anybody who has a few hundred thousands dollar to spare, and I propose to organise a expedition to bring that up

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This really is an amazing UFO/USO encounter witnessed by two pilots.
First they see a really huge UFO, a hundred feet across, or maybe even more approaching there plane pretty fast, appearing to be about to cross in front of, or about to collide with them.
Then later, some glowing things drops out from underneath and moved away from it down toward the water … and submerged.


By Donald E. Todd

Walt Hammel (pseudonym) age 48, is a TWA pilot. After a previous encounter reported to the FAA and upon ensuing company and other authoritative harassment, has sworn never to report another UFO encounter. Fortunately he has confidence in APRO's and my confidentiality and discretion.

Thursday December 22, 1977, 11:40 p.m. Captain Walt Hammel and Lt. Slim Dickson flew out of Boston's Logan International Airport. (Both names are pseudonyms)

At 4:45 p.m. Friday December 23, 1977, Captain Hammel called me to report a UFO close encounter and that he wanted to talk it out. At 5:30 p.m. Capt. Hammel and I met at the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant in North Kingtown, Rhode Island and Capt. Hammel narrated the following:

"We were out about six hundred miles over the Atlantic at 21,000 feet heading in to Logan. The weather was clear except for some widely scattered clouds beneath us. It was 11:40 p.m. and I had a guy by the name of Slim Dickson as co-pilot. We had just been having a cup of coffee and Slim had set his cup on the panel next to his right elbow. As he put the cup down, he glanced out to what would be between one and two o'clock, and suddenly he grabs me by the arm.

"Reflexively I swiveled my head to look at him and caught this dazzle of twinkling lights coming at us from the starboard side, just ahead, and appearing maybe about fifty feet below. Instantly Slim and I realized that whatever the thing was, it was moving in a hurry, that it was entirely too close, and appeared to be about to cross in front of, or about to collide with us. And it was huge!

"I slammed on some power, hauled the nose up and prayed we'd go over top of that thing. Just as we started to climb, this thing swept straight up, did an impossible right angle turn and begins to pace us. I don't see how ANYTHING could have executed a maneuver like that -- I mean almost a simultaneous two-directional turn -- up and to the right, not to mention coming to damned near a dead stop!

"We couldn't detect any sound, see any prop or jet wash, nor see any exhaust. It just kept flashing a lot of lights around the middle. Once we leveled off again, the thing stayed just ahead of us off to our right and we had a chance to observe it. We couldn't see any hard outline or shape to it but, you could tell it was circular because of the lights.

“The lights were mostly white." Here Walt Hammel grinned. "This is going to make you laugh and sound nutty as hell. But do you know what it reminded me of? It reminded me of an Oreo cookie.” Hammel put his hands together in a circle. “There was a red blinking light on top of the thing with all of those twinkling, silvery-white lights on around the middle. In other words, there was darkness between the red light on top and the white lights around the middle, and then darkness below the lights again.

A little later the thing rose up and there was another red blinking light on the bottom of it. So with the dark on top and the bottom, and the silvery-white lights in the middle, it just reminded me of an Oreo cookie.

"It looked as if about every dozen or so lights around the middle, there was a reddish-purple one and in between THEM, there was a blue one. But they were all blinking off and on intermittently.

"I don't mind telling you I was nervous as hell, and Slim, he was chalk white and scared stiff. It suddenly occurred to me...what if the passengers are watching that thing? What am I going to tell them? I didn’t want panic back there, so I buzzed the stewardess. When she came on the phone I asked her how things were back there? She answered, "Okay, why?" l said, “Oh, nothing, Just checking.” l figured as long as she hadn’t made any mention of the thing out there, then evidently none of the passengers had spotted it. The object may just have been far enough forward to be out of their sight line.

"Now comes, the wacky part of the whole thing. While we were watching the UFO, suddenly this other glowing thing drops out from underneath it. The damned thing drops out from underneath it. The damned thing looked a neon-green smoke ring. It dropped away from the larger UFO down toward the water … and submerged! We saw the glowing green circle of water where it went in, and then the glow disappeared!

Seconds later, two more green rings dropped out. The second one dropped away and submerged like the first one, but the third one dropped down and then shot straight ahead to disappear toward the coast.

"It was hard to tell sizes but, afterward over a couple of beers, Slim and I finally came to the conclusion that the BIG one must have been all of a hundred feet across, or maybe even more. By comparison, the smaller ones looked like they might have been twenty feet across.

“If I guess the big UFO paced us for about twenty minutes, then all of a sudden the lights around the middle began going out in clusters -- not in banks of say, six or eight in a row, but six or eight separate individual lights at the same time like someone inside was throwing switches. The top and bottom blinking red lights went out too with only scattered blue lights around the middle still blinking.

"As our eyes became accustomed to the dark again, we could faintly see the silhouette of … like two inverted shallow soup bowls put together. Then very faintly just above the mid-lateral line, we could see soft subdued green flow emanating from what appeared to be trapezoidal shaped know… wider at the bottom than at the top.

"Just about the time our eyes got focused on the windows, the thing assumed an overall bluish corona. Then it took off straight ahead like a cut cat, leaving nothing in front of us but a blue Streak in the sky. It was positively the damnedest thing I've ever seen. When we finally came into Logan, we must have hit the runway half a dozen times I was so damned nervous."

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reply to post by Skyfloating

I've been reading about local USO cases from Indonesia in the waterufo files, and currently tracking more data on the subject. It's nice to know there is now a special thread dedicated to this phenomena...

Anyway, a new water related sighting case has just been filed by BETA UFO, in Indonesia. The sighting was witnessed and photographed by Mr. Hedy Sirait, who was on a ferry crossing in the Sunda strait, from Bakaehuni port, Sumatra to Merak port, West Java. The photo was taken with a digital Olympus E-300 SLR photo & Mr. Sirait testified that he didn't even notice the strange object in the photo until he downloaded the photos into his computer 2 weeks later.

Hope I could support this GREAT thread by submitting this local case. Maybe some fellow ATSer with better knowledge of photography and/or water related sightings could help analyze this photo.
And of course, S & F for another great thread Skyfloating

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Originally posted by spacevisitor
This really is an amazing UFO/USO encounter witnessed by two pilots.
First they see a really huge UFO, a hundred feet across, or maybe even more approaching there plane pretty fast, appearing to be about to cross in front of, or about to collide with them.
Then later, some glowing things drops out from underneath and moved away from it down toward the water … and submerged.

...."Now comes, the wacky part of the whole thing.
While we were watching the UFO, suddenly this other glowing thing drops out from underneath it.
The damned thing drops out from underneath it.
The damned thing looked a neon-green smoke ring. It dropped away from the larger UFO down toward the water … and submerged!

We saw the glowing green circle of water where it went in, and then the glow disappeared.

Seconds later, two more green rings dropped out. The second one dropped away and submerged like the first one, but the third one dropped down and then shot straight ahead to disappear toward the coast.

SV thats an amazing report - great find

Theres some interesting footage at this thread which appears to show unknown objects separating and/or merging together.
The second video down is a very strange one:

Two other USO Reports:

100 Date: May 1968
110 Time: 23:00
120 Duration: 10 minutes
140 Sighting State: .
165 Sighting Country: Mediterranean Sea
170 Witnesses: 160
172 Shape: Fireball
168 Number of Craft: 5
180 Description: May 1968 Mediterranean Sea bright lights appeared over the sea performed a number of manuevers and then disappeared.

190 Description: While serving on board the USS Zellars DD777, while on NATO task force operations, a number of lights that looked like flares rose out of the water off of our port beam.
These lights appeared coming up from the sea, (distance indeterminate), rising up and disappearing into the sky. There were five of these objects. A few seconds later they dropped back into the sea. We thought perhaps they were distress flares from a ship. A few minutes later they rose out of the sea and performed synchronized manuevers moving up and laterally in perfect formation. They then rose up into the sky and disappeared.
I think the whole episode lasted perhaps two to three minutes.
The USS Gearing one of our sister ships was initially dispatched when the objects were first sighted to see if they were flares from a ship in distress. However they were no reports of may day calls or missing ships and our combat information center, (CIC), could not get a radar fix on the objects.

The whole incident, (as was par for the course), was never recorded as a UFO sighting but rather as an unsubstantiated ship distress signal.



100 Date: 1943
105 Approximate: Yes
110 Time: 23:00
120 Duration: 1 hour
130 Sighting City: Bering Sea
140 Sighting State: ca
160 Sighting County: USA
170 Witnesses: 8-12
172 Shape: Other
168 Number of Craft: 1

1943 sighting of four linearly arranged red lights in Bering Sea

I was aboard the USS Williamson (Destroyer) in early 1943 during WWII. The weather was clear with calm seas. The night was very black. At the time of the sighting, we were patrolling the Bearing Seanorth of the Alaskan Peninsula, bearing north at about 20 knots.

I was on watch at the starboard 20mm gun, second deck (galley deck). It was around 2300. My gun turret was above the deck house and there were no obstructions hindering my field of vision, allowing me to have a clear 360 degree view of the sea around the ship. There were four of us together at the starboard gun (I can get crew names and captain's name).

The attention of both port and starboard gun crews was drawn to a row of red lights off the port side, traveling parallel to and slightly forward of the bow. I did not see the lights when they first approached so do not know the direction from which they came, or if they came out of the sea. There were at least eight lights in a row, evenly spaced, canted at about 15 degrees to horizontal. I would estimate the lights were no more than 100 yards from the ship. The lights held their relative position to one another throughout the sighting, and appeared to be about 10 feet apart. I would say that the light closest to the water (the lights were canted diagonal to horizontal at approximately 15 degrees) appeared to be about 30 feet above the water.

I estimate that it would require a cantaloupe held at arms length to cover a single light. I could not see a structure associated with the lights as there was nothing but blackness between the lights. The lights were a very deep red and did not cast a beam. The lights moved parallel to our ship, holding their position relative to the ship throughout the entire sighting.

The lights continued to pace the ship as I watched. This continued for at least one hour. I was relieved from watch at 2400. When I went below the lights were still visible. I was too tired to stay on deck and went below to sleep. The next day, the midnight gun crew said that the captain turned the ship and "tried" to chase the lights. I don't know the outcome of this maneuver. I don't know what the circumstances were when the lights disappeared. But I do know that I have not seen anything like this before or since.


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Former Chilean Naval Chief Says UFOs Are Real

The former Chilean Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jorge Martinez declared that "UFOs are real". The ex-CNO made the shocking statement during an interview with a Chilean television network. The interview was conducted by journalist Rodrigo Ugarte from Teletrece, in Chile. The retired admiral admitted that he personally witnessed the sighting of two UFOs at sea.

Two former Naval officers tell a televised audience about strange phenomena on the seas of Chile

(Santiago de Chile) The former Chilean Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jorge Martinez declared that "UFOs are real". The ex-CNO made the shocking statement during an interview with a Chilean television network. The interview was conducted by journalist Rodrigo Ugarte from Teletrece, in Chile.The retired admiral admitted that he personally witnessed the sighting of two UFOs at sea.

According to Admiral Martinez, when he was a young lieutenant, he personally saw a very luminous white object in front of his patrol boat. When he took command of his first destroyer, then Captain Martinez saw another similar object emerging from the water, creating a strong interference with the navigation system and the ship's radar.

Guillermo Jimenez, another former Chilean officer claimed that the sonar system onboard his ship detected two submarine-like objects that caused similar malfunctions with shipboard electronics. "They displayed the same size and metallic resonant characteristics that ordinary subs typically show; however, these objects were too fast to be submarines", said Jimenez.

Both Jimenez and Martinez described how the gyrocompass systems were out of control. "The radar displays went completely blank and the gyro was spinning very rapidly, as if a strong magnetic force was present", said Admiral Martinez.

Some UFO investigators call this phenomenon "UUO" or unidentified underwater objects. Upon learning about this special report, we contacted the Chilean journalist that conducted the interviews. Rodrigo Ugarte, the Teletrece interviewer told us that there were many other officers that described similar events but did not want to go on the air with their accounts. Nevertheless, this is the first time a former Chief of Naval Operations reveals that these phenomena are real.


Pilot And Co Pilot Witness UFO Over The Atlantic Ocean

Location: One hours flying time into the Atlantic Ocean after taking off from Isle de Sol.
Witnesses : Pilot and Co Pilot. (South African)
Date: +- 1984.

Description of sighting: I am a retired Airline pilot having flown passengers all over the world. I have seen many UFO's or strange things whilst in the air both during the day and night. This one stands out in my mind. We were one hours flying time over the Atlantic Ocean flying from east to west on our way to the USA. We saw through the Flight cabin window a large Blimp/Zeppelin type craft. It was very large and looked just like the German Zeppelin passenger craft of the 1930/40's. It had no wings or passenger basket hanging below it and no windows. We fly at 30000 feet and that type of craft isn't flying anymore. The UFO just continued on its way and we on ours. We did not report it as we had strict silence rules and if one reported that type of thing we could be in big trouble and it could ruin our careers.
Now I am retired I can talk about these things.

After flying to America we always had three or four days off for R&R. During these occasions I met and became very friendly with the Astronaut John Glenn. He said that when they left Earth on their journey to the moon they were accompanied along the way by three UFO's. They took photos and radioed to NASA control reporting the sightings. The public radio broadcast was cut at that time so that viewers/listeners could not hear these details, which were kept secret.

last year he went to Bermuda and visited a centre were they saw a video of the earth from space. It showed Three large points of light emitting from under the sea in the Pacific ocean. These lights have never been explained.


Falcon Lake, Manitoba, May 20, 1967 - Man witnessess UFOs next to Lake:

Stephen Michalak set out on a prospecting trip to Falcon Lake, Manitoba, on Friday, May 19, 1967, just as he would have for any other trip. He packed his equipment, and his wife packed him a lunch for the next day's work. He arrived in Falcon Lake at approximately 9:30 p.m. and checked into a motel.
Michalak awoke early in the morning and began prospecting in an area he later attempted to keep secret. After a morning of work in the bushes around Falcon Lake, he came across a flock of geese, a typical scene for rural Manitoba, and sat down at 11:00 a.m. to have his lunch.

It was the ruckus caused by the geese that first caught Michalak's attention. When he looked up, there were two flying saucers directly in front of him. According to his statement to the RCMP, he knelt in amazement before the two objects.
One of the objects landed about 100 feet in front of him, while the other hovered about 10 feet off of the ground. Michalak estimated the size of the hovering object to be about 30 feet in diameter.

The first object remained on the ground for 45 minutes. It made a whirling sound and gradually changed in colour from grey to silver. Then a hatch opened and the object emitted a bright violet light. Michalak claimed that he heard voices from within. He called out to the voices in English, German, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian. There was no response; instead the hatch closed quickly as if the inhabitants were spooked. Michalak reached out and touched the object as it began to revolve and take off, and he was instantly pushed back by a force of hot air. The blast burned his clothing and left marks on his chest. After he ripped off his clothing, Michalak felt ill. He began to vomit and noticed a metallic smell coming from inside his body, like the burning smell of an electric wire or an electric motor.

Feeling worse by the minute, Michalak headed towards the highway, where he managed to flag down an RCMP car. Michalak refused medical treatment from the officer at the time, but later went back to the RCMP detachment office and asked for a doctor. Upon learning that there were no doctors in the area, he caught a bus back to Winnipeg.

When Michalak returned home, his son took him to the hospital. He did not tell the doctor the burns were caused by an unidentified flying object (UFO), but rather by airplane exhaust. Michalak also consulted his family doctor about his loss of appetite; since the ordeal, he had experienced rapid weight loss.

On May 26, 1967, Michalak was interviewed by C.J. Davis of the RCMP. His report describes the burn marks visible on Michalak's chest: "...a large burn that covers an area approximately 1 foot in diameter. The burn was... blotchy and with unburned areas inside the burned perimeter area."



CLEVELAND -- "It was first thought to be a downed helicopter, then a meteor shower, but whichever it was caused the U.S. Coast Guard to launch a rescue boat Wednesday, February 13, 2002, and search Lake Erie off the mouth of the Black River."
Sightings of red lights or flashes thought to be two miles (3 kilometers offshore) from the Elyria Water Work started being reported on Lorain (Ohio) police radio transmissions around 8 p.m.
"'We're out there doing search patterns,' said a dispatcher for the Lorain Coast Guard station, but nothing was reported being found late last night."
" Lights from helicopters or possibly commercial planes were later seen in the air above where the Coast Guard boat combed the waters." "
Also traveling the airways were reports of unusual lights being seen from Bay Village to Toledo, and Coast Guard radio traffic indicated a
helicopter had been dispatched to take a look along the (lake) shore."

Eyewitness T.S. reported, "I did not see it, but I may have 'heard' it. Over the late evening, there were several concussion-like sounds like sonic booms. They shook and rattled the windows of my cottage in Bay Village near the shorefront of Lake Erie."
This isn't the first time we've had an unidentified submerged object (USO) on the bottom of Lake Erie. A similar case occurred in Ashtabula, Ohio a year ago.
UFO ROUNDUP, Vol. 7, #9, February 26, 2002, Editor: Joseph Trainor


USO/UFO Evidence Evaluator:


Water Related UFO Casebook files:


Project BlueBook Database

UFO Reports at sea by ships:


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USS Kilauea USO Encounter:

During my stint in the Navy I was on an ammunition ship (USS Kilauea) in the Indian Ocean somewhere near Vietnam around early 1974.

Myself and two friends were out on the Foxhull (bow of the ship), it was dark, around 9 pm probably. There was little or no moon but millions of stars like always out there. We were in a group with a destroyer and a carrier, I think the USS Mason DD, and maybe the Oriskany.

We were watching the Mason in front of us and the glowing trail of ocean it was kicking up from the phosphorus algae in the water when the ocean in front of us lit up, started glowing. It got brighter and brighter and then this really bright orange/yellow ball came out of the water on the right-starboard side of the destroyer. It flew over the top of the destroyer and went back in the ocean on the port side, with the same glowing ocean water and then disappeared.

We all just stared at each other with our mouths open. We could not believe what we saw, but I asked friends of mine who were on watch on the bridge if they saw it and they all did. There was nothing ever reported that I know of though and we just quit talking about it. I bet the destroyer got a good look at it. It went right over the bridge of that ship and it was big. Maybe 150 to 200 feet in diameter. That was my big encounter.

Norman Burns,2008


1954: BOAC Airliner Encounters Huge UFOs over Atlantic Ocean:

I recently gained new interest in an old UFO case, when a lady sent me an email telling me that her father, who is still alive today, was a passenger on a Boening Stratocruiser on June 29, 1954 when crew members and passengers saw seven UFOs over the Atlantic Ocean. One of the UFOs was larger, or a mother ship, flanked by six other similar, yet smaller, unknown objects.
The plane was England bound from Queens, New York. The eyewitness of this tantalizing account worked for British Airways in a managerial position for over twenty five years and is currently retired and living in Miami. One of the very interesting aspects of this case is that eyewitnesses state that the objects morphed, or changed shapes as they paced the BOAC airliner on June 29, 1954. The plane had left Idlewild Airport, now JFK, in Queens, New York at 4:55 PM with Captain James Howard at the helm. He was an experienced pilot.

The planes route took it along the south shore of Long Island, and then north over Connecticut and Rhode Island. Dinner had passed, with some of the passengers asleep, when at 9:05 PM, Captain Howard first observed the UFOs. He saw one large object, with six smaller UFOs. He immediately pointed out the unusual sight to his co-pilot, First Officer Lee Boyd, known for flying with the RAF Pathfinder Force during World War ll. Lee, however, had already seen the UFOs.

The objects, flying as a group, were about 5 miles from, and traveling parallel to the BOAC's flight path. The mother ship maintained the center position in the group, while the six smaller UFOs preceded and followed it, like escort and guard. The UFO group followed the airliner for about 80 miles. From time to time, the mother ship appeared to change its shape; the six smaller UFOs changed positions as it did.

The crew contacted Goose Bay in Labrador, Canada to see if anything else was flying in their area. They received a negative response. Goose Bay sent a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter jet to investigate the BOAC sighting. During this time, the mother ship had changed shape from its original pear shape to that of a phone receiver. Reports state that the object was the size of an ocean liner. Our eyewitness agrees with this description.

The list of witnesses grew rapidly; George Allen, navigating officer; Douglas Cox, radio officer; Dan Godfrey, engineering officer; and Bill Stewart, the other engineering officer who was also a veteran flyer with many flight hours logged aboard four-engine AVRO Lancaster bombers in World War II. Stewardess Daphne Webster saw the UFOs, and later stated,"I have been flying for two years and have never seen anything like it before."

Objects Begin to Disappear
Shortly before the investigating jet arrived, the UFOs began to disappear. Captain Howard wondered what had happened to the unknown objects. According to George Allen, who had been watching them the whole time, "It looked to me as though they went inside the big one." Howard told the jet pilot that the objects had disappeared, with the mother ship moving at great speed. The crew of 8, plus fourteen passengers had seen the UFOs for eighteen minutes, the time it took to cover the 80 miles.

Captain Howard wrote in the December 11, 1954 issue of Everybody's Weekly, "It was a solid thing. I'm sure of that, maneuverable and controlled intelligently--a sort of base ship linked somehow with those smaller attendant satellites. There is no rational explanation--except on the basis of space ships and flying saucers. On that basis, it must have been some weird form of space ship from another world."

The compelling account of crew and passengers of the BOAC airliner on June 29, 1954 gives us a look into the unknown...the unknown world of UFOs. This case has never been debunked by any conventional explanation. Only one conclusion remains. Intelligently controlled vehicles of unknown origin paced and observed the BOAC airliner for eighteen minutes for reasons unknown over the Atlantic Ocean.

Eyewitness A. C. Recalls Encounter
He was sitting on the Port side of the airplane, which would have been the same side as the Captain. There was nobody sitting in the seat next to him. He remembers seeing the strange objects out of the window. He saw one large object with a number of small objects around it. He said he thought the description by the Captain in his article in "Everybody's" of an old fashioned telephone receiver with the hearing and speaking knobs facing up was an accurate depiction of what he saw.


UFOs Over Ship in the Pacific Ocean:

It was April, 1967. I was a soldier in the U.S.Army on board the troop ship U.S.S.Geiger.
We were enroute to The Republic of Viet Nam. Our position was somewhere between the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The time was approx. 2300 HRS. and a very clear night. We could see every star in the sky
Up until this point in time, I always believed what the Government said about UFO's. This however, was about to change. My eyes locked onto two luminous disc shaped objects about ten degrees above the horizon. Due north, heading directly toward our ship. They were flying in formation next to each other and appeared to be about twenty miles away. From the apparent distance, these objects were huge! With my finger still pointing into the sky, I couldn't cover them both with it.

My friend suddenly asked me what happened, what was I looking at? I told him to look and tell me if he could see what I was seeing. He exclaimed, "Holly S---!" "What the hell is that?" Since the guards were posted and standing near us, I called him over to suggest he contact the Officer of the Guard and let him know we have two airborne objects approaching from the North, and they don't look like ours.
I yelled to the guys on deck to pass me those binoculars. Word began to spread and everyone on deck was watching the objects. They now appeared about ten miles away and closing. Altitude at night is difficult to judge but they seemed to be about 3000FT. Looking through the binoculars I observed the glowing under side of the object. I saw a round convex surface, glowing a white light over the entire surface. With traces of silver. The best way to describe it would be like looking at a pearl that was glowing from inside. The silvery substance appeared to be moving randomly, like flickering fire. Above the glowing disc was a large dark structure, round and the height was about one quarter the diameter of the glowing disc. The object was so close now I could no longer see the hole (sic-whole) thing through the binoculars.

What happened next convinced me these were intelligently controlled vehicles. As they approached the starboard side of the ship, the object on the left turned to the West at a 45 degree angle and reduced speed. The right one continued flying south directly over the ship. After passing over the ship it made a sudden 90 degree turn to the West without loosing speed. Both objects were getting closer to each other again. The one on the left made another 45 degree angle turn to the West and they were again flying parallel heading west.

This was a very slick and precise maneuver that seemed automated or programed.
I've attached a link to a diagram of this maneuver and an image of the objects.
USS Geiger:
We continued to observe these objects until they disappeared in the Western horizon.


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Crew witness UFOs over Baltic Sea:

"It was while I was in the Air Force as crew chief of an airborne intelligence crew flying a mission in the Baltic Sea during the month of November 1970," Guthrie said as we sat at his dining room table. "We had been airborne for perhaps seven or eight hours and the time of the sighting was approximately eleven or eleven thirty p.m. in the evening.


"We were at the far southerly end of our mission orbit leg. We had made a turn off the coast of Gotland Island, which is a Swedish possession in the upper Baltic Sea, and were turning in an easterly direction heading generally towards Copenhagen, Denmark."

Guthrie was in an RC-135 reconnaissance plane with a three-man flight crew in the cockpit and a team of specialists in the back under his command.

"Perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes after mission termination, I called the front end crew, the aircraft commander, and as I pressed the intercom button, I heard a conversation between the navigator, pilot and co-pilot. They were obviously seeing something out of the front cockpit window of the aircraft, and I think the remark at the time was, 'God damn, look at that thing go!'

"I asked what was up and they said they really didn't know but they saw another similar object on the horizon to the south of us over East Germany and that perhaps I could see it in the back of the aircraft out of one of the porthole windows.

"So, without telling the rest of the members of my crew, because I did not want them to leave station, I put my assistant in charge and stepped out into the corridor and looked out the window towards the front of the aircraft, which at this time was beginning its mission turn from almost due south to a westerly course off the southern tip of Gotland Island and turning on a heading more or less towards Copenhagen.

"And at that time I saw three bright glowing objects flying in a triangular formation. Our mission aircraft at the time was doing approximately four hundred fifty or five hundred knots, and these appeared to be closing extremely rapidly on a parallel course to the aircraft.

“We were going at that point in our turn from a southerly to a westerly direction and they were proceeding from the south-southwesterly direction to a northeasterly direction.

"The night was extremely clear. We had good visibility clear to the ground. It was a bright night. The objects I saw were three in number. They were flying in a triangular formation, with a lead man and two point men on either side of the lead man.


“They appeared as round, glowing red fireballs. The nearest thing I can describe to it is an old fashioned cook stove lid that's been overheated and is just glowing red, or like something you'd see on an anvil in a blacksmith's shop, the glowing red of metal.

"I cannot state with any degree of accuracy whether these were relatively small objects seen fairly close to the aircraft or whether they were quite large objects seen at some distance away.

"The one thing that astounded me was the colossal speed. Even after compensating for our forward direction and they were moving in the opposite direction paralleling the aircraft, they would appear on the horizon and had swept across my complete range of vision from the front of the aircraft to the rear and going over the horizon towards the Arctic regions, it was just a matter of two or three seconds.

"I imagine my field of vision at thirty five thousand feet, at a guess, would have been two hundred miles, a hundred miles in each direction, and they were covering that distance at an incredible speed.

"And just as I was sitting there open-mouthed astonished watching this phenomenon flash by, there on the horizon appeared three more identical objects, and I watched no less than five or six groups of these things appear suddenly on the horizon at great speed, pass the aircraft and disappear in the Arctic regions to the rear of the aircraft.

"After five or six of these groups had passed, that seemed to be the end of them. We saw no more of them. They did not return.
“They did not make any maneuvers or deviate left or right or alter course or speed or altitude. They just went in a straight line from one horizon out of sight to the rear of the aircraft over the horizon.
"I would say the time it took them to appear and disappear couldn't have been more than seconds, perhaps three or four seconds we would have each group in sight.

"It was just incredible. I have never seen anything move like that in my life.


“I've been on aircraft as senior airborne crew member for twelve, fifteen years, and I've been around all types of aircraft, flown on aircraft, logged thousands of hours on old World War II B-50s, B-29s, C-47s, B-47s, C-130 A and B models, RC-135Hs.

“I'm familiar with most of the aircraft in the Air Force inventory and I've worked on flight lines of aircraft all my life, helicopters and various types of aircraft, and yet these fit into no known aircraft configuration that I have ever seen in my life.

"They were completely circular. They appeared to be under intelligent control because of the fact they were in formation, an intelligently guided formation.

"As far as the external characteristics, all I can say is to repeat what I said, they reminded me of a round glowing fireball, something like a stove lid that is red hot."

Guthrie saw at least eighteen and perhaps twenty one of these objects, and the flight crew in the front end had seen at least one or two groups before Guthrie became aware of what was happening.

"Everybody was rather stunned,” Guthrie added. “We sat speechless for a little bit because we knew they were not terrestrial aircraft off of this planet, of any nation.

"This was quite obvious to anybody that's flown as many hours as we have, that those craft could possibly exist or belong to any country on this planet. There's nothing that travels that fast that's man-made.

"They were not meteors. Meteors do not fly in formation. Meteors don't fly in a straight line from one horizon to the other.

"They were, I feel, intelligently guided, if not controlled internally, then controlled externally perhaps, as a remote vehicle from some other craft. But even that stupefies the imagination that anything could be controlled at those colossal speeds from a remote viewpoint."

Such speeds are indeed unbelievable. He had no way of knowing how far away the objects were or over what distances he had them in sight. But, if they came and went in four seconds – he had actually started counting, "one thousand and one, one thousand and two…” – they had to have been clipping along at several tens of thousands of miles an hour. That's pretty zippy.

Naturally, that seems impossible, even to those of us living in the fast lane. But, given the present state of acceleration of our own technology, what speeds will we be capable of in a couple of hundred years?


Australian Air Force Pilot Witnesses UFO diving into Ocean:

In mid-February 1942,Lt. William Brennan of the Royal Australian Air Force was on patrol over the Bass Strait south of Melbourne, Australia, on the lookout for Japanese submarines or long-range German U-boats. Fishermen in the area had reported mysterious lights bobbing on the sea at night, and after the Japanese attack on Darwin on February 19, the Allied High Command was urging the strictest vigilance.

The air patrol was flying a few miles east of the Tasman Peninsula about 5:50 P.M. on a sunny evening when a strange aircraft of a glistening bronze color suddenly emerged from a cloud bank near them. The object was about 150 feet long and approximately 50 feet in diameter. Lt. Brennan saw that the peculiar craft had a dome or cupola on its upper surface and he thought that he might have seen someone inside wearing a helmet.

The unidentified aerial craft flew parallel to the RAAF patrol for several minutes, then it abruptly turned away and dived straight down into the Pacific. Lt. Brennan emphasized that the USO made a dive, not a crash, into the ocean; and he added that before the craft left them, he noticed what appeared to be four finlike appendages on its underside.


Airline Pilot Witnessess Metallic USO:

On January 12, 1965, Captain K, an airline pilot on a flight between Whenuapai and Kaitaia, New Zealand, spotted a USO when he was about one-third of the way across Kaipara Harbor. As he veered his DC-3 for a closer look at what he had at first guessed to be a stranded gray-white whale in an estuary, it became evident to him that he was now observing a metallic structure of some sort.

Captain K saw that the object was perfectly streamlined and symmetrical in shape. He could detect no external control surfaces or protrusions, but there did appear to be a hatch on top. Harbored in no more than thirty feet of water, the USO was not shaped like an ordinary submarine. He estimated its length to be approximately 100 feet with a diameter of 15 feet at its widest part.

Later, the Navy stated that it would have been impossible for any known model of submarine to have been in that particular area due to the configuration of harbor and coastline. The surrounding mud flats and mangrove swamps would make the spot in which Captain K saw his USO inaccessible to conventional undersea craft.


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250 Oil Rig Workers witness huge USO.

In December, 1997, a massive craft was seen emerging from the sea next to an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. According to engineer Jeremy Packer, the sighting was witnessed by 250 oil rig workers.

At about 7:58 A.M., Packer said that everyone got frightened when they heard a rumbling noise that they knew couldn't be the engines that ran the platform bore. Looking toward the west, they sighted twenty-five to thirty helicopters on maneuvers. This was not unusual, Packer said, except that the rig commander said that he had not received the usual alert regarding Coast Guard maneuvers.

Then, according to Packer, they all saw something that totally changed their lives. All of the helicopters stopped in midair and a huge metal cigar-shaped object about the size of the oil platform surfaced beneath them. The massive craft, about as long as two football fields, soared straight out of the water and into the air, where it hovered above the helicopters for about two minutes.

Packer described the object as concave on its underside with four large domes on its bottom. The topside of the cigar-shaped craft was encircled by beautiful lights of every color that one could imagine.

And then, as if someone had turned off a light switch, the giant craft had disappeared. One second everyone was studying the object through binoculars or telescopes, then, in the literal blink of an eye, it was gone.

As an interesting sidenote, Packer said that the crew noticed that their watches were 30 minutes later than the actual time when they got back to the mainland.


Brazil UFO enters Lake:

Date: July 2, 1974; Time: around 03:30 PM; Place: Nearby Navegantes Beach, Santa Catarina, Brazil; Witnesses: At least 17 persons: - Mr. Ubelino Severino; Mr. Francisco Severino; Mr. Francisco Filho; Mr. Alfredo Leopoldo da Costa; Mr. Jose Custodio; Mr. Alfredo Claudino; Mrs. Nilda Vieira; Mrs. Carmelia Severino and her nine children; Field research by: Carlos Alberto Machado.

On that afternoon, fishermen were working on the beach when they spotted a disc-shaped object with small lateral protrusions approaching very fast but silently. The object fell on the ocean, 100 meters distant from the Navegantes Beach coast line.

The fishermen thought that the object could be some sort of foreign experimental aircraft in trouble, so they drove their fishing boats to the very spot where the object dove to try to rescue any survivors. The water was sort of dark, and they couldn't see anything below! There were good divers among them, but they were afraid to enter the ocean water under such low visibility.

The fishermen soon became aware of a curious fact: Itajai Airport is only 1 km far from the watery crash site. If the object was an airplane - they supposed - the airport managers should have sent a rescue team. But no team ever arrived.

In a short time, the news media discovered what had happened and started to investigate the incident. Such a stir made the local police start an investigation and the police soon concluded that the witnesses had indeed seen something unusual.
Mr. Ubelino Severino guided divers of the Brazilian Navy to the precise area of the crash. Despite claiming to have seen any object, one of the divers did 9/19/99 a second dive to mark the spot with a signaling buoy which was fixed in place with a rope tied underwater.

The Navy's commander required that Ubelino call him immediately if anyone, not authorized, ever tried to go near the buoy. The following morning Ubelino verified that the buoy was gone! He called the commander's office and reported that the buoy was gone, but they didn't seem concerned about it .

Two days after the crash, two fishermen who were the best divers in the area, were found dead and naked on the nearby rocks. They were the only two who had enough courage to dive where the buoy was.They reported to their colleagues that they had seen a disc-shaped object half buried underwater. The ocean water around the disc was terribly hot, so they could not touch it.

The object "disappeared" with the buoy.
For two weeks, all fish seemed to have vanished from the area.

Brazilian Army officers, stationed at Florianopolis, Santa Catarina's Capital, interviewed the witnesses and local inhabitants.

UFOlogists suspects that the disk was retrieved by the Navy late at night.
Days later, another disc-shaped object was seen diving slowly in the exact place were the first object crashed. We also have all the details of this second observation (a CEIII) and the names of the witnesses.


Peru UFOs emerge from lake:

In 1990, on a dark night somewhere in the Andes near the ancient site of the sacred Incan city of Ollantaytambo, Peru, my wife Sherry and I watched numerous illuminated UFOs emerge from the surface of a lake, soar into the night sky in a peculiar zigzag flight pattern, then descend once again beneath the water.
Obviously quite accustomed to the sight, the Peruvian villagers went about their tasks of carrying grain and water to their families in jars atop their heads, paying little attention to the USO phenomenon. In answer to our queries regarding the glowing objects, the villagers' answers were consistent: "Angelsthe Old Onesthe grandfathers, who have never left us."


Dominican Republic
10. June 24, 1977 La Caleta, near Boca Chica:

While returning to Santo Domingo at about one in the morning, Senor A.S. Cruz saw a light over the sea, which descended to water level, and a tube came out of the bottom and took up water. The witness stopped to watch the unusual spectacle. The UFO stopped its auction action and headed toward him. As it approached, the witness saw two beings in the windows who seemed to be looking at him. Sr. Cruz tried to drive away, but his car would not start. Then he noticed the presence of another identical UFO. Behind the two objects was "a pair of thick black tubes or cylinders that were joined together." Suddenly, and in complete silence, the UFOs were sucked up by the tubes, which immediately started moving, and then disappeared before the witness's eyes.
The UFOs were also seen by a fisherman.




Commander Graham Bethune, U.S. Navy (retired) was flying his military plane from Iceland to Newfoundland on February 10, 1951 when he saw a UFO coming out of the water. He was about 300 miles from his destination, when he and his crew saw a glow on the water like approaching a city at night. "As we approached this glow it turned to a monstrous circle of white lights on the water. Then we saw a yellow halo, small, much smaller than whatever it was launched from, about 15 miles away. As the UFO approached my plane and flew alongside it, we could see the domed craft which had a corona discharge."


A witness for the Disclosure Project, presented at the National Press Club on May 9, 2001 in Washington DC, was Dan Willis, U.S. Navy. He worked in the code room of the communication station in San Francisco. He received a priority message, classified as Secret, from a military ship near Alaska. The ship reported, emerging out of the ocean, near port bow, a brightly glowing, reddish-orange elliptical object approximately 70 feet in diameter. It shot out of the water traveling at about 700 mph. This event was tracked on the ships radar and substantiated.


Aliens Under the sea -Timothy Good:


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