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USO Research

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 05:58 AM
Another one is on the way as follows:

EXTRAÑO FENOMENO MARINO EN GOLFO SAN JORGE (Strange Marine Phenomenon in the Gulf of St. Jorge) - Spanish Language

(p.s.: please use the online translator services to see what it means)

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 12:17 PM
Another article about the Project USOCAT which involves the national USO cases from the territorial waters of Italy is as follows:

USOCAT (Project USOCAT) - Italian Language

USOCAT is an amazing catalogue of USOs.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 12:25 PM
Another USO-related article in Italian is coming this way;


More to come....

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 03:14 PM
An interesting USO sighting of five 100 feet long and 40 feet across vitamin shaped objects aboard the tank landing ship LST-1187 Tuscaloosa.
When the front portion of the first object was below the bridge, the ship lost power, steerage, the gyro and compass went wacky AND the chronometers and wristwatches stopped!
When the last one had just gone past, the power came up, compass and gyro spun back to true and watches and clocks were running again.


Winter of 1979

Tuscaloosa is the ninth ship of the twenty ship Newport tank landing ship class, which replaced the traditional bow door design LST. Two derrick arms support a thirty-ton, 112-foot bow ramp for the unloading of tanks and other vehicles ashore, additionally, amphibious vehicles can be launched from the tank deck via the ship's stern gate and the ship's flight deck can accommodate most Navy helicopter types.

LST-1187 Tuscaloosa

With thanks to:

Hello Carl,
I recently saw a program about USOs in which you were interviewed [Deep Sea UFOs - History Channel.-CF-]. This is the first time I'd ever seen mention of the phenomenon in the media and it showed me I'm not so alone in my experiences.

Here's my story,
I served as a Seaman and later Boatswain's Mate aboard USS Tuscaloosa LST 1187 for 4 years, from 1976-1980. If memory serves correctly it was winter of 1979 and the ship was cruising solo in the South China Sea at about 17 knots, our typical cruising speed.

I was the Boatswain's Mate of the Watch and it was the mid-watch about 2:30 AM. The sea was like a sheet of glass and there was only starlight. The lookout stationed up on the signal bridge called down and said he saw something glowing in the water ahead of the ship. It being the time it was and nothing else going on, the OOD [Officer of the Deck.], JOD [Junior Officer of the Deck] and myself all put on the binos [Binoculars-CF-] for a look.

We all saw it and kind of looked at each other in amazement. There was what turned out to be five, large, long, vitamin shaped objects [dimensions given below would make them vitamin “capsules”.-CF-], lined up in a directly opposing course which would take them straight under the length of our keel.

They were approximately 100 feet long and 40 feet across with about 20 yards between them. They glowed the typical bright, bioluminescent green and at first we thought it was some kind of marine life but as the first one passed beneath the stern of the ship we lost power, steerage, the gyro and compass went wacky AND the chronometers and wristwatches stopped! This prompted the OOD to have the messenger fetch the Captain whose cabin was steps away.

By the time the skipper got on the bridge the front portion of the first object was below the bridge and we were hanging over the side for a look. The captain gave the helmsman orders but the wheel would not respond and the guys in the engine room could not explain why we'd lost power.

There was no pulsing or shape changes or any appendages nor fins. Just sleek, silent glowing lozenge shapes moving effortlessly directly below our hull in the opposite direction.

Somehow the ship just kept gliding slowly over the top of them and we just stared at them as they passed below while we all voiced our opinions as to what the heck it was....

On the bridge beside myself was the skipper, OOD, JOD, helmsman, EOT2 operator, man on the skunk board3, messenger, and a Quarter Master. I don't recall if the guys on the helm or EOT got a chance to see but for sure the CO [Commanding Officer], XO [Executive Officer], OOD, JOD, the two lookouts, at least one signalman, the QM [Quarter Master] and myself all got a very good look.

There was no more then 25 people awake at that hour aboard the ship and probably no more then 10 or so who saw what we saw.

It seemed to take several minutes for us to pass over them and they were wide enough and deep enough that they could be seen from both sides of the ship. The skipper was fairly calm and we were entranced by them and the spinning compass and gyro and stopped clocks. The XO wanted to go to GQ [General Quarters] but the skipper for whatever reason, said no and we just watched them pass. The lookouts both had an excellent view and when the lookout on the stern reported the last one had just gone past, the power came up, compass and gyro spun back to true and watches and clocks were running again...

The skipper gathered us up in a huddle and asked that we not talk about what had happened.

The Quarter Master asked the captain how he should make his log entry and they went into the QM shack for a powwow which I was not privy to, nor was I able to read the log later.

I don't recall any later conversations with any of the other witnesses or anybody mentioning their watches being a little slow either.... [Note: The watches referred to here would be wrist watches, and not a ship function.-CF-]

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posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 09:23 AM
A diver from Brazil encountered a USO under the water at Dos Reis Cove in April of 2008. Here is his amazing story in Portuguese language;

Mergulhador teve uma experiência com um OSNI em Angra dos Reis (Diver had an experience with a USO in Cove of Dos Reis)

Not bad ta!

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 09:52 AM
Here is the other internet essay about the Isla of Vedra and Triangle of Silence, off Mediterranean Sea of Spain as follows:

ES VEDRÁ Y EL TRIANGULO DEL SILENCIO MEDITERRANEO (Vedra and Mediterranean Triangle of Silence)

Off Vedra, the strange lights or unexplained objects are observed under the waters. Fishermen sometimes report to have seen those lights enter into and emerge out of the water. The people also report to have heard strange noises coming from the sea depths there.

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 10:12 AM

Originally posted by MidEastGui

I translated this with google. It goes like this.

My name is Rodrigo, I am a psychologist and I was with my father, in Angra dos Reis - RJ, on days 25, 26 and April 27, 2008.

I am fascinated by water. On entering the sea on the morning of Day 26 (Saturday), I used to swim goggles professionals in order to better see the beauty of the area submerged.

I decided to deviate a bit from the coast. Carefully, I went into the sea. But I was not very far. Actually, I very little away from the beach. Some schools of small fish accompanied me.

It was then that during a dive, met briefly, about a meter and half of me, an object that could not identify. In these hours, our mind begins to seek some familiar images. Initially scared enough. Then I thought being a big fish. I was scared and property. I looked more closely and finds not a fish, or bag, or float, or living water. I felt that the object observed, although it does not have eyes. Weird. Depending on the shock, overwhelm and nadei back.

The side of the beach, I was thinking about what could be. Only the end of the afternoon, I decided to go back and see a little more closely. Awesome. The object was in the same place, still. The water surface to the bottom, the length was approximately three meters. The object was in exactly half the length, ie one and a half meters from the surface to the bottom or the bottom to the surface. Never moved. Looks like a sphere, but it was not a sphere. Its shape was flattened, and the media about a half meter. His color was white. Looks like plaster. Not descended or climbed. It was not anything related to boats nearby. Nothing happening inside of the object. No chain.

I could not get close. He should not get too close. Back to beach.

In the morning the next day, very early, around seven o'clock, went to sea again. The sun already clear the sea. Back to the point, to check if the object is still there. But there was nothing else.

Not entered into hallucination. Nor was illusion. Just saw something mysterious, new, strange, never before seen by me.

The sea carries its mysteries. Many phenomena remain indecipherable. Other situations are no more than normal for scholars and specialists in seas and oceans. I am not sure what happened to me, which really did. May have been a mysterious phenomenon, or just something trivial that was not part of my knowledge. I only know that, before some people were bathing, I was probably the only one going through this experience during those days. Nadei and plunged toward the object. It was a call? One attraction? A contact? I do not know. But it was interesting and it was unforgettable.

I never saw anything like this underwater. It could be nitrogen narcossis, depending on the depth of the dive. At great depth, a diver can experience paranoia and hallucination, but the hallucination it causes are not very realistic ( And a psycologist would probably not be fooled.

Very interessting cases from all over the world.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 07:13 AM
Another article about the strange orbs (Naga or Mekong Fireballs) annually coming out of the Mekong River, Thailand and Laos as follows:

The Mystery of the Naga Fireballs

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 07:20 AM

Here is another essay about the possible Underwater UFO Base in Peruibe, Brazil as:

Possível base de OVNIs em Peruíbe (Possible Base of UFOs in Peruibe)

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:01 AM
Here is an amazing article about the USO cases of New Hampshire, the United States as follows:

New Hamsphire USO Sightings


posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:28 AM
Interesting UFO/USO? sighting on board the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67.


The witness in this case desired complete confidentiality and I agreed. The text was obtained via e-mail and finally, corrections were done by phone as the witness called me directly. He was quite cooperative in answering all questions asked regarding this specific event and I feel that he is a creditable witness. –CF-

USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 UFO/USO? Sighting.

Thanks to:

Thanks Carl,
After all these years I still don't know what to make of it. As I stated before this would be the summer or late spring of 1983. We were doing what is known as work ups1 just prior to our ORE (Operational Readiness Exam) I worked in CIC (Combat Information Center) I was an operations specialist I think at the time I'd been an E-3 or early into being an E-4. We were just leaving port (Gitmo2) after doing a sea and anchor detail to assess our ability to navigate a mine field in a friendly harbor. It was late;

I'm guessing around 2 or 3 a.m. local. We had just secured from general quarters and the dog watch3 was set. We had personnel at the look out positions from our division for the sea and anchor detail (normally manned by the deck department during normal at sea operations) - sailors whom I would not be familiar with but these were our guys at the look out positions with binoculars and on the sound powered phones. I was on the SPA 74 radar CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) in SSSC (Surface Subsurface Surveillance Coordination) taking fixes of the Cuban coast and keeping track of all shipping both on the water and under.

We had 3 Men in SSSC including myself and one officer for a total of 4 witnesses, and 4 lookouts 8 in total. Every 3 minutes I would take a new round of fixes and the plotter would work our position and the other ships in company with us various positions, course and speed and the like.

At around 20 nautical miles south of the coast our lookout on the 010 level (superstructure) called out an air contact to the west or us, he claimed, “it was blinking 4 different colors" like a Simon game, blue, yellow, red, and green" he also gave me a distance of between 10 and 15 miles. I was on a surface radar so I switched the SPA 74 to a 48c air search radar and found a contact approx 18 miles to our west, and this contact was not "squawking and IFF" ( Identification Friend or Foe) which got our attention. Our officer called the D&T (Detection and Tracking) module to find out what they could. This is the air search side of CIC we had no aircraft airborne as we had secured flight ops for the night, but we did have an alert 154 tomcat [F-14] on deck. Of course, the Tactical action officer TAO was notified that we had an unknown bogey in the air not squawking, the alert 15 tomcat was activated.

Meanwhile all of the look outs were going absolutely crazy over this bogey the way it moved and changed course with the ship always keeping a position relative with our ship. I guessing that about 10 minutes into the alert the alert 15 fighter being activated, the bogey just disappeared, vanished off of radar, and visual, the alert aircraft stood down and was not launched. The ship took a turn to the west shortly after or before, I can't remember if we turned into the wind and headed west as a result or if we were suppose to head west for the next day of operations. The lookouts were still jumpy and seemed to be calling out every star they saw.

The ship secured from sea and anchor detail shortly after this, this is when it really gets strange. The deck department took over the lookout positions, our guys went to the racks (bed) and as I was being relived of duty I heard the look outs shouting about the sea being completely aglow with phosphoresce. I quickly left SSSC and headed for top side, when I got there right where the lookouts said was a trail of glowing water crossing the bow of the ship. Never have I seen the ocean lighted up like that in a trail it was so very bright going north to south! I had just left the radar and knew no ship had crossed our path.

All I could think of was that bogey was under the water toying with us. I have sailed every ocean, and I have seen phosphorescence on every tropical water but I tell you there has never been a sea like this one. It was a continuous glowing line very well defined and we sailed right across it. The next day our Lieutenant told us to forget about this and some things can't be explained (See below-CF-).

I remember the names of the men on watch that night but I have not been in contact with any of them in years, the last time that I talked to the Lieutenant (5 or 6 years ago) we both remembered this event like it was yesterday. I have since seen 2 UFO's independently of the Navy and am now convinced we either have some very black projects or we are not alone.

Carl, I would love to hear your input about this, I think of these things that I have seen quite a bit of late and can't help but be intrigued and alarmed. But mostly just very interested and wanting to learn more. Thanks for your time and patience.

This reference: E-mail received Jan. 22 and 27, 2009 from the witness. -CF-
In response to the above testimony, I sent a reply and asked the following: QUESTION: As the UFO went under the ship was there any noise or power fluctuations anywhere on the ship?
To which I received the following:

Perhaps I should clear up something; the ship went across the trail of glowing water that extended in front of us. The trail was out in front of us maybe 3000 yards when I saw it, as I came on deck. It was long, extending from the North to the south, I am guessing that because the trail was brighter to the south and more defined, and less bright and more diffuse to the north plus my eyes were adjusting to the dark for a few seconds. I was on the port side of the ship when I first arrived on the deck (south side) then seeing what the lookouts were talking about I went up on the flight deck to see more of this glow in front of the ship. From there at amidships port side I walked up to the flight deck, aircraft parked all around obscuring my full view so I quickly wended my way forward on the flight deck to the forward catapult area where I could see the sea in front of me. That is when I could fully see the entire line running from North to south. When the ship crossed the line I did not notice any unusual sound or power surge aboard the ship. Also the flight deck is a very dark place at sea when flight operations are secured so I would not have noticed any light or fluctuation of the power from my vantage point.

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:32 AM

Originally posted by MidEastGui
Here is an amazing article about the USO cases of New Hampshire, the United States as follows:

New Hamsphire USO Sightings


Thanks for this one MidEastGui and the very interesting link.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:36 AM
And the other essay about USOs in Polish language is as follows:

Niezidentyfikowane Obiekty Podwodne! (Unidentified Submarine Objects!)

See ya soon.

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:19 PM
A USO case from UFO Stalker is here:

Detail for Event ID 9620
Case Number: 9620
Log Number: US-02172008-0009
Submitted Date: 2008-02-17 23:30
Event Date: 1975-07-15 01:00
Status: Completed
City: Sunset Beach
Region: California
Country: US
Longitude: -118.072
Latitude: 33.7173
Shape: Star-like
Distance: Unknown
Entity Type: None
Vallee Index: MA1

Description: It was about one in the morning on a warm summer night. I was sitting on the sand at the beach, about 20 feet from the water. I noticed a light traveling from north to south at about 1000 feet altitude, probably traveling at about 200 mph. This was a solid, white light with no blinking red or green lights like those of a helicopter or an airplane.I was on a west facing beach looking toward Catalina Island. The name of the beach is Sunset Beach, in So. California. I watched the light on it's south bound course for about 15 seconds, and then it abruptly assumed a 45 degree angle to the water, and went into the water. It was probably several miles off the coast, so i didn't see or hear any results of the impact, like splashes or noise of the impact. One odd thing about the change of course was that there was no gradual turn into the 45 degree dive, it was very abrupt. I saw a program on TV about underwater anonalies (USOs)and it brought back the memory of this sighting.

[edit on 3/26/2009 by MidEastGui]

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:22 PM
Another Catalina USO case from UFORC is below:

USO Report: Offshore, West of Catalina Island


Abstract: The number of USO reports, which we recieve at the center are infrequent and rare. We post them in our database due to the high level of strangeness associated with them. Some say that there is an undersea UFO base off of the coast of Catalina Island, California USA

The reporter states "Diver was running at night to the back side of Catalina Island. Saw headlights in water near boat that came up out of water and flew into the night sky. This was told to the other divers."

Event Location: W. of Catalina

Date: 1965 app.

Time: night

Duration: ?

Name: Linda (*)

Gender: f

Age: 69

Street Number: (*)

City, State, Zip Code: Anderson, CA 96007

Country: USA

Home Phone: (*)

Weather Conditions: /

Reported?: Told by a friend, abalone diver.

Previous UFO Experience: /

Additional Witnesses: ?

Number of UFOs: 1

Shape: ?

Color: ?

Size: ?

Sound: ?

Distance: close to boat

Altitude: 0

Direction of Travel: up out of water

Details/Markings: two headlights

UFO:: other

Did you see any occupants?: no

Photo(s)/Film/Video/Sketch available?: no

C2: Vehicle/Device

follow-up: day

(*) Information on file

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:24 PM
Another USO case from UFO Stalker (MUFON-CMS) is as follows:

Detail for Event ID 14222
Case Number: 14222
Log Number: US-12042008-0007
Submitted Date: 2008-12-04 12:21
Event Date: 2008-12-04 05:00
Status: Completed
City: Virginia Beach
Region: Virginia
Country: US
Longitude: -76.032
Latitude: 36.8271
Location: Sea
Terrain: Ocean
Visibility: Partly Cloudy
Weather: None
Vallee Index: AN1

Description: I was sleeping with my window open, I heard a double boom and bright light which woke me up. Sitting in bed I looked out on the ocean and saw two large glowing underwater lights about a half mile off shore. My bedroom is a ~140 ft above sea level. Two bright blue-white glowing dots 100 yards/meters apart and 75 yards/meters appeared to be illuminating the surface from underwater. I did not see or hear anything in the sky. The large glowing dots underwater sat still for nearly 10 minutes and then headed due east at more than 100 knots (or more) off into the distance/infinity. I only saw the two large glowing dots on the calm water. The dots looked like the illumination point was underwater? 5 minute later I saw two fishing boats crossing the same are and based on realitive size of boat to underwater illuminated dots. The surface was calm the object was deep enough to not disturb the water surface when moving. Please e-mail me if other people saw it. No video but will put my video camera by the window if it happens again.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:28 PM
Another USO case of UFO Stalker is as follows:

Detail for Event ID 12559
Case Number: 12559
Log Number: US-09172008-0054
Submitted Date: 2008-09-17 18:44
Status: Completed
City: Between Tampa and Panama
Region: Florida
Country: US
Longitude: -82.7716
Latitude: 29.3249
Shape: Cylinder
Vallee Index: FB1

Description: Using the Chineese antage: "The nail that sticks out gets hammered", I choose to remain annoymous. Event: When: About a year ago maybe October of 07. What doing: I was flying a commercial jet from South Florida to Atlanta up the coast. I am a private pilot and like to sit by the window when I fly to watch. It was a very clear day about mid morning and I was watching the terrain and a few fishing boats. We were flying just over the land so I had a good view of where the water met the land. Where: we were up in the area of the Gulf coast that is not yet totally build up. Maybe half way between Tampa and Panama City. I first noticed two fighter jets. Not an expert on make and model but maybe F-16s? They were executing what looked like a turn heading mostly south and some east. Maybe turning back around. They were pretty low guessing 8,000 feet or lower. We were perhaps 35,000 feet? I wondered what they were doing there.I was watching intently and suddenly saw an object that was submerged. It was very large as compared with the few boats I'd seen. The difference was the boats made a wake and this clearly didn't. It was clearly not on the surface. Even more interesting was how rapidly it was moving. I could judge relative speed from the speed of the jets. The object was moving more south and to the west toward deeper gulf. From what I could see and compared to the relative speed of the fighter jets, it was moving about their speed. I had no way to determine exact speed but I was assuming the jets were moving at 500 MPH or so or at a normal cruise speed. I could also judge its relative speed from the water craft that was visible which created wakes the boats were standing still in comparison. I couldn't imagine how something could move that fast underwater. I kept my eye on it for as long as I could but we were flying but as we were flying in a northerly direction I was soon out of view. I really wanted to know (1) what that was (2) were those jets actually tracking it (3) what could move so rapidly under water and I realized, I'd never hear or read or find out a shame. When I saw your site, I thought I might as well report it. Maybe it will mean something to someone. That's it.

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:31 PM
Another USO encounter from UFO Stalker:

Detail for Event ID 9973
Case Number: 9973
Log Number: BS-03192008-0002
Submitted Date: 2008-03-19 09:35
Event Date: 1989-05-25 18:30
Status: Submitted
City: Nassau
Country: BS
Longitude: -75.35
Latitude: 24.25
Shape: Disc,Fireball,Sphere
Distance: Unknown
Entity Type: Unknown

Description: end of may 1989 during a cruise south of exumas archipelago at norman s cay on my uncle s yacht ( 75 footer private yacht with open fly bridge), we leave nassau in morning and anchour out in the central lagoon between atoll islands comprising norman cays different was fine , clear sky , some clouds , no swell, come into contact with norman s cay around 5 PM or 5/30 PM , cruise through to central canal where we stay at double anchor , a front one and aft one as strong currents between tides make that necessary for yacht to stabilize. occupants of yacht are my uncle ( businees man) aunt ( architect) myself ( student in a business school in those days) and his skipper , a retired former captain on us navy frigates and destroyers.a very well trained and experienced officer. our aim was to visit with canadian business friends of my candian uncle who own an atoll on norman s cay with their own private airport and plane and was made by radio in the afternoon and they expected us around 6 PM at their private cay with the yachts tender.the private cay is in the central lagoon only a few hundred yards from where the yacht lies at anchor.a crashed dc3 lies in the lagoon only minutes away from the yacht as was our landmark for returning at night with non light tender to yacht.on the right side of the yacht , a sand bank separated us from high seas.depth from sand bank to deeper seas averages pristine blue sandy bottom ocean floor with average depth of 20 to 50 meters and abruptly some spots would go down way deeper .all about 500 meters to a kilometer from where we stayed at anchor. once all is ready to get going to freinds estate, while my uncle tries to contact them by radio , nothing happens as if the radio is dead and the yacht positionning lights start blurring and flashing , then all goes dead , including little electric fly bridge crane to put tender in water. at this stage it is approwimately 6 something PM as sun had just set early as per tropical countris.perhaps a little later not really sure as had no watch on. uncle checks fly bridge antenna while skipper verifies electricity in the engine room.nothing works , just a small torch which rapidly wore out uncle calls us all to join him on fly bridge as he says something amazing is happening out there:we join him quicly and see several fuly light underwater objects moving underwater. it s dark by now and we clearly saw for or five seemingly circular or oval shapes with a yellwish shinny light, moving at high velocity from large to shore close to the sand bank where we were at. it was difficult to observe exactly the shape of these " USO s" as they were underwater and moved rapidly , changing course at strange angles suddenly , at velocity the skipper reckoned from his experience being at least one hundred knots.they moved like "bees" just moving around in some kind of strange ballet , clear separate objects , at times in shallower waters some yellow luminescent foam or white water would appear at sea surface and would stay like that a few minutes (shinny and yellowish). the raddio and electrical power did not work on the yacht all the time of this event. we just found it amazing first of all , no real discussion just observing these "things" , then curiosity left place to terror , plain all of us being very scared.we asked ourselves wht this could be ? the experienced cpatain thought it might be some new technological breakthrough of the us navy being tested off shore as he said happened at times when he was on active duty on rotations from puerto rico to guantanamo back to south florida . well about that statement finished , events proved it wrong as we saw all four or five lights join underwater to become one full lighted larger object which came out of the water perhaps five hundred meters away .we heard water fill some void and splish splashes as the large circular object hovered above the water , yellowish foam had light it enough as was just a few feet above sea level and just suddenly flew off in the blink of an eye. we were all shaken but and didn t know what to do with this and really it challenged all of our realities so we were really reticent to talk about soon as the object was out of sight , light and power were back on , and we were able to join the canadian landlords and get to their place. the subject did come up as we explained why we were later than expected.their place only six hundred meters away didn have any trouble with it s generator.they listened at told us that they had seen some funny stuff around at times and didn t want to speak about it further either. we just went back to our normal lives after that and have never spoken about this experience ever again at any occasion. thaat s about all i can remember from this frightening experience.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:33 PM
Another USO case from UFO Stalker:

Detail for Event ID 6998
Case Number: 6998
Log Number: US-05102007-0001
Submitted Date: 2007-05-10 00:52
Event Date: 2007-05-09 00:00
Status: Submitted
City: Coden
Region: Alabama
Country: US
Longitude: -88.1801
Latitude: 30.4032
Shape: Sphere

Description: on my side deck I was looking at the bay an saw a blue/green golfball sized orb onderwater,just under surface.It was flashing on an off moving at 10 feet a second.As it aproached my bulkhead it blinked off and reapeared in my backyard..Then it moved to the woods and did a couple of right turns around pine trees.Then blinked out and reapeared five feet off the bulkhead. It then moved underwater south.I watched this orb for one minute.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:35 PM
USO case from UFO Stalker:

Detail for Event ID 6313
Case Number: 6313
Log Number: IT-02032007-0009
Submitted Date: 2007-02-03 21:08
Event Date: 2007-01-31 04:45
Status: Submitted
City: Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto
Country: IT
Longitude: 14.167
Latitude: 42.35
Shape: Oval
Duration: 00:15:00

Description: Hi, here i am to tell something weirs happened a couple of days ago just in the place where i live: I read that in a small article on local newpaper (see GAZZETTA DEL SUD daily newspaper of the febr. 2 2007) and people talked abt it. The morning of february 1 2007 at 4.45 in the morning while he was dirving near the sea in CICERATA a small place in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (MESSINA Sicily Italy) a man saw a round object moving fast on a surface of the sea at a distance of abt. 1 km from the beach. It was very strange as he describe it.. it was sailing a bit under the sea with only a small part over the waves...what took his attention is that it was that it was full of lights . The man said at most they were red lights but also withe ones. It just didn't look as a submarine (or something from the navy) as it ha such a different shape and it w too big. While the man was watching , other people came and stopped as they saw the same weird thing. The object have been visbile for other 5 minutes then it disappered underwater. Looking at yr. site i just discovered that it happened jsut in the same place described in Report # 658 of water ufo site. I also saw in the same site that there have been lots of similar episodes in the past years especially in 70s, within 5 miles from this places (Eolie islands, milazzo Patti) . Very curios , don't u think so ? Now i will not feel anymore so safe sailing in these waters.... Please let me know what to think abt. it . Thanks.

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