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USO Research

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 05:49 AM
Interesting posts karl 12,

This is a small but nonetheless important report about a sighting aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet of a prototypical Saucer with lights hovering at 190 degrees to port, and at 1000 yards elevated with two Phantoms sped toward it.


UFO Hovering At 190 Degrees to Port Plays Havoc Aboard Cutter Acushnet In 1977
Date: Thursday, July 13 @ 12:13:01 MST
Topic: UFO Reports from Military Men & Women

Posted: July 13, 2006

HBCC UFO Research Note: Here is another example of what I believe to be a cover up as the witnesses mentions in his letter/report. I know I have personally heard many stories from servicemen and woman who along with their shipmates have been witness to some unusual crafts which were maneuvering in ways that are not known here on earth.

Message: I saw a UFO in 1977 while serving on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet. It messed with our communications and compasses, and was redirected by 2 Phantoms which appeared suddenly. The Log Book was removed. Can you say cover up?

Additional Information:

Well, Sir, I was a (removed by HBCC due to it giving away who this person was/is). I was coming on watch when the General Quarters alarm went off. We lost steering while towing a Giant new "Meteorological" buoy toward Cuba. (Get it?) As I entered the Bridge I was also informed that the electronics and auxiliary were malfunctioning. It was an old ship, so I wasn't overly freaked until I saw what everyone was staring up at. Prototypical Saucer with lights hovering at 190 degrees to port, and at 1000 yards elevated. The tow line was limp, and the buoy shrouded in a bizarre fog. Two Phantoms sped toward it at an angle above/abeam and it moved at incredible speed vertical zig-zag until out of sight about 4 seconds . After a brief meeting in the C/O's cabin, the log I was keeping was replaced, and I was told by a 1st class P.O. who moments before sounded like he was crapping bricks from his bow station ("Get me someone else down here!"). That it never happened, and if I know what's good for me I won't say anything more about it. Detailed enough?
1. They know all about what's going on, and may have been told to cover it up by these invaders, and 2. Considering how these things seem to have the brains to know what to observe and how to travel like they do, I'm afraid there isn't a damn thing we can do about it. Except pray that they're friendly. [.ex]

Note 1: This “bizarre fog”, is possibly created by the UFO due to the heat of its field causing “steam” thus giving the impression of fog –CF-

Another case with a fog bank around the object.

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 10:02 AM
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SV,that reports got a bit of everything -visual corellation; objects outrunning fighter jets; radio/electronic disruption effects;
strange fog phenomenon (again); vertical zig zag flight
characteristics; subsequent orders/threats never to discuss incident again....
and of course missing log books (how many is that now?)
Great find


Some other great ATS threads concerning USOs/UFOs over the Ocean:

Bethune/Gander UFO Incident, Feb.10,1951 Newfoundland, Canada
(300 ft. Diameter UFO Spotted!).
Thread posted by Easynow:

Caught on film by TV crew: The 1978 Kaikoura UFO sightings.
Thread posted by Ziggystar60:

NATO chases USO (unident. underwater obj.) near Iceland, 1992.
Thread posted by Spooky Vince:

Australian Secrets/Conspiracies.
Thread posted by Jezza
Page 2:

At Sea, Underwater Sighting (Indian Ocean).
Thread posted by Journey:

UFOs in Iceland during the Cold War.
Thread posted by Kacen:

Possible UFO crash off NJ coast.
Thread posted by XFoxMulderX:

Odd occurance in Myrtle Beach.
Thread posted by Xstealth:

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 11:34 AM
Is There an Underwater UFO Base off
the Southern California Coast?
By Preston Dennett

FATE :: February 2006
Shortly after I began investigating UFOs in the late 1980s, I started to receive reports of unidentified ocean-going craft. Most of these reports came from a certain stretch of California coastline, from about Santa Barbara south to Long Beach. This particular body of water, I soon learned, had a widespread reputation as a UFO hotspot. After several witnesses told me they believed there was an underwater UFO base there, I decided to conduct a more in-depth investigation to determine the truth.

My first step was to survey the research of other prominent investigators. To my surprise, most of the local researchers were already aware of the sightings. Writes Ann Druffel, “This body of water lies between the coastlines of Southern California and Santa Catalina Island, 20 miles offshore to the southwest.The area has for at least thirty years been the scene of UFO reports of all kinds: surface sightings of hazy craft which cruise leisurely in full view of military installations, aerial spheres bobbing in oscillating flight, gigantic cloud-cigars, and at least one report of an underwater UFO with uniformed occupants.”

Another researcher, Robert Stanley, editor of the now defunct magazine Unicus, writes, “Even in the sixties, families were going down to the beach and waiting for a UFO to pass by…. By the 1970s, whole families were going down to the beach at Point Dume at night to watch the multi-colored UFOs [that] would sink under the water at times.”

MUFON field investigator Bill Hamilton writes, “For years witnesses have seen many types of UFO cruising off the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California. UFOs have actually been seen to come out of the water in the San Pedro Channel.”


Footage of UFO going into lake?

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 03:29 AM

Originally posted by karl 12
Is There an Underwater UFO Base off
the Southern California Coast?
By Preston Dennett

Hi karl 12, perhaps you find this interesting and is it in a way connected with your post.
I am not shore of course but maybe you can figure that out?

It was an interesting post from John Lear.

reply to post by johnlear

Originally posted by johnlear
Over the past 20 years I have heard stories of a huge U.S. Navy submarine base under the desert in Hawthorne Nevada.

There are stories that California and Nevada sit on a shelf underneath which lies an eastern portion of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe the Pacific Ocean extends under that shelf to Hawthorne Nevada (and even further?).

Maybe there is some kind of access from the surface of the desert within the area occupied by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. And maybe if you go deep enough there is a huge part of the Pacific Ocean in which the Navy conducts Undersea Warfare training.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 08:17 AM

Here is the URL address of a possible USO case off Catalina in 1982:

Keep up with the good work. Thanks.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 08:26 AM

More to come..

And another recent URL which is just about the USO cases from Catalina Island:

USOs Update at Catalina Island

By the way, if there is any other USO witness on here, it is betta to write his or her own sighting down to this thread. Cos, we use ATS Forum as the info source.

See ya later.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Skyfloating
the Bible say's that during the fload of Noah's time that all souls above land and below in the sea's were destroyed. i don't know the exact words off hand but it does refer to souls in the sea, which leads me to believe that there was something living down there at that time. Noah and his family survived and multiplied and i believe that more of what was down there then.. have have come and multiplied also. does this tie in with uso's? i think it does

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 05:58 AM
Up Up

Here is another novel but Spanish-written article about the possible Underwater UFO Bases in Cadiz Bay, Spain as follows:

Base de OVNIS en la Bahía de Cádiz (UFO Base in Cadiz Bay)

There is an alleged USO pic there which shows that two strange balls of light are coming out of the sea.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 06:41 AM

As we all know that the USO phenomenon is a global thing, cos the mankind has always observed daa enigma in all types of world waters. So when we do a research about USOs, we must recover all different kinds of continuously flowing info from all distinct sources. Plus we must get the most recent USO-related information.

Imma giving ya the recent USO essays from the web. Soooooooooooooo..

Another Spanish-written article about the Underwater UFOs in Peru is here:

OVNIS Submarinos en el Perú (Submarine UFOs in Peru)

In this article, there is an amazing graphic of ecosonda which shows the presence of USOs at the bottom of the ocean.

Keep in touch plizz.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by spacevisitor

SV -Some interesting speculation about underground secrecy by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Theres a good link below about submarine sonar mapping stating how about 90% of the ocean floor is still completely unknown.

An Unexplored Territory
More than 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by ocean, but to date, we've explored less than 5 percent of it.
Geophysicist Walter Smith, with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry clarified the situation that 90% of the ocean floor is unmapped;
"If you make an estimate using all the historical data in a place like South Pacific, and compare it to the United States at the same scale, it looks a bit like the interstate highway system," he explained.
"It's like sending surveyors out and saying that every few miles they can measure the height of the ground, but [they can] never leave the interstate highway system—then asking them to come back and make a map showing all the geographic features of the United States."


The Unknown Sounds of NOAA

The USS San Francisco came upon this fact when it collided with an uncharted sea mount, at least that was the conclusion offered in the official investigation.
"The findings of fact show that San Francisco, while transiting at flank (maximum) speed and submerged to 525 feet, hit a seamount that did not appear on the chart being used for navigation,"the 124-page report said of the incident in the vicinity of the Caroline Islands.

Unidentified sounds stream through the darkness of the ocean depths. According to NOAA, one sound was heard only once, never to be captured again. The University of Washington used to post the Mystery Sonogram of the Month-the anomalous sounds recorded by NOAA are nicknamed Bloop, Slow Down, Julia, Train, Whistle and Upsweep. You can sample these using the NOAA link below:

Unknown recordings:


Radar/Sonar Contact:

"A Longtime friend and coworker of mine at Boston's Museum of Science is Valerie Wilcox of Aubarndale, Massachusetts. During a telephone conversation with me on July 27, 1984, Val commented that an English acquaintance recently mentioned a UFO experience that he had while he was in the Royal Navy.
He told her he was present when an unidentified target was picked up on his ship's radar and then tracked by sonar after it entered the water! Part of the log referring to this event was alleged to have been confiscated. Val offered to have us both come to dinner some evening in late August or early September so that I could question the individual about his experience..."


Huge UFO Absorbs Water from the Ocean-Puerto Rico:

During our recent investigation of Vieques, resident Mr. Angel Encarnación reported the following:

"One night fishing out at sea, to the south of the shooting range, in the east of Vieques, we saw a really big and shining light in the distance. Getting closer we saw that it was suspended in the air.It was ... a huge object, ... a round and huge flying saucer with lots of lights turning on and off intermittently all around the object. There were yellow, green and red lights.

"On the bottom, right in the middle of the saucer, there was only one really big green light, focused at the ocean's surface. It wasn't more than 100 feet above the ocean. But that thing wasn't from this world. What shocked us the most was seeing that the object was absorbing seawater from the ocean. You could actually see the water rising and entering the object through the area where the green light was coming from. It was a really big column of water going up. You could not see any fish or anything else ... just the water going up ... and all of that without a single sound. Nothing.

"As we got closer to the saucer,” continued Encarnación, “it stayed still for a while and then it immediately left, flew away very fast in the direction of El Yunque [a forested area in eastern Puerto Rico where there has been a lot of UFO alien activity] or Ceiba [where the US Roosevelt Roads Naval Station is located], on land, in the island of Puerto Rico. It was really fast. It was gone in seconds ... Incredible.

“We looked at each other and said,'We have seen something extraordinary that has never been seen before. Let\'s not say anything on land, because they won't believe us.' I only told my family about what happened."

On another occasion while they were fishing at night, the witness and his partners saw a shining green light rising from the bottom of the ocean. They thought it could be a US Navy submarine surfacing in the area, but just when the submarine’s light should have surfaced, the green light disappeared and everything was dark again. They immediately heard the sound of water falling to the ocean near them. Whatever it was that emerged, it rose and took to the skies in the middle of the darkness of night and disappeared in total silence, and a subtle humid sprinkling fell over the group of fishermen. After the incident Encarnación and the others left the scene as soon as possible, returning to Vieques.

"Besides that,” said Encarnación, “we have seen shining objects coming out from the lagoons, after which they leave at high speed, and get lost in the sky. They are shining lights, orbs or balls of light of a blue-white color. Of course, they could be something from the Navy ... since they have done lots of things of which we don't know yet.

“But what we saw in the ocean,” he continued explaining, “was similar to what some people call a flying saucer. I have no doubts about it. And I don't think it is from the Navy, because nobody on Earth can manufacture, I believe, something like that, an artifact like the one we saw, because that object disappeared in the sky in seconds, in the direction of El Yunque.”


‘Triangle-shaped’ UFOs Suspended Over US Navy Airstrip,
UFOs Come out from the Sea -Puerto Rico:

We interviewed the Director of the Vieques Municipal Police, Officer Wilfredo Feliciano, who informed us of a series of important observations he had experienced.

His first sighting took place during the summer of 1997, at around 9 P.M. Feliciano was driving his car on Route 997, which runs from the Esperanza sector to Isabel II. At the intersection of a place known as Marta’s Alley, he became aware of an intense yellow light hanging motionless in the sky some distance away. Intrigued, he parked the car at the left edge of the road to observe the light more carefully.

“It was a real big triangular object,” he stated, “completely engulfed in a bright yellow light ... It seemed to be at an altitude of about 500 feet above the ground, over property belonging to Camp García. I calculated the altitude based on the height of some trees in the area. What intrigued me the most was that the thing was suspended right over the area where the US Navy has an airstrip or runway for their planes to land and take off ... And that it was an unidentified flying object.

“There were no military exercises at the time, so what was that object, that triangle of light, doing there over the runway? Thinking that I was observing something I shouldn’t be seeing, I left the site at once. But from that moment on, I realized something very strange is taking place on the land controlled by the US Navy.

“Some days later, my wife told me that she saw a similar object, also at night, suspended over the exact same place where I had seen the object — over Camp García’s runway. The next weekend, as we were driving to her mother’s home, we saw another triangle. This time our sons were with us in the car; they saw it too.”

Feliciano and his family observed the object from a distance of two miles, and even from that distance, they described its size to be three to four feet in length, which indicates the object was very large.

He also told us that, as part of his duties with the municipal police, he had to patrol the land west of Vieques, at the time still under US Navy control. On many occasions he witnessed brightly lit UFOs emerging from the sea in the Punta Arenas area, flying away at great speed into the night sky. Often the objects would make several fast turns before leaving the area.

“This has happened on many occasions, sometimes between 9 and 11 PM, and sometimes around 2 or 3 in the morning.They come out from the sea at a spot right in the middle of Punta Arenas and Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba.”


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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 07:19 AM
Australian Police Report USO:

On Saturday evening December 30 1995, all phones rang hot at Gosford Police Station as motorists called on their mobile phones to report a large craft hovering above Mooney-Mooney Bridge.
Later, dozens of calls flooded in from distressed locals at home. Station Sergeant Bob Wenning states,“People were woken by an intense humming noise. They were genuinely frightened when they saw a huge cylindrical object hovering over the water. It had a polished, ball-like bottom, and as it hovered over the lake, its lights shone down into the water, apparently turning it in to steam”. Callers also reported a brilliant light which “turned night into day”, shining through their bedroom windows.
Patrol cars were sent out to investigate, but whenever police officers came to within 50 meters of it, or car headlights got close, the craft would turn off its own lights and shoot up skywards, out of sight. One police officer reported that it flew away “as if you had a torch beam and whipped it around.”
Seasonal parties, previously well behaved, suddenly erupted into antisocial behaviour. Residents reported their animals cowered and hid, and many dogs howled for no apparent reason.
Car patrols were dispatched from one spot to another as the object moved back and forth over the area.
All callers gave the same account of a saucer-shaped craft, 20 to 30 meters across, surrounded by bright white light, and with intense shafts of light that penetrated the foaming water below, or when away from the water, once the shafts of white light were off, underneath was a red glow or flashing red-orange lights.
The event largely died out around dawn at 5am, after Police units had been dispatched on over 35 calls, one officer relating that the evening reminded him of a night of “Moon Madness”, that phenomenon known to police whereby civil unrest increases during the full moon.

“Callers were genuinely frightened.”
- Sergeant Bob Wenning of the Gosford Police

Australian Police UFO reporting website:

Video timeline of events:

Police link posted by Kandinsky:


Naval Cadets witness 'Little Dark men' -multiple witness report.
Puerto Rico:

In another interview with several young men in Vieques who were members of the local "Cadetes de la Marina" group
(a Sea Cadets organization of the US Navy), we were informed about a series of enigmatic encounters they had experienced in some of the lagoons in the eastern part of Vieques, specifically in the area of the Navy’s shooting range near Camp García.

On several occasions during drills and exercises conducted in the area of “El Tapón” lagoon, they had encountered some “... very strange ... little dark men, gray or black in color ... who were very fast, and ran speedily from one place to the other, sometimes in a zigzagging motion and at other times in jumps. They would stand suddenly in front of us ... so that we could see them, and then they would leave, running really fast,” explained one of the young men while the others approved.

"They were 3 or 4 feet high, and were skinny, with long arms...and their heads were kind of big and egg-shaped ... They were weird,” he added. Due to the darkness of the night and the speed of the movements of the strange figures, the boys couldn't see details such as eyes, mouth, nostrils, etc.

The ex-cadets added that occasionally the little dark men would jump into the lagoon, disappearing underwater.
They also revealed having observed, "...various shining blue-white spheres that vary in size, from 4 to 8 inches in diameter, that enter the water of the lagoons in the area,” something similar to the ones observed by witness Encarnación and his fellow fishermen. Due to these incidents and their degree of high strangeness, the young men decided not to perform any more exercises or drills at night in these areas.

At the time of wrapping up the interview, one of their instructors joined us and corroborated what they had said, and assured us of having been a witness himself to such encounters in the area.


UFOs & Water Case, Voronov, Russia, 1969

September 21-27, 1989 Voronezh, Russia 6:30 P.M.
Heinrich Ivanovich was driving his motorcycle along the Kama River near a wooded area. On the side of the road he noticed a man who suddenly raised his hand as if saluting.
Ivanovich slowed his motorbike and approached the stranger. As he approached he noticed a strange disc-shaped object on the ground close to the stranger. The stranger wore a grayish-metallic overall with thick-soled boots.

The man did not wear a hat and had a short haircut. On his left hand he held a hose-like implement, which was apparently extracting water from the Kama River.

He approached the stranger and both conversed in the Russian language mostly about the propulsion of the object. They also spoke about space constellations.

At the end of the encounter the stranger asked Ivanovich to stay back from the object and to just observe it take off. The object had a semi-transparent green colored globular dome on top.

As the stranger approached the object a door appeared on the dome and he entered it, the door the shut. The external disc immediately began to revolve and its outer rim became invisible. The object then rose into the sky and instantly disappeared into thin air.


UFO Filmed Over Elliott Bay (Seattle):

The UFO appears about three quarters of the way through this video. It's very brief but you can even see the light reflect off the water somewhat.
More information is present on the Wicked Aliens website



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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 04:13 PM
This is another but also very interesting UFO abduction and then USO underwater excursion of Filiberto Cardenas.


Abduction case by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Condensed summary by Richard H. Hall

Filiberto Cardenas of Hialeah, Florida, was a gift shop owner, and later owned an automobile service center. He was married with children. After his abduction experience, he sold his business to devote full time to what he concluded was the mission assigned to him by alien beings to communicate important truths to the world.

.......His UFO-related experiences began on January 3, 1979, investigated by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, an attorney, and other professional people starting the next day (January 4).


About 6:00 p.m. On January 3, 1979, Cardenas (then 46 years old), was driving along U.S. Route 27 with three members of another family (the Martis) in his 1970 Chevrolet station wagon when his car developed electrical problems. The lights went out and the engine stalled. The starter did not induce any electric current. When they raised the hood of the car to inspect the engine, they were enveloped in multi-colored lights and heard a strong buzzing sound like “thousands of bees.” Cardenas felt paralyzed, and could hear the women in the car screaming. He found himself suspended in the air and rising. When he was about 10 feet above the car, everything went dark and he had no memory of what happened next.

When consciousness returned he was on his hands and knees and saw bright lights rushing toward him, then the screech of brakes. He was helped off the road, which proved to be 16 miles away from where his car had stalled. Police were called and picked him up at about 8:15 p.m. His friends had observed him being lifted up a bluish-white beam of light and disappearing.

Fernando Marti, a friend who had been driving the car when it stalled, had seen the multi-colored lights reflecting off the engine and Cardenas' feet as he ascended into the air. He felt weightless, and grabbed onto the engine to avoid being lifted. After the bright lights dimmed and the weightless effect diminished, Marti looked up and saw Cardenas rising higher into the air and shouting, “Let me go! Let me go!” He then disappeared into a dark elliptical object which flew away to the west.

Marti got back into the car and tried the starter again; this time the engine started but ran very roughly. Gradually the engine smoothed out and they drove to the nearest facility, where they called the police and reported Cardenas' disappearance.

When Cardenas finally was found the police notified Mrs. Cardenas, who immediately took Filiberto to a clinic for treatment of lesions, skin abrasions, and systemic dysfunctions. Someone suggested that he be examined for effects of radiation, and he was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami early on the morning of January 4. He complained of pain in both knees and out-of-focus vision and was medically examined, including X-rays. The hospital lacked facilities for radiation testing, so an Air Force technician from Homestead Air Force Base was called in to examine him for radiation effects. The test results were negative and he was released from the hospital.

Later Cardenas had a variety of odd symptoms primarily including eye irritation and sensitivity, excessive thirst, profuse sweating, a sulfurous body odor, hot and cold flashes, and memory lapses. At one point his urine was a dark yellow-brown color.

A local hypnotherapist who had no personal opinion on UFOs was retained to regress him and help restore his lost memory. Cardenas was not fluent in English, so the regressions were conducted in Spanish, the first on January 27. Under hypnosis an elaborate story emerged of his being captured by three human-like alien entities who wore tight-fitting bluish-white one-piece clothing. One of the beings appeared robot-like. Another being placed a helmet-like device on Cardenas' head, and experimented with various languages to communicate with him.

Left photo: Sanchez-Ocejo, Cardenas standing, and Dr. Hynek seating. Right photo: Cardenas, Fernando, Mirta, Isabel with Dr. Hynek

After a while he was taken to another place and met another being wearing a cape and seated on a high throne-like chair. This being appeared to be the chief, and he communicated with Cardenas both vocally in perfect Spanish and telepathically. Eventually he was taken to an unfamiliar beach, narrow and sandy, and saw gray ocean water and red-brown-purple rocks rising steeply away from the beach. As the alien craft hovered at ground level, the beings opened a concealed entryway into the rocks, revealing a tunnel or cavern. More craft emerged and they all flew out over the ocean, abruptly tilting down and descending into the water. Cardenas remembered seeing ocean water rushing past a window, but it didn't seem to be touching the window itself.

One of the beings communicated with Cardenas in Spanish, giving him a confusing array of neoreligious and sociopolitical “messages,” including predictions of future catastrophes, predicted deaths of famous people, a cancer cure, and future political developments and wars. When questioned closely about details, Cardenas often refused to answer, saying that he had been forbidden to say more.

Afterwards Cardenas could hear the aliens' voices in his head and continued to receive “messages” remotely. He later received permission to bring his wife, Iris, along to a new meeting at the same location as the first encounter. About 3:00 p.m. On February 21, 1979, he and his wife were both taken aboard a mushroom-shaped craft, and returned early the following morning. Both remained fully conscious and alert throughout, and were able to remember the whole experience without hypnotic regression. He described 4-foot-tall alien beings with blue-white one piece suits that had a serpent-like emblem on the right chest and details of the onboard equipment and environment.

The beings spoke telepathically to the Cardenas, giving contactee-like messages of universal love. During the original abduction they had implanted two very small devices in Cardenas' head, one behind each ear, that allowed them to transmit 3-D images and messages.


Cardenas describes being taken to a beach and flown into the ocean, beneath the surface and into what appears to be a tunnel. The walls of the tunnel are translucent and like solidified water. The water does not appear to touch the surface of the craft, but is separated from the craft by an airspace.
Panoramic scenes of earth are shown to him on a wall on television-like screens. He sees images of a ship, an airplane, a mountain. The scenes include some from Communist China where, he is told, something good for the world is going to happen soon. That the aliens are in control of the Chinese people. He is shown an obelisk with a “tomb” beneath it containing “controls.”

Various tests or experiments are conducted on him, and he is moved from place to place in a sequence that is not clear because of fragmentary memory recall. Part of the time he is held in place in a “chair.” At times Cardenas feels that he is “not on earth” but apparently somewhere in space. He is led to believe that he is being tested as a messenger, one of many others being groomed by the aliens to communicate important information to the populace about events that are going to happen in the future. As an example, he is told that great portions of land and complete cities are going to disappear within a short period of time, becoming oceans or lakes. The aliens hope to prevent some of these disasters and save millions of people.

At one point he is taken to a new location and seated on a rock or slab. He is welcomed by a being who identifies himself as an earth person who has been working with the aliens for a long time. He is taken to another city-like place and forced onto a table where he is immobilized, nude. At this point he becomes highly agitated during hypnosis, and says his current escort is going to explain to him all the things they are doing to him. He is shown some technical devices in a somewhat threatening way, as if intended to induce fear.

Another being appears and passes an apparatus over him as if conducting tests. The beings give the impression of being disguised; they have hair that looks fake and other doll-like features. Mechanical devices emerge from the walls and perform tests on him. Lights are shone into his eyes, ears, and along his body. Then they extract a semen sample. He displays anger and impatience to know when all this is going to end.

Visual images are then shown to him on TV-like monitors on the wall. One of the images is of three pyramids connected by light, described as “controls that we have here in the Earth.” He is told that they currently are in the pyramid in the Pacific Ocean; the others are in the Atlantic Ocean and one “deep in the earth.” Various other confusing encounters and events are reported, until he is returned to earth.

When asked by the hypnotist to identify the most important thing that he has been told, he talks about a failed conference of three parties that is interpreted as the U.S.-mediated talks between Israel and the Arabs, which he is told will lead to a great war.

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 04:20 PM
Continuation of the abduction case by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

Note 1 - :EDITOR'S NOTE [From the book-CF-]:
In an attempt to further establish the underwater "tunnel" mentioned by the witness, it was learned that this "tunnel" was not of solid rock as we think of a tunnel, and it did not have any projecting stalactites or stalagmites as already mentioned by the witness. He could not describe its entrance opening in any frame of reference known to him2, and he had difficulty describing the walls. They were not of solid finished material like brick or stone, but were translucent and flowing LIKE FIRMED WATER. The ships flew in an "airspace" that opened in front of the craft as they proceeded, and may have closed again behind it, and no water or anything else actually touched the surfaces of the vehicle itself. The swiftly flowing "water" was close but did not touch the crystal (windshield) in front of the witness' face.

It appears to us that the witness is describing a ship-generated force-field of some kind which separated the mass of the material ahead of it and produced a capsule of “space" around it in which the craft flew. The curve in the tunnel mentioned may have been • simply a re-directing of the force-field for a change of vector that was controlled by the extraterrestrial pilot sitting to the right of the witness in this small vehicle. This rush of water not touching the ship has been described by another UFO abductee who was taken in a spacecraft to an underwater base.


Note 2 – The reason he could not “describe its entrance opening” is because he could NOT see the rotating field in front of the craft! He is thinking in those last moments that he had seconds before impact with the water –BUT- the field had already hit the water, causing water to flow past him immediately, and giving the impression of being in a “tunnel” because of its rounded sides.-CF-

This is the sketch of the small craft that the extraterrestrials put Cardenas in for the trip underwater. The crystal mentioned is nothing more than the windshield of the ship, called crystal in Spanish. Cardenas was completely immobilized by some unseen force the whole time he was in this craft. [p. 103]

Wendelle C. Stevens, 1982
Detailed overview of the Cardenas case. As Stevens writes, "the UFO abduction of Filiberto Cardenas... is an important contribution to the body of UFO literature because this may be the first case on record where the original abductee was able to successfully introduce another person into the contact events and to actually take them aboard an alien spacecraft with him." R

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 10:55 PM
Yeah iv`e heard of these they say some even exist in the bermuda triangle someone was already a victim of it i saw it in the National Geographic Channel My friend told me they dont exist buy he lacks brains to think

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:46 AM
Some other Spanish-written articles about USOs are as follows:

¿Avistamiento de OVNIs en el Mar Menor de Murcia? (Sighting of UFOs at the Small Sea of Murcia)



More to come....

(p.s: u could make use of some online translators from Spanish to English in order to see wot these articles are all about?)

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 12:09 PM
Here are some other examples of USO-related essays as follows:

BASES SUBMARINAS EM IBIZA (Submarine Bases in Ibiza) - in Portuguese language

Triángulo de las Bermudas en España: Triángulo del Silencio (Bermuda Triangle in Spain: Triangle of Silence)

See ya

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By the way, lemme add some Portuguese-written USO articles to this thread too.



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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 12:58 PM
And some more Spanish USO articles from the net are for yall as follows:

LA REALIDAD OSNI EN EL LITORAL ANDALUZ (USO Reality in the Andalusian Coast)

OSNIS: ENIGMA BAJO LOS MARES (USOs: Enigma Under the Seas)

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 01:04 PM
An interesting case of a hovering huge flying disc which projected from the base, near the center, for whatever reason, three luminous "tubes" of "blue neon light", like cylinders extended straight down from the ship to the surface of the river.


Bridge to Mendonca Lima, 13 February 1979

During the investigation of the well known Bebedouro UFO abduction, the team of Prof. Ney Matiel Pires encountered in that city, not too far from Mirassol, another UFO account related by Sr. Valdemir Menussi which occurred in February 1979. At that time Sr. Valdimir was working on topographical elevations for the region surrounding the approach to the bridge to Mendonca Lima and the bank of the Rio Grande in the Territory of Minas Gerais just to the north of Mirassol. On the 13th of February, Valdemir and four companions decided to fish the river as they waited for some kind of delivery service. At about 17:45 in the afternoon on this clear day, their attention was urgently drawn to a strange phenomenon taking place. A huge circular disc-shaped flying object of some 30 meters nearly 100 feet diameter approached and flew over the group at only some 300 meters above them. Following that, the tremendous aerial object took up a position very near and hovered there, suspended in the sky right over the river where they were fishing. At this point it was only some 700 meters away. The crew watched in amazement.

13 February 1979, Bridge to Mendonça Lima, Drawing of
100-foot diameter ship observed for over an hour daytime.

All the observers could clearly see that the base of the flying disc was circular and flat with a small circular depression in the central part. The area around this concavity, at its periphery, was divided by radiating lines or segments, similar to the spokes of a cartwheel. In each of these segmented parts they could see an opening "like a ventilator". The superstructure on top looked like a large low cupola above the disc rim, flattened on top, with a second smaller cupola above that, and in the same way still, a third smaller, higher domed cupola on top of all. On the sides of the large rim, at the base, they could see dual recessed openings illuminated by some kind of fluorescent light.

The huge flying disc executed gentle, silent movements in all directions and occasionally discharged some fumes or gas from vents. About one hour later the huge ship was still there hovering stationary, a little to the south as the whole rim rotated slowly when suddenly, from the base, near the center, three luminous "tubes" of "blue neon light" were projected, like cylinders extended straight down from the ship to the surface of the river. They seemed to be transparent and were rotating, and looked like they were either discharging something into, or were drawing something from, the water. After several minutes the "cylinders" were withdrawn from the water into the object, one at a time.

A moment later the recessed opening at the left, on the rim, suddenly discharged a luminous beam, like electrical sparks, in the direction of the water. When the beam of sparks touched the water it became violently agitated in that local area. A few seconds later this ray of light disappeared and the recessed opening on the right side discharged another ray, similar to the one on the left, and repeated the same phenomenon of disturbing the water.

Stunned by this remarkable spectacle, the five observers, each of them simultaneously, "received" the following telepathic message saying: "Do not be afraid, nothing unpleasant will happen to you. Remain calm. We are working here. In the future Earth will know ". The second ray was stopped and the two recessed openings closed and disappeared completely, as though they had never existed.

The huge object began to take on a blue luminescence, changing gradually to red and becoming more intense offering the observers a fabulous spectacular of light and color. In an instant the huge 100-foot disc-shaped craft projected itself straight up at incredible velocity and with little or no sound! The whole episode lasted one hour and twenty minutes. As he narrated this account to Professor Ney, Engineer Valdemir displayed considerable emotion. His story was confirmed by the other four men.

Now this is truly a remarkable account and should never be overlooked. Here were five expert observers, trained in the use of size, distance and elevation calculations, all engineers, all familiar with the need for technical accuracy, working on their job in full daylight, in full awareness and alertness of all their faculties, and least subject to delusion by darkness, clouds, haze or any other atmospheric phenomena because none of those existed at the time. Their vision of the phenomenon was clear and unobstructed by anything for the whole time, and they were afforded ample time for detailed examination of the mammoth aerial craft, at close range, for one hour and twenty minutes! There were many other witnesses. How can this case be doubted?

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 05:42 AM
Here is another USO article in Spanish with some amazing graphics:

IMPLICACIONES MARINAS DEL FENOMENO OVNI (Marine Implications of the UFO Phenomenon)

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