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USO Research

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 06:46 PM
Amazing incident from Puerto Rico (again)

1977, Mayaquez, Puerto Rico Two Large Glowing UFOs Enter & Emerge from Ocean

Two large glowing UFOs drifted slowly over a Puerto Rican city, settled down in the Atlantic Ocean about a mile off shore and appeared to go into and out of the ocean a number of times as about two thousand people watched.
Two fishermen in a boat nearby were so frightened they could hardly get their motor started, and some people on shore thought the world had come to an end. The incident occurred in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico’s third largest city, located on the western end of the island.

The objects were first seen around nine to nine thirty in the evening on September 13, 1977. The first object vanished after half an hour or so but the second was seen moving about Mayagüez Bay for hours, finally disappearing around three in the morning.

“A lot of people were afraid,” said Mayagüez Police Sergeant Ramon Ramirez.

He watched the objects for a while but then devoted the rest of the night to keeping an eye on the crowds and the traffic. “It was a strange object to them and they didn't know what it was.”

One of the witnesses was Juan Perez Rodriguez, then twenty six, who operated a hamburger stand on the beach where the biggest crowd gathered.

“Some people were frightened, especially old people,” he said. “They were afraid. They didn't know what it was. Some people thought these were things of God and thought it was the end of the world.”

Rafael Lopez and his half brother, Arturo Rivera, were in a boat out in the bay fishing when one of the objects came down near them. Both were frightened and they went into shore.

He and Rivera, then thirty six, had been fishing since four in the afternoon about half a mile from shore. They were due west of Columbus Landing, a housing development along the bay. Lopez said they saw only one of the objects. That was at about nine thirty in the evening.

Cricket Sound

“It just appeared close to us. We didn't see where it came from. We just all of a sudden noticed it close to us in the water, and when we first saw it, it looked small, and then it seemed to grow very large.

“We were hearing a sound like a cricket screeching. I had the impression it was a cricket inside the boat. I've had crickets in the boat before and all you have to do is pound on the sides of the boat and they usually shut up. But as much as we pounded, it didn't quiet. It kept on making sounds.

“As long as we didn't move, the object stayed steady in the water and seemed to get smaller and then larger. And when it got larger, it got much brighter and then it would change colors. When it would grow brighter, it would get from like yellow to an orange color.

“I've been a fisherman for a long time and I've been out on that water for a long time and I've never seen anything like what I saw that night.” Asked what he thought the object was, Lopez said: “In my opinion, it was a UFO, a flying saucer."

Police Lieutenant corellates sighting from shore:

Mayagüez Police Lieutenant Cesar Grácia watched the objects most of the night. Other fishermen were on the shore that night, he said, but the police wouldn’t let them go out in boats to investigate because of possible danger. “But the fishermen said very clearly they had no intention of going out there for any reason."

Grácia, who was in charge of the police shift that night, said he watched the objects off and on from about nine o'clock until one in the morning. He was in a patrol car by himself when he first noticed one of the lights.

“I saw something in the sky that I didn't know what it was,” Grácia said. “It was over Highway Two about fifteen hundred feet, a large, lighted ball about six feet in diameter. It was going toward the beach very slowly.”

He was headed for the Mayagüez Hilton Hotel in the hills on the north side of the city at the time and he continued on to the hotel.

“I was in the parking lot of the Hilton when they called me from the police department,” Grácia said. “They told me to go to the beach because a great many people were watching this object.

“When I got there, the object was already hovering over the water about two or three miles off the beach. There were about five hundred people watching. There are about four public housing areas right there and all the people from the housing areas were there.

“I saw one light coming down but when I got to the beach I noticed there were two objects in the water, not together but about a mile away from each other. They were hovering over the water, right about at the water level.

“Because of the distance I couldn’t tell if it was a few feet over the water or if they were actually touching the water. The first object stayed about an hour but the second one lasted at least four hours.

Police flooded with calls:

"People came out of their houses to see the view and people came in cars, parked on the side of the street and went to the beach to see what was happening. I stayed until midnight, mostly keeping an eye on the group so there wouldn’t be any problems.”

Ramirez said he stayed until about midnight directing traffic. In describing the object as he first saw it, he said: "It was pretty high, like an orange-yellow light. I don't know exactly the size. As it came down it got larger. It was pretty good sized.

“The police got many, many phone calls, all night. We called the Coast Guard but they didn’t come. They said it wasn't an emergency.”

Asked what he thought the objects were, Ramirez said, “I think they were mystery objects. I was impressed by what I saw."

Mayagüez Police Lieutenant Luis Comacho didn't see the objects but said: "There were many other officers who saw this."

Juan Perez, who owns the hamburger stand on the beach, said: “A friend got worried and called me at home because there were too many cars in our parking lot. I came over about ten o'clock and I saw one of the objects.

“It was about the size of a basketball, very bright, yellowish-orange. It was about two hundred feet high and then it went down and stayed close to the water and disappeared into the water. It hit the water and the light just faded away.

“The second one came up and went down again, sometimes like it turned on and off. It just came up and down again and it was steady. It went in and out of the water about ten times. It took about four or five minutes each way. It would go about twenty feet above the water and come back down.”

He said a hundred to a hundred fifty cars were parked in the lot next to his hamburger stand “and about seven or eight hundred people. I sold plenty that night. I sold four hundred dollars more than what I usually make!

Object submerges:

Luis Baez, who also lived at Columbus Landing, said: “I was playing pool and someone said, 'Look!' I came outside with my pool stick and I see this thing. It was something nice to see. It was round looking, like an apple. Nice, round, beautiful. It went toward the beach.

"I put my pool stick away and went down to the beach and looked. A friend said, ‘That thing that's waiting over there is not a fishing boat.’ I said, ‘Sure it's a boat’ and he said, ‘It’s not!’ So then the one that came by overhead was coming down near the other one. They stayed like that for three or four minutes maybe a thousand yards apart.

“The bigger one, the one that was waiting, tipped on its side and BLOOM! Into the water! The small one stayed for a while. After half an hour or so I went up to the roof of this garage and laid down and watched. I wanted to make sure if it moved or not.

“And I could see this thing goes up… down… this way to the right, back again and a few times it went this way into the water. You could see the water flashing. It never went all the way down in the water.

“It did that a few times, it goes up, comes down, moved toward the beach but not too close and it goes back.At one o'clock in the morning I went home to sleep. I have to be up early in the morning.

“So I slept, went to work and when I come back I asked a few friends of mine what happened to the one that was up there. Well at three o'clock in the morning it disappeared. There were about a thousand people at the beach where he was.”

Asked if he thought what he had seen was a boat, plane or helicopter, Baez said: “We might have no schools but we are not dumb."

Other witnessess:

Another witness was Mrs. Auria Andujar, who lived on the beach less than a mile south of the hamburger stand. She knew nothing about the objects until her husband came home from work about ten thirty that night and told her about the crowds of people he had seen.

"I went out to the beach to see what I could see,” Mrs. Andujar said. “As soon as I realized this was something out of the ordinary, I stayed to see what it would do. And it started to move down into the water and then it would rise up again above the water and go back down into the water again. By then, I realized it wasn't something from this world.

“It was a large, very brilliant light between yellow and tangerine color, like the color of flames. It seemed to have a greenish light on the top of it. My daughter, Ida Luz, who lives close by, came to watch also.

“On two occasions it rose up off the water and came close to the house. When it was halfway from where it began, it seemed to be shining a light toward the house as though it were a beacon. Then it would go back down in the water and when it was under the water it would go back out to where it had been and then rise up again.
"I was frightened because I was convinced it wasn’t anything from this earth."


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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 06:46 PM
I´ll credit this thread for making me aware of this:

Unidentified Underwater Sound: "The Bloop"

The Bloop is the name given to an ultra-low frequency underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration several times during the summer of 1997. The source of the sound remains unknown.

Unidentified Underwater Sound: "The Quacker":

Quackers (from Russian: "квакер" -- onomatopoetic word based on a Russian rendition of frog's sound) are mysterious sounds, similar to a frog noise, widely reported by the crews of Soviet Navy submarines from various parts of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans during the peak of the Cold War, as well as their assumed sources. They are an example of Unidentified Submerged Objects.[1]

Also, our work is starting to rub off on other posters it seems.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:10 PM
1986-UFO Seen from Bridge of USS Edenton

While in the US Navy in the summer of 1986, I was standing lookout aboard the USS Edenton ATS 1 (currently decommissioned). The lookout watch, stood outside on top the bridge of the ship, and was responsible for reporting all contacts seen both in the water and sky. It was around eleven p.m. one clear night at sea, located about fifty miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC.
During one of my scans of the night sky, out of know where, four red circular lights appeared. The lights where hundreds of yards apart from each other and formed a square. At first, I thought it was four separate air craft, such as, military helicopters because the lights were stationary; however, due to the distance from the ship, the lights where too large to be aircraft running lights.

There were also no other normal running lights like green and white, which make-up the normal outline of an aircraft seen at night. The lights where located about twenty degrees above the horizon and about a mile away from the ship. Again, these four red lights were each about the size of a small plane, which were very bright and visible in the night sky. The night sky was also clear, moon lit, and a moderate amount of stars were visible, which also aided in calculating the distance and size of these lights.

As stated, when I first saw these lights they were all stationary in the sky and appeared out of know where. Once I noticed that these were not normal lights, grouped in a square and not moving, I called down to the bridge over a salt and pepper line informing the conning officer of a possible UFO sighting. This brought laughter across the wire at first, but I relayed the contact again in a stern but excited voice, which succeeded in getting the bridge officers attention. After relaying the contact information a second time, the four lights, in a flash, darted towards the horizon amazingly fast. The lower two lights in the square went first, with the top two lights following directly behind them in a curved swooshing motion and there was no sound.

Then all four shot straight up into outer-space and out of sight, all within a split second. At this point, I felt very excited and shocked, and was personally praying someone on the bridge had seen what I just saw. Having been an avid watcher of the night sky, seen shooting stars and a believer in that life has to exist somewhere out there, I become even more excited because I knew, I just saw my first unidentified flying object(s).

To my amazement, when I returned to the bridge after my watch, I was very pleased to learn that the conning officer and everyone else on the bridge had seen this sighting and logged it into the ship’s log as a UFO sighting.

Next, after a half hour had passed since the sighting, the radiation detection system (gamma roentgen meter) on the bridge started making a loud clicking sound. At first, no one seemed to know what was making this sound then a very loud bell went off notifying us as to what was going on, we were being radiated.

When the instrument stopped clicking, it indicated we had taken a hit of 385 roentgens in the period of about one minute. At this point, the captain of the ship was awoken and called to the bridge, as well as the chief in charge of the radiation metering equipment onboard ship.

The captain was not impressed with an entry of a UFO sighting being placed in the ship’s log, and at first, took the roentgen meter as being defective. However, the chief informed the captain that the meter had been serviced and calibrated the day before and that other like meters throughout the ship had just gone off indicating the same amount of roentgens received as the bridge.

The captain stated not to log the instance concerning the radiation exposure and left the bridge. During the rest of my watch duty that night, no officer or enlisted person spoke of what happened, and also acted liked nothing happened. This experience, however, was etched into my memory as if it happened yesterday and I have told this story to only a few people, people who I thought would believe me. This is also the first time I have documented the events of this night.

In conclusion, as an indication of the strength of gamma radiation, I and others received that night; all the personnel during the Project Trinity experiments conducted in 1945 at ground zero, only received between 1 and 6 total roentgens of gamma radiation. This leads me to believe, we traveled through the wake of radiation produced by the UFOs seen thirty minutes earlier.

Source & References:


UFO Witnessed taking on water , Japan, 1973

The incident took place in July 1973 and at the time, the witness, whom we shall call Masaki Kudou, does not recall the exact date.
Kudou, who was a sophomore at a University in the Kanto District, was employed during the summer as a night watchman at a lumber yard in a small industrial town on the south coast of Hokkaido.
After making his rounds of the lumberyard, he returned in his car to his parking place, switched on the car radio, lit a cigarette and was looking up at the clear night sky through the driver's window, when a streak of light ran across the sky.

It looked to be the "size of a baseball" and orange in color. Kudou admits that he was quite frightened, but he did watch the light which moved to and fro in all directions.
Suddenly, Kudou said, the light began a spiraling descent and when it was down to an altitude just above the dome of a cement factory in the distance, it began to send out what appeared to be intermittent green light rays in one direction which he calculated to be north.

At this point, Kudou noted, the whole episode seemed to be "science-fiction-like" and he was hoping that what he was watching would prove to be a dream or his imagination.
After it had stopped its' "signaling", the object or light began to descend over the waters of the bay; describing a large arc which was executed with startling speed. Because the bay waters were within his range of vision, Kudou was able to observe what transpired from that time on. He said the light descended to an altitude of about 20 meters (75 feet) above the surface, of the water and stopped,and then from the underside of the light came what appeared to be a glass-like transparent tube and when the leading edge of the tube touched the surface of the water, that part of the tube began to glow and appeared to be sucking up the bay water.
Accompanying the projection of the tube to the water, was a sound which Kudou described to be like the sound of a cicada (insect) which emits sound like "min-min-min-min", but the sound accompanying the tube was not so monotonous and appeared to be lower in pitch.

Kudou at this point was very puzzled and quite frightened, and dropped his head down, and when he lifted his head again the object appeared to have finished its sucking action and was maintaining its position in the same place. The next maneuver by the light was to head toward Kudou who became more frightened, and sat there glued to his seat watching it approach at about 50 meters altitude, becoming larger until it was "as large as a volleyball".
The intensity of the light had diminished as compared to its light at a distance and was white instead of the original orange.
He could now make out more detail and noted that it was as smooth and round as a ping-pong ball, and he could now see what appeared to be small windows around the center of the object. In the central one and in another window two windows to the right, he saw two "eerie, shadow-like figures" which he said were “too small and deformed to be called the shadows of men".

Kudou said that at this point he bowed his head until it rested on the steering wheel between his hands which had been clutching the wheel all the time. But he was fascinated also and continued to look at the object and had the feeling that he was bound hand and foot.
As he watched he spotted what appeared to be three gasoline drums connected together lengthwise, hovering noiselessly in a blackish-dark-brown silhouette to the left of the lighted object. The lighted object with the windows began to move toward the elongated object, and then Kudou spotted three or four more round, white lighted objects, located to his left and to the right, of the long object. Then the four or five round white objects appeared to be "sucked" into the long object which then began to move into the north, at tremendous speed.

Kudou recalls that Is the object moved away he began to realize his whole body was numb, “just as after we sit for a long time for a yogi practice," and his car radio was emitting "meaningless sounds". His head was aching severely also. Kudou thought that the experience lasted from 11 to 12 minutes although it felt as if it was much longer. He also said that he could not sleep that night after finishing his tour of duty on watch.


Isn't this 1973 Japanese witness testimony eerily similar to that of the two geologists in British Columbia,1965?


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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:17 PM
Okay guys, I'm rather interested in something common I've been reading on multiple sites, but there is no detailed information on this that I can find, tried searching for hours with no luck;

Ancient phenomenon

Just like UFO's, sightings of the underwater equivalent go back to the dawn of civilisation Indeed the cultures of ancient Mesopotamia believed they derived all their learning from such beings who emerged from the sea. In more recent times the phenomenon has produced a steady stream of sightings. Perhaps not so many incidents as sky sightings, but since the oceans are so broad and unpeopled, this is not to be wondered at.

Any help finding more detailed information about this would be much appreciated.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 02:49 AM
reply to post by Majorion

Just look up "Oannes" to find one of the oldest USO reports. They say Oannes came up from out of the sea and started teaching stuff.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 04:14 AM
An interesting USO/UFO case of an object that produced some sort of god awful sound, it was was so eerie, that we thought that maybe it was a fog horn. But... it wasn’t a fog horn... it sounded like a dying animal of some sort.



WT = Witness Testimony
CF = Carl Feindt

WT – And before we got to the triangle1, I was standing a bridge watch, ah, and we in kind of real rough seas at the time. I would say, ah, 10 to 15 foot waves. And a... then all of a sudden we came upon some seas that were just clear as glass, and a... I mean we just came upon it. I mean it was like glass

CF – Good Gravy, yeah
WT – Which we thought was really strange. As we were standing... as I was standing the bridge watch...I was noticing that... the sky was kind of changing colors... it was almost like fireworks, or like signal flares, or something like that. And ah... so immediately the bridge officers came out and was looking to see if there was a... you know, a ship in distress or something of that kind. And we couldn’t figure out what these strange light things were going on. It almost looked like fireworks but they weren’t fireworks.
And ah... so as we continued on, we hit a fog bank. It was just so encased that I couldn’t see... I couldn’t see 10 to 15 feet in front of me. And so at that time we went to... basically General Quarters. And ah... secured all bulkhead doors, and set the fog horn.

CF – That’s wise.
WT – And they started do the fog thing.


The Allagash was in the yards for oh...a couple of months, previous to this cruise. They had all the radar...ah....

CF – Updated?
WT – Updated and repaired. at this time I was switched from the bridge watch to ah...I was put into the bridge and was handling the helm at the time. And the radar man kept on coming in and giving reports that 20 some odd miles ahead of us there was an object that was spotted, and ah ...what was odd about the object... it was 20 miles away, but was like about 20 feet off the water. (Laughter)

CF – Ohhh. Strange ship! Yeah!
WT – So we weren’t too sure what it was. We might have... the bridge officer thought maybe it was like a sailboat and had a radar dome on top of it or something that... that we were only picking up that signal

CF – Just picking up the dome. OK
WT – And so we brought up extra watches at the time. The Allagash, as an AO, an oiler, she was 800 and some odd feet almost 900 feet long. Not the fastest ship in the world or the most ah...

CF – Beautiful?
WT – Beautiful (Laughter) or maneuverable, we really had to watch what we were doing, because we took almost 50 miles to turn around. It was not a very maneuverable ship.

CF – Oh god...
WT – So standing the watch there I said we took in extra watches, set a fo’c’s’le [Nautical term meaning Forecastle –CF-] watch, and we still had our stern... stern watch, but we doubled up on the wings, and up in the crows nest and the fo’c’s’le. Because we weren’t too sure what this thing was that was in front of us, because the only thing we were reading was something about 20 miles ahead of us and 20 feet off the water.

CF – Did it maintain that same distance all the time or did it...
WT – Yes, it maintained it for quite a while. We were pulling oh... about 12 knots I think the Allagash was capable of 17 I think. But anyway, we continued on, and ah... we have...the Allagash had these giant spotlights, arc spotlights, so we started manning those because the object refused to get out of our path, I mean even with our fog horn going and everything, it refused to yield. So we fired up the big spotlights, of course with the fog being as dense as it was, we couldn’t hardly see anything. It was really spooky, and then...I swear to you there was this god awful sound, it was was so eerie, that we thought that maybe it was a fog horn. But... it wasn’t a fog horn... it sounded like a dying animal of some sort. It was just a screech-like sound. So we....we put our spotlights in the general direction the sound was coming from, although at times it sounded like it was coming from all around us. But this object... we were starting to gain on it at this time, so we... we even brought up more bridge crew to... to examine the area to see if we could spot this sail boat or whatever it might be.
And ah...what... [Following text, missing from audiotape, was added by the witness himself in an e-mail to me –CF-] what happen next is the honest to god truth. The spot lights hit this object. It looked like a shinny giant globe hovering above the water. It was directly in our path at our radar bridge height. Before we could sound collision, the thing moved at incredible speed. Like I said, the USS Allagash is almost 900 feet long. This thing went from our bow to our stern in a matter of seconds. The fantail watch was literally running for his life with his head set still about his head with a broken cord dangling. He was white as a ghost. This thing was so close to us that we could see it plainly with our running lights. Within seconds, the thing left our radar scope. The fog cleared and we were running in a moon light night.

During the course of these events, over a hundred crew and officers including the captain witness these evens. The yeoman asked what he should to put into the log book. The captain said, UFO.

Not much was said after this mystery night which was strange in itself. Sailors love to tell their sea stories but this was too much to grasp or understand. I believe that we were all too scared to tell the truth. What would people think about us?
For years, I told this story to my close friends not fully understanding what a hundred crew and officers saw on that foggy night. After seeing the special on underwater UFO’s [History Channel’s “Deep Sea UFOs” which I was in –CF-], it all makes sense now. What I couldn’t understand and also the crew, the object did not fly off the radar screen, it just vanished.
Note 1: Refers to the Bermuda Triangle

The following testimony was done by e-mail, in relation to narrowing down the date.-CF-

I can’t remember the date and time or the precise location of the sighting. Only the memories of the event remain vivid in my mind.
The picture of the refuelling of the Mc Cloy took place in the Med. If memory serves me, we cross the Atlantic Ocean, through the triangle some time before. We also sailed through some other strange areas in the Med. There is more than one triangle in the vastness of our oceans. You have to understand that this happen almost 40 years ago. Not knowing the exact location, the story remains true. I would stake my life on it and would summit to hypnosis to prove the validity of the claim.

I share this story with you not to become famous but to show that there are things happening in the oceans that are beyond definition or logic. This is my first time to share this story with someone other than a friend. I never spoke publicly about this event in my life time. I don’t ask for money, credit or any reward for my testimony. I just want to share the facts about that night, and to put to rest these haunting memories from my past. I am looking for answers and peace knowing that the truth will set us all free.

I served on the “Gash” from October 1968 – 1970. Two long hard years on deck gang until I got my sub school in New London. I wanted to serve on submarines after my eight weeks of boot camp but the Navy already had their quota. Oilier duty is not fun and is dirty and dangerous work. I almost was killed several times during refuelling by exploding span wires. Thanks to a boatman mate tackling me to the deck. I am still walking around without a split personality. . This is kind of funny because I got hazardous duty pay on the USS Pargo SSN 650 and not on the Allagash. I was safer on Nuclear Subs.

I am still trying to put time and places together during this tour of service. During those years, I was refuelling days and nights, scraping paint and standing bridge watch. Then, I would sleep for 10 to 12 hours straight. Time seemed to pass slowly because I was away from home and family for the first time. Plus, my soon to be bride waited for me 6000 miles away. I think you get the picture.

I have been thinking about this UFO all afternoon trying to make sense of it. What is stranger than the UFO itself is the fact that I don’t remember sharing this story with anyone until the past 20 years. My shipmates on the Allagash only talked about it briefly the next day and then it was forgotten quickly. I was very close to my shipmates on the USS Pargo and I never told them about this. Why? This was big! It is like I was suppose to forget?

Thinking back, I remember a red headed Lieutenant on the bridge of the Allagash speaking these exact words “Things happen like this in the triangle all the time”. Was he making reference to the triangle while sailing in the Med or were we really in the triangle. That is the reason why I say that it happen in the triangle. I could be wrong because time events don’t line up. This has been bugging me all week. Why do I remember the event in such detail and not place? Carl, this is weird beyond words. I hope my old ship mates read this article and help clarify this story.

NOTE: If any other member of the crew of this ship remembers this event, please contact me through this website’s “Contact Us” click box, using – AO-97 ALLAGASH – in capital letters, as the subject line. Additional details will be welcomed. Thanks –CF-

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 05:38 AM
Another USO/UFO case with also some fog around the object what seems to produce a sound like a metallic sounding "beep".


Lake Rotorua 1971.

In July 1971, on lake Rotorua, Leah and Robert saw a Saucer. Below is the event recorded a year later by the New Zealand, CAPR organization. Also the pair were interviewed by Dr J Alien Hynek, when he visited New Zealand around that time, around 1971/1972. The interview was conducted at a private residence in Miramar, Wellington.

Dr Hynek was the Worlds leading authority on Aerial Phenomena, UFO's and related paranormal activity. He was hired as an advisor on the film, "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind." He also founded the Centre for UFO studies. (CUFOS) and was a integral part of the US Government top secret 'Project Bluebook' which studied the UFO phenomena.


Although this sighting was made on 3 July 1971, the witnesses did not report it until April this year, when they learnt of CAPR's existence. The witnesses, Leah and Robert, her boyfriend, do not want their names released for fear of ridicule. Both witnesses impressed us as being sincere and emotionally stable. Perhaps the most significant factor in the evaluation of the witnesses reliability is the fact that the witnesses do not claim to have seen an alien spacecraft. In fact, Robert is still sceptical about the spaceship hypothesis. The question which both would like answered is simply "What was it?"

Robert's Report:

We had been to the Saturday night pictures which finished at about 10:30 to 11:00, and as Leah, was fairly new to Rotorua, we went for a drive around the town, and then out to the airport at Rotokawa, we got back to town by about mid-night by the town clock, and stopped for some food to eat at the Lake Front. We drove to the lake-front and parked on memorial drive facing the Queen Elizabeth hospital, i.e. on the lake side of the road, adjacent to the wharf.

The weather was fine, with little wind, but cold, as it is normally at that time of the year. The moon was out and the stars were shining. There was no noticeable cloud. The lake was calm, and could be heard lapping against the water-front wall. About 25 yards out from the wharf the float plane was moored, (the float-plane's a Cessna 172, I think). About 10 yards from the float-plane, a small launch was anchored. The tourist launch "Ngaroto" was berthed at the wharf as usual. At approximately quarter to 2, the last of the cars parked nearby left, leaving us the only car on Memorial drive, or in the area for that matter. We were slumped down in the cars seats talking, when Leah asked me what the noise was?

I hardly had time to reply when we both stared out of the window facing the lake, which I wound down and saw what appeared to be an inverted plate with a small dome on the top. The dome was dark grey, and the base of the saucer appeared to be light-grey to white in colour. There was a fog around the base of the object, therefore I could not tell if it was floating or hovering. Set off-centre on the dome there was a bright red light which rotated clockwise, and seemed most intense when pointed towards the car, at the same time as the light pointed towards the car, a metallic sounding beep rang out, the frequency of both the light and the beep was about once per second.

We sat and looked at it for about 4 minutes while deciding what to do. Then I started the car (a Hillman Minx) and took off at fairly high speed, when we got to the corner, some 25 yards from where we were parked, I could still see the object in my rear vision mirror, but because I had lost my exhaust pipe earlier in the day, we couldn't tell if it was still beeping. The light seemed to be beamed at us all along the Drive. We drove through town past the post office. The clock showed 2:15. We then drove into Tutanekai St. and saw 3 people walking along the road towards the lake. L. asked me to go and have another look at the object, we continued down Tutanekai St. towards the lake, but on arriving where we were originally parked, there was nothing to be seen.

The sighting seemed to be around about 3 to 5 minutes duration. I estimate the size of the object to be about 30 to 40 feet across, at the base, as compared with the wingspan of the plane and about 10 to 15 feet high at its highest point. The dome seemed to be about 2 feet high.
I think that the dome rotated, and the red light was off-centre, as it (the light) seemed to come around from the right to the left, as stated previously in this report, and seemed to disappear behind the craft.
Apart from the dome there were no other irregularities, and the object in my opinion was metallic and solid. During the entire sighting there was no change in colour to the object itself. The object was slightly behind the float plane, and the launch, but in between them. Between 25 and 30 yards out, as compared with the main wharf.

Leah's Report:

The date of the sighting was about the first Sunday in July 1971 [Note: The first Sunday in July of 1971 is the 4th-CF-] and the time, approximately 2:00 - 2:10 am. I was parked by the lakefront on Memorial Drive in Rotorua with my boyfriend. And as we were slouched in our seats, we didn't see the object land or surface from the lake.

I was quite startled to hear a shrill beeping sound and asked Robert what it was. He was just about to reply and I sat up and looked out of my side of the window which Robert had wound down and was facing the lake.

To my surprise I saw a huge dome or half of a saucer shaped object which appeared to be sitting of hovering in between the float plane and a small boat anchored on the lake. I couldn't judge what size it was but it was very large and seemed to be a whitish colour. There was a fog around the base of the object. There was also a red or orange light in top (just like a traffic cops car) and it was flashing in a clockwise direction as far as I can make out and beeping at one second intervals as the light turned towards the car. This sounds quite strange I realise. According to the reports I've heard no-one has ever heard beeping sounds.

However, Robert then tried to start the car and I slid down below the window level. It wouldn't go at first (mainly because he hadn't turned the key on) and then we took off as fast as possible. When we reached the bend about 25 yards away I looked back and the object was still there and I don't know if the beeping sound was still going as the exhaust pipe had fallen off the car that day and it was very noisy.

We then drove quickly into town and it was quite strange because the only other people we could see were two girls and a guy walking along Tuanekai Street. The town was just dead by that time. It was then I told Robert to go back by the lake just out of curiosity and see if it was still there. We mustn't have been more than about three minutes and when we arrived back at the scene there wasn't a thing to be seen. Only the float plane and the boat. The water was very calm and there were absolutely no noises. So we motored back to the nurses home which is in Haupapa Street and sat there for about ¼ hr.
Robert was a bit shaken and so was I for that matter.

Robert's April 1972, sketch of the object.

Notes: Leah recently said that the object was as big as a house. She said that when they met Dr Hynek, he asked them was it a handspan in size to them. She said yes but found it hard to gauge accurately the size. Very big and close. Leah was 19 at the time and Robert was 18.
(Robert in his youth had also chased a metallic disc on his bicycle)

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 06:53 AM
Thread Index of USO-Experiencers who shared in this thread
for Researchers

Infaredman (page 1)
The Undertaker (1)
seagull (2)
avriel (3)
Majorion (8)
Heike (9)

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by Skyfloating

Maybe you're referring to this?

The Story of Oannes

"At first they led a somewhat wretched existence and lived without rule after the manner of beasts. But, in the first year after the flood appeared an animal endowed with human reason, named Oannes, who rose from out of the Erythian Sea, at the point where it borders Babylonia. He had the whole body of a fish, but above his fish's head he had another head which was that of a man, and human feet emerged from beneath his fish's tail. He had a human voice, and an image of him is preserved unto this day. He passed the day in the midst of men without taking food; he taught them the use of letters, sciences and arts of all kinds. He taught them to construct cities, to found temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometrical knowledge. He made them distinguish the seeds of the earth, and showed them how to collect the fruits; in short he instructed them in everything which could tend to soften human manners and humanize their laws. From that time nothing material has been added by way of improvement to his instructions. And when the sun set, this being Oannes, retired again into the sea, for he was amphibious. After this there appeared other animals like Oannes."

reply to post by karl 12

I found another interesting picture karl, check this out;


posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by Majorion

yes, Oannes, the first USOnaut. And, like in many ancient tales, a culture-bearer.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by Majorion

V interesting stuff -I've read that the Sumerian culture was the very first 'invent' such subjects as language,writing,mathematics,law,agriculture,music,art,beer making etc..
yet evidence of these attributes are said to have appeared in the archeological record almost 'fully formed overnight' instead of the gradual,incremental development we see in other cultures.

The Sumerian language is the oldest sophisticated form of writing in existence, and dates from at least 3400 B.C.E.
These early writings, however, are neither crude nor primitive, and no other source as been identified as to where it might have been developed. As Laurence Gardner has said in Genesis of the Grail Kings:
"It appeared in a complete and composite form, as if from another world, in the style known as cuneiform (wedge-shaped).”
“There are now tens of thousands of clay tablets and cylinder-seals containing Sumerian texts describing everything from taxation and administrative records to essays and literature. It is a unique phenomena.”

The most intriguing aspect of the Sumerians is their arrival on the scene with all of the attributes of civilization already formulated in what they termed The Me. These attributes included everything from kingship and priesthood to the arts of love making, kindness, and song, to the crafts of scribes, builders, leather makers, wood and copper workers, to the perceptive ear, giving of judgments, and the making of beer.

The Sumerian culture also included Sumerian Ethics which were a quantum leap above anything known before, and in many ways, definitively superior to modern day morality. An ORME History adds yet more intriguing aspects to this fascinating culture.


The Sumerians were a highly developed culture in terms of agricultural, architectural and artistic production; they created the oldest form of written language and the first formal education system.The civilization of Sumeria sprang up approximately 5,000 years ago located in what is currently known as Iraq.
The Sumerians were a highly developed culture in terms of agricultural, architectural and artistic production; they created the oldest form of written language and the first formal education system.
Occult author Boyd Rice writes, “Sumeria is the oldest civilization known to man. Long before Greece and Rome had attained their golden age, Sumeria was already ancient.
Those in search of the roots of early history often go back to the glory days of the pharaohs of Egypt, yet Egypt too was in its infancy at a time when Sumeria had long been the center of the world.For all intents and purposes, Sumeria seems to have entered the world stage as a high civilization. It wasn’t there, and then suddenly it was – complete with arts, sciences, astronomy, navigation, agriculture and all the complexities of a highly-evolved culture. All of which leaves the modern observer to ponder exactly how such a society could appear out of nowhere and nothing into such a fully realized entity, seemingly instantaneously".
Rice adds, “…ancient Sumeria seems to have leap-frogged over and beyond the baby steps of civilization; a feat never since repeated in the annals of mankind. How did they do it?”


Further info:

Images of the Oanne:

The idea of half fish-half man image is not uncommon in Mesopotamia. This image has passed onto us today in the form of mermen and mermaids. The figure is that of head arms and torso of a man or woman with the lower extremities of that of a fish.

This image existed in the art from Old Babylonian period and continued on for centuries. In the Middle Assyrian periods it does appear that the fish-man was replace temporarily with the lion –centaur. But this was a short-lived downfall, for by the Neo-Assyrian period the fish/man was back popular as ever. This image continued into the Achaemenid and Seleucid Periods.

The Assyrian referred to these creatures as kulullu (fish men) or kuliltu (fish-woman). The fish-men, along with other images such as the scorpion-man or lion-man, form a group of animal human hybrids. These hybrids appear to have some magical purposes in the area of protection. The fish-men have a special relationship with the water god Ea and are know to be one of the creatures of the apsu (abzu).


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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 08:30 AM
Have there been any reports of submarines detecting USOs? They should appear on sonar. Also destroyers in search of subs would pick up radar signals as well.

Most interesting Thread.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by Circle
Have there been any reports of submarines detecting USOs? They should appear on sonar. Also destroyers in search of subs would pick up radar signals as well.

Most interesting Thread.

Useful question. Many of the witness reports or people willing to speak up are from civilians though and civilians are often not submarine owners. As the popularity of mini-subs and private-subs increases I hope we`ll hear more from them.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by Skyfloating

Yesterdays I talked to the young brother of a old friend. He is now doing is military training in the Canadian Navy (don't laugh :lol
as a sonar operator. He never heard of the USO phenomenon, I send him a link to this thread, told him to share with us if he has any insight about this.

Great research everybody, I've look into this thread every morning for the past week before reading the papers.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 12:25 PM
I'll credit this thread for the below case;

Around mid-day on April 27, 1961, Bruno Ghibaudi, a scientific journalist, was driving the highway paralleling the beach at Montesilvano (Pescara), felt a flat tire and pulled his car over and stopped. As he began changing the bad tire, and as he was working at that task, he noticed an unusual metallic-looking disc- shaped flying objectcoming in at a low level over the ocean. It passed overhead, slowed, made a sharp turn towards the north and flew away. (Case 16, Project Blue Book)

Above is the only known photo of the strange, almost organic multi-winged craft Bruno photographed, as depicted in the artwork below from La Domenica del Corriere, April 15 1962. (artist unknown)

Looks more like a life-form than an actual craft, and considering this was in 1962.. honestly, some of these cases are crazier than the movie "The Abyss", which BTW.. is one of the best films of all time.


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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by Majorion

Hey bud -Internos makes some interesting comments about the Ghibaudi photograph in this thread:

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 02:15 PM
In the interrest of serious research, I'll talk to you a little bit about AUV. Those are in no way out of the ordinary, it may be an explanation for some of the more recent sightings. AUV stand for autonomous underwater vehicule. Those are basically underwater drones. There is a few ''out of this world'' models that could account for some sighting. In fact, considering those can be bought, I wonder how far ahead the military is on that. Contrary to ROV, which need a support ship (or could be a support submarine) those are autonomous. There are some models for scientific research, pipeline inspection and harbour security.

General info about AUV:

Pictures of specific models:

On a related subject, there is some pretty strange models of civilian subs also used in the industry.

General history of the Submarine

pictures of early subs

pictures of civilian subs

Even the drug smuglers are using some ... and they would talk much about it I think.

This is a great thread, and, while I am always a bit skeptic about the subject, if only one of those event cannot be properly explained it merit more research into the subject.

I've yet to find a working model that can get out of the water and fly ! Maybe the military has those.

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 03:46 PM
Info on Flying submarine :

‘’The Soviet Union tried to develop a flying submarine during World War II. The design could have operated at 150 knots in the air and 3 knots in the water. Metal plates sealed the engines shut. The design never got off the drawing board.[1]’’
From :

Picture of the flying Russian submarine and others

History channel recently broadcast a show about the Russian subs, I wish I had cable TV

On the same video channel on YT there looks to be more models of flying subs

Prototype of flying drone currently devellopped by Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works for DARPA

An another article about DARPA’s bid to build a flying submarine

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 05:50 PM

Originally posted by Circle
Have there been any reports of submarines detecting USOs?

There are quite a few submarine USO reports to be found on this thread but I've always found this interview taken by Jaques Vallee very interesting:

"Many officers were skeptical, but the reports were hard to deny. They were carefully recorded. On October 7, 1977, a submarine repair ship called the Volga was at sea when nine disk-shaped objects circled it. This lasted eighteen minutes. And all the time the radio, the on‑board communications systems, all the electronic equipment went berserk. The commander, Captain Tarantin, ordered his men: 'I want you to observe this carefully and to remember it! I want you to take pictures and to draw it, so that when we return to the Soviet Union no one will be able to say that your captain was drunk or crazy!'"

"Were such reports made public?"

Azhazha shook his head no. "At the time, naturally, they were classified top secret. Now we have a more open attitude in this country. We are able to talk about such things. On a few rare occasions I did publish some UFO information, but I paid for it under Leonid Brezhnev. The official reaction was very harsh, very negative. My career suffered as a result, and the directorship of a scientific group was taken away from me."


Humanoid USO Report - Puerto Rico:

On the 30th of November of 1979, around 8 PM, Mr. Radames Torres was watching television with his wife in his beach house in EL COMBATE in the coastal sector of the town of CABO ROJO, when his wife observed towards the ocean a bright light a little smaller than the full moon, more or less the size of a street light. This light was, according to her statement about 100 feet above sea level and approximately 300 yards from their location.
After approximately 15 minutes the light diminished its brilliance, until it extinguished completely. Soon after it regained its brilliance and was lit for a few minutes. When the light returned it seemed to have many different colors and they noticed cloud like formations or smoke surrounding it.
The light remained in this manner, suspended in space for about 20 minutes and then dropped slowly towards the ocean surface. When it reached the ocean surface it began to blink on and off.

About 15 minutes later, according to Mr. Torres, ”a very bright light appeared and it filled the house interior, and it was the reason why my wife covered her face. Something peculiar that was noticed by the witness was the gases or clouds that they saw when the light hovered over the ocean surface, were also surrounding it, when the light invaded the beach house.

At this point the witness’ wife rose from the place that she was seated and ran outside to see the source of this light.
Once outside she saw a shinning center that originated from a platform that was approaching the beach house. This platform was approximately 8 feet by 5 feet and was of solid construction. It was about 150 feet from the beach house.
Of greater astonishment for Mr. Torres was to see on the surface of this platform a small man, about four feet tall, he was dressed in a very tight suit silvery white in color and covered his body completely.
It wore a helmet, so the witness could not see clearly any details of his features. According to Mr. Torres wife the “humanoid” wore boots and gloves.
One detail that we do not want to forget is the fact that the witnesses used binoculars to observe the light as well as the creature on the platform.

This “ship” kept approaching the beach but at no given time there was any noise from motors or oars that could be used for its propulsion. Its speed was of approximately 5 or 10 miles per hour. Seeing all this, Mr. Torres exclaimed “look Rita, it is one of those flying saucers that everyone speaks about”
It appears, according to the opinion of the witnesses, that this demonstration of emotion caused the humanoid to turn, changing direction and return. Also at this time the light that was next to the ship, extinguished itself. The witnesses noted that at the same time that this light turned itself off, the other light that hovered over the sea at 300 yards began to blink on and off again. When the platform or ship was going back, it turned on the light again and illuminated a shed that the local fishermen used for scaling fish and also shined on the water surface. Finally, the platform went towards the object that was about 300 yards from the beach.
At this point the witnesses returned to their beach house without noticing how long the unknown object remained in the water.


1. When interviewing Mr. Torres we understood that he was a serious person, not capable of inventing such tale. In addition to that, his neighbors affirmed to know him well and gave testimony as per the manner in which this family conducted them selves.

2. We could note that part of the object’s description is similar to that of an object investigated by C.R.E.O. Inc. This object appeared in the bay of Mayaguez on September 13th, 1977.

3. The versions of the individuals (Mr. and Mrs. Torres were taken separately, and all the data coincide with the exception of small, insignificant details.

4. We visited the area and established the fact that this is a region where the presence of the UFO phenomenon is greater than the rest of the island. Also we interrogated witnesses of other incidents similar to this one.


Unknown object emerges from the sea - Puerto Rico:

Sighting Description: One night in May of 1978, around 10:00 P.M., Manuel Cancel, his two children and a friend, residents of Mayagüez, observed an enigmatic object of large dimensions and elongated form, leaving the sea in the area of Punta Arenas, between Mayagüez and Cabo Rojo.
The object emerged about one half of a mile from the shore. Two smaller oval objects emerged from this object and left at great velocity in direction to Hormigueros.


Actor Pedro Juan Figueroa witnessess UFOs entering the sea - Puerto Rico:

"We all were serious people and truly impressed with what we saw... We went up to the forested area and way up top we found a plateau in one of the mountains of El Yunque where we had enough visibility, mainly to the east.
About one or one fifteen in the morning our attention was called to five luminous objects that were standing next to each other in a formation that seemed to be organized in a very intelligent fashion.
Standing... Suspended in the air. And there they were… therefore I would tell you that they were not so far from the coast, but one could see that they were on the sea and they were stationary.
Those 5 objects stayed there for some 20 to 25 minutes, without movement… and they neither enlarged nor diminished in size, which means that they were in the same position, at the same distance.
They were like 5 lights put there in a quite fixed form. They were there some 20 minutes approximately, and after those 20 minutes each one of them was entering towards… what it seemed to us... the sea.
It gave us the impression that they entered the sea.
It was as if they were diving at an angle of 45 degrees, and in that same position they entered the sea one by one.


UFO in sea? - Puerto Rico:

Two days later, in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, various witnesses observed on the bay a “fire ball” and notified the authorities thinking it was an airplane crash. The coast guard services dispatched, that same evening, two airplanes and a reconnaissance helicopter, but the search
did not discover anything unusual.
A lost airplane was never reported in the area.


More unknowns go into sea - Puerto Rico.

On September 20, the farmer Rafael Monje Solís, proprietor of the farm Juan Martín, in Luquillo, reported to the Police that same afternoon, that at 3:30, he saw an "airplane that was traveling in the direction of north to south and that was flying at low height, that suddenly crashed into the sea in flames, at about three miles between Luquillo and the lighthouse of Fajardo".
During two days, the Coast Guard searched all the area for the remains of the accident reported without obtaining positive results. In turn, the Federal Agency of Aviation (FAA) reported on the 21st that "it had not received notification of any missing or lost airplane ". The case finally was filed without explanation.

The reader will remember that other similar cases have been reported in Puerto Rico through the years. It may be recalled, for example, "the airplane wrapped in flames" fallen in the bay of Aguadilla the 14 of November of 1970.
That these cases are airplanes is a very remote possibility, since in none of them, missing airplanes were reported. It forces us to think about the possibility of meteors or bolides, although the behavior of the objects seen, do not necessarily agree with that of these natural phenomena. Therefore, we should not rule out that perhaps we are up against UFOs entering the sea, a type of case reported in several latitudes.

I think I know where I'm going on my holidays this year

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by grandnic
He is now doing is military training in the Canadian Navy as a sonar operator

Thanks for letting him in on it.. That way we`ll have someone "on location" to be aware of the possibility.

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