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I just don't get it.

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 06:40 AM

If I just briefly explain: I found ATS whilst looking for discussions about advanced weapons tech and UFO's, but very quickly found myself sidetracked into the political and NWO threads, which I guess is unsurprising given that I arrived here just as the race for the White House started in earnest.

Many people refer to the NWO and the pinciple that this hidden cabal are putting in place plans to keep all our money and cull the population. (Paraphrasing rather drastically).

My question is: why? It doesn't make sense to me. The idea of becoming richer than Solomon, yes, I get that... but hidden death camps? Trying to start civil war in the US, formenting terror to lead to WW3? What does that acheive?

What is the end game? One person with the whole planet's wealth and resource with no-one to lord it over?

I'm far from stupid, but please, could someone explain this in simple terms, because - I've got to be honest - this NWO agenda doesn't sound too clever to me.



posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 07:51 AM
Have you never craved power and wealth? For those that do, the power and wealth corrupts and becomes the reason, and the only reason to live, for those concerned.

By engineering financial collapses and wars, they grab more and more of the world’s resources and wealth. They believe that the world population is too great, and that it needs to be culled, hence the death camps (if they exist) and other programmes as well.

By controlling the population they achieve their agenda of becoming wealthier and more powerful, and they have been operating for several hundreds of years. Their roots and tentacles extend to all parts of the globe and we are all adversely affected by them.

They understand fear, but not love, so that is how they rule; by fear. They are the power behind many governments, whose elected leaders are little more than puppets, as they bow to their masters. The world price of gold is set by a handful of people in a room in London, is that democracy?

If you vote the politicians out of power, you get more politicians in the thrall of the Illuminati, and the same applies to many other walks of life. Our societies are covered by a thin veneer of supposed reality, supported by the mainstream media, who are also in on the game; but once you begin to look behind the scenes, you see what a pile of rotting ordure our societies are.

History has yet to test President Obama, and whilst many people hope that there will be many changes for the better, assuming he is a genuine new broom, the times ahead won’t be easy for him, or us.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by ItstheShizzle

I don't get it either....

here's my horrible video showing how much I don't get it.

George Noory apparently claims to get it....

According to the radio commercial for his show they keep re-running in an attempt to brainwash me, Noory said, "It's all about population control". The less people, the easier it is to control them, I guess that's the jist.

I don't agree, I've never been a big NWO fan... of course it will come, but it will be with the reign of Christ, he will run the world and it'll actually be a paradise with a non-corrupt government for once.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 08:54 AM
Much of "it" that you don't get, may be a function of what you don't see.

Many people claim to 'get' that elusive 'it' in regards to the notion of a goal of global governance by a select intellectual elite.

There is a huge chasm between what some term the NWO and reality. Many are either unwilling or disinclined to research the matter; especially since it fails to satisfy their apparent desire for easy answers and quick instantaneous understanding.

If I may be so bold, I would request you to respond in this thread that you want to know why some choose to pursue this ephemeral and elusive line of reasoning that (in my opinion) suggests the potentiality of such a thing as the whole NWO and all it's accompanying evils. I will answer as concisely as I can (even though I'm nowhere near a level of 'expert' in the matter).

The reason I make the request is because I have no inclination to discuss how illogical it is in light of what social and political indoctrinations we receive from our media and government and educational institutions. THAT is another thin entirely. I accept the theory as a theory, and will not suffer the inane pablum the social order feeds us to render such theories as 'socially unacceptable'.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by ItstheShizzle

Trust me, it only starts making sense way down the rabbit hole. By sense I mean that which can make sense to a sadistic, power hungry control freak. These people are very sick, but very powerful. They seek control of a perfect world that only they may decide the definition of perfect. They set out long ago to destroy free will, religion and sovereignty while enslaving, impoverishing and suppressing mankind's right to happiness. To own, rule and dictate everything and everyone and create a world that's perfect in their eyes.

I personally believe they are desperately afraid that we the masses might wake up one day and realize we are all equally powerful and need not be ruled at all. I also believe they hold the ancient secrets and knowledge that keep us dependent and suppressed. We are likely far behind are would be development due to that suppressed knowledge? The mystery of life that has us clueless to its meaning might have been ours to know from the start? Kept from us by frightened little rich men devoid of the fortitude needed to compete fairly. Undoubtedly clear that success would be impossible without the aid of an insurmountable advantage. Such spineless cowards care nothing for mankind or whether or not they've denied what our lives were meant to be?

Basically, weak little men, possessed by evil, trading long lasting happiness for a chance to be powerful. It can only be power, they have all the money already.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 09:10 AM
First of all take anything NWO with a pinch of salt,New world order is a very old phrase that can mean a thousand things to different people.The elites of the world like control,thats what they doesnt really exist,and they print the stuff so its not about that...resources? yes when some of these families ie the rothschilds have been around for three centuries they have all the resources they need...power,thats what they want...not the power to buy people,or get rid of people,but absolute control of everyone on the planet,they already do to a large extent,but they want more more more.Absolute power corrupts absolutely,these people have a mindset hard to fathom to the average joe.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by ItstheShizzle

Ok here goes...

The cold war supposedly ended just 20 years ago.

Russia is going to need a little more time before we start sticking
military installations on their doorstep.

Also by not letting them inspect the facilities it sent a bad message
as well if they are truly only for defensive methods.

Some ppl say timing is everything, right now with all the former
soviet states declaring independence it is not a good time to
tweak the bear that is feeling cornered.

We agreed with Russia NOT to stick these missile shield components
in former Warsaw pact countries, we did that and more, we are planning
to stick them in former Soviet Bloc countries.

I served in the US forces, had beer with Russians in Toulon France,
and they are human beings just like the rest of us.

Leaders on both sides do questionable things, but when it comes
down to it we could park defensive missiles further from Russia
and still achieve our rogue islamic missile goal.

If Ukraine goes into NATO and they start the missile shield radar or
even worse some of the missiles it will not sit very well with moscow.

Top Russian General says Russia is now on poilcy of preemptive Nuclear Strike

Russian warns it could strike poland over US missile shield

Russia tells Ukraine to stay out of NATO

The top brass in Russia have made this abundantly clear.

The primary delivery method will be this:

Stealth Nuclear Cruise Missile with 5,000km range

They have these on their ships, planes, and subs in different
numerical designators.

The "known" stealth features are listed in paragraph # 5.

They have been preparing for a worst case scenario.

Yamantau - Nuclear Bunker for 60,000+ in Russia

Even during the economic hard times this thing has been rushed
to completion.

To deny their posture is blind at best, intentional global reset at worst.

The Georgia Guidestones - calling for 6.2 billion dead

This falls right in line with many books put out by followers of the
Club of Rome and Committee of 300 with their words of ....
"carrying capacity" ... You can find some of these thoughts
in books like "limits to growth", etc etc.

The committee of 300 conspiracy

Club of Rome linked to Bilderberg

One of their followers had the cojones to carve it in stone and stick
it on a hill for all to see, 6.2 billion need to get off their ride...

Ppl think their leaders are good christian ppl, but I find it hard to believe
that good Christain ppl would participate in this:

Cremation of Care ceremony - mock human sacrifice performed by world leaders

They admit to this, and say it is just a bit of fun, and took the time
to use a humans voice crying out in anguish at the time of the
mock human sacrifice.

We all know they are lying to us, it is just hard to believe the extent of it.

If you can, read "Confessions of an Economic Hitman".

I am ready, and everyone needs to be...don't resist, just get ready
to hide VERY well and underground.

I take no joy in delivering the message, but I think everyone needs
to know about it.

Good Luck to you all !

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 09:41 AM
I'll help you understand.

Imagine you had enough money to do whatever you want. So you buy an island and start a new society with complete freedom. Everything is grand until all of a sudden you notice that at the current rate of reproduction your island will not be able to feed itself.

What do you do?
- You can start kicking people out
- You can start systematically killing the people of the island that don't really add to its wonder
- You can start controlling the birth rates
- You can start importing foods

Uh oh, now there's trouble in River City.
- Kicking people out reqires a governing body to make that decision and not one person being forced to leave will make everyone happy.
- Killing people, no one is gonna like that on your island of freedom
- Population Control... nope
- Importing foods, well now your island isn't totally self reliant and is less free. For anyone questioning that, you now are receiving goods from an outside source and if you do something to make them stop shipping it to you then people die
(that is just one example but you can apply this method to about any NWO plan)
For the sake of being short, when you have absolute power not constrained by cost you can leave well enough alone for a long time. Oh here and there you may have to do something to slow things down or speed things up depending on what those "things" are. But eventually, you are going to have to turn yourself over to a "for the sake of survival I can't care about every single soul aboard" mentality. Every single person on this message board has probably pictured buying an island and making the perfect society, but the truth of the matter is, eventually things will destroy themselves.
So to "understand" the plans of the NWO is actually quite easy, Basically, they bought an island (earth) and made a society and left it alone for the most part for as long as they could stand it.
We have reached the point now where they just don't care about "every soul aboard". They can't.
Now, don't think for one second that there isn't some evil hidden in there. There are people in this world that get off on the suffering of others, they are missing something inside, something is broken. But to be honest, those are the only types of people who could make the decisions being made and not close in on themselves and die from the inside.
I simplified the idea so that you could see why we have reached the point we are at today.
If you are a christian person you can take solice in the idea that Jesus Christ will return and rule for a 1000 years but when you are all psyched up about that remember the rest of the story. After 1000 years satan is released to tempt men again... sounds to me like even a perfect society only lasts about 1000 years. And there is no time frame applied to that re-releasing, will he be release for 1 rotation of the earth (a day), maybe one trip around the sun (a year) or maybe one trip through an age (about 26,000 years).

So lets zip this all up shall we? Societies crumble no matter who is in charge (apparently even Jesus). Those powers behind the powers (PBP) are not stupid... they see this so they implimented long term plans to try to head this stuff off knowing full well it would lead to evil actions. Those evil plans are either being used now or about to be for one reason, so that the PBP will carry on. Look, we can call it evil, because it is plain and simple, but at no point in the past or the future have we had or will we have a choice of going through what we are and are about to go through.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 09:45 AM
You might want to views Alex Jones’ video concerning this issue. It is easy to find by way of Google or YouTube. The name of the video is “End Game.”

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 09:52 AM

Originally posted by ItstheShizzle

My question is: why? It doesn't make sense to me. The idea of becoming richer than Solomon, yes, I get that... but hidden death camps? Trying to start civil war in the US, formenting terror to lead to WW3? What does that acheive?

What was that quote from the Dark Knight? "Some people just want to watch the world burn".

You have to understand, the real puppet-masters absolutely hate humans with a hatred that you cannot even begin to conceive, let alone imagine.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 02:05 PM
Actually, it's not so much about money as it is about gathering and controlling resources.

The PTB have access to better information that the general public, they are well aware that resources are now dwindling. In order for them to insure an ever-growing amount of resources coming their way, they have to eliminate competition.

That's why there are very difficult and expensive ways for corporations to shield their income. It keeps others from doing the same.

If countries collapse, it ensures that there is more oil for their own industry. If people die, that ensures the continued survival of their own offspring.

It's all about reducing competition, whether for oil, food, land, water, privilege, etc.

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by ItstheShizzle

In light of obvious strides towards socialization, and a nagging suspicion with respect to Mr. Obama; intelligent, gracious, charismatic, but under-experienced (great orators make equally great front-men), I got the nudge to revisit a 1971 book by former congressman Gary Allen.

An ATS site-search turned-up a few previous references...but here's a link to None Dare Call It Conspiracy online.

If you and your clique wanted control over the United States, it would be impossible to take over every city hall, county seat and state house. You would want all power vested at the apex of the executive branch of the federal government; then you would have only to control one man to control the whole shebang. If you wanted to control the nation's manufacturing, commerce, finance, transportation and natural resources, you would need only to control the apex, the power pinnacle, of an all-powerful SOCIALIST government....

....If one understands that socialism is not a share-the Wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite. The plan of the conspirator Insiders then is to socialize the United States, not to Communize it.

I am admittedly weak on the "Illuminati" aspect, but if the "spooks" ever appear on my doorstep, invade my email account, or poison my computer, it will be as a result of this singular post. A risk I am willing to accept if just a handful of ATS-ers take the time to review Mr. Allen' research.

Related material: G. Edward Griffin interviews Norman Dodd

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:38 PM
Wow, I wish I'd kept my mouth shut now. Thanks for the replies. I'll try and give my tuppence to them all in one hit. I'm not being flippant or snide anywhere; I've got my own theories about this, and want to see what people who in general are better attuned to it all think before I elaborate.

Razimus: video made me laugh. Heh.

Tallsorts: Yes, I crave wealth, if only so I don't have to justify my book budget to my wife. I understand absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that keeping populations suppressed and never sure which way to sail is ably demonstrated in the tri-war and endless shortages in Orwell's 1984. But to my mind, if the world population is too great and in need of a cull, would it not make sense to depopulate the vast swathes of land full of little resource and underfed people first, the ones that offer least to the ante? The African nations the first world keeps pumping finances into, the food and medical aid?

Maxmars: Yes, indeed, I would love to know why people - if I understand you correctly - want to feel there is a NWO but don't want to dig too deep. If I'm not understanding you correctly, I know I said I'm smart, but dumb it down for me, please.

Zerbst: Oh, boy. You've described a cancerous Utopia. I fully understand the angle, but can I ask: if we need not be ruled at all, how would justice and equality be delivered, if at all?

Solomons: Yes, now that I can accept. My question though, is 'what is power worth if none of what you control matters to you?'

Ex_Misltech: I have a BA in Russian and Soviet Studies and a military background. While I've been warning people to keep watching Russia since, well, since the end of the cold war, I also accept that the average Russian soldier is no different to you or I, but at the same time, I have been face to face with Russian troops not so keen to engage in friendly post-Cold War debate. Some articles here were new to me - I'll look into the Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome, thank you.

Discernment: I like the analogy; thank you. What you seem to be suggesting is a 'wipe the slate clean / Great Flood' type of mentality...? Where is the essence of power after the event? Isn't power an emotional thing to people? The power to depopulate billions, yeah, that strikes me as a very real thing. But after, there's the rebuilding... and that's where it cloys for me. Sorry.

NightSkyeB4Dawn: Will check out the video. Thanks!

sir_chancealot: Heh. Batman... my favourite vigilante. If this NWO despise people that much, and they have absolute power, I can't accept that we haven't all already been destroyed. The means to do so has been there for decades. But yes, some people delight in the prospect of the End.

VelmaLu: Dog eat dog, huh? Wouldn't the competition be other members of this cabal, rather than the pawns? Decapitate opposing factions and take over or redistribute the 'wealth'?

Thanks again for everyone's input. Like I said, I'm not bering flippant or trolling, I have a genuine interest in this issue. I'm sorry if replying to all posts in the way I have isn't the way things should be done here, but I guess a mod will pick it out if not.


posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 06:12 PM
I wonder if the chemicals in a car battery can understand why they are being forced to react?

Probably not.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

The whole world... is a giant battery. The only force of this Earth great enough to DISMANTLE the components... are heavily manipulated into being its primary driver.

The world elite may just be seeking greater power and control of resources for themselves, but they are probably diluted as to the real agenda perhaps as much as the average joe, just on a different level.

I don't fear what I am capable of seeing. I fear the unseen and as-yet-unaccounted for force which lies just behind the veil of our superficial reality.

The reason it doesn't really make sense is because most people aren't thinking wide enough. Why humanity would knowingly teeter themselves so close to the edge of a cliff on a windy day even for all the power and resources in the world is something you can't just answer with a conventional explanation about crooks and murderers committing crimes against humanity in secret... because for them to enjoy their world domination, there has to be a world to dominate. Their plan of near annihilation and post apocalyptic rejuvenation is absolutely suicidal, and is completely illogical to the achieval of their goals.

Are the elite even aware of what they are a part of?

I don't know if they are.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by dunwichwitch

Hooray for SWFQW! I'm of the opinion that it needs revised, however - it parallels modeling of economic flow as similar to electrical flow in circuits, and hypothesizes an advanced, covert 'control system' of economic regulation based on the mathematical application of those parallels.

I think that information, and specifically, propaganda, public opinion, and political / social motivation to action, can be similarly modeled. Wouldn't that be interesting, if one could mathematically control the forces of opinion and outrage in society, with just a nudge here and there?

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 07:07 PM

down for me, please.

Zerbst: Oh, boy. You've described a cancerous Utopia. I fully understand the angle, but can I ask: if we need not be ruled at all, how would justice and equality be delivered, if at all?

If we are to truly evolve, my hope is that all conspiring evils and their secrecy would be totally abolished. Not that we would live without some forms of evil, just not the current all powerful type capable of our annihilation. What I would like to see is a collective agreement towards a peaceful, non intrusive form of ideology that is semi self governing.

I see it as a more personal type of oversight more like how a family or neighborhood looks out for one another. We are headed in an opposite direction to this where leadership today wants to rule everyone under a single, much too standardized ideology that simply cannot serve the Earths vast multicultural societies adequately. This is what I mean by ruled. Their motives are selfish and their concern is of efficiency rather than welfare. They want control when people need care. I know this sounds like a dream, but I believe it is how things could have been? Who knows?

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 11:33 AM
Thanks for the compliment on the Analogy. "Wipe the slate clean" is implied in what I wrote but the method of obtaining that clean slate is a little deeper than what I thought you were looking for. Not to mention the "methods" is where the theories really take off. My analogy was to give some understanding to the initial mind set that on its own (with no particular evil) will evolve into many of the same things we see happening today.
Now I will address your statement in your reply. Basically you questioned why have all-power over nothing or potentially even destroy yourself as well as "the useless eaters" as an elitest once said. Not to sound like I am giving praise to these people but you must acknowledge the paitence and planning these people have expressed. From the analogy i used above its very easy to see that a civilization WILL at some point fall and no one ever has been able to stop it. So if you except that, then you must plan the fall or FOR the fall. I think we are seeing a combination of both. And remember, we are not just talking about the things leading up to the fall, but the day of and days after as well. Consider these terms and if you are unfamiliar with them do a google search and you will be enlightened.
1) Continuity of Government
2) Underground Military Bases/safe houses
3) Doomsday seed vault
4) Georgia Guide Stones
That is only 4, but IMHO they are a good place to start for this topic. I'll quickly go through each one and how they relate.
1) This is a plan to make sure the governing body even the shadow government remain in some form during and after a fall.
2) These will be used to survive and out last the dark days if they come. Cheney went to one on 911. Most likely they will be used to "save" as many of the "worthy" population as well. Think of the movie Deep Impact.
3)Now rather its some global catastrophe or GM terminator seeds infecting the whole world this is also necassary. This project was funded by elitist.
4)These are the new 10 commandments. More than 10 though. People like to view these as a plan, but they are not. Imagine a future people finding these. they will be easy to decipher b/c they have 8 languages all saying the same thing. They are built to help watch the star movements and even the 1st rule is a pretty good idea if the world population is mostly wiped out. Maybe not the whole world pop. below 500 mill, but maybe each continents instead.
So in closing: If you know that a (world) civilization must fall and you plan for it, you're gonna be doing some weird stuff all over the place. And if for some reason you get spiritual apocalypses caught up in that as well then we're are pretty much getting the pieces set for a global cluster*k.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by ItstheShizzle
Maxmars: Yes, indeed, I would love to know why people - if I understand you correctly - want to feel there is a NWO but don't want to dig too deep. If I'm not understanding you correctly, I know I said I'm smart, but dumb it down for me, please.

I assure you, I'm not that smart either. But I will gladly share with you what little I have been exposed to. Some of this is certainly in contention because of historical sources that are rejected or refuted by skeptics; and I respect them for it, because it is so very easy for people to simply believe that which they feel 'fits' into the image they create in their understanding.

This NWO story originates way back. It isn't just a "Neocon" thing, or a political party thing, it may even transcend the nature of an "ideology" thing. If you really want to see the root of this 'concept' that people are so anxious about, you have to understand where the core of the idea began.

Oddly, the 'story' accompanying the specter of the NWO goes all the way back to the 17th Century.

This could be quite a lengthy post, so I will beg your indulgence if it gets too drawn out. Most people seem to get impatient with the back story - but I feel it is essential to examine it.

Perhaps a good reference point would be the Latin phrase "Novus Ordo Seclorum" and "Annuit Copetis", which can be found on the reverse of the U.S. one-dollar Federal Reserve Note, along with some suggestive illustrations which contain symbols that many believe to be of Masonic origin. (As with many Masonic illustrations, they can be traced back far beyond the order deep into the historical writings of the technical 'science' and 'trade skills' of our collective ancient past.)

It appears to have come to pass that as European societies evolved and grew, leadership went through various stages of growth. Leadership, was at first something to be seized by the mighty, strong-willed, or well-armed, and increasingly less frequently the very wise. Leaders became obsessed with the continuity of their dominion, even in the posterity of their lives.

In parallel with this evolution, came the issue of the portability of goods, and trade. Many are quite familiar with the Rotschild legend; much of it allegorical, although there is documentation which at least provides testimony to the cleverness of their enterprise. Remember that word; "enterprise" for it is going to surface again.

These two factors, Leadership and Trade, are at the roots of the NWO 'conspiracy' for lack of a more recognizable label.

As appears natural for humankind, those burdened with leadership are offered defferance and benefits to offset the increased responsibilities and perhaps as a 'reward' for the general benefit their endeavors provide to those who are led. Thus began the sense of entitlement and grandeur that leaders, over time, felt was their 'due'. The creation or institution of 'classes' of society were soon to follow. Essentially there were those who mattered, and those who mattered 'less.'

As groups of individuals with 'more' resources, be they intellectual, spiritual, or material began to ensure the 'continuity' of their position became more organized, I suspect it became clear that some people had to be actively excluded. We are, in this day and age, at a point where we are recognizing more and more that talent, drive, and gifts or personal merit are not doled out exclusively to certain bloodlines; and that the opposite, base, cruel, selfish and inhuman attributes are as likely to appear in the elite as they are in the 'non-elite.' But there was a time in which the value of one's heritage took precedence over all other measures. For example; Mr. Rhodes, (of 'scholar' and 'Rhodesia' fame) was a proselytizer of the notion that the nature of humanity was to be led by those who are divinely chosen to lead (namely, himself and his students). Other elite personages agreed wholeheartedly, as could have been expected. But even before then, royal lineages were raised above all others, even to the point of worship.

Since the materialism of men is easily stoked by worldly comforts and leisure, those prominent position or inordinately successful in business, easily infiltrated the ranks of the elite, who share the same weakness and vices as all men do. The love of money, being the root of this evil, made it a simple and straightforward way to infiltrate the ranks of the elite, often allowing one to essentially redefine their class as 'elite', simply by virtue of wealth. So it was that those who knew how to manipulate wealth and influence power became the peers of the elite; and eventually some contend - their masters. By using their trade and financial control, they made themselves equals among the exclusionists.

Since pre-colonial times (and earlier still), Europe was the birthplace of many 'societies' or 'orders' of like-minded people. The process of institutionalization meant creating a charter; officially recognized by the soverign state, legitimizing the order or society as an entity unto itself. Certain groups were of such prestige and elite membership, that it was considered a high honor to be counted among them, and many elites and royals became members. The Rhodes group was a good example of a society of exclusively elite membership.

Out of this scenario rises the Bavarian Illuminati, the Masonic orders, and many more. Now it is speculative to assume that any one order was above or somehow dominant over another; I leave that to their members to work out. But the Bavarian Illuminati was charted (if I understand correctly) in 1776. Also, once again subject to verification, the financial community was intimately positioned within the organization, using its vast financial reach to empower its leadership far beyond the pale of a simple 'club.'

I can't say that I know how; but it seems that 'continuity' became the impetus for a plan. A plan where the elite could carry out absolute dominion over worldly affairs; while insulating the controllers from the consequences of their 'policy' decisions. Many say that our dollar bill is an advertisement of the hubris of this agenda.

It is difficult to argue that the Latin phrase "Novus Ordo Seclorum" does not translate into New World Order; or that "Annuit Coeptis" does not translate into "Our Enterprise is crowned with success." While many will contend that the Dollar note's reference to 1776 relates directly to the establishment of the United States of America, it is more than coincidental that it is also the birth year of the official charter of the 'secret' order which coined the phrases "Novus Ordo Seclorum" and "Annuit Coeptis." These were NOT Freemason phrases. Also, the Pyramid of Cheops (the one with no top) seems to be the one on the Dollar as well; and the Eye of Horus; both commonly associated with the Illuminati.

But what of the fact that it is on our money? Why does the Federal Reserve use this symbolism anyway? Certainly not tradition? These phrases appeared on the dollar AFTER the successful introduction of the Central Banking System into the Unites States economic landscape. Presidents fought against it, representatives railed against it. It was mistakenly associated with one religion or one people to try and foment hatred of it - which was a tragic mistake made by small-minded ideologues. It seems that this NEW WORLD ORDER is somehow associated intimately with three great players in our world. Finance, Politics, and Diplomacy. None of which inspire confidence to my mind.

I'm tired and can't contribute further for the moment. I'm sure someone will be willing to debunk my understanding thus far... hopefully fueling this excellent thread a but more. Given enough time and interest, I will return to add to this little dialogue, maybe someone can correct my missteps in reconstructing this 'story'. Until then.

Be well.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 06:00 PM

Originally posted by Discernment
I will address your statement in your reply. Basically you questioned why have all-power over nothing or potentially even destroy yourself as well as "the useless eaters" as an elitest once said. ... you must acknowledge the paitence and planning these people have expressed.

I know others think that this is the continuation of an old, ancient tradition, only now reaching fulfilment, but the means for this society to fall, short of pandemic, geological or celestial reasons, has only been plausibly in the last 60 years, surely?

It wouldn't have taken a genius to have reflected on the previous 2 world wars and most notably how the Pacific theatre came to an end, to then start planning for surviving the potential WWIII, so the fingers then would point at the richest and most influential people of the era...?

From the analogy i used above its very easy to see that a civilization WILL at some point fall and no one ever has been able to stop it. So if you except that, then you must plan the fall or FOR the fall. I think we are seeing a combination of both.

Okay. Seems to me the logical path would be the natural insinct: to survive.

1) Continuity of Government
2) Underground Military Bases/safe houses
3) Doomsday seed vault
4) Georgia Guide Stones

The first two I have a relatively good awareness of, at least as far as I was told, I guess, and the seed bank is a common sense idea, whoever funded it. The Georgia Guide stones, though; they're pretty interesting...

4)These are the new 10 commandments. More than 10 though. People like to view these as a plan, but they are not. Imagine a future people finding these. they will be easy to decipher b/c they have 8 languages all saying the same thing. They are built to help watch the star movements and even the 1st rule is a pretty good idea if the world population is mostly wiped out. Maybe not the whole world pop. below 500 mill, but maybe each continents instead.

Thanks for this - and to the others who've replied. I quess I'll be thinking about this during my downtime at work tomorrow.

Bit of a spiders web, isn't it?


posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 07:21 PM
It seems pretty straightforward to me. Do we really have a choice in the matter? Not really. We, as a species, are going to have to integrate economically, politically, and culturally. It isn't so bad, really. In fact, you would hardly notice it unless you were an American who notices that his standard of living is declining or a Mexican noticing that his standard of living is improving. The "powers that be" are doing what they can, as it becomes politically viable, to integrate laws and normalize commerce across national borders.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of people who are driven by curiosity, pathology, or more substantial motivation to detect and destroy anything that threatens the status quo. This is ancient news to psychologists, and so the dreaded NWO and other nefarious entities are dreamed up as, essentially, chew toys for the masses. Take a look at all of the activity the subject inspires on this website alone. If there were no fantasy enemy to attack, all of these people would hone in on real targets in the real world. ATS is a pacifier; a way to nullify any real threat to any actual agenda. Also, the fantasy NWO and its aims are so cartoonishly evil that the real evil in this world, which is often more insidious and hard to detect, looks practically benign in comparison.

In other words, if there were no NWO, the powers that be would have to dream one up. Which, um, they did.

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