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Window of Opportunity

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posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 11:30 PM
What a pile of nonsense in this thread! You people really remind me of sheep!

posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 11:32 PM

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posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 04:57 AM
If the window is still open I would like to ask you the following question

Coke or Pepsi ?

BTW I am a Pepper.

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 03:02 AM
"Namasté." - this is how 'hidden-hand' ended his "dialogs."

my comment:

(and with that revealing "sign-out" he reveals *the source* of his supposed ""great wisdom"" and "insight."

- This is the very mindset of the luciferian/satanism that (in its endless role-playing "games" and insanity of ego/egocentricity) thinks [or rather, imagines] it is *destined to rule* and control the fate of the planet and of all the souls therein. - it is COMPLETELY ELITIST in every way. ... MOST OF ALL: it does not KNOW *nor does it rightly acknowledge* THE TRUE MESSIAH, Saviour and GOD: The Lord Jesus Christ, - The Lamb of GOD and THE KING of kings and LORD of lords.

"The knowledge of good & evil" can be a very seductive deception. satan is a control freak. ["lucifer" is simply *a former name* he possessed BEFORE he fell into pride, LUST FOR POWER, a usurping-spirit, and GROSS-deception]

There are *many* false gods & goddesses. BUT ONLY ONE TRUE GOD AND CREATOR Who alone can redeem a soul from sin, error, and deception: That ONE TRUE GOD Is Yeshua-Yahweh-YahOvah: THEternaL ONE. - THE ONLY ONE with the Power and Love and BLOOD to redeem. ... HISpirit also indwells all those who receive Him with humility and sincerity.

hidden_hand is classic, new age, occultic philosophy. whether he/she was simply doing "a role-playing thing" in serving up some insights into "The Game," [which is the most likely possibility] ... or whether he/she is actually a ruler in the elitist Illuminati/Luciferian cult remains to be seen. In either case: the entire "dialog" does give considerable insight into their mindset and thoughts regarding the so-called, "uninitiated" as over against 'the great elite rulers' of 'the Family' bloodlines of lucifer. [some call this: "the seed of Cain" or: "the seed of the serpent."]

This is my final thought and revelation to you who have ears to receive it: NO ONE, ... and I mean NO ONE will ever trump JESUS/YESHUA The Messiah. - [The Real One] ... He's as high as you can go, ... and you don't so much stand before Him as it is proper (and wise) to kneel before Him in love and humility.

This poem:


The Maker of the Universe
As Man, for man, was made a curse.
The demands of Law which HE had made:

His holy fingers made the bough
Which grew the thorns that crowned His brow.
The nails that pierced His hands were mined
In secret places HE designed.

He made the forest whence there sprung
The tree on which His body hung.
He died upon a cross of wood,
Yet made the hill on which it stood.

The sky that darkened o'er His head
BY HIM above the earth was spread.
The sun that hid from Him its face
BY HIS DECREE was poised in space.

~ The spear which spilled His precious blood
was tempered by the fires of God.
~ The grave in which His form was laid,
was hewn from rocks His hands had made.

The throne on which He now appears
Was His from everlasting years,
And now: new glory crowns His brow:
And EVERY knee
To Him Shall bow.

- A.Brandon Bonar


posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 12:13 PM

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 12:15 PM
I saw the remake movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" on 12/21/2008. In the scene, the Klaatu character is discussing about his plans to destroy Earth with an elder Chinese man who is obviously like Klaatu. Klaatu talked as if he is oblivion to humanity's woes and only seem felt necessary to proceed with the destruction of the human race based on only its destructive nature.

A question popped up in my mind that I would wanted to ask Klaatu myself:

What are the real root causes that formed the basis of humanity's destructive nature to itself and to the world?

I'm sure that would have stop Klaatu cold there before he would proceed further.

From my view, something terrible happened to the human race so long ago that we are still suffering and paying for it ever since.

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 04:31 PM
I've read most of this thread.

Hidden Hand has done a lot of reading, especially of the "Svali" interview....but he is doing a great HOAX here as he lets the cat out of the bag with his "Interstellar" remarks.

Sorry, but the Aliens, when and if, they are disclosed will be demons.

And he's got the heirarchy all screwed up too.

He needs to read the works of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler to get his facts straight.....LOL

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 08:22 PM

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by JFree

lucifer/satan is *a slick-talker,* ... but THE ONLY SAFE PLACE TO BE is under the Blood-covering of The Lamb of GOD, slain from the foundation of the world. ... all the rest is empty religion and philosophy and occultism.

Today, the world is STEEPED in occultic confusion and deceptions. BUT HERE is the deeper reality . . .

TRUTH is something you DO.
TRUTH is something you are (in the sight of G*D).
TRUTH is A Person. I wonder if you've ever
truly come to know Him.? . . . Reach out. - His
Hands are already extended . . .


~~~ GRACE ~~~

Multiply the innocence on the face
of your favorite child
times infinity.
Surround it with darkness,
cruel jealousy and sin.
Now look to Golgotha: Behold
the face of the purest heart
ever beheld by angels or men,
bloodied and battered,
spat upon and cursed,
and crying . . .
"Father! forgive them...
Father! forgive them...
I offer my self
in their place,
for their soul.
Forgive them."

Cf. Isaiah 53. Psalms 22 & 88. Matthew 27:33-54.
Luke 23:32-44. John 18:4-11; 19:29-37.


Standing near the hill I shivered at the sight of his limp figure
silhouetted against this strange mid-day night. And the scene still haunts
me. But it was more than the bloody crown of thorns, the bruised and
tortured body; yea, even more than the mockery of a scornful and railing
mob; but it was the sense of his utter alone-ness there that pressed hot against my weeping soul...I looked again and there He was, - this awful sight, - and it was Jesus: Royal, Holy, Pure, - the Lamb without spot or blemish, - and He was ALONE. Totally, completely, unequivocally alone.....
and I saw it was for me,
- it was for me! . . .

~~~~~ THE TEST ~~~~~

Please forgo the parade and charade of excuses.
He already KNOWS the Whole Truth
(So let's get honest):
What you need is forgiveness.
What you need is a new heart.
What you need is a Savior.
What you need is a fresh start.

The payment for sin, - for insulting and forgetting GOD, - is high.
Very high.
You can pay it yourself
(and will)
If you turn away Him
Who was willing
to pay it Himself.

IT IS GRACE. Mercy, Grace, and Love.
You cannot earn it. (It is given).
with humility and eternal thanksgiving.

He will forgive the honest heart
that turns to Him with empty hands, saying,
"I receive, I am not worthy, but I receive and turn to Thee."

For a truth: Jesus suffered for YOUR sins,
How can your heart NOT break?

from a Supremely Wise GOD.


"The Cross of Christ is truly God's last and endless Word. There the
Prince of this world is judged, there sin is killed, and pride
and self-righteousness is done to death, there lust is frozen, and
self-interest slaughtered, NOT ONE CAN GET THROUGH..."
--- Oswald Chambers
The Altar Near the Throne

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by Lenbenhear

You got it right, mister. It is satanic. You indicate that his sign-out is revelatory; what do you mean?

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 06:41 AM

Originally posted by Robhaidheuch
reply to post by Lenbenhear

You got it right, mister. It is satanic. You indicate that his sign-out is revelatory; what do you mean?

>>> Thank you for your comments.
satan is subtle, ... yet sometimes very obvious. EVERYTHING is geared to divert and obscure THE TRUTH about lucifer/satan: "the god of this world" ... and JESUS CHRIST Who has (and shall UTTERLY) displace him.

Namaste is a sandhi between three Sanskrit words - Namah + Astu + Te - meaning " I bow to that (divinity or god) inherent in you. "

it has been viewed in terms of a multitude of very complicated and poetic meanings which tie in with the spiritual origins of the word. Some examples:

* "I salute the God within you."
* "Your spirit and my spirit are ONE."
* "That which is of the Divine in me greets that which is of the Divine in you."
* "The Divinity within me perceives and adores the Divinity within you."

* "I greet and salute the God within you and me."

also: CAN YOU FIND THE NAME "satan" 'slightly hidden' in the word:
"NAmAST" ?

Hinduism and yoga are Babylonian Mystery religions that take their origins from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. - THE ESSENCE of THE GREAT LIE is that "you are your OWN god" and "you can do as you please because *your will* is a form of godmanship." "everyone and everything is "God" and we are all moving toward THAT Oneness of Being."

NO. We are ALL accountable to The Supreme Being known as Yahweh-YahOvah, Whose Son, The Lord Yeshua, has made provision for our reconciliation WITH GOD. ... this is something the luciferian/satanists will NEVER acknowledge. Why? BECAUSE IT IS THE SUPREME TRUTH and The Only Way to Redemption with the True and Holy GOD Who Created and Runs this Moral Universe [which has horrendously REBELLED against Him]

Everything we see as pain & misery & injustice in the world IS A DIRECT RESULT of sin & rebellion AGAINST GOD'S MORAL AUTHORITY and His very very REAL [and RIGHTEOUS] Dominion. ... "the *rulers* of this present evil world, - the "spiritual wickedness in high places" - have most people completely boondagled. ... they are deceived and used by satan as pawns in a game THAT IS ALREADY LOST.

This very ancient Conflict is coming to a very swift conclusion: almost CERTAINLY in our lifetime. ... * Revelation 22:10b-12 is RIGHT NOW in the very last stages of fulfillment. - I assure you very solemnly: THIS IS TRUE.

"you MUST be 'born from Above' - born OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, - in order to enter The Kingdom of Heaven." - that "second, spiritual birth" IS THRU THE DOOR OF CHRIST and His Gospel. ... there is no "other" way.

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 06:55 AM
Thanks for that explanation. I believe we may be within the End-times scenario. All the boxes seem to be ticked, but God's judgement may also come to each of us at any time, as we only get our next breath by His providence. Hidden Hand is repeating the ancient lie. "By their fruits you shall know them", and here we have a man or woman who distorts the reality of our Lord Jesus and His painful sacrafice made for love of all mankind. Paganism is flourishing, and with it the culture of both physical and spiritual death.

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 03:27 PM
You claim to be a member of the illuminati. I can claim to be Anastasia on the internet. Are you willing to prove it? If you are who you say you are tell me:

1. Who is the owner of Google Account 1230421044265 and what kind of account is it? This should be an easy task to accomplish. I will verify the results.

2. Same questions for account #1230421044078.

Your timely response says everything.

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by Lenbenhear

Don't let your belief in Jesus stand in the way of the many important things hidden hand had to say. Yes, you might see his viewpoint as luciferian, but there is alot of truth to it.
FYI HiddenHand is a respecive member of an Illuminatti bloodline. I am not, so don't you dare say to me that I am buying into this evil plot or I am luciferian. I am here fighting against the NWO, I am one of many who possess the knowledge that will help take them down.

Just read what he said and have an open mind about what he said, thats all.

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by illuminati hunter

Hidden Hand is gone forever, but that sure is a very curious question you asked.

Do you know who the owners of those accounts are?

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 04:45 PM
I don't understand why intelligent people cannot see that it is written that satan will eventually fall and go to the Lake of fire. How can you avoid this for yourself?

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 05:17 PM
Kindly Thanking your eart family for playng the so called " Rules define life in games. "....I would love to be in it, although you already know my IP address, and DO NOT BOTHER ME AT ALL...Wink...

With all honesty, I like to ask ine Quescion, as long it may be, it is only one.

- As far as I am concerned, the child to rule the new world to be in a very near future, is a mature person already, fast learner, inteligent and faster than light sometimes on thinking, the one who listen everithing on the street and walks amongst the ones who desperately needs hom, is honest, kind hearted, knows how to make a very good use of the 7 sensess of galactic gifts, believes in love and knows his destiny, even knows about all of his CROWN & your blood lines and history going back to the times of Mosess, he is a rebel for TRUTH & JUSTICE, a preacher of LOVE & PEACE, ect etc, his trail of tears & test of his heart was done some28 years and few months ego( I/WE/YO/YOUR family& Co.PTY.LTD know were and how ).Wink, he is the one who bellong to the family but was given secretly for adoption to a poor but honest & true Orthodox jew father and a secretly Freemason mother for to be educated and hidden from rhe whole agenda & picture/EYE of the rest of the world, Rightly he is the CHOSEN ONE BY PRIOROTY OF BLOODLINE???....I surely know... Why is he still wonderring alone, but my quescion ends here...WHEN THE HIRAKYES OF THE FAMILY WILL GIVE HIM BACK HIS POSITION AND RIGHT AS FIRST BORN NOT HIS TWIN BASTARD BROTHER, WHEN WILL HE THE CROWN AND THE MAGIC STICK????...In the last counted days of your preplaned desintegration of whole?...Wouldn't be to late?...After all, these child needs the full support and power before the total destruction time planed ocurs..

Sincerly...Paul C....Wink ( I believe this name is already in your secret first top priority list)...Shalom to you all my lost friends.Wink

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 07:15 PM
Hidden Hand!

Smart Mind Game? or BLUFF?
I accept that the rulling ELITE family has been existed for a very very long time amongst us, and given/put in power secretly by instructions given some 120.000.years ego?, (perhaps i'm not acurate but aprox), by the visitors of Ahrian's living planet earth, at the time of some needed minerals for the surviving of ther specyes, and then, when they choose to select & educate thers chosen certain people on/with some magics, tricks and mirrors mind games, or other skilfull low/high energy games, ect. The TRUTH is and will be, that the same god/s who givet your/mine race the secrets of power & control, the books as of late (AS FAR AS I KNOW) BABILONIAN TALMUD TEACHINGS & ZOHAR, it is posible that the same god/s who givet your peoples ELITE family the authority in secret, are watching your own satanic works and playng the same mind game with you, (known as REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY?) Wink, by testing your ELITE family and bloodline foolish obedience of B.S. & Brainwashing game with the so, to be, THE CHOSEN CHILD, who will show the world the way. His star was seen rising back in 1951 in the east, and wich bellongs/comes from your own family roots, as the genuine one of your own born, which, your selfs sacrificed him on purpose to die, but he lived/lives aniway, by firstly, denyng his priority, crown, title and power as a first born of the twins of the rulling family (I don't know the roots of which family), secondly claiming that he had Pneumonia and head fluidal Meningites from birth, or to be more precice adding that he was also suffering from acute hiperactive behaviour or (infantile nevroze disorder), (Wink for the truth here, ask your parrents), and won't be able to be a perfect ruller having 2 much posesive EVILLISH BEHAVIOUR?. Thirdly, He was given the choice of CHANCE BY LUCK, being put in an orfanage for sick childrens in one of the Eastern Europe's ZIONIST hijacked/controled country not far from the flow of the 3 estuaryes, between the 2 rivers, his destiny was..DEATH from ILNESS, not KILLED BY US.(Ask again one of your Uncle who took him to Trieste and round trip from the west EU). HE IS the only true royal blood legacy of David the king, and the watchers above? & CIA? knows it very well. Oh YES. He is alive & well, and now he is in the process of coming back home, to take his duty from the FALSE twin brother RULLER and show Mercy & LOVE to him and the family. YOUR AFRAID OF HIM BECOUSE YOU KNOW VERY WELL WHO SAVED HIM and so do I, AND WHO GIVET HIM THE LIFE, IS MORE POWERFULL THAN ALL THE CABBALS GOD/S AND RULLER/S OF YOUR FAMILYES. FEAR OF HIM IS WHAT MAKES PANIC AMONGS YOUR LATELY, IN YOUR HEART LOOK A LIKE TODAY, AND FEAR OF KILLING HIM IS WHAT EATS THE FAMILY TO THE END. Rule of law as per Books of MOSESS, " They shall not kill " or they shall loose the power of control on earth...Wink...These God/s will use your family to the end days, in return, they will punish you by taking the power of rulling the earth and give it to the chosen one, faster than an eagle, he walks amongst you, hears you, speacks with you, and will come from the east.. Wink...He is ready my wrong sided bretheren, but when the time comes, he will inherit all your riches accumulated by cheats, crimes & murders, lies, conspiracyes and many others. So now, may I ask...WHY ARE YOU OPENING THE DOORS TO COMMUNICATION BY WEB SITES ALSO?. Becouse you all know the end results as was told to your blood line from the begining.You will be defeated by the spirit of TRUTH & JUSTICE, PURE HEART AND CLEAN SOUL. Only HIS LOVE WILL DESTROY YOU. His only weapon is LOVE & FORGIVENES.
Oh..One more thing Hidden Hand. The Family has done a huge mistake..That being, they will/are, geting cought with ther own magic and tools are providing us with, and the chosen child know how and when to use these tools against your ancient clan. He will lead his followers to a total victory in very short days (by your calendar days) Wink. Ahhem?

[edit on 29-12-2008 by Old Fart]

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 08:05 PM

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 08:59 PM
While for some the reality and game of hidden_hand will be very real, the magnificence that the One offers is that there are infinite realities and games.
You can follow and you can lead.

If you don’t subscribe to hidden_hand’s philosophy it doesn’t matter whether you are lukewarm, you may have your own reality that may or may not involve higher states of consciousness.

Create your own reality or join someone else’s.

Be free.

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