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Some Americans are not supporting our troops, and they should be ashamed!

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 09:35 PM

When the people that are so against this war are showing the very same

inhumanity and lack of compassion as the warmongers that started it.

Please think about what you are saying and feeling, we will never

have peace if we can't feel some empathy for the people that believe

they are fighting for you. We have all been duped by the

warmongers that run this world, but some of us can now see what is

happening. Please give the others that haven't yet seen the truth a


posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 10:35 PM
Do you people, that don't agree with the war or won't support OUR troops have any idea of why you are able to do so? The reason you can state your opinion is someone at somtime gave years of thier lives, or gave their very lives to ensure that future generations would be able to keep the rights that they had, and future generations could develop new rights.

Question: Do any of you have a clue why OUR military are ever deployed to fight overseas?

Answer: America has the power and ability to choose where they participate in a conflict. (NOT american soil!!!!!!!)

Why don't you seriously think about where you want to fight! Would you rather fight in your own backyard? Or would you prefer to take the fight to the adversaries back yard?

Cheating has NOTHING to do with why we are in the various conflicts we currently find OUR military.

This has EVERYTHING to do with respect and honor!

Wheather they agree or not with why we are there are fulfilling their OBLIGATION to OUR NATION that they swore to do. They do NOT deserve to have their focus shifted from their dangerous duty to worry if their significant other is staying faithful.

Today nobody wants to accept the responsibility of their actions. Stand up and become accountable for what you do and say.

All I hear lately from TV, radio, Persons; "You disrespected me!"

Guess what you EARN respect and technically how can I "disrespect you" when you have NO respect for others!

I have never Posted on ANY website EVER! But some of the responses to this post enrages me to the point of response.

I have been stationed overseas in a hostile fire situation, I've been shot at, I've given years of my life for my country and find it vile that some people enjoy the opportunity ,that I fought for, to bash the very people that ensure their right to do so!

Go to Arlington and spout your venom at the headstones of men and women whom died and sacrificed everything for your very livelyhood.

Sit back and enjoy the freedoms that others like me fought and died to ensure you have!

I wouldn't want you any where near me when push came to shove!

YOU SICKEN ME!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by Willbert

(our witless scribe emerges pale and shaken from a dark hole of consternation in bedroom closet after contemplating this post overnight)

Ashamed? I'm in one heck of a bind, man, over your post and its moral issues!!! what the frak am I gonna do!!
i support our troops but i don't support the pentagon
i support our troops but i don't support killing murder and maiming and a military budget equal to all the rest of the world combined.
i support serving our country but I don't support the guys in charge
i support patriots but i don't support the patriot act
i support happiness but i don't support the war on terror
i support ending a war but i don't support nuking nagasaki
i support pulling out the troops but i don't support putting in the troops.
i support order and discipline and lawful society, i support some people being tough cookies an bringin home the ol' bacon so that I am not having some criminal wacko mess my life up or invade my country, cut off my water, my electricity, my sewage, my business, obliterate my town, and run over my prized 1984 fiat with a US Army tank by accident, but I don't support chemtrails, nukes, guns, ammo, sound war, laser cannons, gunships, warships, neutron bombs, biowar weapons, electromagnetic weapons, weather war, earthquake war, genetic war, and banning hemp for that matter.
i support courage and sacrifice but i don't support death and destruction
i support sexual equality but don't support women in fatigues carrying a semi-automatic weapon aimed at my crotch as i pass through a checkpoint.
i support humanity but i don't support overpopulation and ecological catastrophe

man oh I ever gonna figure this out (goes back into magical closet that has opening in the back but this one doesnt go to narnia it goes to baghdad for some hideous reason, sobbing pitifully at the insanity of it all makes not one frakkin iota of difference. ***next posting in 24hrs or 2 lifetimes, depending on developing nature of interdimensional wormhole next to my best suit for my job interviews. unemployed for 8 years. military service the answer? noooooooo!!!.)

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 01:26 AM
Support or troops?,how about they support us,by refusing to fight in this unlawful "war",that the vast majority of their countrymen are opposed to,by honoring their oath to protect the constitution and the country from all enemies foreign and domestic and so on......
The miltary takes advantage of young naive,unestablished people.Unfortunately,by the time most of them realise it,they are either scarred for life,mentally and/or physically,or dead.
The people of the united states have no choice in supporting their troops anyway,it is taken out of the value of the currency they must use when the FED prints more money to waste on the conflict.....
A lot of people say support our troops...I say...
>Support our troops by:
-Bringing em home
-Go to join em
-Or being quiet
I really wish more of those who are of the age to join had enough brains to realise what they were thinking about actually becoming a part of.
I would accomplish just as much by supporting my local street gang,because in reality,that is what the military is,a big gang.
Grow a brain please.

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by Willbert

Originally posted by USMC-oorah
Support war, love war, hate war, you'll demand someone else to take those bullets when the metaphorical sh*t hits the fan. If war ever is seen by the sheltered and spoiled American people they will love us. For we are getting our heads blown off and losing limbs while they run away. Don't worry I don't care either way, it's just how it is!

I don't need anyones support to do what I do. I've got a big rifle, two hundred rounds, and a group of other men with similar big rifles. Why would you need support if your armed to the teet? What do I need a pat on the back, or something? TheAmerican public can do as they please. Love me hate me, who cares?

You think your born to fight wars? You think you or your men are the only ones who would be willing to confront another who may have similar guns or even bigger?

Just because I choose not to pursue this life style does not mean I will cringe or falter from picking up a weapon to defend myself or another.

Just because the majority have not faced what you or others have faced does not make you special... before you witnessed what you did.. you and others were just as naive to "those" situations.

I'm not challenging you or your choice of career, just your narrow view on what others would do to back their views.

Killing is easy... learning to live together.. well... that takes sacrifice and effort.


I already went over this matter on paige 7! I already know you would pick up a weapon and defend yourself! The chances of you defending yourself against a highly trained, armed, and supported enemy is? When is the last time you trained for a war? Yeah, that's my point. Any god dam person on the planet can pick up a weapon and fight. Only a few could pick it up and fight effective.

Would you rather fight yourself, or perhaps have a group of highly trained instruments of warfare do it? If I was out of the military, I would let the warrior fight the WAR! That's my only point. I don't have a narrow view on anything. I've learned to live with pretty much everyone. I don't care what you think, or who you are. Chances are I will like you. I want to know where I said "i was born to fight wars." Not one single human on this planet was "born" to fight wars, ever in the history of the planet. I wasn't born to fight anymore then you were. I was taught to fight.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 08:03 AM
I find the references to past wars, and those soldiers, being cited as reasons why we should support our troops today.

1. My forefathers faught for my freedoms. Not one single soldier in today's military is fighting for my freedom.

2. Their sacrifice was also unnecessary to an extent, unless they were part of the Revolutionary war.

3. The United States of America was born because a certain group of people chose to escape the opression of a corrupt government. In today's time, we have reinstalled that government, and you expect us to take it and like it?

You sir, Mr. Anonymous, wear the flag as a blindfold. Open your eyes and see that without an illegal war, our soldiers would be home with their families, and able to defend our own soil.

As stated, I have a very close relative serving right now. It's his 3rd tour.

Love and support are two different things.

I love everyone equally.

Forgive me if I cannot support the soldiers of an illegal war.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 09:23 AM

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 09:45 AM
Can anyone cite what any American military action since WW2 has had to do with any AMERICAN freedoms? It's that tired old jingoism that so many of the "patriotic" (nationalistic) repeat and repeat until they're blue in the face as though it's fact, but none of them can offer anything to substantiate their position... For example, I'm very glad the US military was able to prevent South Korea from becoming one with the uber-wacko North, but what did that have to do with any AMERICAN freedoms? That "police action" was all about SOUTH KOREAN freedoms. Obviously if something flimsy and weak as the reactionary "sacrificed for YOUR freedom" mantra is repeated often enough, it can somehow become "truth" in the minds of the, er, insufficiently-discerning. Again I'm referring only to everything that's happened since WW2...

True, there's an argument that WW2 itself was the result of a bunch of secretive crap that's not taught in the lamestream academia/media, but I believe we can assume that Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were serious, powerful enough, ACTUAL MILITARY aggressors (not to be confused with totally manufactured nonsense like al Qaida) that HAD to be stopped.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 11:04 AM
I'm about as pro-military as they come. But there's a world of difference between supporting the troops and supporting the mission.

The only way people who don't serve can support the troops is by wishing they stay safe and come home soon. It has nothing at all to do with the mission and it shouldn't.

As Tomas Young, a soldier who was paralyzed by sniper fire in Iraq, points out, the only people who should rah-rah a military engagement are the actual people bleeding for it. Everyone else can hope the troops keep out of harm's way and get back on American soil as quickly as possible.

Those who aren't involved can also hold any opinion against the mission, because they're the ones footing the bill with their money. But these same people who aren't serving are not entitled to play keyboard warrior and mock those who oppose a war, because their butts aren't on the line.

The biggest cowards are always the people who send someone else to fight for a cause for which they themselves are too afraid to fight. Every war brings the real cowards to light, and this one is no different. The real cowards are almost always the loudest and most pro-war.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by Dave Rabbit

Originally posted by InterWeb

Originally posted by Dave Rabbit

InterWeb.... I don't give a rat's buttocks what others have a right to say or not say. My comments are for the American Soldier and their allies. Period.


Sorry to chime in where it is unwarranted, but I wonder, Dave, do you go back and read your statements? Do you realize how it sounds when you say you only care about western soldiers and allies? Do you understand how dangerous this line of thinking is?

It is every americans right to think and feel how they will, but just because you have the freedom to think and act purely only emotion and sentimism, does that make it okay to ignore all logic and act solely on these things?

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:34 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS

Sit back and enjoy the freedoms that others like me fought and died to ensure you have!

I wouldn't want you any where near me when push came to shove!

YOU SICKEN ME!!!!!!!!!!

wow. this is kind of harsh. i am not ANTI war when it comes to protecting our freedoms, but i AM anti war when it comes to protecting the gov't and the govt's personal agendas whether hidden or known.

if you fell for the whole "you are fighting for ppl's freedom back home" schpill, then i feel sorry for you.

i feel sorry for a lot of these young men and women (and for their families who are back home in a constant state of worry)

I know some that have been back and forth and i see the drastic changes in their behaviour and faces.... it is very depressing to watch a happy go lucky kid change into a scared realist who can't even sit in a resteraunt w/out his back against the wall bc he is afraid he will be shot.........

I feel sorry for them, but i do not support what they are doing and the choice they have made. the guys and gals that i know don't even support what they are doing over there anymore, they just are too scared to take responsibility for their lives and say "enough."

they have my ear and my attention and my shoulder to cry and lean on when they need it and they have my support should they decide to take a stand and get out of their present circumstances.

each individual is responsible for the choices they make in their life even if they were acting on false information. to hold others accountable and make them feel shame bc they don't support the decisions made by many in the military is ridiculous, IMHO.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by Double Eights
I cannot comprehend how some individuals don't support the troops. Who ever said you had to support the war in order to support the troops?

It is absolutely shocking to hear people say, "I don't support the troops." It's equally disgusting to hear them say, "they volunteered for it." Do you know how ignorant you sound when you say those things?
The fact is they did volunteer for it and you have the right to support it and others have the right to not support it. so how are they ignorant and you are not? Oh i see, If its not your way of thinking then they must be ignorant.

Let me give you an example of what your saying. You say you dont support the war but you do support the troops. Would you support prostitutes but not prostitution? They are just doing there job.

Do you see what im getting at? The war is wrong and anyone who engages in it would be wrong as well. But like i said you have the right to support the troops, But dont talk bad of others who dont support them. They have that right if you like it or not.

Let me ask a question of you. How do you support the troops? Do you send care packages or support letters? What do you consider support? I dont think that someone just saying they support the troops are really supporting the troops.

My edit was to seperate his quote from my response. I accidently Deleted while shortening the quote.

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:49 PM
If you support the war, then you have serious issues with gullibilty.
Supporting the troops(individually or collectively as a group) is fine but not their actions.

This is an ILLEGAL war and we should not be involved.
I'm all for protecting people and our rights and freedoms and those of others, but that is not what this war is about.

It is a war of profit and greed and has pretty much messed up the economies of both our fine nations.
The rich getting richer while the rest of us suffer.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 01:08 PM
Perhaps a more appropriate thread would be how the government doesn't support our troops with rickety hospitals,poor pay and pensions,woefully inadequate mental health care and post service civil and social support it is a VOLUNTEER service which means these people CHOOSE to serve regardless of mass public support or not and they don't get much after their usefullness expires.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by sos37

I fully understand that my beliefs are not shared by many. To be 100 percent straight forward I would stand in peaceful protest until they killed me. Gandhi had the best policy. Instead of asking me why I wouldn't fight would it not make more sense to ask the fighters why they are fighting? I would like to know from a soldier's POV what inspires you to fight and kill people? Ever consider what the reasoning of the other force is? They're fighting for the same things you are.

The general concensus seem to think that Americans fight for all these great virtues and freedom and that the PEOPLE in the ME are all turban-wearing terrorists screaming Jihad over and over again. It's such an appalling display of ignorance. They are EXACTLY like you in what they want, what they like to do, etc. In fact they have culture and tradition, something us Westerners lack. We are in a position where almost all moral fabric has been ripped from our society. Human beings are not capable of governing themselves and we have proven that too much freedom is not always a good thing. Without rules in place it is clear that there are people out there who are going to inflict harm. These people need to be brought to see what they are doing wrong and not shot down or thrown in a cage for a few years. The only reason this is not being done is that it is too much work. A reform of the system and complete mentality switch are possible, the only thing preventing it is pure and utter laziness.

Why waste time on words when you can just pull a trigger, right?

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 02:36 PM
The talk of the individual soldier dropping there weapons in a war zone will just get them killed and or imprisoned. Once they are in service and are here in the states if they rose up against this administration they will be killed and or imprisoned. Why would you ask so much from them?

Your the ones who voted this administration into office, Your the ones that gave these people the power to take us to war, your the ones that voted congress into office.

But you want to blame the individual soldier, for this mess. If you want to blame someone just look in the mirror.

The war unjust or not, these soldiers should at the very least be supported by there own families.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 02:43 PM
reply to post by LDragonFire

Thank you. Well said and accurate. It seems somewhat easy for folks to say what they would do in the shoes of others that are doing the job. I've said before, I want our women and men HOME. Until they are, and AFTER they are, I will continue to support them in an way I can. It's a disgrace IMO, the way that wounded vets are treated and sorta-kinda-cared for. As you said, OP, several times in this thread, it's not about a person's agreement or disagreement with the causation of them being overseas fighting....... it's about caring about them now, as individuals, as human beings.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by LDragonFire
The talk of the individual soldier dropping there weapons in a war zone will just get them killed and or imprisoned. Once they are in service and are here in the states if they rose up against this administration they will be killed and or imprisoned. Why would you ask so much from them?

And who would kill them, their friends?

I've seen a few posts in this forum, not sure if they were by soldiers, but they basically said that anyone who leaves this war in Iraq should be tracked down and shot to death or hanged.

Is it really right to allow young men to sign up to be slaves? Shouldn't there be a change in the rules?

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by _Phoenix_

They would be killed by the same people that sent them to Iraq in the first place, hopefully that answers your question.

I do have hope that with a new administration that they will fix what this current administration has broken, but realistically I do think we will have more war and more of the same, even though it's not what we the people want.

The ultimate support we could give our troops is to bring them home.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:15 PM

Originally posted by LDragonFire
The talk of the individual soldier dropping there weapons in a war zone will just get them killed and or imprisoned. Once they are in service and are here in the states if they rose up against this administration they will be killed and or imprisoned. Why would you ask so much from them?

Your the ones who voted this administration into office, Your the ones that gave these people the power to take us to war, your the ones that voted congress into office.

But you want to blame the individual soldier, for this mess. If you want to blame someone just look in the mirror.

The war unjust or not, these soldiers should at the very least be supported by there own families.

"why would you ask so much from them?" bc what they are doing is supporting in their efforts through participation something that is wrong. no one else made the decision for them to sign up..... they did this on their own volition and now they are in the position, not bc of me, not bc of anyone else here, but bc of their choice to sign their life away for [x] amount of years.

i personally would not ask them to do anything, but unless they choose to grow some balls and accept personable responsibility for their choice, i cannot condone what they are doing.

NOONE else (not even "dubbya") is to be made accountable for the personal choice of someone else. these men and women could have said "no," but they didn't and thus they are faced w/ either supporting the gov't by continuing to carry out the govt's dirty work or stepping up to the plate and realizing the value of human life and accepting the consequences of refusing to kill anymore in this bogus war.

"Your the ones who voted this administration into office, Your the ones that gave these people the power to take us to war, your the ones that voted congress into office.

But you want to blame the individual soldier, for this mess. If you want to blame someone just look in the mirror."

uh uh!! they need to take personal responsibility for their choices. this is just wrong. you don't want anyone to blame them (even though they CHOSE to sign their life away to their gov't), but it is okay to blame us?

first off, yes, someone who voted for pres bush shares in the responsibility of this mess (i am proudly not one of the easily duped), but they still are not held accountable for a soldier falling for the bs and signing the dotted line.

i had the same opportunity these soldiers did.. difference is, i did my homework to find out what this "military" has really been defending for longer than i can remember and i chose NOT to sign the dotted line to protect the gov't. therefore, i do NOT feel guilty for situation these soldiers decisions and/or actions have created.

you have to be an adult to sign up and upon becoming an adult, one should quit blaming others for the situation they find themselves in and start taking more personal responsibility where their personal decisions are concerned.

"The war unjust or not, these soldiers should at the very least be supported by there own families."

yes it is and no, not necessarily.

i did not support my brother signing up and fighting in the previous pres bush's agenda filled war. i sent him care packages, wrote often, and told how much i loved him and missed him, but he made a decision that went against what he knew to be right all for the "benefits" that were offered. that was wrong and i told him in a loving way that it was wrong. he knows it and has since, taken his life bc he couldn't live w/ himself anymore (also the coward's way out). i love him and i miss him, but i am not responsible, even as a family member, for the choices he made in his life. and ya know what, i am angry w/ him still

i would not for one second place the blame of his choices on anyone in my family (it tore us the *snip* up, especially my mom) nor would i even place the blame on the shoulders of the gov't. you make a choice, you must be willing to accept what comes with the choice, good and bad.

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