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China Quake is the testing of HAARP here is the evidence.....

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 08:59 AM
double post

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 09:06 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
Why can't the earthquake be exactly that, an earthquake?

It amazes me that whenever a major "NATURAL" disaster occurs, it just has to be something nefarious.

Did it occur to you that this may have happened inadvertanly by HAARP possibly?

1: HAARP has is used for tomography (Ground Penetrating Radar)

2: There is a Nuclear weapons research lab in Sichuan...I believe there is a thread on this here..

3: When tectonic plates collide they produce a quartz or crystalline structure.

Add this all up and there is the possibility you have got HAARP monitoring the Nuclear research facility. Inadvertantly causing the crystalline structure of the tectonic plates to resonate or oscillate.


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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
Why can't the earthquake be exactly that, an earthquake?

It amazes me that whenever a major "NATURAL" disaster occurs, it just has to be something nefarious.

Did it occur to you that this may have happened inadvertanly by HAARP possibly?

1: HAARP has is used for tomography (Ground Penetrating Radar)

2: There is a Nuclear Research Facility in Sichuan...I believe there is a thread on this here.

3: When tectonic plates collide they produce a quartz or crystalline structure.

Add this all up and there is the possibility you have got HAARP monitoring the Nuclear research facility. Inadvertantly causing the crystalline structure of the tectonic plates to resonate or oscillate.


edit: Mods for some reason I have to double post for my post to show up...

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 10:15 AM
I believe China's quake could still be of artificial origin (to me its still an open hypothesis even after all your DEBUNKage), but for some time i thought on the idea THEY THEMSELVES HAD done it, and not US or Russia - but i dont see where or in what they could be gaininng something with all this.

Afterall China hates International intrusion.

Another ingredient to the pan is the recent Myanmar incident.
Since it is isolated from the world, what better event than a natural disaster to force them opening the borders for "international aid"?
Specially with all this pseudo humanitarian pressure you see on the news - "people are dying"..

SO, if you want to deploy your MILITARY on a strategic location adjacent to an "enemy country", why not cause a massive disaster (economical, climate, biological, terrorist, anthrax or bird flu, u name it) and then offer your " international help" ?

I just say dont just close a subject, just because someone appears to have irrefutable arguments (even scientifical).

I dont really like ATS you know...
On some VIP issues it seems like a CIA goon blindfold mouthfeeder, specially the terrestrial UFO phenomena (not ALIEN, u schmucks)....

If one controls the dissidents opinions, you have control over the whole spectrum.

I dont believe most pseudo truth serum 911 movements, but the towers fell the same, being it in a controled demolition fashion or not.

But this doesn't make 911 a "virtual hologram" or the "planes fired missiles" or "Bush knew beforehand" or "Al'CIA'DA operatives did it" scenario.
Either way 911 still happenened.

So maybe the cloud iridescence explains the rainbow clouds seen before the quake, and the quake is not a scalar weapon effect.

Well, maybe it is something.

Maybe it is HAARP like auroras.

Maybe China did it.

Maybe US did it.

Just pick one and extrapolate ad infinitum - it can always be that one.

I usually can't make up my mind on a lot of things, and it wont be ATS to clear the doubts.

To me ATS is like the wooden spoon you use to cook - i just use it to stir the ingredients, and to prove the salt.

Good thread you posted, keep it up, and dont be afraid of the critics - they are the ones scared of you.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 01:37 PM
I do not know if this was linked already, but here is a reported video of some of the clouds.

I have no idea what they mean, but if I ever see them around here, I will be very upset. I have been in 1 earthquake, you will never have a more helpless feeling of certian doom then being in a one.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 04:19 PM

Is HAARP about changing the weather? How does this cause a earthquake, sorry for my ignorance on it.

this may be a little late for this but i found this when i googled "what is HAARP?"

HAARP: High Frequency Active Aural Research Project is a joint Air Force and Navy project that uses 72 foot antennas, 360 total - spread out over 4 acres in Gakona Alaska. The official statement is that it is a "is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.


posted on May, 24 2008 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by skyshow

I must make a retraction and offer up sort of an appology post. Earlier at the post I am now replying to I had said that what we are seeing in those pictures are natural (meaning cloud vapor light refraction) circumhorizon arcs. After careful review of footage of these lights they do in fact apear to be "earthquake lights" that still have an "unknown" cause. While they did look like circumhorizon arcs after a quick scan of the picture, I obviously jumpted to conclusions dismissing them as clouds rather than earthquake lights, and apparently was wrong. These lights appear to be natural and brought about by some electric-magnetic cause deep in the earth, and may be usefull in the future as a warning. These are some of the first pictures of the phenomona in the world of these lights that have been reported for years (I'm assuming before HAARP was even built).

If anyone can confirm this (that these lights have been reported before even HAARP was built) then it would add significant weight to the theory that they are ground, and thus not artificially, based activity.

For those of you whom starred my previous post, thank you and even though I have came out with this retraction, I do believe the stars are still viable in terms of the spirit of the post. As Patsy might say on Absolutely Fabulous, "details, darling, details!"

nice thread! I'm always amazed at how much one can learn on here.


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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by kdial1

I'm almost positive that all these photos depict something called a cloudbow. As you can imagine it's just like a rainbow, except it's on a cloud. I guarantee that if you look around on this website called Atmospheric Optics you'll find many other pictures of clouds that look like the ones in the original post. There is a whole section on the site about rainbows. Cloudbows are included under this section. Radiation and ionized particles are not the culprit here, it is simply water droplets and the sun.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by o22a6ar

That's what I thought too at first until I watched the video that was posted on the utube. Did you watch it? I didn't see the actual "cloud" material, but I did see the lights...I wish we had some confirmation by someone who has seen actual "earthquake lights" who could comment as to whether or not these look just like earthquake lights or not.

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 12:18 AM
reply to post by Macrotus

Where do you get your information to say it is not HAARP?

Is anyone researching the geological faults in that area? It appears to be a fault line outlining the North rim of India and I haven't found any fault linrs specifically related to the Sichuan area or a historical reference of prior events -this part of my original comment was deleted.

I will join this blog in the near future. Thank you for posting my comment!

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 06:33 AM
Ok the lights in the sky is a rare natural occurrence. And the devastating earthquake is a rare natural occurrence. How natural is it to have both happen within minutes of each other and rare is that?

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 09:19 PM
Ive Got a thread on this one already.. WWIII Wen and Wii..

Shows promise..

Leans towards the Earthquake being a "sign" of WWIII.
Says that Bush is using Earthquakes, as a reference to the Bible.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 11:49 AM

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 12:36 AM
Hurricanes to Start WWIII is a good idea...

Get the Chinese all Rile'ed Up.. So They Throw some Threats...

Then Pretend they were the ones, being hostile..
When it was America who was doing it.



Sorry, im dehydrated'.

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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 06:46 AM
"How 'bout this: Maybe China has the same technology, more or less or equally advanced as our own, and they're responsible for the spate of earthquakes we've been having in the midwest... So this was just payback by the USA, and we decided to really make it count and took out their nuclear headquarters... China saw it coming, but let it happen because, well, uh, they didn't really want all that nuclear stuff anyway? They already had too many mouths to feed and they're just cruel and heartless that way? They want the publicity and/or sympathy so people don't hold the atrocities in Tibet against them? They didn't have enough to worry about with the upcoming Olympics?"

How 'bout this? Somebody is blowing smoke out his ass to assuage his nagging guilty conscience/suspicion that this earthquake was just another American crime against humanity--just like the USA's 9-11 Reichstag Fire or the USA's phony global War against Terror, which has murdered millions of people.

Nice rationalizations, but no cigar.

I don't know if HAARP technology was behind this earthquake.

But if was, then most likely, this earthquake was MADE IN AMERICA.

Firstly, it is the USA and Russia that have developed this technology to the maximum. Citing some supposed Chinese earthquake predictions based upon DROUGHTS (from Wikipedia no less) to ascribe HAARP to China is a somewhat desperate reach--especially when the actual American technology is staring you right in the face in Alaska.

But then again, lying about another country's supposed WMDs seems to be an American talent. ROFLOL.

Secondly, the Tibet atrocities were real, but not in the sense that you believe. There were many Han and Chinese Muslims targetted by the not so "peaceful" protestors of the Tibetan Youth Congress and monks--including burning non-Tibetan schoolchildren alive. This reality has been predictably airbrushed out of the American and Western "Free Press."

In fact, the entire Western media meme about "Chinese atrocities in Tibet" carefully glosses over the entire DECADES long history of American and other Western covert sponsorship of Tibetan Contra insurgents and the so-called Free Tibet movement in general. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama himself is a known CIA asset.

The American agenda--like that of the British Empire before it--is to DIVIDE and CONQUER by provoking and fomenting ethnic tensions in Tibet and the rest of China. The recent protests/riots in Tibet were ANYTHING BUT spontaneous but rather a carefully coordinated and funded covert operation orchestrated by guess who ... the good old USA.

It should be remembered that Sichuan province where this earthquake occurred had significant numbers of both Tibetan and Muslims groups in addition to the Han majority. An earthquake in this region would help to weaken and destabilize this "sensitive" area and is curiously timed given the recent American and Western sponsored peaceful (cough) protests in Tibet.

It's interesting that a supposed "alternative" website like ATS repeats the Mainstream Media propaganda on this issue, when even a few Corporate media mouthpieces have admitted America's continuing covert operations against China in Tibet.

Guess, ATS ain't so alternative after all.

Risky Geopolitical Game: Washington Plays ‘Tibet Roulette’ with China

Western Media Fabrications regarding the Tibet Riots

China and America: The Tibet Human Rights PsyOp

"The Role of the CIA: Behind the Dalai Lama's Holy Cloak"

Tibet and the March 10 commemoration of the CIA's 1959 'uprising'

Operations Against China

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 09:25 AM
Would like to add an article released recently (past 2 days)

HAARP weather change and EQ's


posted on May, 28 2008 @ 11:48 AM
This thread is Amazing, Earthquake in China is HAARP.WWIII

Leans towards HAARP Haveing Total Control of Our Society..

And the Posibility of WWIII being around the corner, because of it..

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 02:22 PM
If anyone thinks it is so outlandish to consider the possibility of using the weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, and race specific pathogens by "terrorists" why don't you read what DoD Secretary William Cohen said on April 28, 1997 at the University of Georgia in 1997.

"...There are some
reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to
construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very
dangerous phenomenon, to say the least. Alvin Toeffler has written
about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to
devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so
that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and
others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects
that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an
eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic

So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work
finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's
real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and
that's why this is so important."

Or Perhaps you prefer someone who actually knows how to manipulate the weather enter Ben Livingston who was interviewed by Alex Jones

Or perhaps you want a global security article openly talking about the weather modification program used in Vietnam, they claim all research stopped but Ben Livingston and the Air Force document indicate otherwise

Or Perhaps Consider the Bill Dennis Kucinich put before the House on October 2nd, 2001.

If you think it's crazy that he mentions "chemtrails"

check out this website talking about using aircraft to disperse silver iodide to generate rainfall...maybe that's the crap I keep seeing airplanes dumping in the air and suspiciously causing clouds to form, maybe they are "cloud seeding"

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by skyshow

Your thinking of a Plasma Discharge. That isnt what this is. The question is why can't you accept the fact that this is a weapon which has been developed and been around for a while. Stop drinking the kool aid and pay attention. Get media and facts from outside the US. We are in a giant Matrix here buddy. The # is about to hit the fan. Don't be surprised if this is the beginning of the end. Im going to the hills.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by kdial1

the current depopulation program is working pretty good huh? allmost 100,000 dead, not to bad. now, who wants to be next?

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