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China Quake is the testing of HAARP here is the evidence.....

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:24 PM
I have seen exactly the same clouds on several occasions usually as the sun sets, they are similar to rainbows by in cloud vapor... no link to earthquakes I'm afraid. I suppose that it is still possible that the earthquake is natures way of bringing down rigid human egoic structures such as Communist China, in order to pave the way for a shift in human consciousness.

Who would have believed that the former Soviet Union would have collapsed in the way it did, it has been said that the most rigid egoic belief systems will collapse from the inside out to bring about Unity consciousness... you'll have to forgive me but I have just seen 'The Happening'.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 09:41 AM
If I were writing a Tom Clancy type novel, I might speculate that the Eastern Illuminati has released water fuel technology in retaliation for the China quake.

Water fuel vehicle unveiled in Japan

Fulford and Haarp

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 02:09 AM
See Sept 1995 issue of Popular Science, front page article, re HARRP. Within the article you will read the one line statement:"[HARRP]..can be used to alter the weather anywhere on earth."
Since most people seem to unduly trust the mainline media that they grew up on, Pop Sci magazine should be believed by them.[Unfortunately, Pop Mx has been taken over by the fraudsters - they had a completely bogus article re 9-11 attack . Written by a guy named Chertof who just happened to be a cousin of the Israli citizen Michael Chertoff who owes his job as head of 'our' "Homeland Security" to the 9-11 attack. Read Debunkling 9-11 Debunking (I think that's the correct name!)by Prof David Ray Griffin. But I digress]
HARRP project has 40 ACRES of antennas and emits gigawatts of power! By focussing this intense energy on farmlands they can create droughts. Or they can move the jetstream and put up a blocking mechanism to cause the clouds to stop in their tracks and pour rain down in one area/farmland to cause flooding as was done for over 30 consecutive days (I think it was in Miss.) several yrs ago.
Former FBI Agent in Charge for L.A. (700 people under him and a $22 million budget) Ted Gunderson offers on his site ( a video tape called Weather Control as a Weapon made by researcher Bob Fletcher. Excellent, with documents such as patents, etc.!
BTW, HAARP is operated jointly by the military and ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Oil Co.). I wonder how much $ these guys might be "earning" by buying wheat, corn, etc. on the commodity futures markets and then destroying the food growing areas with HAARP!
Sounds far out? The very same manipulation has been proven with electrical 'blackouts' when the manipulators/"bettors" bought energy options right before the blackouts (see "Energy Blackout Validates Morgan Stanley Energy Bets"- if you can still find this article on the net). Also Enron did the same thing with energy "bets"!
The human race is in serious trouble as technology is now being corralled for power and money by the psychopathic types who care not about the miracle of human life. An excellent movie re this is one made by famous producer Aaron Russo ( "The Rose" with Bett Midler, "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy) called "America: From Freedom to Fascism" and can be seen for free --or purchased on DVD for $1-- at
Please keep getting out the suppressed weather control, HARRP, etc. info on your site! I love the info re Tesla's small device which I didn't know about before! THANKS So Much! Dave MS Physics.
PS Weatherman Scott Stevens has strong evidence that the Hurricane Katrina and it's immediate successor were man-made. (Or just co-incidence that a whole bunch of oil platforms were destroyed thus "justifying" big increases in gasoline prices? Recall who runs HARRP!You might want to check out Scott Steven's website for the meteorologic evidence...

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 01:33 PM

Originally posted by skyshowmaybe someone else recongnizes it and knows the name of the cloud formation?

You would be looking for the term "Iridescent" cloud however in this case it is also an "Earthquake" cloud...

Here is an "Iridescent" cloud

Here is the work on "Earthquake" clouds from Z. Shou...
Bam Earthquake Prediction & Space Technology - PDF

Now while I know HAARP CAN make earthquakes... they did not do this one...

But China building their biggest underground nuclear weapons facility on a know fault line that has a history of BIG quakes... seems kinda stupid to me...

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