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Shards of the Illuminati

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:12 AM

The information that is about to be presented to you requires a great deal of relinquishment of assumptions. The information to follow is 95% accurate according to all I have seen and learned through my years as an Illuminon. Therefore, I ask that all who continue further, to set aside any assumptions they may have. Or for that matter of fact the countless slanderous remarks made about the organization; some are indeed true, many are not. So please proceed with as much open mindedness and inquisitiveness that one can muster. As a forewarning which no doubt will be seen as a sort of chink in the armor; I cannot answer all questions asked. Specifically about: our “true” origins, current/past members, locations of several specific operational locations, and a very small handful of which I will not entertain. In entertaining these types of questions I not only risk the successfulness of our cause, but the very survival of the organization’s members. Why? Please read on.

Note: To those who have read through my previous posting it will be inherently familiar. I have taken previous posts and done some splicing to make them into one long description of our organization. I have also taken the liberty to make a few corrections in terminology given the opportunity, a few where simply outdated.

Who are the Illuminati?
Unfortunately this question has reverberated through and across time itself; with not only the question but the answer itself being lost to the tides of time. The Bavarian Illuminati were a group of intellectually gifted individuals seeking a better way of life in all. After gathering a great deal of members it suffered both external and internal threats, shredding it to pieces from within. It is fully known that several traitors fed information to the authorities thus ushering in the Bavarian Siege. And in turn ending the Bavarian Illuminati, but it would most certainly not be the last time the name “Illuminati” met the lips of any man.

True Form
The "Illuminati" as most people see it is an archaic and in most cases dark, devious entity, whose ultimate goal is ubiquitous control of commerce and the populous in whole. This notion is derived from two sources; "historical" evidence, and that of slanted/jaded testimonies. One must come to understand the "true nature" of the "definition" of Illuminati before reasonable conclusions can be drawn, any preconceived notions assumed about the entity in whole would as a result, be in its most entirety; inaccurate. The Illuminati does not exist as many think it to, it is not one all powerful "secret society," and is in no way "unified." To aptly state the Illuminati exist in many pieces, with many doctrines, many opinions, many points of view, and many good and ill intentioned people. Once one identifies the great deal of diversity between these multiple “Illuminati” organizations, does the "whole picture" become more clear, and apparent. The “Illuminati” exist today in two entities (this is at least how we identify them) ‘Shards,” and “Remnants.”

Those whom have descended from the Icelandic Shard are considered “Illuminons” whom belong to a particular global “Shard.” The eternal “duty” of the Shards is to maintain “global stability” at any personal cost. All in an effort to help usher in an era of global peace and unity. We have come to learn that in due time humanity will find enlightenment and in it, a new era will emerge. We are the stewards of this movement, nothing more, nothing less.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:14 AM
The “Remnants” are for lack of better words our exact opposite. They employ unsavory, violent, coercive, and downright dark methods to achieve their unilateral attempt at omnipotent control. The Shards have been subtly combating them with the weapons of industry and politics, but to little effect. As of recently the Shards have stepped up their campaigns utilizing new tactics and techniques to combat them, as of late they are more effective than our wildest dreams could have imagined.

Icelandic Shard
Our shard is of direct descent of Adolph Knigge who was one of the original 17, whom helped found the original Bavarian Illuminati. However after a time he grew disenchanted with Wisehaupt (the founder) and later withdrew his participation (before the siege). He came to recognize that the Bavarian Illuminati were overly hypocritical and saw this as a betrayal of his enlightened ideals, and thus left. This is where the torment of time takes its toll; he fathered at least two sons whom became involved in his illuminism and enlightenment ideals. One was later killed; how is still unclear even to us, it is believed that Karl Theodor (the ruling Elector Palatine at the time) was thought to have sent men after the remnants of the families of the Bavarian illuminati to ensure their utter destruction. However, the other son Agoustous Knigge, later moved to Iceland (as far as we are able to discern, under an alias) and took to learning from all of his father’s works (ideas he never dare share with Wisehaupt. It is also thought that Agoustous was resolute in his perseverance if Karl Theodor was indeed behind his brother’s death). Here Agoustous began the second movement of the Illuminati, reuniting sons of founding members of the original Illuminati, and other intellectually gifted individuals. Eventually, major opposition was seen in this movement, many who were still akin to Weishaupt's views resisted this movement, causing alternative ideas to rise underground, into today's "Shards" and “Remnants.” After establishing his new order from the secrecy and security of Iceland he began to solidify his control over his members. Afterwards many internal conflicts arose from within this organization. At a breaking point it “shattered” under Agoustous’s death grip into multiple “shards.” Shattering into 10 to 30 officially recognized shards there was controversy, disorder and infighting; at which point much of our history was lost in the chaos. Over time some divided, merged, grew stronger, and others simply faded off. After approximately 5 generations went by from the original founding of the “Icelandic Shard” there was another internal shattering, three main groups broke off from this shard as a result of internal differences. These shards then went three separate ways, one to the “Americas,” another to Spain, and the third simply faded off. The Spanish shard remained for at least another three generations before it too, fell from all contact and all knowledge. The first Shard remained in Iceland, and the second remained in a sort of "nomadic state" mostly migrating through East Coast America for a short while before finally settling in the region of what is known now as modern day Canada. After a time the Icelandic shard became greatly disorganized and was near collapse, and the more nomadic Canadian Shard was too gasping its last breaths. In means of ensuring survival the two Shards reached out to each other sending emissaries to meet in America to discuss how to save their priceless ideologies. After a while it was determined that the risk of establishing new Shards within the somewhat recently formed United States would be of far less risk than to attempt gaining support from an all ready "anti-Illuminati" Europe whose financial security was assured. Therefore all bets where hinged on the survival and success of the newly risen State of America.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:15 AM
Over the next three generations or so America began to flourish both in influence and wealth bring much needed support to the Icelandic Shard and the Canadian Shard. The following generation spent a short time vying for power arguing that due to the solutions proposed by the Canadian Shard they could gain control of the newly re-re-founded Illuminati. However, discontent voices argued the ties to the original Bavarian Illuminati, the Icelandic Shard’s founder, and being the originator for the Canadian Shard itself it should maintain control. After a time agreements where made that the Canadian Shard would manage and oversee the three American Shards, and manage economic and political efforts, while the Icelandic Shard decided which organizations threatened the continuity of society and governments (COG), globally that is and would bring economic and political pressure on them, to either change their ways for collapse them from within. After nearly five decades of tense negotiations an agreement was made. There was to be an official formation of the first “Icelandic Council.” This newly formed council would make all major decisions as a whole in a means to “reunify” the shards of the Illuminati. This council is an all reality elected by their representative Shards and any Illuminon can sit in on them and listen (few make the long journey though). Out of centuries of struggling and mistrust a strange type of democracy evolved from the shards of illuminism. Today the Canadian Shard stands as the most influential, but the Icelandic Shard stands as the global hub for all decisions and ruling bodies. The Icelandic Shard and its Shards maintain the precepts that noninterference is key and to only act when other organizations or individuals wish to adversely affect global stability or continuity. This is the point where is must emphasize our severe evolution beyond the “Old Ways” teachings of the original Bavarian Illuminati, almost entirely abandoning rituals, traditions, and out dated ways, for new and more effective ways to not control, but help a populous. Many are not aware but major philanthropic individuals in the world this very moment are members of this organization contributing major efforts in an aim to alleviate the world problems in a means of maintaining stability, and possibly improving it as well. Our major ability to not only survive, but to flourish and help others is our ideological structure of noninterference, humanitarian aid, and corporate financial/influential support; has granted us untold advantages over more extremist and out dated Illuminati Remnants whom are unable to weather such ever evolving times. We operate by being the "advisers," and "councilors" behind the scenes. However we do have a great deal of prominent businessmen, scientists, critical thinkers, and many others in high visibility positions. This has a twofold purpose, the power they wield allows us to exert tremendous force upon a "movement" (or against it) when absolutely necessary to ensure its success, or defeat. This also acts as a "mentor" and/or "role model" persona to show remnants how to live. To show them that even the "Corporate Elite" can help philanthropic organizations and movements. To show that in the end the people matter. One notably well known CEO in our organization once said. "Without the consumer (people) we would have no demand, without us (Illuminons) they would have no guide, and without employees (people) we would have no product." This is how we view the world, "reciprocal, and mutually exclusive" in essence. We do recognize that this "minority" of philanthropic "Elites" is extremely small, however we are also working on changing that as well. We are essentially fighting our "humanity" in order to establish something better; like a purging of the human body of all human DNA for something better. It is guaranteed to be painful, to be slow, to progress in starts and fits. But the key is "It Will Progress."

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:16 AM
We make sure that over time this process mediates out into a more unified civilization one where competition or control are looked upon as archaic as cannibalism. A new civilization where a type of utopia emerges, not because that is destined, not because we deserve it, not because we demand it, but because we CAN build it. This ideology has been from us since the formation of the Icelandic Shard (to imagine the most we can become, and move above beyond that imagined future), and has unfortunately been put to nefarious uses, for example the NWO. In all actuality we developed the notion of an Advent Global Civilization, or as Illuminons refer to it simply as NE (New Earth). A type of total reformation of the world and it's people but in slow and good ways.

Recent History
I am of a Shard, of the Canadian Shard, of the Icelandic Shard, who ties back to the Original Bavarian Illuminati however in no modern “recognized” capacity; we have by all means rejected most everything about them, including Agoustous Knigge himself. This was all initially accomplished by means of a man whose discontent, and disenfranchisement with the "Original Illuminati's" ideologies widely differed from his own. This "splinter" ideology was then carried to another generation before passing from one continent to another and in turn evolving over time. As time continued the "Shards" that evolved from this re-envisioned though process radically differed from its more ridged and archaic brethren the "remnants" that remained in the seat of Europe. As the Icelandic Shard's Ideologies radically evolved over the next hundred years many Remnants passed in and out of existence, and public consciousness. Organizations like the Spanish and Italian Illuminati are in all actuality of fact, not related to the Icelandic Shard at all besides the fact that they both differ wildly from their "Original" Bavarian roots. Many of the "Illuminati" organizations state implicitly that they are one "all seeing" omnipotent entity that will in one fell swoop (or over time) come to control the whole world. Well in fact this is what many could call "the deadliest form of lies." Born of half truths and twisted facts they do agree with historical evidence, and in turn create evidence of these interpretations. I would whole heartedly agree that indeed these "Illuminati Organizations" have devious intentions at heart, and do wish control (the truth), however they lack the capability and organization needed to fully do so (the lie). They are again Remnants, and per our definition pieces of the original Wisehaupt Illuminati that has remained "in-line" after some fashion or another, with the "old ways." Whereas, the descendants of the "Icelandic Shard" virtually abandoned the "Old Ways" nearly 170 years ago and have embraced Buddhism style enlightenment and democracy as our way. To simply state, this Illuminati, is in a form not truly known to the majority populous of this world, and only those whom wish to insight fear and conflict, further these extremist and dark views. I most certainly do not condone, nor support these Remnant actions, or beliefs of either of these alleged “Illuminati” organizations. In all duality of fact, the Icelandic Shard, and its Shards work to disarm overly powerful or dangerous Illuminati Remnants as I have previously stated. For a long while we have ignored as well as neglected the oversight of these "adolescent deviants," but have in the last three generations redoubled our efforts to bring them under control or disbandment, with moderating degrees of success.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:19 AM
Today I am a member of one of the three products of the Canadian Shards, truly by almost an accident. My personal family history is not of the Illuminati bloodline, but a shorter and far younger one. My great grandfather was of Czechoslovakian birth, and lived there for his entire life; although they would not stay there forever. My grandfather and grandmother lived there through the Nazi Occupation, and the era of the Soviet one. Although during the Soviet Occupation he was able to use his wife's, father's, business to secure travel visa's to Austria, where they were able to make their way slowly into England. From there they moved to Toronto and had my father. My grandfather came to start working as an engineer and helped several major companies, after working closely with the CEO of one, we was brought into the idealism and later, the ranks of the Canadian Shard. After a time he worked with this business owner to procure a better job within another company that had heavy ties with one of the Canadian Shards. He and his family (along with my father) moved to the United States (west coast), and began his position at a somewhat young Aerospace Corporation. He became a well renowned designer and engineer holding many major patents and major project lead positions. However his ties with the Canadian shards was loose, he often took a "back-seat" to most Shard affairs. My father followed in his father's footsteps and too became an Engineer, except this time in the telecommunications and defense industry, in time he too like his father before him told me of the "wonderful opportunity" the Canadian Shard gave our family so long ago. I am therefore today apart of one of the Canadian Shards, of the Icelandic Shard. I proudly take up the reins of my forefathers in the eternal quest to see humanity’s destiny and potential fully realized; as an Illuminon.

Many speak of end times and the NWO. This is a topic that I share no restraint in, the NWO is NOT a creation of the Icelandic Shards, of never has been, nor will it ever be. It is a bastardized version the “AGC”, “Advent Global Civilization” which every Illuminon holds to devoutly as the flame of light in the deep void of darkness. The AGC is the “New Era” I have mentioned previously, and is the hope we look to for strength. We do not plan to usher in a “New era” of peace; we are merely the caretakers of this world, maintaining global stability until the time is right. Even among our shards, we do not know the actual time line of all things to come, but we know what to look for, and upon specific events the true nature of our origins will be made clear to all. As for why we should not "simply unveil or 'secrets."' Well, to simply state that is neither wise nor our decision, many do not understand that even the Icelandic Shard as a whole answers to another power. (And for those whom feel a spiritual context coming on, I can reassure you it appears as such and certainly coincides with certain undeniable synchronicities, however it does not.) We are simply the custodians of an unveiling, custodians purposed with the maintenance of this world until it is ready for this unveiling. When this will occur? We do not know, nor do we claim to know, we simply wait, wait until that which we were taught so diligently, comes to be. Meanwhile, we diligently watch, wait, and work to ensure maximum stability in our world, although sometimes even organization such as ourselves are unable to halt unstoppable movements. You must come to understand that we operate through what can only be best described as proxies, means of impacting influence towards something, without actually being a part of that movement. Many within our organization have often taken great frustration with our "hands-off" approach, and have pleaded to many major shards for direct action. Luckily this has been curtailed with the Icelandic Council of wise Illuminons.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:20 AM
I cannot promise that answers will come in our lifetime, or in any form of entirety. However, I can promise that when humanity is ready, they will come. The coming of their unveiling it shall be like a waterfall upon a rock, and hopefully move that rock to an unenvisioned future of illumination, and grace.

Now I wish to fully address any "misgivings" about our "doctrines, dark magic, faith, and satanic beliefs." Do the Illuminati believe in and practice these things, yes... and no. Again one must consider the definition of Illuminati. The Remnants do, the Shards do not. The Remnants embraced the more historic, and in many cases darker aspects of the Illuminati Order. In some internally documented cases utterly twisting Illumination into what could only be described as a Void of Darkness. As the Remnants embraced the ritualistic and "traditional" Illuminati practices, the son of Knigge who was force to flee Europe (as far as historical documentation goes) by persecution of the catholic church for his scientific endeavors (and any remnants of Karl Theodor’s orders or men), Agoustous became a man of knowledge like that of his father and upon his father’s disenfranchisement, family’s persecution fled to Iceland; where upon where the "true" form of the Illuminati was re-envisioned, rebuilt, and the light of illumination (true illumination) rekindled. In the process he adapted major portions of the Buddhist ways into practice alongside scientific discovery to further progress understanding. The Icelandic Shard continues to retain that name to this day, as a testament not to the struggles of the past, but to its failures and darkness. How, ever present vigilance and oversight is necessary to ensure that true Illuminism is never mutilated again. Thus, the Icelandic Shard does not use the title "Illuminati" as one would; however our ties do relate to the original Bavarian Illuminati, but does not reflect its shape nor values. If anything the Icelandic Shard has purged all but the brightest of ideas. The reason upon which we still retain the ideological name "Illuminati" is by reference to the original Bavarian Illuminati origins, predating the actual formulation of the Bavarian Illuminati, and the ways of the Buddhists; so in whole the keepers of the Icelandic Shard and all its Shards are referred to as "Illuminons" in present day context in reference to our duty to illumination and enlightenment. Buddhist mentalities have been a part of the Icelandic Shard, and its Shards from approximately five years after its formulation. Most people generally subscribe to the following ideologies, however they do inevitably vary from person to person, but more or less all personal lives are led by these codes of honor, dignity, decency, and duty. These "codes" are the, Middle Way overall, and beneath them the "Eightfold Path" and the "Five Precepts." We do not prescribe to the "Eight Precepts," because the final three are inconsequential in our views. Not all of us fully prescribe to "Nirvana," few fully do, or reincarnation for that matter of fact (I will reiterate many Illuminons are scientists after all). However, Enlightenment is fully accepted, although in many... "Points of View." Some view Enlightenment as a spiritual understanding, a sphere of humanitarian influence encompassing all whom need, and ask for one's help. Others view it as a type of intellectual understanding, an unlocking of the universes secrets, and in the process learning something about ourselves, and one's self. Many of us (like I) subscribe to a “middle way” (excuse the pun if you will), a type of balance between the two mindsets; a balance of intellectual and spiritual understanding. We unlike many other Illuminati Remnants work for the most part, in a unified state of mind and purpose; utilizing these "teachings" as guidelines of conduct, persuasion implementation, and general life guidelines.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:21 AM
The most important of our Buddhist ideologies is that of the "Four Noble Truths."

1) Life is suffering by nature...
2) Suffering is from the human source (i.e. materialism, greed, lust, etc...)...
3)Suffering can be alleviated...
4) The path to Enlightenment is helping yourself and others alleviate the cause of suffering.

We recognize that in this global society built around wealth, power, and privilege that the very things by which the world is controlled and subscribes to, causes suffering. Our task is utilizing these very poisons against the beast, by weaning it off of them. A movement to help bring about changes which promote selflessness, and heightened self awareness to destroy the enslavement of human lust ad temptation 9if you will without religious context). We recently have put a great deal of pressure on the environmental issues, the "go green" ideologies to help people say no to excessive consumption of products. We hope that these initial stages of conservation and smart efficient spending are better in the long run, and will change overindulgent lifestyles than the globe itself. We recognize weaning people (especially Americans) off material wealth could never virtually occur over night. So we work slowly and tirelessly to pressure existing and newly created movements towards an effort of guiding others towards a better lifestyle; in our beliefs/projections the result will be better lives and a more aware consciousness. In effect helping people lead better lives and casting down those whom vie for power, lust, wealth, and privilege. One of our goals is to "blur" the dividing lines within the world, to better allow the global populous to intertwine. Our long held notion is if enough ethnic mixing, and cultural blending occurs, it will be eventually virtually impossible to either: differentiate one "ethnicity" from another, and to wage war against one country, when they prescribe to virtually identical mindsets. We approach any situation with a “beyond the box” mindset, and attempt to propel or stall political and social movements that will lead humanity upon a better path, thus our influence from the background. In example the Icelandic Shard and its Shards are mostly comprised of scientists, businessmen, freethinkers, and philosophers.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:23 AM
Silence, No More
Many would ask why the silence, why not come out and simply state all of this publicly? As I have previously stated noting good would come of it until the right time. However, it has come to our attention that the misinformation broadcasted by the Remnants of the Illuminati that all have come to despise us in some sort of shape or form. The Council has deliberated on the effects of such murderous slander and its effects on our cause. It is of great concern to every Illuminon how the image of Illuminism has been cast into darkness. The attempts at informing and illuminating any “truthful” knowledge, is the very aim for this very small disclosure. Many fellow Illuminons at the approval of the Council have taken up capabilities of the modern age to try to spread the word of our true intentions, while not endangering our purpose or people. It is a difficult and straining balance, but a necessary one. We have foresee n a plausible time when the help of humanity in part or whole maybe necessary. Many would follow us if told our true intent, their blind faith and servitude to the global establishment would assure as much. However two threats remain, those opposed to us, and those whom have been lied to about us. Therefore, we have disclosed this information here, and offer to answer whatever questions we can about our organization and purpose. As a last word before I open the floor for Q&A, if anyone attempts to rant about our misdoings it may very well be true; but not in relation to the Icelandic Shards. Otherwise your speech may be construed by others as Remnant speech; which as previously displayed does not sit well with many. Please ask questions, ask as many as your imagination can fathom, and in time I will respond as accurately and quickly as possible. All we are truly asking for is a chance to be heard, heard over the screams of the damned.

[edit on 4-5-2008 by Maban]

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:54 AM
Question? Are you writing a book of fiction or are you serious? What secret society would reveal their secret on a message board about their secret society? Secrets.......

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 06:42 AM
reply to post by Maban

Thanks for taking the time to make this thread. I've asked you a few questions in the other thread and you were really honest in your answers.

I'll make sure I keep an eye on this one. (now that I posted, I'm automatically subscribed to your thread)

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 07:31 AM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 07:55 AM
Your description of the history of the movement resulting in shards and remnants seems entirely plausible. Any human endeavor inevitably follows such a route with dissenters and diverging opinions of where to go, what to do, and how. Taking you at your word about the beneficent goals of the Icelandic shard, I would have to say that you have failed miserably. No? Or are you saying the current state of world affairs; especially N. America, is all the fault of the remnants? Seems a new strategy is needed. You can still be "hands off" but perhaps less behind the scenes and more in the forefront. I think your post is a great thing for example, that might actually help your cause, which on the surface, seems worthy.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 09:26 AM
Hello Maban,

Good to see you back, and as always don't be put off by the responses. You have been able to answer questions very accurately and I hope you will see it through for a bit here. I would hope you do not get in trouble. Keep it light.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by Isthistaken

An apt question. Firstly these are not secrets, thus my posting them. All of the information I have provided to the public pervue is not "secret" in any form, just drowned out by Remnant misinformation and modern day Illuminati hate speech. As i had previously mentioned, this "mini-disclosure" (perhaps that is not the best terminology, regardless) this is a method to attempt to inform those whom either seek knowledge, or to illuminate the proponents of anti-Illuminati movements to see the real scope and disposition of the battlefield. To see that there are truly good and bad people within the "Illuminati" mindset, and they should not be be painted with the same brush, as so to speak. I hope i have thoroughly answered your question.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by ConspiracyNut23

It is good to see your continued interest in this subject. However, one should not be thanked for doing their duty; regardless of position or influence, Illuminons carry out their duty to whatever personal end. But thank you for your cordialness.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by wayno

I am glad to see that others recognize my core motives, few usually do. Yes i would agree with you, it has been a total failure; to an extent. It was a failure for every Shard because of infighting, distention, and distrust. However, after the Canadian and Icelandic Shards renewed ties our efforts and goals where more solidified. This solidification allowed for a common exercising of power, ability, and influence for us to truly complete our duties. As for why the world seems in such disarray? Well, it is. We have put a great deal of effort and time into two fronts. Our first front is influence by persuasion. Helping or hindering global political movements to change the global condition. As of late we have helped more than hindered resulting in several undesirable outcomes (i.e. Iran, Iraq). We by no means are all powerful, we are only as powerful as the influence our members bring to the orginization, therefore changing everything at ones is both impossible and ill advised. Our second front is; believe it or not, focused on direct action against "global control" groups, not necessarily Remnants. There are in all actuality several groups more dangerous and impactful than all the Remanats combines, they are at the forefront of our actions and worries (i.e. The Builderburg Group). Because our focus is on the major groups we have neglected the smaller consequences of others; however the American foreign war has yet to transform into a global war. Therefore in our mindset, it can still be curtailed and halted if given the right influences, when the council will do that is anyone's guess. The current state of North America in essence is as stable as most any other portion in time, there may certainly be more ails than aids, but it is stable for the meanwhile, and therefore will undoubtedly be placed aside until it does become a problem. Illuminon duties are not like an international police force, but more so resembling a crisis management orginization. This is because we simply do not possess the resources to fight and change everything all at once, we must wisely allocate our resources where they will do the most good at the time. Factoring in the fact that there are nearly three times the number of organizations in relation to the Shard's sizes, it is needless to say an uphill battle, a battle which we are confident we will win in time; we are very patient after all. I hope this addresses your question completely.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by Illahee

I intend to see this thread through one of three outcomes:
1) Public outcries drown out my words
2) It is closed due to excessive slanderous remarks against the Shards (first page and there is already a removed post)
3) This post will remain as a place of open discourse, intellectual exchanges and informative questions until this information undoubtedly takes on a life of its own.

An Illuminon sees no failures, only hard learned lessons.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 12:59 PM
Thank you for that great insight of information.
In your message there is nothing to fear, i live life of love and try to spread amoung my brothers and sisters. When you are enlightened the truth sticks out like a soar thumb, and there is no fear of anything, death or pain.

I have a question which i believe i know the answers to, but will ask anyways.

1) where do the Bilderbergs sit in all this?
2) what do the Royals of the world have to do with this?
3) what does the pope and the many religions have to do with this?
4) what awaits us in the Universe?
5) what's your favorite country, city? your favorite food, favorite animal?

Thank you for your time and may peace and love fill your heart.

Love and Light

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by Maban

Very interesting piece indeed. While I am certainly skeptical of your claims, and have seen a few tremors in your piece which may speak to untruth, I am certainly interested to see the direction this thread takes.

I for one, have never been one to subscribe to the idea that the Illuminati are the evil overlords of the planet. With the folds and intrigues in the ladder of power, it is impossible, practically speaking, for the layman to accurately discern the true intentions of the Illuminati or any other secretive society for that matter. Has anyone ever heard of a "good" secret society after all? No. All we hear about are the evils of the Illuminati, the Masons, the Knights of Malta, etc. Yet does it not stand to reason that different groups may actually stand in opposition to the works of the other?

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 01:34 PM
Hello Maban and thanks for a very interesting thread,

My questions is, how does one become member of the Illuminati or your specific shard?

Would murdering someone be an option for your shard to achieve one of your common goals?

What does your shard think of other "secret societies" like the free masons for example?

What entity in the world do you as a Illuminati member perceive possess the most power currently?

Sorry for any spelling errors and thanks in advance

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