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I was Verbally Abused by an Alien

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by InterestedObserver
reply to post by Ecidemon

Actually you're very mistaken. I realize that posting my story here on ATS is probably a mistake as it hasn't been taken very seriously, but that is something you kind of expect posting on a site like this.

Honest posting of any experience is never a mistake. Any mistake made would be in how one chose to handle the reactions. Any scoffers I just laugh at. They're funny, because I know better.

However, my story has remained constant ... You want to get as much of what happened out and into other's ears so they will know exactly what happened.

I apologize, I have not yet read your story yet. So I'm going to grant they both had eerie, if not extraterrestrial elements. If yours was not extraterrestrial in nature, I might suggest the effects of the one experience might have a probability of differing from the other...

Consistency is a good thing to have in one's story. It does lend credence; so far this guy has been consistent. [shrug] As to what one is inclined to do with the information one has has something to do with how well prepared one is for that information, how well one communicates in the medium, and the time allotted.

Did you call someone or talk to them in person? Or did you sit down, thinking you'll post the basics now and answer questions later, as time permits?

Now in this case, the OP first starts out with a very vague description of what happened. He says that he woke up with only a little dent on his bumper but then in later posts says that he had a front spoiler that was also completely knocked off and cracked up.

What I saw was someone, at work, shaken up, and trying to get something out quickly in the only place he could think of where he could tell a story like this. Perhaps typing his thoughts is not his best skill...

Granted, I could be wrong.

He says that he woke up in an unknown place of white light but mentions nothing about not being able to move, then in a later post he talks about being in a paralytic state.

Again, trying to pull all these thoughts together, what's most important to put in to get things rolling...

Could be.

He talks in the first post about the humanoid talking down to him, but in a later post recalls that it was spitting with every word it said.


First he talks about no smell, then later he talks about a very strong scent of sulfur.

I'll go back and check, but I got the impression he mentioned the smell in the OP. Hmmm. But, again, if he was grasping at a few details he could throw in, this may not have made the cut.

So yes, when in almost every new post he makes new details emerge, I call it as I see it: A hoax.

Well, ok. I'm calling Real Deal. [grin] I'll check out your story.

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 07:51 PM
I think that these more recent ET contact stories are an indication that there is a low price fair war occurring for trips to Earth. Vacations to Earth are no longer for just the upper class alien.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 07:53 PM

Originally posted by roadgravel
I think that these more recent ET contact stories are an indication that there is a low price fair war occurring for trips to Earth. Vacations to Earth are no longer for just the upper class alien.

That is acutally very possibly. The American Dollar is down so all foreigners are taking advantage of it. Maybe the OPs visitor was just pissed off because he couldnt find some hot earth chic to hook up with.

Stranger things have happened.

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 08:08 PM
Seems to me the OP, if a true experiencer, would have:

1. Posted pics of the bumper in the very first post;
2. Had a consistent story;
3. Collected and stored all trace evidence, including clothing that was worn and was contaminated with the 'alien spittle', and the black mark on the bumper;
4. Would have talked about the shape of the dent and the character of the bent spoiler or the apparent force with which it was ripped off.

Would an alien "ship", having traveled in space or at least through our atmosphere have material on it that was softer than a car bumper, causing a trace of it to be scraped off and left behind as trace?

Would they deposit the car back at his location without removing this 'trace'? Yeah, right.

Not only is the story bogus, the telling is not characteristic of a true experience, lacks detail and contains internal inconsistencies.

IIRC, ATS used to attract a higher class of troll.

Soon we'll hear how he/she can't produce the spittle contaminated clothing because they already washed it.

Then we'll hear that he was time-constrained to get the bumper fixed and the camera stopped working/ran out of batteries/mysteriously wouldn't photograph the bumper, or something to that effect.

C'mon people, try and do a little better (yawn)

I've had friends on the bicycling newsgroup post accident pics the day after the event. This guys claims a once-in-a-lifetime event and isn't as compelled as a bicyclist?

Oh, and the biggest 'tell'?

Read the thread title. Is it:

I was Hit by an Alien Craft?

How about:

I had a Real Close Encounter?

No, nothing like that. These things apparently took a back seat to being 'verbally abused'. LOL

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 08:57 PM
This post is a Hoax and I bet that that hypothesis will be proven soon. This post reminds me of a couple threads that have been posted here in various forums. There was the Vasago demon thread where a guy claimed to have seen a demon named named Vasago that was a HOAX Demon outside my window? ...there was the thread where some girl recently posted that she got weird pictures on her refrigerator that was a HOAX; thread was closed by a MOD because the same spiel had been posted somewhere else, pics included.

****TIP to all greenback ATS'ers. If you want points, friends, encouragement, MOD support and all that, then just make posts like this: all you have to do is make extraordinary claims, present ZERO evidence and just relax.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 09:24 PM
This is well up on my rediculous threads list, true or not.
So when I was about 12, i got into a bike wreck while I was with my friends outside, and got a concussion, though I didn't know it at the time. I went in my house and peed seven times and had absolutely no recollection of doing so. I played around with my friends for about another two hours before I came in to pee for the seventh time, at which point my grandma asked me why I was peeing so much, and thats when I came to.

My guess is, you got into a wreck, got a concussion, drove home, and went to sleep, and dreamed this up. This explains the headache, the damage (which has still not been posted), and what could have possibly been a whacked out dream.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 09:55 PM
Hello vimes sorry to hear about your accident. You have a very interesting
expierence happen to you. I have a few questions for ya. What time did you
get home last night? It was a humanoid being what was its sex? Did it look like a male or a female was it's voice male-like or women-like? Did you see it move? And if so how did it move?

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:14 PM
Ah, For the mammories!

Ok, I'm of the opinion (a I'm sure the majority are here on ATS) that the OP is just spinnin' a yarn for lack of anything better to do, however..If on the 'off chance' that the OP is telling the truth: They should check for any weird marks on the body, abrasions, red marks, cuts etc.

If not for anything else, to see what other injuries you may have incurred, whether its from aliens, or from an ordinary accident that made you blank out for a spell..

Get back to us. Grassy ass.

To Badge01:

Originally posted by Badge01
Seems to me the OP, if a true experiencer, would have:

1. Posted pics of the bumper in the very first post;
2. Had a consistent story;
3. Collected and stored all trace evidence, including clothing that was worn and was contaminated with the 'alien spittle', and the black mark on the bumper;
4. Would have talked about the shape of the dent and the character of the bent spoiler or the apparent force with which it was ripped off.

Would an alien "ship", having traveled in space or at least through our atmosphere have material on it that was softer than a car bumper, causing a trace of it to be scraped off and left behind as trace?

Would they deposit the car back at his location without removing this 'trace'? Yeah, right.

BTW, this is why this thread is in SkunkWorks (pee-yew), because it is 'fringe', the OP has presented no evidence to speak of, and in general it boils down to not much more than tabloid fiction. However, it may add to some ATS'ers lives or enrich or affirm their experiences (somehow I Dunno)..

So anyway, yea.

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 11:23 PM
There is really no way to PROVE a story like that on a forum, even with pix and videos and transcripts and any other kind of medium-people will call hoax if they don't find it plausible, it's a shame that there are those who get nasty about it. That's childish and uncalled for. Why not just take it for what it is, a story.

I think it's an interesting story, and would like to hear more from the OP instead of the peanut gallery trying to be clever, by the way, you guys are not funny, or entertaining.
Stop trying so hard, it's a bore.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 11:37 PM
You obviously crashed into the back of some old asian dudes car (he was driving slow and forgot to put his headlights on), then he got out and did some martial arts pressure points moves on you that caused you to become paralysed and soil yourself (sulphur smell). Then his wife got out and jumped into your car and they drove you home. Realizing that you had soiled yourself, he carried you into your bathroom (disinfectant smell) where he plonked you on the toilet, this is where he abused you. Him and his wife then left your house, and you crawled upstairs (still dazed from the pressure point move) and into bed. Obviously whatever martial arts he did to you must have restricted the blood flow to your brain, and this must have damaged your short-term memory.

Or maybe someone spiked your drink and followed you home, waiting for the drug to kick in. Similar thing happened to some guys in Perth last year (true story).

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posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 01:51 AM

Originally posted by Amaterasu
So don't be so hasty in proclaiming this "nonsense."

But where do we draw the line at discussing actual Experiences with alien activity, observation, possibilities, and start discussing mental problems?

I could say that I had a beer at the pub with an alien last night. However he was invisible, and no one else saw him.

Perhaps I did? but it's just not very likely... and maybe I need to up my dose of zoloft!

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 01:54 AM

Originally posted by IgnoreTheFacts
Please, lets give this idiot story as much attention as possible so we can all look like fools collectively. Lets make sure we do whatever is necessary to perpetuate the stereotype, shall we?

Ah, IgnoreTheFacts, we meet again on the Logical Battlefield! I just love reading your posts for the sheer entertainment they offer.

What stereotype are you actually refering to? I've never heard of an alien with a description OP gave. And I've read almost every possible (and impossible) description I could find out there.

I must admit I have mixed feelings about this particular case. Some bits of information give me a feeling of genuity, but I also have a strong feeling of deception. Not on the part of OP, but on the part of the whole verbal abuse scene.

Completely black eyes - the common description of "Greys". White skin, almost tranparent hair - the common description of "Pleiadians". The verbal abuse - the common description of "negs" (Negative Entities, the name usually used for describing some "astral" entities).

All of them mixed in one single "person"... strange, very strange. I would guess that whatever it was that OP saw, it wasn't at all it as appeared. Someone "out there" got confused over the different (some BS, some not) stories usually used to confuse people about what is really going on here.

The war... that's the only piece of this scene that makes sense. Yup, there's definitely going to be a war. Actually, it has been going on for aeons. Moves and counter-moves had been made for a very, very long time. A simple glimpse at the history of humanity will show what I mean. Has there been any time without wars raging on this planet? Those wars were (are) just an extension of a much greater war going on in the background. The only difference is that that greater war never involved humanity as directly as it will now.

And, I can already see your next move, IgnoreTheFacts - "Where's the proof!?".

No proof, none whatsoever. Take it or leave it. I know you'll leave it, but I thought I should give you a chance... just a little, itsy-bitsy, tiny chance to change your point of view. You're so stuck in it that no amount of words will ever unstuck you out of it. But, hey, at least I gave it a try!

Sorry, but the OP's "story" smacks of the usual made up stuff , regurgitated from a life time of watching sci-fi flicks and being an outcast. If you continue to support NONSENSE like this (by paying attention to it), you guys will NEVER get to the bottom of anything.

Ah-ha! What exactly makes you think that you have got to the bottom of anything? And... "Where's the proof!? (that you have)

I mean, can you imagine being just slightly curious about UFOs, see a small segment on the news (where they end the segment with a joke about ufo "nuts") and then google yourself to this place. You think for a moment that you found a neat outlet, then stumble upon idiot threads like this (and many others) You immediately laugh, then leave. The stereotype of the nutjob ufo fool has been perpetuated in your mind, and the laughing newscaster that caused you to even look further into the subject has been vindicated.

Now I see your problem... You care what other people think when they visit ATS! You really care! (though, you're definitely good at hiding it

So, by the same logic, let's imagine someone who read on ATS something about FBI's concern about Chinese hackers (someone genuinely interested in the subject of espionage). Let's imagine them browsing through other forums here, and, to their utter amazement and repulsion(!), discovering that ATS is a conspiiiiracy forum! What a shock they would suffer!

I can't stand the very thought of how shocked those people would be in that moment. It's simply too emotional for me...



I propose that ATS stops being conspiracy forum! It should switch to IT stuff dealing exclusively with hardware and software matters.

Or, even better! I propose that ATS deals exclusively with movies, TV shows, and computer games (but only the un-shockable ones). Latin soap TV shows (only the ones with at least 100 episodes) would be most preferable.


Now that we have that matter settled, I would like to officially state that OP's story stinks to me too, but not of OP's intentions (which I know of as much as anyone around here). It stinks of psyops. A very clumsy, amateurish psyops (attempt).

Who's behind the attempt? Humans or aliens? Well, that's the question worth looking into!

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 01:59 AM

Originally posted by Vimes
Last night on my way home i saw a bright light, got into an accident, woke up somewhere that i didn't know, very "white" and bright all over, next thing this humanoid looking dude comes in and starts swearing at me, and telling me how pathetic we humans are and that he can't wait for the war to begin to wipe us off "their" ? planet...

Woke up in my bed this morning with a dent in my bumper....and a headache...

Ok the first thing is there is no way of knowing if this actually happened we need some hard evidence and the bumper isn't enough.

Second if an alien abducted you i doubt it would be speaking our language and giving away their plans!

Too farfetched

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 02:41 AM

Originally posted by Grock
Beings of that nature dont need to speak with their mouths, they speak with their minds.

Hmm... This simple statement immediately reminded me of something.

I've read from several different sources (at least one of them with high credentials in my eyes) of human-like beings "made" in human laboratories (cloned, but also "enhanced" to a degree). In essence, human-created human-alien clones.

While they supposedly have some abilities better than ordinary humans, they don't have telepatic ability. They would indeed be forced to use spoken language just like any ordinary human.

Some of the sources claimed that these "neo-humans" see themselves so distanced from ordinary humanity that they are for all intents and purposes - aliens. They work with ordinary human scientists, but see humanity as a backwater of evolution. They also see themselves as the new, improved version of humanity. Rightfully, since they are superior to ordinary humans, they think that this planet belongs to them. Thus, according to them, the "old humanity" should be (obviously) wiped out in the process.

In a sense, it's no different from the neanderthal-to-cromagnon replacement. The two had a very short period of living side-by-side, but the neanderthal quickly dissapeared after cromagnon's appearance.

Neandertal was a species of the Homo genus (Homo neanderthalensis or Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) which inhabited Europe and parts of western and central Asia. The first proto-Neanderthal traits appeared in Europe as early as 350-500,000 years ago. By 130,000 years ago, complete Neanderthal characteristics had appeared and by 50,000 years ago, Neanderthals disappeared from Asia, although they did not reach extinction in Europe until 30,000 years ago.


Cro-Magnons lived from about 45,000 to 10,000 years ago in the Upper Paleolithic period of the Pleistocene epoch. Cro-Magnon were anatomically modern, only differing from their modern day descendants in Europe by their more robust physiology and slightly larger cranial capacity. Of modern nationalities, Finns are closest to Cro-Magnons in terms of anthropological measurements.


This story is turning out to be much more interesting than I initially thought... The psychology of human-created human-alien clones is such a fascinating subject. Almost like the subject of unicorns, but with better possibility of meeting one some day. I can hardly wait!

[note: I'm actually not joking here. I am really looking forward to meeting our egocentrically-evilish "cousins". Maybe they can show me the way to their masters, which I'm even more looking forward to meeting some day.]

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 02:50 AM

Originally posted by Pilot
There is really no way to PROVE a story like that on a forum, even with pix and videos and transcripts and any other kind of medium-people will call hoax.

Oh.. on the Contrary... (and BTW.. I'm speaking as a UFO field researcher, not as a mod)

Lets imagine that the story is true, and the Original Poster really wants to perform a service to the community... (I mean really.. who amongst us can say that we've had our car smash into an alien craft), wouldn't you want to do everything conceivable to prove a story like that? Seriously... what good does it do any of us to just have a very brief and sketchy minimalistic detail of an event without moving forward on some form of investigation.

If this had happened to me, before I had even posted anything at all on ATS (because we are the optimal site for any type of querying and skepticism on most topics because "we do attempt to deny ignorance" by some of the most astute people in the world),,, I know that I better have all my facts straight and attempt to be as truthful and forthcoming as I can, because otherwise.. why am I even speaking about the event???

Again.. with that said, if this had happened to me;

(1) I would've first grabbed a tape/digital recorder and would try to remember everything I could starting with my my driving minutes before the accident. I'd try to remember as much in verbatim the circumstances and the event as it unraveled before me. How long it may have taken before I was aware of my situation being out of the ordinary. I'd try and remember exactly what vulgarities were "spat out" at me by the alien and what he/she looked like, etc. I would then listen to it and try to imagine myself at the moment again to see if anything else may have been left out as I'm listening to my recording. I would drive myself (or have someone drive for me that exact route.. again with my taperecorder and try to recall the event. I would photograph the area that I hit the craft and search for any possible debris, etc. I'd bring a Geiger counter and other devices to check the area out with and treat it as a 'crime-scene' (I mean we were abducted weren't we, and that is a crime..right?).

(2) I would attempt to sketch a drawing of the craft, the alien, the inside interior of the "disinfectant room". Written down what the weather was like and all other pertinent information surrounding a UFO event.

(3) I would have someone inspect me for unusual marks or discoloration on my body and photograph any that may be there. And if there was anything unusual I would go straight to a doctor to have the area medically looked at so that there would be official medical documentation of it.

(4) I would take numerous photos of the the car and then of the bumper.

(5) I'd inquire with neighbors if they had heard or seen anything at all during those hours. I'd search the newspaper and all local news outlets (IE: radio, TV etc.) if anyone had made any reports.

(6) I'd call the local authorities to see if anyone had reported anything strange in that location during those hours. I'd then make a report with them.

(7) I'd contact a UFO reporting center and make my official report with them on the incident.

(8) I'd take the bumper in to be analyzed by an established laboratory to see if anything could be garnered and analyzed.

(9) I'd seek a hypnotherapist to see if I had any repressed memories of the incident, and I would have it documented as well in both audio and video..

And anyway.. that's where I would start before I would even think about then coming to a board and offering up for scrutiny and examination by everyone else.. (and obviously I'm not giving the whole itinerary of things I would be doing) I mean what is my goal here? Is it to offer the world a fantastic story/event that I can back up with whatever my investigation has left me with.. Or am I seeking some form of Digital-ego satisfaction with a lack-luster and sketchy story? Seriously.. if I had even the smallest amount of proof that I had some strange metallic pieces in my bumper.. what a incredible find that would be. Or if I had some spittle from when the Alien was spatting vulgarities and some of the was on my shirt or pants.. Again.. What an incredible discovery.. One could make a ton of money simply on the "talk circuit" not to mention the book and movie deals.. Remember Fire in the Sky, the Travis Walton Story, this would be as big if not bigger than that I would guess..!

Personally.. If this 'had' happen to me.. there would be a few choice associates I would call immediately and tell them about the event and have them help me try to find/seek some answers... and it would probably be month's if not years before I felt I could publicly declare anything about the event and where the investigation had led me.

Even after all that I had done along with the photos and lab results, copies of my report to authorities and reporting center, medical records.. even then.. if nothing were to be conclusive.. I alone would've felt that I had done as much as humanly possible to try and find some answers... And even if there were still members that did not believe that the event had happened, I would be taken more seriously regardless of how incredible the story may be, because I attempted to "prove" that something did indeed take place... Would everybody be happy with that? Nope, but there would be more supporters than skeptics, and even the few skeptics would have to admit that I had tried to find out "Something", even if nothing turned up because I had a paper and person trail that could be backtracked...

Now I realize that this poster may have just had an accident and maybe he's still dazed and confused. And perhaps that's even another avenue we should be looking at rather than the claims being made, but he certainly has had his share of strange events happen to him lately such as in his post here:

I'm being stalked by a scientologist!!!

But I'd just like to point out that Vimes Introducing Vimes (AKA "Sir Samuel Vimes Duke of Ankh Morpork Commander of the City Watch, Ambassador to Uberwald and Black Board Monitor" ) made a post below on page four (his last sentence) that I think sums up how we should be considering his current account;

Has anyone read Necromonicon?
"No one knows for sure, unless someone can come up and provide some substantial evidence..."

And I agree wholeheartedly.. because extraordinary claims do require extraordinary evidence... And the burden of proof lies upon the one making the claims.. otherwise.. well most of us have already shared our opinions haven't we now..

And BTW you posted on page two (2) of this current thread in a reply to "IgnoreTheFacts " by saying (and I quote):
"sniff sniff i smell jealousy, your just jealous cause nuthin weirds ever happened to you, well, to each his own, i was the same, untill it happened to me... i dont care who on here believes me or not, i had an experience and a story to tell, believe it, dont believe it, diss me or whatever.."

I can almost guarantee you that no one here is jealous of you and your story... worried and concerned.. is more probable

Edited for typos;

[edit on 4/30/2008 by JohnnyAnonymous]

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 02:58 AM
I thought the OP was hilarious, until it turned out he was being serious...

My thoughts, assuming of course that this isn't the worst hoax ever concieved, is that the individual was involved in a fairly serious accident, and blacked out at some point. (should have gone straight to the hospital I think) The fragile human memory being what it is, naturally glued together the fragments of memory of the incident together with bits of imagination (this is actually a pretty common thing) and when the poor guy woke up the next morning, the angry guy yelling at him about him hitting his car turned into an alien and maybe some aspect of his rant (..I just got back from the war.., something to that effect maybe) warped itself to fit more appropriately with his new memory.

If however, this does turn out to be a hoax, I hope the poster is banned. Not for hoaxing so much, as for hoaxing so poorly.

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 04:25 AM
Holy crap people, i really did not expect this kind of response...

First off everyone, i am NOT some ufo enthusiast, or a conspiracy master, my interests on this site lies more with the current war and things like that ok ?

So all you who tell me oh but the first thing you shoulda done is this and then that and had my story more straight...shut up.. allright ?

I am not insinuating it WAS a ufo, or it WAS an alien, but from what I saw, heard and experienced it all screamed ufo...

for all i know i could have had a demonic experience, but that still doesn't account for the dent in my bumper, and im sorry when i say bumper i mean my spoiler....i dont have any airbags, no bruises or scars and my ass is not sore cause i wasn't anal probed or anything either..

Imagine driving down the road, and this bright light starts swerving at you in mid air, and then "nothing" and u wake up to some evil looking thing screaming profanities at you..

so let's say this was not a ufo encounter.....what else could it have been, and DON'T tell me i was dreaming...please!! i was driving home, and still had 6 missed calls and 3 sms's from my mom the next morning cause i normally call and say i am home safe, and this time i didnt....

I don't have to prove anything to anyone, this is what happened to me!!

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 04:40 AM
I would get the car's exhaust system checked out and make sure there is no carbon monoxide leaking back into the passenger area of the car. A little carbon monoxide and a little imagination can go a long way. Deer have big eyes, too.

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 04:49 AM
Originally posted by Amaterasu

The craft was here on Earth to begin with... The road was lightly traveled at that time. Superhuman they are not, and it might be noted that the lizard-hearted are not extremely bright.
Ok. With the overwhelming amount of proof you have displayed i have to agree with you here.....not.

If you have the correct information, understanding the event becomes easier. But only if you accept the information in the first place - which I suspect you are not going to do.
So, any information that you sprout is correct, anybody argueing.....incorrect, yep, i get it. So i can come on here and say according to my infomation, what you claim, doesn't exist, there are no lizard men, underground in space....anywhere, well maybe they are printing David Ickes next book....i might consider that. if according to what you say regarding the intellect of the lizard hearted is somewhat questionable, how have they fooled the vast majority of people.....oh, hang on, only the smart and awakened, special people like you know about them. Wow, but you have no proof, only your word, thats not very smart is it.

Nothing to see here, move along, move along.
Your are so correct. But it appears people see alot of things, like lizard men crashing into cars with ships that have always been here that belong to dumb aliens that nobody but the Special awakened ones know about. You said in a previous post people like to put people like you into box.....did it have padding on the walls. Maybe it is for your protection, don't want you getting hurt on isolated roads and by ships and lizards and whatnot. And you think we don't care about the special people.

[edit on 30-4-2008 by atlasastro]

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 04:50 AM
Great story. I find it revealing that the world theatre is finally taking place. I already missed WWII years ago. Not to mention the endless made for tv footage that is reeled all day and night on cable. So this is great news. The disclosure is around the corner.

War is coming everyone.

This is my ticket. I always wanted to fly around in one of those black triangles. It just goes to show the bad guys are always way cooler. And now my dream is finally coming true.

Hey tell your buddy next time you seem him that I said it was a gift.

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