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The Fifth of November?

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posted on Oct, 12 2007 @ 11:42 PM

Those are the bolded letters that have been scattered through the posts.

Sounds Latin as is, but it isn't. My bet is that it means nothing, but i went through all 38 pages anyway in case it does.

Some seemingly out-of-place bolded words were:


(Some of these were posted by Mods and Super Mods, not necessarily staff, so they may not mean anything either, although if i were them, i'd try to add to the confusion by asking moderators to chime in and muddy the water).

Another attempt:

dollnean- ngcniualcy evo, evoui shleeoig cnteint itdntion, crtoea ayald bpisgni


llean- gni , hleg i id, sce y gi
essfnf u

revolution content nyc condition above media planet ats

(above top secret fit as well, but not with revolution at the same time)

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posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 05:03 AM

Originally posted by V Kaminski
Here's a tool for that cipher, here.

EDIT: Tried it - bupkus...I still think it's letter pulls with the first letter or last as the "anchor" and subs from forward word text but I think SO made a reference to "backward" at some point. Could be a sequential swap forward, backward, forward. Two steps forward, three steps back?
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Hi Vic,
thanks for your comments, btw (and also NBAYSOH too)...Looks like a lot of us are thinking along the same lines as to the purpose of all this -- if not, perhaps, how to solve the riddle.

Anyway, you could be on to something. On p.21, elevatedone again referred to "imagine" but this time gave the "bolded" letters in this order:
This can be read as: Reverse fist two letters in starting point of text, run next three sequentially, reverse next two letters -- and so on. Of course, that is assuming the first "I" in the word is in fact the right one and the first "I" in this word has not actually been moved forward five spaces...

In any case, I'd agree with other posters who have seen the syntax problems, meaning that it appears the "beginning" is at the end. That doesn't mean any decoding of this sequential type can start at the end, but it could start at (say) the first letter "I" nearest the end.

Regarding Elvish language. I doubt it, unless a Caesar code (at least) has been applied and the text then converted into an anagram. If it's a simple Caesar code then it doesn't seem to yield much in an anagram solver/generator. (Meaning I've tried that already.)

For anyone who wants a look at Tolkien's Elvish in brief, then try [Tolkien _Lexicon]
If you'd like to try developing something with a keyed Vigenere Cipher then you can use this site, which also has many other links and is a chat forum for rather brilliant people who do this kind of thing for fun: []
Maybe someone here could set up contact with them and ask them nicely for some help? They'll probably roll around laughing at how "easy" it is for them and hand us the answer in a few hours. (These are the sort of people who think shifting-base cyphers are fun!) I'd like to do ask them but (a) we're heading out on a visit now and (b) I think it's US-based so the time difference is a problem (as always).

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posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 05:17 AM
I tried an edit to my post (above) to include a link for downloading a "free trial version" of an anagram generator that will handle the entire "message". Note that the link I'm providing is only to a page that has a link to the actual download page. This is because the co. does not allow direct downloading from another website. Also note that this free trial will only let you try ten different words/phrases, but you can mess about with each phrase as much as you like, including giving it commands to make certain keywords "compulsory" in the solutions. Anyway, the link to the download link is [here]

Hope this helps! It's a good tool for this job, anyway. I was wondering if we could co-operate on this and agree to try different sets of "key words" each in an effort to crack the puzzle. (Assuming it's a straight anagram or a modified Caesar which has then been anagrammed.)

EDIT: If you wish to download the software, you do not need to supply them your email address. Just click the option it has and you can download it direct without giving them any personal details. (Of course it reads your IP but that's about it.) Also: the "phrase" you input can be almost any length. So I have tried the whole message, plus broken it into three chunks for other tries (which gave me a couple of anagrams I posted earlier.)

My feeling is that "revolution" will be one of the key words, and I also suspect "digital" and "dynamite" may be in there as well -- along with "conditions". They all fit. But after entering the whole "message" phrase, you can re-try "n" times, with as many or as few "compulsory" words as you wish. If words you want aren't listed but you know they can be made from the "message", just click "add" and enter them, and if you want to make them compulsory in the solutions just right-click on them in the word list and select "compulsory".

I have to wife awaits at the shops....

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posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 10:34 AM
Could I ask for SO to post the riddle in text form not as an image, doing this would break a theory of mine of its origin

, crtoea
common see our toe easy

See our toe does come from a book Seekers of Truth.

I have a few other ideas on words I posted earlier on thread

d__olne_an -
the only adage

n__ g c__ n__ i u__ al_ c__ y
and g see and i you all see why

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posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 10:40 AM
Knowledge is Power...

Exictement, can't wait for the dynamite to go bOOm

posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 06:06 PM
The text was delivered by SO in the form of a graphic... same with the flow chart... same with some other posts... Nah, no-way, nuh-uh, couldn't be... what if.. imagine... OK.

SO is big-time cranial , not just hip to the digi-age... he writes it. Look around... what do you see? See? History being made by you.

What was the hot "media" here in the last while (pre-reptile-mania) any guesses? No?. How about drones? Wait, don't run the other direction. I won't "meme" or maim you. It's a manageable chronic condition. LOL.

I know the "D" word and the "C" word rile many, bore others. Well, one or more of the discussions lead some to consider steganografic encryption buried in the ones and zeros of the raw code of the graphics. Very upscale tech. A very "21st Century" encryption.

It went nowhere in that instance that I am aware of but it is leading edge cryptography... SO is leading edge and on the pointy end if you look him up in the dictionary... complex-tastes in challenges. User-Vic-vexes-rolls-dice... 'nuther log on the digital camp-fire. Try and put yourself in SO's shoes for a moment. How difficult should it be? Could it be?

What if... Imagine... OK. Phase II. What might that demonstrate to "others" if it were exceptionally difficult to solve... that potentially collaborative solution would be ample evidence to a potential partner of synergy of the value of the concepts spoken of by Springer. Ideation. Look at the demographics of this site. It's (you) pretty smart and despite what one might see on the surface on rare occasions. There is no other online community that is better equipped to solve the challenge delivered by SO. ATS is "the" place.

Outrageo. Dude, was it you that was looking into that steg-stuff? Your a leader man, what do we need to do to get this done? What do you folks think or know about "steg"? Consider that it may be "workin" on several levels including the text... it was presented for evaluation graphically by SO. Was there software? Nah, couldn't be.

Member Outrageo are you "up" for this? You have my support to be lead-user man. Anybody else? Who's in for a little "intellectual sweat-equity"?

It won't go away till it's solved - the sooner the better. Many hands make light work. You are the power, remember?

Cheers, and luck to all!


Remember, remember the 5th of November.

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posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 07:12 PM
Roll-over Encryption (sung to Chuck Berry's Roll-Over Beethoven)

A one, a zero... a one-two-three-four!

Im gonna write a little letter,
Gonna e-mail it to ATS today...
Its a rockin' encryption
I want SkepticOverlord to play.
Roll-over encryption, I wanna learn with ATS today.

You know, my ideation's risin'
And the "jukebox" welds on a clue.
My brain keeps firin' neurons,
And SkepticOverlord keeps on thinkin' the clues.
Roll over encryption and tell MSM the news.

I got the digi-pneumonia,
I need a shot of - data and clues.
I think I'm scrollin' to fight this...
Sittin down by the terminal innoculated with ATS peer-review.
Roll-over encryption - we're lockin' in to that clue.

Well, if you feel you like it, you can -
Go call your brother, then really decode it.
And Roll-it-over and move up on it just
A trifle further and really decode it,
Roll it over,
Roll-over encryption - we're lockin' in to "the" clue.

Well, early in the mornin' - I'm a-givin' you a warnin'
Don't you step on my ATS clues.
Hey diddle diddle, the cat of the bag's in-the-riddle,
Ain't got nothin' but clues.
Roll-over encryption and tell MSM the news.

You know it dangles like a carrot,
Just a little out of reach...
Got a crazy partner, call it "freedom of reach"
Gotta see us - really decrypt it.
Long as we - got a plan, Deny Ignorance will never stop.

Roll-over encryption,
Roll-over encryption,
Roll-over encryption,
Roll-over encryption,
Roll-over encryption and dig these SkepticOverlord clues.



posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by V Kaminski

Vic, if I could star you for that 10 times over..I would!

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 02:24 AM
Now we just need him to sing it and post it up in a podcast. Who else thinks this is a good idea?

In any event well-written, and even better, it evokes the true sense of what it's like to be an ATS member right now. Very exciting.

C'MON SO, throw us another bone man... we're scratchin' our collective heads here.


posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 04:53 AM
this might not have anything to do with this but...

look at the a

its bolded, might be linked to this.


posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 06:59 AM
reply to post by roswell1

All the clues are supposed to come from the Amigos only...not sure why that "a" is bolded.
I'm with The Borg here Bill, we just aren't getting it...unless you planned it that way...
Yes I do feel like a donkey right now.
I believe we are all banging our heads in frustration.Hows about another clue?

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 08:46 AM
I have no claim on that tune... you wouldn't want someone with a speech-impediment like mine to sing - please trust me on that - makes Rosey Barr sound angelic... The SPCA, Humane Society and Amnesty International and Chuck Berry's estate might get "all bent out of shape". I posted it, anyone can do as they choose with it (within the ATS T and C). Pod, broad or web-cast... let 'er rip.


"If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'." , John Lennon...



EDIT: To add an info "bump"... "Got a big job? The web may be able to help" backgrounder.


[edit on 14-10-2007 by V Kaminski]

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by V Kaminski

Hmmm. Vic, I like the way you research...that link could be a possibility...
Does not help with the puzzle though.

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 11:38 AM
I thought I might have found something at this blog but it was from 2006 and discusses London's Soho..

It has interesting parallels to the ATS keywords

Evolution, Revolution, the Mask and an interesting comment

In the OLD model - science always led the way for business.

The universal requirement in establishing the NEW model - is that business, science and the consumer work collaboratively in combination for the collective good of the whole.

ONE of Bill Gates ‘Management Policies' states -

Eliminate politics, by giving everybody the SAME message

I don't know if this fits in or not but thought it was interesting and thought I would share in case the code breakers might find something in here to help solve the puzzle.

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by JacKatMtn

Wow that really hits the mark for me, I am presuming east/west conflict in my interpretations. I also speak of old order, and the new global order, which is my interpretation.

Note how after my interpretations AccessDenied said Kowledge is power. and the word. "evo" using my method is evil as one of the meanings

e v o

In the context of Evolution v Revolution - on this day of balancing the positions of Guy Fawkes and V for Vendetta - and in consideration of the fact that EVIL is the power of knowledge without humility - should we not, at long last, be considering - the replacement of an - OLD ORDER “MINDSET” - exemplified by a natural suppression of individual creative thinking - in a world of East/West, North/South, the Establishment and the people - a world in which real technological development is constrained by old order attitudes, concepts and thinking - into a - NEW ORDER ENVIRONMENT - based on the concept of the world being comprised of individuals, families of individuals, nations of families and a family of nations developing their thinking skills to enable the seeing into and understanding of things - such that we can collaboratively turn - information into knowledge - knowledge into ideas - ideas into wealth - for the collective mutual benefit of global society

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 12:00 PM
evo,evoui shleeoig
evil common evil you I is angel ?? (oricle / owe I g)
evo ,______ evo_u_ i s__hl___ee_(oig___/ o i g)

[edit on 14-10-2007 by Redge777]

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 01:18 PM
Hi everyone,

Longtime lurker, first time poster here. I've been reading through the thread the last few days, and I have an idea that I didn't see mentioned anywhere before. If it is a quote as a giant anagram, and if the order of the words is reversed, Einstein fits as the last word (the quote's author)

Maybe an Einstein quote about dynamite or revolution?

Hope it helps!

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 01:56 PM
Good thought nomad'... that's a buncha quotes. The one about sheep is hilarious. Who cracked "Enigma"? Take a poll? LOL. Run that up the flag...

Einstien's "Revolution" was unfinished - books about that.

"Look deep, deep into nature and then you will understand everything better." - Albert E.

To be honest I want to someone to solve this - not me, no skills. I'm enjoying "not knowing" about this particular challenge - I like a good surprise and really, really like seeing folks solve stuff.

But I can root for the home team! Go Team Go! And this...

An Ode for change...

We believe in changes, we see it everyway
We know it's not too late -
to fade the ignorance away!
What if... we gather our shared-spirit-voice together
The ATS community can change this planet's fate.
ATS dreams in a new vision, holding out a new plan
Make "them" remember the 5th of November!
You know it's not too late!

Together, we're gonna get it together
Bring all the peeps together
Imagine... We're gonna take it to "them" together
Time to make the changes together...
Give ignorance the "pink-slip" on the 5th of Novemeber
Don't give up the fight...
the 5th of November will be digital-dynamite.

Together. ATS can get it together
Bringing all fine-peoples and friends together
We're gonna take it to "them" together
Time to make the changes together
Remember, remember the 5th of November...

It's time to end the silence of noise
It's time to make a difference for ourselves
It's time, your time, our time for celebration
It's time you take your power - bring back within and without what used to be our nations-fair
and build an new one - ATS does care!
It's time, its time, it's time. Rise Up.
Remember, remember the 5th of November...
Members rise and show your power.

Together. Together were gonna get it together
all the ATS ideas together (were gonna get it together)
Bringing all the peoples together (It's time! It's time! It's time!)
We can take it together
Time to make the changes together
Remember, remember the 5th of November...

It's time to end the silence
It's time to make a difference
It's time, it's time, it's time for celebration
It's time you take power, bring us back inside the ideation-elation
It's time it's time it's time.
To make "them" remember the 5th of November!

Together! Together! Together!
All of the voice together!
Bringing all the people together
ATS is the precision-inked "quill" not just a ruffled feather...
Rise up! Rise up! Rise and show your power!
Remember, remember the 5th of November...
Make "them" remember the 5th of November!
Remember, remember the 5th of November...
"What if" and "Imagine"...
Don't give up the fight...
They didn't see it coming...
They never considered the 5th of November will be digital-dynamite!

(loosely based on a lyrical-work by L Segato and another idea by "Nash The Slash" aka Jeff "Dyno" Pluman back in the 300 Baud BBS POTS days)

I wager 4 quatloos on the newcomers... "Chuck Berry" has passage on Voyager I. LOL.



posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by V Kaminski

Dang it are making me wish I could star you again...
Why can't you be that good with Puzzles?

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by nomad1272

Welcome to ATS.... I was just thinking how ironic it would be for a new member to solve this.
Always looking for new ideas...!!!

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