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Osama Bin Laden arrested by FBI in Brooklyn?

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 06:04 PM
THis is a big thread, so this may have been addressed already.

I am confused about a few things.

Leslie Powers searched for 'the director' on myspace, because its a nickname of bin ladin. It turned up this page:

She beleives that it is bin ladin, because of the nick name.

That seems a very weak connection. Also, myspace is not anonymous, anything on the internet really isn't anonymous. Bin Ladin would probably know that, and not be directly accessing the internet from, say, a home computer.

You then further explain the connections here:

If you translate it using Systran it talks about the dwindling seahorse population off the coast of Dubai, Bahrain. (Don't use google translator, it confuses seahorses and hippopotames) This made a light bulb go off in my head because I had seen several suspicious-looking Myspace accounts from people claiming to be from Bahrain. I thought that perhaps Osama lived in Bahrain and was concerned about the plight of the Bahrain seahorse, so he used it as his symbol.

Bin Ladin is a yemeni, and his family moved to Saudi Arabia. I don't think that there is any connection to Bahrain, let alone that he lived there.

Then you tied to find hits on other aliases of bin ladin in bahrain, and found "Hussain7 Hajji "and found that that email was used to discuss a soccer game, but you think that it was all a metaphor for an attack.
Then you found a profile:

I also found a profile on an Arabic Website Note the scrollbar is on the left side of the page. Also this website is suspicious because if you translate the page using google translator, the entire page changes to something completely different. Scroll down and you will notice an ICQ number. I went to ICQ and looked up the ICQ profile. The person in the profile was named Hussain Ali in Manama, Bahrain.

How did you find the profile, what made you think it was for Hussain Ali?

Why does it matter anyway? You've shown that there is a person with the name Hussain in Bahrain. There are probably many many more people with the name Hussain in Bahrain, its a common name amoung muslims, it refers to one of the sons of their Imam Ali.

accidentally clicked a USA people search and noticed that there was an Ali Hussain listed in Brooklyn, NY

But then this isn't Hussain Ali in Bahrain, its Ali Hussain in New York.
Then your background searches verified that he had been in Brooklyn at least until 2001.

None of that adds up to it being bin ladin. All it does is show that there is at least one guy name Ali Hussain in New York, and I'd be that there are dozens of guys by that name.

Did you call the number and see if he is still there, or who is?

As far as the myspace account. It wasn't only created on 7-18-06, and then the user last signed on on 7-31-06. Sounds more like someone that started a myspace account, and then decided that they didn't like it.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 06:31 AM

That's a fairly worthy summary of some of the myspace issues to date.

Unfortunately we come up against Leslie's 'I just knew' sixth sense on these points. This is the single most frustrating and least credible aspect of Leslie's 'case' - the intuitive leaps that are made on issues that appear to be otherwise not linked whatsoever.

Leslie - as Akaryeon seems to have bowed out, could you please provide a total indication of how many calls and emails you made to the FBI in total please? You know like 60 calls, 20 emails or whatever.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 10:51 AM
I have read through your entire post.
Conclusion - I really don't know.
Firstly I see no real evidence of your claim (along with everyone else)
Considering the state of play and how 'underhand you gov is'
It for me is almost WITHOUT suprise that OBL would be caught in the US
Personally i thought he was there all along.

If he is indeed dead then there would be no reason to admit they have him
becuase it would cost them $50Mil and cause no end of problems like how to put fear back into the people.
But in reality it goes back to the UFO scenario.
Some may believe other may not the rest in the middle.
So long as you have that combination then you can get away with anythink.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 01:27 AM

The lack of a solid connection is as you stated it. I have maintained this is a hoax, and I still believe it is, but I am starting to see something a little more 'sinister' in it. This is my opinion and not everyone might agree but here is what is disturbing.

It seems to me that this is some sort of 'test', of some-kind. I don't know if it is done by the media or who.

When one looks at the evidence that the person Leslie Powers try's to offer, well quite frankly there isn't any.

I don't mean there is no evidence for us to see that this person talked to the FBI and so forth.

I mean as you have pointed out, the evidence is very weak, actually non-existent. The evidence that this person is Bin Laden etc.

So, I am starting to think that some-one is doing this intentionally to see either how gullible people are for whatever reason. Perhaps a University Study, perhaps the Media for an up-comming article, or even the FBI themselves.

I believe that this person is involved obviously with this and is playing a part, a part that has been contrived in advance.

It could be a test to see if people believe in things when there is no evidence, perhaps they think thats what 'other conspiracy's' are made of...They think they are made of 'nothing'.

But as many here know, there is evidence for other conspiracy's unlike this story.

You can't help but notice that there is no connection other then a Sea Horse and some Alias, but there is nothing really there at all.

Perhaps Dateline NBC is planning a show to try and show conspiracy's and rumours just fly even without evidence, to try and knock some of the other *REAL* conspiracy's and Leslie is just working for them.

I think *our* response and reaction is what is being watched here.

This is my thought on this, that is my gut feeling.

[edit on 13-2-2007 by talisman]

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 11:52 PM

Did you call the number and see if he is still there, or who is?
Airtrax went by there and knocked on the door. There was no answere. The entire complex seems to be abandoned these days.

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 11:53 PM

Leslie - as Akaryeon seems to have bowed out, could you please provide a total indication of how many calls and emails you made to the FBI in total please? You know like 60 calls, 20 emails or whatever.

It was a lot. I don't want to count it. You'll just make fun of me. A lot of the calls were really short, like 1 minute. I called and asked for an agent who wasn't there then I called back later.

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 11:56 PM

Why Leslie is calling using a 'cell', which is not secure, this type of pertinent information would have to be secure, they would have given her an alternative way of contact, a secure land line number etc.

[edit on 10-2-2007 by talisman]

why would i want it to be secure? I wasn't hiding from them.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 06:05 AM
Hi. I'm new here. I have a question for Leslie. How come all of your top "friends" on your myspace page don't have you on their top list? Not even one. It seems as if you just went friend collecting and slapped this page of yours together to better suit your claim. There were hardly any comments or any type of correspondence between you and your friends. Please explain.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 10:33 AM

Originally posted by SBDAL
Hi. I'm new here. I have a question for Leslie. How come all of your top "friends" on your myspace page don't have you on their top list? Not even one.
This is simply not true.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 03:54 PM
Okay with the exception of 2 out of her 24 top friends, none have her on theirs. Correspondence is limited at best. All I could find was a generic Happy Holidays comment and a Thanks For The Add. Also, the types of people on her list were shady to say the least. Everything from rock bands to female models to a butch ghetto woman. Only thing in common is that they're all lesbian. Also, she claims OBL logged in 2 weeks before his alleged arrest, yet it shows last login was 2.15.07. (I may not have read everything in this thread correctly) she claims she used myspace to track OBL down leading to his arrest on Aug. of '06, but she did not join the myspace community unti Dec. of '06.

Also, your avatar looks exactly like one of her friends main picture. Hmmm....

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 05:03 PM
Leslie Powers

why would i want it to be secure? I wasn't hiding from them.

That wasn't my question. A cell-phone is NOT SECURE period. I am talking about the FBI. If you had these contacts with the FBI and had passed on *IMPORTANT* information concerning *NATIONAL SECURITY* previous, then the FBI wouldn't have you calling them with information concerning *NATIONAL SECURITY* on a cell. That is obvious and can not be denied.

They would have given you a *SECURE* line period/ end of story.

The real question in this and I am now even more convinced is.

What media outlet is Leslie working for?

About a week or so ago, I posted a response talking about my *GUT* feeling on Leslie. Just going over her story, her responses to people here, it suddenly dawned on me.

Leslie, sounded like an actor. There is something in her response that doesn't sound authentic.

Well, it turns out a BBC producer who did a HIT piece against the 9/11 movement was interviewed on Alex Jones just a couple of days ago.

Near the end of the interview the BBC producer got into how 'myths' and 'conspiracy's' can get easily started on the internet and he suggests that this is why the 9/11 truth movement is false, because it grew from *MYTHS* that got repeated and picked up on the Internet.

I knew something like this was being thought in the media, I posted that well before that interview happened.

I now believe Leslie is trying to get this 'conspiracy' to 'catch fire' on the internet.

So a program like the BBC or Dateline NBC can do a show and say 'look how easy it is to do'. Then they would show their plant working on the computer chatting and starting some crazy rumour.

So they came up with some wild story and put it out there, like Bin Laden being captured in Brooklyn N.Y.

Its just like when Dateline NBC does those programs on perverts who get caught chatting with a 'plant' who gets a MYSPACE account.

Doesn't that sound familar?

The reason I think this is the case here, is because Leslie Powers and her story never added up, seemed a little strange for a hoax, however it is a HOAX but with a twist.

Leslie's answers are *evasive* and non-sensical. Take for example the above quote from her, she must have known what I meant when I spoke of "Cell Phones as Not secure".

It is obvious, but she tried to twist the meaning to say 'she is secure'.

The point is, she seems to avoid clear examples of the weakness of her story.

If this was involving NATIONAL SECURITY, I am sorry there is NO WAY that Leslie would be calling *TIPS* on a Cell-Phone after she had stopped OTHER TERRORIST attacks!

If you came to the FBI and was as good as the best informant with relevant info on National Security, they would give you a proper SECURE LINE TO CONTACT THEM.

Also is her refusall to give a LOGICAL answer to any these questions. And her lack of a real story of why someone in New York is Bin Laden. There is nothing there.

Another point worth repeating:
If she made these contacts at the FBI previous to Aug-12 why on earth is she calling the main number of the FBI in Houston on the morning of Aug-12!?

There are no answers.

And that is why, when you connect the dots. Put it all together, her NON-Evidence, Her evasive answers.
I have concluded this is the MEDIA trying to pull a fast one on us, trying to start some stupid conspiracy rumour.

So they can in the future run a show on T.V and say ''Look how easy it is to start a conspiracy these days".

I ask anyone to visit her Blog, see the absolute lack of any connection to anything, see her responding to me on this thread, look at her quote above and think about what I said.

[edit on 21-2-2007 by talisman]

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 07:06 PM
One more thing to add to my post above. It should be noted that Leslie and her response concerning a *SECURE LINE* seems to show that she never really had strong contact with the FBI else she would have known right away, the implications of what I was asking.

But, to further illustrate my point I refer everyone's attention to the Boston Globe. The following is on Sibel Edmonds who the article refers...

She had a job application at the FBI before Sept. 11,

''After I retranslated it verbatim, I went to my supervisor to say, 'I need to talk to this agent over a secure line because what we came across in this retranslating is gigantic, it has specific information about certain specific activity related to 9/11,' " Edmonds recalled

Now notice that Sibel Edmonds who works for the FBI, does her work. Becaue the issue has to do with National Security she knows she has to communcate over a *SECURE LINE*.

There is NO WAY Leslie Powers story is true. Any inforamtion coming to the FBI of National Interest must come through secure lines. I am not talking about a 'first tip' left by a private citizen.

I am following the Leslie Powers story to its logical conclusion. If she had made these contacts. She wouldn't be calling on an ordinary Cell.
She would have called another number on the morning of the 12 of Aug not the main number.

When you add these things up, I am now wondering what News Organization is trying to pull one on us?

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:37 PM
Hi there everyone,
Very interesting thread.

I'm only new to ATS, but have read most of this thread. WOW.

Here's something that I might add.
Here is a Google Earth Image of the address.

14 Brighton Crt, Brooklyn.

I hope I have it right but from what I can get is at 14 Brighton Crt, Brooklyn, NewYork. 4 th floor apartment. Number 14

In this image it appears that the building at this address is only a single or double floor building.

What do you think.


posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 08:44 PM
I can hear crickets churping here guys..........

I can't beleve no posts in the last 24 hours.

I know that being in OZ I'll always be ahead of you guys in the US.

but you can come out now.

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 08:51 AM
Mud I believe it's 14 Brighton Terrace, airtrax will correct me if I'm wrong about that, or maybe Leslie herself?

Talisman - it's no media scam, for a start it's not that accomplished and they would have polished out some of Leslie's more salient traits such as the compulsiveness in her behaviour for a start. The reason all her friends are no more than add requests from Leslie (which almost all state to be) is the same reason she banged on and on at the FBI when they told her not to call anymore. It's exactly the same, Leslie bangs on and on at other Myspace members to get them to add her to once again build up her own sense of pseudo-importance. Look at me and all my 'friends', look at me mr. Fed agentman I've got another 'hot tip for ya'.

If Leslie were a media scam then we would have got at least one piece of titillating evidence. But no all we got is squat and stuff that simply cannot be checked out either way.

Leslie has no clue about how the real world actually works, especially Intel. Man the dog poo guy was better at this kinda ATS joke remember him?

Just looking at the evidence of how the FBI treated Leslie from the start up until the 'don't call us anymore' point indicates enough for us to realise she's bogus. Let alone the call log that looks like a stalker bunny boiler harassing her lover who has spurned her. How many calls each day? Never a single call back? Heck the Feds should have gone legal on her for harassment and waste of federal resources. THAT's why she phoned around, because nobody would listen to her anymore. She was looking for a new mark. When she couldn't find one at the FBI anymore she found one in us.

It's all about compulsive attention seeking. It's not about OBL, computer virus and British airways that's all smoke and mirrors plus we can all see very clearly a rainbow, a seahorse, an empty myspace account two people called ali hussain and hussain ali, the green lady, the feds asking for lotto numbers etc etc. Doesn't add up to a hill of beans. Let alone the kind of conspiracy Leslie would have us 'believe'.

All Leslie has done is turn herself into The-Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf as far as the authorities are concerned and also the good people at ATS.

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posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 10:38 AM
oh yes I see the mysterious myspace account (who leslie says is OBL) logged in on 14th Feb this year. He has a friend now too, a normal looking chap.

So Leslie / Akareyon also... explain this one please? Has the Feds released him? Given him internet in his cell? or what?

I think this puts the 'busted' on Leslie now for sure!

see for yourselves

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 01:32 PM
His friend is Tom - the creator of myspace. Everyone is Tom's friend - as soon as you open an account Tom is there

What is weird is that most people delete Tom as a friend, not add him later on!!?!!


Anyone around here know of the thread discussing myspace being used as a possible NSA data mining operation? I tried searching but couldn;t find it. any help greatly appreciated

[edit to add links]

Found these once i tinkered with the search function

i think the second one is the one i remember reading in january - didn't go anywhere but made me think twice before putting up all my personal information

[edit on 24/2/2007 by alienanderson]

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 01:55 PM
my bad on Tom lol. But even so... he's logged in recently and also seems to have changed his name. Has anyone actually contacted him and sent him this link for his comments?

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 02:30 PM
no worries kickoutthejams (loving the KLF ref by the way) - i nearly added the director as a friend but am wary about myspace anyway

anyone else out there in ATS land less paranoid than me wanna add him as a friend and send him a link to this thread?

[edit on 24/2/2007 by alienanderson]

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 04:10 PM

The reason there isn't a 'good clue' is cause the media wants to show how a rumour can start even without one.

That is the reason I think it is the media, not the reverse. Normally people would think 'if it is the media surely they would leave something tangible'.

Not so, in this the whole point is to start something completely unfounded and without any evidence to show how far it could go.

The whole point is to get people to believe in something without any evidence, or if there is something it is very vague.

Think of it as a *TEST*.

Now, it could be that it is just Leslie and her own reasons for starting such a hoax, it is possible.

I think given her in-ability to give any sort of evidence but having an address, to me it looks like something a little more involved and I get the feeling it is the media.

[edit on 24-2-2007 by talisman]

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