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Stargates are real

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:11 AM

Originally posted by SKUNK2

There is definatley something on a strange orbit around our solar system.
And it has a tremendous mass, like a planet. People know this because pluto and neptune have a strange wobble that indicates a gravitational pull from some thing else.
This wormwood has to be craft of some type......If it's real, if it hit earth before,it had the power to leave the atmosphere.

I'm not entirely sure wormwood is "crashing" in the sense we think of crash, into the earth's oceans. it could be. it might be a future portent of a war in earthspace, that results in this thing crashing. i really don't know. not enough data, at this point. but wouldn't be a surprise if we learned that it had been here, all along, hiding, camoflaged or otherwise cloaked, and its occupants were the primary reason for all the suffering on the planet for the last 10,000 years.

it says in the biblical texts, that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against rulers of darkness in high places. i've even had waking visions of these guys, just floating in the area above the earth where the satellites are. they were like holograms and only visible from the chest up to the tops of their heads. it was like they were sitting at a console and it was as if i were looking threw the front portal of a spaceship at them but the ship was not visible, only their holographic looking bodies from the chest up, could be seen with the stars shimmering in the backdrop as if nothing was blocking them. anyway, they don't like all.

it was here that i thought perhaps it was a clue as to what the wormwood thing might mean, if anything at all, as regards my theory. was this ship they were in, wormwood? were these some of the "rulers of darkness" mentioned in the bible? and furthermore, were these the igigi anunnaki that, circumnavigated the globe, never came down to the planet, but somehow managed to interfer with humanity and abduct the populace? oddly, they looked completely human when i saw them. which is a surprise since i am of the impression that the anunnaki, such as enki, were serpentine/grey alien looking, just based on that figurine from ancient Eridu (enki's city).

regardless, either as a result of war in space above our planet, or some other cause, wormwood descends into our atmosphere and crashes into one of our oceans. this is something to consider however:

the text says wormwood poisons the water, 1/3 of it. not just the oceans, rivers and lakes, but the underground rivers and founts of the deep. it was at this point that i decided to study what john the revelator was saying he could actually see, and what kind of effect that might have on the written result. for example, was it breaking apart as it crashed? was it ejecting smaller craft as it crashed? was it deliberately plunging into the ocean with the express purpose of poisoning our water sources? it seemed more likely, considering the extensive damage to our water sources, that it was a methodical, calculated attack.

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:12 AM
I have heard of gates. However, always wondered if they were just portals of time and space ....Ae they on this planet as well? Just wondering?

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:13 AM
I hope your not getting any info from the "Bible".
and watch out theutahbigfoothunter, he doesn't like hearing

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:23 AM

Originally posted by jetflock

And what in God's name do you really know? I was not attacking you, and you seem to be very harsh and defensive. ALL of this can be interpreted in different ways. And whats so different between the two anyway-especially from our standpoint. stargate or rip in time/space, its still a damned gateway-if such a thing were to exist. How are you so right?

Wasn't meant as defensive. Those are serious questions. What do you think it meant? The reason i thought it relevant is, that part of the theory is contingent on whether the images of doorways with water flowing around them are trying to drive home the idea that this is a physical contraption, a device. and the hypothesis that Enlil's gate might have been carted off to Abydos, Egypt, and placed in the Osirieon, was the other issue. I'm not sure you could transport a wormhole, but you might be able to transport a device that opens a wormhole.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:27 AM
hmmm.....well, stargates seem so limiting, in light of similar myths around here....Personally, I have my own theories. Regardless, I do believe Iraq has an HAS had key pieces of human history.
I would sooner believe it held the "key" to the 4th dimension as opposed to something linear like a "stargate".
I enjoy your topic by the way.

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:27 AM

Originally posted by jetflock
I hope your not getting any info from the "Bible".
and watch out theutahbigfoothunter, he doesn't like hearing

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Yes, I use the bible. Alot. I also use alot of other ancient texts that some think are not useful,but i find them especially interesting in fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:30 AM
the bible is a collection of myths, myths taken from earlier texts myths-which COULD be true. I would personally go for older texts rather than any Christian books. Meh, I wish I could explain myself better-but its late an I am tired-maybe I can PM you or something when I feel less scattered.

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:33 AM

Originally posted by jetflock
hmmm.....well, stargates seem so limiting, in light of similar myths around here....Personally, I have my own theories. Regardless, I do believe Iraq has an HAS had key pieces of human history.
I would sooner believe it held the "key" to the 4th dimension as opposed to something linear like a "stargate".
I enjoy your topic by the way.

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While checkign out the gates of Paradise passages in the Epic of Gilgamesh, I learned a few more interesting things such as:

1. It was a set of gates, protected by some kind of radiant forcefield.
2. There were 2 "Scorpion" men that had power emitting from their eyes, that could strike a person dead. This i found interesting because it recalled to my mind that scene in neverending story where atreyu is trying to get passed the sphinxes at the portal thing. ever see that film?
3. Gilgamesh has to prove he can survive the passage thru the gates of paradise, and he does this by proving his lineage as 2/3rds god. Apparently, humans couldn't survive the trip.
4. They let him pass and he then spends a long time travelling in a totally dark tunnel, at the end of which are trees that grow crystals instead of fruit. it's just random stuff like this that makes you think the guy was trying his best to describe what he was seeing and using common items to describe them, but who the heck knows what he's actually seeing?

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:38 AM
i don't consider any of the ancient texts, mythological. i believe them to be historical documents, that also contain advice, genealogies, comfort,dietary plans, poems, moral principles, eyewitness accounts of events from mundane to extraordinary.
i'm a christian.
so yeah, i like the bible. ALOT.

but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the history in the other ancient texts.
i use the biblical texts to filter the sumerian ones. my reasons for this are based on the concept that each gruop of people who wrote about the events, did so from their cultural perspective. and that since the sumerian and akkadian texts are the mainstream versions of their history, that some of that was just as likely to have been manipulated as any of the others.

i'm a she, btw.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:40 AM
What drew me here initially was the parrallel between the thing similar to your last post, and the things Jack Parsons/Aliester Crowley claimed to have done. NOT that I totally believe them. Damn, I want to get more into this, but I REALLY have to sleep-and I am sure my own rants on this would be ignored-
Sleepy time for me before I garble my own words!
(I don't consider them myths either-though I think the christian books are garbage and/or inferior to the original stories)

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:53 AM
yes, this could rapidly turn into an argument of bible vs. akkadian / babylonian texts. (there aren't actually any surviving sumerian texts at this point. the akkadians wrote of the sumerian history in what is called exonyms. they did this because sumer had been destroyed and all that remained of its history were the memories of the akkadians. figurines and dishes, bowls and trinkets have been found since then, from sumer and earlier, but no cuneiform or other forms of writing, prior to akkadia, have been found. i'm not sure why this is. frankly, i'd like to know how or if their version would be different from the akkadian memories. these akkadian texts are still considered sumerian because they are writing about sumerian events from historical perspective.

where i have trouble with the sumerian history, are areas like enlil's reasons for the flood. the IEnoch version of this particular event, fits a great deal better and makes more sense, as well. it even ties more seamlessly into the history of india and the mahabharata.

anyway, that's what i call a can of worms. might wanna stay on the subject of the stargates, or this could end up being a different thread topic entirely.

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 06:05 AM
Undo how can you be a christian when stuff like this disproves christianity, it shows that it is a complete joke, like every other religeon on the planet.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 06:14 AM

Originally posted by SKUNK2
Undo how can you be a christian when stuff like this disproves christianity, it shows that it is a complete joke, like every other religeon on the planet.

I don't think it disproves it at all. I think this proves that our ancient history, whether biblical or not, is pointing to real events and real future events. 'Sides, I find the person of Christ, to be a man way before His time, with some of the best ideas and moral guidelines one could hope to follow. If I came even remotely close to following his teachings in total, my life would surely be alot better. Loving your neighbor as yourself. Forgiving those that have wronged you. Turning the other cheek. Patience. Charity. All good stuff. Meekness. Kindness. His thoughts and words on these topics are goals I find especially truthful and important. They ring true for me because the alternatives are so unattractive and counterproductive to the human species, to relationships with others, to pretty much most of life.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 08:48 AM

Originally posted by zorgon

Originally posted by dariousg
But I will leave that up to these fine 'learned' experts on this field. I'll keep on enjoying the ride myself.

LOL well this "learned one" doesn't buy into the end of the world in 2012 just because a calendar comes to an end of a cycle... The Mayans quite possibly have space connections, but a cycle is just that, it starts at the beginning. Even Sitchin does not say Nibiru will be back in 2012 I believe he doesn't give any exact date...

The other thing is that the Earth is supposed to cross the Galactic center on that date... well we crossed through the plane of the Galaxy 2 million years ago and are currently moving up and out from the rim... (we are 50 light years above the plane right now]

When I asked someone about this I was told the "galactic alignment" they refer to is an astrological one...

Besides... Nibiru means "crossing point" not "planet" IE a gateway

Oh, that's something that we agree upon. Not because of my education on the subject. Just because "I know" it to simply be. 2012 is not the end of the world. It's the end of an age. Sure, it may present hard times for many people (particularly those that cannot let go of the material plane or, well, their televisions) but for those that have come to a spiritual faith they will realize the transition.

Okay, hope that made sense. LOL

In other words, I agree.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 09:42 AM
On the subject of Parsons/Crowley/Hubbard

There were 2 workings, if I remember correctly:

1. The Alamantra Working performed by Crowley
2. The Babalon Working performed by Parsons/Hubbard and Parsons wife.

I believe this is an example of a really old misunderstanding of how the portals worked, dating back to the time of the Enuma Elish. You might be able to summon from the spirit realm, but this is not the same type of thing as Enki's gate or the gates of Paradise from the Epic of Gilgamesh.

To Open a Portal, One Needs to Recognize a Portal

Keep in mind, that the ancient past has been foraged from for millenia, to uphold various religious or non-religious positions, which by necessity, requires some descriptions be virtually ignored, while favoring others. But let's see what happens when all the descriptions are applied and the symbols are re-interpreted as an integrated whole. To achieve this with the ABZU references, we also need to incorporate related, associated symbols. One such association is the dragon or "Tiamat."

Tiamat also had the distinction of several different descriptions that seem totally unrelated. In the ancient texts it was referred to as a dragon, a monster, the salt water ocean or sea, the water of chaos, a goddess of birth, a constellation, and the gods and sons of god, also emerged from it. [3]

Some pick only the dragon definition to elaborate on, while others choose the water of chaos, the ocean salt water, or the birth goddess. And still others, assume Tiamat and Abzu are one in the same. And, they are all correct! Each of those definitions do indeed fit Tiamat, although it isn't the "Abzu" (or vice-a-versa), specifically, it does merge with the Abzu and even says as much in the ancient texts. Allow me to explain:

You see, the ABZU was an entrance to another place or many other places. It was a subterranean gate, apparently filled with swirling water, like a whirlpool. In the following excerpts, notice the gate is a conduit betwen the earth and heaven. Some believe that it simply meant the top of the Ziggurat was heaven and the bottom of the Ziggurat was the earth, but that doesn't fit with the rest of the information, especially the references to the gate connecting the "holy shrine" in the depths of the "sea" (a misunderstanding of "ABZU", which was also known as the "abyss") and the Field Constellation:

Your great house is founded in the Abzu, the great mooring-post of heaven and earth. [...]

The lord established a shrine, a holy shrine, whose interior is elaborately constructed. He established a shrine in the sea, a holy shrine, whose interior is elaborately constructed. The shrine, whose interior is a tangled thread, is beyond understanding. The shrine's emplacement is situated by the constellation the Field, the holy upper shrine's emplacement faces towards the Chariot constellation. (emphasis, mine) [4]

It was a doorway of sorts, a gate to the "netherworld" which was in reality, a gate to outerspace, and it had at least one exit somewhere by the constellation "The Field" (possibly a reference to the Great Square of Pegasus, more on that later). It was the access point to Enki's meeting chamber and at least one of his very special throne rooms.

However, every entrance or exit, needs a hallway in order to get from point A to point B, and that's where Tiamat comes in. Tiamat is the pathway through the hourglass. It embodies the application of "As above, so below," the figure eight ouroboros and the infinity loop. In short, Tiamat was a wormhole connected to the ABZU, which was the gate of the wormhole.

And I quote:

Your door is a lion who [seizes a man] [...]

With such a connection to the Earth, the gods and sons of god, could literally emerge from the ABZU, be "born" from it. It would appear as if the ABZU were giving birth from the birth canal of Tiamat's swirling waters. These are the "primeval" waters from which the prototype, primeval mound (Enki's E.ABZU), arose. This is also the origin of the belief that an interdimensional gate is opened via sex magic: The ziggurat or pyramid (and later, the obelisk and benben) representing a phallic symbol and the Gate and Tiamat, representing the vaginal opening and birth canal.

So, let's review what we know about Tiamat, so far:

1. Tiamat as a dragon, referencing that it's a wormhole, an ouroboros pathway.

2. Tiamat as "salt water ocean" merging with the freshwater ABZU, the two waters combining in a swirling whirlpool at the ABZU gate entrance.

3. Tiamat as the water of chaos, referencing the whirlpool formed at the ABZU gate connection to the wormhole.

4. Tiamat as a goddess of birth, referencing the emerging of the "gods" from the wormhole through the ABZU gate.

5. Tiamat as a constellation, referencing the wormhole connection to a place near the "Field Constellation."

Before you toss out the idea as ludicrous, consider that Enki's E.ABZU "ziggurat" (if you can really call it that), was entirely made of metals, talked, floated, hovered, made "roaring" sounds, glowed so brightly it lit up the area, had an interior that was "a tangled thread beyond understanding," had a door that "seizes a man", was connected to the Field Constellation, and gave advice! This was not an ordinary ziggurat, in fact, it was one of the first prototypes for all subsequent ziggurats, after the flood. However, the subsequent buildings did not have interiors that were "tangled threads beyond understanding!"

It was the prototype for not only later ziggurats, it was also the prototype for earthly "thrones" of glory, such as the throne of the Emperor of China

This leads us to the next question: so why and how would the god Enki build a space craft in ancient Eridu? From the textual evidence, it doesn't appear as if it was built in Eridu, but rather it came out from somewhere in the ABZU. It was already "built" when it rose out of the ABZU, and I quote: "An artfully made bright crenellation rising out from the abzu was erected for lord Nudimmud."[2] It simply rose up from the ABZU and planted itself on the spot. It "landed." Samuel Noah Kramer also describes this event, saying, "Then Enki raises the city of Eridu from the abyss and makes it float over the water like a lofty mountain."

It could be argued that the story is really just referring to the construction of the building, "rising" up as it was being built. If such is the case, he apparently built it from a model of something else he was intimately familar with and endowed it with some technically advanced features, considering the time frame! Afterall, how many of the post-flood ziggurats were composed "entirely of silver" (those bricks weren't just glazed with silver, they were "entirely" silver, covered with gold) and could "float?" Answer: none, as the post-flood ziggurats were simple mud brick constructions, crude copies of the original, which appears to have been a spacecraft and watergoing vessel of glowing metals!

Consider this quote from the ancient text entitled, "Enki and the world order":

"Grandiloquent lord of heaven and earth, self-reliant, father Enki, engendered by a bull, begotten by a wild bull, cherished by Enlil the Great Mountain, beloved by holy An, king, mec tree planted in the Abzu, rising over all lands; great dragon who stands in Eridug, whose shadow covers heaven and earth, a grove of vines extending over the Land, Enki, lord of plenty of the Anuna gods, Nudimmud, mighty one of the E-kur, strong one of heaven and earth! Your great house is founded in the Abzu, the great mooring-post of heaven and earth"

The mec tree planted in the ABZU. A grove of vines rising over all the lands. The great mooring-post of heaven and earth. Obviously, this is not referring to a simple ziggurat, and isn't it amazing that it also embodies "As above, so below?"

Notice how, in this particular tale, Enki is referred to as the "great dragon?" Was he literally a dragon? Perhaps, in a manner of speaking, he was. But remember, later, Tiamat would also be called a "dragon," who connected a place in the "Field" constellation [1a], to planet Earth. Since Tiamat was part of the "star gate" system at Enki's E.ABZU, of which he claimed ownership, it seems likely that he was simply being referred to, in a dramatic way, as the owner of said property. Afterall, he wasn't literally a wild bull or begotten by a wild bull and yet, that's exactly what's indicated in the texts. Rather, he was called the Great Star Gate, the Great Tiamat, the Great Wormhole, the Great Dragon, symbolically, as its owner and operator. Of course, he may have also been from a race of extra-terrestrial beings who appeared rather "Reptilian".

It might be pertinent to mention here that a specific group of angels, in the biblical texts, called "Seraphim," were serpent-like in appearance. Several authors have noted textual similarities between Enki and the biblical Satan, the "Serpent" or "Seraph" in the Garden of Eden. So it is possible the reference to Enki being the "great dragon," may have more than one application. For example, It's no small coincedence that Enki as the biblical Satan is, in this metaphor, a "dragon" or "serpent" in the "tree."

Also consider that the great dragon "stands" in Eridu(g) like the "mec tree," which is likely a reference to the wormhole with all its "branches", a grove of vines rising over the lands and also buried in the earth beneath the E.ABZU, like the root system of a huge tree.

How similar it looks to a tree with its branches spreading across the heavens and roots digging into the earth.

Still skeptical? Don't believe in the scientific possibility of wormholes? Allow me to provide evidence for your consideration:

Wormholes or white holes, are shortcuts, connecting distant points in space-time. Mechanically, they appear as double-ended, whirling vortexes, flared at each end and embody the hourglass shape:

Continued in next post...

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 02:21 PM
Over the last few decades, there has been quite a bit of debate over whether such a wormhole is physically possible. The amount of energy to sustain it, physicists argued, would be too immense and the passageway would collapse on itself in micro-seconds. However, in the last 5 years, the original arguments have been met with new findings, such as this one, reported in BBC News on April 12, 2000:

According to Sergei Krasnikov of the Pulkovo Observatory in St Petersburg, the new wormhole can create its own abundant supply of exotic matter. This way, the wormhole would be big enough and could stay open long enough for people to use.[2]

"What's new is that this wormhole actually generates enough to make it arbitrarily large," says Krasnikov who works at the Laboratory of Stellar Physics.

In 2005, a new argument arose against practical wormhole usage, but was immediately contested:

Calculations by the Oregon researchers show a wormhole that combines exotic matter with semi-classical space-time would be fundamentally unstable.

"We aren't saying you can't build a wormhole. But the ones you would like to build - the predictable ones where you can say Mr Spock will land in New York at 2pm on this day - those look like they will fall apart," Dr Hsu said. [...]

However, there is still support for the idea of traversable wormholes in the scientific community. One physicist told BBC News there could be problems with Hsu's and Buniy's conclusions. [...]

"Violations of the null energy condition are known to occur in a number of situations. And their argument would prohibit any violation of it," the scientist commented. [...]

The underlying physics of wormholes was not in doubt, the researcher argued. The real challenge was in explaining how to engineer wormholes big enough to be of practical use. [3]

So, theoretically, the traveller enters one end of the vortex and emerges on the other end. Another way to represent it is like this:

Notice how it's flared at both ends and thinner in the middle, which is called the "throat" of the wormhole (the throat or neck of Tiamat is usually depicted much shorter in length, but represents the distance between one point and another, or rather, between one star gate and another). Turned on end, it takes on the characteristic shape of the hourglass, the "As above, so below" symbollism, and the mec tree of the great dragon.

Marduk of babylonian fame, invited the gods to visit him in Babylon, his "Gate of the Gods," as they employed the gates between earth and heaven. It is believed he was partially quoting earlier stories about the ante-diluvian gods, as he had also absorbed their tales and activities, claiming them to be his own exploits. It is also believed, per the biblical accounts of the flood, the Tower of Babel, and the bottomless pit of Revelation 9, that the star gate or bottomless pit entrance at Eridu has been buried for thousands of years. If it has been dug up since then, it isn't likely that the general public would be made aware of it.

All these ante-diluvian symbols of Anunnaki technology, became religious icons, religious buildings and religious symbols following the flood. The mec tree or wormhole of the great dragon became the sacred tree on the temple grounds of mesopotamian temples. In essence, the Tree containing the Serpent in the Garden, had been immortalized on the sacred grounds of the temples of Akkadia and Babylon without the people ever fully realizing its meaning. The ABZU or star gate, became the primeval waters symbollized in the sacred pools or sacred water receptacles for ritual bathing in temples in the near and middle east. Enki's floating, speaking and flying palace, called the E.ABZU, became the model for ziggurats, pyramids and earthly thrones of power. And the hourglass shape, which defined the shape of the dragon, the wormhole and Tiamat, became a symbol for the power of the holy mountain, the power of the ziggurat and pyramid.

However, of special note is the hourglass symbollism represented by "Mt. Sumeru" or "Mt. Meru," of ancient hindu and buddhist history, which is depicted as a mountain formed in an hourglass shape. According to the mythology surrounding it, Mt. Sumeru has its roots in hell and its upper reaches in heaven. Upon the death of Buddha, it is said that Mt. Sumeru was broken in two at the intersection between the two triangles of the hourglass, breeching the connection between its upper, heavenly levels (the upper, downward pointing triangle) and the earthly levels (the lower, upward pointing triangle). In effect, the wormhole had been severed at the throat, the dragon Tiamat had been slain, cut off at the neck or cut in half (an event further elaborated on in the Enuma Elish), the bottomless pit had been rendered useless and buried.

Enki's "star gate", however, was not the only one. In fact, his sumerian brother, "Enlil," also appears to have had his own "Abzu"

"The Heaven-Earth Bond"

In the sumerian city of Nibru (Nippur), Enki's brother Enlil held court. He also had a marvellous construction called the E.KUR, which is depicted in the sumerian text, "Enlil in the E.KUR." As in the case of Enki's "E.ABZU," the E.KUR was quite an unusual construct. For example:

He has taken up residence in Nibru, the lofty bond between heaven and earth. [...]

The front of the city is laden with terrible fearsomeness and radiance. [...]

Its brickwork is red gold, its foundation is lapis lazuli. [...]

Its interior is a wide sea which knows no horizon.[...]

Its fearsomeness and radiance reach up to heaven, its shadow stretches over all the foreign lands, and its crenellation reaches up to the midst of heaven.[...][1]

In modern terms, this building has several surprising features! It is a bond between heaven and earth. It features a radiant facing or cover, which reaches up to heaven, like some ancient forcefield. It's made of, or the color of, red gold with a blue foundation. And for the clincher, the inside of it is a "wide sea which knows no horizon"! That's certainly an interesting way of describing an Abzu star gate - a wide sea which knows no horizon. Of course it knows no horizon, afterall, it's a star gate not the sea!

To further signify its connection to the Abzu as an underground star gate chamber, consider the following quote from "Enlil in the E.KUR":

Enlil , holy Urac is favoured with beauty for you; you are greatly suited for the Abzu, the holy throne ; you refresh yourself in the deep underworld, the holy chamber. [1]

Apparently, the word "Abzu" was used interchangeably for all the subterranean star gate chambers. In fact, this very thing is depicted in ancient Egypt! Few realize that the ancient egyptian city name of "Abydos" is in fact not an egyptian word at all. It's greek. The egyptian word for it is "Abdju," pronounced "Abzu", as described by Peter Goodgame in his book, "The Giza Discovery":

One of the first important cult centers for the invaders of Egypt was a place which came to be known by the Greeks as "Abydos." However, the Egyptian name is better represented as "Abedjou" or "Abdju." The sound "dj" is often simply given as "z," such as in the common rendition for the Step-Pyramid of Djoser as "Zoser." With this in mind we find that Abydos=Abdju=Abzu, which directly equates with the cult center of Enki known as the Abzu in Eridu.[2]

As a result of this discovery, the next logical step was determining where the subterranean star gate chamber was in ancient Abydos (Abzu), Egypt. And one need not look far to find it. It's called the "Osirieon" and its archaeological history, since its discovery, has been shrouded and emersed in controversy (as you can well imagine!). Afterall, "Abzu" was a sumerian concept and word, and yet here it is in one of the earliest cult cities of ancient Egypt.

Anyway, we find that Enlil was also in possession of a star gate and an Abzu chamber to put it in. The name of his chamber and star gate, however, was not simply Abzu, it was additionally called the "Dur.Anki", the "Heaven-Earth Bond." It also spread its shadows across the heavens, across the foreign lands. It also reached up to heaven from beneath the earth, as is indicated in its name as the "heaven-earth bond", also known as the bond of the universe (heaven and earth).

The argument that the heaven-earth bond was simply a reference to the E.KUR being high enough from which to observe the heavens, is rather weak in the face of the surrounding evidence, such as the mountain ranges and cliffs in the vicinity of Enlil's E.KUR. Certainly any nearby mountain would be much closer to "heaven" than a ziggurat construction. As a result, I find such arguments sorely lacking in validity in the face of the data regarding the terrain and the geographical setting of this ancient structure. In short, the heaven-earth bond, is simply that, a bond of some sort between heaven and earth! In fact, it harkens back to the opening concept of "As above, so below." Remember, Mt. Sumeru of the ancient hindu and buddhist texts, which was likely named after the E.ABZU or E.KUR of Sumer, was a connection between the depths of the Earth and the heighths of the heavens - clearly indicating it to be some kind of portal of travel.

The Star*Gates (incomplete ebook)

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 02:13 AM
okay so after all of this discussion about the stargates i have to ask what are we suposed to do about it, i mean its not like anyone of is is like just going to go in a crusade to find one

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 03:04 AM

Originally posted by razor1000
okay so after all of this discussion about the stargates i have to ask what are we suposed to do about it, i mean its not like anyone of is is like just going to go in a crusade to find one

Well don't know about you, but I am working on finding out who is in charge and see if I can take a ride...

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 03:48 AM

Originally posted by SKUNK2
Undo how can you be a christian when stuff like this disproves christianity, it shows that it is a complete joke, like every other religeon on the planet.

I don't find a quest for truth offensive to my religion even if it disproves it..

Also all of this, does not negate the existence of god.. it just further refines our perception of what god actually is and our understanding of the exact nature of it's/his/hers creation.

e.g. what if aliens made us, and they evolved.. and other life here evolved, and the earth wasn't made in 6 days and so on and so forth?
God still created the universe, and everything and every 'story' in it. We just don't know the exact details of it. and so some idea's are disproven over time, and some are proven etc.. untill maybe, we find the answers.

Besides i thought it common knowledge our modern religions are deratives of earlier religions.. we all have the same "characters" in 'em, just different names.

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posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by David2012
Besides i thought it common knowledge our modern religions are deratives of earlier religions.. we all have the same "characters" in 'em, just different names.

Maybe not so common
If only religious leaders would have your insight, there might just be a few less squabbles around the world and we can get on with some real knowledge seeking

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