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"Higher light answers for questions"

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posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 12:13 PM
Who created me?
Answer: You did From many states of mind.

Because I embodie all states in all spaces?
You did and do and have.

I am coglomeration of many states of my being?

You are piercing the light now.

I exist in everything so I would be able to pull information from that source?

You got it.

posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 01:17 PM
I've had some very spiritual/paranormal things that have happened to me, and would like to ask a question.

1. I've got a few life objectives I feel I need to do, but I can't possibly do each one in a lifetime, or can I? And if I can, can you tell me what they are?

It's an honest question, but I figured I'd test you a wee bit too

I've enjoyed reading your posts! Certainly seems enlightened to me.

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 12:59 PM
Where do we evolve in space?
Answer:The Nexus, the sun and the moon.

You are a ongoing of information through strings of light.

The Sun is your chariot.

Freedom rains down through you.

All Suns are the timekeepers of space and time.
Answer:Through centrifugal force.

They record homes of the living?
Answer:Through speed dilation, through a metamorphisis of transluscent energy.

Suns are the universes senders of information.

What are planets?
Sophisticated software for life.

How are they arranged?
Answer:Through speed dilation.

Where is the Earth Located?
Answer:Somewhere in between space and time.

Who harvests our moon?
answer:The space surgeons.

Who are they?
Answer:Stewards of worship.

Space syndicates.

The operators of life.

Who controls them?
Answer:They are a free form government.

What is the moon here for?
sychic Nutrition. Space labratory, Psychic Trances.

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 01:18 PM
So everything we see is a form of Frequencies?

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 01:42 PM
Why have I seen so many crafts?
Answer:Space semester.

A learning tool for you. Frequency raising.

what for?
Space treaties, it was designed that way (for you) to learn and see.

Space Treaties?
An organized group of beneficiuaries.

To create change, In your Time Pool. To change the molecular speed of life.

What do we represent?
Space. The all changing life forms.

So in a sense we are like teachers through our lifes role here on Earth because space moves so slow up there?


What does it look like for you?
Life changing form ever minute.

How do you keep up?
Space soccer, we have to keep an eye on the ball for information.

What kind of information?
Turbulent speed and rotation.

What for?
A change of direction. To see something outside of Earth.

Why now?
For your past's present sake.

You are engineered to live your life free.

Who engineers us?
Space occupation does.k
The space around us engineers us.

What's Earth in store for?

From where?
BOTH SUNS. One is an organizer the other is a distributor.

The sun is a white hole/blackhole yep, one pulls in while the other pushes out.

It depends on which side of space your in?You got it.

God i love probing the subconscious mind, a unit to space.

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by darcon

Formatted for the living in its unit of space time matter.

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 02:11 PM
I want to share something with you Manguard, and Excerpt from the book called Life After Death by Deepak Chopra.

"The cosmos is Nonlocal; that is, it can't be mapped as a location. After death we gradually stop being local. We see ourselves as we really are from the souls perspective: everywhere at once. This adjustment is probably the biggest obstacle any of us will encounter in the astral plane. Right now you are at the center of the universe because infinity extends in all directions, yet someone on the other side of the world is also the center of the universe, because infinity extends on all sides of him too. If both of you are the centers of the universe, you must be in the same location. It's based on sights and sounds, which are local events. you are not a local event.
Similarly, each moment is the center of time, because eternity stretches around each moment in all directions. Therefor every moment is the same as every other. The cosmos, being nonlocal, has no up or down, north or south, east or west. These are only points of reference for our convenience at our particular frequency (i.e., inside a body). The transformational process after death is not a movement to some other place or time; it is just a change of the quality of out attention. You can only see what you vibrate to."

Would you agree?

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by darcon

Yep, that is correct.

You are constantly moving in space while remaing still, you are changing forms through enviromental speed dilation within and out. There is no direction to go we are everywhere, timeless.

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by menguard

What happens when one realizes this?

Will it be easier to tap into that infinite Information you talked about earlier.

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by darcon
reply to post by menguard

What happens when one realizes this?

Will it be easier to tap into that infinite Information you talked about earlier.

Your state of mind opens up and you become the mind out there.

You become the voice of Eternity in an itty bitty living space.

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posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 03:08 PM
If scientist's want to find the fifth dimension why don't they just look into ELEMENTARY PARTICLES.

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posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 09:54 PM
I know my body is just a thoughtform, that is how I can manipulate its field of energy.

I know my body is just a field of energy sustained by thoughts holding my world into place.

Without those thoughts I SUSTAIN SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 08:28 PM
Do you think the government will be exposed this year?

I was watching Coast to Coast, and there was this man on, i forot his name, but he said that the Government will come out and reveal a ton of stuff to the public on September 12th, this year. Do you think that has any truth to it?

posted on Mar, 3 2008 @ 12:05 AM

How do we lose the fear?

What is the simplest way to center our being, connect to our higher self, so we can remember what we are? How to calm the constant flow of thoughts? Meditation? if so what type.

Why did we choose this state we are current in? I don't like not remembering anything before I was born.


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posted on Mar, 3 2008 @ 12:12 AM
Correlations between computers and the universe:

There is a consistant duality in the universe, when it comes down to it, its a matter of yes or no. A computer is doing the same thing.. 1 or 0...

You look at the computer software we have.. the games for instance..that is a series of 1's and 0's..

In programming.. randomness.. is an illusion (much like real life)... its a string of code.

Say theres a computer game... I'm writing the code... I need to create a character.. lets call the character Steve..

To program steve we need to give him variables, to make him exist. Lets say... stevehealth = 50, and steveheight= 183 or something to that degree.. Well.. the program runs these variables constantly... but say... we wanted to get rid of steve. Well.. heres the thing... Once a variable has been declared, it CANNOT be removed. (If something exists, it cannot un-exist).. We can only change the variables,.. to give the illusion that steve is removed. We'll say.. steve dies, so stevehealth = 0, and when stevehealth= 0 stevevisible = false.. so we'll say steve dissapears when he dies... BUT... its an illusion.. for the variables can easily be changed again, restored to its original form even... In fact.. with programs you can recall data from any previous state. I can go back to before steve even died... or hell.. lets just raise him from the dead... we'll make the health variable equal 50 again or something.

What I'm getting at is... once something exists, it can't unexist. We are a series of variables in an elaborate computer program.. an endless array even. All we can do is change the value of the variables, we CANNOT get rid of them once we've established they exist. Also in code we can have infinite variables, without problem.. we just have to give them a value by default so that if they are called upon, it wont conflict with the code.

Video games these days look much like real life.. the sights, the sounds, and the physics.. but when you break it down, its an elaborate pattern of 1's and 0's... yes or no.. off or on. And if we as a people.. have had computers for only a small time and yet are able to emulate existance through lines of code... imagine the endless possibilities of a universe with programming masters. What you percieve as real can be changed with a simple key-stroke.

the concept "REAL" itself, is a string of code YOU helped program.

Pi, the golden mean/ratio/ astrology/numerology/energy.. the universe is a complex mathematical design, in a nutshell. And math = truth! Its a universal language all things understand. The frequencies that make up everything..all math.

Anyways, one final note, a computer runs only as good as its hardware and its user. So how well do you think the universe runs?

Alright I'll let that stir. I'm just getting myself back together, i haven't been around much..some stuff, I think its over with.. I have new concepts I'd like to discuss.

posted on Mar, 3 2008 @ 04:01 PM
Hey, I was hoping you could answer some questions I have.

. How do you tell your subconscious from your imagination?
. What age are we currently in?
. I often have a ringing in my ear, which no one else around hears, like what someone else on here said, could you explain to me what it is?
. Why has my soul took form into this specific body?
. How can you tell when you are ready to become your higher self?

Thank you if you answer my questions.


PS. I registered exactly 2 years after you did

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posted on Mar, 3 2008 @ 04:29 PM
Just lately,i have been getting the feeling that i am becoming more in tune with my surroundings and with what is going on around me.I just keep getting the feeling that something very big is just around the corner
Is there any particular explanation for this?

Also,could you please describe if possible, something about me.


posted on Mar, 4 2008 @ 06:42 AM
Hey there, I've got this question which isn't as 'deep' as everyone elses but uh.. thought I'd ask anyway.

So do you know what I mean when someone asks you what a certain word means and you know what it means but you can't explain it or find the words to explain it or anything. Could you just know things from another life like that?

Also, Caveman, great post up there, totally understood it.

posted on Mar, 4 2008 @ 01:43 PM
I had a thought this morning, that how interesting it is that people feel a need to hold onto their general consensus of reality. I usually get these thoughts when waking up, comming out of dreams. And I must say..

This physical reality is the weirdest damn thing when you think of it. Little google-eyed humanoid bags of fluid moving around doing random tasks, in a strange colourful world.

Its damn strange man!

I remember as a kid.. for some reason one thing seemed to really chime in my head... that everything is a really really strange illusion. I always thought as a kid that it could all be some test or dream world or something. I guess even back then, I never really felt like I was completely attached to reality, like it was the end all.

Anyways, this "phyiscal" world is too strange to be just that. It can't be random and chaotic, everything is planned.. extremely well. EVERYTHING...flows, like liquid, or a gas.

This morning I woke up from a curious dream.. I was getting ready to have a band practise with people I've never seen before, I was also a different person... an alternate reality, future life / parallel life, or just spirits who i meet on a common realm, and as well..since we arent confined to one life/body/appearance, I chose a different one for the time being. I think that would all add up, except I think my mom was there, and I was in a house representive of our own, even though it was different. The people were also in a car.. as in it had tires.. but it was big and different.. and I had 2 guitars with me.. both fender stratocasters (crappy!).. I was just trying to compare things that were normal to my waking physical reality.

So anyways, I was just wondering the possibilities, I love to analyse my dreams. And I was actually kinda annoyed that my alarm clock woke me up, I wanted to go back to sleep and jam with those guys.

I think we need to constantly question reality.. like every day when you wake up and still have memories of dreams in your head, and you see the new 'physical' world around you, every time you should be thinking "what the hell is this?"

I'd love to be able to recall a whole nights sleep. All i have is missing time and dreams (if I meditate I recall parts of them, mostly the end). But I remember even reading somewhere that the general mainstream science idea is that we dont start dreaming until several hours into sleep, i obviously think this is B.S. but it raises an interesting though. I want to know what happens during the whole process of sleep. I imagine it would require a level of mastery, perhaps the frequencies are so different that our physical brain has a hard time decoding them and so we have the illusion of lost time, when really the memories are there...but again, its like teaching calculus to a baby. (but in death.. or the discarnate realms, we are able to understand these frequencies better, either through awareness or not relying on a physical body.. but you know what scratch that.. someone said human body is perfect, and I agree. I see that it can be programmed and after-all its just a thought anyway.. so its as good as we make it. A human body that can morph through walls and breathe fire is just the same as ours.. it depends who's in control.)

I'm not sure what the brain really even does for that matter, besides organise our thoughts to drive this thing! They say muscles move the body.. by electrical impulses from the nervous system from the brain I guess. I think this is kinda funny when you look at what the brain is.. a pile of cholesterol and water... So either... a brain is a source of like unlimited FREE energy waiting to be tapped hahaha.. our brain has enough electricity apparently to move a body around for 100 years and here we are using silly fossil fuels.... or the alternative theory.. that the brain doesnt produce any kind of electricity..and rather is just directs it.. isn't this what we already believe in science? neural-pathways and stuff? But they still don't know what the electricity is or where it comes from. It's conciousness man! Its energy, why else would meditation/awareness increase your focus/intelligence/memory and all that? We make new pathways to make this possible, the energy flows more efficiently. Its like our brain is a blank computer and our conciousess programs it. Our awareness = our skills as brain software programmer. - science HAS showed us that meditation does do these things. A university studied my freind and all her pathways were different then the norm.

Anyways.. i was ranting about dreams wasn't I?

Man... reality, whatever you wanna call it,.. I don't know.. I feel like.. my life is so stress free and everything is just humorous to me because I am aware of whats going on, and i'm just focussed on my goals, and I just kinda smile when I think of the madness of the world, and how I feel like I live outside of.. well thats not what I mean, what I really mean is i see everything as some complex/mathematical/beautiful imagination, that I just happen to be experiencing. Like man.. I talked to this 9/11 truth movement guy today at work, he was giving out flyers, and I was thinking.. I used to think about how I wanted to bring down the government, and fight and now I just feel I do an equally effective, if not better job by just putting positive vibes out there? You know? thats what I feel matters most to me right now. Trying to resonate positive vibes, if everyone would do that, all problems would fix themselves, and problems wouldn't occur. Its a chain-link reaction and the result is PURE LOVE, PURE PRODUCTIVITY... but the powers that be, they know this, and they've been actively doing the opposite..

I remember watching Ben Hur not too long ago and I laughed because some guy was trying rationalise imprisonment of his freind and freinds family just as an example, so that he would be a great leader, becase he would be feared. I just thought that was hilarious. And i know that this mentality still goes on.

Man, reality is damn crazy... I'm just trying to get through, and accomplish my goals because I know somehow energy flows that way, and I get somewhat pleased from productivity, so i persue it. Along the way I try to positively affect others, because I feel like we're part of the same joke and so I feel a commonality to every person, like I know everyone well in that respect. To sum it I feel I'm experimenting. My life is a lab rat and the scientist. I'm trying to say I don't take much too seriously..yet I want things to work at maximum effienciency, you could say... my actions indicate love, and I want the whole world to love. I just dont stress myself over the trials anymore like I used to. And I am confident in the natural positive unfoldment mankind is going through.

Alright, that was a huge rant. Writing them down helps me understand my thoughts. By all means, anyone read and comment.

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posted on Mar, 4 2008 @ 02:22 PM
I had another thought (as by crown burns).. If its all a wierd illusion.. I was trying to think why we keep comming back to this one... like you wake up and you're still in the same reality you know? But I guess that can never be true, even if it appears that way. I dont think dreams vs waking life is going back and forth from point A to B, then back to A... more like A to eternity and back to A... OR... eternity to eternity, and that we are charting endless existence, every jump in reality we make.

Hmm I need to stir on this one for a bit... if its all an illusion,, why do we keep comming back to the same place and time when we wake up? Or is that not the case as I've already speculated. Perhaps its the lower dimension limitations. Its hard to voice my thoughts on this because its like.. I feel this is like a multi-dimensional thought in my head that exists in endless layers. This frequency is confining and perhaps its just that... and thats why we cant jump around like when we dream, that it is infact an illusion still.. but at this current point it is confined to one reality, that being our own cosmic perception/awareness... and that we can infact.. (in the waking world, however you wanna describe it.. there is no waking world, this is just the 4th frequency, and dreams are another all together, its just that, and the 4th is a physical frequency, thats the illusion. And anyways its our perception that causes us to rise in frequency.. and we gradually transition out of these past frequencies.. like it might still appear like the reality we are in but all of a sudden..WOW..when you wake up this time.. you decided to change yourself into a gorilla.. and thats the point where you realise there is solid place or time.

I think I understand clearer now.. another layer is peeled so to speak. If you wanna stop waking up in your bed in the 4th frequency, you need to broaden your perception/awareness.. and then you will soar through eternity, much like how you feel when you have lucid dreams.. or conciousness of the frequency you're in.

If I was to raise my awareness RIGHT NOW.. like.. lets say by A LOT.. just in one second.. I can move from this computer chair and into the endless possibilities of my imagination.

This place is starting to feel like a prison.. a prisoner in my own mind.. I must discover the truth to escape.

Physical world. HA! I dont know what that is, all I see is imagination, endless possibilities.. endless variables being tested, one band of frequency of countless. When we sleep our conciousness abandones the physical, and in effect abandoning this band of frequency.. we wake up in this band because that is the PHYSICAL other words, that is the one we are currently experiencing, that is, until we step up a grade.

But then why is that while we dream we somehow get all the secrets back? Or is it that we don't, and we just go to a frequency of creativity..not necessarily greater awareness, just say.. its an art class... where we can meet people from all over the universe, and create and learn together..

Its stange how we jump back and forth like this though.. based on limitations of the physical body.. or rather, the experience of the physical body... i'm sure with enough tuning (into self).. you wouldnt need to sleep.. Infact... given the illusive limitations of the physical reality, or grade.. or level of perception lets say... perhaps we dream as a break? you know? it helps expand our perception and move out of that frequency..that must be why things were created to need sleep, just for the opportunity to learn elsewhere for a while.. (a while being a time perspective in the phyiscal reality, as in dreams.. we can travel anywhere - anytime - any anything.

Ok I officially feel like I'm a child now haha.. at least as awareness goes.. I'm back in school man, the 4th frequency sucks! Why am I still here? I think i'll ace that test to get into the 5th though haha.

I got a new perspective of things! I want outta here!

No wandering the school grounds without a permission slip! (spirit gifts of astral projection or something haha).

I need food.. how come the kids in the 10th grade don't need to eat? I'm stuck in the 4th questioning what I'm going to eat due to the distribution of energy and the moral implications! I've decided on fish.

Alright I'm done with all that. haha, if anyone actually cares to read that, go right ahead. My posts in this thread are pieces of my mind in text form, i just let them write on their own it seems.

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