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How do people with IQs of 140 - 200 think?

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 04:20 AM
I scored 150 on my IQ test.

I find high IQ can have advantages & disadvantages.

High is good in helping to solve problems IMO. As I have always scored high results since junior school, the biggest advantage is having a relaxed, almost laid back emotional approach to problems.

The biggest drawback is keeping your mind quiet. Takes effort sometimes as you know your intelligent but the mind is a funny companion. It likes to think it knows everything and likes to chat.

I agree with another poster here that said his intelligence tends to make him lazy. Im the same. You can tend to procrastinate & think 'I'll get round to it when I have to' because you know you can solve a problem if you put your mind to it, but you cant be bothered, where less intelligent people will probably attack the issue immediately because they see it as a challenge.

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 07:59 PM
i dont know how i think. that sounds like a really stupid answer but my thought processes have changed so much over the years. after finding out how supposedly smart i am when i was younger i started actually paying attention to my mind and i have to say its a complex organism that can be hard to understand.

i really cant explain it at all. sometimes its hectic, like it has an ADHD problem. other times answers or solutions to things come easily, sometimes not like when i over analyze the problem or situation. sometimes i have to really struggle to make sense of something and other times its effortless. i think the struggling part comes from my mind not focusing, distracted, sometimes it just acts like im giving it information the wrong way which i find absurd.

at times i can get really complicated stuff and easily overlook the simplicity in something. again, over analyzing can do this to you.

more than anything i cant not know. whatever it is i find interest in i have to know. i have to ask questions until people get mad at me for all the questions i ask. why being the most popular. why? like i have to know the motivation, i have to understand the influences for that motivation and why those influences effect the motivation and what that motivation can possibly lead to and how one can change the influences that can alter the motivation and why some things influence the motivation while others do not which leads to wondering if people ignore certain influences in their life or if they're aware of them and trying to figure out the distinction between the two and maybe if that distinction is known or unknown and then wondering why people would ignore certain influences or simply not see them which leads back to the concept of motivation and what drives it.

that is an example...a small example. i can go off on whole tangents about things that i could care less about but its what starts the whole chain of events that sets the mind into motion that makes me do it. which has made me consider why i do it (back to motivation) and if i should continue doing it (more motivation debate) which turns into a debate of learning versus being ignorant/complacent in what i know or what i think i know and whether what i know is really a lot or is just a little bit and im kidding myself in what i think i know which means im lying and lying isnt truth but truth is relative so its not a lie if i believe it to be true which is circular logic which doesnt work except in a vacuum which i think my mind feels like sometimes.

most of the time i dont do this simply because it leads to more questions and more questions. i question almost everything given enough time in a day. i need more hobbies, of which i have many and all i never finish.

i hope this gives you some insight into the insanity i live with on a daily basis. read this post once or twice or print it off and have a good laugh with your buddies at my expense. if nothing else it should be entertaining to someone.

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 05:12 AM
I.Q. is a funny thing. Andy Warhol supposedly had a very, very low Intelligence Quotient and yet he was an successful artist; certainly one of the more famous pop-artists! Such tests can be unreliable due to culture related issues such as education and personal factors such as fatigue or a general lack of interest. Even as a "genius" with an I.Q. of well over 170, I have days when I slap myself on the forehead and wonder how I could have been so stupid!
In the end, I think it comes down to how effectively you use what you have. I'm certainly not as popular as Andy Warhol though on an I.Q. test, I'd run circles around him. Food for thought.

posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 01:00 AM
Well, I find myself in good company there with the posters on the first page. Depression (too often owing to a lack of self-esteem) seems to be a pervasive trait. I'm in a particularly bad patch atm depression-wise so reading drivel is too taxing for the time being.

Prior to having children, I had trained myself, by 9th grade, to read 14K/wpm with 97% comprehension/retention. I went through grades 2-10 in mentally gifted classes but dropped out of school at 15. At 19 I got a GED with no score less than 96%, this after four years of "exploring the cockles of my mind" in the true spirit of Terrence McKenna, Timothy Leary, et al. I tried a year of college (Med Lab) but found that they were teaching (preaching!) absolute rubbish so abandoned that too. (Peer review has killed academia, btw). Any institutionalized education I've tried since has been too slow for my taste. I'm constantly astounded at how dim people are.

I'm sure I could excel at whatever I chose to do professionally. But schools are made for those who need their hands held. I can read and utilize critical thinking without the "jumping through hoops" and brainwashing aspect, thank you.

And I agree with previous posters, I.Q. tests are tosh. They are biased and limited in scope. Essentially worthless. There are more important things to think about.

I have learned things by opening my other (extra-3D) senses. Let me go on record now in saying that what we think we know is only our arrogance convincing us that we know something. We know so little, it's not even funny. Let it suffice to say that the more complicated anything appears to be, the more wrong it is. We really are such absurd little creatures.

posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 01:15 AM
I'm in the 150-165 range on the many that I have taken. I hated school and found it very boring. I never did homework and rarely studied but always passed my tests.

I connect the dots on things very quickly and many people find it annoying. An example is that my wife wonders why I bother watching TV or movies as I can always tell what will happen and very quickly. I get very mad at people for not understanding things and have a hard time understanding why people can't view things as I do.

I find myself being pessimistic because I will over think things and I seem to take the fun out of activities.

A positive and negative for me is being able to manipulate people. I can sway somebody however I like in most conversations and get them to do as I please. I always do it in ways that I think will help them and make them a better person. It's like a chess game with a persons mind and your leaving bread crumbs for them to follow until they think they came up with everything on their own. little do they know it is now Check Mate.

All my life people have called me a know-it-all because I seem to be a sponge for data and once I soak it up I seem to compartmentalize it like a computer and can pull it back up when needed. I can visualize myself going through segments of words until I'm in the correct area and then boom the fact pops out like I had it tucked away in a file system.

I'm feeling too egotistical typing this out so I will add one last thing that many will probably agree with. I learn things extremely fast and they can be very complex or in an area I know nothing about. I will make myself a mini expert in what interests me and I find that as long as I don't let people set limits on what I can do, I can do anything I say i can

Things I'm horrible with-
One thing I fail at is spelling and grammar
Number strings. I'm not talking math because that was easy. It sounds silly but numbers just don't translate well for me in my head. It took me forever to translate what months = what number and I still get mixed up and say them in my head out loud as I count.

Nice thread. Thank you for making it.

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:25 AM

Originally posted by The Vagabond
Strong long term memory, and what Byrd called hypercontextualization (drawing many connections between pieces of information you know) are probably a big part of "genius" especially when it comes to probelm solving. These two abilities relate to the ability to understand how and why things function.

I'm on the low edge of that range; I might be a genius if I've had my coffee. When I learn something, i play with it in all sorts of different scenarios to see what it can do. Hopefully I find out how and why it works. When you know how and why something works, you pretty much have it beat- you're bound to look brilliant in that field.

I think this is the smartest post in this thread.
Such modesty, too.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:49 AM
emotionally, socially, and what are your ideologies in life?
Im in the 130 range going from my last test but i will give my 2cents anyways

Emotionally-a mix of depressive and passive

mentally-paranoid, OCD, Schizotypal, Antisocial

Socially-in school i was not very popular but didnt want to be i was a poor student, mainly out of bordum i found that i learned more from reading and researching on mu own than i did from class. i had a bad habit of insulting my fellow student i felt were dumber than myself. i had a few friends most of them fellow gamers. I also tend to trail off in conversations and hop around to various subjects yet find away to tie them together and that seems to confuse people.

Philosophy-I do not beleive in a god or devil or any all powerful beings though i dont hold anything against those who do. I think that everyone resides in there own consciences, suspended in the A Ether. We have no physical bodies beyond what me manifest for ourselves. Our collective conciseness resides in a blend of what we all accept as real and what we perceive as reality and it all overlaps and influences everyone else’s. Think of it like this, the world we live in is a mental manifestation, nothing is real yet we are none the wiser and happily exist in it all.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:16 AM
How do people with IQs of 140 - 200 think?

How do geniuses with IQ's Of 140 - 200 think? How do you geniuses feel emotionally, socially, and what are your ideologies in life?

IQ: 147 (high school, 7 years ago, i dont care for what it is now)

Hope my input has some value, although everyone with any IQ will be different emotionally, socially, and ideologies. (BTW, i wouldn't consider myself a genius)

It all depends on our upbringing. who our parents were & how they treated us, who we interacted with growing up, the different variables we intersect as time goes by, form who we are today. (this goes for all) so there wouldn't be any similarities besides the IQ score.

Emotionally? Disconnected from most emotion. i fall easy tho. stable mentally, but we all have our moments.

Socially? I have always been an outcast. i was always the shy guy, or the guy on the wall. functioning socially, has not been a strength of mine... although... downing a few drinks...

Ideologies? i am agnostic. I believe in a source, and only a source. after the expansion of space started, it was just luck and chance that brought everything together. also to get a better understanding of my ideology is to take a look at my post Here

I am one to let all beliefs aside, and come up with a logical solution, no matter how big/small it can be. i could go on and on, but i have a headache. and i feel that i didn't give enough a hearty answer to your question.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:35 AM
Well, I get frustrated a lot. Sometimes (oh, okay...most of the time) it's hard to communicate with people who don't absorb and parse and relate to information in the same way as I do (and please note that when I say this, I view this as a shortcoming in myself and in my communications skills and patience, not in theirs). So then this makes it hard to blend in socially unless I totally fake it. And of course that takes a toll emotionally. Ideologically, I tend to be open and inquisitive and again impatient about both those who are not and those who swallow the pablum dished out to the masses whole.

Don't know what else to say really.

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:40 AM
I don't want to put myself into either category, neither super IQ nor unitelligent, but I will say that people are people. Even the person with the lowest IQ has the ability to teach you something valuable.

It should also be known that there is no real correlation between high IQ and long term achievement. In fact most people with high IQs are more likely to spend their lives in middling achievement. Perhaps this is because they find things initially too easy and therefore never really learn to apply themselves as dilligently as those who need more time to comprehend things.

Organisations like Mensa from my pespective is driven by underachievers with high IQs trying to find a group where they can endlessly pontificate on their superiority over the rest of humanity. I don't believe that having a high IQ could ever be considered to a be a mutual interest between people.

I think the following quotes will give you an idea of what I am saying:

"If the Aborigine drafted an I.Q. test, all of Western civilization would presumably flunk it."

"Well, first of all, we did lots of studies where we show practical intelligence doesn't correlate with G. We have probably two dozen studies that practical intelligence better predicts job success than IQ."

" . . . the multifarious nature of human intelligence [and] posits that humans have a family of seven intelligences that can be divided into three main groups: object-related intelligence, which includes mathematics and logic; object-free intelligence, including music and language; and personal intelligence, or the psychological perception we have of ourselves and others. The problems, as Gardner points out, is that our education system is not prepared to address the needs of all the intelligences, thus neglecting to address the development of some of these areas. "

So in conclusion people with high IQs are just like you. We make as many mistakes as you do and we fail as often as you do. We just grasp some concepts quicker than some other people do.

I am a lapsed member of Mensa. Woopeedoo!!

Oh and never trust a man/woman who claims an IQ of over 165. Frequently they either have done "bad science" tests or they are lying.

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:53 AM
I'm not genius level myself, but am able to Connect (direct-connect) to the Geni of genius, or the Higher Self. This wasn't attained until my twenties.

What good is it? Sanity. And Ether -ical awareness, far beyond the materialist mind.

My first girlfriend was at the lower end of your range, never studied, almost always got straight A's (effortless). Sergeant in the Army; later floozy, lazy, run to fat. Married, useless.

My next girlfriend was 186 (at one testing), who's dad was head of our city's Psychiatric Board. She was warped, jaded, twisted: addictive natured: married, two children, no career. Her dad was the ultimate skeptic, and could size anyone up in seconds: wealthy, but lost in the maze of illusion (unknowing).

A best friend tested 169, absolutely shiftless and worthless, having no desire to achieve anything, or put his abilities to use.

I overwhlemed them all with my magnetic awareness (except the 2nd girlfriend's father: if you didn't have money, you didn't impress! Hmm...strange). I led: I ruled. I was driven, able to do and perceive things that they recognized as superior to what they had themselves.

Without Spirit awareness, the mind is just a machine: kinda like Tesla said: people are meat-machines: some, very smart, but machines.

Having met many 'genius' level IQ people, I must say one thing about them: very human, subject to mental conceits and warpings of reality perception. I could go on, describe a young double-doctorate gal, who was absolutely useless with the creative nature (helpless).

And don't let IQ fool you: it's merely the expression of high focus, which may or may not be entrained at any given period in life, if at all.

Those having it, find little advantage. They may make some money, be considered intelligent, but I find those that can't perceive the Invisible, useless. IQ can best be utilized to overcome the snare of illusion (lower-mind itself), by looking into the Depth Within: this is done by putting Mind in Abeyance.

So much for that. Time for shifting lower mind to Higher Mind. It's all the rage.

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 10:12 AM
So many internet certified geniuses in this thread.... I did a study on these type of websites as a joint venture between my discrete math and commerce classes.

Random answers (generated by a computer) on the majority of these websites often yields "above average" results.

So please take them with a grain of salt the only real measure of intelligence is the measure of your actions. Which I think is something napoleon hill once said but I could be wrong.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 10:14 AM
Came late to this thread.

Nevermind. ^^

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 10:19 AM
The answer to your question is, there is no difference between people with High IQs. My IQ is high, but tests are flawed, and anybody can figure out that the tests are flawed.

If I gave you an IQ test on the parts on a rifle, what do you think your IQ would be on that test?

If I gave you an IQ test of which plants require sunlight for maximum growth, and which plants grow better in the shade, what do you think your IQ results would be?

If I gave you an IQ test of the names of the different models of aircraft that the military has used over the years, what do you think your IQ would be?

If I gave you an IQ test over how to predict earthquakes before they struck, what do you think your IQ would be?

Anybody making up an IQ test can SKEW the IQ test to whatever they want, and IQs will fluctuate wildly.

Everyone is the same in my book, I don't look down on others because some quack thinks he can pinpoint peoples "OVERALL" IQs within a certain range with a test that is SKEWED that he made up, that he personally thinks will make him look smarter, because he knows the answers.

As far as I'm concerned everybody is a genius at something, but some people have more areas that they are genius in.

If you sit down and watch TV shows all day long, you are bound to be a genius on that subject matter after many years of continual watching. If you watch sports all the time, you are bound to be a genius at that subject matter.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 11:10 AM
Mine varies depending on the test. I've tested in the 140s, and down to 118 (on the African "bushman" test - I am actually inordinately pleased with that one.) I think I tend to test between 120 and 135.

I don't think that I think any differently. I associate things a bit more than most people. That is essentially what I get paid for. That can be good. It can also be bad. Depends on one becomes overly in love with one particular association to the point that you cannot let it go and it starts to colour all your other thoughts and associations.

I have a signifcant problems with IQ tests only in that often a person with one really amazing skill can test high. One diamond in a crown of rhinestones. The person who trips walking up the stairs, cannot hold a conversation without unknowingly offending 80% of the people around them, but is really good a writing or math or spatial.

Whereas a person who is a literal social genius might not be captured at all on the test. Yet they can leave a person with immense math skills in the dust over the course of a lifetime, and make many very important contributions.

Further, the high functioning generalist fails to be recognized by these tests. Being fantastic with words might be great, but being above average to genius in EVERYTHING....that's really impressive. And likely unrecognized by a single scoring system.

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 09:31 PM
I just don't see the world as most of those around me so I hide who I am inside. I alter my vocabulary or do not contribute to discussions which consist of reconfirming platitudes and stereotypes.

I learn by reading everything I can get my hands on about a subject and instead of trying to get from point a to point z I look at them all at once. I weave my own interconnection of points and Ideas and get the whole picture instead of one person's or groups interpretation of reality.

Most people rely on their social group to confirm their reality. I find reality is what it is, not what the society around me says it is. We would all be considered insane a thousand years or so ago if we were talking to someone about cell phones, planes, computers and cars, let alone quantum field, string, or multiverse theories. While lynching or burning are not likely in the literally iteration today for most of us, a nice padded cell might be the results if we let people understand the way we see the world.

So I keep my mouth shut, and read more books in a week than some people read in several years. I study quantum physics and spirituality on my own without needing more college degrees to prove my knowledge. Inside I find more than most who are always seeking outside.


My last IQ test was 155

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 10:18 PM
I have been reading at a post medical degree of comprehension since the 8th grade. The last "number" I was given was 147 when joining the Marine Corps, the last testing I had (4 years ago) was "in the top 10% of the nation". (they didn't tell me WHICH nation tho) I have been "certified" with adult ADHD, My mind works like a chain linked fence. I am a "problem solver" ( I do PC software/hardware repair just for fun). I read on average 4 hours a day either online or books, just cause I can, I like to do amateur stand up comedy, "Off the cuff" improvisation.

My grammar and sentence structure is horrid at best from 15 to 45 I was frequently depressed. I moved to a climate with more sunshine and am happy all the time now.

I am a pantheistic solipsist, Man is the ultimate creation of himself, I strive each day to make one person smile, more if possible but one each and everyday

I am precognitive, but in an unrealized sense, I don't know I am "seeing" the future until it arrives ( i've only had ONE speeding ticket in my life as an example, and that was because I was in a domino's truck) I lose my keys and can't recall where I put them, but can remember conversation I had years ago.or quote a book word for word I read 5 years before.

My mind never works in a linear manner at all ( as you can see from this post) I try to know a little bit about everything

I strive to be a truly Renaissance man

I am not a typical male but am atypical

"a wealth of superfluous information"
Edit to add, yes, that's my wife in my avatar, because i make here giggle everyday

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 10:19 PM
This is a great thread! Alot of things I've been wishing to find out.
I scored in the 140 to 150 range. I so agree with everything said here!
I hate having to "dumb down" so others can "keep up".
So much of what people talk to each other about, is nothing more than
soundbites of what is presented to them by television and the rest of society, seemingly designed for that very purpose!
People see others do something and assume thats all there is to it.
They stupidly follow in blind trust, maybe because they know they are
not equipped to form an independant, unbiased, and well researched opinion on their own.
I can tell you, especially here, people think the ones in charge
must have all the answers, therefore no need to worry.
THAT is a serious danger to everyone!

That is what gets me ticked off. The lazyness of not thinking for
themselves is the worst of all. For we are no longer men, but robots.

P.S. I suck at math!

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 02:24 AM
I appologize for sounding egotistical and hostile, I'm really not.
I am just as quick to point out my faults as my talents.
I am a realist. Brutally and boringly honest. IMO

Indeed that is how some with high IQs must think.
We obviously are smart enough to know we are in the first place.
As well as being able to see our own weaknesses clearly.
We are especially hard on ourselves for not living up to our own
standards that we always set too high to realistically achieve.
It comes across as egotistical or vain or self dissappointment.
It is a form of self conscienceness, shyness, aloofness, etc.

I wonder often if people with lower IQs are actually better off
in so many ways in our society. Thoughts?

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 03:09 AM
I am 59 now. But in my 19Th year I joined the Navy. One of the first things they do is to give you a battery of tests. (IQ tests) Afterwords, I was called in to an office. The officer talked to me for a couple of hours. Saying that my IQ was 145. I said, so what! He told me that the computer spits out cards that are over 100 IQ points. The path my life has taken, is an unusual one. I have written poetry and song lyrics all of my life. I can even do it in my sleep! The only thing I've ever perfected is my poetry, and practically nothing else. I do study science of all kinds, in my spare time. djsmlapool...

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